Arkansas Bigfoot: A Cautionary Tale

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Ken King

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A Cautionary Tale will hopefully help to prepare others who might venture out on their own Bigfoot explorations. Once you open that Pandora's box, be prepared to expect the unexpected.
These rabbit holes run deeper and more intertwined than you could ever imagine.

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Michele Wade
Michele Wade 15 днів тому
Can you help me understand what they're tree stuctures are or mean? Does it have anything to do with energy? Communication? What's your outlook on it , if you don't mind sharing it. Thanks for the awesome video
Denise Girmer
Denise Girmer 29 днів тому
New and loving your channel!
Peggy Stephens
Peggy Stephens Місяць тому
I believe if u show Fear then u will receive fear back. U have to be strong before u go into the unknown!!!! U have to be mentally and physically prepared.
Harold Vigoffi
Harold Vigoffi Місяць тому
UNLEASHED Patriot Місяць тому
It does seem the more a person tries to regain and re-learn senses we were born with, & used to have, but have either been taught to ignore or just got used to our world were they didn’t seem needed (I believe this is done purposely by others, possibly even government involvement through schooling) the more everything is opened up. It is sad to think how far advanced we could’ve been had we honed them from our youth! I’m sure some people out there are very advanced like you two. I’m trying to up my vibrations. I think it is SO important in our future world! Thank you♥️
brownwhaledriver Місяць тому
You are so spot on. I went looking for them 6 hours away from my house. Now they are at my house!
Dan Corby
Dan Corby Місяць тому
Time is only a consequence
Meg Mc
Meg Mc Місяць тому
This was such an amazing video. I am so relieved and joyful that I found you and Rachel.
Tobi Clevenger
Tobi Clevenger Місяць тому
I haven't been able to follow lately because I've been so busy. You can bet I'll look for the ones I haven't seen and try to catch up! Thank you, Rachel and Ken for doing what you do, and taking the next right thing by putting it out to us. Keep up the great work!!
Pamela Trentham
Pamela Trentham Місяць тому
Ken and Rachel glad to see ya'll doing alright. Thank you for showing the different Orbs'. Wild!! Now that one Orb, the flashing Orb, I saw a face. And at one point I thought I saw a face on one of the tree trunks. It was real clear, then went blurry. As all ways the Crow Alarm goes off. I think Junior was taking a nap! Take care!
Janice Blake
Janice Blake Місяць тому
It’s good to see you guys back. I was missing the treat time videos. 😀
Florida Bigfoot
Florida Bigfoot Місяць тому
Excellent video and wise words. I have a question I know you guys leave food approximately twice a week but is it OK to go out there sometimes and not leave food? I am wondering because I now have a similar situation with a family of at least three I believe, and they are eating all the food including taking the entire jar of peanut butter yesterday… but I’m just wondering how I should approach when I go out there if I should just go leave the gifts twice a week and not go other times or do you think it’s OK to go sometimes and not leave gifts? Thanks for all that you do guys you’re an inspiration to all of us. Your show is the best and the authenticity shines through it’s amazing what you’ve accomplished✌️
Florida Bigfoot
Florida Bigfoot Місяць тому
@Ken King thank you very much for your response. I was just kind of unsure how they would react if I went in there and didn’t bring them something now since I’ve been doing it regularly…but I appreciate your perspective, thanks Ken!
