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Enter the intricate world of surface mount components and learn to solder on a smaller scale. Once equipped with the right tools and a bit of patience, you'll be soldering minuscule parts like a machine.

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Nikolaos Vasalakis
Nikolaos Vasalakis 4 місяці тому
The best tutorial in electronics!great video!!
Rupesh Chandrawanshi
Rupesh Chandrawanshi 4 місяці тому
Enissay 6 місяців тому
"Quite relaxing" ?!?! You're a freak !!! Aaand subscribed xD
Yiannis Serpico
Yiannis Serpico 7 місяців тому
It's a great video and thank you!! On my Chuwi Hi9Air tablet, I want to disconnect battery. Manufacturer has two battery poles ending not on a pin connector, so, pole cables are connected on the motherboard soldered. Two pole cables are extremely thin, and also, soldered cables ending are extremely small. I have never seen such a tiny solder. I find it too difficult to unsolder. And if we suppose I unsolder correctly, without any damage, soldering back, e.g. battery replacement, the new battery, I mean the pole cables, is extremely difficult and risky to solder without doing any e.g. bridging damage, and finally damaging completely the motherboard. Would you have something to suggest me in all that? Thank you for your time!
Red aka Minekloc
Red aka Minekloc 8 місяців тому
1206 - I could do it 0805 - Still fair... 0603 - It's getting tricky 0402 - Where did it fly now?! It's the fifth component that did this this hour!
staycwie 9 місяців тому
Nice music!
Wild Dingo
Wild Dingo 9 місяців тому
" too can work like a machine." Agent Smith confirmed!!!
YOUSSEF ALAM 9 місяців тому
This is very good
Gliese 581c
Gliese 581c 9 місяців тому
I believe everything this guy says because he has glasses and a very nice suit. I'am bought
Padigela Anilkumar
Padigela Anilkumar Рік тому
20thCenturyBoy Рік тому
Simon Arsenault
Simon Arsenault Рік тому
QFN its not that way we solder them! you forget the center pad !!!
Tube Light SMPS
Tube Light SMPS Рік тому
I have same smd soldering process using iron box method simple and easy to use .
UAS Innovations & Solutions Ltd
UAS Innovations & Solutions Ltd Рік тому
quite relaxing indeed. thanks for sharing
Mahu UBAO Рік тому
well done ...
tadek niejadek
tadek niejadek Рік тому
Sinan Akkoyun
Sinan Akkoyun Рік тому
as a kid i watched every video from you im still only 17 tho
Steve Sprague
Steve Sprague 2 роки тому
What temp range is this for SMD?
Gerry DX
Gerry DX 2 роки тому
You solder like a robot!
jack l
jack l 2 роки тому
I prefer using solder paste And hot air
Zsombor Kaló
Zsombor Kaló 2 роки тому
Man, this is not the first time you solder tiny parts, huh?
Scott Shadrick
Scott Shadrick 2 роки тому
Soldering components is so much harder than I expected it to be. I grew up using a soldering iron to make stain glass projects, but I’m finding now that I’m trying to solder electronic components it’s much more difficult.
Sriram Radhakrishna
Sriram Radhakrishna 2 роки тому
I didn't realise how good this guy really is until I tried SMD soldering for myself
Marco Jansen
Marco Jansen 2 роки тому
He is terrible at soldering ic components, too much solder and if u do it correctly with flux u dont need desolder tools
Matthew Arnold
Matthew Arnold 2 роки тому
This chap really reminds me of The Matrix. Can't think why, but all I can hear is "Mr Anderson" :D
Dexter Lee
Dexter Lee 2 роки тому
Thanks Collin.
Mutasem Hattab
Mutasem Hattab 2 роки тому
Thank you Mr. Collin
Wes Crockett
Wes Crockett 2 роки тому
This video makes me feel inadequate.
Ricardo Gutierrez
Ricardo Gutierrez 2 роки тому
That was cool and relaxing...
Raquel del Cano
Raquel del Cano 3 роки тому
This video have good explanation with it. The problem is the quality of soldering. Technically, idea and theoretical explanation is very good but the actual soldering is the problem. Try to improve soldering, the way you teach it verbally.
Lucid Dev Team
Lucid Dev Team 3 роки тому
solder paste & reflow soldering is much easier whenever you are able to
Shawn Schray
Shawn Schray 3 роки тому
Best SMD video ever.
Daniel Dugal
Daniel Dugal 3 роки тому
I always knew SMD to mean something much different...
yandyyay 3 роки тому
oh dear... flux would help loads, especially for that no lead QFN.. this is not a good tutorial IMHO.
ermjcore 3 роки тому
J Davis
J Davis 3 роки тому
It's quite relaxing, Mr. Anderson.
