Alec Benjamin - Let Me Down Slowly [Official Music Video]

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Alec Benjamin

Alec Benjamin

5 років тому

New song "Pick Me" out now:
'Narrated For You' available now:
Director: Matt Swinsky
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@AlecBenjaminMusic 4 роки тому
MY NEW ALBUM IS COMING MAY 29TH !!! pre order here :
@sandrinemahier8571 4 роки тому
Love U Alec
@prasojowahyu6287 4 роки тому
@jxfdgigkqsossomatt18 4 роки тому
I love this music ❤
@mrsjackson1347 4 роки тому
Love you Alec!!
@michaelhamza3337 4 роки тому
You are the best ❤️❤️
@VikingerOnYT 5 років тому
My girlfriend's sister played this song about a 1000 times this last week. Now it's stuck in my head, but honestly...I'm not complaining. Love this song! Don't mind it at all!
@tienmanh2366 5 років тому
@thesunflowerfox 5 років тому
@FauziahFaqih 5 років тому
Same story
@pbjlive 5 років тому
Vikinger is this song copyrighted
@Goopmiester 5 років тому
@Hussain-os1he День тому
💖 *a u t h e n t i c v i e w s* 💖 and Alec Benjamin the duo making virals
@inzilpinto Місяць тому
It's 2024 still the magic of this song never becomes old ❣
@valeriareis1231 Місяць тому
Linda música. Ouvindo aqui do Brasil
@lytican Місяць тому
But we are.
@NotDamBhaiyaxD_ Місяць тому
@user-ls4bb2hv7v Місяць тому
Très belle chanson de Alec benjamin ❤❤❤❤❤❤
@biarieth4940 28 днів тому
Verdade 😢
@rainicharuka9111 20 днів тому
Who's here in 2024 February ❤
@gamersop1698 6 днів тому
Me 😂😊😊
@ZabiaZariat 4 дні тому
@nadeeshapathirana9450 4 дні тому
@manosrihari9134 4 дні тому
@SmileY.2330 4 дні тому
@user-ei9bw9gu8w 22 дні тому
I hear it as a child I hear it now as an adult Ill hear it when im old This song is timeless
@sergio7016 4 дні тому
Fkufiguriguorugroguriufiufiefuro gieugirutirguir girt iria ieruiruiruritirutiruijrririruiryr irt irutirtuirtuir
@shujin6600 2 дні тому
MF its 5 year old how much did you age?
@reshadsaleh452 Місяць тому
If you're listening in 2024 you're legend 💯
@mtbutis734 Місяць тому
maybe if i claim now i can finally pull fr fr
@FireyDragon2136 26 днів тому
i am
@Aboflahgaming514 26 днів тому
@msm7633 23 дні тому
Legend in the blood baby
@manjurayanna26 17 днів тому
Also me ❤😂
@ivoricardo6439 5 років тому
another simple singer who appeared out of nowhere and deserves it all !!
@anchitkumarsharma9615 5 років тому
@gavinjolly2170 5 років тому
he wrote these song in his dorm room in college, he even made the beats to his songs so it actually makes him unique and different from all these other singer
@s.f6851 4 роки тому
Exactly ♡
@amanraj_99 День тому
@unknown86920 Місяць тому
When the song started playing all the old memories struck hard.
@chicken 16 днів тому
like this comment so I can listen to this masterpiece again🔥👇
@beegyoshi2828 6 днів тому
@michaelwashington2511 9 днів тому
How could I didn't hear this beautiful song earlier in my life?
@user-od6nd3fr3p 4 дні тому
@DarrellGrant-nw5nu 4 дні тому
I just listen to this song today.
@lucinerudneva7229 3 дні тому
Ты не один такой
@adamaraozefanias7363 14 днів тому
When you are happy you enjoy the sound of the song, when you are sad, you understand the lyrics of the song❤🔥
@mian-18 Рік тому
We don’t search for old songs… we search for old memories.
@BIGGAMER2082 Рік тому
that's so true this reminds me of the day I lost my last loved one
@lmoataz2648 Рік тому
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@aishalover420 Рік тому
@@BIGGAMER2082 🤣🤣🤣😂😂🖕🖕🖕
@mstanisa5994 Рік тому
@pessoaaleatoria9834 Рік тому
@pophitscollection1606 6 днів тому
It's now 2024, and this song still hits like magic! 🎶
@mhkhanmhkhan1800 4 дні тому
Right 🙂
@FarhanGamingZ01 Місяць тому
It's an emotion that can't be forgotten.
