Collin's Lab: History of the Battery @adafruit

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4 роки тому

Join Collin as he goes hands-on with the evolution of the battery - from building a simple voltaic pile to the inner layers of a lithium ion cell.

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Donnie XL
Donnie XL Місяць тому
Good job
Alberto Ignacio López Sandoval
Alberto Ignacio López Sandoval 2 місяці тому
Spectacilar músic & Electrónics
Darrell Gross
Darrell Gross 2 місяці тому
NO you forgot the baghdad batter or perthian battery
DoctorX17 3 місяці тому
I always wondered... How did we end up with "Primary" for disposable and "Secondary" for rechargeable?!
Brandon Hendrickson
Brandon Hendrickson 5 місяців тому
This isn’t perfect - it still relies on keeping inside one’s head what an “anode” and “cathode” are - but dang it, this just might be the best explanation of what a battery is on all of UKposts. Well done, folks!
mrlithium 5 місяців тому
"Voltaic Pile". now i know why Battery translates to "pile" in french
Augustin Chenault
Augustin Chenault 8 місяців тому
Wow, that sure is a clean and undamaged cut for a hack saw, You didn’t even break the graphite
II ECE 01_Aʝαу A
II ECE 01_Aʝαу A 8 місяців тому
KUDOS! Why didn't you tell us about nickel battery????? It was widely used for button mobiles back then...
Mr. P
Mr. P 8 місяців тому
The battery, harnessing oxidation and reduction usually. Great content.
Allistar Center
Allistar Center Рік тому
Amazing View, Thank you!!
WeekOnPost Рік тому
6:07 his finger before picking up hacksaw and after cutting battery... but the information is very helpful
Conor Fenlon
Conor Fenlon 2 роки тому
He held up the 9V battery as if to say "this is a single cell, not technically a battery of cells". But 9V cells are made up of lots of smaller 1.5V cells inside. It is the best example of a 'battery' that he could have presented haha
David C
David C 2 роки тому
Awesome video... thank you!
Sarah Khan
Sarah Khan 2 роки тому
Please upload videos regarding organic battery please please ....
martin jørgensen
martin jørgensen 2 роки тому
Love your videos so usefull. wish you made alot more..
Chloe Mcholoe
Chloe Mcholoe 2 роки тому
where are U senpai I need you
wit engineer
wit engineer 2 роки тому
Have you ever heard of the "cylinders of the pharaoh"? It is ancient Egyptian electrical technology made from copper and zinc cylinders filled with quartz crystal when held produce up to 1.5 volt sold on amazon and etsy for only 29.99
Xerkies 2 роки тому
Can you explain why they explode when heated up to much?
Teslāfæn 2 роки тому
You are a genius. You make so many useful and enjoying electronics videos. I always feel pleasure watching all of your videos over and over again.
king kurdi
king kurdi 2 роки тому
First battery was in Baghdad
harshbarj 2 роки тому
Perhaps, but as of today, we just don't know. It may have served a purpose completely different from a battery and we just see the similarities and make the connection.
Tanya 3 роки тому
Now i can present in peace 💀
life1 system
life1 system 3 роки тому
hhhhhh good won end
ology98054 3 роки тому
here collin looks like a younger, brown-haired adam savage...
Vishal Taneja
Vishal Taneja 3 роки тому
If anything major changes i'll let you know....
D Hawthorne
D Hawthorne 3 роки тому
I just found this, I am SO HAPPY to see you still making videos. Your old Circuit Skills videos are what got me started on making and repairing my own electronics.
Darrell Gross
Darrell Gross 3 роки тому
Darrell Gross
Darrell Gross 3 роки тому
Collin' sorry errr on your part it was the bagdad battery
Bouaziz Rachid
Bouaziz Rachid 3 роки тому
Did you take part in Men in Black 4?, I would if i was you, thanks yor the good work
jason spence
jason spence 3 роки тому
Will u do a video on relays?
tyskstil 4 роки тому
Hi Collin. Can you do a video about cleaning flux off of PCBs after soldering, and different solder/flux types? I'm concerned about long term durability and corrosion on my DIY electronic projects. Should I clean both sides of the PCB or just the sodder side? What about components whose underside and pins are not reachable on the component side, how would I clean flux from there? etc.
Carlos Cervantes
Carlos Cervantes 4 роки тому
Video on solid state batteries?
