Ava Max - My Head & My Heart [Official Music Video]

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Ava Max

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"My Head & My Heart" Available Now
Download/Stream: AvaMax.lnk.to/MyHeadMyHeartID
Director: Cham La’Donna and Emil Nava
Executive Producer Kirsten Arongino
Head of Production Ryan Palmieri
Producer : Seth Levin
Choreography: Charm La'Donna
Director of Photography: Ross Richardson
Editor: Jen Kennedy
Colorist: Aubry Woodwiss
Beauty Work: Nick Gregorio
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Monika 42 хвилини тому
I like how they’re trying to make sketchers look luxe by featuring them in this video
Kazeumi 50 хвилин тому
You slayed the fuck outta this. Love it, omg amazing!
Stoofman Годину тому
So now almost every artist is just remixing other songs using different lyrics and taking full credit umm ok....
Ava Max
Ava Max Годину тому
This deserves 100M views!! KEEP STREAMING AVATARS!!!😘
John Henry Cook
John Henry Cook Годину тому
So she's around number 27 in the billboard 100. Good. It's a start. I hope she's still going up , not down.
CreatorSkin Годину тому
Dam, that sh*t was bright
Kayla long
Kayla long 2 години тому
Absolute banger of a song Ava ❤️
Why Do You Care
Why Do You Care 3 години тому
God blessed that guy 1:10
Alicia Plourde
Alicia Plourde 3 години тому
La la la la la
Alicia Plourde
Alicia Plourde 3 години тому
Sema Lakha
Sema Lakha 4 години тому
Sema Lakha
Sema Lakha 4 години тому
Beautiful Queens
Neto Salém
Neto Salém 4 години тому
Alguém traduz em Inglês por favor ! Eu amooooo a Ava ❤ suas Músicas me salvam! Da tristeza,depressão... Muitas vezes colocaram um sorriso no meu rosto e fez eu secar as lagrimas,já sofri bullying,me achei uma peça quebrada... Que não se encaixava em lugar algum,sem valor! As músicas da Ava tocam na minha alma e me dão força,meu sonho é que esse comentário chegue na Ava❤ quem puder curti e da Up ai ! Ava Max o Brazil te amaaaaa ❤ vem fazer um show no Brazil!!! ❤
The Looolinator
The Looolinator 5 годин тому
Emma Watson
Emma Watson 5 годин тому
This is my g I am
Kamil Walczak
Kamil Walczak 6 годин тому
Kto z Polski daje łapkę w górę
Allena Rust
Allena Rust 6 годин тому
Great song to exercise too💛
Pinki Patel
Pinki Patel 6 годин тому
I love her style She so beautiful
Alexandr Che
Alexandr Che 7 годин тому
Original: Руки Вверх - Песенка. 1998
Fahd Atienza
Fahd Atienza 7 годин тому
Bintang Naufal
Bintang Naufal 7 годин тому
M K 8 годин тому
Sounds like ''ATC - La La La'' ....almost 25 years ago. Maybe some new sounds and different words, But still smells like just remix_rework (plagiath) for me, nothing more
Colt 8 годин тому
Ava's gonna need hip surgery after carrying the pop industry.
Izuku Midoryia
Izuku Midoryia 8 годин тому
such a huge fan, could listen to your songs all day!
Ioanna Borsi Pissadaki
Ioanna Borsi Pissadaki 8 годин тому
Παμε δοσε σε θελουν ολυ
Dory fülöp
Dory fülöp 9 годин тому
Silver_Edxtz. 9 годин тому
ava max is so pretty-
anselme dubin
anselme dubin 9 годин тому
so faded love, then bang bang and now this, no creativity
Yahya Ahmed Sharif
Yahya Ahmed Sharif 9 годин тому
Ava Max just copied the music from ATC around the world .That's a matter of disgrace. (ukposts.info/have/v-deo/gYKne5CdnY6Zx58.html)
Domaaom Omraaa
Domaaom Omraaa 10 годин тому
Cecilia Jerez
Cecilia Jerez 10 годин тому
I love her beautiful and strong voice laa ra la ra la!
emily Oomen
emily Oomen 10 годин тому
Y love you so muts
T1g3r 10 годин тому
SH1N0B1 K1LL3R 10 годин тому
ATC ;)
hakan çağlar
hakan çağlar 10 годин тому
Perfect song, Perfect singer!