Green Building
Green Building 3 роки тому
So messy haha.. Rock n Roll soldering 😎
Griffin Paquette
Griffin Paquette 3 роки тому
I would recommend spending the $20 on a cheapo hot air station and some solder paste. Makes the process worlds easier
Андрей 3 роки тому
Руки оторвать!!! 6:03 пузо паять не надо конечно) Китайца зовите, он лучше припаяет)))
manoj 3 роки тому
Thanku sir very nice.......,
INCC74656I 3 роки тому
with your final example no exposed pins i have found tinning everything seperatly and then setting the chip down to solder with a hot air station makes for an easier and cleaner looking install
Stinger Bold
Stinger Bold 3 роки тому
Use liquid solder flux . It will be much easier to solder smd stuff
VAPE NATION 3 роки тому
watching smd work is so satisfying!
Suryan Isaac
Suryan Isaac 3 роки тому
ssm0379 3 роки тому
Skill level 0
bjørn Tønnesen
bjørn Tønnesen Рік тому
ssm0379 lets see you do it better
Dale Firmin
Dale Firmin 3 роки тому
He talks and looks like an "agent" from The Matrix.
Specy 3 роки тому
I’m very noob about soldering, just two questions. 1) what solder do you use? (If you could link one) 2) what temperature do you use for solder wires! Chips, desoldering?
Vishal Taneja
Vishal Taneja 3 роки тому
music was relaxing...
Viktor Arsovski
Viktor Arsovski 3 роки тому
You dont make mistakes?:/
Adil Shafiq
Adil Shafiq 3 роки тому
Very Helpful Video. However, what Microscope and Camera did you use?
HAS Hari Audios and systems
HAS Hari Audios and systems 3 роки тому
Nice work sir
Nick Orr
Nick Orr 3 роки тому
How much can direct contact with the soldering iron these parts take?
IanMorpeth 3 роки тому
Instead of tweezers, I like to use my thumbnail. I get too shaky with tweezers. There is also the added fun of accidentally starting a game of tiddly winks as the occasional resistor flicks off the board, never to be seen again.
Morahman7vnNo2 4 роки тому
Waaaay too much solder!
Matthew19002 4 роки тому
I had to reheat the soldering to a motherboard on a laptop that had taken about a year of an abusive environment, got the laptop running solid, the SSD was another story, and while giving it the same treatment one of the caps just fell off so it got stuck to the iron and I placed it back on, it did work, ran super fast as normal.. 3 minutes in it screwed up again.. I was getting a headache with this stuff so I looked up this video to see how it's properly done, my lighting sucked so I was using one hand to solder and the other to hold a LED light XD x.X as for the SSD it might have deeper issues, I've been experiencing surges and EMP waves at this place.. at least I believe.. "one light started messing around being a flourecent with a ballast and it interfered with the security camera's ontop of one time this place surged and killed 2 cameras specifically that were pointing inward while the outward pointing cameras with metal casings did not die.. and it also killed the computer power supply and those 2 channels off the reciever... got my work cut out for me o.o being broke and all" could an EMP leave something functioning but unstable?
Linux Lovah
Linux Lovah 3 роки тому
Who holds a flashlight in their hands instead of their mouth? LOL
DC Oliva
DC Oliva 4 роки тому
It seemed like the iron was in contact fro a long time in some cases. Any risk of damaging the component? What setting is the iron on?
imho 4 місяці тому
5 seconds is ok.
Masoud Hosseinzade
Masoud Hosseinzade 4 роки тому
one of the best!
yuppiehi 4 роки тому
Horrible soldering!!! The solder doesn't look shiny. It looks thick and lumpy. It doesn't look like he's using flux. What I usually do is add flux to the pads before soldering. Flux help the solder flow better, and it makes the solder look more liquidy, which is what you are really shooting for when working with SMDs.
revoxsvko 4 роки тому
That beginning looks like Apple ad.
ATec 4 роки тому
It is very bad soldering , i think It exist more better modes to obtain clear solders.
georgiowee 4 роки тому
really smart Best Regrds
George Pereira
George Pereira 4 роки тому
FLUX Collin
Rosheen Anjana
Rosheen Anjana 4 роки тому
x3w032j293 4 роки тому
For those saying use flux, do you put the flux on the pads before you begin to solder? How precise do you have to be with the flux? When I'm soldering my solder gets really sticky and sticks to my tip.
feasibletrash0 4 роки тому
you can actually remove the excess solder with just the iron tip, if you have flux, you don't need the braid or solder extractor
feasibletrash0 4 роки тому
seems like you don't have enough flux :)
Mr. Salgado
Mr. Salgado 4 роки тому
Hi Collin! Love your tutorials! One question, I noticed that you used the Hakko soldering station for this (SMS) project. What temperature did you set your Hakko to? What soldering tip did you use? Thanks much!!
chen amee
chen amee 4 роки тому
quit relaxing! i agree with IT
kael'thas sunstrider
kael'thas sunstrider 4 роки тому
2 questions: what about temps. and do I have to wash my hands afterwards?
purpleibby 3 роки тому
350 degrees Celsius ...yes wash your hands!
