Chlöe Performs "Have Mercy" | 2021 VMAs | MTV

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Chlöe performs "Have Mercy" at the 2021 VMAs.

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MTV 14 днів тому
Chlöe Bailey on 'Have Mercy' & Her Solo Debut:
Darryl Williams
Darryl Williams 15 годин тому
Background dancer with the fro stole the whole show for me. 😮
Paula’s Universe *
Paula’s Universe * 2 дні тому
@Bee The Socialite It’s an insult to state that Beyoncé embodies Prince or MJ. Prince was a musical genius and multi-instrumentalist who stated that he was surprised that Beyoncé even knew basic musical chords. 🤣🤣
HSH 4 дні тому
@Mariah Campbell agreed
Savannah Yemane
Savannah Yemane 7 днів тому
Wow she did that!! Go Chole!!
Uriel Falcão
Uriel Falcão 7 днів тому
can someone tell me the name of the intro of this song?
MayMilo Lm
MayMilo Lm 4 хвилини тому
@3:06 her tampon😳😬
Jesse Garza
Jesse Garza 15 хвилин тому
If you pause it anywhere between 0:39 and 0:42 her face seems to change almost to the appearance or possession of a demon 😈 🤔 🤷‍♂️
Nathaniel lubra
Nathaniel lubra 37 хвилин тому
me: is that beyonce chloe: have mercy
Ruth-Ann Murray
Ruth-Ann Murray 42 хвилини тому
I am super proud of her she has come from a far and I see greatness.
Jeremy Rock
Jeremy Rock 59 хвилин тому
QueenKelleyz Годину тому
There can only be 1 beyonce, there was a lot of Beyonce vibes in this video with a touch of Meghan Thee Stallion.
Outta12 2 години тому
Welp , we know that isn't pleasing to GOD.
Outta12 2 години тому
Watch it without the sound. Looks crazy.
johny xciv
johny xciv 2 години тому
sasha fierce possessed chloe in this performance its over*
Xavier Gonzales
Xavier Gonzales 2 години тому
Chloe Bailey is apart of illuminate and she sold her soul to the devil and please repent and turn to Jesus to be save and believe he died on the cross and risen from the dead and accept him as your lord and savior
Leo Empress
Leo Empress 2 години тому
Who gives af about strings. Girl your performance is lit 💯💁🏾‍♀️
Yamani Bryant-McCray
Yamani Bryant-McCray 2 години тому
3:16 till the end is where I LIVE her vocals there are just to amazing
Yamani Bryant-McCray
Yamani Bryant-McCray 2 години тому
This bih just laughed omg 🤣this woman was cutting tf up and i love it wow🔥
Beyond Denise
Beyond Denise 3 години тому
Her music is all good an all body shaped right but when she bent over I know damn well yall seen that tampon string hanging out lol
Malcolm Blacc 2nd Channel
Malcolm Blacc 2nd Channel 3 години тому
I really wish they’d blur that tampon
Malcolm Blacc 2nd Channel
Malcolm Blacc 2nd Channel Годину тому
@Nxbula I’m aware. I don’t remember using the word disturbing
Nxbula 2 години тому
It's just a tampon. There are more disturbing things to see, and that wasn't even disturbing.
Lucas Pavanelli
Lucas Pavanelli 3 години тому
Okay, we know what music will be playing at halloween (or at least should)
Miguel Bruno
Miguel Bruno 3 години тому
Queen of this generation
Helena Johnson
Helena Johnson 4 години тому
She looked possessed
Abdul-Rahman Washington
Abdul-Rahman Washington 4 години тому
1:23 - 1:33 On Repeat
Janina Segura
Janina Segura 4 години тому
Mtv antes eras chevere
luana yakini
luana yakini 4 години тому
Sasha?? Is that you?
K C 6 годин тому
I like Chloe but this performance was actually rather sloppy. She did not “stick” her moves, they weren’t crisp. Please stop the ohhh she ate, oh she’s iconic…ya doin’ too much.
