Does it suck? Chinese DIY Pure Sine Wave Inverter || Sinusoidal PWM (SPWM) Tutorial

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In this video I will tell you the basics about SPWM and show you how we can use it to create a pure sine wave. Afterwards we will have a closer look at the EGS002 which is a cheap SPWM driver board from China. I will create a DIY pure sine wave inverter with it and show you why it is not really a decent alternative to commercial inverters.

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Alex Beardmore
Alex Beardmore 2 роки тому
Nobody should underestimate the difficulty of inverters. They are hard to make properly, and mains voltage ones are frickin' dangerous too.
Jj Mn
Jj Mn 5 місяців тому
Algomarble racer
Algomarble racer 6 місяців тому
@Kiyotaka Sure
Kiyotaka 6 місяців тому
@Algomarble racer post a video please
Algomarble racer
Algomarble racer 8 місяців тому
I managed to make my own inverter today. It wasn't' that hard. It can output 50 Hz 120 V AC. I didn't set it to 60 Hz yet. This is a Madagascar inverter because Madagascar uses 50 Hz 120 V AC.
Algomarble racer
Algomarble racer 10 місяців тому
I made one.
MD YUSUF 7 днів тому
How to generate high frequency alternating current??
Mikael Isaksson
Mikael Isaksson 9 днів тому
Took me a while to figure out that putten-shamaeter is potentiometer in your videos, otherwise, totally excellent videos!
bjtaudio 26 днів тому
The EGS002 based inverters have issues when driving UN-linear loads such as a SMPS with no PFC, the sudden current load spikes at the sine-wave peaks causes terrible flat topping and distortion. Also triac dimmed loads also cause massive distortion, and even can cause transformer saturation as current draw is usually not symmetrical. I found by using a huge transformer improved the ability to drive these loads. When driving pure resitive loads sinewave is perfect.
jlucasound Місяць тому
Hopefully your video will influence all Chinese electronics manufacturers to provide properly written, English manuals. It will benefit them as well as us and I DO love electronic modules that come from China! So many to choose from and so inexpensive. And they usually work!
RESEARCH IS MUST 2 місяці тому
Sir , I purchased 220v Chinese inverter. This inverter SUOER brand and has dual pulse transfers and 6 MOSFET who generates 220v DC which are inverts in 220v AC through IC and 4 MOSFET . Few weeks later inverter giving 145V AC. I checked all components but I failed to find exact fault. Please help .Thank you
WATT 2 місяці тому
Dear. You fans want to see the experiment PFC power-factor active control by arduino.
MrTechCreator 2 місяці тому
It was your mistake. It has peak to peak voltages of 230V, but for 230V RMS, you need an 8.5V to 230V transformer.
MrTechCreator 2 місяці тому
What were the SMD component sizes?
Bhartveer Singh
Bhartveer Singh 2 місяці тому
Good job man love u from India Punjab Amritsar
Leeroy 2 місяці тому
8:15 it would be easier to use
StienoGamez 2 місяці тому
Don’t whine about SMD XD it’s not that difficult to solder...
Burhan Uddin Haider
Burhan Uddin Haider 2 місяці тому
Whoever writes the subtitles is very dumb because they are always wrong
Akash Das
Akash Das 2 місяці тому
Hey there, you are absolutely amazing. I have seen all your videos. Your explanation is just amazing. Can you try out this circuit for pure sine wave inverter with feedback and explain it as you do. That will be so grateful. Thankyou in advance.
Abbas E1000
Abbas E1000 3 місяці тому
Thanks for sharing 👍 I don't trust the inverter. The MOSFET has burnt out to me several times, in addition to making a sound inside the induction motor. Because a sine wave is never perfect!!!
Paul Isham
Paul Isham 3 місяці тому
Yes they suck...a 10kw won't run a 380W slil saw
Kevin 3 місяці тому
subtitles at 8:22 FULL BRIDGE RECTIFIER
The Unknown Cat Warrior Studios
The Unknown Cat Warrior Studios 3 місяці тому
Leenesh G
Leenesh G 3 місяці тому
Good video Great Scott have a look at Homemade 102 inverter projects Egs002 works really well....
