[4K] SNSD Happy 15th Anniversary! 🥺💖

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K-contents Voyage

K-contents Voyage

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SNSD Queens Are All So Beautiful!
hank you for this Amazing Comeback!
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@STAN_LOONA Рік тому
Hyoyeon ending the show by saying “SNSD is like underwear because it’s essential” is iconic.
@olfactorik_214 Рік тому
Im shock 🤣🤣🤣
@Paul-sl9zm Рік тому
@@olfactorik_214 Savage queen 👸
@airbomb24 Рік тому
Somehow she was the most right lmao
@ellexoxo0212 Рік тому
yea I was like crying then suddenly Hyo! 🤣🤣❤🥰
@chongtedng6676 Рік тому
She cld’ve said water/air but ma queen said underwear AHAHDGSUSJSKJSK
@joshuavoo241 Рік тому
Girls' Generation will forever be the greatest girl group of all time, their diversity, longevity and impact to the world are indeniable testaments to their greatness
@gokusen5912 Рік тому
No one can beat them girls generation the real idols of world
@abdinarimeneblink 10 днів тому
Of our childhood
@abdinarimeneblink 10 днів тому
Teayong should remove botox
@jebm7 Рік тому
_Girls' Generation literally paved the way for all K-Pop artists today, this is a fact, argue with the wall_ ☺️
@sha2596 Рік тому
Exactly! I never forget that Soshi, BoA, and TVXQ walked so the next generation could run, and the next could sprint.
@erikanuylan7024 Рік тому
@ZellieA Рік тому
People always say that about their favorite artists, but in this case it’s 100% true. SNSD could not possibly have had a bigger influence on 2010’s and 2020’s kpop. It’s incredible how successful they were, and still are after so many years. I genuinely don’t think kpop would be as popular globally without SNSD
@Deym06 Рік тому
@swalvid1658 Рік тому
have read comment like this in other gg or bg kpop with diffrent name of group
@canvas_125 Рік тому
Tiffany eating while crying and thanking for having snacks is such a vibe. This whole clip is why I love them so much. ✨
@fayevinyl4596 7 місяців тому
Yuri has matured and just 'yes'ing, I would have laughed my head off.
@Karina-rk5cp Рік тому
The girls popularized and globalized K-pop across Asia and the world in the ages without modern technology so no one can deny their impact they made. I still remember going to internet cafe to watch my girls’ MV back in the days so it isn’t easy like these days.
@itsmeeeeeeeee9943 Рік тому
20 pesos per hourrrrrrrrrrr internet cafeeee for the love of Soshi
@soireesara4725 Рік тому
Facts. As a fan both GG & BLACKPINK i’m so disappointed that YG is pushing the media esp lately claiming that BP is the first girlgroup that brought the global impact and discrediting so many struggling groups in the past including GG, it’s true BP fame is undeniable but they’re also debuted when KPOP era has already globalized and even with the sparks of 2NE1s vibe that everyone has been thirsted on, hence it’s so amazing the achievment & opportunities that BP has that no group ever has before but there was a history and groups that were truly paving the way until they & other new groups have it EASIER now
@biteme9505 Рік тому
not to mention, downloaded their TV shows like Star Golden Bell in 360p and that was the very best resolution I could get.
@user-tz9jh6pv2j 10 місяців тому
nah. SNSD popularized girl groups, but not kpop lol. you're probably too young to know. BoA is the one who popularized k-pop across Asia. SNSD paved the way for girl GROUPS and also made it to the US and went viral. there were lots before them too. SES and FinKL started it at all for kpop girls. they weren't super famous, but their CDs were already on sale all over Hong Kong and LA in 1997, so they already started breaking out of korea. (I'm Korean American from LA and lived in Hong Kong for a bit)
@deanfrayna Рік тому
Let the fans of other groups watch this. Their groups might break the records that SNSD originally set but best believe, SNSD started it all! They're the text book of how to be a female group in Korea, even agencies admit that. My legendary queens ❤️🥰
@robinhood7428 Рік тому
SNSD is the legend. no other group can beat them. they struggle so much to be this top. all of them are so kind and pure.
@sarahsaebz7453 Рік тому
I dunno blackpink seem to be killing it
@sshankackerman3970 Рік тому
@@sarahsaebz7453 still got long way to go kids
@leyley8234 Рік тому
@@sshankackerman3970 True! And if I'm not mistaken, SNSD never held back to every comeback they make.
@rosekhadijah Рік тому
@@sarahsaebz7453 LMAO go touch the grass kid
@milosanshine Рік тому
@@sarahsaebz7453 no SNSD no blackpink.
@anganasamanta639 Рік тому
No matter how many new girl groups debut, SNSD will always be SNSD. THE LEGEND OF LEGENDS. I just hope they remain together forever💖
@maddie8124 Рік тому
"No matter what anyone says, family is family..." -kim taeyeon, 2022 SNSD started as 9 girls and forever will remain 9 in SONE's heart 💕 I believe they're still in touch with our ice princess, but choose not to publicize it as to respect her privacy.i would wait for that one day where SNSD would be complete again.
@happyone6699 Рік тому
jess hurts them guy, her books, i wish she didn't do that! the book is the big big wall to cut them into the two: jess vs snsd8! it's her creating that wall, sh*t!
@maddie8124 Рік тому
Yes she wrote her books, but that book is not 100% true..its a fictional book,meaning it had some filler scenes to make the story more dramatic.
