Collin's Lab - Bluetooth Low Energy

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Get to know Bluetooth Low Energy - the next generation of Bluetooth. While BLE doesn't fully replace Classic Bluetooth quite yet, it excels at periodic, low bandwidth applications. Join Collin and learn a variety of different ways you can use it to add wireless communication to your project.

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Kyle Plosky
Kyle Plosky 7 місяців тому
I’m controlling this video’s playback from my BLE watch!
Amela Karaman
Amela Karaman Рік тому
Hi, at the moment I'm experimenting with Adafruit Feather 32u4 Bluefruit LE. I bought 0.8" 8x16 LED Matrix FeatherWing Display - Yellow-Green. In this video (3:01 minute) he , using the Bluefruit LE application Color Picker, sends a color value over to the board in RGB format. I want to ask, if someone has a Arduino code so I can also control the led matrix display with Bluefruit app?
Domo Brah
Domo Brah 2 роки тому
Love how u guys get down to the nitty gritty details. I learn so much!
Bilal Amin
Bilal Amin 2 роки тому
Great videos, Plz make a complete video on working of Switching Mode Power Supply. Its switching , transformer and other components.
Alex Xicotli
Alex Xicotli 2 роки тому
Do you have a video on the Red rover?
Industrie Wegweiser
Industrie Wegweiser 3 роки тому
Michael Lee
Michael Lee 3 роки тому
If you need BLE modules(TI, Nordic), you can contact me for free samples. Skype: listenjy, email:
Erdi Vartanovich
Erdi Vartanovich 3 роки тому
Great job!
Anthony Hollis
Anthony Hollis 3 роки тому
Collin you are the man bro. Love your work. Never stop :)
Arturo Rosete
Arturo Rosete 3 роки тому
Hi! Have you only used it on Arduino? Because I'm trying to use this module with Mbed, any guide for the Mbed environment? Heeeelp
Iggzistentialism 3 роки тому
Always easy to understand but informative. Not too speedy or slow, awesome voice - not boring. Love this dude and his videos.
Jesús Ginard
Jesús Ginard 3 роки тому
Wouldn't it be a good time for rasure?
Dario Guida
Dario Guida 3 роки тому
Is there any tutorial to create a custom service with custom characteristic ? I would like to create a custom service for an accelerometer to notify XYZ coordinates
Trung Trần
Trung Trần 3 роки тому
Alex Ardeleanu
Alex Ardeleanu 3 роки тому
Where can i find the wallpaper?
Jared Armbruster
Jared Armbruster 3 роки тому
Honestly, while I would be all for Bluetooth using less power, from my experience, devices that use the Bluetooth Low Energy standard often have issues with range, connectivity, and even latency. It’s particularly caused me many problems on my Sony 43 inch X800D, literally a 4K Android TV, which has noticeable input lag at times when using a Bluetooth Controller for emulators. This is why I often groan when I see it listed in specifications.
Yuuki Sakai
Yuuki Sakai 4 роки тому
Think multiple RPi Wi-Fi range extenders around a building, a BLE advertising beacon to the nearest range extender paired with automatic WiFi network switching protocol. Boom.
Kenta Takao
Kenta Takao 4 роки тому
Hey, this dude used to be on Make!
Harsh Chittora
Harsh Chittora 4 роки тому
Hey, I tried connecting the esp32 dev-kit with the bluefruit app. However it fails to completely connect. Can anyone help
Aaron Lowe
Aaron Lowe 4 роки тому
Cothy Phillips
Cothy Phillips 4 роки тому
Always enjoy your videos! Also, curious as to the trade off in power consumption in "Normal" Bluetooth vs B*LE. You have an app continually running to scan for devices and data as opposed to an app that is continually connected to Bluetooth or connects automatically within range? Seems like the winner is the B*LE PCB only taking cyclical scans? I am not being critical because I do find any energy efficiency related products amazing but, I do look at the other end as well or like to see the data behind the claims of lower energy usage.
GetANew Website
GetANew Website 4 роки тому
Wait second..the Bluetooth logo is a B! I feel like an idiot for not seeing that before.
this is so helpful...thanks
Arduino Universe
Arduino Universe 4 роки тому
I dont caught, is it a Bluetooth or a WiFi?
GamingRadar 4 роки тому
collin is classic
igrewold 4 роки тому
Thanks Collin & Adafruit. Aside from BLE, what are good temperature sensors to use? I hate these DHT-11 & 22 They got a lot of issues like limited range, slow reading...etc.
