Daft Punk - Epilogue

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Daft Punk

Daft Punk

12 днів тому

#DaftPunk #Epilogue

Lucas Jurado
Lucas Jurado Годину тому
Mmmm ive been contemplating if love dies, and their ending lyrics happen to be a comforting and convenient thing to hear.
greatzal Годину тому
Definitely Not Beckmond
Definitely Not Beckmond Годину тому
Put the helmets somewhere special where they can't be touched. They're perfect and shouldn't end up in the can
Blayze Johnston
Blayze Johnston Годину тому
Coach Smith
Coach Smith Годину тому
Goodbye and thank you
Rainbow Skies
Rainbow Skies Годину тому
We will miss you guys
Чика Илебаев
Чика Илебаев 2 години тому
Они ожили
shiroikin 2 години тому
odd thing to do for a send off is pull the ending scene from a really bad movie they did.
Slintyy 2 години тому
farewell, daft punk.
sergioxvv 2 години тому
Adiós ... fueron increíbles.
Sathu 2 години тому
"if the love is the answer you're wro-" gets me so sad
GingerdreadCookie 2 години тому
....RAM was kinda whack anyway.
DT Con Danielo
DT Con Danielo 2 години тому
Severfifteen 2 години тому
2021 went too far
Sathu 2 години тому
the way he looks down at his feet is sad as hell man
Sathu 2 години тому
ty for changing music forever
Or Oshri
Or Oshri 2 години тому
Well they didnt released any original music for about 8 years.
Luis Vargas
Luis Vargas 2 години тому
thank you for your music
Santiago Besocke
Santiago Besocke 2 години тому
good life in the afterlife.you'll always stay a punk legend
Code B
Code B 2 години тому
Good by
Joshua TheArgonaut
Joshua TheArgonaut 2 години тому
I remember sitting up late on a Saturday night watching The Insomniac hour on MTV. It was1995 and I was only 13. The video for Da Funk came on and changed my world. It was my gateway into electronic music. Daft Punk has been one of those constants in my life and probably always will be. Thank you guys for the years of great music and creativity. See you Star side.
JuanM Cast
JuanM Cast 2 години тому
I am more sad with their broke up than about my friend's death by Covid-19.
Michiru Kagemori
Michiru Kagemori 2 години тому
Yo what the hell
prateek bambani
prateek bambani 3 години тому
the duo started making music in the year i was born!
anime weeb
anime weeb 3 години тому
I'll miss you😪😪😪
b ea
b ea 3 години тому
i miss yall, i really do
Zack Reese
Zack Reese 3 години тому
Summer of 2013 I was in Italy, my friend and I bought RAM and it became the soundtrack of that summer. Thank you robots for showing me what it sounds like to be human🙏
Jad Papa
Jad Papa 3 години тому
May be its not over, not really. May be its a new beginning. Clearly one of them still had the fire to keep going. I look forward to whats going to come soon.
Sena Pristian
Sena Pristian 3 години тому
Oswaldo Tapia Galvan
Oswaldo Tapia Galvan 3 години тому
Hasta Siempre Vaquero ❤️
heheh 3 години тому
the people who disliked are just super sad
Shaf 3 години тому
My heart.... just. :(
Waday 3 години тому
The dislikes are the people who clearly didn't have a childhood
Bitcoin Takeover
Bitcoin Takeover 3 години тому
Am I the only one who counted down with every beep, waiting for the explosion to happen?
Alex_fellow 3 години тому
Bye, see you another life!
j g
j g 3 години тому
imagine if this was a troll video and they trolled half of the world fucking chads lets hope this is a troll video.
Mitchell- BTW
Mitchell- BTW 4 години тому
solute to the legends thank you for being the best we will miss you
Nightpony inRface
Nightpony inRface 4 години тому
Ending is one thing... But did they have to "split up"? :(
Daniel Barros
Daniel Barros 4 години тому
squirm0505 4 години тому
I Will Never Forget You, Daft Punk. )';
Guada 4 години тому
No puede ser 😭 Nooo! Muchas gracias por regalarnos tantas canciones buenísimas, siempre los seguiré escuchando 💕
Landon PCO
Landon PCO 4 години тому
Ladies and gentlemen, daft punk It has come to an end, 1993-2021
Percy WONG
Percy WONG 4 години тому
Marlon Albuquerque
Marlon Albuquerque 4 години тому
Valeu pela sonoridade! O legado ficará para sempre ❤️
Gustavo Saldana
Gustavo Saldana 4 години тому
you marked lives, rest legends
Samuel 4 години тому
Obrigado por tudo que significam para mim. Sempre amarei vocês.
Jiffy Pineapple
Jiffy Pineapple 4 години тому
A legendary group are now seperated, they will all ways be remembered 😔
Luis García
Luis García 4 години тому
We, the world, need them One More Time
Mono 4 години тому
Awww man
Gabriel Marín
Gabriel Marín 4 години тому
Que alguien me regrese al 2013 :(
Nox 4 години тому
This is so hit in my childhood that I just can't get it.
Blake Patterson
Blake Patterson 4 години тому
Your work is never over... piece the robot man back together!
Another Sheev Palpatine
Another Sheev Palpatine 4 години тому
Daft Punk: *Does nothing for 5 years and announces an official break up* The internet: *Visibly sad*
Old Games
Old Games 5 годин тому
Son unos dioses y siempre recordaremos con cariño sus canciones, daft punk por siempre amigos
Neverevermind 5 годин тому
So proud that they are French 🇫🇷 Best duo ever