@sriwidiani4370 Рік тому
@Lèmon Lēe yes after all what the incentive for them to include Jessica after those sensationalist books she published burn all the bridges
@bazli01 Рік тому
I like this as if this is a hidden message to Jessica
@partylikeits1066 Рік тому
they're legally required not to mention her, it's not so much out of concern for her
@hoayeuly 25 днів тому
I love SNSD not only of some of their popular catchy songs but I love their personality the most. I fell in love with them on their first variety show (girls go school) back when they just debut and I start to love their chemistry. I'm not saying that they are perfectly to each other but they are reflecting of a family dynamics of where love, chaos, support, strong believe, fight, laugh, nuts all together. And later as they got more popular... I love their humble personality... as you can see.. they are all grateful for each others & for small things. Even they are not tgt as a group under the same entertainment company but they always grateful whenever they have a chance to catch up in real life and they are still funny like they used to back then. I think it makes them very unique and their bond make them last long until now even everyone pursue their own separate dreams.
@user-tz9jh6pv2j Рік тому
I wish SNSD could do a world tour... or at least one more Asia tour... I know this will never happen but... I am same age as them and I finally have money and freedom to actually be able to attend an SNSD concert :(
@hilaholo6822 Рік тому
Same :( or at least world tour smtown 😢
@nesleyvielamo2090 Рік тому
Same :'((
@i-nerd9978 Рік тому
It's not gonna be easy to juggle that into their hectic solo schedule but I'd love to see that 🥲
@wishenv 8 місяців тому
ikr, is kinda sad that soshi will never be in my country (Brazil) but i hope they do a Asia Tour or something like that..Seeing SMTOWN Live makes me miss snsd even more
@marjoriecajahuanca 7 місяців тому
Same here! They never went to South America. I’m still waiting for them
@beginning705 Рік тому
They can edit Sica out all they want, but she’ll always be apart of Girls Generation history💕
@hochingyuan2982 Рік тому
trueee . i was looking for her 😭
@marinabarboza1302 Рік тому
Eu fiquei bem triste com isso, desrespeitoso com sua imagem , caramba isso é muito errado cara. 4:17 Por que tiraram a Jessica do poster?
@joelinlinonge8 Рік тому
THANK YOU! sm rlly tryna act like sica just didn’t exist 😕
@hepiyepi10 Рік тому
@@joelinlinonge8 they treat her like she did a big crime I canttt ☠️
@tommysense Рік тому
They didn't mute her in ITNW song played in the video
@user-kj3qw4dt2s Рік тому
5:48 his statement isn’t wrong girls generation whether those of other Girl groups want to admit. Paved the way to kpop becoming abroad during the times when technology advancements started. This group will forever be iconic in kpop history and you can’t deny that factor.
@claythemultifan4940 Рік тому
THIS! it finally came out from an experts' comment, not some random solo stan.. Nowadays, it's so easy for newer groups, fans will just stream here and there, bulk buying, mutiple fake accounts, we dont even have that before 😂 I barely even get on UKposts. ITNW wills always be the most memorable and meaningful debut song, that it even became SK's national anthem and every Girl Groups from every generation sing and dance to it.
@masdanar9321 Рік тому
Ikr people nowdays got help with bigger internet
@claythemultifan4940 Рік тому
@@masdanar9321 not to mention over hype sometimes, and im a multi stan, so i always support newer groups but whenever i listen to some other groups' music, i sometimes wonder "whats the hype" to this compare to meaningful lyrics songs.. and thats where it hit me even here in western, couple of BOOM and BANGER beats, and people will already love it, doesnt matter whats the lyrics.. it is like that in kpop nowadays..
@masdanar9321 Рік тому
@@claythemultifan4940 it is
@owl9704a 2 місяці тому
I am late here as usual. But how could anyone not love and respect these beautiful women. They ARE KPOP> Without them what would we have in the US nowadays? They were the real foundation for all of us to look forward to and support no matter what. They proved this music was able to be loved by all generations in all cultures. And for all time.
@XHikarixxx Рік тому
Girls Generation has been with me for a greater part of my life. I found them when I was 13 years old and I am now 25. I adore them with all of my heart and it's insane to think of them when I think of certain moments in my life. When I was 15, my mom bought me The Boys album and I cried. I love them so much and I'm thankful Ive got to be a fan all of these years.
@zyldaranindita9280 Рік тому
the boys really was the era eventho I knew em all along but I was more into boygroup back then. time flies. I grew old like these girls too. we even kind of the same age lol. funny to idolize some people who are ur age :)
@user-vr1qp2xh1h Рік тому
Same, I cried alot when my father gave me a cd burn of their songs. It's not official item but I treasured it because I love everything about snsd.
@GuadalupeGonzalez-gw4jd Рік тому
I wish Jessica watches this, she is a big part of SNSD's history, this is her anniversary as well, no matter what happened She has to be proud. I really wish we see them all together one day.
@choisoowon5017 Рік тому
True. I believe they feel the same.
@leena7961 Рік тому
@user-sb6dm2li3g Рік тому
@yanigunawan7552 Рік тому
That is right
@yayu116 Рік тому
i miss her, i love her. she's still my bias until now.
