Bigfoot pounds on wall of South Texas home.

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Bigfoot and More

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Man observes a Sasquatch walking away from his home in South Texas after hearing pounding against the side of his house.

If you have a Bigfoot or other cryptid encounter you would like to report, please send your email to .

If you would like to purchase my book 'The Shampe', here is a link to do so; . The Shampe is a cannibal monster in Native Choctaw folklore. I tie this creature in with the Bigfoot topic and place the story in Southeast Oklahoma.

Bigfoot and More
Bigfoot and More Місяць тому
Here is the link to my other UKposts channel 'Dave's Outdoor Channel' for anyone who may be interested
Don C
Don C Місяць тому
Thanks Dave! I'm heading there now to subscribe before watching this video, I don't want to forget! But I'll be back watching in just a minute here! Great video Dave! Your other channel looks really good too, I subscribed! N
ChiRho777 8 днів тому
✝ 👍🏼 clean non cursing nice man. Blessings John 3 16 🙏🏽
Alejandro Garza
Alejandro Garza Місяць тому
Good afternoon Dave I recently watched this video and out of curiosity looked up to see where exactly Moore Texas is and if it's the same area were talking about I was a bit amazed to find out and see that just 9 miles directly East of there is a bigfoot museum I didn't know if you have noticed this or not but I found that quite interesting and thought I might share it. Bigfoot Museum
angel garza
angel garza Місяць тому
Hey Dave I live in south Texas, in Corpus Christi how close am I to this sighting. We don't have enough thicket to even hide yourself. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.
Bigfoot and More
Bigfoot and More Місяць тому
Looking on the map it's southwest of San Antonio.
Toby Gilliland
Toby Gilliland Місяць тому
Thanks for sharing this encounter..And we enjoy your channel, so I'm going to sub to your other channel ...Stay safe and God bless David 🙏 👊🏻🙏🏻
Bigfoot and More
Bigfoot and More Місяць тому
Thank you Toby! I appreciate that. Glad you enjoy the channel, hope you like my other one as well.👍
Sharon Bartlett
Sharon Bartlett Місяць тому
Hello, I like your videos they are very interesting. Question: have you ever heard of any sightings or activity near Siloam Springs? I used to live 8 miles east of Siloam and we definitely had activity, I just didn't know what it was at the time. This was in the late 1970's.
Bigfoot and More
Bigfoot and More Місяць тому
Yes. Pretty much all along the Oklahoma, Arkansas border. I have received several reports over the years from near Tahlequah, which isn't terribly far from you. Thanks for watching!
Peggy Rowe
Peggy Rowe Місяць тому
A curious thought, do big foots eat meat ? If they do, wonder if they kill and eat wild boar hogs.
Bigfoot and More
Bigfoot and More Місяць тому
I've heard a few reports of a Bigfoot being seen carrying a dead pig.
Jeffrey Strader
Jeffrey Strader Місяць тому
David I'm pleased that your able to get out in the field right now. Ranch work is keeping me home for a while................I had to go over yesterday to my neighbors land and kill a 5' Western Rat Snake that was coming after her small dogs.
Bigfoot and More
Bigfoot and More Місяць тому
Jeffrey Strader
Jeffrey Strader Місяць тому
I try and leave Texas Bigfeet sightings to the Texans. The TBRC has loads of reports, but some of those Texan "Researchers" can be a bunch of A-holes, that do not like outsiders, especially Okies sticking their (our) noses into their Bigfoot business.
yetisuncle Місяць тому
very fascinating.
River Chaser
River Chaser Місяць тому
It’s prolly illegals c;
Bender Bender
Bender Bender Місяць тому
slicker383 Місяць тому
Thanks for the videos
Five Head
Five Head Місяць тому
Wow I’d never thought of them being down there.
Jeffrey Strader
Jeffrey Strader Місяць тому
East Texas is loaded with activity, along the Louisiana border.
Stan Loftin
Stan Loftin Місяць тому
Wow! South Texas too? Them rascals are everywhere!
Bigfoot and More
Bigfoot and More Місяць тому
I got my first report from that area last year. Apparently a homeless couple encountered one in that area several years ago as well.
Don C
Don C Місяць тому
Hi Dave, I hope you don't mind my asking, but the tree over your right shoulder in this video looks like it has marks painted on it at roughly even intervals, maybe a little less than a foot apart, I just wondered what those are for? Interesting mention about Fouke AR and Legend of the Boggy Creek monster. We lived on Ft. Hood Texas from early 1971 to late (Oct/November) 1975, and I graduated high-school from Killeen HS in 75 prior to moving back home to Oregon when dad retired from the Army. The Army was sending many to Germany then, and I was good friends with a couple hs age girls I went to school with. Before they moved to Germany they moved to Lake O The Pines TX to stay with their grand parents who lived in a nice double wide mobile home on the lake. They told us that recent they had been away from home a couple weeks, and when they returned they found some huge human like foot prints on their porch which had gotten quite a bit of dust on it due to construction being done nearby. We had all watched The Boggy Creek monster movie prior to that time. I'd gone to visit and stay with them a couple times over the summer with a friend who dated the older sister. We never heard or encountered anything. There. But had a family experience while hiking after we returned back home to Oregon. That was in 76. Sorry for rambling, it just brought back old memories from 45 years ago when you mentioned the Fouke Arkansas story.
Bigfoot and More
Bigfoot and More Місяць тому
Hi Don! That movie is still one of my favorites even though there's a lot of theatrical license in it. The marks on the tree is actually moss. It is curious how it grew in strips like it did.
John Hodges Anything Outdoors
John Hodges Anything Outdoors Місяць тому
Very interesting story David, I throw scraps out too. Thanks for the shoutout my friend!
Bigfoot and More
Bigfoot and More Місяць тому
Thanks John, and anytime 👍
Keith McDonald
Keith McDonald Місяць тому
South Sulphur river, and caddo lake in Texas is the place to go
Bigfoot and More
Bigfoot and More Місяць тому
That whole Big Thicket area is a hotbed of bigfoot sightings I hear.
Stangtime Місяць тому
Throw a link in the comments for your other channel. Great video as always!
Bigfoot and More
Bigfoot and More Місяць тому
Good idea, Thanks!
the daily dan blog
the daily dan blog Місяць тому
Wow very interesting stuff
Bigfoot and More
Bigfoot and More Місяць тому
Thank you Dan!
WILLSTAR Місяць тому
Video looks great! David!
Bigfoot and More
Bigfoot and More Місяць тому
Thanks Will!
Tonaldo1469 Місяць тому
As our current administration ignores the boarder crisis, the Bigfeet take a look at it for themselves???😁 Great story, Dave. Subscribed to your new channel.👍
Bigfoot and More
Bigfoot and More Місяць тому
Thank you! And I hope you enjoy the other channel as well 👍
Sharon Guy
Sharon Guy Місяць тому
Thanks Dave for the awesome encounter from South Texas . I just subscribed to your other channel. So I am off to check the videos out over there, stay cool and hydrated it's just too hot outside. 👣👣👣
Bigfoot and More
Bigfoot and More Місяць тому
Thank you, Sharon! Oklahoma summers...Ya gotta love em.
Long Island Bigfoot
Long Island Bigfoot Місяць тому
deep south Texas...deeper than a Bigfoot growl
Bigfoot and More
Bigfoot and More Місяць тому
Good one!
Live Wire
Live Wire Місяць тому
🇲🇽🌮🌯 South Texas
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