@The_Dusk_Sage 15 годин тому
A moment for all those we lost along the way.
@1nspect2 2 місяці тому
Time will pass, we will get older, but this song will remain in our heart forever.
@heavenly95 2 місяці тому
I thought I was the only one listening to this song today hhh
@md.arifhasan8055 2 місяці тому
@jeffersonalves8699 Місяць тому
@jeewanthikaudayamali611 Місяць тому
@WoundedWarrior2012 Місяць тому
As a cowgirl who used to barrel race in rodeos I would have played this on repeat to my horse before every race.😂
@Masshole4life 9 днів тому
5 years ago??? Im just hearing this song for the 1st time? How can that be??
@HeyItsJaceyy 7 днів тому
Same!! Beautiful song
@mahelbad1721 4 роки тому
This guy looks like an adult yet has the sound of an angel.
@Just_A_Husk 4 роки тому
are you insinuating it's impossible to have a nice voice as an adult?
@maisonfoxer 4 роки тому
Auto tune is a magical thing
@Just_A_Husk 4 роки тому
@@maisonfoxer this doesn't sound like autotune
@kamitescelibousinonpolygam9339 4 роки тому
@@Just_A_Husk yes
@ahsanalee3483 4 роки тому
But still an awesome gift
@SonofhadesBob-qd3yj 28 днів тому
His voice is just perfect. The song is beyond perfect. This guy is the definition of perfect.
@joonkyupark4417 Місяць тому
Sometimes I listen to this song. I like the melodies like this. From Korea, the Far East.
@theresebelleville298 10 днів тому
J'aurai bien aimé avoir des likes svp en plus j'adore cette musique ❤ Ratio
@King-Kohli100 24 дні тому
I am leaving this comment because when someone like my comment I will get reminder of this song.
@theresebelleville298 10 днів тому
Let me down 😁
@rumkid9696 9 днів тому
I love you my friend 🤍
@HeyItsJaceyy 7 днів тому
Come listen again ❤
@user-kx9fo2sq3j 6 днів тому
@rumkid9696 6 днів тому
@@user-kx9fo2sq3j I’m not understanding
@PHOENIX100K Місяць тому
These kind of voices must be awarded ✨💖
@sesinizinde Місяць тому
I prepared short videos with this song. And it was because I loved it. #singojaka ❤
@cr7art752 2 роки тому
The loneliest people are the kindest. The saddest people smiles the brightest. The most damaged people are the wisest. All because they do not wish to see anyone else suffer the way they do.
@anyahammad4762 2 роки тому
@adityakeshav4866 2 роки тому
stfu my friend loneliness is one of the dangerous condition in the world.
@May351c3 2 роки тому
@@adityakeshav4866 ....
@chimchimsjam9580 2 роки тому
@@adityakeshav4866 I'm sorry but this kinda didn't make sense? Mr/miss You should be aware what you are commenting maybe? I'm not trying to be rude just letting you know that someone might misunderstand your comment.
@victoriamachner8679 2 роки тому
A133waeewesr yds4s3a3ae hdtytydrdrd5f5ftzxjfuguftdgvhgugugugugi5t7gue4fzizouöjo7fihl.mäupkösnOcobinpjpgix9pp9opöltigjfv,n.l.k.bkcbvtz7uhfkvnvl4irteuhpoü
@ailo8625 24 дні тому
Stop Asking Who’s Still Listening!- We Never Stop Listening To This MASTERPIECE!!.-
@roselyferraz1965 Місяць тому
Que música belíssima e que voz fantástica. Esse cantor e perfeito. Amei!
@luisagonzalez2689 25 днів тому
muy buena cancion
@adw6894 9 днів тому
What a beautiful song, beautiful music.
@abhipsaray7972 Місяць тому
I can never get bored of this song
@immaculatewanja2416 День тому
Hmmm...quite addictive I'm listening to it for the third time in right this minute ❤❤
@ricardocarmo2521 4 роки тому
his voice is perfect for this song who agrees ?
