BEFORE and AFTER Fighting Khabib Nurmagomedov

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Motivedia - MMA

Motivedia - MMA

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Here we look how opponents reacted before and after fighting one of Mixed Martial Arts greatest fighters, Khabib Nurmagomedov.
After beating Justin Gaethje last October, the lightweight ruler bowed out gracefully - wrapping up his 29-0 unbeaten career. Generally, Khabib's humble manner deterred any pre-fight trash talk.. However, as we know, there were a few exceptions along the way!
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Ifti Alam
Ifti Alam Рік тому
The MMA Community needed you, your powerful narrative voice and content. Thank you for your contribution.
zalee Місяць тому
Khabib is my inspiration.
ROOSTER333 Місяць тому
He is THE legend
damian chase
damian chase Місяць тому
@ Someone Jon jones???maybe in your wet dreams
Temir Taragay
Temir Taragay 2 місяці тому
Meaning is more important than the voice. He called Habib Russian and it proves his ignorance. He is not Russian. He is Dagistani and his mother tongue is Avar.
Steven Walkey
Steven Walkey 2 місяці тому
I would like to know Khabib's views on the invasion of Ukraine... 🇬🇧
Toothpaste Рік тому
"I was executing the move very carefully because if you break an arm that way, it will never be the same." One of the most respectful fighters ever.
Lijon SA_Music
Lijon SA_Music 6 днів тому
​@jvsky honestly I really wanted to see this fight happen pity Francis decided to not take the deal UFC was offering him, as dirty and evil as Jon Jones is, I wouldn't underestimate him, he does have an almost perfect win record with a single controversial disqualification loss, so it's safe to say he is not an opponent anyone should take lightly
Todd Ventura
Todd Ventura 2 місяці тому
Hell yes, what a guy. I know what it's like dislocating joints and breaking bones... they are never the same again. Such a good heart!
The Man Who Knew Too Much
The Man Who Knew Too Much 5 місяців тому
That's literally an 18 wheeler coming crashing at you and the truck driver going "I was being so careful not to do permanent damage when heading right in..."
Fatima Obeid
Fatima Obeid 5 місяців тому
This is the Islam in him.
Aaron 6 місяців тому
“If you can bring King Kong and he can make 155, let’s go” The hardest line any secondary English speaker has ever said 😂
Ali Messum
Ali Messum 3 дні тому
Omfg that was so fucking funny
Takumiinthe86 Місяць тому
@020 Adarsh Sharma a train
unknown 2k22
unknown 2k22 Місяць тому
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TruthFu 5 місяців тому
His message was always "I ll make them humble" . What an amazing goal to achieve. The world is in need of Khabib to tame and teach the bullies that being humble is true power
There is none Good but God John 3:16, Rev 3:16
There is none Good but God John 3:16, Rev 3:16 2 дні тому
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There is none Good but God John 3:16, Rev 3:16 2 дні тому
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There is none Good but God John 3:16, Rev 3:16
There is none Good but God John 3:16, Rev 3:16 2 дні тому
@Smo-king Jesus man ,please listen for the time is at hand
Climax 10 днів тому
@There is none Good but God John 3:16, Rev 3:16 Jesus isn't god and Jesus didn't die to save us from our sins. He never died.
Smo-king 20 днів тому
@There is none Good but God John 3:16, Rev 3:16 reported for spam
Kivisumi Naga
Kivisumi Naga 6 місяців тому
"I'm gonna mould people , make people tired and make him tap" ...He already told them his game plan but they still couldn't stop him...Such a great fighter .❣️
North East Spiders
North East Spiders 12 днів тому
​@Tango Nevadabut he said "maul", not "mould". And he meant exactly that, as in to maul someone. Very different words with very different meanings.
Tango Nevada
Tango Nevada 26 днів тому
@lemonyellowshorts Whatever helps you sleep at night. If attacked my presumed bad grammar is one of them, have it. Oh, it should be Who, not who and English by the way, not english. But of course you knew that, because you're an expert.
lemonyellowshorts 27 днів тому
@Tango Nevada who knows? Your grasp on english is mild at best.
