Adele - Easy On Me (Official Video)

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Official Video for "Easy On Me" by Adele.
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There ain’t no gold
In this river
That I’ve been washing my hands in forever
I know there is hope
In these waters
But I can’t bring myself to swim
When I am drowning
In this silence baby let me in

Go easy on me baby
I was still a child
Didn’t get the chance to
Feel the world around me
I had no time to choose
What I chose to do
So go easy on me

There ain’t no room
For things to change
When we are both so deeply
Stuck in our ways
You can’t deny how hard I have tried
I changed who I was
To put you both first
But now I give up

I had good intentions
And the highest hopes
But I know right now
It probably doesn’t even show

Directed by: Xavier Dolan @xavierdolan
Video commissioner - Phil Lee @phillee at Untold Studios @untold_studios
Executive Producer - Nkem Egbuchiri at Untold Studios @Nkem__nkem
Executive Producer - Bryan Younce at Columbia Records
Production Company: Sons of Manual/Scheme Engine @schemeengine
Executive Producer: Jannie McInnes @janniemcinnes
Producers: Nancy Grant, Xavier Dolan @nancygrantbonjour; @xavierdolan
Cinematographer: André Turpin @andreturpin
Camera Operator: Jean-Sébastien Caron @jeans_caron
Production design: Élise de Blois @elisedeblois23
Supervising art director: Carolyne De Bellefeuille @carolynedebellefeuille
Stylist: Jamie Mizrahi @sweetbabyjamie
Hair: Sami Knight @samiknighthair
Make-up: Anthony Nguyen @anthonyhnguyenmakeup
Nails: Kimberly Kyees @kimmiekyees
Editor: Xavier Dolan @xavierdolan
Post: MELS Studio @melsstudios /Flawless Post @flawlesspostproduction

