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Reinhardt Buhr

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Multi-Instrumentalist Reinhardt Buhr has composed 17 albums in 10 years time.

At the end of 2019, his work went viral over social media, reaching more than a hundred million views across Facebook and UKposts.

Reinhardt combines the Laser Harp, Spanish Guitar, Electric Guitar, Electric Cello, Australian didgeridoo, Israeli Shofar, Spanish Cajon, Synthesizers and Piano via a live looping system to create an extraordinary symphonic orchestral sound in only a one-man improvisational act.

Reinhardt Buhr was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1988 and grew up with
no passion for music at all, In fact, as a teenager, he became a computer gamer and
began abusing alcohol at a very young age. His first job was at a small liquor store, where he earned 20 cents an hour. After that, he worked as a packer in a supermarket. His plan of
becoming an animator failed when he started abusing marijuana and alcohol on a
regular basis.

At the age of 19, two of his closest friends began learning the guitar. Reinhardt
immediately fell in love with it. With no formal training, the three friends simply
taught themselves how to play. A year later, Reinhardt was inspired by a Flamenco
guitar player, and began learning Flamenco Rumba Guitar from UKposts videos.
One day, he was sitting at a small roadside steak restaurant with his parents, and
there was a man playing solo guitar covers. Reinhardt approached him to make
small talk and the owner of the restaurant overheard that Reinhardt played a bit of
Spanish Guitar music.

So the owner asked Reinhardt “Why don’t you come back next week to play, and I
will give you a steak and 10 dollars in return?” So Reinhardt Buhr played his first
solo Spanish guitar gig that following weekend and hasn’t stopped since.
Reinhardt Buhr quickly became known around South Africa and formed a duo
band called “Wild Lettuce”. He and the drummer performed many national
tours. They also opened for a lot of great artists. But unfortunately, Reinhardt fell
into a dark habit of abusing alcohol, drugs, and cocaine.

This affected him, his career, and everyone around him in a very negative way.
The band broke up. Reinhardt Buhr went solo and left his hometown, hoping to
escape the drug scene, only to find himself moving in with someone who also had
a cocaine problem. The whole cycle started over again.

At the end of 2016, Reinhardt hit an all-time low. He was at the point of death. He
fell on his knees and pleaded with God to step into his broken life. When things
could not get any worse, God in His full mercy and grace, stepped in and changed
his life completely. Reinhardt and his wife, Mandie Buhr, both experienced God’s
salvation and were baptized together. They left a lifestyle of abusing, marijuana,
alcohol, and drugs, and began on a beautiful road of salvation and healing.
During the biggest transition of his life, Reinhardt was playing a gig one day. As
he was playing for hundreds of people, He experienced a voice telling him to make music
for God. When Reinhardt made the shift from playing for fame and fortune to
playing for Christ Jesus, everything about his music changed! You can even see
the transition from his earlier album called “Organic 432hz”, to his latest album
entitled “Arise”.