Tango Nevada
Tango Nevada 27 днів тому
@lemonyellowshorts But you can theoretically and metaphorically mold his face into a shape that it wasn't before the fight started, Sorry if I got auto-corrected the first time I meant to say mold. Settle down. Everyone knows what I meant. What the hell else would I mean?
lemonyellowshorts 29 днів тому
@Tango Nevada you’re not an english speaker, right? So it’s ok. But he meant maul, look up the definition. To destroy. He’s used this world before, and people like DC etc have used the same word to describe what he does. To mold someone means something entirely different. You can’t mold Conor into a bloody mess, but you can maul him into a bloody mess. And he did!
Lakshith Stark
Lakshith Stark 6 місяців тому
First when Khabib started fighting everyone under estimated him. But after few fights everyone knew he is the guy after muhammad ali. The way Khabib pounded conor in the octagon still gives me goosebumps. He is the Artist, Athlete, And the king of UFC
Maurizio Bruni
Maurizio Bruni 7 днів тому
@Cali Oumarx Let's not forget Ali was disqualified because he refused to go to Vietnam and he had to come back from a long period of inactivity. I can only wonder what he could have done had he not been forced off the ring for all those years.
Aleksandar Mitic
Aleksandar Mitic 12 днів тому
He's the most boring fighter ever!!! He knows only wrestling and nothing else!!! Who he fight before Connor, some taxi drivers!!! He was waiting one good payday to run away soonest possible!!!
unknown 2k22
unknown 2k22 Місяць тому
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NotKidding Місяць тому
first, muhammed ali is a boxer. not an MMA fighter and second they arent even remotely the same, muhamed ali was more akin to conner in terms of showmanship and bringing in a crowd for the fight but without the derogatory style
RaginAsianGaming 7 місяців тому
Khabib is my favorite fighter in MMA history. He was an absolutely dominant fighter. As one of the people in the video says, the amazing thing with Khabib is that everyone knew his game and no one could stop him. But what makes me respect him even more is that he maintained his humility and walked out on his own terms. The man is a legend and, imo, the greatest fighter of all time.
Nicholas Rosetti
Nicholas Rosetti 13 днів тому
massimo andreaa artusi
massimo andreaa artusi 4 місяці тому
I love also emilianenko.
UponTheShadows 4 місяці тому
@Who's who? i didnt say mj is the best athlete
Who's who?
Who's who? 5 місяців тому
@UponTheShadows how can mj be the best athlete while nba only huge in america, there are more globally famous athlete that play more popular sport
Zeno Sama
Zeno Sama Рік тому
In the game of Blood, we witnessed a man who never Bled 🦅
Rojelio Luna
Rojelio Luna 27 днів тому
That's an awesome statement. Hell yeah, been his fan... 💯
Sam Smith
Sam Smith Місяць тому
its batman vs superman but superman took some anti-cryptonite pills😂
@V K But making opponents tap and mauling them is another level of satisfaction man.😩
Shamnaj muhammed
Shamnaj muhammed Місяць тому
Ertan Boylu
Ertan Boylu Місяць тому
Fire bro
ilhaam shaikh
ilhaam shaikh 5 місяців тому
When you see someone standing in the ring with no bruises or blood in sight in a sport as dangerous as MMA, undefeated and unstoppable, you know he is just an invincible legend.
Cyfox 5 днів тому
dude, there are lower than 400 ufc fighters in all categories the entire competition in ufc is 100 people .... sence they are no good neither is this sport worth i believe Danna is the main problem in this one in boxing for example there are over 20k boxers around while in ufc only 400( in total male )!!!! 400 are u guys serious ? and people believe they are any good
ilhaam shaikh
ilhaam shaikh 4 місяці тому
@AC. Harsha adapala alas you couldn't hide your islamophobia. May allah guide you! You conveniently misinterpreted a Hadith and falsely blamed Khabib for misrepresenting Islam! Hitting on face as a "punishment" is prohibited. MMA is a sport. Learn Islam from authentic sources instead of WhatsApp University. And if you can't, then atleast do not spread misinformation like others from your community. No one talked about his religion in my thread except you.
