DIY 4x4 Ambulance Tiny House W/ Shower Toilet & Hot Tub - Overlanding Rig

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Chris & Michelle are a couple that can really get after it and gets it done! This amazing DIY 4x4 ambulance conversion is one of the best budget Overlanding rigs I have ever seen! Not only do they have an incredible interior design, but they also have all of the bells and whistles to go with it. From their self-regulating water heater to their DIY hot tub set up, this rig is truly one of a kind!

Their Insta - tanyatheamb...

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Victor Gomes
Victor Gomes 4 місяці тому
What's their Instagram name, please? Tonia ? The ambulance ? Didn't quite get it.
andrew daley
andrew daley 6 днів тому
@Tiny Home Tours the colour of your kitchen cupboards is beautiful. 🇬🇧👍
Zippy Thekid
Zippy Thekid 11 днів тому
If you need an ambulance, this is the literal life.
J T Місяць тому
You do know you can replay whatever part of the video you want right?
Ken Wantje
Ken Wantje Місяць тому
@Sharon Steele mpಠ ل͟ ಠಠ ل͟ ಠತ_ತ
John Mathis
John Mathis 2 місяці тому
I don’t do Instagram. Do they have a you tube channel?
Kim Mandley
Kim Mandley 2 години тому
Lucky Linda
Lucky Linda 11 годин тому
Love your hot tub
Mike Hurley
Mike Hurley 14 годин тому
Way too many lights, nice conversion though.
Nickson’s Bike & Ski
Nickson’s Bike & Ski 16 годин тому
That's a lot of electrical work & Knowledge - what is your background?
DhammaDina 16 годин тому
What an amazing conversion! Also, a very well made video & tour of your home/camper. I love it!
Abby Alder
Abby Alder 21 годину тому
The many denim essentially change because height additionly sound but a safe forest. axiomatic, puzzled drizzle
E Zacher
E Zacher День тому
Since you have a hitch receiver front and rear have you thought of buying a winch? Really like the setup.
Marcela Belitz
Marcela Belitz День тому
Kimily Diaz
Kimily Diaz День тому
Thanks for the advice.
Rachelle C
Rachelle C День тому
wow! you two did an amazing job on that conversion. So cozy and well appointed!
Ben Dover
Ben Dover День тому
I was wondering where you stuck a hot tub at in there! Lol very nice
Michael Messina
Michael Messina День тому
That is super cool............
Carol Enseleit
Carol Enseleit День тому
Absolutely love that this little home has everything! But..... I personally could NEVER live in an ambulance. I’d have stranger experiences than that green mug swinging about, lol. Congrats on a job well done. 😄
Adam Wilkin
Adam Wilkin День тому
Sweet Jesus that is awesome.
Carol Hewett
Carol Hewett День тому
What kind of mileage do you get with this converted ambulance? I'm so impressed with the hot tub. There are also portable/foldable unheated tubs available on line for those 100+ degrees days.
kntwing.23 День тому
Nice build got everything i need.
Alvester McKinzie
Alvester McKinzie 2 дні тому
I love that the exterior is gray/silver. Perfect
Alexander/Александр S/С
Alexander/Александр S/С 2 дні тому
Hours matter 100000x more than miles. Depending on the ESD/Company, they can be running idle parked at locations for the majority of their life.
Catherine Luthultz
Catherine Luthultz 2 дні тому
I've never seen an ambulance that big.
Ray Penn
Ray Penn 2 дні тому
Henry Monroy
Henry Monroy 2 дні тому
VERY nice rig. Well done
Cars and Christ
Cars and Christ 2 дні тому
Few words excite me like the word campulance.
