Bluetooth 2.0 VS Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) || Is an Upgrade worth it?

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In this VS episode we will have a closer look at the most common Bluetooth boards for the Arduino. Along the way I will present you how easy it is to implement such a board in a Bluetooth project and whether it makes sense to use Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) or whether we should stick to Bluetooth 2.0.

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Elodie CEMOI
Elodie CEMOI 16 днів тому
I don't know if it is true, but I have been told that Apple iOS meaning all the iPhone smartphones, is not compatible with Bluetooth 2.0 (because SPP=Serial Port Profile is not supported), and consequently BLE 4.0 is required to work with the iPhones. Can you confirm ?
M Talha Khalid
M Talha Khalid Місяць тому
I use hc5 and made my own app for android and turn on off light send text and more
Rahul Tiwari
Rahul Tiwari Місяць тому
BLE board draws 120uA in sleep mode and can be powered by a coin battery. But, usually it needs to transfer data occasionally when it requires 9mA. So, do we need a seperate power configuration when transferring data. How to configure the power sources in that case?
Can I make a BLE Scanner for other BLE devices using HM 10?
Bipra Prasad Dey
Bipra Prasad Dey 3 місяці тому
Please upload usb to Bluetooth keyboard
vortex42studios 4 місяці тому
Very helpful, thanks!
Fab🎃 4 місяці тому
If it's BLE, a major advantage it should have over the HC-05 is that it's able to pair with apple devices
Bietzefeld _04
Bietzefeld _04 4 місяці тому
I can't download the code. Can you take the code in Microsoft Word or Open Office please? It would be easier to copy the code
Xcube Tech
Xcube Tech 4 місяці тому
thanks man u saved my life
Sergey Reznichenko
Sergey Reznichenko 4 місяці тому
Hi. Is it possible to connect from one master to many slaves using uuid?
eXtreme Electronics
eXtreme Electronics 5 місяців тому
Hello Scott! Great! But you didn't considered the other side, that is the phone. Doesn't it also saves lots of power there also? For continuous monitoring use, doesn't the phone runs cool when using the BLE? while it gets hotter on Bluetooth 2 based phones or running in compatibility Bluetooth 2 mode?
Mario Bignami
Mario Bignami 5 місяців тому
hey... can i change my bluetooth mac address through this app?
조영익 5 місяців тому
It's Cool! How to may i try to make my wired keyboard to wireless one? or i find a other referance video?
Aeutomticat 5 місяців тому
I had to chuckle about a German sending ´9, 9, 9, 9´ commands...
FPChris 6 місяців тому
DSD TECH HM-10 doesn’t react to AT commands. Nothing
Gary Melander
Gary Melander 6 місяців тому
Does anyone know how to pair a PS4 controller to the Arduino friendly HM--10 BLE module/? Share+Logo doesnt work
Mashur Shalehin
Mashur Shalehin 7 місяців тому
Can hm10 be used as a hid keyboard or mouse?
Kirito 7 місяців тому
What is the range of this 4.0v (in meters) ??
Morteza Modjtahedi
Morteza Modjtahedi 7 місяців тому
topic too old top answer but anyway I think better to remember that sometime in phone's like new iPhone series that only support V4 you force to use new version module's.
oryan shreck
oryan shreck 8 місяців тому
would have been helpful if you shared the code for both
Fernando Hood
Fernando Hood 8 місяців тому
Why are the pins in that orientation?
Mohamad Chamrami
Mohamad Chamrami 9 місяців тому
Is it possible to create an audio player for the car with this module?
ifro4u 9 місяців тому
Can I use this for making printer wireless ....
Jeet-G 10 місяців тому
Can u pls make demo : BLE Angle of Arrival and Angle of Departure Bluetooth 5.1 using BLE ESP 32
Samgeetha 202
Samgeetha 202 10 місяців тому
Can u make a video about the bluetooth functioning in bluetooth earbuds.
