Billie Eilish - Therefore I Am (Official Music Video)

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Listen to “Therefore I Am”, out now:

Directed by Billie Eilish

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Music video by Billie Eilish performing Therefore I Am. © 2020 Darkroom/Interscope Records

Francisca Gomes
Francisca Gomes 3 години тому
Hi everyone, since my last project on leaving those comments up into the most seem videos (or the ones generally seen by people struggling) went very good and had mostly an amazing response, I'm trying to do this again. First of all I'd like to start by telling you guys, belive it or not, that this message isn't just a way of getting likes. It's a way of helping people. I have a wish to help the ones dealing with the same as me or simply having a rough time. This text will surely be long, so I do apologize for that. This is meant to be read by anyone. Whether you're going throught a trauma, mental ilness, rejection, a bad day, a desease... Anything. I just want you to know that life is not black and white. It isn't supposed to be just bad or just good. It does has both. People tend to decide how we should cope with everything. When we're being exaggerated, when we should be taking this more seriously, when we should be happy and when we should feel guilty. When we deserve bad things, who we should identify with, what we should like and how we should behave. When people expect to much from us we create the idea that we should be that person in our minds. But sometimes we want to go a diferent direction. You know? We don't want to be seen as all those bad names, imagens and rumours everyone uses against us. This makes us feel like we're not good enough. Like the others have the right to define who we want to be. Like they're the ones in the position to decide it. We can decide our inspirations. It can be our family, our friends, an idol, etc... But the ones in power to choose those ideals are only and just and simply US. These pressures allow depression and anxiety to consume us. We can get hurt because there's evil people in the world. They can hurt us in the most various ways. Some people seem to be great and betray us. Others stay by our side. Humans abuse, manipulate and try to destroy other humans. Unfortunatly that leaves scars. But scars heal. They may stay on our memory but they will stop giving us the amount of pain we felt like we would have forever. Bad things happen, bad days exist, bad people exist, mistakes exist and no one is perfect. The same way bad things exist, good things exist too. And I belive they're much more than the bad ones. We need to know that we are amazing and that it's not our fault if the world doesn't likes and enjoys trying to ruin Amazing things. We're products of love, Intelligence, brilliance and hope. We need to realize that it's okay to have breakdowns and that our suffering not only doesn't defines us but also doesn't stops us from being happy. Never, no matter what the situation is. When we cry, we look beautiful too. If we decides to end our lifes, we would be destroying someone who was born to conquer the world with his/her powerful personality. Regardless of our mistakes, regardless of how strong or weak we are. We're powerful. And it's okay to talk to someone when things aren't the best. If people judge you, talk to another and another... Until someone hears. Because someone will. If your in school/college, talk to a family member, a teacher, an employee. Someone will take care of you and help you feel better so that you can be empowered again. To end it, people don't have the right to judge who you are, decide what you deserve or didn't deserve, make you feel less of who you are or who you want to be. You are loved and you'll be happy, even if you don't found/realize it yet. We can decide who we want to be and we can enjoy life and do what we feel like fits right for us. We can be kind to each other and choose to make the difference, the same way I'm trying to make in here-with this message. Thanks to everyone who had the glorious patience to read it all down to here. A hug to all you guys, we'll get over this phase, we will find the cure and send corona to hell! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Kaytlin Hugo
Kaytlin Hugo 3 години тому
So this is why i couldn't go inside the mall to go buy me a icecream sunday :
Tech Trick
Tech Trick 3 години тому
3 1 3 r r
3 1 3 r r 3 години тому
كيوت 🥺🖤
André Isaksson
André Isaksson 3 години тому
Hii I’m one of your biggest fans!!!!🥺✨ You the best singer ever in the world I love your song ilomilo!! And I know many things about you!! If I could meet you i gona start crying this is on my dads account!!💕✨ I love how you sing you the best human in the world for me you are a special human!!! I love you so much 💕✨🥺
Ayaka Williams
Ayaka Williams 3 години тому
Hello Person Reding this
Hello Person Reding this 3 години тому
Can someone tell me in her name what's her first middle and last bc it is 5 words and I don't know what's he first middle and last sorry bil 😭😭😭
Safwa Nael
Safwa Nael 3 години тому
Love u bitch 🌚🖤
JEANNE MANCINI 3 години тому
Why didn’t she eat the pretzel
i eat socks • 200 years ago
i eat socks • 200 years ago 3 години тому
She is living my childhood dream! Having an entire mall just for me 😆
Romina Mejía
Romina Mejía 3 години тому
I love the song
يومات واحد عراقي
يومات واحد عراقي 3 години тому
But I think the only thing that is really going to change in a year or so is the way the government can get the job done and that is a very difficult issue for us to do in terms that are going
Oreo Cake
Oreo Cake 3 години тому
Billie Eilish is a very good singer. LIKE REALLY GOOD I SWEAR
Samantha's Channel
Samantha's Channel 3 години тому
•ԃιαɳɳҽ• 3 години тому
t/n? Eres tu? 👀 Pa los que no sepan que es t/n es tu nombre v: Edit: billie me das 91927382 euros 😳,
Luis Zaragoza
Luis Zaragoza 3 години тому
And she leaves with her food I love this lol
pequeputcc 00
pequeputcc 00 3 години тому
Españoles ?