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''I changed who I was To put you both first But now I give up'' 😢PAIN
เต เต๊
เต เต๊ Годину тому
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sonja sonson
sonja sonson Годину тому
Your voice is amazing ❤
c 2 години тому
Aunque mi lengua materna es el español y no se ingles creo que este tipo de música hace que todas las generaciones, todas los sexos, todas las lenguas vengan a escuchar esta maravilla
Readaholic Годину тому
Tienes razón ❤️ ❤️
Wendel P. Cardoso
Wendel P. Cardoso 2 години тому
Denilson Ribeiro
Denilson Ribeiro 2 години тому
Isso é cultura! ❤🇧🇷
xiali si
xiali si 2 години тому
Your voice is so special and amazing
Rosi Sampaio
Rosi Sampaio 2 години тому
Como é tocante
Người chơi hệ tâm linh
Người chơi hệ tâm linh 2 години тому
Aurélie KITONDO 2 години тому
Resa Syahdinar
Resa Syahdinar 2 години тому
I love every song if adele sing that
Miya Soo
Miya Soo 2 години тому
beautiful music
Imp Sai
Imp Sai 2 години тому
Simone Fuschillo
Simone Fuschillo 2 години тому
Meravigliosa creatura....
Imp Sai
Imp Sai 2 години тому
Our queen is back!!
Juteya Tucker
Juteya Tucker 2 години тому
Thank you for this powerful song. ❤️‍🩹🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Aleyna 2 години тому
Amazing 💜
arron frederick
arron frederick 3 години тому
Interzoo 04
Interzoo 04 3 години тому
Who was also here before 200 million views?
KD Records
KD Records 3 години тому
Easy On Me: "There ain't no gold in this river" Rolling in the Deep: "Turn my sorrow into treasured gold" Connection?
Lily Alien
Lily Alien 3 години тому
יובל 3 години тому
Wow amazing 😍💕
romao romao
romao romao 3 години тому
Ninguém supera rsrs
Kroekpon Shansoongnoen
Kroekpon Shansoongnoen 3 години тому
Anderson Vilaça
Anderson Vilaça 3 години тому
Adele veio preencher um buraquinho que a Whitney Houston nos deixou... Consolidando SIM, como a maior cantora da atualidade .
Jorge M
Jorge M 3 години тому
“ La música no tiene fronteras “saludos desde ecuador mi origen ! Italia mi segundo hogar!
Tatiana Melo
Tatiana Melo 4 години тому
Aqui no Brasil, o povo vai achar, que é música romântica pra namorar. Kkk
Tatiana Melo
Tatiana Melo 4 години тому
Linda, a voz continua maravilhosa.
Tatiana Melo
Tatiana Melo 4 години тому
Saudades da adele. Em fim música nova.mesmo que triste.
Faiza Meer
Faiza Meer 4 години тому
becoz of her i fell in love with Music again😍❤
frysmjin=hanju이크 4 години тому
Idk but i have my 2x playback speed and the talks are so funny
AS CHANNEL 4 години тому
i even memorize the lyrics n sing along it's one of the best songs this year
Belieber 4 години тому
I'm addicted to this's my favorite song🖤...i love this song so much!!!!
Diana Flórez
Diana Flórez 5 годин тому
So much feeling. Her voice reaches me This song breaks my heart...
Chris Chassagne
Chris Chassagne 5 годин тому
J adore cette musique
ごませんべぇ 5 годин тому
Róbert Èvi
Róbert Èvi 5 годин тому
THULASY JAYAN 5 годин тому
Love the feeling of this song ❤ sad yet consoling
KIMPOY VLOGS 5 годин тому
Every Adele songs. Hits different, it doesn't get Old.
Zehra naz Şahiner
Zehra naz Şahiner 5 годин тому
BiNoHo 5 годин тому
Easy On Me in Vietnam
Nezuko Kamado
Nezuko Kamado 5 годин тому
How I wish I have the money to see her live.
LPJ 75
LPJ 75 6 годин тому
I love this song
tyrone 6 годин тому
Mody Lyrics
Mody Lyrics 6 годин тому
Wonderful 🎵❤️
Johanna Johannsen
Johanna Johannsen 6 годин тому
Adele, I love your videos. I love your songs. Each song gets better than the last. Each video gets better than the previous. I am addicted to you!
Arya Rafida:v
Arya Rafida:v 6 годин тому
Nikita Lamb
Nikita Lamb 6 годин тому
I am the only one that thinks Adele is a babe beautiful gorgeous voice and love her elegance
Bautivelasques 6 годин тому
Siempre Deslumbrando con su voz su hermosura su talento🎆✨✨
dark side
dark side 6 годин тому
Un semblant de joie un bonheur auquel on croyais et une réalité qui nous ramène brutalement là nous ne voulions pas être...
Misters Boy
Misters Boy 6 годин тому
The best from West🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸
Emris Pinado
Emris Pinado 7 годин тому
This song has seme lyrics as this stole it???
Uncle Stevie
Uncle Stevie 7 годин тому
I’m not crying, your crying 😢!!
Muhammad Fahmi
Muhammad Fahmi 7 годин тому
This song like a nuclear blast.
jimy hemn
jimy hemn 7 годин тому
گوڵی گول، بەس بەخۆت، هەر بژی 🌹
Stefy Vnr
Stefy Vnr 8 годин тому
Tjrs la même chose 😒😒
Eduardo Ayón
Eduardo Ayón 8 годин тому
por desgracia a dias de su lanzamiento me terminaron y por fortuna me he perdido en esta obra de arte 💔
Bader Abuhusein
Bader Abuhusein 8 годин тому
She is back .❤️❤️❤️
Wayan Ariawan
Wayan Ariawan 8 годин тому
very deep
tylerkurtissangah kurtis-sangah
tylerkurtissangah kurtis-sangah 8 годин тому
She is the best singer I ever saw in my life and I know her for 4 months
Antonio Gibaldi
Antonio Gibaldi 8 годин тому
Magnifique !!!! Vous êtes Un ange ♥️
nakami gamings
nakami gamings 9 годин тому
Glad the queen is back !!!!!!!💖💖💖🌈
Timur Amankulov
Timur Amankulov 9 годин тому
You're the soul who touched my soul!
5k subscribers without any video
5k subscribers without any video 9 годин тому
Adele is an inspirational figure who has touched the hearts of millions of people with her Music.
5k subscribers without any video
5k subscribers without any video 9 годин тому
*"This song is like a free therapy. The vocals are so relaxing and the beat is such a vibe. What a masterpiece"*
쩨리 & 밤톨이
쩨리 & 밤톨이 9 годин тому
Adele sings the most stably in the world, but this song has a better appeal than perfect stability. Thank you for listening to a good song.
Tommy Ringgit
Tommy Ringgit 9 годин тому
Love you
Sanda Aranicki
Sanda Aranicki 9 годин тому
Sanda Aranicki
Sanda Aranicki 9 годин тому
Everyday Grace
Everyday Grace 9 годин тому