@supra4life103 4 роки тому
Who dont
@leonskennedysgirlfriend 4 роки тому
@@supra4life103 me
@m.m.m.a4866 4 роки тому
Wel.. it's his song..... lmao
@bintangbalele3469 4 роки тому
I agree
@kelzyt6944 4 роки тому
Not me
@ParkerBerube-vw7gu 2 місяці тому
Some of us go years without finding memories good memories, but that doesn’t mean they’re gone❤
@user-wm8sm9gu7z Місяць тому
his voice is so clear that you can hear him sing clearly🔥 🔥
@JohnlLightning 19 днів тому
he has a good voice
@Peace-Serenity 2 дні тому
Throw this in the timeless album
@hectorocon9986 Місяць тому
Love this song it's tell a sad story in such a calm way.
@user-ey3pl9hr8s 29 днів тому
Song hits different.... When you lose someone 😖
@leevin5710 4 роки тому
Gosh his voice so soft , I LOVE HIS VOICE
@YOYO.6 4 роки тому
@skrskrkirito3351 4 роки тому
but i hear a little bit man vibe
@SnorriSnibble 4 роки тому
tbh, when I first heard the song I thought it was sung by a woman. It's beautiful, though.
@YOYO.6 4 роки тому
@@SnorriSnibble omg same😍
@timotheechalametmyluv1200 4 роки тому
@@SnorriSnibble same but I love it
@oskahsnowden2587 2 місяці тому
I absolutely love this song please never stop making
@sumonvssl Місяць тому
1st day of 2024. Sunshine morning and listening this masterpiece.Love from Bangladesh all of you and very happy new year.
@nethmisandakumari831 26 днів тому
Anyone 2024 ? ❤ Love from Sri Lanka 🇱🇰 ❤
@debasishaldar2387 Місяць тому
This song has that Kind of Sadness in it which will remain in your heart forever and that's what makes this song Legendary
@sesinizinde Місяць тому
@Odinazoda_1111_ 3 дні тому
23.02.2024 I hear it as a child I hear it now as an adult III hear it when im old This song is timeless In Tajikistan🇹🇯 🫀 respect
@mimoimani3640 3 роки тому
He has such a soft voice. Kinda like feathers, you know?
@biribaba6153 3 роки тому
Yeah right
@zixuademon1521 3 роки тому
This is a he lorddtttt😳
@erzascarlette8094 3 роки тому
this is his voice😱
@musasesay9222 3 роки тому
Yes i love is voice sooooo much i hope i can meet him oneday
@Oarf_ 3 роки тому
More as if he doesn't have balls anymore. I mean, how else do you keep such a high voice xD
@rice78692 Місяць тому
My life was written so lonely when I was most loving caring person you could ever find 💔 😢
@Matewhatsthat 17 днів тому
You will find the right person at the right time. You are never alone
@SekitolekoFagil-mi5tr 22 дні тому
This kind of song mks me regret loving someone I should have but rejected
@NazmulHasan-gd3wf 16 годин тому
Bruh this song will never get old even in 2069
@user-el3li4wy7x 2 місяці тому
For some reason this song hits me in the bottom of my soul and my emotions get the better of me. Great song!
@maficosta5926 Місяць тому
São 2 eu também 😢
@sesinizinde Місяць тому
#singojaka ❤
@user-vu7jf1ii4z 15 днів тому
For some reason you are kind man..😇👌😎
@Oblack_Carl 27 днів тому
2024 someone ?
@emanuelmourao3099 3 дні тому
@Shubham-vs6mn 3 роки тому
I've been listening to this for around a year and a half every single night and it reminds me of my ex even though I've been single for my whole goddamn life.
@treesarereal 3 роки тому
@lachimolalaxoxo6987 3 роки тому
Hey can you please listen my Friends cover song. She's a good singer She had did cover of many songs It will be so great of you if you did.💜💜😊
@aryamimansha4184 3 роки тому
@teluguinfinity4416 3 роки тому
u just struck in past just move on.......😂
@superhumanwarrior6504 3 роки тому
Abee saleey .... maaf karna mein 21 din me idhar udhar nikal jata hu
@MusicallyDev-sd2td 2 місяці тому
A lil sympathy I hope u can show me... This line hits so hard with his voice Amazing song 🙏
@SS12 Місяць тому
Although I do not understand the song and I write with the translator and I do not know the words of the song, I loved it and now I listen to it before I study and before every test in school. Well, now I have to go to study. I will come back after I learn English and translate this song. By myself, I will also write a comment in English without needing a translator
@Ersultan234 8 днів тому
You got this bro, I believe in you
@SS12 8 днів тому
Thanks bro, I appreciate this
@markdickenson5400 Місяць тому
Love this. A great find, never too late.