Catherine Stell
Catherine Stell 11 годин тому
I love you ❤️
Donut oyB
Donut oyB 11 годин тому
Literally I can bump her all day 🔥🔥
Panashe Muvengwa
Panashe Muvengwa 12 годин тому
Ava max I love you are so preety
Panashe Muvengwa
Panashe Muvengwa 5 годин тому
She is so sexy so where is the phone number
Panashe Muvengwa
Panashe Muvengwa 10 годин тому
Give me ava max s real phone number
Ally The Gacha Unicorn
Ally The Gacha Unicorn 12 годин тому
Ava should have more subs with talented skills she should be a more popular singer
Pipi Cute
Pipi Cute 12 годин тому
All her songs are so catchy af
jr sharkey
jr sharkey 3 години тому
It’s easy to be catchy when sampling well known songs lol
kimchi_ tae
kimchi_ tae 12 годин тому
Gosh I dont think it will take long for her to get world wide popular
Boglárka Sarolt Tarcsai
Boglárka Sarolt Tarcsai 13 годин тому
aninha figueiredo
aninha figueiredo 13 годин тому
Viciada já
Dominik Kuharić
Dominik Kuharić 13 годин тому
My head and my heart are torturing me yea, lost my mind in your arms i go to extreme's yea
Khitting lucas
Khitting lucas 13 годин тому
She killed it🔥
Amalia Show
Amalia Show 13 годин тому
Ava max💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Amalia Show
Amalia Show 13 годин тому
Katarzyna Sutowicz
Katarzyna Sutowicz 13 годин тому
really freakin
Katarzyna Sutowicz
Katarzyna Sutowicz 13 годин тому
:delete error ava
ahmad hambali21
ahmad hambali21 13 годин тому
Katarzyna Sutowicz
Katarzyna Sutowicz 13 годин тому
chain cage heaven of luv😒
Katarzyna Sutowicz
Katarzyna Sutowicz 13 годин тому
Katarzyna Sutowicz
Katarzyna Sutowicz 13 годин тому
Haryvlogger_YT 14 годин тому
My fave song so far
zaw htet aung
zaw htet aung 14 годин тому
I love 💕 you Ava Max 😍😍😍
Stereo 04
Stereo 04 15 годин тому
Atc - Around the world
Jachuu 15 годин тому
When your hairdresser costs 20$ but you only have 10:
Frylle TV
Frylle TV 15 годин тому
Me: Jealous of the guy on white T-shirt 😭
Boris Nelke
Boris Nelke 16 годин тому
Boris Nelke
Boris Nelke 16 годин тому
weird bizarre
weird bizarre 17 годин тому
Amirhossein Habibi
Amirhossein Habibi 17 годин тому
My queen 🤩
WujekBigos 18 годин тому
Nicole Theunissen
Nicole Theunissen 18 годин тому
Change your ways,to one,turn from lust right now💯⚠️ for What is the deal if you gain the whole world but stil lose your own soul 💤wake up all😴..REPENT❗🩸👎...
Balázs 13
Balázs 13 18 годин тому
O (bűn j
TJC 19 годин тому
I'm 32, so I'm at that age where everything from my past is getting remade/remixed/sampled. This is an example of where it's done right.
yiğit yağız
yiğit yağız 19 годин тому
Sara Glaesmaekers
Sara Glaesmaekers 20 годин тому
i love you Ava Max!
DieSendepause 21 годину тому
corona was not there :D
welldone 1212
welldone 1212 21 годину тому
Ava max plagiat.?