Ryan Lauer
Ryan Lauer 4 години тому
Yes, some of her dancing wasn't "crisp" And I BET you it was nerves. You can tell she is excited ... it's her first SOLO performance. If this was her tenth time performing it and this was the result, I would understand Give her a break. She at least gave energy
Nxbula 6 годин тому
And that's where opinions come into play. "Please stop the ohhh she ate, oh she's iconic" Please dont tell people what to stop doing. If they like it, who're you to tell them NOT to like it?
tae ୨✩୧
tae ୨✩୧ 6 годин тому
her perfomance was the best of that night
Tammy Singleton
Tammy Singleton 6 годин тому
I’m a fan of Chloe and . I am not a fan of Chloe X Halle All I can see and hear are Beyoncé influences.
Malcolm Blacc 2nd Channel
Malcolm Blacc 2nd Channel 4 години тому
Aizè Fitness
Aizè Fitness 7 годин тому
Osman Leonardo
Osman Leonardo 8 годин тому
all the artists did a satanic ritual.
Nxbula 7 годин тому
jinx5005 9 годин тому
This performance was way to sexualized for her age. Not even Beyonce was doing this until much later.
Nxbula Годину тому
@Malcolm Blacc 2nd Channel I thought you were correcting me on something that didn't matter, chill tf out 🤦🏿‍♀️
Malcolm Blacc 2nd Channel
Malcolm Blacc 2nd Channel 4 години тому
@Nxbula exactly my freaking point dude good lord. How do you read this comment and addresss me when I was clearly saying her age because 24 is grown . Lord Jesus
Nxbula 4 години тому
@Malcolm Blacc 2nd Channel 23 or 24, she's still and adult.
Malcolm Blacc 2nd Channel
Malcolm Blacc 2nd Channel 4 години тому
She’s 24
MydknyghtRydah 9 годин тому
Speechless 😶
Turkey ?
Turkey ? 9 годин тому
is she the illuminati
Nxbula 7 годин тому
Thought we left the illuminati in 2015 where it belongs
Erm excuse me
Erm excuse me 9 годин тому
Patrick Walker
Patrick Walker 9 годин тому
This was just ok. Just like the's just ok🤷🏾‍♂️
Malcolm Blacc 2nd Channel
Malcolm Blacc 2nd Channel 4 години тому
Well thanks for watching it you got her some more clicks
Javier Rodriguez
Javier Rodriguez 4 години тому
@Yanna Cookie 🤣 back at you
Yanna Cookie
Yanna Cookie 4 години тому
Trash opinion but it's yours so whatever 💀
Javier Rodriguez
Javier Rodriguez 5 годин тому
Lol right 😩
MzFulfigdBeauti 10 годин тому
Beyonce 2.0, saw this coming when wayback when.
A C 10 годин тому
This vocal performance is phenomenal
Drew Kearson
Drew Kearson 10 годин тому
Almost 5mill in 1 week!!
Coco Lyndon
Coco Lyndon 10 годин тому
Why do these young performers feel they have to be so exposed like this. She could have been just as good without having her ars out. I mean she has the voice and she is also beautiful. I saw an interview with her father, he said early on in the sister's careers that he hopes they didn't loose who they were. Sorry to her father, looks like she did.
Malcolm Blacc 2nd Channel
Malcolm Blacc 2nd Channel 4 години тому
Go to church
Frequensee 10 годин тому
You can REALLY tell the difference between the ones who sold their soul and love the "power" and embrace it and the ones (MGK) who regret it and are trapped and vacant.
Malcolm Blacc 2nd Channel
Malcolm Blacc 2nd Channel 4 години тому
Lol okay lmao
S S 11 годин тому
Another big VMA ritual . Wake up
Nxbula 7 годин тому
You first
Tee Tee
Tee Tee 11 годин тому
Not trying to compare her to Beyoncé because Chloe is her own person, but she does remind me of a young version of Beyoncé. She is definitely a performer.