@MasterofLyrics68 2 місяці тому
This song brings back so many memories. Thank you for sharing
@Milesmorales267 11 годин тому
its 2024 and I still listen to this banger
@sleepysized 4 роки тому
It hurts my heart when i discover a artist who is more talented then many popular people but is still not much known and i can't do anything about it
@AB-do6vo 4 роки тому
Under recognized**
@fatemaelmangoush895 4 роки тому
@RosenshineRewby 4 роки тому
*gets 11 million views* “underrated”
@sleepysized 4 роки тому
@@RosenshineRewby People know about the song but only a few know who sang it Anyway i changed it
@chxrryfxiry6751 4 роки тому
Amy, amy again no it’s 112
@DarknessVR297 Місяць тому
"No one notice your pain" "No one notice your sadness" "No one notice your tears" But they notice your mistakes
@arpanmukhoty1650 Місяць тому
You absolutely broke me by these words
@urhypeboy Місяць тому
No. Grow up
@DarknessVR297 Місяць тому
@@urhypeboy bro chill
@Amatiel Місяць тому
​@@urhypeboy no you.
@mahapatrasohamm 27 днів тому
@@urhypeboyMany people don’t notice many things unless someone makes a mistake, Especially those that are considered perfect. If the Topper of the class makes a genuine mistake, people will quite literally talk like shit about him. It’s one example, there are many more. Another one is that some people genuinely don’t care about you. They make you more lonely. They don’t notice your presence as a value, unless you make a mistake. You clearly haven’t thought through much. I hope you do soon.
@ElKingMineiro Місяць тому
Amo essa música ❤
@sebastiencastex3614 15 годин тому
My favorite song in 2024 ❤
@gainwithusername Місяць тому
What a vocal cord of voice I have never heard before 😮 Unique ❤
@SeraphinDaniels 17 годин тому
No matter the situation,I will never steal .
@ky4230 5 років тому
I’m so glad UKposts is finally recognizing his talent. :)
@uwu-pj6pn 5 років тому
@greyld1353 5 років тому
@saltycrackers4460 5 років тому
@marianasilvameury8965 Місяць тому
Linda linda linda linda música ❤
@user-xp1pl1nn3g 9 днів тому
Who is still listening to this hit even in 2024 ❤❤❤
@PertuniaRasebotsa-bu6cs День тому
Best song ever🙌❤️...everytime I play the song my emotions change to a whole something I also don't understand
@marlidearaujo3895 Місяць тому
@OnepieceBloxfruits-qd6sj Місяць тому
@vagneroliveira6373 Місяць тому
gosto tbm ze
@sesinizinde Місяць тому
@antoniobandeira7741 Місяць тому
Essa música é muito top ❤
@PranabPanyang 15 днів тому
Who is watching this video 2024... Like comment share
@jxelleplays34 14 днів тому
@emanuelmourao3099 3 дні тому
Sim sim ❤
@RahulPable 3 роки тому
Alec has a magical voice!! 💗💗
@callistoarmy5576 3 роки тому
I also make beautiful cover of this song, you can see on my id❤️
@n0tmelz 3 роки тому
@rishiraj32.8k7 3 роки тому
bro guess what I found ur another comment on memories 10 secs ago lol
@berbetwaemad7064 3 роки тому
This is all beauty
@navneetgupta7967 3 роки тому
And i am watching your comment in every video which i am playing
@yashdeorah2132 Місяць тому
I just want to say this to my life who never misses a chance to prove my every action, my everything wrong😊
@kittyaya3425 Місяць тому
His vocals are so good.
@josharcher6207 7 днів тому
I am loving this song
@OhIts 6 днів тому
i grew up with this piece of art , thanks alec you're the best for ever !
@moonrecordmusic 21 день тому
No one is talking about the bass. It adds so much groove to this song! So good
@NikillsVfx 3 роки тому
Parents: “it’s your phone give it to me” School: “do better” Friends: “you suck” Music: “it’s okay I’m here for you”
@marianameci7470 3 роки тому
For friends hurts me the most and its so true
@aiyen9088 3 роки тому
@subhisooran7947 3 роки тому
You got it brooo 👉👉
@amnos. 3 роки тому
@emmacroitoriu8140 3 роки тому
@user-nb2bs6cp6u Місяць тому
2024 here but the old memories that this song reminding me still hits
@Jiminah_95 Місяць тому
his smoothie voice making me feel better He has lovely voice.......🎤
@sharikkhan2035 5 днів тому
Listening this song in Feb 2024
@cutexxtrupti9043 Місяць тому
It's 2024 but this song still hits hard😩.....