@bryanb6059 Рік тому
When I was 12, I had faced many depression and stress. As a teenage I didn't know what to do or where to go. I rlly want to thank SNSD for comforting me and being a part of my childhood and teenage years. Now, I'm in my early 20s and they still my no1 kpop group. Thank you SNSD and love you all 💗
@paoa8566 Рік тому
Being 20's you are still very fresh, you have a whole sky life abroad... Keep growing with your pure heart, bro. Life is beautiful
@tadikata Рік тому
i cry when soshi said gg is destiny, family, soul, trust, country and then hyo said underwear i cry with laughter. we love you our soshi TOGETHER FOREVER AND EVER ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
@momanessie Рік тому
The year 2022 will mark a milestone in Korean history as we are reminded of SNSD’s legendary status and why SNSD is more than just a girl group. They have evolved into an institution of innovation with their trailblazing accomplishments to whom other entertainers and their management companies look to for successful possibilities and longevity strategies. This comeback allowed SNSD to share with their fans their difficult journey without a roadmap of the past 2 years which makes it remarkable in the world of Covid. Just as SNSD has upgraded the word “Villain”, they have also shown us the mature, sophisticated, courageous version of themselves who continues to work hard to be the “more perfect” SNSD. We are blessed to live in the time of Girls’ Generation.
@melodies_memoryofexy1006 Рік тому
Seeing how these talented women grew up over the past 15 years and to only love them more today than I did back then... I must say that I'm extremely proud to stan SNSD. This is one group I'll be forever grateful to and I hope to see them again as a whole for their 20th anniversary.
@Baobeidou Рік тому
I will always be grateful for SNSD and the path they paved for the kpop industry. They went though a lot of ups and downs but still made it thru. Love you SNSD.🥺 💗💗
@h-playwithmyhart.4806 9 місяців тому
Sooyoung. I don’t know if it was your sweet smile or your powerful performances, but I fell in love with you at first sight. I love how you appeared and I loved your attitude towards your music and videos even when I was just beginning to learn about SNSD. I just loved your style and I hadn’t been familiar with too many powerful female figures musically until you. Here I am today, almost ten years later and I can’t even speak on the times I’ve spent absolutely loving and supporting you from a distance. Your voice, dancing skills, and overall performance etiquette still entice me to this day. I’ve seen so many of your works and projects, and when I listen to you now, you still warm my heart and bring so much genuine happiness like you did back then. What I love about your voice is how gentle it is. When you sing, your voice is so smooth and controlled and I’ve always loved hearing how it sounds through the various songs you’ve sang. You have one of the most comforting voices I know. I’ve grown up with it and when I hear it, it relaxes me and brings me back to much happier times. Your voice is simply light, delightful, and capable of healing so many people, specifically me. All the same, your gift of dancing is noticeably bold and defines who you are as a person. I know that SNSD has some of the most iconic choreographies, and there could never be another who has personalized them the way you have. You make each one look so easy because you have such a great stride and soaring confidence. I can tell how serious you are about putting your all into each of your choreographies, because although you’ve performed them several times, you do each as if it’s your first. I never get tired of watching you dance around the stage with endless energy and excitement. It can’t be hidden how much fun you’re having and how much you really enjoy showing what you can do because I feel it too. You have always been one of the most significant performers in my life. You were undoubtedly born to make history the way you have on the stage. You bring so much to the art of performance and have shared it with the world for years. You’ve changed what music means, and this can only be understood through the different forms of music that we see today. As I love your musicality, I love your personality in the same way. One of the first qualities that stood out to me is how happy you always seem to be. I know that everybody struggles at some point in their life, but I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that you’ve always appear to have a smile on your face. Just seeing you start and end your day with that positivity effects your fans and those around you alike. Now, going off and pursuing some of your individual work, you’ve only become even more happy. I love knowing that somebody who has works so hard is enjoying their time doing it. I’ve always looked toward you when I’ve needed cheering up, and you have never let me down. You remain so upbeat and grateful for the opportunities that you have every day. I learn so much about how to approach each day because of how you do so. You’ve faced so much but you continue to learn from your experiences every single day. I also love how naturally sweet and kind and you are. From the start of Girls Generation, you kept an open mind when meeting them and learning to work together. In no time, you helped established an eternal bond and a lifelong sisterhood. This was made possible only by how loving your heart is. I know that you are responsible for all of the respect and admiration that is shared between you and your members. You helped raised 8 other strong and warm-hearted people. I know that without you, your members would never be where they are today. The impact that you have had on them cannot even be described in words, but rather understood through the unbreakable confidence and revolution of love you all have encouraged. I know that they were put into your life so that you could show them what it really means and feel like to have somebody really care so deeply about you that it changes your life. You are incapable of doing anything other than giving them the best of you, and bringing out the best of themselves. You’ve help them reach their fullest potential and realize their worth. They have gone on to share what you’ve given to them with others. We are so grateful to you for making each moment spent with them so memorable, both for us and your members. Every person whose path you cross gets the privilege of interacting with somebody so thoughtful and mindful of the feelings of them. You are so warm, lovely, and simply pleasant to be around. You make people feel so comfortable and those who get to work with you, even if just for a second, are so lucky. I know that every person who gets to meet you becomes a better person for it, whatever the reason. Thank you for holding so much live in your heart for so many people and for remaining optimistic. You have changed the lives of countless people just by being yourself and teaching them how to give love to others just as you do. I want to personally thank your