Malcolm Blacc 2nd Channel
Malcolm Blacc 2nd Channel 4 години тому
Beyoncé is her literal mentor
Chantell Hanna
Chantell Hanna 12 годин тому
Ok... the scream in the beginning was enough for me
Shyann- Calling Out From The Wilderness
Shyann- Calling Out From The Wilderness 12 годин тому
Aren’t we past the hypersexualization of women performers yet? Not only that but the world is a very sad and frightening place right now. Tyranny taking over and people obsessed with Beyoncé part 2. Stop idolizing celebs and musicians and performers! America is under judgement! This girl talks about her ‘belief in ‘God’ well it’s not in the biblical God! Showing her self off like that, she has no modesty or self respect. And for what? A quick passing career or even a long one, but for the money. What profits a man if he gains the world but loses his soul?
Yanna Cookie
Yanna Cookie 4 години тому
She chose and agreed to do this song and performance. She is obviously very proud and happy with herself doing this. Nothing wrong with showing yourself off while loving what you do
StyxVxn 12 годин тому
Beyonce performance all day! I can even hear Beyonce. But she wasn't comfortable telling them she needed shorts??
Virgo 12 годин тому
Beyoncé protege stepping out 👏🏾❤️
Igor Patzlaff Macêdo
Igor Patzlaff Macêdo 12 годин тому
i can’t stop watching this masterpiece
Adrielly Silva
Adrielly Silva 9 годин тому
Me too 😍
allofme2music 13 годин тому
What’s with the devil worship intro 😂😂
timika henderson
timika henderson 13 годин тому
I see Beyoncé! Amazing performance!
Edwin Arocho
Edwin Arocho 13 годин тому
Kevin McDonald
Kevin McDonald 14 годин тому
I looooove this girl so much and I play this song at least 5x a day. I just hope this is an attempt to get a hit record among the general public and not a sign of the direction she's going in because..... this girl and her sister are musical geniuses. I'd hate for her career to be dwindled down to just sexual objectification. She's worth more. A lot more.
Tahjana Reid
Tahjana Reid 14 годин тому
Omg the dancer with the frooooo !!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Ashley Harris
Ashley Harris 16 годин тому
Lil Beyoncé
johny joe Reodique
johny joe Reodique 17 годин тому
the spirit of Beyonce is in her.
Outta12 17 годин тому
We are going to hell
Nxbula 7 годин тому
I'm going Montero style
Onika’s Queendom
Onika’s Queendom 19 годин тому
did she lace this performance with drugs bc i’m addicted
nicki 20 годин тому
I can't believe this the little girl off of meet the browns (the movie)...
Velvet Lust
Velvet Lust 20 годин тому
Pathetic and demonic and embarrassing
Jason Thompson
Jason Thompson 20 годин тому
Who was the first dancer to appear? He is fine af!!!!
Phyliciá Boyd
Phyliciá Boyd 20 годин тому
Wow. It looked like she lost control over her body at the end. She was extremely energetic until the fire came.😰 She slowly lost control & fell.😰 She started behaving overly sexual. So demonic & scary.😩
Ariel Jackson
Ariel Jackson 20 годин тому
Well Beyoncé doing a good job with her
Joel Goodwin
Joel Goodwin 21 годину тому
Chloe is killin it and I’m here for it! Respect!!!
Rajendra Starks
Rajendra Starks 22 години тому
Elisa Toledo
Elisa Toledo 22 години тому
she's so good
Betty Kagwiria
Betty Kagwiria 22 години тому
Did I just see Beyonce perform in her early twenties? 😳
Leikili Maile
Leikili Maile 22 години тому
Dancers mask are for control
Leikili Maile
Leikili Maile 22 години тому
Satanic, open your eyes remove the veil it’s right in front of you
J-BoZ 2000
J-BoZ 2000 22 години тому
I def got the Beyoncé vibe at like 2:12. Chloe ate this performance up!
Rude Vlogger
Rude Vlogger 22 години тому
Trivia: Beyonce is her Talent Manager.
Gulosinha 22 години тому
Toda vez que vejo esse show me arrepio de tão bom que e!