سلطان سعد القحطاني ALQAHTANI
سلطان سعد القحطاني ALQAHTANI 3 години тому
Hi last comment
SnowyNevik87 3 години тому
"Shot on iphone"
Antonella Guerreiro
Antonella Guerreiro 3 години тому
Luis Zaragoza
Luis Zaragoza 3 години тому
Good job I love it
Schleich klisna cz
Schleich klisna cz 3 години тому
Schleich klisna cz
Schleich klisna cz 3 години тому
Jsem z Česka tak pardon jestli to mám špatně
Lino Bausback
Lino Bausback 3 години тому
Not a big billie fan but I still just can’t get enough of 1:03 theres something about that tone and voice that makes it so satisfying!
Kiko Petri
Kiko Petri 3 години тому
حور 3 години тому
اين لعرب انا لا اراهم🙂😂💞
I love this!
BTS Amooo
BTS Amooo 3 години тому
😆😆 tá roubando o shopping ? Kkkkkkkkkk😆😆😆
# LOL 3 години тому
Nancy Neri
Nancy Neri 3 години тому
Your are in México bille I'm your fan
يـومـيـر 3 години тому
Like ice cream man horror game
yari Cruz
yari Cruz 3 години тому
Omg billiee
Ulises Valdez
Ulises Valdez 3 години тому
talk to my cat .....okay.....get it ?
Naisu 3 години тому
3:26 this look OMG
# LOL 3 години тому
Kya baat hai
Hala Zizo
Hala Zizo 3 години тому
Sasha Games
Sasha Games 3 години тому
XXXTentasion... Billie.......
Hala Zizo
Hala Zizo 3 години тому
I Love you Billie
Meldina Mujanovic
Meldina Mujanovic 3 години тому
Adam STRANGERADAM 3 години тому
Кривошеева Анастасия
Кривошеева Анастасия 3 години тому
Hi! My name’s Anastasia I’m from Russia I want some live in America, and learn Eanglish
BTS Amooo
BTS Amooo 3 години тому
jam desing
jam desing 3 години тому
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂rind litross.. um shopinggg particular .. na mente della por alguns minutos .. eiii volteee
TORADORA 4LIFE 3 години тому
3:52 LMAO How she some what struggled to get on to the counter! 😂
CGiFilms 3 години тому
Чем то напоминает песню мирби
Livi sus
Livi sus 3 години тому
This is prescious UwU❤️❤️❤️❤️
Leandro Lima
Leandro Lima 3 години тому
Detestei! Enquando pessoas então passando fome essa burguesa está sendo burguesa! Olha: RIDICULO
Emmalee Bozek
Emmalee Bozek 3 години тому
my mom: *loses me in the mall* me asf:
TORADORA 4LIFE 3 години тому
I think that she is the only girl that can actually pull off baggy clothes with a style on it, and still look on fire and beautiful! 🔥😊
Kav D
Kav D 3 години тому
just to be honest
just to be honest 3 години тому
who think therefore tooooo?
Jonathan Noguez
Jonathan Noguez 3 години тому
Tim Arsenault
Tim Arsenault 3 години тому
Immagine you're either just about to open or you're closing the store and you just see Billy runnin around out your window.