Ken King
Ken King Місяць тому
There’s no right or wrong answer, just follow your instincts. I wouldn’t hesitate to go out whenever you feel comfortable with it…. With or without taking anything to leave them. Sometimes it’s just the being out there connecting with the energy of the space that is important 👍👍👍👣👣👣👣
Debe Ehlers
Debe Ehlers Місяць тому
Kathy Mcintire
Kathy Mcintire Місяць тому
Whoop in training ☺🦋💞🌹🇺🇸
Woodland72 Місяць тому
Great journey - liked the first gifting tree with the yarn babies - the whole world seems like it is a big mystery that we are just venturing into - process of learning more from you - heard the whoop (makes me feel happy) take care
Luann Tucker
Luann Tucker Місяць тому
I’m soooo excited that you got new rocks to clack 😁😁😁😁❤️
Marie Sheppard
Marie Sheppard Місяць тому
Hi Ken & Rachel , Marie from South Wales UK Do you think Different Energies have different kinds of Orbs ? e.g Sasquatch, Elementals etc. This Topic just gives you something to Think About . Thanks Both . There Goes the Whoops . Awesome Guys . Stay Safe and Well 👣👣👣👣💕
Ken King
Ken King Місяць тому
Yes, from what we can tell, there are different types, colors and shapes associated with the various different energies. Maybe keeping something as simple as a note book as a type of orb journal might be helpful to see patterns or similarities? Thanks for watching today 👍👍👍
alex halasz
alex halasz Місяць тому
Great capture with the orbs etc. Love seeing orbs and the one moving across the screen reminds me of footage from my house. It moved so quickly the eye would miss it. Thanks for all your work 🙏
Belinda Worthing-Parkes
Belinda Worthing-Parkes Місяць тому
Those long things are called “Rods”, not exactly sure what they are. Nobody seems to know .🤔If you look up videos of paranormal rods,you may see more videos.👍 Thanks once again for a great informative video. You guys always have some great information to share.Love you both,and sending it right at you.❤️🥰🙏
Etery-Terry Mayzlin
Etery-Terry Mayzlin Місяць тому
Hello guys, great video tonight. Those tube like things u saw, well a lot of people are reporting seeing them also. Thank you for your knowledge. 👍👍👍🙏
Janet Davis
Janet Davis Місяць тому
I love watching your site, it is so interesting ty
Marla Ryals
Marla Ryals Місяць тому
So happy to hear the woop again
Jeannette Andersen
Jeannette Andersen Місяць тому
Ou kidd
Ou kidd Місяць тому
Spent almost an hour at the Sulfur River,in Fouke.Delighted to Feel quitness! Thanks for the Vlog Ken and Rachel.
Mary Wrigjt
Mary Wrigjt Місяць тому
Berly Derkin
Berly Derkin Місяць тому
my favorite part.. gifting, ken clackn rocks 3xs, then turning up my sound to hear 'whoop '. thats so thrilling n makes me happy. curious, is Jr. away doing othr things or is he teaching the othrs.. how exciting to witness this. thank you so much from boise
Patty Price
Patty Price Місяць тому
I'm so glad youf here you answered some of my questions ty
Kathy Mcintire
Kathy Mcintire Місяць тому
Oh yeah I've experienced similar things 😏💞👣🦍🇺🇸
Kathy Mcintire
Kathy Mcintire Місяць тому
It all goes hand and hand i believe 😏💞🦍👣hello from my 💞 to yours
M. P.W.
M. P.W. Місяць тому
👍💖AB thank you 😊
Nina Cantey
Nina Cantey Місяць тому
The Dr. That brings people to his cabin and they build fires and meet for healing and sasquatch sightings, ( you met one of his bf's ) his name started with a Z that visited Anku, he has a lot of these near the campfire. I no longer follow him and with my age, will remember their names later, sorry. But I have seen them before.
Sara Hughes
Sara Hughes Місяць тому
I truly love and respect the dialogue on this channel. Come with an open mind, for sure. The only way we continue to learn is to share and discuss 💕
Paula Bolt
Paula Bolt Місяць тому
The long orb thingy ,looked like a ROD ,is there any caves around that area ,,cool capture ,was loverly to see u guyz love n hugs XX ❤❤
michael cox
michael cox Місяць тому
Thank you for sharing wisdom, I really appreciate it. Many Blessings :)
Christy Price
Christy Price Місяць тому
That HAD to be Tuuk!! I had the feeling that he's been "in training" with Jr!! LOL That's fantastic! Thank you Ken and Rachel, another wonderful video and valuable advice!