family and parents for raising you and helping you accomplish all that you have. I know that also possess the same loving and generous qualities as you, and they passed them on. We love them and keep them in out hearts as we do for you. They deserve all the best and I know they are the most proud of you. They love you in a very special way! Sooyoung, I can’t even believe it’s been as long as it has been since I first discovered you. It feels as if almost no time has passed and I am still seeing you for the first time. You are absolutely the greatest artist a group of fans could have to look up to. You have made millions of Sones around the world so happy for so long. No matter what you’re doing, we are always going to be here for you. If the fact that we are still here after all that you have gone through doesn’t prove how much we love you, I don’t know what does! You have worked so hard for so long to make every part of our journey with you memorable and a part of our history together as a family. Despite your busy schedule, you have always stayed in contact with us and communicated with us. You have shared with us events in your life that you are not even obligated or even encouraged to share with us. You have always treated us like family, and this is the reason why we will always love you as compassionately as we do. I love how open you have always been with your Sones since the very beginning, and as time has passed, you’ve only grown to trust us more. This really shows how much you value us and prioritize. You have gone above and beyond to bring us entertainment, music, and happiness beyond our wildest dreams. We could never have asked you to work so hard or expected you to do as much as you have in your lifetime as fans. All we could ever ask of you is to make sure are happy above anything else! You have loved us so much over these years that all we can ask is for you to always put yourself first. There is not part of you that we would change. You are perfect the way you are and the way that you show you love and appreciation for us gives us the greatest feeling in the world. We are so honored to call ourselves your fans and there is no better person that we could have to look up to. You have been setting the best example for us to live by and you have taught us more than we have even realized just by showing us you care. There is no way I’d rather spend the past several years of my life than by growing with you. I hope you recognize how many people truly love you and have you to thank for never giving up. All we want is to give you back all you’ve given us. Since you’ve treated us so well, it seems we will be trying forever to show you all the love you’ve shown us, but at least, we will never leave you. We will always be there for you as you’ve been there for us. I know you’ve gone through so much, both personally and professionally. You’ve suffered great losses and had many doubts during your time in the spotlight. You, and those who have been by your side through it all, are some of the strongest people I’ve ever known. You have made it passed some of your darkest moments and difficult hardships. I’ve always felt like I can do the same. I am so proud of you for chasing after your dreams after all this time. You are such a strong, independent young woman and this is still the beginning. You have much more to do and I know you’re going to keep touching the sky no matter what it is. Thank you so much for the endless hours of practice, stress you’ve endured, and pain you’ve gone through just to make even one person happy. Your legacy will always live out through your fans and we will always appreciate the smallest of actions that you go to make us all come together. I hope this birthday makes you feel as loved as you are. You deserve all of the blessings and success that come to you. I hope everything is perfect, and you celebrate in every way that you desire! I hope you feel only happiness on your special day and every other day as well. You will forever be legendary for all that you’ve done, and us Sones thank you for a lifetime of pure love. You are so beautiful and I hope you never change. I pray that you and your loved ones stay safe, and find happiness in the future. Happy birthday Sooyoung, and we adore you so much!!
@Fz001 Рік тому
SNSD PAVED THE WAY FOR SO MANY GIRL GROUPS THEY WILL ALWAYS BE NUMBER 1. They're still so humble, grateful, very kind and loving towards their fans love them for that.
@chelatine 2 місяці тому
@nouha14jb Рік тому
We are going to Miss them so freaking much!!! Life is nothing without our girls. SONE KEEP streaming the Album and Request the song on your local Radio That's our way of saying THANK U TO THEM. our girls worked so hard.
@user-tz9jh6pv2j Рік тому
you're making it sound like a goodbye tour :( i mean... the reality is... they're not getting the ratings, and this probably IS a goodbye tour i just hate not knowing.... i really hope they have more comebacks in the future.
@sotrue4436 Рік тому
@@user-tz9jh6pv2j wdym, FOREVER1 is charting really well on melon music top 10
@jairiesberry Рік тому
@@user-tz9jh6pv2j Girls gen doesn’t have to top charts to prove they’re one the best girl groups there is. Plus Forever 1 The 7th Album is still topping the charts!
@nouha14jb Рік тому
@@user-tz9jh6pv2j it's never a goodbye it's we will meet them again in the future but certainly we have to wait. We waited 5 years and I understand that it's very difficult for us. I just hope that we can continue to show them our love and support ❤ if you can, please request the song on your local radio
@stefansalvatore2569 Рік тому
@@user-tz9jh6pv2j What do you mean they're not getting the ratings? In this TV show? Or their album?
@dreamyfleur Рік тому
im pretty neutral about the jessica situation… but i just wish theyd include her in the clips for these kinds of recaps. it feels so odd not seeing her in it. she also was a part of gg. man. anyways this touched home. i started listening to snsd back in 2011 and they became my comfort group. i love watching their variety shows and their songs are amazing. im so happy they were able to come together for this. my hearttttt
@ashanairnandanan2383 3 місяці тому
They were the first kpop grp I've ever watched in tv that too in a shop😅 n it was to got a boy music video n then I thought wow they r so cool n ofc started to listen to their songs and all.....they will be forever iconic...like there are no any other group like them.... Simply said they are the standard 😌 and it's so heartwarming to see them celebrating 15 years anniversary 🥺❤️
@user-dl7wm2kk7z 3 місяці тому
happy 16 anniversary soshi 💗💗💗 23:08
@Navillera9224 Рік тому
Habia estado evitando ver este video porque no queria llorar, y como lo supuse, aqui estoy llorando 😭😭 ellas representan los mejores años de mi vida. Gracias SNSD por tantos años de felicidad.
@deboradeby2679 Рік тому
I'm so glad as their fans since 2010 💗💗 they're always been my memories and a present. Thankyou SNSD for keep being ONE!
@dseya2 Рік тому
Girls' Generation is the best! No other girl group can beat them. No one can deny the fact. SALUTE!