Post Prophet
Post Prophet 2 дні тому
That one cup above the stove is constantly moving lol.
eaunan 2 дні тому
Hi. Great video. I'm a first-time viewer of your channel (it appeared in YT recommendations), but not a first-time person living in a tiny home on the road (spent 3 years out and about). Your build on an ambulance structure was / is brilliant, as was / is many of the things you've done, for example the second build, the 4WD, and the water system for heating the water... however, the toilet / shower area I'd like you both to comment more about -- it's a bit small... and although probably the perfect size for the space as a whole, it would be great to hear from you both about: a) do you shut the door doing your business? b) the toilet seems a slippery obstacle when attempting to shower, and c) please help viewers like me to understand what you do with the toilet cassette when it's full and you're out in the boonies somewhere next to a stream (that was a great shot btw... how often are you in a setting like that? ;) ) Anyway, great video, thanks for posting!!
Elsie Harvey
Elsie Harvey 2 дні тому
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josh lieberman
josh lieberman 2 дні тому
do you have a facebook page or youtube channel or are you focused on instagram please? i really enjoyed your tour. :)
KCBOBX 2 дні тому
Tanya is a really nice rig. I love the blue cabinets too. It all looks great.
Real Life Small Travels
Real Life Small Travels 2 дні тому
Very well done.
Pogz Sindian
Pogz Sindian 2 дні тому
Very nice and Neat, clean Rv u hade.. Super like it 👍👍👍
RVs with Gabby!
RVs with Gabby! 2 дні тому
How cool!
pitstopsogmc 2 дні тому
Geoff 2 дні тому
That green mug is still swingin' to this day.
6MM Drip
6MM Drip 2 дні тому
Please relay that they should upgrade to low temp LifePO batteries
christina Eh!
christina Eh! 2 дні тому
Awesome! Fantastic job. 😁
Janis Cott
Janis Cott 2 дні тому
Wow Tanya looks absolutely fantastic! You guys did a great job converting it. I wish the ambulances in Australia were as big as yours. It would be fun transforming it into a camper.
DH Ranch
DH Ranch 3 дні тому
This is The Dude that every dude aspires to be. Amazing build. Its a masters thesis meets doctorate in transambulancian theory. Then comes the flippin HOT TUB and I lost it...
Cricket Lovely
Cricket Lovely 3 дні тому
Tons of thought went into all needs or possible needs. Very cool. 😁
Shilo2010 3 дні тому
Australian. Pulled a Caravan around Oz twice with a custom built 4x4 rig. One year first time three the second. Very nice, guys. Lots of thought and love have gone into tis build. Well done.
Rick Smith
Rick Smith 3 дні тому
holy crap that was freaking awesome. ok now you got me thinking, weekend getaway, zombie apocalypse, ive had it with paying rent sort of vehicle. i was a paramedic for a while and never really thought about just how much space there is in one of these things. im an rv tech now and i see so many things i deal with on a daily basis inside of tonia. this was an awesome build.
J. Thomas
J. Thomas 3 дні тому
A dedicated spot for skis. Nice!
I'm Happy So Why Aren't You!?.
I'm Happy So Why Aren't You!?. 3 дні тому
This really is perfect overall in my opinion.. I know that I'd be happy to hang my hat here and call it home. Wish you both the best in all of your adventures and I hope that all is well with you both and thanks for sharing. 🙏🙏🙏
L.S. Aaron
L.S. Aaron 3 дні тому
Brilliant layout. Feels huge!
Maurice Powers
Maurice Powers 3 дні тому
It's a really great build but I don't think you can eat food off of a poly stained counter.
srreventon 3 дні тому
Hands down. An awesome 4x4 camper!!!!!! You guys did an excellent job building it 😇
Thomas Clarke
Thomas Clarke 3 дні тому
Nice job, 👍
Reiwas 3 дні тому
looks almost like a clone of that others guys ambulance, the layout and even the bike.
Lucaso Meister
Lucaso Meister 3 дні тому
im just curious, how much it cost per month. thx
Lucaso Meister
Lucaso Meister 3 дні тому
now thats some true home on wheels, warm, smart, not a tiny mess, but clever solutions to make lots of space in.