Indiana Jones
Indiana Jones 7 місяців тому
His character paved the way for new fighters to learn respect and be more humble regardless of there victories. All the best to that man 🥰
Lijon SA_Music
Lijon SA_Music 6 днів тому
​@Mario I love GSP, that man was a true Warrior
Lijon SA_Music
Lijon SA_Music 6 днів тому
Honestly Khabib gave MMA a more restored reputation with his humble personality, I mean no offense to people like Jon Jones and Conor McGregor(great fighters) but they are a big reason why MMA fighter are mostly thought to be Cocky arrogant assholes with potty mouths, Khabib came in with respect and humility but ruthlessly took down anyone who fought him and retired, Honestly an amazing career
Mario 27 днів тому
Although GSP also always showed class and humbleness!
CyberCookieMonster 4 місяці тому
I couldn’t agree more. He showed that respecting and caring about your opponent is not weakness. If you show compassion and restraint because you have no power, it isn’t admirable; it’s nothing but an excuse. When you have the power to cause great harm, and then you choose not to, that is the most admirable thing. His displayed character is a true role model for future combat sportsman.
CHANCHANKIT555 6 місяців тому
It was an amazing move for Khabib to just quit UFC like this. Came into the UFC, destroyed the current champions and dipped in his prime. What a legend!
Róbert Sás
Róbert Sás 5 місяців тому
Will never forget Khabib and never got tired watching videos about him. He brought class to the sport in a way that no other fighter did or will possibly do. Being humble and respectful made him one of the greatest. You can win a belt but you cannot win respect.
Kaushik Chakma
Kaushik Chakma 4 місяці тому
In the game of blood, we witnessed a man who never bled. Respect
EA_pro Рік тому
I don’t know how someone can hate on this man. A truly amazing legend. Zero defeats, in a sport where one single mistake can literally end you. Everyone knew what he wanted to do, NO ONE was ever able to stop him from doing it…
Cyfox 5 днів тому
careful all the respect guys are those who beat up wives children etc
Qureshi Atif
Qureshi Atif 16 днів тому
​@Τόμας Μαγγάνα20-0?? Tf??
Τόμας Μαγγάνα
Τόμας Μαγγάνα 17 днів тому
@AlyAs well, not now... lost to Islam....although not at 145.
AlyAs 17 днів тому
@Τόμας Μαγγάνα where
Simo Rach
Simo Rach 2 місяці тому
@Τόμας Μαγγάνα you can be Whatever you want but you can never be khabib the Eagle Nurmagomedov.
Ntuthuko Zwane
Ntuthuko Zwane 3 місяці тому
The respect he shows his opponents is unmatched 🙌🏿
Gregory Foster
Gregory Foster 7 місяців тому
Such humility and class in combat sports is extremely rare. What a champion. What a legend. G.O.A.T.
Djin1974 6 місяців тому
RIP Abdulmanap, the trainer of champions and a great human being.
Praveen Dey
Praveen Dey Місяць тому
@There Is No Name Indeed!
There Is No Name
There Is No Name 2 місяці тому
The world of Sambo and Mixed Martial Arts will forever Abdulmanap Nurmagedov. May the Almighty one give him peace above, ameen.
Tango Nevada
Tango Nevada 4 місяці тому
When your opponents know exactly what your plan and strategy is, regardless of the sport. and they still can't stop you, it's total proof you are the best - Full stop.
Arthur Durham
Arthur Durham 17 днів тому
*Every fighter before:* "He just does the same thing every time. Why can no one stop him? This will be easy" *Every fighter during:* "Oh, that's why". *Every fight after:* "He just does the same thing every time; no one can stop him. It's impossible."
lex Рік тому
The way he describes how he was trying to avoid to break someone's arm and telling them to give up before it turns bad. What a great man.
dk 13 днів тому
@PYRO ON Factsss. Love Khabib ❤
PYRO ON Місяць тому
A great sportsman a great Muslim A GREAT MAN! True humility, honesty, faith, and UNMATCHED SKILL IN THE FIGHT GAME!
Iszy H
Iszy H Місяць тому
I remember this. He’s seriously a goat
Tech With Siam
Tech With Siam Місяць тому
@Kerim Suljovic this comment should be pinned 🙌
Juve 11 місяців тому
Month later and poor Jesse deleted his comment lol rekt
Quan Quan
Quan Quan 2 місяці тому
Deep respect for someone who made sure not to break opponents arm during such competitive fights
Ben E
Ben E 7 місяців тому
Humble LEGEND....he taught the world what humility is
Khabib is the best of the best , A real sportsman , A real gentleman , A real credit to himself,his spot and his family ,
Username 7 місяців тому
The fighter that can implement his game plan usually wins. The fact that everyone knew Khabib was going for the takedown and still couldn’t stop him just shows the difference in levels of his grappling.