Game Demo
Game Demo 3 місяці тому
Lol... Your luck is suck!
Steve Tobias
Steve Tobias 3 місяці тому
Scott, can you do a year down of an actual Chinese Pure Wave Inverter, I know that they are hard to filter out from the modified waveform inverters that are advertised as pure wave but can you do it please. If you have already done it could you please send me a link to the video. Thank you for all you do to help us. Stay awesome (and creative). BTW, can a decent bups be turned into an inverter once the beeper has been silenced? Steve
Kenny Phillips
Kenny Phillips 3 місяці тому
Of course, one should first see if they really need a true sine wave. I thought I did for some apps, then tested with a nasty square wave, with no problems. Still ... sine waves are just cooler.
Intelligent Processor {AI}
Intelligent Processor {AI} 4 місяці тому
there is hard enough to convert a dc to ac! too many calculations too much critical job too many components in order to convert square wave into pure sinosodial wave...... at last failure occurs!!
MrTechCreator 4 місяці тому
I am Chinese.
Easy Electronics
Easy Electronics 4 місяці тому
China not only messed up your video but also the whole world! 😂😂😂
Carl Villanueva
Carl Villanueva 4 місяці тому
A better inverter design
Jonah Shaq
Jonah Shaq 5 місяців тому
Has anyone had experience with the noise on the line produced by these pure sinewave inverters? I notice my AHD cameras have noise in the picture when running off my MPP Solar inverter but are clean as a whistle when running off the mains.
Sujoy Mojumdar
Sujoy Mojumdar 5 місяців тому
Sir, make a powerful 500 watt inverter that we can use at home. Sir, there will be no voltage drop.🙏
HDgaming345 5 місяців тому
What was the value of the filter inductor bro??
antonio valentini
antonio valentini 5 місяців тому
Se è tutto Ok per 5 minuti e poi non si accende più senza motivo posso dire ragionevolmente che si tratta di una Chiavica
George Siamiotis
George Siamiotis 5 місяців тому
Hey Scott, bravo for saving lives. (at least mine)
Jeetender Kakkar
Jeetender Kakkar 6 місяців тому
Stefano Giannini
Stefano Giannini 6 місяців тому
it's terrible having so much energy waste, but to help the poor inverter kit i have to say that also ''real'' inverter in idle absorb pleny of energy. My pure sinewave 2000-4000W inverter has 15/20W on IDLE, but with a load of 40W (for example) is not 40+15w but only 40W. My other pure sinewave 1000-2000W inverter consumes 10W on Idle :)
Abdul Abdul
Abdul Abdul 7 місяців тому
Please drop the circuit diagram
S R 7 місяців тому
Can you make sine wave inverter by using CD8038 ic square wave and sine wave signal function generator instead use of arduino?
Muhammadyusuf Komiljonov
Muhammadyusuf Komiljonov 7 місяців тому
let's try EG8030 to
Jun P Technician
Jun P Technician 7 місяців тому
Thanks for sharing sir new supporters here
ajay ajith
ajay ajith 7 місяців тому
Hey man nice video, but I thing at the beginning of the video u said Spwm is used for obtaining pure sinusoidal wave but I it's only used for controlling the inverter's output ,sine wave is obtained by using filters correct me if I am worng
Chris Joachims
Chris Joachims 7 місяців тому
Im using it too but i use 12v for the controller and for primary i use 12v to 400v dc-dc converter that allows me to use the 230v ac output without the need for a transformer but in this case you need to chose other FETS or IGBT's that can handle the 400v DC Link under load the output is stil a nice sinewave
Silviu Ivanov
Silviu Ivanov 7 місяців тому
Dose he respond to comments?