Is the song about choosing dream career over obligations to parents? Because the lyrics shows I changed for you both but now I give up? 🤔 Easy on me, I was still a child didn't get the chance to feel the world around me...
Tony a
Tony a 9 годин тому
Dope song and all but damn 2 min until the damn song starts … come onnnnnn lol
Tikipuck 10 годин тому
Sayang kali video clip nya kaya gini,
Thecolorblue 10 годин тому
I mean I like singing, and I’ve always admired Adele’s vocals, but the way she sings this song is insane. The way she sings the runs on “easy” and “feel” is absolutely incredible, and shows her amazing skills as a singer.
Sandra Lima
Sandra Lima 10 годин тому
Só da BR aquiiii adeleee i love you
just for fun
just for fun 10 годин тому
I'm obsessed with this song
Manish Real
Manish Real 10 годин тому
Welcome back 🙏 Adele
susan hinostroza
susan hinostroza 10 годин тому
love you! Adele
Dana Meeh
Dana Meeh 10 годин тому
You are so damn beautiful!
Susan Devoe
Susan Devoe 11 годин тому
Crows cawing...sign of death in a house, or it's coming soon (end of her relationship) last look over her shoulder before she goes out the door for good, forever....bags packed, she's on the road, & a sold sign's on the house -- the very same house that she seemed to only visit then, with all the memories in it, in Hello, where I guess she just went back to again here, just one more time, as the house has been sold now -- relationship's REALLY over... (& old cassette tape shows that this time she's leaving is in the PAST now, back "then") ... & on the road she sees this family by a trailer celebrating, partying -- then newlyweds (from the trailer family party) pass her, in a vintage, big, gas hog convertible (again showing the past, old cars) -- just to rub it all in, her relationship having gone south!! (Interestingly, they are a Black & white couple too, but reversed compared to in Hello), being white guy, Black girl -- EVERYthing in Adele's videos mean SOMEthing!!). But she sadly smiles, waves & wishes them well. I am not sure I get it tho, the pages of sheet music blowing out of her car -- unless that means she's leaving some old baggage behind?? That doesn't quite seem right. Or shows she's lost or is losing her music that was in that house?? And the music means more than just music?? That she's losing her soul?? For sure, with Adele, it means SOMEthing more than it is!! But I'm not sure I get it yet. And the river is life or love...she's tried hard, & often, says it seems like forever, but so far she can't find the gold (the value) in it (or the long-lasting & happy love relationship she's been seeking), but says she still has hope. And she's begging for forgiveness, from her ex, for not being able to succeed in the relationship, but says, after awhile, it was basically strangling her. And she says she stayed with it, anyway, & did it for them "both" (her husband & son), & for as long as she could, putting them first to the point of just losing herself & denying all her own serious wants & needs, & soul, too. Says she tried as hard as she could, but then at some point had just no more left to give & says she just had to give up -- it was not working & was never going to work (both stuck in our ways). And notice the close-up on her left hand, when she's sitting in the chair in her new house -- no more wedding band. But then vibrant, warm red colour is coming into the room (& leaving the drab, sad, depressing B&W of her old relationship & life behind), & where she's sitting in a bright (old house very dark inside), ornate room, in a fancier new house, a house that she has not quite settled into yet -- paint cloths on the floor? And no furniture but the chair she's sitting in?? The red colour is just blooming, & is signifying energy, life, health, rebirth, growth... (I may have missed some other meanings & symbolism in her video here -- but, honestly, the more I watch it, the more I keep getting out of it!!) So you go for it, girl...the whole world forgives u, not that u need forgiveness for ANYthing at all; you did more than most would do...u actually deserve praise!! And so sorry you hd to go thru hell (again), as you've described it yourself, for us to be so favoured again with your voice, your v. special & v. deep lyrics, your poetry, your mind, your determination not to go under, your big heart -- & we so regret your having to deal with (more) pain, and guilt, and grief. Thank you, from me personally, with all that I have to give. You hv given me such a treasure (again), truly, & a gift I could never repay. 💞 💋
Dear Gill
Dear Gill 11 годин тому
Songs has been Started in 1:50 Thax me Later
vrj97 11 годин тому
In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight
Kaborca Kaborca
Kaborca Kaborca 11 годин тому
Hermosa ❤️😍
Luis Aguilar
Luis Aguilar 11 годин тому
I love you so much 💗
Celeste Ponce
Celeste Ponce 11 годин тому
Sin duda alguna la mejor cantante del mundo, con la cual muchos nos identificamos con sus experiencias y con sus canciones.
TUGA VICIO 11 годин тому
Fodasse!!!! Sem palavras :( Adele no seu melhor amoooooo muito que voz, que letra que linda mulher quando cantas!!
Tawa Halp
Tawa Halp 12 годин тому
Amazing song cheesy video for the most part with the music fluttering around.
Tuấn Nguyễn Anh
Tuấn Nguyễn Anh 12 годин тому
Annielle Bma
Annielle Bma 12 годин тому
❤️❤️❤️after 11 years this song is exactly for my ex thank you 🙏🏽
Kacey Blake
Kacey Blake 12 годин тому
Love this song I am listening this for the 9th time this morning
joshya luit fajardo
joshya luit fajardo 12 годин тому
Mesh Joh
Mesh Joh 12 годин тому
I miss fat Adele
Andri Andri
Andri Andri 12 годин тому
Love you my idol ,
Linda Cleary
Linda Cleary 13 годин тому
Manoela Oliveira
Manoela Oliveira 13 годин тому
Maravilhosa. Eu te amo Adele ❤️😍
WIDIYA PRASTIKA 13 годин тому
Thank you Adele for making this song !
Staci Nichole
Staci Nichole 13 годин тому
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