Professor Sir
Professor Sir 4 роки тому
he need his own channel..he is just awsmm!
y 4 роки тому
who fuse collin with vertasium??
John McCulloch
John McCulloch 4 роки тому
Collin do you have a recommended sequence for an electronics newbie viewing your labs?
Tabi Peppermint
Tabi Peppermint 4 роки тому
Yes... Lipos are flexible... try bending one.
TAK Ism.
TAK Ism. 4 роки тому
Baghdad Battery was the first man .
hamse iggeh
hamse iggeh 4 роки тому
hello thank you very much for this owesom video...........i have a question 1}what exactly voltage is? and how can we use the idea of voltage to make batteries and other esuful things and thankz
Shayhan 4 роки тому
Collin, please see this post! I have a question for you, from what I understand, modern electrical generators convert mechanical energy to electrical energy through the use of powerful magnets moving around some wrapped wire, almost like a motor.. However, I saw this one UKposts video that showed that in order to create powerful magnets from scratch one needs to place a piece of magnetizable metal in front of a strong electric field. If this is the case, how did they create first electric generator? Please, help me understand this sorcery.
Jeffrey Phillips Freeman
Jeffrey Phillips Freeman 4 роки тому
Thats easy, generators arent the only way to produce electricity, chemical batteries also produce electricity. All you need to create a magnet is electricity running through some wound wire. So this was used to create the first man made magnets before any magnet based generators existed.
fernando jasso
fernando jasso 4 роки тому
nice phone mr collin, thumb up
Sang Nguyen
Sang Nguyen 4 роки тому
please turn off the music. We are not here to listen the music
MostElectronics 4 роки тому
So happy he is back!! Thanks Adafruit!
Waves of intelligence
Waves of intelligence 4 роки тому
Could someone please tell me the name of the background music in this video?
imho 10 місяців тому
His own composition.
Joseph Dawson
Joseph Dawson 4 роки тому
More Colin!
Sulli11 4 роки тому
50 cells make 35 volts, Three of these 50 cell stacks should put out 105 volts, Five 50 cell stacks should be the size of a car battery when adjusted for a container. Five 50 cell stacks puts out a whopping 175 volts all without including the decimal values. This is only if the first cell shown has 0.092 extra volts than the 9 cell stack permanently. If these cells last the same as others, each one has 6 and a half days or 156 hours when kept wet. Since no-one has posted what a battery looks like when it is dead I will assume that the cells are still good and if you keep adding saltwater to them, they should increase in time. Please save me if I'm wrong, these batteries seem very useful...
Niroop Sriram
Niroop Sriram 4 роки тому
Simply Superb demonstration ...
Cyberplayer5 4 роки тому
Hey Collin do a video on fuel cells,thanks!
V__ 4 роки тому
so when using the voltaic stack to turn on the LED is it possible to "charge" the zinc and copper by rubbing with a towel to create static electricity?
James Luck
James Luck 4 роки тому
Is he the one from mame
Blake Dickey
Blake Dickey 4 роки тому
James Luck yes
James Luck
James Luck 4 роки тому
Zaid Hussain
Zaid Hussain 4 роки тому
That is nice, very informative video , let us know about any update , thank you for sharing
Toughnut 4 роки тому
Does anyone remember hearing a few years ago about a new battery that was like a brick and it used sand? Whatever happened to that?
Toughnut 4 роки тому
Can you describe copper and zinc were chosen for anode and cathode? What makes their properties special for this use. What is an electrolyte? Why is salt water good for that?
Казах Казахстанец
Казах Казахстанец 4 роки тому
Hey! Historians, but what about Baghdad,, batteries,, found during excavations in Iraq in 1936? And by the way these batteries (even with the lamps) are painted on the walls of the pyramids in Egypt. Do normal viderolik not mislead people about history.
Di9ital Zero
Di9ital Zero 4 роки тому
Awesome videos. Got me learning about Arduino and all sorts of things. Even built a robot. Keep making electronics cool.
david galeski
david galeski 4 роки тому
thank you
Mathieu Clement
Mathieu Clement 4 роки тому
Fun fact: in French, batteries such as those found in most watches or toys are called "pile(s)" in reference to Volta's invention. "Piles" mostly defines the form factor of those batteries.
paolo garrasi
paolo garrasi 4 роки тому
we want more of this video
Charles Hoskins
Charles Hoskins 4 роки тому
Mr. CollinIt would be intriguing if you discussed punched card programming.