@jenniehye Рік тому
@dseya2 Рік тому
@@jenniehye 'Cause the girls bring the boys out'.. THE BOYS✔️😁
@huyquoctran2088 Рік тому
Yep the best ever but now a lot of teens don’t know them. Sad to say my niece or younger teens don’t really know who they are lol. Not even big bang, super junior. Etcc
@corambing Рік тому
I honestly don't know whether to laugh or to cry when Hyoyeon teared up at 13:10 lol Congrats on the 15 years SNSD, let's go on forever
@ayamistoso4123 3 місяці тому
It's been a year so I'm watching this again. To me SNSD is like a Rainbow 🌈. Each member radiates a different color. Alone they are already beautiful and each color comes with a large spectrum. But when you put the colors together, you'll have something so magnificent, a rainbow. A rainbow that means differently to different people. To some it could mean a miracle. To others it represents their dream. or just a very wonderful sight that comes right after the rain. We like the rainbow for many other reasons but we love it all the same.
@blacktothepink3571 11 місяців тому
SNSD arelegends and truly deserve to be called “Nations Girl group”.
@Cuteneyth Рік тому
I cried like a baby omg, I’m into kpop since 2005, so I debuted in this passion in this genre of music early, I grow up with all of them, and of course others groups but wow, I’m emotional 100% 😭😭😂 they are legends in my heart forever 🥺❤️
@OppaCesarock 8 місяців тому
Girls Generation el grupo femenino de Kpop más icónico a nivel mundial nadie les quitará ese título
@gwen-jigoh4779 Рік тому
Time is the best witness. Applause to those who determined to endure all the hardship and trials to the end . You all deserve it.
@nri4950 10 місяців тому
Es increíble lo que ustedes han hecho en mi vida, tengo tanto por agradecerles, ustedes son increíbles, el mejor grupo que he conocido y al que más apreció le tengo, pese al poco tiempo, cada momento ha sido maravilloso porque ustedes han estado ahí, soshi las amo mucho, y no me alcanzará la vida para agradecerles por tanto... FOREVER IS SNSD!!!
@itsokay7989 11 місяців тому
So proud of our girls! 15 years, setting records and winning everything there is to win, and now each of them is successful individually too. You couldn't Stan a better group!
@kpopstanunnie Рік тому
This is one of reason why I am pink blooded, almost all the group last long because of their talents, passion, good manners and commitment.. TVXQ, SUJU, SNSD, SHINEE AND EXO are all more than 10 years as an idol. Daebak!!! HAPPY 15TH ANNIVERSARY SNSD 💗💗💗💗
@songcandra6544 Рік тому
Thanks for being Girls' Generation. You guys have done a great job for a long time. Hope you guys healthy and happy all the time. Forever~SNSD
@fdm632 6 місяців тому
Girls' Generation will forever have that special place in my heart... No matter how many years goes by-always will be my no. 1 and I will always be grateful and blessed to know and be your fan all these years...Whatever you want to do and whoever you want to be in the next years, I hope you always take care of yourself and your happiness. ♥️ ~fan since (2010)
@bp879 Рік тому
SNSD Queens Are All So Beautiful & Talented! Happy 15th Anniversary SNSD! Thanks for the Amazing Comeback!
@Lisa_Eletro_Horny_Milf 4 місяці тому
I was 12 when I saw them and since then Im a big fan, I guess I'll be a sone forever ❤❤❤❤
@h-playwithmyhart.4806 Рік тому
Hyoyeon, I would like to wish you an early happy birthday, as the time is drawing close. I don’t even know where to start to thank you for the role model you have been in my life. I started supporting Girls Generation almost a decade ago, and I was introduced to the group by my older sister. This was my first introduction to K-Pop, so I had never seen anything like it before. The group did, and still does make my sister so happy, and it is one of the few parts of her life that today continues to give her motivation when she finds it hard to find any. Despite not knowing any of the members’ names yet, you stood out to me immediately. You were just so beautiful and had such a demanding and powerful presence in the group and in the music videos, I fell absolutely in love with the way that you execute your musicality. Ever since then, I have spent every second getting to now you more and more. Though I wasn’t there at the very beginning, since my introduction to you almost a decade ago, I have been a huge supporter and fan, and have stayed by your side all of these years. I’ve learned about what you’ve gone through, as well as what your members have gone through, and how you faced it together. You have taught me so much about perseverance and love that I can’t even even explain in words how much I have learned. I have changed so much because you have shown me how to live freely despite what anybody thinks about me. You are one of the first women to ever show me how to reach my full potential in a world that makes me doubt what I can do. I have felt no limits watching you fly freely across the stage, both with your members, and by yourself, and you make me feel like I can do the same thing. I know you have been through a lot and have overcome a lot, especially being that you and all your members are iconic and legendary. I’m not even going to try to imagine what it’s been like to have all of these eyes on you for so many years, but how you’ve had the motivation and kept going is beyond me. You are so strong, especially given your platform and everything you’ve potentially had to deal with. Through the years, I’ve watched you evolve from a young woman, exploring her talents with her members, to a confident musician who shines no matter what she does. I love your impressionable and playful rapping skills, unique and versatile singing voice, and your unmatchable and irreplaceable dancing skills. You have been one of my favorite performers to watch and become inspired from since I’ve been introduced to K-Pop. You have always been so special to me and one of the first people to show me that I can be more than what I am. I know that your members are just as grateful to your for sticking by your side and bringing them comfort and happiness in a way that nobody else can. I know that you all are still together despite pursuing individual projects, and the bond that you have is exactly what I hope to have with my great friends one day. I know your family is proud of you most of all, and I want to thank them for being such a huge factor in all of your success and glory. On behalf of them, your Sones, your friends, and your members, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being exactly who you are and showing power in a world that wants to take it from you. I absolutely adore you so much and I hope that you know how much your are loved and will always be remembered for generations. I pray that you and your loved ones stay safe and find happiness and worth in the future. Thank you for making history and sacrificing so much to bring us entertainment, music, happiness, and inspiration! Please stay safe, have as much fun as you possibly can surrounded by the people that love you most, and happy birthday! We adore you and love you so much!!
