280k Sunseeker Portofino 47 - How much does it cost to own (and run) a boat like this?

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James take detailed look at this 2008 Sunseeker Portofino 47 and looks at how much it costs to run a boat like this for 1 year.

He also shares 2 bits of information that you may not know about the Sunseeker Portofino 47 - and how they achieved the impressive layout in 47 foot boat.

The Portofino 47 is available to buy:

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Dimitri Zachs
Dimitri Zachs 2 дні тому
Great walk around !!!!
Christopher Batts
Christopher Batts 2 дні тому
Audio volume awful. Worth spending some time fixing it - I gave up on the video
Boats .co.uk
Boats .co.uk 2 дні тому
Yes agree - so difficult to get right 🤢
Darren Mooney
Darren Mooney 4 дні тому
Honest John you are :) good content ✅ I’d buy a boat from you
Boats .co.uk
Boats .co.uk 3 дні тому
Thanks Darren 🙏
David Hill
David Hill 11 днів тому
Great video, the humour makes it. brilliant to see a video like this that's local! Even sold the top man there some bits today
Boats .co.uk
Boats .co.uk 11 днів тому
Ah thanks David 🤩
Andrev Vhelan
Andrev Vhelan 12 днів тому
Warts and all, honest insight. Unbelievable from a salesman.
Boats .co.uk
Boats .co.uk 12 днів тому
Ha ha - we cannot help it 🥳
tomedian 12 днів тому
..surely best summed up as ever with boats, if you need to ask you can't afford it.
Boats .co.uk
Boats .co.uk 12 днів тому
True - most of the time 😂
gesp5151 14 днів тому
The cost for the planet of this kind of selfish fossil fuel burning is incalculable
rico drake
rico drake 15 днів тому
Love the honesty about the ice maker and his comment about his "unfit body" was hilarious. I like how he doesn't take himself so serious like a lot of Dou'che bag boat people
sailor123ize 16 днів тому
It costs me an average $25k a year to own a swift trawler 34. Docking Insurance Fuel Maintenance Repairs
Staffo1982Staffo 18 днів тому
Bet this bloke is a nightmare to get stuck with in the pub
Boats .co.uk
Boats .co.uk 18 днів тому
I sure am - which pub tonight then ? 😂
Mrs Deborah
Mrs Deborah 18 днів тому
I don't know who needs to here this but stop saving all your money, Invest some of it if you really want financial freedom.
Roy Morales
Roy Morales 18 днів тому
I am really glad i stumbled on this today. am writing to him now really hope he can help me
Pinned by Sãshã Yãnshí
Pinned by Sãshã Yãnshí 18 днів тому
@Andrew Cartwright thanks for this I do love to reach out to him
Judith Alien
Judith Alien 18 днів тому
good to see Mr (Anthony) services here, I used his services and it's been a very good source of income over the last few months, his services are very reliable with good results
Andrew Cartwright
Andrew Cartwright 18 днів тому
Andrew Cartwright
Andrew Cartwright 18 днів тому
@Pinned by Sãshã Yãnshí I don't have his email but it will be easier to dm him on WhatsApp, I will leave his contact
Spud Gun
Spud Gun 18 днів тому
"I can sell you a boat with small cash burn! they've got oars!!" lmfao.
Boats .co.uk
Boats .co.uk 18 днів тому
It’s true 😂😂
Spud Gun
Spud Gun 18 днів тому
Great start, "I'm gunna teach you two things" (as he holds up three fingers lol) about this boat.
central cal
central cal 9 днів тому
Ahh I didn't catch that 😄😅😅
Stan Leery
Stan Leery 13 днів тому
Seemed like a joke to me.
Boats .co.uk
Boats .co.uk 18 днів тому
I am only larking about with you 😂
Jon Aus
Jon Aus 18 днів тому
£33k might be ball park for running a 47 footer in the UK, but here in the Balearic Islands you can add another £20k for berthing costs! However, we can boat and swim for 7 months from April until at least the end of October, which will make the cost per day used lower.....
Boats .co.uk
Boats .co.uk 18 днів тому
Yes I agree Jon- just come back from Mallorca- very expensive but very very nice 😊
Steve Walsh-Balshaw
Steve Walsh-Balshaw 19 днів тому
Any type of boating is very expensive going up to silly expensive boats are for the rich as are most thing's which are nice us mere workers on 20k a year salaries can forget boats.