Melys.turn_ liffe
Melys.turn_ liffe 3 години тому
Clash_WorLd 3 години тому
Thrill 🔥
Liliana Saldarriaga
Liliana Saldarriaga 3 години тому
Lixr TW
Lixr TW 3 години тому
The camera that they recorded this video is round But the video is not
Ledy_ Anya
Ledy_ Anya 3 години тому
Русских нет? А давайте поставим много лайков над этим комментом типо тут чё то серьёзное написано(чтобы иностранцы подумали так)😂
Laxmidhar Moharana
Laxmidhar Moharana 3 години тому
Hope we meet again when this music reach 1B
guadalupe bojorquez
guadalupe bojorquez 3 години тому
I’m so jealous 😫😫😅😅
Miguel Torrella
Miguel Torrella 3 години тому
Amazong song : )
Akriti Yadav
Akriti Yadav 3 години тому
Smile and let everyone know that today, you’re a lot stronger than you were.☺️..🥰
Warlley charles
Warlley charles 3 години тому
E eu q estou procurando o Brasileiros comentar... "QUEM DO BARSIL CURTI👇"
Anayila Ahmed
Anayila Ahmed 3 години тому
This hits different when you're a philosophy student
Bickdigchannel 3 години тому
Follow me if u like Naruto!!!!!
Payam Talat
Payam Talat 3 години тому
I love yoUuuuuu😭♥
Mario Serban
Mario Serban 3 години тому
where my angry cartesians at
Yousif Walled
Yousif Walled 3 години тому
مفيش حد عربي هنا
Malotru 23
Malotru 23 3 години тому
This mv is the dream of a lot of kids 😂
Cute Cookie 🍪
Cute Cookie 🍪 3 години тому
Hi Billie eilish I like your songs
Jingbin Xu
Jingbin Xu 3 години тому
this song is so fking amazing, catch me at the first beat
Brooke &Kristin
Brooke &Kristin 3 години тому
Billie : gets body shamed Also Billie: responds by eating a shot ton of food What a legend 🖤💚🖤💚🖤💚🖤💚🖤💚🖤💚🖤💚🖤💚🖤
Sequoia Spencer
Sequoia Spencer 3 години тому
She ate and left no crumbs during her AMA’s performance!👏🏽
IV o Z a R e IK
IV o Z a R e IK 3 години тому
If only I wasn't a bot.....
M_a_z_ivム 3 години тому
*chi cos*
Almond- doll
Almond- doll 3 години тому
i kinda feel like this song is for bryce hall two just because
رورو ايوب
رورو ايوب 3 години тому
مين حاسس انو بيلي نصحانه شوي
Ayden Maquilon
Ayden Maquilon 3 години тому
M_a_z_ivム 3 години тому
Amiyha Rodriguez
Amiyha Rodriguez 3 години тому
Meli Heh
Meli Heh 3 години тому
First 35 sec of the music vid: Billie the queen just walking around the mall Me: OMg SHe iS SUcH A QUEEN💖💖💖💖💖💜
Dora Aventureira
Dora Aventureira 3 години тому
Vishakha Meena
Vishakha Meena 3 години тому
Being real in an ideal world is a challenge and bellie is cope it 😉..
Lark_ Lore
Lark_ Lore 3 години тому
Why are we running?! Don’t eat n run Billie!
Gamer King 75
Gamer King 75 3 години тому
I want 500€ hhhhhhhh
Sheku Mansaray
Sheku Mansaray 3 години тому
New song love it
Amanda J.
Amanda J. 3 години тому
Shattyk Aneskyzy
Shattyk Aneskyzy 3 години тому
Luka Vega
Luka Vega 3 години тому
This video is shitty fr. I wish I woulda just listened to the song but really...I hope the next ones better.
Addison Dunn
Addison Dunn 3 години тому
No one: The camera man:➡️⬅️↙️↘️↗️⬇️⬆️↖️↕️↔️↔️↕️↖️⬆️⬇️↗️↘️↙️⬅️➡️
The Harper Plays
The Harper Plays 3 години тому
oh snap she a robber
planeta da isabel bel
planeta da isabel bel 3 години тому
Thanos 3 години тому
The only song that starts off with a chorus 😆
Mack Playz
Mack Playz 3 години тому
You are so rock
Lucy Jane
Lucy Jane 3 години тому
Here (kinda) before it blows up (around 50m rn)🤣
Fahed Salem
Fahed Salem 3 години тому
masterpiece istgg
Fahed Salem
Fahed Salem 3 години тому
mirsade bilalli
mirsade bilalli 3 години тому
Fahed Salem
Fahed Salem 3 години тому
can't get over this songg idk whyy!
Prince Chaikim
Prince Chaikim 3 години тому
Who else keep coming back?🗣? Check my reaction video to this masterpiece please...
Szymon_ RoyaleYT
Szymon_ RoyaleYT 3 години тому
Always wanted to eat something in the mall and not Pay for it.
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