@ValerieChing865 Рік тому
This was so good. I’m so happy and grateful I got to see this side of SNSD. Soshi Tam made it so we got to live, feel, and experience this with them too
@fancykook4388 Рік тому
14:55 tiffany is so precious :c i honestly got so emotional watching this video, even though i wasn’t part of the fandom i did grow up loving their songs & was awed by their international impact at the time
@aloshsa7672 4 місяці тому
We also feel the same as yours.I spent my teenage years with you.All my joys and sorrows passed while listening to your songs and programs.snsd were my safety distance.I'm proud to have been a Sone for 13 years all my memories are associated with soshi, so when I watch anything related to SNSD, I start crying and nostalgic 😢 I love you so much ♥
@opensesame8924 Рік тому
I cried and laugh at the same time so muuuuch watching this episode. oh my god you gals are so funny and inspiring at the same time, how could it be!! Welcome back, been loving you since 2009 and still "soshi-sone forever 1!" Keep healthy gals, and don't push it too hard but please make a world tour hahahaha.. 😘
@esthlife102 7 місяців тому
I miss You J E S S I C A 💔 se me hace triste que no la pongan en el aniversario tan importante 😭 ella también fue parte de SNSD muchos años !!!
@Liassot 3 місяці тому
@Uberkilltoecheese 7 місяців тому
is there gonna be a possibility of future comebacks together? imma be sad if not but they have done so much and worked so hard together i dont blame them if this is the last time the only thing i want for them is their happiness and I hope they do stay together forever
@Uberkilltoecheese 7 місяців тому
after extensive research there is possibility! we are forever 1 after all! till next time soshi! we love you
@habshi0974 6 місяців тому
Probably for their 20th? This year might just be a reunion as usual
@Uberkilltoecheese 6 місяців тому
@@habshi0974 yeah id probably say at least 3 years out at least for another comeback, theyve all got such busy schedules after all and it takes so much work for a comeback
@ryansooyoungb9415 Рік тому
SNSD is a legendary kpop idol group. Yes, a lot of kpop idol nowadays imitate their actions especially the girl kpop debuted nowadays but no one can replace them❤️
@abcdefgg9615 Рік тому
SNSD is the root of Kpop that blossomed and paved the way for all Kpop artists. Your idol may be breaking records globally right now but SNSD made it all possible. True legends indeed. Their value doesn’t decrease because of the views and sales compared to others but their value is encrypted in the history of the Kpop world.
@user-dl7wm2kk7z 3 місяці тому
happy 16 anniversary soshi 💗💗💗
@ravenants21 Рік тому
I'm really thankful to SNSD, because when the first time i really into KPOP i believe it was 2017 and it feels not awkward and feels like i heard kpop for a long time thanks to SNSD, when i was at elementary school i remember listening to GEE at the school for sport subject, and seeing SNSD back after 5 years and still maintain "SNSD" name for 15 years it's so amazing for me and also SONE. to the 8 members who still maintain SNSD name even though you guys hiatus 5 years long, and also i wanna thank you to our precious leader Taeyeon for everything and the members who really thinking to have comeback, once again Thank You So Much, i can't wait what is your plan for the future. seeing STAYC,IVE mention SNSD is the same as me when watching SNSD, they are same age as me so they know how big SNSD back then in Korea also in the world also like Lee Jin Mo sonsaengnim tell to us, that we can't talk KPOP expansion to the world without mention SNSD, SNSD has done many things that became the driving force for KPOP to go aboard, i know many 2nd gen group did the same but have you seen girlgroup like SNSD try every concept that SM has, release many albums, go on hiatus without disband and the members still keep in touch with one to another members, the only groups to win 100 times at music show, ofc right now so many American talkshow, etc. to make your name became worldwide, But man SNSD do you think back then have so many talkshow that people watch?, you can disagree with this but SNSD are the true Nation Girl Group, and Queen of KPop
@gg4eva648 Рік тому
@strdh8488 Рік тому
until now there is still no one who can really replace them in my heart.I love SNSD now, tomorrow and forever.
@erlsanjosenavaltaerl5885 Рік тому
People who only liked Kpop in the recent years wouldn't understand why SONEs say that SNSD is a legend. They weren't there in those times when boy groups dominated the music scene and GG worked so hard to stand out among the pack. Those 15 years were the happiest yet the most difficult years of GG, and they have worked their way to become the "Nation's Girl Group," the pride of Korea. In those times when Kpop is starting to get global attention, GG was among the first few Kpop groups who started promoting in the West and gained popularity (I'm sure SONEs remember "Madison Square Garden, put it back on!"). In the past decade, GG was the girl group standard, which many agencies tried to copy. GG tried so many concepts which many kpop groups also tried to explore. GG worked in diverse fields: Music, Drama, Variety, Fashion, Radio, Theater, etc., and in those 15 years, GG is the group many kpop idols aspire to become in the future. And until now, SONEs have the loudest fanchants in music shows. This comeback is not in any way competing with other 3rd - 4th Gen groups. GG is giving back the love they received from SONEs. SONEs love GG so much that's why we're very protective of our girls. We grew together with them, achieved our dreams the same way GG achieved theirs, and when we look back at those times, we can see how far GG has gone, that's why they earned the respect of each and every person in the Kpop industry. No one would remember how much views groups had on youtube, or how much sales they got in each album, but everyone would remember the legacy GG left in the industry.