Boats .co.uk
Boats .co.uk 19 днів тому
It can be but We sell Jet ski’s too 😎
David Warnes
David Warnes 19 днів тому
Cool video , fact and to the point
Boats .co.uk
Boats .co.uk 19 днів тому
Thanks David 😎
Gil Robinson
Gil Robinson 19 днів тому
Can it take a Seakeeper?
Boats .co.uk
Boats .co.uk 19 днів тому
Yes it will take the new smaller Seakeepers
Unicorn-Zombie 19 днів тому
12k just to tie up your boat... Tf people are taking the piss.. UK is doomed.
Boats .co.uk
Boats .co.uk 19 днів тому
East coast is cheaper . £4K pa 👌
Charlie Burton
Charlie Burton 21 день тому
Great honesty...Many thanks! Out of my league for sure.
Lambo 22 дні тому
Nice to see the full picture of boat ownership. I really liked the honesty and so became a subscriber. 👍👏
Boats .co.uk
Boats .co.uk 22 дні тому
Thanks Lambourne. Much simpler saying it how it is 👍🏻
1goodFoot 24 дні тому
2 things holds up 3 fingers lol
Promarine Finance
Promarine Finance 24 дні тому
Great information
Boats .co.uk
Boats .co.uk 24 дні тому
Frank Remi Wang
Frank Remi Wang 25 днів тому
Loved this presentation 😊. But basically what I've heard, we're talking in general about 10-15% in maintains of the amount of the boat.. Love your channel btw 😊👍👌
Boats .co.uk
Boats .co.uk 25 днів тому
Thanks Frank 🙏
j johnson
j johnson 25 днів тому
Do I get a shirt like that in the deal? Then sold!!
j johnson
j johnson 25 днів тому
Mine has it your one hasn't
koalajs 26 днів тому
It was cringing to watch ! So I stopped and wrote this comment and now I am leaving and hoping to never come back.
Boats .co.uk
Boats .co.uk 25 днів тому
Don’t worry it’s a common reaction 😂
Gary Ha
Gary Ha 26 днів тому
2 things with 3 fingers 😂
Boats .co.uk
Boats .co.uk 25 днів тому
I cannot count 😂😂
GingerPiston 26 днів тому
Great video. So much better that the perma-gusher on aquaholic.
J 27 днів тому
Damm it. Caravan instead for me for retirement then 🤙🏻
eiwind iversen
eiwind iversen 27 днів тому
Chris Lowndes
Chris Lowndes 29 днів тому
Was working at sunseeker yesterday pulling a hull from a mold. Bit bigger than a 47 though. Its fascinating looking at the construction and how strong they are. Brilliant video though.
Boats .co.uk
Boats .co.uk 29 днів тому
Thanks Chris. Do you still use marine ply floors or GRP these days ?
Kris Horst
Kris Horst 29 днів тому
Boating is NOT a cheap past-time. I feel like a nice touch would be being able to angle the headrest part of that sunbed up a bit.
Boats .co.uk
Boats .co.uk 29 днів тому
It can be with a small boat 😊
Austin Edwards
Austin Edwards Місяць тому
Thank you so much for your honest review. I have a 80 meter luxury boat, Joking. but i will look into a boat with oars.
Dustin Berg
Dustin Berg Місяць тому
Well I'm writing a review, but before I wrote it I read the previous and most say the same thing, they appreciate your candidness, as do I, enjoy the comments and humor. 6 feet tall and fat body lying on the aft deck with 2 babes currently unavailable.........lol.......keep it up.....
Boats .co.uk
Boats .co.uk Місяць тому
Thanks Dustin. It’s good to be realistic 😂
Bob Cathey
Bob Cathey Місяць тому
HELLO! HELLO! VHF and NAVIGATION are your BEST friends unless you are staying at the dock. This guy has lost all credibility to the first part of the video. People, if you value your life please move along to another salesperson! Geez!
Boats .co.uk
Boats .co.uk Місяць тому
Thanks Bob. VHF is important but a safe boat in serviceable condition and a good life raft are just as important. I am using poetic licence to lighten the mood - boats are about fun more than anything and they are inherently safe places to be for leisure users 😊
brett haines
brett haines Місяць тому
good video
Boats .co.uk
Boats .co.uk Місяць тому
Thanks Brett 😊
clark hall
clark hall Місяць тому
33k a year and you will be lucky if your friends even give you 20 bucks for some gas money
Boats .co.uk
Boats .co.uk Місяць тому
True Clark !