Opulent Ridez
Opulent Ridez 6 місяців тому
Not just MMA, but one of the greatest MEN in all of sports! I'm a "casual" MMA fan and honestly didn't know much about Khabib until recently...He's instantly my favorite fighter of all time. I have nothing but absolute respect and admiration for how he handled his biz as a fighter in the ring and how he handled himself as a man outside of it. #salute
Morad K
Morad K 28 днів тому
@Swedoz you're just proving my point
Swedoz Місяць тому
@Morad K Huh? Sweden gives the islam animals food, safety, shelter, money- The problem ios that muslims are more animal like
Morad K
Morad K Місяць тому
@Swedoz because it's Sweden
Swedoz 3 місяці тому
@The Path To Success Nah it's just his upbringing, here in sweden islam people are chaos
The Path To Success
The Path To Success 5 місяців тому
Please look into what makes him behave in this manner - his religion which is Islam
Mohammed Asif Abdul Maroof
Mohammed Asif Abdul Maroof 7 місяців тому
Khabib: “I’m gonna retire” Connor: “Alhamdulillah” 😅
L 14 днів тому
Pin this comment. Bwaahaahaahaahaa. And I like Conor. But this comment!!!!😂
Im Unknown
Im Unknown 28 днів тому
ماجد الشمري
ماجد الشمري Місяць тому
JoB LoTFi Місяць тому
El sin nombre 😄
El sin nombre 😄 Місяць тому
Jeyd Kush
Jeyd Kush 7 місяців тому
" I was executing the move very carefully...Because if you break an arm that way... It will never be the same." Wow! Wow! Wow! You will never see such a humble and respectful man in that octagon... Ever!! 🤜🤛
hafsa 2am
hafsa 2am 13 днів тому
I know! Subhanallaah.
Dany Btw
Dany Btw 4 місяці тому
If his Father didn’t pass away He would still dominate 💪🏽
Shahiul Bashar
Shahiul Bashar 6 місяців тому
Poirier said," his feet are like hands." That is just 100% fact. The way khabib controls opponents with his legs is just mesmerising 🖤
JSE AHMED 6 місяців тому
He a Legend to not be Forgotten .
shooter9 6 місяців тому
With all due respect to Khabib and to his family..if his dad was still here with us..that record would go way beyond 29-0. I mean really way beyond.
rai98 7 місяців тому
When a man is not visibly injured or bled in a dangerous sport like MMA, you know the man is a true invincible legend.
There is none Good but God John 3:16, Rev 3:16
There is none Good but God John 3:16, Rev 3:16 21 день тому
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δlieř Місяць тому
@Clayton thats from training not from the fight
Kasper Місяць тому
@There is none Good but God John 3:16, Rev 3:16 mental illness
عبادي الشاعر
عبادي الشاعر Місяць тому
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Ghost 7 місяців тому
Everybody knows his game plan yet nobody can stop him ~Edson Barboza
Gebru Jemberu
Gebru Jemberu 5 місяців тому
Kahabib=no loss+no bruise.He is a phenomenal guy. He also learned English fast.
Farhan Dahir
Farhan Dahir 4 місяці тому
His agility and easy to adapt to the situation. He is something else
Syed Mohammad Ghazi null (RA1711017010020)
Syed Mohammad Ghazi null (RA1711017010020) 5 місяців тому
The worst part is we never gotto see how strong Khabib really is.......there was never an opponent who gave him a real tuff fight.
Cristian Gaban
Cristian Gaban 2 місяці тому
A man that truly earned his respect , his personality and character even greater than his skills.
Totajee79 26 днів тому
A true legend. In and out of the ring. Allhumdulilah.
secrated Рік тому
Barboza spoke true words " Everybody know his game plan but nobody can stop him"
Victor Chettri
Victor Chettri 4 місяці тому
Like messii in soccer everyone knew his, move but still no one can stop him. Gg khabib.
