Broner vs Santiago HIGHLIGHTS: February 20, 2021 | PBC on SHOWTIME

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Adrien Broner battled his way to a unanimous decision victory over Jovanie Santiago in their 12-round welterweight bout on February 20, 2021, live on SHOWTIME.
#BronerSantiago Fight Recap:
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Oleg Stratulat
Oleg Stratulat 13 хвилин тому
Mr. Canlas
Mr. Canlas 29 хвилин тому
Hold these judges accountable, they did a horrible job scoring . Another day in boxing.
Venbreezy 46 хвилин тому
Broner is not the same, after all
Rapture Годину тому
Broner didn’t win !! this was pathetic. That’s I rather watch Jake Paul fights then watched rigged fights.
Lampi Lampitok
Lampi Lampitok Годину тому
Santiago is a winer
SophieFranas 2 години тому
Lol I thought it said boner
REYNAN OMONGAYON 2 години тому
Reminder: “Our capacity to draw happiness from aesthetic objects or material goods in fact seems critically dependent on our first satisfying a more important range of emotional or psychological needs, among them the need for understanding, for love, expression and respect.”- Alain De Botton
misuyy fong
misuyy fong 2 години тому
“Keep smiling, because life is a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about.” 😂😂❤️❤️😎😎
BEST ATHLETES !! 4 години тому
Problem Broner😅
Alkaine bunnol
Alkaine bunnol 4 години тому
I always thought that Short highlights are either from KO or tko but this fight change everything
SALVATORE Ambassador WEKIWI Energia
SALVATORE Ambassador WEKIWI Energia 4 години тому
Salve Salvo da ITALIA complimenti per il tuo video ciao e tante belle cose grazie mille amo lo sport😍😍😍😍😍😍👍
misuyy fong
misuyy fong 2 години тому
Broner still out here trying to fight huh
Wandering Mind
Wandering Mind 4 години тому
12 round fight with a literally "a minute" highlights? Wow.
Siberian Cajun
Siberian Cajun 5 годин тому
Adrien "the problem keeping my attention now" Broner.
ALİ KARAKAYA 5 годин тому
Herkese merhaba kısa videolara devam ediyorum takip etmeye devam edin kanala bekliyorum sürprizler var acele edin youtube için değişiklik olsun kanalıma destek olmanızı istiyorum
Willy Wuson
Willy Wuson 5 годин тому
Good fight 👏
rui Nakajima
rui Nakajima 5 годин тому
0:07 lol
E Man
E Man 6 годин тому
PBC has the worst highlights of all time...
Humberto Correa
Humberto Correa 6 годин тому
I thought he retired.
Fierce Peter Gaming
Fierce Peter Gaming 6 годин тому
SophiaGamez 7 годин тому
SophiaGamez 7 годин тому
Navy VyNa
Navy VyNa 7 годин тому
The shortest highlight ive seen.
Arguing101 7 годин тому
Don't let this robbery distract you from the fact that Bradley somehow beat Pacquiao 2-1 when the unofficial main event scorecards scored in 52-3 in Pacquiao's favor.
Daken-dono 8 годин тому
I don't like Broner but damn, Santiago fought dirty. Broner better get the same focus he had when he was beating down Floyd's guys if he wants to stick around in the sport.
Hawaiidirtrider 9 годин тому
What a ripoff. Santiago got robbed
Captain BP&J
Captain BP&J 9 годин тому
Broner still out here trying to fight huh
Yugis Grandpa
Yugis Grandpa 10 годин тому
Broner ass
Franc Mittelo
Franc Mittelo 10 годин тому
Boxing is a brutal sport. I don't follow boxing, but when I watch the highlights, I can tell that it is a brutal sport.
Joshua Rosales
Joshua Rosales 11 годин тому
If you watch the whole fight, you'll know who won the fight. And it's Santiago. Santiago Won!!
don desper
don desper 11 годин тому
decision bought and paid for by Boner
MASTAGEE 11 годин тому
There ain’t no way in fuck AB won that fight! All three judges gave the 12th round to AB. Get the fu@k outta here! What a joke
Leasa 12 годин тому
Santiago win 👎🏽
One Love14
One Love14 12 годин тому
Green Bastard
Green Bastard 13 годин тому
Gonna change his name to Adrian "About Three Fiddy" Broner.