Hiker X
Hiker X Місяць тому
Your right about the rabbit hole nothings been the same since I started down it 7 years ago....🥾🥾🥾🥾🥾🕳👣👣🕸🌗🌟❓🔵🎪🕴🐉🦅👀👬🦠🧬🔎⏰⏳🎼🌲🕳🧝‍♂️👓🔮🎧⚖💻🔦📓📖🥾🥾🥾🥾🥾🥾🥾👀👀👀
Bobby Fulgium
Bobby Fulgium Місяць тому
If the blood sucks Is as bad over there's as they are over around Fouke I sure hate it for you guys God bless keep up the good work
Pico's Mom
Pico's Mom Місяць тому
I used to experience deja-vu all the time when I was younger, as an adult I’ve rarely experienced it. 🤷‍♀️
Gordon Costanzo
Gordon Costanzo Місяць тому
Rachel Ken don't leave that food for somebody else make sure Jr gets that food
steven m Abitz
steven m Abitz Місяць тому
that cylindar shape may have been a rod go look up rods they are real flying in our air
Digga's Crypto Awareness Down Under
Digga's Crypto Awareness Down Under Місяць тому
G'day beautiful people, When I first really looking into our Hairy Neighbours after my wife was screamed at I had a very clear message given to me that simply said "We know you know"! And I don't mind saying that it scared the pants off me at the time I instantly thought what have I done?? The were toying with me and was as if they said to each other 'We got a live one here' Happy Days and God Bless
Sally bellamy
Sally bellamy Місяць тому
Thank you for taking the rocks for the dinner bell, I’m very happy hearing that this evening, and just love hearing the response. I agree, sounded shorter sound and higher than Junior, but thank you again.
Janice Cline-Proctor
Janice Cline-Proctor Місяць тому
Good to hear from you guys again. What all you talked about today makes you stop and think. I liked that. Lots of love.
D Ques
D Ques Місяць тому
10:40 Thank you for saying this. There is no outside validation _except_ from those we interact with out in these other realms. Not one other person can grasp, for example, how these guys could have left me signs of acknowledgment on the side of 4 separate highways spanning 100 miles all on the same day. Or how (and why) they guide our lives and relations. I feel wholeheartedly that our spirits become intertwined with the forest family's once they've put their trust in us. I'd go further and say that I think we were born already in their planning and mystery; perhaps our very existence was brought forth from their workings. I'll tell you what, these past two months have been the most intense times in my life!! The questions are never ending!! I appreciate your support... Thank you.
Lis ette
Lis ette Місяць тому
Sean Regan
Sean Regan Місяць тому
Hi Ken and Rachel, Good lecture on a basic starter conversation, that everyone who undertakes this path should have. Hope all is well with you, have a good summer.
Jeff Dunnell
Jeff Dunnell Місяць тому
They watching you
Southern Grits
Southern Grits Місяць тому
Got many in your woods today . He right What you see cant be undone . New at this did not ask to see them it just happen .
Wade Richards
Wade Richards Місяць тому
Troy Stafford
Troy Stafford Місяць тому
Great show Ken and Rachel, this hopefully will open up the closed eyes of the non believers in America. Thank you both. I've seen actually flesh and blood bigfoots, then I have seen the one's who can appear on scene and disappear at will. So definitely I know that some of them are here in our world to stay and some come here I think to get the information from the others here to take back to their place, wherever that may be and where they come from.
Ken King
Ken King Місяць тому
I’m hesitant to use the term “Hive Mind”…. But we’ve suspected that the majority actually do share a type of hive or shared consciousness about anything they regard as important. Can’t prove it,… just a theory but it definitely seems like whatever one knows or experiences, the group is aware also 🤔🤔🤔
Mallie Kai
Mallie Kai Місяць тому
Those are called Rods.
Sheila R
Sheila R Місяць тому
Hey there Ken and Rachel ❤️ Just got back from physical therapy and watched the video.wonderful information on the everything else out there and yes, be prepared for what you find. That whoop definitely wasn’t jr but it was so great to here another family member acknowledge you. The pictures of the orb, when magnified looks like a face inside? Was also interesting to go ahead look what’s around the orb, I think there were bigfoot very near. The other picture of the elongated whatever it was definitely looked odd. When I magnified that one it looked like it had sections in it? If that makes sense?. Maybe anku could tell you what that was. If Rachel does do another session with him I hope she posts in on her community page ahead, don’t want to miss that:) I know it’s been really hot there and I hope the Bigfoot family and yours are all doing well. See you soon, much love and blessings 💖❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻👣👣
Ken King
Ken King Місяць тому
I think she’s getting ready to do one very soon. Great to see and hope you’re therapy is going well. Thanks again 👍👍👍👍👣👣👍
MƏRCŮRY 80 Місяць тому
I agree 100%. It's an endless quest. Where you think one question is answered which provokes 10 more questions. BTW, Ken J heard you clack those stones from my house 4k miles away!!