To this day, Reinhardt Buhr makes music to God. This is his way of worshiping
His Creator and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Reinhardt Buhr
Reinhardt Buhr 11 місяців тому
Download this song "Prayer" here:
Crystal Carter
Crystal Carter 9 днів тому
They house me in the building with cafeteria and showers then move me in old cars with no camwras
Crystal Carter
Crystal Carter 9 днів тому
There are shower stalls in the building and toilets and a cafeteria
Crystal Carter
Crystal Carter 9 днів тому
I was abducted by terrorist group
Crystal Carter
Crystal Carter 9 днів тому
Their are stealing children
Crystal Carter
Crystal Carter 9 днів тому
Cars are used from how I was made to teach them to drive to keep me underground
Alex Came
Alex Came 11 годин тому
What was this ...omg I was in different worlds woooow
Владислав Каравцев
Владислав Каравцев 16 годин тому
Музыка... Нет. Так звучит Душа. Так звучит Вселенная.
WOULINX 17 годин тому
Theon Greyjoy
Klaus Greff
Klaus Greff 20 годин тому
Carrie Padgett
Carrie Padgett 2 дні тому
Gosh I would love to hear a collab with Gennady Tkachenko one day ♡
Inévitable Records
Inévitable Records 2 дні тому 🎡🎡🎢 looping
gutagutaguta1 2 дні тому
This reminds me of something i never knew
Анна Кокстова
Анна Кокстова 2 дні тому
талантище просто!!!
Haris Sohail
Haris Sohail 2 дні тому
What a soulful music, your music has given me countless goosebumps.. keep rocking and stay blessed !
Хакимов Дилшод
Хакимов Дилшод 2 дні тому
Вообще кайф это! Так хочется быть рядом и слышать вживую, Узбекистондан салом!
mcxulu9 2 дні тому
Pretty cool. A busker with over $10,000 worth of equipment
DJ Shaun Reed
DJ Shaun Reed 2 дні тому
so sick!💜💜💜💜
TheKoder 2 дні тому
Hi Reinhardt! promise us that you gonna create more Divine music...We are waiting!😡...😀
Trieu Huynh
Trieu Huynh 2 дні тому
Quá tài...good
Alex DMC
Alex DMC 2 дні тому
alexandre brand
alexandre brand 2 дні тому
Quel instrument électrique à corde c'est ??
Семен Федосеев
Семен Федосеев 2 дні тому
Gypsy Rose
Gypsy Rose 3 дні тому
🔥speechless 🙌 pure talent
Андрей Шумилов
Андрей Шумилов 3 дні тому
Ariel Cáceres
Ariel Cáceres 4 дні тому
I live in Auckland New Zealand, when I listen to this song, it makes me fly to tibet.
MrGroove 4 дні тому
Awesome!!! How do you power it?
Harshadip Ramteke
Harshadip Ramteke 5 днів тому
You must be time traveller from future my friend. you are at uncompairable level. Awesome.
Cody Arthur
Cody Arthur 5 днів тому
Great musician but weird ass song description.
Ksu Sha
Ksu Sha 5 днів тому
Респект и уважуха!!!🤗🤭😊
С В Е Т Л А Н А ♥ Р О М А Н Ч У К (Pelshinda)
С В Е Т Л А Н А ♥ Р О М А Н Ч У К (Pelshinda) 6 днів тому
😍👍👍👍 *Талантище! Адреналинище!))) А чувак позади книгу так и не смог нормально почитать, ибо под такой мини-спектакль одного музыканта это невозможно)))*
Peter Woerz
Peter Woerz 6 днів тому
I came across your music, read your story and was very happy in these strange times worldwide. The great awakening has begun.
Juzar Lloyd.
Juzar Lloyd. 6 днів тому
Superb. Ur music touches the soul to peace 🎶🎶🎶🙏
александр Старостенко
александр Старостенко 6 днів тому
Бляха муха😊👍👍👍🖕👌👌❤️
ElectricEddie 7 днів тому
Does anyone know what the bowed instrument is called?????
Vie-avec passion
Vie-avec passion 7 днів тому
C’est génial ce que tu fais. Je dirais même que c’est divin
Mann von Welt
Mann von Welt 7 днів тому
Wow mit guten Kopfhörer klingt und fühlt es sich fast wie 8D an. Mega cool Danke 🙌🏼
