First Hand Sightings Of Bigfoot - Boogeymen - Bigfoot

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In the town of Willow Creek in northern California, the legend of Bigfoot, an ape-like monster believed to be a missing link between man’s evolutionary leap from monkeys, is taken more seriously than anywhere else in the world, with organized hunting expeditions, statues and even a museum - but is there any substance to the mythology?

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Sarko Mazmanyan
Sarko Mazmanyan 6 годин тому
With how big earth is we are not everywhere all the time and we will never be there are places on earth no human eyes have seen. Anything could be out there
Sarko Mazmanyan
Sarko Mazmanyan 7 годин тому
So what about Ron Morhead and their recording which has been analyzed and it is real. Hard to find something smart that does not want to be found
T3no SanFran
T3no SanFran 14 годин тому
Can't believe this hoax continues to this day. It's about a century old now. And despite technological advancements in photography equipment (stills, video remote motion cameras)--especially by Apple and Samsung, you would think SOMEONE would have taken a clearly focused shot (still / video) of Big Foot by now. Guess many people just like folklore or are simply THAT gullible.
John Doe
John Doe День тому
That Bluff Creek photo is so fake. Especially the mask
rainfeathermedic День тому
I really wanted to watch this but the music is so distracting
Juanita Holland
Juanita Holland День тому
I believe they don't want no part of us. They probably go through another dimension I've heard people say they saw orbs around them. I recently watched a past life regression and the lady was a bigfoot.😀
Karl Stemmler
Karl Stemmler День тому
O.K. Now, where is the evidence /sighting?
itsonlymyopinion ok
itsonlymyopinion ok День тому
Nice entertaining documentary..
Frikn Wulf
Frikn Wulf 2 дні тому
Very well done however i think lol my thought of evolution is that it was manipulated by an alien race who inhabited this planet. And for catastophic reasons left thIs planet. We appear to be headed into another extinction event the more we see the hairy man we are closer to end times.....appears to ring true.
Alan D Mystic
Alan D Mystic 3 дні тому
1 americans can be seen to love hunt 1 down1😖🤔🧐🤣🤣🤣👍
Hot rod Lincoln
Hot rod Lincoln 4 дні тому
Come on people grow up we all know there’s know there’s only one Bigfoot and it’s a Ford. How come there’s no real pictures of Bigfoot’s or Martians?because they don’t exist but I did see Elvis last week.
Justin M
Justin M 5 днів тому
I respect the opinion of the biologist.. Witch usually isn't the case.. it's my belief that science-minded people should be open minded to the possibility of any and everything and never say we no say we believe cuz things could change in a moment's notice. That's just my opinion about science-minded biologists that comment on this subject. I respect this guy's opinion because as he said himself he made the statement it's possible that they're very long-lived possible that we're just seeing the last of them but it's under his opinion that he doesn't believe they exist but making that statement to me shows that he took into account what he knows and the information out there and rendered his opinion which is they do not exist he didn't directly say that but that's what he was suggesting but before he even gave his opinion he said the comment about them being long-lived or seening the last of them.. what shows to me that he always leaves the possibility contrary to his opinion open.. instead of leading with his opinion and using science only to strengthen his opinion I can respect that and I respect him there should be more science-minded people like that out there than there are these days
Steve m
Steve m 6 днів тому
You can tell the narrator wants laugh 🤣 storys and rumors are not facts.
John Prentice
John Prentice 6 днів тому
DO YOU BELEIVE ...that Bigfoot is a Multi-dimensional being.!...he is here to look after the Wilderness.! A watcher of humans too.! ..but benevolent and benign being ...not here to harm us.! Leave him alone in peace.
Robert Fitzsimmons
Robert Fitzsimmons 4 дні тому
Ummmm. No.
Lone Star
Lone Star 7 днів тому
Logically if we can't find any trace of them living on earth then we must assume they are visitors and not residents!
Chandler Littlechild
Chandler Littlechild 9 днів тому
37:00 - Maybe because they don’t want to be found?
Chandler Littlechild
Chandler Littlechild 9 днів тому
I’m Dene and Mountain Cree First Nation from Canada. They’re definitely out there.
Chandler Littlechild
Chandler Littlechild 9 днів тому
I’m Dene and Mountain Cree First Nation from Canada. They’re definitely out there.
Marina Tineo
Marina Tineo 10 днів тому
Bigfoot is real people, cause the people that say bigfoot is not real is because those people have not seen one so those people can say what, because I believe the people the that say they seen Bigfoot, only they know the truth, so to hell with the non believer's, and YAY to the people that have seen Bigfoot.
David G
David G 10 днів тому
So an ex president of the Chamber of Commerce is promoting Bigfoot sightings in the area surprise surprise!!