MƏRCŮRY 80 Місяць тому
I'll take the cake please💜💜💜
Ken King
Ken King Місяць тому
You eat an elephant one bite at a time. So goes it with all of this wild and wonderful stuff. Some days it’s cake, some days it’s gristle but regardless,…. Please may I have another 😁😁😁😁😁
Sqaula Місяць тому
Yay!! The dinner bell, my part of the woods have many rock formations along the water streams, the rock formations have been up for sometimes until recently their all down for some reasons. Am not sure if you received my emails for pics of rock formations with writing on them and pics of a young one? Am not sure if I sent to the correct email? Till next time be safe out in this scorching weather we have.
Cindy Lafontaine
Cindy Lafontaine Місяць тому
Beautiful Day....😁
Stevie Fox
Stevie Fox Місяць тому
You are MOST welcome! I hope the babies like their babies! God bless! Stevie
Lynda G
Lynda G Місяць тому
OMG...A WHOOP ! We have sooooo missed that! JR. may be off daydreaming about girl bigfoots @ his bachelor tree pad. ;) Thank You for yours & Peach's thoughts & for the dinner bell rock clanking! ♡♡♡
Lynn Mertz
Lynn Mertz Місяць тому
I was so glad to hear the whoop. Love it when they answer the call for their snacks. Love to you both❤️. Thank you for sharing your wonderful interactions with us. I really appreciate all the information you give us also.
Berly Derkin
Berly Derkin Місяць тому
my fav part too. i get that positive excitement thing from same as you. i get it.
Kevin Duffy
Kevin Duffy Місяць тому
Hi guys . Great informative video. Life is so much better and fun living outside of the Box ! Sky Fish/Rods is what those flying energies looked like. Nobody as far as I know has come up with an idea of what they are or where they come from. Very cool though. Pretty much like everything else you have going on there. A different Whoop at Thanks for the walk abouts & education. God Bless ❤
Ken King
Ken King Місяць тому
Yes, I wish I had the camera on fast enough to see the first one. It whizzed around for about 10 seconds like a hummingbird on caffeine then just vanished like blowing out a candle. Guess I need to grow 12 sets of eyes and arms to watch all these different directions 😳😳😳
David Elmore
David Elmore Місяць тому
Hi Ken and Rachel and how are you guys are doing on this fine day me I am doing fine and I am glad to see you guys again you guys must have been busy and thank again for the wonderful message
David Elmore
David Elmore Місяць тому
I'll say a little prayers for you guys
Ken King
Ken King Місяць тому
Hey David, great to see you too. Yes, there’s been a lot going on lately that has had our attention in another direction. Thanks again for watching today and we’ll see you soon 👍👍👍👍
David Elmore
David Elmore Місяць тому
And there my whooping sound
Cynthia Johns
Cynthia Johns Місяць тому
As you know where there is good there is also evil. When I visit my forest friends I pray for safety from the dark side and I also ask permission to enter the forest people’s space and do not enter unless they give me a sign. Above all I believe in our Heavenly Father and pray for his guidance. Love yawls videos keep up the good work.🙏💕👍
Phyllis Robinson
Phyllis Robinson Місяць тому
I'm glad to see yall . Rachel and Ken thank for LETTING me walk with yall.
Cynthia Johns
Cynthia Johns Місяць тому
Those are called rods. Scientist have said they are a living vehicle from enter space. They have not been able to obtain one to further study it.
Ken King
Ken King Місяць тому
Yes, inner space. Another term for other dimensional. They say that more exists in the “empty “ that what exists in the material 👍👍👍👍👣👣👣👣
Jenn Oaks
Jenn Oaks Місяць тому
You're absolutely right. Once you begin the journey to discover the secrets, that have been hidden away from understanding = opening up yourself to the TRUTH, life as you know it will NEVER be the same. Adjustment will take place. I'd say, from my experiences, don't forget to breathe 😳, it can be a bit overwhelming at times🤯 mind blowing, too. However, I'd much rather know the truth, than be fed horse shyt any day of the week.💯 Thank You, both for all you do!😁💕 Blessings 100 Fold. Jenn
wr bruce
wr bruce Місяць тому
I am so happy that I haven’t spent my whole life with a closed mind. I feel sorry for the ones like my kinfolk and parents who passed on and never had any idea what was going on right under there nose. I am just scraping the tip of the iceberg and it is truly amazing and the crazier it gets the better I like it. The only regret I have is that I wish I had known about the unseen world in my earlier years. I really thank you two for opening my eyes wider. Take care
Ken King
Ken King Місяць тому
I think sometimes that the deeper aspects don’t present themselves unless we’ve reached a place of awareness or understanding that can actually absorb it. When we’re young, we’re consumed with the daily grind and even things that appear bizarre or curious get lost on us. On another thought, it’s been extremely more prevalent lately than in past decades. Like the curtain being lifted in numerous spots around the globe that never had much activity before. There’s a lot to the reasons why, and too much to say in brief comments but it’s definitely an exciting period for those that care to look. Thanks again for everything and we’ll see you soon 👍👍👍👍👣👣👣👣
Eric Young
Eric Young Місяць тому
Hey Ken an Rachel hope yall are doing well an I love hitting that like button before I even watch your video because I know its already gonna be good every time 👍👣👣👣👣
Good Golly Miss Molly
Good Golly Miss Molly Місяць тому
Mr. King…. Like a Cigar?