Rui Pereira
Rui Pereira 8 днів тому
Some love from Portugal. Keep it up!
Reinhardt Buhr
Reinhardt Buhr 7 днів тому
Thanks a lot for watching!
Denis Ruchkine
Denis Ruchkine 8 днів тому
Soundtrack to the film "Terminator" ?
Reinhardt Buhr
Reinhardt Buhr 7 днів тому
Hahaha did not know that
Tim West
Tim West 8 днів тому
Man dam your good I bout dam near cried I know I'm late seeing this but hope to hell you made it to the big times cause people need to hear and fill your power of emotion you put in your music much love to you brother never give up your passion it fills the heart . God Bless
Reinhardt Buhr
Reinhardt Buhr 7 днів тому
Thanks so much for sharing and may God bless you too in Jesus mighty name!
lesurfeur 8 днів тому
like a traveler in space ...
lesurfeur 7 днів тому
you are so that, a music alien. thank you for these musical moments ♥️
Reinhardt Buhr
Reinhardt Buhr 7 днів тому
Hahaha awesome!
lesurfeur 8 днів тому
comme un voyageur dans l'espace...
Котов Алексей
Котов Алексей 8 днів тому
man orchestra
Josurf Lawakeli
Josurf Lawakeli 9 днів тому
Wow...beautiful arrangement...
Reinhardt Buhr
Reinhardt Buhr 7 днів тому
Glad you enjoyed it!
Hai Long Duong
Hai Long Duong 9 днів тому
Your music is out of this world I would say
Reinhardt Buhr
Reinhardt Buhr 7 днів тому
Thank you!
John Carman
John Carman 9 днів тому
If you cannot sing great songs, sing small songs in a great way and put them together to reach your goal.
Reinhardt Buhr
Reinhardt Buhr 7 днів тому
First time I hear that
Kevin Shell
Kevin Shell 9 днів тому
Your music takes me to another place. It is my go to relaxation music, when I want to stop stressful thoughts from crowding my brain. Your music is etherial and other worldly. You have a mastery of knowing what works and what goes together. Thanks for making life a little better. Stay you, even if this grows. Always remember what brought you here.
Reinhardt Buhr
Reinhardt Buhr 7 днів тому
Thanks a lot Kev, appreciate the kind words, yes I will always remember and give glory to Jesus Christ for saving me and giving me this gift to share with others! Blessings to you and your family in Jesus mighty name!
ANDERSON 9 днів тому
Encantador 🎧😁
Роман Флис
Роман Флис 9 днів тому
Caribbean Joe's
Caribbean Joe's 9 днів тому
So im just skipping thru songs, then im hypnotized by this one song!
MESCH URBAN 9 днів тому
Lotti on Tour für den Feuervogel mit Moni & Jörg
Lotti on Tour für den Feuervogel mit Moni & Jörg 10 днів тому
Amazing Performance 👍
Denis Denis
Denis Denis 10 днів тому
Brook Wine
Brook Wine 10 днів тому
Musical nerd in need of a band😅
Ricardo Soares
Ricardo Soares 10 днів тому
Ver esse vídeo chapado é um caminho sem volta, da uma viagem transcendental 🧘‍♂️💚
Чудо Вещее
Чудо Вещее 10 днів тому
super Bro! Amaizing!!!
garage store
garage store 10 днів тому
Gênio instrumentista
Hygrobiology CEO
Hygrobiology CEO 10 днів тому
Amazing….. thank you very much for the high frequency and best Regards from our CEO
Алмас Егеубаев
Алмас Егеубаев 11 днів тому
Прям волшебная музыка супер один
Igor Novikov
Igor Novikov 11 днів тому
The kind of reverberation
Holymetalrob TV CCM:Channel
Holymetalrob TV CCM:Channel 11 днів тому
Christian musicians are inspired by the lord.... and you gonna be one of my teachers school in heaven ...with mozart and Beethoven that are already waiting for us for the marriage of the bride and the party of the lord next closer to be