@sooraj835 2 дні тому
Hearing for the first time in Feb 2024 and hooked😊
@cloudy9779 4 роки тому
It feels like I just ended a relationship I've never had...
@ran8378 4 роки тому
@whatsrememberedlives1526 4 роки тому
@norlianaraudhahbinteizuanh5498 4 роки тому
Me too
@mauricemorehu7185 4 роки тому
Me too
@gorgonmedusa5801 4 роки тому
@joelindgren9670 Місяць тому
ur songs make me feel like were connected
@jamesthename8967 2 місяці тому
It's 2023 and still hits hard.
@Blue_Rishit7 18 днів тому
9 February 2024, who is still listening?
@epicthunder3140 Місяць тому
Just remembering those days 😢😢
@user-fv9ym4oc8u 2 дні тому
This song makes me cry, love it so much❤❤
@MadilynSchroeder 5 років тому
this video gives so much more of an emotional perspective to this song in my opinion, incredible as always
@AlecBenjaminMusic 5 років тому
thank you so much !
@user-fc6qs4kj2v 3 роки тому
@@AlecBenjaminMusic l llove you 🥺💔
@EDMMixLand Місяць тому
This song will always be one of my favorites. Always play on repeat. 🙌🏾
@Divyansh.sharma12345 17 днів тому
This song touch my heart seriously ❤❤❤
@imranmayar3943 10 днів тому
Anyone 2024? ❤
@azrakzlcay9627 10 днів тому
@wendypacheco7438 Місяць тому
My 8 year old loves this song. He plays it over and over on all the devices. He sings it and moves his head as he feels the music. He even sings it to his plush millow he calls his baby.
@karathiknkarathik Місяць тому
Hi sem to you
@BishnuPadhi-he6dx 15 днів тому
Still listening this from 4 year
@divaxffs 4 роки тому
His voice is not childish- it's unique :)
@ahmedrobi6507 4 роки тому
no, its legit childish idiot
@BittersweetButter. 4 роки тому
Ahmed Robi no it’s not idiot....
@niderr 4 роки тому
@@ahmedrobi6507 first learn respect second IS NOT CHILDIS IDIOT.
@Rainbow20343 4 роки тому
Ahmed Robi 😂😂
@dragoniraq3414 4 роки тому
@@ahmedrobi6507 yes u Arabic thats why u gotta be rude🙂
@francarp7731 2 місяці тому
I discovered this song recently and I can't stop listening to it, what a song!
@pranavdeshpande4942 Місяць тому
@activxx4571 Місяць тому
Yeah same lol
@rickeyford9828 Місяць тому
I just discovered it today! In the midst of a winter storm January 15th, 2024. It is a beautiful and melancholy song at the same time.
@melika8568 27 днів тому
Me too
@Learnbeyondboders 2 місяці тому
My grandma was a fan of this song. 5 years ago I put this song on a repeat and she became a fan. A year ago she wouldn’t recognize me again because of old age. She died a week ago and I have been here listening to the song to remember the love of my life.
@letitiamahkewa8462 5 днів тому
I feel gone and lonely. Why? Because i am gone
@Nicky_Boi784 Місяць тому
thank you for a great childhood
@jamessalazar7958 11 днів тому
Makes me feel like im about to cry for someone im not even with.
@epicclub3868 2 роки тому
It's crazy,how many people come back to this everyday.This song is legendary
@rahulkolkar922 2 роки тому
@techmrinmoyghosh7377 2 роки тому
Sahi bath bro
@trucgiangnguyenthi2160 2 роки тому
@Lei_Remi 2 роки тому
@robertsonlaishram5906 2 роки тому
@mokul1718 Місяць тому
Best wishes for this year and next year to all who love this song
@nhangaming2977 Місяць тому
Wishing everyone lots of health, joy and luck, always going smoothly in everything in this new year 2024
@ruanalevita8085 Місяць тому
What a delicious voice along with him
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