The Garden of Eatin
The Garden of Eatin 4 роки тому
This is how ALL school should be taught. Clear, concise, unambiguous, and accurate. I never got to build a battery in school. Kids should build batteries in school.
Rashid Makhmud
Rashid Makhmud 13 днів тому
@Dylan Brophy Great idea. When I was in college we had a project in one of the engineering classes to teach kids at an elementary school how batteries work. So we brought them a "Homemade battery" project where they made primitive batteries by using lemons and other citruses as anodes and copper cents as cathodes. The kids were thrilled to light up an LED bulb with fruits and veggies :)
Dylan Brophy
Dylan Brophy 2 місяці тому
Ah yes, common sense. Something the public school system should learn. We need to learn useful things XD Yea we should have built batteries in school. And early on too.
Dow Row
Dow Row 4 роки тому
I always thought that battery was /bætəri/
twistedyogert 4 роки тому
could air be an electrolyte?
twistedyogert 4 роки тому
@James Luck cold fusion?
James Luck
James Luck 4 роки тому
twistedyogert wait skip what I've said. you can make a reactor with just zinc and hydrogen. but it produces heat and would produce energy threw steam.
James Luck
James Luck 4 роки тому
twistedyogert I would say yes and no, it can keep a capacitance. although the make up of the air we breath and many gasses that could be used, doesn't carry a charge or can really help to produce one. although it would be cool to test, and I don't think anyone truly has.
The Horned One
The Horned One 4 роки тому
OMG I watched Collins lab years ago on MAKE and was so sad when he disappeared. BUT I JUST FOUND HIM AGAIN
Emtron Technologies
Emtron Technologies 4 роки тому
Very Nice.. Love to see Collin's Lab..
Eyad ghalyoun
Eyad ghalyoun 4 роки тому
great job
Soul-Struck 4 роки тому
thanks for supplying great parts for great prices.
Yasinx63 4 роки тому
Colin + Beard = Awesomeness!!!
Scott T.
Scott T. 4 роки тому
Everyone likes he's back
Nigel Cooper
Nigel Cooper 4 роки тому
Colin? my name is Will and you inspired me to love electronics through your videos. you are my hero. thanks for everything. p.s I would really love to meet you
The Sprit Man
The Sprit Man 4 роки тому
YAaatyt I love Colin's videos : ))))
ProGamer code
ProGamer code 4 роки тому
Neat-0 thanks for the info. I solder like a beast because of you dude.
henning hund
henning hund 4 роки тому
collins lab intro music extended please...:D
Kier Petersen
Kier Petersen 4 роки тому
Very nice! Though I would have liked at least a mention of Egyptians using batteries to electroplate objects.
Dazdigo 4 роки тому
No LiFePo4 battery cameo?
William Smith
William Smith 4 роки тому
Why don't you do weekly uploads? Or every other week?
Rizon1985 4 роки тому
I feel a mention of the "Baghdad" battery should have been made. We're not sure it was used to provide electricity or what purpose it was used for if it did. But occam's razor says it was a battery. The construction is a battery and if they filled it with any electrolyte it would give a current. It's not abnormal we can't find what is was used for. Almost overnight the Roman, Sassanian, Gupta and Harsha empire fell into ruins leaving almost the whole world busy with surviving instead of inventing.
harshbarj 2 роки тому
"But occam's razor says it was a battery." Actually it doesn't. The two main ideas are it was either a battery, or it was used to store scrolls. In this case, occam's razor would suggest scroll storage is more likely as it fits with what was known at the time. The battery idea would require a lot more assumptions to be made, thus violating occam's razor.
Russell Barth
Russell Barth 4 роки тому
Dragon Skunk Studio
Dragon Skunk Studio 4 роки тому
- It's got electrolytes! - What are electrolytes? Do even know? - It's what they use to make Brawndo!
Avery Lins
Avery Lins 4 роки тому
Lithium Ion batteries are also really good for burning holes in carpet and filling a house with smoke.
Avery Lins
Avery Lins 4 роки тому
in my experience, when accidentally punctured by a metallic object, this occurs.
James Luck
James Luck 4 роки тому
Avery l true, although only when mistreated
edgeeffect 4 роки тому
I've missed Collin's Lab.... it'd be great to see more. Or anything with Collin Cunningham in to be honest... Psuedorandom was Ace!