Adrian G
Adrian G 22 години тому
Beyonce demon in her now
Marcello Santos
Marcello Santos 23 години тому
Lalalalaura 23 години тому
This girl, is like the modern day Beyoncé! Her energy, her voice, her dancing abilities, her whole stage appearance is AMAZING!!
chanae robison
chanae robison День тому
Sound like Beyonce and everything. 🙄🥱
Jeremy Salas
Jeremy Salas День тому
The new Beyoncé
Tia Hardy
Tia Hardy День тому
Was that Shasa Fierce" in Her? Wow"" that was right on Point!!
Julian at TinyTruths Jewelry
Julian at TinyTruths Jewelry День тому
She’s a vocal beast! Btw y’all, EVERYONE prerecords “live” vocals with breathing, adlibs, etc to sound as though singing live while dancing - Except Britney, she just hits plays. (Love her too, just the truth!)
castawayonthemoon День тому
Kudos to the the backup dancers especially those 3 guys! They’re so amazing af! Those moves fine as hell!
JJ TEEVEE День тому
At 2:38 she says "Do it like it's yo bday" 😂
ExoticOG День тому
Is that a tampon or a pad
Delmar Drayton
Delmar Drayton День тому
It’s giving 5678 but she did good ! She just needs to control herself on stage ! She next
Xandria Bennett
Xandria Bennett День тому
This was unoriginal we’ve seen this already nexttttttt so she just did a prayer to the devil 😈 yeah alright
I’m sorry but her performance was hella cringe but her vocals slayed it tho😬
乂乇ᐯㄩ乇乙 シ
乂乇ᐯㄩ乇乙 シ День тому
Lindsey Kleiman
Lindsey Kleiman День тому
the breath support it takes to sound that strong and clear, let some while doing choreo, live????? ON GOD IM IN LOVE
Jessi Banis
Jessi Banis День тому
I love when she sings with her sister. Their voices are sooo evenly matched. But solo?! I WILL BUY EVERY DAMN ALBUM!!!
YanaFelani День тому
Gung Mas Prabandari
Gung Mas Prabandari День тому
Such powerful performance! Powerful voice! Love her sm
Nique Y
Nique Y День тому
Beyoncé got her w that evil shii
mango cup
mango cup День тому
Not trynna judge what she wants to wear that's on her, but it looks so wrong that the back up dancers were dressed up as high school boys with those Leatherman jackets
Steven Valéntine
Steven Valéntine 6 годин тому
They're dressed as frat boys, college football players wear Leatherman jackets aswell and they usually have they're frat symbol on it.
Shawty red 15
Shawty red 15 День тому
You can definitely tell this is Beyonce's girl
tommie iv
tommie iv День тому
What’s she saying in the beginning?
Dolcevelour87 День тому
I been part of the Beyhive long enough to know Sasha when I see her, and Beyoncé definitely let her borrow her for this event. Believe what you want, but spirit channeling is real, and Sasha has a very distinctive look, and I saw her.
Frank White King of Los Angeles
Frank White King of Los Angeles 20 годин тому
No Cap
Danielle Russell
Danielle Russell День тому
good chloe like it good song likeit all good song likeit all goodsong
Danielle Russell
Danielle Russell День тому
good music like it all good likeit good somuch
Mihlali Dikwana
Mihlali Dikwana День тому
Damn.... I think i have a crush on this young lady
Pat Mtc
Pat Mtc День тому
Put on some clothes!!!
Nxbula 7 годин тому
It's 2021.
Chanti W.
Chanti W. День тому
Bro how is she going to sound this much better live than in the video, like yes girl go off
tiffc00 День тому
Does anyone else prefer the live instrumentation to the studio version? Chlöe's voice sounds so beautiful. I like the heavier bass and the additional vocals. I also like that the robot male voice is minimized because it was way too repetitive for me in the studio version.
Jreezy Savage
Jreezy Savage День тому
2:35 the dancing was fire, best performance in my opinion🔥
Jreezy Savage
Jreezy Savage День тому
3:41 me seeing a bug by me
Jreezy Savage
Jreezy Savage День тому
No hate she did fire I just thought it was fire
La Queen
La Queen День тому
What song did she sing at the beginning?? somebody please help!
Life День тому
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