@capnjace848 Рік тому
They really paved the way. Like girl groups weren't being taken seriously before then SNSD happened.
@sopinhadeletrinha1 Рік тому
Emocionante!!! Amo vcs SNSD
@dearname5 8 місяців тому
Girls' Generation will be for everrrrrrrr and afterrrrrrrrrrr and moreeeeee🥺💗💗💗
@ijustlikethiscrapokay Рік тому
gosh i sobbed along with them, i really am so grateful for SNSD and how much they impacted my life - they were the first girl group i got into in 2008 and now it's 2022 and still, every moment with them is so precious. i'm reminded of all the hardships and prejudice they went through and i'm so grateful they are all still with us, happy and healthy. SNSD and SONEs forever one!
@alma_khaute Рік тому
It was really impossible to hold back my tears during the whole video. I can relate to the members saying they'll be lonely now that the promotions are over. I'm so proud of the women they have become, thankful for the 15 years of beautiful memories they have given to us and excited for what they are going to achieve so much more in life. They deserve all the love in this world. They are indeed GIRLS' GENERATION!
@nadzselanreb8530 Рік тому
SNSD plays a big part of my life. I grew up with their music. Thank you all for inspiring me and a lot of people. GG 4ever
@pthao.777 9 місяців тому
Seohyun talks much than before, she also expresses much emotions. I like her being like that,to comfort and behave naturally.
@wlk2711 Рік тому
I am 😢 I become a kpop fan with their Gee along with SuJu and Big Bang. Love all of them so much! 🤧🥹😇 I feel so lucky and grateful for this anniversary comeback. I really want Soshi Tam Tam to be in one whole album as well. I would definitely buy it with their album.
@akipkom9294 10 місяців тому
They are the best k-pop girls...they will still be..
@NoeyJamPiglet Рік тому
I had to stop playing the video midway.. this is too emotional for me 🥺😢💖 Sine day 1 (into the new world first staged) until now they’re the only one girl group that makes me laugh, cry (so hard) and happy. GG4ever !!!!!
@maxkhor5765 Рік тому
Same here 😭😭 I watch it during my lunch break and shed tears
@gg4eva648 Рік тому
@exolsince2018 Рік тому
Everytime I hear their debut song, always gives me goosebumps and gets me teary eyed. SNSD wil always have a special place in my heart.
@skylar2675 Рік тому
Girls' Generation is THE NATION'S GIRL GROUP. They are living legends of the K-POP industry. Fight me. 👑
@shazlol9683 10 місяців тому
Even when you get older, you need friends. The most valuable are those who stayed through your hardest. Great group! Wished they will do more shows together like this!
@gureguru4694 Місяць тому
jesus christ ive been a fan of kpop for 15 years huh. kids nowadays have no idea how iconic these girls are
@JGNC Рік тому
The editors trying really hard to not show Jessica at all is so 😭 whether you like it or not, her presence in the group was strong and pretty much she was there from the beginning till their peak so majority of their accomplishments and well known videos have always involved her. SM trying to revision history is probably one of the weirdest things that that company can ever do till to this day.
@sascanavida1020 Рік тому
its business. they cant mention and show her. and she cant mention and show her past moments with them. thats the rules between them. in recent interview she even said that she doesnt like to look back to the past. so, move on. its been 8 years.
@nonamerxyz7027 Рік тому
@@sascanavida1020 so you’re saying she signed an nda of some sort?
@xidijuju89 Рік тому
@@sascanavida1020 yes so true
@paulkentbumatay8544 Рік тому
So true! But i’m glad Jessica’s voice can be heard at the 2:02 mark! it’s something
@hersheykissessihae6595 Рік тому
This is so heart warming.were so proud of them,they achieved so much thru hardwork and wonderful friendship. They are truly a legend and I'm looking forward for more album from snsd.
@nessieee_ Рік тому
i cried so hard watching this. remembering all those moments made me so emotional. Girls' Generation are really the top gg ever!
@princessnavarro7256 Рік тому
It's so worth it that i waiting for this 15th anniversary comeback of my first Girl group that i stan and this is the reason why I'm a kpop stan now and I'm thankful because I met snsd who became my inspiration and while I was watching it suddenly my tears started flowing I'm proud to be a sone's thank you for coming back MY QUEEN GIRLS GENERATION 👑👑👑👑❤️❤️❤️❤️
@PhebDivina 11 місяців тому
I am just 10 years old when I started stanning Girls Generation. I have bought CD disk for their songs, MVs, Concerts and printed their photos before. I grew up watching them and been supporting them. Until now that I finally graduated college, I am still here watching them. I was burst in tears while watching them cause almost half of my life, they made me happy and helped to survive. They are one of my inspiration and I am heartily wishing that I might see them soon and hopefully I am able to meet Jessica as well🥺😭
@SanaViibes Рік тому
I've been a SONE since 2010 and I'll continue to support and love these talented ladies through and through. When we lost our Golden Star, it was shattering to us all, but we still stand by them all, even to this day. To have a documentary beautifully displaying the achievements of SNSD since their debut, I feel torn and slightly disrespected as a SONE to not just omit, but to go to great lengths to erase who was once Forever 1. Thank you SNSD for continuing to give us the gift of your love and talent!