Darris Hawks
Darris Hawks 7 місяців тому
I got a free modified sine inverter because it was a a cheap one from a Chinese company, but it said pure sine when I bought it, and then they offered me a partial refund when I said "this box literally says modified sine wave on the front of it." I left a really bad review and some higher-up in the company emailed me to say sorry. Then they unlisted it and gave me a full refund and said I could keep it. But I don't need a modified sine inverter, so I'm trying to find a relatively simple way to convert it.
sylkelster 8 місяців тому
You can get a 3000W inverter on Ebay for about $150 through auction that has a decently stable sinewave output while loaded. Not worth the trouble building one, except to learn how it's done.
sylkelster 8 місяців тому
Your knowledge is incredible, and your soldering technique, well....
Michal Jedrzejek
Michal Jedrzejek 8 місяців тому
tej płytki powinieneś użyć jedynie przy falowniku, najpierw przetwornica 12-380v DC-DC, następnie osobna (płytka/układ) z egs002 jako falownik ;)
Tech Invoke
Tech Invoke 8 місяців тому
Never Trust a Chinese Product without an English Manual; very True
David Kinuthia
David Kinuthia 8 місяців тому
they indeed suck !!!!!!!!!!
Rakesh S
Rakesh S 8 місяців тому
Wish if we had content like this in our college era.
fbonacic 8 місяців тому
Was it possible to Google translate chinese manual to English?
Sneakie Plays
Sneakie Plays 8 місяців тому
Hebrews-12:26 Haggai-2:6
Hebrews-12:26 Haggai-2:6 8 місяців тому
I prefer German and Russian and Japan if not US inverters
Kyle Stolz
Kyle Stolz 8 місяців тому
Channel is amazing. Handwriting and content is impeccable. Your accent in english is impossible to place. Thats a bit of a bother for me. Its soothing. I just cant place it.
MrSummitville 6 місяців тому
Germany ?
ゲリン🍉 8 місяців тому
You can trust Chinese products BUT make sure that there is an english manual provided or just use Google image to text translator
Aditya Pandey
Aditya Pandey 8 місяців тому
Everything chinsese and made in China sucks.
chorizo a la parrila
chorizo a la parrila 8 місяців тому
DIY-master mash
DIY-master mash 8 місяців тому
My inverter is shocking me on its dc input side while in operation -what should I do to solve the issue
johney supergd
johney supergd 8 місяців тому
So basically those chips inside converts a square wave into a sinewave using mathimatics, so no wonder those cheapass invertors do lack a sine wave but instead use a “moddified sinewave” wich is incorrect because it’s not that the sinewave was converted into a square wave,no ,so the term “moddified sinewave” must and should be banned instead, in fact that square wave is by default and it should be moddified into a garbitch or a clean version of a sinewave ,so therefore they should call it “(cleaned) moddified square wave” because that’s what it actually does, in fact all invertors lacking a clean sine wave along with a limited wattage should be banned for safity reasons and to avoid confusion among users!!!
Joshwayop 9 місяців тому
Too bad theres not a circuit our there that does the job like a regular inverter were the input gets turned into a square wave and into a transformer at high frequency then smoothed with a rectifier and capacitors then using mosefets to turn it into mains 60 or 50hz at 120 or 240
Indika Edirisuriya
Indika Edirisuriya 9 місяців тому
​ @GreatScott! There are three filter electrolytic capacitors (C1, C2, C3) and two decoupling capacitors (C14, C15) on the on-board power supply bus. The withstand voltage of the capacitor should be selected according to the power supply voltage. If working in high frequency mode and the power supply bus voltage is (330V~400V), select 450V withstand voltage. If working in industrial frequency mode and the power supply bus voltage is 48V, the capacitor withstand voltage should be 63V. The electrolytic capacitor capacity is selected according to the actual system power. Generally, the high frequency mode should be greater than 47uF, and the power frequency mode should be greater than 470uF. The decoupling capacitor is generally 0.1uF CBB capacitor, and the withstand voltage must be greater than the power supply bus voltage. If the withstand voltage of the capacitor is less than the bus voltage of the power supply, the capacitor may explode!
Toprevent Retaliations
Toprevent Retaliations 9 місяців тому
So which pure sine wave inverter brand do you like best?