K 3 дні тому
6:19 Incredible view- of HER!
A B 4 дні тому
Love the BUILD!!!!
Yoto Yosimoto
Yoto Yosimoto 4 дні тому
Ambulaces are usually low, how do we deal with this problem?
Rich Butnotfamous
Rich Butnotfamous 4 дні тому
Um, title says hot tub, did I miss it?
Joan Norman
Joan Norman 4 дні тому
A shower and toilet that did it for me
Schquirl 8811
Schquirl 8811 5 днів тому
Yes Wife is right. Too many lights
Smart ID.
Smart ID. 5 днів тому
Shellie *****
Shellie ***** 5 днів тому
Ambulances are driven hard. Nice simple and practical build.
Furious Psy-Op
Furious Psy-Op 5 днів тому
wonder how many people died in that thing.
1getto Joe
1getto Joe 5 днів тому
Awesome Rig 👍
Donna Marie
Donna Marie 5 днів тому
You guys are awesome! Tawnya is amazing. I am really impressed with what you have done and how you are living. God bless you both and enjoy your wonderful life off the grid. Truly sensational. Really nice spread! ⛟👍
citruesilver 5 днів тому
Great build! Very comfy and really good use of the real estate
Princess Riley
Princess Riley 5 днів тому
This is the best one I’ve seen. I love this design. It’s sleek and clean and roomy.
ShaNelle Perez
ShaNelle Perez 5 днів тому
Beautiful build. Love the screen door! 🖤🚑
Jim Smithers
Jim Smithers 5 днів тому
At night, do you hear the screams of agony of the dead people's souls who died in the ambulance?
Nelson Lunsford
Nelson Lunsford 6 днів тому
Awesome build
susan fudge
susan fudge 6 днів тому
The shower-toilet sounds nice.
Kelley Schultz
Kelley Schultz 6 днів тому
This is a great build!
Dylan Stassen
Dylan Stassen 6 днів тому
There was LOTS of though put into the conversion. What I'd like to hear more, as someone who would like to do a conversion, is the very technical side of the conversion. What goes into everything to make the stuff work?
Enola Granville
Enola Granville 6 днів тому
Wow very impressive
stAllen09 6 днів тому
Are you running 4G, or have you updated to 5G for your phone / wifi?
Two Songs
Two Songs 6 днів тому
Thank you for sharing this video Michelle and Chris - Awesome build. She’s a Beaut! QUESTIONS: 1. Where did you get that roof rack and ladder? Is there a brand name I should know? What did it cost you? 2. What did the 4x4 conversion cost you? 3. How much did it cost to properly insulate it and do you have videos of the actual build? (I’ll go check your channel after I post this and subscribe) 4. What kind of remote work do you do, Chris? Are they looking for other people? Thanks Guys
Pete D
Pete D 7 днів тому
Damn, some of the pictures/scenes of the interior, make it look like it's the size of an 18 ft x 15 ft living room thanks to the "wide angle" lens !
Bobby Acred
Bobby Acred 7 днів тому
It’s a camper not a tiny house.
Brian Williams
Brian Williams 7 днів тому
QUESTION: How tall is the floor to ceiling?.. LOOKS AWESOME, GREAT WORK!
David Lemaire
David Lemaire 7 днів тому
Like a brinks truck with storage for 2 people in luxurious comfort.
Paul Mott
Paul Mott 7 днів тому
Brilliant design!
Edward Scoble
Edward Scoble 7 днів тому
Can you make your content inclusive by formatting the auto captioning into closed captioning please? it is extremely hard to watch it relying only on the auto captioning sadly (I'm Profoundly Deaf), hence why I and others don't subscribed.
Sam IamInSC
Sam IamInSC 8 днів тому
Bears probably think you guys are making them soup!
Danita Courtney
Danita Courtney 8 днів тому
Really enjoyed your build and tour video. Hope you are still traveling and loving every minute of it!
