Deep Dive w/Scott: 7.0.0 bug fest

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Join Scott as he answers audience questions and squashes bugs for CircuitPython 7.0.0.

Scott is sponsored by Adafruit to work on CircuitPython. Support them, and by extension Scott, by purchasing hardware from

Chat with Scott and lot of others on the Adafruit Discord at .

Deep Dive happens every week. Normally Fridays at 2pm Pacific but occasionally shifted to Thursday at 2pm. Typically goes for two hours or more. Questions are welcome. Next week will be on Friday as well.

0:00 Getting started
0:05:00 - what made it into CP 7.0
0:07:52 housekeeping
0:11:02 2 x Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect, BLE device to device. As soon as the BLE obj on the Central is active it appears the RGB led cannot be controlled ( not CP )

013:36 keyboardio
0:16:31 CP 7.0 - pull request review and issues
0:20:30 If Native CP on the Pi was a thing, would we get real multi-core support? And would that gain multi-core support on the Pico?
0:23:55 trying to do a pull from main, get the issue with ports/raspberrypi/sdk/lib/tinyusb has moved to some new point in time. what's the best way to get it all straight
0:24:50 “git status” always
0:25:22 RP2040 flash size fix
0:29:44 ScanEntry.matches fix
0:31:00 Don’t blink blue….
0:32:11 Fix crash when UART construct fails
0:34:00 only push main to S3
0:34:20 Remove OSError(0) and old network modules
0:35:18 nrf52840 build not booting
0:35:40 refactor pulseout to no take PWMOut
0:36:00 Ctrl-C is not interrupting deep sleep
0:37:36 start with pulseout_switch ( git commands )
0:40:34 source code in sublime
0:45:17 in terms of microcontroller support, do you think we're coming to the point where the SAMD21 is just too small to be productive for future CircuitPython releases?
0:46:30 practical metrics on RAM usage in 6 versus 7
0:47:50 finding adafruit schematics - NEOSENSE_SWITCH
0:52:00 overhead camera)
0:54:00 oh look - it works :-)
0:54:25 Adafruit board) Circuit playground bluefruit revisions rev (G)
0:58:23 board.c - reset_board - turning off power switch
1:00:01 Is there a description of the different board revisions? I have a Circuit Playground Bluefruit Rev D and I'm not seeing anything here:
1:00:00 review the product page description
1:02:43 board init and board_deinit ( supervisor/port.c )
1:08:30 back to the schematic -
1:11:59 make and test one more time - perfect!
1:13:27 not to Atmel SAMD
1:18:32 Serial/by-id in linux /dev/ as argument to tio
1:21:19 git commit support multiple status neopixels fix
1:23:20 Should be Blue for Bluetototh?
1:24:35 Refactor pulseout
1:26:20 monitor CI ( continuous integration ) in the background
1:26:50 CP 6.3 readthedocs / pulseio.pulseout
1:28:00 pull/3279/files pull request
1:32:40 - not quite backwards compatible
1:33:50 need to test a bunch of ports
1:35:54 fetch the test program from other board
1:37:34 connect new board
1:38:30 there are other things in CP 7.0 that will be changes
1:39:20 would love people to make the CI faster
1:41:11 this test was even more accurate
1:42:40 STM32f405_express feather boot loader
1:43:40 that PR had a bug in it - need to fix that - add a default value for the count
1:47:15 pulseout_switch testing after git rebase
1:47:50 return to the learn guide for STM32F405 - Enabling DFU bootloader mode
1:48:40 dfu-util command ( in fish history! )
1:49:15 dfu vs. uf2 for updates
1:50:07 is there support for stm32 in tinyuf2
1:50:58 now we are in safe mode - again tio /dev/serial/by-id provides value!
1:53:10 this is the problem with having the source code on the device :-)
1:55:40 - back to the Logic 2 - see that the deinit didn’t work
1:57:05 plug for discotool
2:04:08 save
2:08:18 wrapping up / rambling :-)
2:11:21 have a great one…


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David Lindes
David Lindes Місяць тому
The compatibility quote that may or may not become infamous, and which was requested at 1:33:52... is at 1:33:00. :)
David Lindes
David Lindes Місяць тому
Random question for Scott (hopefully I didn't miss this getting said somewhere; I'm playing this with intermittent attention): What's your "ag" command/alias? (Seen at e.g. 1:04:10) Some sort of grep wrapper/options-default? Something else? Thanks!
David Lindes
David Lindes Місяць тому
1:44:43 - interesting choice to just outdent that... I wonder if you're aware that you just created a nested ifdef? Which is a valid thing to do, but maybe not what you intended??
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