Pedro Manafaia
Pedro Manafaia Місяць тому
Honesty and professionalism makes a huge difference. You deliver in this video essencial information to any potential buyer in this category and they will be thankful for that. Liked video and subscribed channel. Thank you.
Boats .co.uk
Boats .co.uk Місяць тому
Ah thanks Pedro. Your comments are truly appreciated thank you. Lots more to come. 🥳
Nick S
Nick S Місяць тому
I was about to take the plunge until you mentioned the plywood floor! Even my Bayliner 175 has a glass floor liner! :) Nice style of review. I've just subscribed and am going to look through your other videos. Thanks!
Boats .co.uk
Boats .co.uk Місяць тому
Thanks Nick S - they are lovely boats - don’t let the floor put you off. All boats have little things you might change 😊
Jordi Grau
Jordi Grau Місяць тому
7:31 f*** you. Some of us are using headphones.
rob murphy
rob murphy Місяць тому
Black and white no waffle superb
Boats .co.uk
Boats .co.uk Місяць тому
Ah thanks Rob 🙏
gwt 747
gwt 747 Місяць тому
James, I own a Manhatten 52 and you are dead on for the costs. You forgot to add monthly costs for washing etc. Great video!
Boats .co.uk
Boats .co.uk Місяць тому
Thanks GWT . Yes I did forget cleaning so say another £3k per annum 😊
Richard Wollocombe
Richard Wollocombe Місяць тому
First time on the channel and I've learned more about boats and the cost of running them than I have anywhere else 👍
Boats .co.uk
Boats .co.uk Місяць тому
Ah thanks Richard 🙏
Bremflux Місяць тому
That was informative. Great job
Boats .co.uk
Boats .co.uk Місяць тому
Thank you 🙏
Clash City Rocker
Clash City Rocker Місяць тому
Ha😂😂, how did I know he was in Essex before he even said!!! This ain’t half bad…… but it ain’t no aquaholics..
Boats .co.uk
Boats .co.uk Місяць тому
Near saffend! 😂
tom crewe
tom crewe Місяць тому
hi, been following you for a short while, i loved this video and could you do some more like this, about sailing boats
Boats .co.uk
Boats .co.uk Місяць тому
Thanks Tom. The trouble is I know even less about sailing boats 😂 it would be a comedy of errors 😎
Nick500 Місяць тому
Why is the sound so low??
Boats .co.uk
Boats .co.uk Місяць тому
Editing error - apologies. Resolved on next one which is v55 😊
Dave1 Місяць тому
Waste off cash .
Dave T
Dave T Місяць тому
Great video but your volume is now to low
Boats .co.uk
Boats .co.uk Місяць тому
Yes sorted on next video
Jan Stornfelt
Jan Stornfelt Місяць тому
Well explained, enjoyable and esay to follow, but it would be even easier if you were to put up the volume so I can hear what you say, and if its to loud i can always put down the volume. Deal?
Boats .co.uk
Boats .co.uk Місяць тому
Yes deal - sorted for next one 😎
Charlie Turner
Charlie Turner Місяць тому
You would imagine all automatically operated y pressing the button for £280k 2008 year? Overpriced
LewieLeway Місяць тому
Hey, for £280,000 I think the shower screen in the guest suite needs replacing, a curtain? How common :-) That said, lovely boat but it's opened my eyes to running costs. Bloomin' 'eck, size really does matter Mrs! £12,000 to moor!! I'm assuming that's at a private all singing/dancing marina?
the1beard Місяць тому
Excellent 👍 thanks for the information
sirhadley Місяць тому
New to the channel. “Show off down the yacht club”, “Massive party pumping tunes” . I hope I never get to moor next to you Chief. I prefer the “Nice place to tuck yourself away with a good book” boat review approach.
Simon Clifford
Simon Clifford Місяць тому
Good video and wslk through. When you buy a boat of this size there could be a sharp intake of breath st the running costs which notmally equate to 25% of the overall price of the boat.per yesr ...excluding the buying price or repayments. So not cheap !. I also get a bit exited when the person showing the boat off fails to know a lot about the helm and instruments and controls .(no names mentioned. ).Nice boat though .