Klaudio Qosja
Klaudio Qosja 16 годин тому
Inspiration not plagiat. It’s not same 🔥
Olwcia Srolwcia'
Olwcia Srolwcia' 20 годин тому
lord icak
lord icak 21 годину тому
Ok, ok. This song is good. But 90’s kids can tell that the original song is FIRE.. 🔥
pasindu rachindra
pasindu rachindra 22 години тому
Again and again 🤟🤟🤟😎😎
LLEANDRA MACABEO 22 години тому
I love her songs but not the offical videos
Vicious One
Vicious One 22 години тому
All around the world la la la la la la la hehee
Michael Holly
Michael Holly 23 години тому
This girl is just like Dua Lipa. Of Albanian descent and does as good at dance music.
Kris McMillan
Kris McMillan День тому
I'm a 90s kid but shit this one has got the edge over the classic
Steelcurtain payne
Steelcurtain payne День тому
Julian Gerzanich
Julian Gerzanich День тому
Atc all around the world 🌎
Cesar Munoz
Cesar Munoz День тому
She looks like Gaga but that voice is so unique I couldn’t compare her to anyone.
Osvaldo Alvarado Jr
Osvaldo Alvarado Jr День тому
rich fab
rich fab День тому
every song of ava max is so easy to get the tune and it will play it your mind again and again 😂❤️
I love all Ava Max songs: Freaking me out Belladonna Jet set Kings & Queens My Head & My Heart Naked OMG What's Happening On Somebody Salt So Am I Sweet but psycho {Remixes} Take you to hell Torn Who's laughing now Tabu {Feat: Pablo Alboran} My way Alone, Pt. II Blood, Sweet & Tears Born to the Night Call me tonight H.E.A.V.E.N Not Your Barbie Girl Rumors Tattoo Slippin '{Feat: Gashi} Clap Your Hands: Le Youth {Feat: Ava Max} "On Me¨ Thomas Rhett & Kane Brown {Feat: Ava Max} "Into your arms¨ Witt Lowry {Feat: Ava Max} My favorite is: Sweet but psycho If I needed any, do not hesitate to put it in the comments. Thank you! He has remixes of his songs on his official channel you can find them I'll be watching in case you get a remix, song, etc. Ava Max Super Fan
zimanonline Thien
zimanonline Thien День тому
All around the world ????
I am from India I love you Ava so much.....1000%
I Love U
I Love U День тому
People saying that she sampled the vine, not knowing the original music of the vine:🤡🤡🤡 Btw CONGRATS ON 20 M VIEWS😘🤩
Pheniox rising From the ashes
Pheniox rising From the ashes День тому
Pheniox rising From the ashes
Pheniox rising From the ashes День тому
STAY DONT GO xoxoxo north
Mariah Ham
Mariah Ham День тому
I wonder if she got the rights to use that beat from "All around the world" by ATC
Ava Max
Ava Max День тому
Of course! Her producers won't even be allowing her to release this if she didn't got permission. And it was said in an interview i think.
lisa lisa
lisa lisa День тому
spell bounding! can't take my eyes off her.
Abigale Sewall
Abigale Sewall День тому
Abigale Sewall
Abigale Sewall День тому
She is the queen 👑 of pop
Łukasz Kot
Łukasz Kot День тому
lucas reis
lucas reis День тому
Divaaaa mara mara 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Juanito’s Wrestling Vlog & More
Juanito’s Wrestling Vlog & More День тому
Love the song 🥰 Love her 😍
evahlynn rico
evahlynn rico День тому
Lol I've heard the orig. good song :)
m mm
m mm День тому
They ruined the original. ATC around the world. This is just taking it out of context.
Hosein Azarfar
Hosein Azarfar День тому
Sofia Turenchalk
Sofia Turenchalk День тому
Ava max I am your HUGEST fan I just LOVE your music 😊
Thibaud Dumas
Thibaud Dumas День тому
Ava Max, you are a fantastic, clever, beautiful, talented and wonderful artist. We can see only with the heart, the essential is invisible to the eyes. Best regards.
Mariusz Piotr P.
Mariusz Piotr P. День тому
Hello Ava Max Super!!🔥💣👏👏👏👌👍 Awesome dance 💃🤩😘💕
Frederic Reid
Frederic Reid День тому
Frederic Reid
Frederic Reid День тому
✨🎇🎆₀Ⅵ ̄へ ̄₁₀🎇⁷₀ⁿ
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