BIGFOOT Abducts Children By Coming To Their Windows At Night | SASQUATCH ENCOUNTERS

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Please enjoy these Sasquatch encounters!


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Dean Manly
Dean Manly 24 дні тому
A great story with a happy ending.
Barbara McDonough
Barbara McDonough 27 днів тому
Wow! That encounter with the Grammy and her daughter and her granddaughter was absolutely incredible! My first comment is to those people, that family. I have read many stories where these beings actually do follow people even if they move to another state. So, I would like to make sure that your entire family, including your granddaughter, are aware of that possibility and stay in communication with each other regarding any dreams and ALL feelings, etc. Always, always, believe each other with encounters that you tell each other and with feelings and premonitions. Always go with your gut feeling, because sometimes that’s the Holy Spirit warning you about things. Don’t live in fear, but always know that you can call on the name of Jesus until this thing to leave if you see it or hear it. Because it’s always in the name of Jesus, that these things will leave. You may have to repeat that, but they won’t leave on your power or on anything that you say, but they WILL leave in the Name of Jesus!!!! And, you did a wonderful job explaining all the details about the mountain and the area and all the geography and particulars of what happens in the mines, etc. that did so much to help us to understand the circumstances. I wish you and your entire family well, God bless you.
Sandy Hill
Sandy Hill Місяць тому
Ohio is A hotspot
Georgina Mannor
Georgina Mannor Місяць тому
It seems that it put them in right direction home.
Statsmuhstoot Redner
Statsmuhstoot Redner Місяць тому
How can I talk about sasquatch to you on this ! Or do I go ahead and put it on here ?
Statsmuhstoot Redner
Statsmuhstoot Redner Місяць тому
@Samara Osborne thank you
Samara Osborne
Samara Osborne Місяць тому
-> See Above in heading for the contact info like email, Etc.!! Divine Blessings!! 🖖🏼📖🙌🏼🙇🏻‍♀️🙏🏼🕊️👼🏻✨🌄🌌🌟🌖
Walter Lish
Walter Lish Місяць тому
Great stories once again. Thank you for sharing them. Keep um coming. 👍👍🌷🌹
Antinette Buffalo
Antinette Buffalo Місяць тому
Their everywhere, including the prairies. I believe some are migrators. We only see one during spring to fall. But it sure has been a very very long time since I’ve seen one though.
LeeAnn Mettlach
LeeAnn Mettlach Місяць тому
That Cookie Monster is so creepy. But a few years ago, I used to drive by a structure by a creek on my way to work. It looked like tree house platforms on in 2 seperate trees with a bridge connecting them. I eventually stopped with my camera to check it out. It looked like it was manmade. There was an very old house across the road & down a little ways, within sight of it. Perhaps it was built it for kids that lived there before. IDK. I entered thru a open area from the far opposite end & walked across a field to it. I was surprised it was bigger & higher up than I assumed. There were seperate tree branches that had been incorporated into the bridge & the platforms with just vines. Of course, vine had covered much of it & perhaps the vine could've binded to branches that eventually broke as the trees grew. It created 2 covered areas that I couldn't see into. It creeped me out looking at the strange mix of engineering. It appeared to be fortified with totally natural materials. I just got very unnerved standing close to it & found myself backing away even though my curiosity was piqued. That winter, we got 8" of snow. I was driving by & stopped at that open area in the fence when I saw a single trail of big footprints that went from the road across the field directly to that treehouse structure. It looked like someone had worn snowshoes. The snow was so deep there- there wasn't much shape definition. I've since seen deer prints since where they put their hide leg in the same hole as their front leg leaving a telltale mark. But no obvious hoof imprints visible in the bottom. These were very big holes punched down in the snow & pretty good stride between. They looked bi-pedal to me. IDK anything for sure. I took pics of them, though. The road had been grated & so it was quite deep at the ditch but didn't immediately see where they came from. It was just weird they followed the same path I had walked months prior! I'M JUST AMAZED THOSE 2 KIDS CLIMBED INTO THAT TREEHOUSE! THEY WERE MUCH MORE BRAVER THAN I WAS! LOL - WOW! GREAT STORIES!
M O N K E Y - T R I A L . . .
M O N K E Y - T R I A L . . . Місяць тому
- latched to my nostrils- A blessing in disguise ( in reference to the creatures sudden and disgusting void turning them on their heel). I love the wording!