Tom Jones
Tom Jones Місяць тому
That's some real straight talk
Random 549
Random 549 Місяць тому
A boat is a toy, if you have to ask how much that toy cost then you cannot afford that toy.
Martin Laver
Martin Laver Місяць тому
David Brent has moved in to yacht brokerage.
Graham Smith
Graham Smith Місяць тому
Well, contrary to some others' views, I love this ... perfect for us. Nearly bought one a year ago. And, a very amusing review James, keep 'em coming, I like the warts and all style. Very refreshing. I'll be in the market later this year for something very much like this... I'm only an hour away from you so I'll come and have a look.
Craig Doucette
Craig Doucette Місяць тому
Great video! I learned what a drive is and types of floors! Very informative! Spoke in a clear manner and speed! I loved it! Good job!! Also gave up some things to be wary of but without shaming the boat or turning a potential customer off! I would be happy to have you a ms a sales guy!
Boats .co.uk
Boats .co.uk Місяць тому
Thanks Craig 😊
Macdchef Місяць тому
Nick would love to do a double with you
Boats .co.uk
Boats .co.uk Місяць тому
We will plan one 😊
Jack Couldwell
Jack Couldwell Місяць тому
If it floats or flys rent don’t buy As well as the 33 k it’s costing there is also the opportunity cost of that money not invested Also 33 k net means you need to earn 50 k a year to pay that 33 the 33 invested would maybe earn you 2 / 3 k invested in shares with dividends Better to charter in the med or Croatia for a week with friends and buy a couple of paddle boards instead , Seems like a great idea a boat until you actually own one then you’ll find out the hard way
dbc7772020 Місяць тому
Just watched the first 6 1/2 minutes and this is by far the best boat review and hilarious sense of humor I’ve seen in a long time. I’m definitely a new subscriber I look forward to seeing more of your reviews. Absolutely love the humor and honesty! Bevy of beauties, ice makers are horrible, trash in wine cooler, speedometer inaccurate etc 🤣 now this is helpful!
ZioN DannY
ZioN DannY Місяць тому
Pointless toy.
Boats .co.uk
Boats .co.uk Місяць тому
Aren’t all toys pointless ? That’s the point 😂
David Місяць тому
Sorry, I think this is the worst boat review I've seen. On all levels. So it doesn't make sense to detail them because every scene makes me cringe with "How can anyone watch more than one of this guys videos"?
Pop Місяць тому
I don’t understand why your opinion is relevant? This video has 200 comments, with 199 of them positive and 1 negative. The negative one is of course yours. Just don’t comment? You’re uploading boring and pointless videos getting 5 views. James clearly runs and extremely successful business and everyone loves him and his videos.
Boats .co.uk
Boats .co.uk Місяць тому
Sorry David. I am just a used boat salesmen in a small family business showing the boats we have for sale and imparting the knowledge I have. I agree I am not good at it but the boats are nice 👍🏻
Joel Dazey
Joel Dazey Місяць тому
Fantastic info and video Looks like your mic gain is correct, but the audio in the video editing software itself should be boosted (good quality turned up is better than bad source quality at a high volume!) Thanks for all the genuine perspective on real world ownership, it is very helpful
Boats .co.uk
Boats .co.uk Місяць тому
Yes you are right- we are fixing for next video 😊
Doggy Lad
Doggy Lad Місяць тому
I really like this channel only just found it. Love your honesty, brilliant that. Really enjoyed the video thank you.
Boats .co.uk
Boats .co.uk Місяць тому
Thanks Doggy. Lots more to come 😎
computerbob06 Місяць тому
Do icemakers break down a lot because people keep sitting on them?
videogalore Місяць тому
Really interesting, I may have missed it but purely out of interest, what would the cost have been when this boat was new?
videogalore Місяць тому
@Boats .co.uk That's quite low depreciation over 13-14 years really. I know that if it was a building it 'might' have appreciated in value, but most other assets like this are usually faster to depreciate as they are such fashion icons. Holds up pretty well and it certainly doesn't look 13-14 years old!
Boats .co.uk
Boats .co.uk Місяць тому
That’s a good question. We sold Targa 47’s at the same time new for about £550k. The Sunseeker was a bit dearer so about £650k inc vat new 😊
Luke Stagg
Luke Stagg Місяць тому
Great video, easy to watch and good bit of banter! Subbed
Boats .co.uk
Boats .co.uk Місяць тому
Thank you Luke !