DeLs LeoN
DeLs LeoN 5 годин тому
Gracias por tanto y perdón por tan poco, el mejor ejemplo de como Grandeza y sencillez pueden ir de la mano, se les extrañará si, pero se respeta y agradece lo vívido...adios Daft Punk...
sean banek
sean banek 5 годин тому
sean banek
sean banek 5 годин тому
auserandabuser 5 годин тому
Ow god no! please no! no no no noooooo!!!!!
Ángel 5 годин тому
No los conocia pero voy a estar poniendo en interner que fu mi infancia XD
Breaking The Wall
Breaking The Wall 5 годин тому
"don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened" ~Tru Dat And... It's ok to cry. Feel it, understand it, then let it go and keep on Movin and Groovin.
Charmander2671 5 годин тому
Thanks for the good music burger,nuggets,nuggets,burger
X O 5 годин тому
Smokeybassoon73 5 годин тому
I like how 23million people saw this and haven’t thought about subscribing
Рауф Рзаев
Рауф Рзаев 5 годин тому
So sad...😭
Tony Escobar
Tony Escobar 5 годин тому
So are they retiring for ever or what sup?
Lance Smith
Lance Smith 4 години тому
Retiring too
Lance Smith
Lance Smith 4 години тому
@Arga yep they been doing this for 28 years
Arga 4 години тому
@Lance Smith wtf
Lance Smith
Lance Smith 4 години тому
Split up
Joshua Bookey
Joshua Bookey 5 годин тому
This makes me so sad. Greatest duo ever. I have so many memories just listening to their music. I was hoping to attend an Alive concert. It was on my bucket list. This is so heartbreaking.
iz 5 годин тому
Two goats will go down in history 🤘
Ran Ran
Ran Ran 5 годин тому
Colby Dement
Colby Dement 5 годин тому
Loved u guys hope u do well and good wishes thank u for my child hood
W0AH 5 годин тому
Lolimaster 5 годин тому
Dam i cried
RuhRoRaggy 5 годин тому
Bruh... I just started getting into Daft Punk.
Steve M.
Steve M. 5 годин тому
Wait, one explodes and one walks off yet in the movie they both get destroyed (gold helmet goes up in flames)... something tells me this isn't the end... maybe for Daft Punk as the vehicle... another project? Hmmmm...
Thiago Huwa
Thiago Huwa 5 годин тому
Around The World, forever . . . . .
Lukas Althof
Lukas Althof 5 годин тому
"You were good son, real good, maybe even the best"
Luna The confused catto
Luna The confused catto 4 години тому
Fuck now I'm sad about daft punk and Rick May how dare you ;_;
Steamed Devito
Steamed Devito 5 годин тому
This is from the movie they made called electroma btw
treeno 5 годин тому
Jorge Luis Boutrous Tuiran
Jorge Luis Boutrous Tuiran 6 годин тому
Gracias por su legado. Hay que aceptar que todo tiene su final y es parte del ciclo de la vida. Gracias a ustedes y sus canciones nos han impactado en la vida cada una de las personas amantes de la electrónica. Infinitos agardecimientos y que cada uno de ustedes tengan larga vida. Muchos latinos así como yo los amamos mucho y siempre escucharemos sus hermosas melodías que son una obra de arte musical. Saludos desde Colombia.
Steamed Devito
Steamed Devito 6 годин тому
i need something more...
Robert Sopin2772
Robert Sopin2772 6 годин тому
Does any one have an idea where this was filmed
Lance Smith
Lance Smith 4 години тому
Steamed Devito
Steamed Devito 6 годин тому
RAM was a masterpiece I knew they couldn't top it, its ok, if love is the answer you're home.
NoCopyrightWorld 6 годин тому
Chale bro noo mis dos leyendas 😢😭
Glizzy 6 годин тому
They finished their mission
Axel 6 годин тому
Siempre los recordaremos como leyendas
Slidin Drftin
Slidin Drftin 6 годин тому
all the songs hit different now😥
Rafael Oliveira
Rafael Oliveira 6 годин тому
So sad. Thank you and good bye
Aaron Murdiff
Aaron Murdiff 6 годин тому
These guys were famous........ Around the world around the world around the world around the world around the world around the world around the world around the world around the world around the world around the world around the world around the world.
Franklin Sousa
Franklin Sousa 6 годин тому
Muito obrigado por tudo.
Random Pickle
Random Pickle 6 годин тому
There work....is over
lifeinall 6 годин тому
gaster 77
gaster 77 6 годин тому
grasias por acompañarnos todos estos años de felizidad adios daft punk os estaremos recordando en nuestro corazon good bye my friend daft punk...
Delvonne Mcglothin
Delvonne Mcglothin 6 годин тому
Man they make me a little teary-eyed thank yall for the amazing memories i have so many good memories tide to your music im glad i got to experience the ride
Toight Toiger
Toight Toiger 6 годин тому
good bye my friends
borgars 6 годин тому
Even people who don't listen to there music are feeling this man this is deep Edit:i can't spell
Damianx1237 the Gibs
Damianx1237 the Gibs 6 годин тому
So long, partners.
松田裕一 6 годин тому
carlos 6 годин тому
Pov:llego el fin del mundo
rocketchu 6 годин тому
justin bordon
justin bordon 6 годин тому
who cried ? ... Me
Aitor Ignacio Cunill
Aitor Ignacio Cunill 6 годин тому
Im not crying I swear
jabekens 7 годин тому
The moment "Touch" started playing I simply burst into tears, wow. What a legacy they've left the world
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