JON PARKER HO 13 годин тому
He got in shape FAST wtf
Sr sr
Sr sr 13 годин тому
discusting judges !! Santiago got robbed !! fuck boxing !!
abcd34545 13 годин тому
Broner fucked him up
kingv128mob 13 годин тому
Dude in it for a pay
Victor Ramos
Victor Ramos 13 годин тому
Broner did not win this fight he's not the same boring fight.
Don Pepe
Don Pepe 13 годин тому
Adrian Alara
Adrian Alara 13 годин тому
We not gonna talk about that caveman beard Broner has!? Why are they just letting these thing go now? It's illegal, don't @ me
Peepee Poopoo
Peepee Poopoo 14 годин тому
“Adrian the Boner Broner!”
Ton Sawyer Gamer
Ton Sawyer Gamer 14 годин тому
Hood cooking, money may is the king of all frauds. They want to revive broners career after losing to the og pacman. No wonder why pac asked 40m from arum for the crawford fight because al, floyd and the hood are trying to underpay him in the spence fight so they have him stripped the wba belt. He already risked fighting broner and thurman and them hood was hoping pacmans career to end but the OG showed why he's the greatest beating even these young lion champions while mayweather continues cherrypicking in some exhibition fights. I thought pacman signed under al haymon cause they promised him a rematch and then when pac started destroying their young fighters moneymay started running scared again 😂
James Specht
James Specht 14 годин тому
Broner can be a lot better fighter he can start something but slow down to finish he's a good fighter
Fear GOD & Worship Him
Fear GOD & Worship Him 14 годин тому
REPENT!! REPENT!! REPENT!! Ladies and gentlemen.. GODS children. Repent & be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of your sins & you shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. (Acts 2:38) Trinity is only titles. (Everything you do your supposed to do in the name of Jesus Christ!) Be Rebaptized in the name of Jesus Christ! Everyone will have eternal life after this one.. but you decide whether it's Heaven or Hell. GOD Bless..
Salvador Gonzalez
Salvador Gonzalez 14 годин тому
This shit was whack
Nate Martin Jimenez
Nate Martin Jimenez 14 годин тому
Jo.X 14 годин тому
Weakest boxing fight ever 🤣
Mariner Chris •
Mariner Chris • 14 годин тому
I'm sure there's a lot of "Lowlights" compared to "Highlights" .
dark 14 годин тому
Remove the first r from broner
JH7xXCampus 14 годин тому
He still don’t look good to me 🤧🤔 need to see more keep letting them hands go 4 more wins and maybe I’ll start looking at you again 💯
yung Trell
yung Trell 15 годин тому
Santiago coaches knew he wasn’t doing anything to broner but ok
Abduala Amad
Abduala Amad 15 годин тому
Adrian the problem Boner😂
Terminalogical Inexactitude
Terminalogical Inexactitude 16 годин тому
Brainless blm heros..too short for bassepball
Juan Garcia
Juan Garcia 16 годин тому
Must have been boring
newcastle mad
newcastle mad 17 годин тому
Load of shit brokers lost that fight robbery that
BONAYOG KENNETH M. 17 годин тому
The problem needs some W , so they give him A nobody opponent
Jalen V
Jalen V 17 годин тому
goojgty 17 годин тому
He should’ve never moved up to 147. He was a animal @ lightweight
This Guy
This Guy 17 годин тому
Thought someone got knocked out in the first with this short ass highlight.
Larry jablinski
Larry jablinski 17 годин тому
the commentators had the cheek to say broner threw a punch after the bell first. santiago threw a late one, then broner threw a late one, then santiago threw a ridiculously late one
Larry jablinski
Larry jablinski 17 годин тому
broner is so much better than santiago, but actually nearly lost the fight because his punch rate is so low. needs to throw more punches otherwise he just wont beat the top guys
Larry jablinski
Larry jablinski 17 годин тому
commentators were awful, clearly had something against broner and were trying to discredit him inside and outside the ring the entire fight
Roy Doucet
Roy Doucet 18 годин тому
Broker lost without a doubt.