William Altland
William Altland Місяць тому
Great story
Gale Dutton
Gale Dutton Місяць тому
Wonderful encounters. Thank you.
Laura Gittins
Laura Gittins Місяць тому
The cookie monster bigfoot story really creeped me out! It got my momma bear senses up! It makes me wish I had one of those shoulder mounted mortar guns you see on news stories of the middle east. I've had nightmares about falling into a pit with a monster in it way before I heard your story. Thanks SOO MUCH Sue.
LeeAnn Mettlach
LeeAnn Mettlach Місяць тому
Do you ever see the monster? I never saw the one that chased me thru the woods in my recurring nightmare.
Sherry Ridlen
Sherry Ridlen Місяць тому
Wow a hour thanks Sue
Ernest Maas
Ernest Maas Місяць тому
🌲👣🌲🇺🇸Video was 👍👍🌲👣🌲
karl brea
karl brea Місяць тому
A Crab apple and sling shot. And I Dropped him like Davey Did!
Petrella Intuitive Insights
Petrella Intuitive Insights Місяць тому
I live between East Liverpool Ohio, and Negley Ohio… The Columbiana Hairy/ Forrest man has crossed through our property which runs into a wildlife sanctuary… The screams (Howls) even cited at least a dozen time over the many years… Large… Maybe 9 feet tall and white. Maybe a dirty white/very light gray. With four small children and living so near the sanctuary… I never worried about my children… Without Internet and no knowledge of Cryptid, I felt as a young mother this was a protector of the land and us. And yes there was a mental telepathy Communication.
Kayne Fryday
Kayne Fryday Місяць тому
Hanna Kin
Hanna Kin Місяць тому
That one was really good! Thank you.
Ben Dover
Ben Dover Місяць тому
Are you ashamed, or proud of scaring me so bad/good..? Lol
Toby Mckimmy
Toby Mckimmy Місяць тому
Bigfoot fix.... Thanks Sue.. T
Nancy Maschio
Nancy Maschio Місяць тому
Like 44👍❤
Nancy Maschio
Nancy Maschio Місяць тому
❤🕴 morning Su
Laura AKA ZacZgurl 77
Laura AKA ZacZgurl 77 Місяць тому
Thank goodness they listened to the little girl, so many adults don’t. Creepy stuff but great story!!
Charles Jenkins
Charles Jenkins Місяць тому
More Ohio stories, I have heard some of them before. Lived in Ohio my whole life. Thank you Sue good stories all in all.Hi ho all.
neptunian_dreamer Місяць тому
One would like to think that the little boy had an experience like in “The Snowman” - a completely safe night of magic before returning home in the morning. Although I suspect not!
B Nelson
B Nelson Місяць тому
Bruce Sharpe
Bruce Sharpe Місяць тому
Morning sue here again good story’s thanks 👨🏻‍🔬🦍🌿🌲🌲😘👍🏻
David Fritsch
David Fritsch Місяць тому
Thanks 🙏 sue love ❤️ the story
Jane Linley
Jane Linley Місяць тому
Good Morning Everyone 🙋🏼‍♀️❤️☮️
Nancy Maschio
Nancy Maschio Місяць тому
Have a wonderful❣ day!!
Nancy Maschio
Nancy Maschio Місяць тому
Morning Jane💜
Melissa Seitz
Melissa Seitz Місяць тому
Doing more than well now 😊 I seriously LOVE Friday's!!! Thank you as always my lady. 🥰 Hope everyone has a great weekend.
Shannon Schmidt
Shannon Schmidt Місяць тому
Jane Linley
Jane Linley Місяць тому
Good Morning 🙋🏼‍♀️ hope your weekend is great,as well!!
Martha Robison
Martha Robison Місяць тому
David Thompson
David Thompson Місяць тому
Bender Bender
Bender Bender Місяць тому
a whole hour!!!! thanx luv. 💕💓 💓💕 💞 😙
Bender Bender
Bender Bender Місяць тому
@Nancy Maschio u too dolling! 💞 🤗
Nancy Maschio
Nancy Maschio Місяць тому
@Bender Bender Have a great Friday luvy💕💕😊
Bender Bender
Bender Bender Місяць тому
@Nancy Maschio hi luv! 💓
Nancy Maschio
Nancy Maschio Місяць тому
Morning Bender Bender 💕
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