Gonçalo Bravo
Gonçalo Bravo 10 місяців тому
If you continue to use does pens in underline i am going to stop watch you videos beacuse it makes me feel strange in my theeth
Younus Dar
Younus Dar 11 місяців тому
How can I increase range of hc 05 I need it! Can you suggest some solution ! When I go in a different room my BLE does not connect!
Bergwacht 11 місяців тому
bt fire work starter lol....just use wires and a battery and ure right
Bhasker Sharma
Bhasker Sharma 11 місяців тому
Hi Scott. Just after watching your video I watched this "" where this guy used only HM-10 module without any MCU to control LED. But I didn't understood it completely. Could you please help to explain it in your simple way :-)
Mohammed Irfan
Mohammed Irfan 11 місяців тому
Cant your channel upgrade more like new intro outro
D Johnson
D Johnson 11 місяців тому
at 0:29 you have some jizz on your jumper wire.
Torne Dixon
Torne Dixon Рік тому
Could you do a video on how to make your own Bluetooth module with the bc417 ic
AB434 Рік тому
Everyone:Multimeter Electroboom:Multimeta Great Scott:MULTIMUETAR
Oliver Schönrock
Oliver Schönrock Рік тому
Nicely done. Another really important difference is that the HC-05 BT2.0 boards DO NOT WORK with iPhones. That's because Apple refused to pay the licensing fees for this relatively old BT standard. So if you want your application to work with iPhones then you need to use a more modern BT standard like 4.0, eg the HM-10. So, if you care about iPhone compatibility use BT4.0LE via board like the HM-10.
rad c2
rad c2 Рік тому
mine doesnt go through the pairing steps. i can connect directly with the serial bluetooth terminal app you mentioned.
Rio Aditiyono
Rio Aditiyono Рік тому
Felipe Santos
Felipe Santos Рік тому
Loved it!
Daniel Vela
Daniel Vela Рік тому
There is no information on sleep mode. Is it possible to wake up the hm10 remotely? How?
Cool l33t Stuff
Cool l33t Stuff Рік тому
I have made a HC-05/HC-06 programmer you can see it here and purchase it here
Laljiahir 5
Laljiahir 5 Рік тому
I watch your videos for show of my self from my friends
René Blas
René Blas Рік тому
Hello, How many watts are the resistors?
EngineeredMechanized Рік тому
hat is this accent from?
thelaziestdev Рік тому
If you look very closely at 2:52... His Phone is at 69% lmao
Jonas Sch
Jonas Sch Рік тому
can you recomend a chip for making a bluetooth headset?
patel kurang
patel kurang Рік тому
Hy buddy my bt v4.4 can't pairs with my Phone and any bt Android aap
patel kurang
patel kurang Рік тому
It is on condition working with at comments but not pairs with my phone
Thiago Felipe Navarro
Thiago Felipe Navarro Рік тому
thanks for all
Desire Technologies
Desire Technologies Рік тому
can i get the raw data transmitting from ble module like as we can access the raw data of ble beacons
whyrtyre Рік тому
If the device uses a blue PCB, it's instantly 10x cooler.
Blue Turkey
Blue Turkey Рік тому
Bluetooth is shit.
Stoner Rd
Stoner Rd Рік тому
GREAT SCOTT a Bluetooth bomb is possible...
Hello, how to use AT commands? do i need some soft? With "Arduion Serial monitor" is does not work for me :((
Alan Xu
Alan Xu Рік тому
even 4.0 is barely usable for me...the range the quality.....2.0? wtf is that.
Chetan Rohila
Chetan Rohila Рік тому
clone of a clone hahahhahaha i laughed so hard
Kevin Chen aka Stonez56
Kevin Chen aka Stonez56 Рік тому
Is it possible for a smartphone to connect 4~6 BLE devices at the same time? Can you do a tutorial?