@lesly7556 Рік тому
15 years ago you nine angels appeared in front of the world for the first time, not knowing what to expect and all you had was each other and your dreams. These girls have gone through sweat and tears during their training period to prepare themselves for their debut as singers. Each member has their own individual flaws but when they are together, each member makes up for the other members flaws. Making them one. On the 5th of August 2007, Girls' Generation went on the stage for the first time to perform their song, 'Into the New World'. That was the start of what was going to be the biggest group in the K-pop industry. Now, years passed and you are still on the top. You tried any concept, you tried any style, and you did it all with success. Being a Sone is definitely the best decision I've ever made in my life. I regret nothing, absolutely nothing. I hope that all of you girls will welcome every day with joy, always be in a pink of health, and never ever forget that no matter what you girls do, we SONEs, always have your back. 🥺❤️❤️ I LOVE YOU 🤍❤️
@arta4546 Рік тому
Why did you put onion here:(
@itzznerphyiel8615 Рік тому
I like what Taeyeon said. "Family" and that family is family regardless. That made me at peace knowing that 1 day I'll see a TaeSic moment
@samnangprum2280 Рік тому
To be able to grow up with SNSD is a miracle of my life. I dont know what to give back for all SNSD have given me. hope, happiness, laugh…. I am in debt and i dont know what or how to pay back except for thank you..
@wakeau6628 Рік тому
I love and support all the 3rd and 4th gen girls, but this video right here... LEGENDS. SNSD simply can't be topped. They feel like a lucky shot from SM, how can you gather so many iconic girls in one group? Every single one of them is special. And they have quality music to match. LEGENDS!
@valerieselau7384 10 місяців тому
They evoluted every year since they debuted after 15 years ago (5 years apart) but 15 years later, they paved their way to hold their baton to inspire as still remains one of the world's most successful girl bands of all time. And that's why Girls Generation are still here to stay. 👍
@annejay4964 Рік тому
To the 8 ladies of SNSD you guys are amazing and hard working. Thank you very much for the gift, lets go for a long time 🥰
@jessyjessy2518 Рік тому
I dont want Soshi TamTam to end
@larissasrz2871 Рік тому
Gracias SNSD por existir; en serio a cada una de las miembros, gracias por existir💖 Este vídeo me hizo llorar mucho porque sentí muy lindo ver lo mucho que han conseguido y madurado. Hace 10 años que soy SONE gracias a Gee y de verdad creo que son super importantes para la industria musical en Corea, así como unas mujeres admirables por muchas cosas a lo largo de su carrera. Estoy muy orgullosa~✨ saludos desde el otro lado del mundo, México!
@Neekoneko Рік тому
@GerardASMR Рік тому
@kevinng984 11 місяців тому
SNSD Thanks You guys , because of you guys I know the Culture of Korean , The song/Music , the food and everything. Im starting Watching Kpop is 2010 until now im still big Fan Of you Guys SNSD Wish Your guys All the best and Blessed ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Love You from Kota Kinabalu , Sabah Malaysia FAN ❤️
@amounizz-2452 Рік тому
SOBBING, they are literally the best I'm so thankful for their comeback and this show😭 I hope we can see them soon SHOSHI 💗💗💗💗
@Chiyzaai_i Місяць тому
Aww Snsd forever❤
@kizunaaa_ Рік тому
I love you so much Girls’ Generation!!!
@wyndeeroces7885 Рік тому
crying with them while watching this video means that i've witnessed their passion and hardwork at the same time they are all just very true to each other whether in variety shows or off cam. more power to SNSD! Fighting! 💕💕💕💕💕
@elephants3053 Рік тому
i cried a lot, but i’m proud of you more, i really really really love you, girls
@fortheloveofkpop 10 місяців тому
Growing up with GG this is makin me cry like a little bitch TT^TT you all did so well
@yunizarsaifnaakrima722 8 місяців тому
I got emotional every time I watched this. I still remember I was in 7th grade when they debuted, thought they were so cool and became 소원 since then
@nuramiraazzahrajauhari4856 11 місяців тому
Hyoyeon crying while looking at Yoona & Sunny and said "Thank You" just make me cry so much😭😭😭. They're forever family, they are forever SNSD even while promoting as a solo
@_Faabreu Рік тому
O TRABALHO que a SM teve para retirar a Jessica dessa edição me dá tristeza. Como podem ignorar toda contribuição dela nessa data tão importante. A Korea precisa evoluir muito ainda. Essa indústria não merece o sacrífico de tantos artistas!
@applerose3102 Рік тому
Even if KPOP has tremendously change all over the years, SNSD is that one and only girl group who managed to pull off diverse concepts, various genres, and had been the most versatile ever since! They're still irreplaceable up to this day and I'm sure those who have been a huge KPOP fan for a long time now would say the same thing. :)
@__kthlnjy Рік тому
the second their intro with their debut song playing made me tear up already.. 🥺 loved them since 2009💘
@LadyCatXD 6 місяців тому
плачу, я так благодарна им. я чувствую эту искренность, они не просто группа, они семья. самые лучшие девочки!
@hilaholo6822 Рік тому
Not a sone but I grew up watched them as I start being their casual listener back in 2008. Ah..... Time has passed so much, I'm tearing up now
@ita21stmi Рік тому
Yuri taking care of Tiffany is so damn sweet! They are family indeed! 😭
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