M L 8 днів тому
It's a nice setup. I think a van is just too small. An ambulance is a good size with nice square dimensions. I have been considering buying an old ambulance to build a camping vehicle instead of paying the ridiculously high prices they want for RV's which are also poorly built.
Said al-rawahi
Said al-rawahi 8 днів тому
Great job love your conversion
Jacey Fruitcum
Jacey Fruitcum 8 днів тому
This was so well thought out and really inspiring!
Herman S
Herman S 8 днів тому
Is it legal to keep the ambulance paintjob?
K It
K It 8 днів тому
She could definitely teach homeschoolers from any location if she wanted to go back to working
stupidusername 9 днів тому
I laughed at "we went everywhere, from Canada to Utah...". because Canada is clearly a pretty small landmass.
Steve Garcia
Steve Garcia 9 днів тому
Wow guys I really like your super cool over lander, you two did an outstanding job and it looks great!
NoLoseJustLearn 9 днів тому
Your hot tub is powered by a military grade sous vide.
amIE T
amIE T 9 днів тому
🤩😂collapsible hot tub. You guys really thought of everything! Love it
Jenny Diez
Jenny Diez 9 днів тому
Anyone sell these in NC?
Richard Marte
Richard Marte 9 днів тому
You guys put to shame all these RV manufacturers. I drove an ambulance thru my FD career. Can u imagen what u can do to the bigger boxes now...Awesome...
Overland by Eric
Overland by Eric 9 днів тому
Truly love your build
Dylan Burch
Dylan Burch 9 днів тому
Almost thought looks like an EarthRoamer with the color of the ambulance and the compass on the side of the vehicle
Nick MG
Nick MG 10 днів тому
One the best builds I've seen for a while, great stuff 👍
G 10 днів тому
Wow Beautiful transformation and love the hot tub idea! As well. I'd love to have this setup myself. 💗
Crystal Hilton
Crystal Hilton 10 днів тому
I need a full shower LOL I've seen some great builds where there was a rain shower head in the ceiling, a drain on the floor (or a slide out drain tray) and pull out curtains on a track.
John Swartz
John Swartz 10 днів тому
There are now ..300 hp electric drive motors.. And : 2 could be mounted… end for end..(if needed) and a two speed transmission that could be mounted to this unit! and you could eliminate that 11 mile a gallon… nightmare And still use the existing 4x4- & original transmission ! but it’s now going to be powered electrically instead of by the stinky… diesel engine… And solar panels can be put on the roof and I can also be an alternator mounted on the electric motor that can help recharge the main battery system…. I would actually install two separated battery systems and then use one while the other one is recharging I currently have a 16’ gmc box truck, tiny house… that also gets 11 miles a gallon ..and I’m going to convert her to electric as soon as possible... I see that you were willing and able to do a 4 x 4 conversion… on an ambulance also so I know you don’t have a problem with the mechanical people …or the money…. An electric conversion would be the next step and I’d like to create a company around it and do it dozens of times for many of us😁😬 Look up EVWest and you will see that they have the systems needed to do it ! But sadly they are backlogged on work for 3 to 5 years this is why we need to buy the parts and do it ourselves I’d like to create EV east and do this on the eastern side of the country or else will do some in Oregon or New Mexico or whatever…. &…Several school buses could be converted into electric…mobile shops…..where we could do electric conversions wherever we drive the vehicles to.. and they have a friend…( jehu)who makes custom batteries out of old computer modules the battery systems, are not ridiculously expensive either…
Tim Claus
Tim Claus 10 днів тому
Well built!
88 Marshall
88 Marshall 11 днів тому
What a beauty
kevin lam
kevin lam 11 днів тому
I love this especially how open they where talking about the cost of thing. Most people don't and it's nice to hear someone talking about it. So people know what to expect
Zippy Thekid
Zippy Thekid 11 днів тому
X Resourceful
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