Hacking Info
Hacking Info Рік тому
2:26 why to use 3v when you already have 5v vcc pin in bluetooth base board??
Richard Lighthouse
Richard Lighthouse Рік тому
bluetooth is 3v device, but it has voltage regulator on vcc pin.
Дмитрий Ценцевицкий
Дмитрий Ценцевицкий Рік тому
Хм, а может именно светодиод на плате BLE модуля потребляет эти 10 мА во время активного режима? Ведь во время приема/передачи не было всплесков по потреблению, как у hc-05
krisnadi imam
krisnadi imam Рік тому
How bout blutetooth 5 and the aptxHD? Mind doing something about that?
RicoElectrico Рік тому
BLE has the option to send broadcast packets without pairing, it's used e.g. for beacons or sensors.
Meikle641 Рік тому
Where's the best place to look into that?
MasterMind Рік тому
DO HM-10 BLE support windows 10 spp?
Prashik Khare
Prashik Khare Рік тому
Please make a video on how to program arduino using Bluetooth module
Joe Campbell
Joe Campbell Рік тому
There isn't an explosives expert alive that would fail to sternly warn you about setting off explosives with radio frequency. It's extremely dangerous.
Dark knight
Dark knight Рік тому
Only he understand
Hans Dampf
Hans Dampf Рік тому
The HM-10 presented here is one of the many "fake" ones. It is lacking the second crystal, which the original HM-10 has. Plus, it has a different firmware with many limitations, higher current in standby, very bad/badly tuned antenna and range, etc. However it can be flashed with the original HM-10 firmware, which eradicates some of these drawbacks.
Hi Рік тому
So BT 4 is good for devices that have batteries. If you have power from the wall and don't need to upgrade then don't.
Frank Blackcrow
Frank Blackcrow Рік тому
TMI.. just make it work !.
ABaumstumpf Рік тому
Funny how the chip used in the bluetooth-module already has a micro-controller included that gives the arduino a run for its money :P 8/16bit timers, 8K Ram, I2C, USART, 12bit ADC - quit a decent thing.
Mykhailo Redka
Mykhailo Redka Рік тому
7:40 Some man just want to watch the world burn
Jean Pierre Daviau
Jean Pierre Daviau Рік тому
What are the passwords for Bluno mega 2560 and BLEEEEEE-LINK? Thank you.
Jean Pierre Daviau
Jean Pierre Daviau Рік тому
With BasicsSoftwareSerialWithAnswer.ino I can send to the phone but not the reverse.
Guds777 Рік тому
Have you made a video about MKR1000
sleepib Рік тому
40ms ping is quite a lot actually, is there a lighter weight option to get that down around 1ms? For example, for a mouse or keyboard.
Kingseeker BACKUP
Kingseeker BACKUP Рік тому
@sleepib Then use wired then if you complain about latency. Wireless are still gonna have latency.
sleepib Рік тому
​@Kingseeker BACKUP We're not talking about a signal that has to go halfway around the world and back. Actual transit time is less than one microsecond, so why is latency of these modules tens of thousands of times that? Also, latency is cumulative(even unnoticeable amounts matter, because it adds up from several contributing factors), and 20ms is noticeable in an AB test of cursor movement. Latency well under 10ms is noticeable in an input device when you're playing a rhythm game.
Kingseeker BACKUP
Kingseeker BACKUP Рік тому
40ms ping is super low that we wont notice it. It is way better than having 200ms.
Jaromír Anděl
Jaromír Anděl Рік тому
What I know is the BT 4.0 shoul'd have much less power consumption. That's the main "policy" of BT nowdays. Not the speed. You can use the wifi for speed. It is for the lowest power consumption. The BT4 devices will stay online for over 1 year just with the button cell battery.