Patrick Molloy
Patrick Molloy Місяць тому
I appreciate the honesty and its quite a fun review. Cheers!
Boats .co.uk
Boats .co.uk Місяць тому
Thanks Patrick - got to have fun 🤩
Jj Jones
Jj Jones Місяць тому
Great boat such a shame sun seeker don’t make a number of day boat models like they used 2 in 90.s and 2000s . Now it’s all about 20 meters as they had to sell 2 or 3 50 feet boats to make the same as they make of 1 96 yacht . But great day boats is what made sun seeker just a shame
Boats .co.uk
Boats .co.uk Місяць тому
The small boats usually make losses for uk manufacturers- that’s the reason.
larry demonte
larry demonte Місяць тому
I had a 46 foot Sea Sundancer, and had two Cummings diesel engines and it was a great boat, no fumes from the back I put a bottle of wine with a glass of wine on the table in the back and I never even moved to an 18 not cruising the most comfortable party board anyone could Wind, the boat was paid for so I would say it cost about 20,000 a year between dockage and general maintenance not including gas
Boats .co.uk
Boats .co.uk Місяць тому
Spot on 👌👌
MrRicardo11 Місяць тому
Brilliant. Old shool salesman. Honest and on the ball. Great review 👏
Boats .co.uk
Boats .co.uk Місяць тому
Thanks Ricardo 🤩
James Richardson
James Richardson Місяць тому
You crack up me up :) great video 📹
TheReinoPaasonen Місяць тому
Best sales man ever👍
JP Money
JP Money Місяць тому
Yeh appreciate the candid details - tell me as it is sorta thing, without beating round the bush. Thanks bud
Boats .co.uk
Boats .co.uk Місяць тому
Thank you - I do try 👌
Daniel Hasson
Daniel Hasson Місяць тому
Do you know any boats with a maintenance cost of 10k Rather than 33k?
Lewis Mcnamara
Lewis Mcnamara Місяць тому
Tell James thanks for kirsty cheating,don't cheat kirsrty
Lewis Mcnamara
Lewis Mcnamara Місяць тому
@Pop ok pal,cheers pal,mind control pal,you must monitor Andrew to pal,because he always says pal,you are sad people looking for me as your bank account because you can't handle the truth,make sure you buy james a rolex watch from my pay pal suing,but make sure its from safe house twin everything shop,pal.
Lewis Mcnamara
Lewis Mcnamara Місяць тому
They designed a system that can't be broken,through lawyers,judges solicitors and much more,known as illuminati and freemasons,a strong team of people,knowing exactly what thier doing,monitoring everyone,and always looking for next frame,and my ultra mind control techniques,by subliminally popping up,after your monitoring,basically thier scared the non illuminati and freemason people lawyers and judges don't take thier case,thiers cash case,that's why brexit happened,so the freemason illuminati judges still takes the case,thiers cash case,they was all lined up before the attacks,to take the case.
Pop Місяць тому
@Lewis Mcnamara ok then pal, I think you may need some help. Maybe stay away from social media 😌
Lewis Mcnamara
Lewis Mcnamara Місяць тому
@Pop and they subliminally control and pop up all the time,from monitoring you,that's how they stay top of the pyramid,cia tapping,government files,watching everything
Pop Місяць тому
@Lewis Mcnamara are you on something? Your punctuation is horrendous and you’re not making sense. Either go back to school or put the phone down and google “how not to be a keyboard warrior”
Lewis Mcnamara
Lewis Mcnamara Місяць тому
And James the boat man who says don't cheat,nice rolex watch when you mention oil with James,that's 911 oil,twin e everything,film cash,catching all oil spenders and assets from Iraq and Afghanistan,Floyd's watch friend,twin everything man in the watch shop,keep going through documents 911 victims,they bought cars,mansions,watches,much more,and kept framing everyone along the line,if they knew to much about 911
savethemanual Місяць тому
Most honest boat salesman ever!
Boats .co.uk
Boats .co.uk Місяць тому
Ah thank you 😊
Adam Webb
Adam Webb Місяць тому
Maybe mention the distance and cost with much slower speeds. I admire the honesty, this has got my thinking about how I can own and run a boat. The transparency allows me to understand what is required! Love this channel.