Sandeep Thorvat
Sandeep Thorvat 9 місяців тому
hi sir how can existing hex file from STC chip & download and upload to other board
T Suleman W
T Suleman W 9 місяців тому
Nick Warren
Nick Warren 10 місяців тому
I'm not sure why, but I really like this guys handwriting. Might be because mine sucks so much.
Cult of the Grey Beard
Cult of the Grey Beard 10 місяців тому
There's detailed schematics, a pc board,, etc using the same driver board here: (It's TechBuilder, below)
Anna Plojharová
Anna Plojharová 10 місяців тому
The "ASIC" could well be a microcontroller with the firmware in ROM. Definitely the ATMEGA in Arduino will do the job as well. In fact it does nothing else than the table generation you tried yourself, but instead of directly feeding to the counter, these numbers get multiplied by an amplitude variable. This variable comes from sampling the output voltage at the moment when it is supposed to be at its peak, comparing it with the desired peak value and then adjusting the amplitude variable till the measured voltage matches the target. The ADC is scheduled so at most times it measures the current, once the 20ms cycle it replaces one sample by voltage measurement and few times per second by the thermistor measurement. What makes me to think it is actually a generic microcontroller with custom firmware and not a true ASIC is how much of auxiliary analog circuit it needs around (not talking about the MOSFET predrivers, but really about signal processing within 5V rails), which could way easier be integrated onto the ASIC chip, so saved the BOM cost if it were truly designed as an ASIC. But all the circuit around really suggest there was no dedicated IC design involved, only programming of an existing micro. Which makes perfect sense, as designing an IC is VERY expensive and you have to sell millions of them to get that money back on savings compare to using some standard MCU. Don't think there are that much inverters sold to justify a fully custom IC for that...
David Willard
David Willard 10 місяців тому
IT'S !! THE !!! SUPER !!! ELEXX !!! MORE !! POWER !! THAN !! A !! NUCLEAR !! REACTOR !! HAS !!!
HAWK hopeless
HAWK hopeless 10 місяців тому
Habs gewusst dass du Deutscher bist 🤣
FIX DIY 10 місяців тому
Dinithm 10 місяців тому
This module using in output side of inverters not for primmery side , use stepup dc to dc converter to 12v to dc 320v and use this module to build up sine wave using dc like in class d car works perfectly . This module is working nice but that idiot green circuit board is somthing garbage this is the datasheet
Afzal Jan.
Afzal Jan. 10 місяців тому
its a very nice inverter technique, on this you can select the 50/60 hz by selecting the jumpers, even you can set it to 400 Hz, which is mostly used in military equipment, the R&D of EG micro is a very much Excellent, you need some study to use it...
Algomarble racer
Algomarble racer 10 місяців тому
I made one.
Ricky Speakman
Ricky Speakman 10 місяців тому
It’s from China, so yes!
onthemudd1 10 місяців тому
Great video
孟宗佑 10 місяців тому
Gavindu Dileepa
Gavindu Dileepa 10 місяців тому
How do it get the rind transformer
Algomarble racer
Algomarble racer 10 місяців тому
Yo Scott. I AM MAKING an inverter with mains output soon. so yeah, driven by Arduino to generate SPWM. I will include a feedback system. It's actually simple. All you need is a full bridge inverter that generates SPWM and analog components that smooth it out into a sine wave. Finally, a transformer to boost it. I will leave out the transformer until I get a good sine wave, though.
Rory Witham
Rory Witham 10 місяців тому
Amazing tech did a video on this. His seams to work fine... But like you said, English manual and a bit of luck. Sometimes they work, some times they don't. Like my order today... Didn't go boom, but blew some electronics...nothing of value thankfully... Always test...
Kumarpal Bokria Office
Kumarpal Bokria Office 10 місяців тому
But sir you could use Google translate.
Zeitseele 11 місяців тому
Ya, most of the time translations are done by google or baidu...
Sullivan Zheng
Sullivan Zheng 11 місяців тому
I can read Chinese and as I can see from the manual, it requires very complicated tweaking. You were EXTREMELY lucky to have worked it out without manual just by trying, risking and erring, and still got away without being electrocuted or have your lab burnt to ground :::)))) Your takeaway is just to the point....never try anything without a manual. I do cross fingers for those who are also trying this.... high power inverters are impossible for DIYers without 1-2 year EE college training.