Saif__abi 5 місяців тому
On the money 👌🏻
UponTheShadows 5 місяців тому
@Hatred TV just remember khabibs words. back then was his time. but now is someone else's time
Thorn380 6 місяців тому
Charles beats Khabib. Dare u guys to explain why I’m wrong
double gameghy
double gameghy 6 місяців тому
@Derael Evans he tested positive for doping.
JustAKidTurnedAdult 7 місяців тому
In all of the fights Khabib had under UFC, the only time he was actually going for the kill was with McGregor. The other fights were kept professional, but that one with McGregor was probably the only time Khabib looked like he doesn't care if he cripple him. He literally had no respect that night, and rightfully so.
Phoenix Skyward
Phoenix Skyward 3 місяці тому
Above all the hardship, violence and extremely superior art of sports. The pure beauty of it all is the true and honest humbleness that is shown in the end. What an incredible man and incredible fighters who respected the meaning of the sport and kindness of sportsmanship.
Rohan Singh
Rohan Singh 5 місяців тому
Everybody know his plan but no one able to stop him 🔥
Alister H
Alister H 7 місяців тому
Khabib is here to teach those fighters the first rules of fighting sports humility and respect
Sam Latifi
Sam Latifi 4 місяці тому
He brought class to MMA.
Power Kill
Power Kill Рік тому
" Float like a butterfly , sting like a bee" - Muhammad Ali " Fly like an eagle , maul like a bear "- Khabib Nurmaggedov "Talk like a champion, tap like a chicken" - Conor McGregor
Tech With Siam
Tech With Siam Місяць тому
There Is No Name
There Is No Name 2 місяці тому
"Talk a racist, tap like a coward" - Conor "COVID good" McGregor
zm1611 3 місяці тому
@Mikey T Khabib is definitley living rent free in CM's head lol.
Showkat Bhat
Showkat Bhat 3 місяці тому
Luffy 3 місяці тому
waseem akhtar
waseem akhtar 4 місяці тому
Calling this man a legend is an understatement.
Matthew Daub
Matthew Daub Місяць тому
That last fight is an incredible fight to go out on. Both men who respect each other and who are considered even on strengths and weaknesses giving it all they have for their sport. That's what sporting events should truly be about.
Trio Bocah Channel
Trio Bocah Channel Місяць тому
Khabib teach us how to be a true fighter. Stay humble & never degrade the opponent you've defeated
Owais Mohammed Ejaz Ahmed
Owais Mohammed Ejaz Ahmed 5 місяців тому
Sad thing is he didn't got much opponents as everyone was scared to fight him. He has just shown us how much better he is than other fighters, he hasn't shown his full potential.
Faizan Tanoli
Faizan Tanoli Місяць тому
The Man Who Never Bled 🙏🙏🙏
john Рік тому
A humble champion never lost,never bled and was never visibly hurt inside the octagon! -Khabib-🦅
Craig menear the all father
Craig menear the all father 7 місяців тому
Yes actually on the left side of his shoulder but it looks like on the right bc of the mirror there is a bite mark of some sort at the 7:00 min mark so yeah he did bleed
FuzzyKoala 7 місяців тому
@Roman Benni Fir and? Are u denying that he was the best 155 of all time?
john 8 місяців тому
@kr hey mctapper Khabib was always rich he was chasing because that chicken fought for the title instead of him and yeah Khabib got more fame after whooping that chicken badly
john 8 місяців тому
@kr Khabib said he was tough not the toughest Conor gunter Fame for Khabib??😂 by getting his ass whooped?? CONOR didn't gift the fame for Khabib took the Fame from Conor
saintz177 6 місяців тому
bidihibak Місяць тому
A true champ and real GOAT
deb munsell
deb munsell 20 днів тому
We loved him for learning English to speak with his voice to us. Right on!
playful world
playful world 6 місяців тому
When Al Aquinta said " you're a monster Khabib" he said it from the bottom of his heart.
kung Few
kung Few 6 місяців тому
I absolutely love this guys lack of ego and his professionalism in the ring, he's the real ass kicking deal he doesn't need to trash talk.