Bryan Recinos
Bryan Recinos 11 днів тому
Esto debería ser el intro de la nueva temporada de call of duty mobile ♥️♥️♥️
Константин 11 днів тому
Щтастливые люди в тот момент кто это слышал и видел в живую
Sebskii Sebskii
Sebskii Sebskii 11 днів тому
Ahhh you got me there you sausage.. for a second I thought you were about to play gta sa tune xD
I love !!
Piekne !!!!
ALI NOORI 11 днів тому
I literally cried while listening music and reading discription ....god bless this couple
maks koma
maks koma 11 днів тому
He is a GOD Он просто бог
АМИТА 8888🙏
АМИТА 8888🙏 11 днів тому
Но чтто то ни то🤔
Константин 11 днів тому
Я в ахрене от этого трека 👏👏👏👏😮
Jasmina Grmy
Jasmina Grmy 12 днів тому
Wunderschön 👍💯✌ Dankeschön ❤🙏
宇宙 吴
宇宙 吴 12 днів тому
Вадим Меняйленко
Вадим Меняйленко 12 днів тому
Огромный респект, спасибо
Jennifer Ramirez
Jennifer Ramirez 13 днів тому
Thank you, for helping me sleep.
Миха Миха
Миха Миха 13 днів тому
Энигма нервно курить в сторонке)
Zagros zagros
Zagros zagros 13 днів тому
Fresh Air
Fresh Air 13 днів тому
Theon, you are a good man. Thank you
J B 13 днів тому
Reinhardt der Bauer ............
Фазыл Анесов
Фазыл Анесов 13 днів тому
supeeer 🤩🕴💣💥🥁🎤🎻🎹🎸👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
diskmandata4 14 днів тому
Maaan, this is incredible! Added to Favorites!!!
руслан шатдинов
руслан шатдинов 14 днів тому
please refresh my brain
Петр Разумов
Петр Разумов 14 днів тому
Волшебно 🙏
Игорь 15 днів тому
Muhammad Numan Bin Haroon
Muhammad Numan Bin Haroon 15 днів тому
kraftyrevolution 15 днів тому
Who would have tought that Theon Greyjoy was so talented
Suman Khatua
Suman Khatua 15 днів тому
First time a professional plying on street
Boris Anisimov
Boris Anisimov 15 днів тому
Musician? More than many self-proclaimed musicians. Multi-instrumentalist? Children handle the Cello bow better than him.
MH P 16 днів тому
I awoke, to a computer locked in & frozen to an image...and instead of deleting or cancelling, I clicked on hear wizard in my ears....just fumbling unbelievable....just one video & you blew my socks off!
Naraja Farbenfroh
Naraja Farbenfroh 16 днів тому
Владислав Каравцев
Владислав Каравцев 17 днів тому
Неужели такое возможно??? Потрясающе!!!
deepblue6969 17 днів тому
I Love it...
Jungle Boy
Jungle Boy 18 днів тому
Motivational 💪🙏❤
Crypto Shrimp
Crypto Shrimp 18 днів тому
greyjoy from House of Bolton
Myst! Mana!
Myst! Mana! 18 днів тому
Jean du toit
Jean du toit 18 днів тому
Must have been the best 10 mins in the V&A for those people watching you that day.
caletz 18 днів тому
😳😳😳 wuaaaaauuu 🙏🙏🙏
Maik Morawietz
Maik Morawietz 18 днів тому
Das genialste und absolut fantastische was ich seid langem gehört habe. Vielen Danke für diese wunderschönen Klänge.
You Know Me
You Know Me 18 днів тому
Please make few tracks like Nigel Stanford please, please, please
You Know Me
You Know Me 18 днів тому
I wanna hug this dude so tight and jump into black hole while echoes of this track are everywhere in the whole universe
Tojan Musik course
Tojan Musik course 18 днів тому
The BEST GREAT in the wnorld
Roberto j
Roberto j 19 днів тому
Chirag Agarwal
Chirag Agarwal 19 днів тому
One of the best looping I've heard till...
Радик Галимов
Радик Галимов 19 днів тому
Это лучшее что я слышал!!!
Елена Сидаш
Елена Сидаш 20 днів тому
Благодарю я летаю!
Roosevelt Dumornay
Roosevelt Dumornay 20 днів тому
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