FoneBone27 4 роки тому
love this man... love the way he explane things
Controversy Owl
Controversy Owl 4 роки тому
'For instance, look at the small battery from this Note 7. It is made from a li... AHHHH, FUCC🔥KKKK!!!!!!!!' 🔥 🔥🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥
Geneticus0 4 роки тому
Did I blink, or did you skip NiCd?
Perspectologist 4 роки тому
I am very glad to see a Colin's Lab video again. I have really missed this kind of content.
Gas Omgiloglou
Gas Omgiloglou 4 роки тому
Haim Bilia
Haim Bilia 4 роки тому
Love this guy
Richard Collins
Richard Collins 4 роки тому
:-) Cool sound track too.
Mr.Kristian252 4 роки тому
5:51 I can't find this song :(
SnickleFritzMcJame 4 роки тому
Finally! Why did this show ever go away??
Thiago Ikeda
Thiago Ikeda 4 роки тому
i missed this guy
SecularMentat 4 роки тому
I love this kind of thing, history of science is amazing. I'm particular to the history of chemistry so this was particularly fun.
Jim Kirk
Jim Kirk 4 роки тому
Always enjoy your videos
GlassCurtain 4 роки тому
Great episode, Collin! In the drone racing industry we're starting to see Graphene Li-Po's. Is Graphene just a new electrolyte?
Dosbomber 4 роки тому Sounds like a new form of the anode. A stable layer of carbon one atom thick. Pretty neat tech.
AB CV 4 роки тому
The Collin's Lab should be made into a weekly show. Very informative!
Michael Onyx
Michael Onyx 24 дні тому
@Rowen Asher glad I could help :D
Rowen Asher
Rowen Asher 24 дні тому
@Michael Onyx It did the trick and I now got access to my account again. I'm so happy:D Thanks so much you really help me out!
Rowen Asher
Rowen Asher 24 дні тому
@Michael Onyx thanks for your reply. I got to the site thru google and Im in the hacking process now. Looks like it's gonna take quite some time so I will reply here later when my account password hopefully is recovered.
Michael Onyx
Michael Onyx 24 дні тому
@Rowen Asher Instablaster ;)
Rowen Asher
Rowen Asher 24 дні тому
sorry to be off topic but does anyone know a trick to log back into an Instagram account?? I was stupid lost my login password. I love any tricks you can give me!
aser sera
aser sera 4 роки тому
('o') power outlet
Mathieu Riesling
Mathieu Riesling 4 роки тому
A rear Collin has appeared, you'll need a master ball for this one. He is skilled at hiding.
Simon Hopkins
Simon Hopkins 4 роки тому
Thanks. More on the origins of electricity would be great. Please
Mohammad Al-Dean
Mohammad Al-Dean 2 роки тому
Simon Hopkins The first battery was actually the Baghdad Battery. Used way earlier than Ben frank!
redcinos 4 роки тому
finally, I've been waiting for Callin to be back!!!.
Nathanael Newton
Nathanael Newton 4 роки тому
This is probably the best concise history of batteries I've seen on youtube.
Nicholas Ayivor
Nicholas Ayivor Рік тому
Source is the BATTERY. 👍❤ it From nicholas Ayivor from London England uk 🇬🇧
Tigrou7777 4 роки тому
Samsung should watch this video
Dosbomber 4 роки тому
@David Boucard What I'd heard had been dumbed down to "they squeezed it too much".. which fits in perfectly with what you're saying, albeit to a less technically sophisticated audience.
David B
David B 4 роки тому
If I understand it correctly, the Samsung Note's problems come from the fact that they packed battery so tight that it punctures, creating a short directly between the anode and the cathode, which in turn generates lots of heat and easily burns the flammable electrolyte.
Dosbomber 4 роки тому
I was hoping for a brief "what can go wrong" segment.
Alexander Zakusilov
Alexander Zakusilov 4 роки тому
Collin's lab video! Nice. In my opinion, it's a very nice way to learn how something works, by learning about how it was invented, and its evolution. There is also nice documentary from BBC - Shock and Awe: The Story of Electricity, about history of (people discovering) electricity in general.
Joshua Casper
Joshua Casper 4 роки тому
Don't forget the Baghdad Battery :)
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