Akeno Рік тому
"I told u guys we gonna make him humble." This phrase is fucking legendary
zm1611 2 місяці тому
@JOOT X LOL, I don't know, I think Imma go to DISNEYLAND!!!
JOOT X 2 місяці тому
@zm1611 you're right. What now?
zm1611 3 місяці тому
@JOOT X He has to put up an act for the world to see, one can only imagine what it's like when he's all alone and forced to self reflect his actions and loss. Hence why so many fall into drug addictions and drinking etc. Tell me I am wrong lol.
JOOT X 7 місяців тому
He still aint humble tholol
Roksan Desmond
Roksan Desmond 7 місяців тому
@Avocado jesus is a prophet. follow the true one and only creator.
HAYbat GAMING 5 місяців тому
Love how he respects and focuses on each of his opponents. Never looking past them.
Mushahid Hussain
Mushahid Hussain 5 місяців тому
A person who trained with bears .. what power he had ... Unbelievable
Sik Skillz
Sik Skillz 5 місяців тому
amazing. he chose to be a good person, respect, humble, confident, and not a push over. khabib is a awesome fighter. this guy was a blessing to ufc, great conduct. true professional, champion.
Chris Villarreal
Chris Villarreal 6 місяців тому
Dude is the greatest of all time for his division and in general a monster of a man. Sheer dominating will.
Ehsan Ellahi
Ehsan Ellahi 5 місяців тому
The man who was never hurt against worlds best fighters , proves that he is GEATEST
Mtf Рік тому
"if you can bring King Kong and he can make 155 - let's go" - legendary line
Arnis Armanis
Arnis Armanis 6 місяців тому
but theres only kong no king 😉
The Enlightened One
The Enlightened One 6 місяців тому
# Alhamdulillah ☝🏼 29-0 Pound for pound strongest fighter Hall of famer
Nowon Ami
Nowon Ami 6 місяців тому
Habib Noor Muhammed - a true muslim -
NJP12791 10 місяців тому
@Godwin Anthony lmao?????🤣😂🤣😂
Haider 4 дні тому
Khalib is like second 🥈 Mohammad Ali naturally talented and with every fight they both improve at astonishing speeds and are considered best of their Games 🎉🎉🎉❤
Dante Tejeda
Dante Tejeda 7 місяців тому
Al was the only guy to admit he was scared of Khabib yet the only guy to survive 5 rounds
The Brutal Show
The Brutal Show 3 місяці тому
Imagine knowing someone's game plan and still not being able to do fuck all about it. Legend
Politically uncorrect
Politically uncorrect Місяць тому
Made me tear up. So much honor.
Mohammed Nur
Mohammed Nur 2 місяці тому
everybody knows his game, every knows his plan but nobody can't stop him . said by a fighter about another fighter
sdy06 Рік тому
The guy never even bled in a fucking UFC career. Man oh man... GOAT.
Jordan Schlansky
Jordan Schlansky 7 місяців тому
@vandanaasha Sounds like something a madman in denial repeats to himself
lmapls 7 місяців тому
People saying khabib has a padded record like they can replicate it.
Danny Knapp
Danny Knapp Рік тому
Amazing man never seen no blood on this dude ever 💪🦅
LemurMan Рік тому
@Five Stars he stopped because of his mum
oneiro Рік тому
@vandanaasha the fact that khabib only lose 1 round in his career in the UFC , proves his is the GOAT.
testapprvd6 testapprvd6
testapprvd6 testapprvd6 6 місяців тому
Everybody know his game, everybody know his game plan, and nobody can stop him, -edson barboza
MJD Ps 6 місяців тому
"Legendary speaks by itself "
appleraika 4 місяці тому
The way Khabib respect EVERYONE except connor 😍
ConspiracyKill Happens
ConspiracyKill Happens 7 місяців тому
He's the goat because of his work ethic and respect for his opponent. We're all lucky to have been around for it.
Doctors' theory
Doctors' theory 7 місяців тому
I am not a fighter but khabib's character inspire me too. You know, his faith ( Islam) plays a major role in building a man like khabib. Trained by a father makes him a different man too.
A tapasiya
A tapasiya Рік тому
No fake confidence, No trash talk just PURE skill and class! Khabib Nurmagomedov. 🔥
Mohammad Mamun
Mohammad Mamun 8 місяців тому
Well said.