Erich Stein
Erich Stein 4 роки тому
BLE 4.0 is EASY for ANDROID !?!?!? Ummm seriously, it's like 100 times more difficult then the standard bluetooth....
Jason Brady
Jason Brady 4 роки тому
I don't understand how this technology wouldn't be good for music. You can just send the information straight to the speaker, and it plays the song, and when the next song comes up on your phone, it can automatically send the information. Can't you do that?
igrewold 4 роки тому
z4k 4 роки тому
As Collin described it, BLE is good for intermittent short-burst data transmission. Not so good for streaming data, which is what you'd do with a BT speaker.
Yang Timothy
Yang Timothy 4 роки тому
Agent Smith Teaching Engineering!!!
DR Paquette
DR Paquette 4 роки тому
Nice short little vid.
Ian Storm
Ian Storm 5 років тому
Hello Colin, Enjoy the show, if i may ask how r where could i find a possibility to ADD bluetooth to an existing standalone speaker. Basically i kinda exspect some sort of arduino diy etc But please feel free to mention if its difficult, worth it or actually possible. thanks,
Darryn Danger Jones
Darryn Danger Jones 5 років тому
Collin's a champion! Keep up the good work, mate 👍
Andrew Addie
Andrew Addie 5 років тому
I love Collin's lab. They are great.
Thetisk Andsuch
Thetisk Andsuch 5 років тому
Collin is awesome!
Árni 5 років тому
Awesome beard!
Amalokch 5 років тому
I know "Jelling"...if anyones knows what I'm talking about
Ancy Paul C
Ancy Paul C 5 років тому
please upload more collin video
Simon Hopkins
Simon Hopkins 5 років тому
Oh look at all the views Colin is getting!! good advertising for adafruit. more Colins lab please ; -)
Nortene 5 років тому
Bluetooth is Dutch!!!!
Holland Wilson
Holland Wilson 5 років тому
I always get a little sad when there hasn't been a lab video recently.
BikingMNViking 5 років тому
Beacon? So would this make it good for a lost bike or dog, or best kept indoors for keys and lost remotes?
Seth A
Seth A 5 років тому
MKme Lab
MKme Lab 5 років тому
Well done Collin!
Seth Altobelli
Seth Altobelli 5 років тому
+MKme Lab It was to you.
MKme Lab
MKme Lab 5 років тому
@The Electronics Show If that was to me- thanks very much :)
Seth A
Seth A 5 років тому
Love your show!
M Ahmed
M Ahmed 5 років тому
Love it!
sushant bahadure
sushant bahadure 5 років тому
Your video's are awesome Collin..! 👍
Rexus King
Rexus King 5 років тому
Collins beard is awesome, and I thought the king was called blue tooth is because he likes blue berries? I might be wrong…
-- 5 років тому
I always appreciate your videos!
mars Cubed
mars Cubed 5 років тому
Everyone who likes programming Arduino and Android needs to discover APDE. It is an indescribable joy to be able to program a portable device on the go with processing. a great prototyping language IMO.
Eric Coffman
Eric Coffman 5 років тому
Collin, is there a page that you can point me to where the products you showed in this video are purchasable? Thanks! :)
Disrupt It Yourself
Disrupt It Yourself 5 років тому
+Eric Coffman
Eric Coffman
Eric Coffman 5 років тому
+Jeffery Rowan Yes, got that. But it would be nice if all the products were on one page.
Jeffery Rowan
Jeffery Rowan 5 років тому
+Eric Coffman all are available at adafruit
Carlos A. Vaillard
Carlos A. Vaillard 5 років тому
Big fan of Collin's lab for years ! Keep them coming Collin
Ankdoeslego 4 роки тому
Carlos A. Vaillard I've been watching it all he way back to the Make: days!
xandra87fly 5 років тому
Paul Williamson
Paul Williamson 5 років тому
Big fan of Colin's beard.
Nemesis C
Nemesis C 5 років тому
we missed you Collin!
Mac·au 5 років тому
What is the typical range for BLE?
Mac·au 5 років тому
@Bart Stikkers Thanks.
Bart Stikkers
Bart Stikkers 5 років тому
+themaconeau I think it's the same as regular bt, so about 10 meters max.
David Wilkie
David Wilkie 5 років тому
Thanks for the great video Collin! 8-)
gyaq 5 років тому
More labs please! Love this stuff...
Jesse T
Jesse T 5 років тому
jossy rivera
jossy rivera 5 років тому
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