David Aaron Valtierra
David Aaron Valtierra 4 роки тому
Is there a direct contact with the solder tip and the surface? Or are you letting the metal drip to the surface?
Ohrii Music
Ohrii Music 4 роки тому
This is too satisfying...
Good Will
Good Will 4 роки тому
I use solder paste and hot air gun. Looks nicer and easier to work.
DvD d
DvD d 4 роки тому
Collin u r always a relaxing man. I am your great fannnn
manu bali
manu bali 4 роки тому
how about using some hot air???
Krishna Biswas
Krishna Biswas 4 роки тому
3.37 solder bridge spotted on the caps
Ron Thompson
Ron Thompson 4 роки тому
Great video,but I wish someone would do a great video on smd l e d ,s .on how to figure out. plus and minus
Antonio Tejada
Antonio Tejada 4 роки тому
Ron Thompson On most, the dot or notch indicates the cathode (negative). The board silkscreen should show the dot as well. But if in doubt, test it with a multimeter on diode check mode.
Mesharyhd 4 роки тому
Flux is much easier for multi pins
Shaunak De
Shaunak De 4 роки тому
Has anyone used bismuth solder paste?
DigitalYojimbo 4 роки тому
the aspergers in me is screaming inside.
̐ 4 роки тому
"you too can work like a machine" -- ha ha haaaaa! My employer would love that!
david galeski
david galeski 4 роки тому
thank you
Kris Cochrane
Kris Cochrane 4 роки тому
This has made me so much happier about my SMD soldering videos...use some flux man!
Michelangelo Lattanzio
Michelangelo Lattanzio 4 роки тому
Yo ! How do I dissolder my ring from the board without getting burnt ?
brendan edmonds
brendan edmonds 4 роки тому
You missed the centre pad on the QFN. Also, the resistors didn't have enough solder.
david galeski
david galeski 4 роки тому
how to find collin lab
david galeski
david galeski 4 роки тому
thank you you help me
Sean Ocansey
Sean Ocansey 4 роки тому
how do you get rid of the burnt flux?
Carl Clark
Carl Clark 4 роки тому
@Sean Ocansey no problem
Sean Ocansey
Sean Ocansey 4 роки тому
@Carl Clark thanks
Carl Clark
Carl Clark 4 роки тому
Sean Ocansey alcohol I believe
vizionthing 4 роки тому
Someone should tell them poor Americans that there is no A in solder!
Patrick 4 роки тому
On EEVBLOG Dave would say your soldering looks a bit how ya doin'. Why wouldn't you use flux and a hot air gun? Faster, easier, and better results.
Frank Alvarez
Frank Alvarez 4 роки тому
some flux and less solder will be better than your way
Lucid Dev Team
Lucid Dev Team 3 роки тому
and maybe a smaller soldering iron
Laharl Krichevskoy
Laharl Krichevskoy 4 роки тому
Frank Alvarez less solder and a finer solder too, he's using one that is too think for small smd pads, it will be hard to control otherwise
Patrick 4 роки тому
WAY less
majdinj 4 роки тому
Is there any specific breadboard to prototype your project with SMD? Or just prototype with through hole components first then go to SMD?
Louis Mamakos
Louis Mamakos 4 роки тому
Uh, I guess the buried thermal pad on the QFN device doesn't need to be connected... for this circuit. For some devices, you need to connect it for both thermal reasons and electrically.
優さん 4 роки тому
aha, have a hole under the package
iceberg789 4 роки тому
is that unloaded solder ? so sticky and uneven.....
Antonio Tejada
Antonio Tejada 4 роки тому
iceberg789 Nah, just the lack of flux, and improper technique.
Bernebeer 4 роки тому
Yeah, looked a lot like like chipquick.
Hamed J
Hamed J 4 роки тому
very good
mystevie31 4 роки тому
Wow! Thank you for this video! I'm blown away... I wish I saw this video before I started connecting my neopixels!
offtomars1 4 роки тому
If you're bad at something, don't try to teach be bad at something.
David Mwabuka
David Mwabuka 5 років тому
at 3:37s. the three ic's looks like the solder is exess. how do we correctly deal with excess solder on small areas like those. ITS LIKE THE SOLDER JOINED TWI ICs of the three aligned on the right handside. (pause video at 3:37)
David Mwabuka
David Mwabuka 5 років тому
i got the answer at 5:44 mark. thanks
Gildas Mouhandou
Gildas Mouhandou 5 років тому
Excellent very exciting
Benjamin Isaacs
Benjamin Isaacs 5 років тому
The flux is every where
Joe Elassal
Joe Elassal 5 років тому
hi guys, the best results that i've ever had was with the Gregs Electro Blog (just google it) without a doubt the no.1 course that I have ever tried.
Ted van Matje
Ted van Matje 5 років тому
it just occurred to me, that collin looks like sir clve sinclair's stunt double......and sounds like agent smith from the matrix film trilogy :)
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