Tomolo 8 місяців тому
*Has Allah forgotten his name or is he just an idol* Why is it the unforgivable sin in Islam to confess " there is only one God and this is YHWH"" The Name Jesus means------------- "YHWH SAVES”" Elijah means------------- --------------" MY GOD IS YHWH" John means ----------------------------" YHWH has been gracious"" Zakariya means -----------------------""YHWH has remembered"" are all prophets according to the Quran
john 8 місяців тому
@Tomolo stay mad his God is Allah he trusted and believed only Allah that's the main secret if his success
Tomolo 8 місяців тому
@KLx58 All religions presented themselves as lies when they denied Jesus his sacrifice! God is holy and therefore inevitably always absolutely RIGHTEOUS! So God can never be merciful, gracious, because grace is not justice and therefore is wrong! A holy God can only be holy if he NEVER does wrong !! So FACT is without Jesus his SACRIFICE out of love for us we would all be lost! Only YHWH is not lying when he says he is HOLY and MERCIFUL !! Who is YHWH equal? EXACTLY NO ONE !! JESUS gave himself as a sin offering !! A PURE LIFE FOR A LIFE !! Because we have to be holy = without guilt otherwise God will judge us FAIR and RIGHT !! Jesus is YHWH and thus the Creator of EVERYTHING and thus has the weight to wash the whole creation clean with these pure lives (BLOOD) !! God bless you
KLx58 8 місяців тому
@Tomolo My God doesn't have to die on a cross for me. The Only True God is the Ever-Living. Nothing is ever like Him. Jesus (peace be upon him) is only one of the prophets of Almighty God, he never told us to take him as God, but to worship God alone. He was a Muslim. A humble servant of the One God.
goatboy150 2 місяці тому
"If you bring King Kong, and he make 155, then let's go." I f*king love this guy 🤣
Ironmover 6 місяців тому
What a legend,, humble, respectful, and meant what he said, Khabib !
Ms Boomerizzle
Ms Boomerizzle Місяць тому
It'll be a long time, if ever, that another fighter comes close to matching the skills of Khabib. No losses, nothing phased him, nobody could even make him bleed. I still watch his fights in complete awe.
Rick Poplawski
Rick Poplawski 4 місяці тому
The most incredible G.O.A.T. in the 155lb division. No one will ever match his records.
Gebru Jemberu
Gebru Jemberu 2 місяці тому
"You guys, let's make him humble," Kahabib, a man of action.
Py to the Pi
Py to the Pi 11 місяців тому
Khabib has done what no man has ever done, he has dominated, crushed and destroyed while simultaneously maintaining his humanity and humility. Show me another man like Khabib, he’s an inspiration and a model for all of us that shows the power of absolute discipline.
Fancy 6 місяців тому
Almost. He messed up after he beat Connor. Still a legend though, just not perfect and human after all.
Ma’mur Olimov
Ma’mur Olimov 6 місяців тому
@Kristof dubai isn’t even a country, u a big L 😆
Kristof 6 місяців тому
@Bambus of what
William Wilkins
William Wilkins 6 місяців тому
@shzamm patapon lol you wish that was true
KhanMasid 4 місяці тому
Humility goes a long, long way ❤️
Y 25 днів тому
notice how khabib hugged, shook hands and talked respectfully to EVERY single fighter after the match was over. But not with McGregor. he brought it to himself. The fact that Khabib was saying "let's talk" in the middle of him beating McGregor. and then after the round ended Connor says "it's just business". oh no no no. You just got humbled my friend.
Ross Douglas
Ross Douglas Місяць тому
his humility through all of his success is amazing
Infotronics 7 місяців тому
Khabib has shown that with great power comes the Great responsibility..
happysqWid 6 місяців тому
"He doesn't evolve his game" "he's the same he was years ago" yeah, cuz no one can do ANYTHING to stop him
Melroy Correa
Melroy Correa Рік тому
The greatest strength of Khabib was not his wrestling skills but his humility and grace. Once he had fought and conquered the best in the world, he didn't linger for a moment to show off his absolute dominance over the game. He simply cited his mother's wishes and left the game to others.