Jeremy Williams
Jeremy Williams 11 місяців тому
Wouldn’t it be more accurate to use a controlled-speed spinning magnet to generate a pure sine wave reference voltage? I know from a mechanical sense it would be more complex, but it may be a valuable trade off to make a perfect wave. I’m suggesting a VERY small motor/magnet. Purely for the wave shape. Thoughts?
Kim Atong
Kim Atong 11 місяців тому
I think there was no need for the big output transformer. The circuit only requires an inductor to generate the 220V then the load. I think you only need to adjust the output voltage to 220 using that multi-turn trimmer.
Gaming Rulz
Gaming Rulz 11 місяців тому
Just take a piece of wire and wrap it around your transformer and there you are! A feedback coil.
Dawson Winter
Dawson Winter 11 місяців тому
Instructions in Chinese are not much help :)
Thom kouwen
Thom kouwen 11 місяців тому
The most effective one I've made only created the sine after bumping the voltage to 320V with a DC-DC boost converter. This negates the whole problem of having stupid lossy transformers and difficult feedback loops. It has it's own disadvantages, like high frequency, high voltage switching and a high voltage DC supply (more dangerous than ac) but it was hella efficient and didn't care about load attached
joe wulf
joe wulf 11 місяців тому
天下苦中文久矣 😂
S S Foo
S S Foo 5 місяців тому
User 11 місяців тому
I was searching for a 24v pure sine wave inverter connected directly to a 20A buck converter and 2*270w solar panel with 36v. The inverter can shut down when there is insufficient power, but it has to turn on automatically when the power gets back to normal. I want to use this in a water pump. It's some kind of "Frankenstein" off grid solar power without battery.
Ashutosh Bharadwaj
Ashutosh Bharadwaj 11 місяців тому
The Andi
The Andi 11 місяців тому
You sounds tired . . . But, good job
Tanmoy Haldar
Tanmoy Haldar 11 місяців тому
You should use your class D audio amplifier project with a 50hz sinewave input.
Ethan Atchley
Ethan Atchley 11 місяців тому
002 More like ZEROTWO
Random Thing CH
Random Thing CH Рік тому
Did not leas to explosion That would be Electroboom video
Naeem Ahmed
Naeem Ahmed Рік тому
Pc master ji
Random Enginering
Random Enginering Рік тому
8:22 captions on Where in gods name is electroboom
MakeIdea Рік тому
Great,Big fan ❤️ #makeidea
georgegiuglea Рік тому
Hi all I use it from more than 3 years the original design is not with a transformer EGP1000 basic destination was to use with solar panels 10x36v panels so input voltage is 360 to 400 volts and his maxim power is 3000W with 100 panels with minimum 20u capacitor on output LC filter. Design of EGP was for green energy
Mansi Ahuja
Mansi Ahuja Рік тому
Your USB Tester is also Chinese
Siddiqul Haque
Siddiqul Haque Рік тому
Dear Scott, would it be possible to use 220 DC to feed the toroid transformer with SPWM signal, use low pass filter at the output to get 220v AC. Would it increase the efficiency, as the process of step up is eliminated
Ajay Kumar
Ajay Kumar Рік тому
Abdulqader.A Рік тому
can u tell me pls what do you work ?
Zdeněk Ambroz
Zdeněk Ambroz Рік тому
Kde je diagram ? Podle čeho udělat desku? Celé video mě nic neříká !!!!!!!!!!!! Mám ho podporovat ???? Palec dolů .Každé video ,které nenabídne diagram ,desku a součástky ,nestojí za shlédnutí. zamysli se nad tím, až skončí video,co ti řeklo ???????? A to je u všech videí. Mají na myslí jen přístup a zhlédnutí.Navíc je tu přesměrování na EGS 002,které si můžeš na Google najít v pohodě sám a je tam datasheet.
Stephen Ancell
Stephen Ancell Рік тому
If you connect a vacuum cleaner to it, does it suck?
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