Good Golly Miss Molly
Good Golly Miss Molly Місяць тому
There’s something to that shape….even pills we take aka capsules?🤔
Ken King
Ken King Місяць тому
Yes, very similar 👍
Good Golly Miss Molly
Good Golly Miss Molly Місяць тому
Great to have you with us 2 Mr. King.🤙
joyce eddy
joyce eddy Місяць тому
love the input today also the new dinner bell thank you both for everything you both do love you both 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋
Ken King
Ken King Місяць тому
Greetings today and thank you 👍👍👍 Glad you enjoyed it. Have a blessed week 👍👍👣👣👣👍👍👍👣👣
Elizabeth Rojas
Elizabeth Rojas Місяць тому
Billy Stanley
Billy Stanley Місяць тому
Thank You so much for your ministry to the sasquatch people. They seem to really trust you. It's amazing how they can project their personalities to you.
Lynn Micallef
Lynn Micallef Місяць тому
Beautiful! Thank you , truly grateful. BIG LOVE! 💕🙏👣
Typical Watch
Typical Watch Місяць тому
Hi Ken And Rachel
Ken King
Ken King Місяць тому
Good morning 👍👍👍👍👣👣👣
R B Місяць тому
Goodmorning good people. Thanks for the video. Got a suggestion for you guys on a road trip. I lived at a place in Monroe La. called Laytons Castle. It is on the Quachita River in Monroe. It was built in early 1800's. It has a family burial spot on the property. But to make long story short this is where I learned to believe. The things I seen and heard made me a believer. They did have tours of the property. You can google and get some of history on the place. Go if you get the chance you will not be disappointed!!!!👍👍👣👣
Ken King
Ken King Місяць тому
Thanks Sounds like a very interesting adventure. Might have to do that on one of the trips 👍👍👍👣👣👣
Kathryn Shumard
Kathryn Shumard Місяць тому
Martuk is growing up. Glad to hear a response from your friends. Is Anku still busy with other entities working to protect us? Would he consider another question and answer session?
Berly Derkin
Berly Derkin Місяць тому
Ken King
Ken King Місяць тому
I think she’s getting ready for another session very soon. Thanks again 👍👍👍
tom gielner
tom gielner Місяць тому
I found that for every answer I find , I wind up with 2 more questions.
LeeAnn Mettlach
LeeAnn Mettlach Місяць тому
Great catch of the orbs! Amazing!!! Interesting concept on deja (sp)! The ole rabbit hole is a very perplexing place. It's odd how things come together some times & make you think. Not that it all connects like you might have thought, but you don't know unless you go there. I'm very curious about all things & I guess, if nothing else, I've read & learned alot down here. Once you experience the unexplainable - you can't unexperience it, like Ken said. The sights & sounds keep me pushing for an explanation. But in the vast void of gray area - where perhaps the only real information comes from what others share to compare. Then when there is a connection in some manner then come more questions you'd love to ask! LOL Thanks for another interesting walk today! LOTS OF FOOD FOR THOUGHT, AS ALWAYS! I LOVE IT!
LeeAnn Mettlach
LeeAnn Mettlach Місяць тому
No doubt!
so cal forest ninjas
so cal forest ninjas Місяць тому
You are right when you say there is a lot more out there that we don’t see…… 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣
Karen Місяць тому
Thank you, I thought I was crazy for feeling this way.
Prudently At Home
Prudently At Home Місяць тому
Thanks Ken and Rachel. It’s a great reminder to be ready for what door you may want to open.
Parkway Місяць тому
And skip Fluoride 👣
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