TRUE DIMENSIONS 10 місяців тому
Don Domenico
Don Domenico Рік тому
@Bang Ding Ow more like absolute nonsense
Mark Alvero
Mark Alvero Рік тому
Preach! He sounds like a neglected kid begging for attention. lol
moh Рік тому
@Jeremy Dyar it did lol the undefeated undisputed title
Bang Ding Ow
Bang Ding Ow Рік тому
@Tawfifee more like basic knowledge
Pandaplutten 3 місяці тому
"Everybody knows his game plan, and nobody can stop him".
Sarah Hammond
Sarah Hammond 3 місяці тому
He's one true amazing fighter ❤️ I don't think he would of ever got beat x
Ali Chehab
Ali Chehab 4 місяці тому
Khabib: “I’m gonna retire” Connor: “Alhamdulillah” 😅
bison 6 місяців тому
Khabib was litteraly built different from birth. Surrender was never an option
Bikramjeet Singh
Bikramjeet Singh 6 місяців тому
X AS Рік тому
"Never Lost, Never Bled, and was Never Visibly Hurt" Best thing you can ever describe a person by!
Actimel addict
Actimel addict Рік тому
@No One two rounds in 29 fights
xNotty Рік тому
Jason Bourne?
Jesse Reitberger
Jesse Reitberger Рік тому
@Jon Noble Noble one IDK, that looked bloody tight...either way. Khabib is the GOAT
Jon Noble Noble one
Jon Noble Noble one Рік тому
@Jesse Reitberger that’s what I thought until you realize khabib gave him his neck as bait, Dustin pounced on the bait, burned his arms out while khabib teetered back and forth slowly losing the grip and moments later finished a savage like Dustin within 3 rounds.
Gustavo Arias
Gustavo Arias 6 місяців тому
Khabib is great because he embraced humility, not permitting himself to EVER underestimate an opponent but seeing them always as his equal!
Cadamban Kannan
Cadamban Kannan 5 місяців тому
I feel that his body conditionings is excellent. For a guy to not even feel anything from punches which had felled other great fighters and just be able to win is incredible. His only comment,"He hits like a truck", that's it. Seeing that fight alone, you wouldn't think that.
Mohammed Ahmed
Mohammed Ahmed 7 днів тому
He has a heart
Curious Droid
Curious Droid 6 місяців тому
Khabib's discipline is amazing. I need same discipline in everything that I do.
gog8 5 місяців тому
Damn, we miss khabib....💪❤❤❤❤
Taher Cheeda
Taher Cheeda 6 місяців тому
"we're gonna make him humble "😂😂 you did make him humble 😂😂
Funtcat Рік тому
The only thing that could stop Khabib was his retirement. The greatest.
rokkie Рік тому
@Nafi and I don't have a problem with khabib?😂 just because I disagree with fanboys about him doesn't mean I don't like him. He's a great fighter. And also didn't khabib make a homeless dude do push ups? And wasn't he saying shit about nate with his friends for no reason. He also jumped the cage to start fighting people in the crowd which could've gotten a lot of people hurt
Nafi Рік тому
@rokkie whats your problem with Khabib. Hes not only just a good fighter but also a great saint of our era
Justice Swanson
Justice Swanson Рік тому
Prime Matt Hughes
Ꮆ卂ㄥ卂匚ㄒ丨匚 几ㄩㄒ
Ꮆ卂ㄥ卂匚ㄒ丨匚 几ㄩㄒ Рік тому
Only his mom could stop him
Gurka Gurkadurka
Gurka Gurkadurka 13 днів тому
I have been watching the sport since the mid 90s. I have seen really, truly great fighters come and go. And I am telling you I have never seen an mma fighter, in any promotion or weight class, dominate every fighter he faced like Khabib did. The dude is legitimately singular in his dominance. And I know every fighter can be beaten... but there were times where the guy just looked "unbeatable." Every fighter would be like, "He's one dimensional" and I would be like, "No he isn't." Every fighter would be like, "He hasn't faced a fighter like me" and I would be like, "Yes he has." Every fighter would be like, "He won't impose his will on me" and I would be like, "Yes he will." I hope everyone enjoyed watching him. Because I doubt we see another one as dominant as he was for a very long time.
Zee 07
Zee 07 5 місяців тому
This man is an all-rounder not only in the ring but in life too
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