Osie1978 Місяць тому
One of the easiest sub of my life
Farrah ivanova
Farrah ivanova Місяць тому
Thats a old boat
Boats .co.uk
Boats .co.uk Місяць тому
Yes but a good one !
wolfhorsky Місяць тому
Honest, sincere, professional and quite funny vid. Lots of respect, sir.
Boats .co.uk
Boats .co.uk Місяць тому
Thanks Wolfhorsky 🙏
DDB hemzelf
DDB hemzelf Місяць тому
most of the time..they say.. about 10 to 15% of the price you paid for the boat ,a year...
DDB hemzelf
DDB hemzelf Місяць тому
@Boats .co.uk well thats my experience after 30 years boating :)
Boats .co.uk
Boats .co.uk Місяць тому
Not a bad start but more complicated than that
Oogie Padoogie
Oogie Padoogie Місяць тому
Watched a million boat videos. This one, is by far, the most helpful and useful of them all. You have a wealth of experience James. Thank you for passing it along to us. And for making them fun to watch! Bring back the toilet jokes.
Boats .co.uk
Boats .co.uk Місяць тому
Ah thank you - I will keep making them if you enjoy them 😎
Drew Hahn
Drew Hahn Місяць тому
I’m an American. Aside from the fact that you remind me of Ricky Jervais, I’d like to say thanks for the walk-through. Especially the bit where you break out the numbers. Cheers from across the pond, sir.
Boats .co.uk
Boats .co.uk Місяць тому
Ah thanks Drew. I will try and do some more numbers on my vids . Love the Ricky gervais comparison 😂
Andrew Newton
Andrew Newton Місяць тому
Does the boat with oars have 2 berths and a galley? 😁
Boats .co.uk
Boats .co.uk Місяць тому
No just a leaky bilge 😂
Guy tyrie
Guy tyrie Місяць тому
Great vid
Thor,s Rc
Thor,s Rc Місяць тому
a Man whit humor. i like it :-)
Boats .co.uk
Boats .co.uk Місяць тому
Thank you 🙏
lesmoor kelly
lesmoor kelly Місяць тому
rich mans game
Peter Lewis
Peter Lewis Місяць тому
Great video James. As always loving your honesty and for sure this is a great boat……but still not a Princess!!! And agree on your estimate of annual costs-we have a V45 so not dissimilar overall and reckon that our is costing us around 30k a year without any finance.
Boats .co.uk
Boats .co.uk Місяць тому
Thanks Peter . More Princess models coming up ! 😊
noelatieh Місяць тому
Sir I hope everyone Honest like you you’re right the boat is beautiful if we can afford it thank you so much and God bless you
Philip Whaley
Philip Whaley Місяць тому
Honest 👌
TsLeng Місяць тому
My volume up button couldn't go any higher ...
Boats .co.uk
Boats .co.uk Місяць тому
Sorry - will sort
gopher1471 Місяць тому
Lovely boat and one of my favourites at this size, I didn't know you had one, but two things for me as regards the engines and the V drive is that the setup is less fuel efficient than a straight shaft and that doing any stern gland work is very time consuming and thus more costly than other boats, one final thing that people either forget or ignore is that the high low platform also requires maintenance otherwise it could end up sticking when you least want it , yet more cost. Any boat of this size costs about the £30000 mark to maintain , my personal advice would be to put at least £5000 per annum to one side to cover repairs or breakages, she is over 12 years old now after all. Great video BTW and the sound is spot on now. :)
Boats .co.uk
Boats .co.uk Місяць тому
Hi Gopher - I agree with everything you say - spot on ! JB
Chas Trux
Chas Trux Місяць тому
For a small boat 2 sets of stairs is a waste of space, l bought my first boat in 1978 and it was 56 foot it only had 7 steps on it and they got you everywhere on board, this one has a big bucket to pour your money in.
Boats .co.uk
Boats .co.uk Місяць тому
Hi Chris - it only has one of set of stairs ?
Bruno Behrend
Bruno Behrend Місяць тому
I don't know all the different UK accents, but you must have come from the same area as Ricky Gervais.
Boats .co.uk
Boats .co.uk Місяць тому
Lol - similar 😂 I am from Essex near London .
Kevin Banham
Kevin Banham Місяць тому
First time comment. Excellent review and I loved your honesty is this vid thanks for sharing with us.
Boats .co.uk
Boats .co.uk Місяць тому
Thanks Kevin 🥳
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