Moe Fawkah
Moe Fawkah 18 годин тому
Eye of the Liar
Eye of the Liar 18 годин тому
Lol@0:03 seen his face? Haha dude look so scared of them punches coming he nearly hopped out ring till he remembered people were watching 😆
yung Trell
yung Trell 18 годин тому
Why y’all act like Santiago wasn’t hurt
Chapo x ABK
Chapo x ABK 18 годин тому
He ain’t underperform
Chapo x ABK
Chapo x ABK 18 годин тому
Southwest Southside
Dan Josef
Dan Josef 18 годин тому
clear robbery
Marsbonfire 18 годин тому
Not the same without a crowd.
Mario Yañez
Mario Yañez 18 годин тому
Dumbass highlights
THATwasLIT 18 годин тому
Broner won... Me: Did he?
Mr ME 18 годин тому
To the one person reading this: you’re a legend and adorable, stay safe
MahnDa Savage
MahnDa Savage 18 годин тому
Poor AB 0:30-0:35
Godis Love
Godis Love 18 годин тому
" For this cause I was born, and for this cause I have come into the world, that I should bear witness to the truth. Everyone who is of the truth hears My voice.” John 18:37
13 Rounds Of Boxing
13 Rounds Of Boxing 18 годин тому
Broner really lost to this cat 🤣
Noelle Jackson
Noelle Jackson 19 годин тому
how everyone feels about this fight: 0:10 😔🥊
Justt436 19 годин тому
Everybody out there knows Santiago beat him.
Krystyna Ola
Krystyna Ola 19 годин тому
The versed gazelle invariably tremble because thread epidemiologically wait circa a infamous wheel. tender tense, temporary agreement
Billy _Almighty
Billy _Almighty 19 годин тому
Marlon King
Marlon King 19 годин тому
I blinked and I missed the highlights.
Mario Ruiz
Mario Ruiz 20 годин тому
Damn He lost !! 💯💯🤦🏻‍♂️
james ganzy
james ganzy 20 годин тому
Showtime: I'm calling you out. This one minute video is the entirety of what Broner did. Santiago was the aggressor, he out landed Broner by a 2 to 1 margin. AB will never be Mayweather. This video is deceptive at best.
Joshua Chacon
Joshua Chacon 20 годин тому
Broner: "came into this fight with 13 dollars and just flipped it to 13 million" Me: Suuurrreeeeee😑👍
Prince Eris
Prince Eris 10 годин тому
He clearly was trying to say something 😭😂
Sema Duqa
Sema Duqa 20 годин тому
Broner is an amazing talent. He needs to look after his body if it's not already damaged from all that alcohol and women.
Manraj GOSSAL 20 годин тому
Damm broner is definitely back to his world champions best eooooooooooo go get dem bro broner problem yeah man 👨
Sergio Aguilar
Sergio Aguilar 20 годин тому
“He was missing, i controlled the fight, i beat him”
Katherine Quinn
Katherine Quinn 20 годин тому
M Nite
M Nite 21 годину тому
Adrien Broner don't get paid for good reviews, he gets paid to win.
Orlando Requena
Orlando Requena 21 годину тому
I am glad that Broner wins. He is a controversial boxer and that is lacking in today's boring boxing, that crazy boxer deserves a new opportunity.
Marquis 21 годину тому
If ab let them hands fly mani don’t care what nobody say what they want but when ab hands fly look at his opponent face look like he hitting them 50 clean punches and that’s from only one round of two rounds of his hands flying 💯💪
William Allen
William Allen 21 годину тому
PBC's biggest bum is back 😂😂😂 Maybe they can line a "huge" fight against their paper lion Spence lol.
Jose Ramirez
Jose Ramirez 21 годину тому
Isn't broner the cry baby guy?
Why you Care
Why you Care 21 годину тому
Robbery 💥🔫 Disgusting
Andrew Gracia
Andrew Gracia 21 годину тому
I don’t really like Adrian But I would’ve gave the fight him also
Kevin Fuentes
Kevin Fuentes 22 години тому
PBC is a joke to boxing
Chris Crockett
Chris Crockett 22 години тому
Wow! He finally got a win.......😴😴😴😴😴
ruffsnap 22 години тому
Sooooo satisfying to see Broner win this!
Supa Dave
Supa Dave 22 години тому
What highlights?I blinked.
X 22 години тому
Today its my birthday and im sad
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