Master Chief
Master Chief Рік тому
Back to the future dock reference right
A B Рік тому
A single table would have been great to save your 1 thousand words
yub bois
yub bois Рік тому
Can you can you please Bluetooth 4.0 to make a project that Alexa can control
Sofian Madi
Sofian Madi Рік тому
I need your help GretScott!, I bought the lb-bt5 module as in the video the only problem it came unsoldered without the pins! now I have 34 pins and I couldn't find a spec sheet online that tells me how to connect them!
لمسة برمجية
لمسة برمجية Рік тому
How can i connect this device with a pic microcontroller? Thank You very mutch
Z80 Рік тому
pic microcontroller are too old , the newer MC are faster and cheaper .
John Sambrerra
John Sambrerra Рік тому
How to connect arduino bt + arduino bt, master/slave?
TheDryparn Рік тому
You forgot range and robustness. BT4 has gained robustness functionality, similar to features found in Zigbee, so it will keep connection in harsher environments like thick walls, through floors and long distances.
Jean Pierre Daviau
Jean Pierre Daviau 2 роки тому
How far can it send data?
Paweł Fabiszewski
Paweł Fabiszewski 2 роки тому
Also consider only BT 4.0 and newer devices can be connected to iOS devices. So if you want communication between iPhone and lamp switcher - HM10 is a way to go.
willentine jerry
willentine jerry 2 роки тому
how i can use this as audio jack bluetooh receiver?
Nemo Рік тому
You can't. HM-05 and HM-10 transmit data, only data, not audio. You can physically connect the data lines to an audio input, but all you will get is modem sounds.
Shawnak Sawaikar
Shawnak Sawaikar 2 роки тому
How many devices can be connected to one HC 05 Bluetooth module?
Kagha 2 роки тому
-hello -WHAT?
Faceless Educators
Faceless Educators 2 роки тому
So Hc 10 Rating :3v & 9ma not pair. 9.1 ma for pair Hc-05 Rating :3v & 20 ma
Planerful 2 роки тому
Does BLE module work in bluetooth HID mode? How to reflash him?
CA. Bohol
CA. Bohol 2 роки тому
Ron B
Ron B 2 роки тому
Thx for your vids including this one. I thought a major advanyage of BT4.0 is multi connection support?
Pomidor TV
Pomidor TV 2 роки тому
You have s7 or s6?
Robin2bin 2 роки тому
Please make a video on HC-12... It says it can be controlled from a very large distance... About 1.8Km
little mtbrs
little mtbrs 2 роки тому
Top man love watching your very interesting and inspiring videos....
vpertys 2 роки тому
Introducing the bleh
Eduardo Antunes
Eduardo Antunes 2 роки тому
and AT-09 ?
Rafał Zbojak
Rafał Zbojak 2 роки тому
You forgot about one nifty thing that might convince some people to switch from HC-05. HC-10 can work as an iBeacon. What that basically means is that it can broadcast its data to more than one device at a time. Useful for something like sensors that don't need to receive data from controller and if they do need to receive something like a config change, you can easily switch them back to Central + Peripheral mode, receive data packet and go back to Broadcaster + Observer.
Skube Tube
Skube Tube 2 роки тому
3:22 General Kenobi?!
Caj Schlörike
Caj Schlörike 2 роки тому
Hey kannst du auch ein Video über ws2812b machen, und wie man die fernsteuert (Bluetooth, IR, WIFI) ich hab bis jetzt kein gutes Video gefunden und deine Videos sind allgemein hilfreich!!! Wäre echt lieb und danke fürs Video
Nur Sakinah
Nur Sakinah 2 роки тому
can i know how did you connect it with multimeter in more details please
Al Fahad
Al Fahad 2 роки тому
Is it useful to use it in a Bluetooth controlled Arduino rc car??
Oliver Chu
Oliver Chu 2 роки тому
In China,I buy one and it costs me only 1.2 dollars.
NightFrost GT
NightFrost GT 2 роки тому
God for you we dont care
Ferniez 2 роки тому
Is it any better with respect to the sound it transmits? Does it provide any better sound?
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