Sameoldfitup Founded In  2008
Sameoldfitup Founded In 2008 10 днів тому
Life is all memory
A H 11 днів тому
I want to believe but it’s just insane that in 2021 we still don’t have a proper image of this creature.. Besides, is there only one? NO!
Robert Fitzsimmons
Robert Fitzsimmons 4 дні тому
Modern digital cameras aren't very good for capturing squatch images for several reasons. Pixels don't expand well, they just become a blob. And by the time most can get that camera out and on and it focuses, the big guys gone.
Mr. 1000
Mr. 1000 11 днів тому
The background music in this show is so campy and cartoonish that it's hard to take these people seriously! I keep waiting for Elmer Fudd to come walking by out in the woods looking for a wascally wabbit.
Paolo Vito
Paolo Vito 12 днів тому
A Russian scientist from Russia?!?!
rahul sharma
rahul sharma 12 днів тому
Before 200 years humans thought flying in the sky was a scienc fiction,for thm whole sky was scienc fiction,so it doesnt matter wht skeptics say,humans r so self centerd nd egoistic tht we thnk we r the only one who can control nature nd wht not,but in realty nature is so mysterious we cant evn fathom,thts y its called mother nature,we humans r smaller thn the grain of salt in front of nature nd wilderness,nd i think its best for us these things r kept hidden by nature,nature also has its deep dark secrets nd sometimes its best tht thy r kept hidden.
Mary Murray
Mary Murray 12 днів тому
Sound goes completely out right about at the end
Chadrach William
Chadrach William 13 днів тому
Q: Why can't you find a 8 foot tall 700 pound primate? A: Because it doesn't want to be found, and is likely way smarter than anyone gives it credit for. Maybe it can hear and emit ultra sounds, smell things better than a bear, and can also see light waves that we can't.? Give the guy some credit, if he is real, he is really good at being sneaky.
Shane Dirden
Shane Dirden 14 днів тому
Man comes from God no monkeys. Lord Jesus
Tracey Walker
Tracey Walker 14 днів тому
The photo at 21:13 nailed it for me. Never had seen that frame before!
BEARaCUDA 14 днів тому
We found rare animals, why haven't we found a bigfoot? Cuz it's smarter than your game cams with their infrared lights giving them away at least 30 50 ft
BEARaCUDA 14 днів тому
These skeptics should be dropped off in the forest and have to find their way home
BEARaCUDA 14 днів тому
The forest loggers have seen bigfoot you fucking biased skeptics
Robin Bergström
Robin Bergström 14 днів тому
We found bones of rats to t-rex. But a big as monkey living for 1000 yeas in the woods and prob rebriding and flurish? Is imposible to find one singel bone from? Whats upp with that? I gues they eat wild life? Why cant we find one singel dead wild life with monkey bite marks on it? Where do they keep the remains from animals they eat? So many basic questions?
Chez Keightley
Chez Keightley 14 днів тому
SAM Colt
SAM Colt 16 днів тому
Nathan Dixon
Nathan Dixon 16 днів тому
Well, a rather good video. But, Dave and the other guy. Let's call them ' Donny Downers' although, more real reports are coming out recently. But having skeptical characters to promote this, is kinda of a theme killer. Good luck.
GalileanInvariance 18 днів тому
Capturing a bigfoot on video is no small feat ... ;)
Kevin Costello
Kevin Costello 18 днів тому
Dr Johnson ??? Singing a few tunes in the main bedding area and Don or bob bigfoot I think walked up and understood ?? OMG how ridiculous is that seriously he thinks we're to buy that crappola??? Im an believer myself but singing a few show tunes before leaving to film this interview? HAHAHA !!!! B.S.
Robert Fitzsimmons
Robert Fitzsimmons 4 дні тому
The guy is certifiable... he now leads some church of Bigfoot forest people.. I have been a member of sasquash groups where if you bring up the subject of Matthew Johnson, people will get up and leave the room. Discussing him is absolutely forbidden in some groups.
Robert King
Robert King 19 днів тому
Vets~over~corruption 24 дні тому
Sasquatch isn't a ape , it's human w/ a small % unknown DNA.
MeT L Head
MeT L Head 25 днів тому
The reason nobody will catch Bigfoot is it’s an inter dimensional being. It has capabilities that we don’t. They have cloaking, some reports say they throw marbles at you if they like you, boulders if they want you gone zz
Gavin Brando
Gavin Brando 25 днів тому
It does not exist and when anyone finds bones or hair or DNA or a body then I'll say I'm wrong. I'll just wait while absolutely none of that happens and so will the rest of you
G. G.
G. G. 25 днів тому
Native Americans have lived on these lands for millenniums and with Saquatch.
Matt Graham
Matt Graham 26 днів тому
folks have been seeing bigfoot in america ever since folks deseided to settle here
mike jones
mike jones 27 днів тому
another poorly acted, overly dramatic, terribly directed bunch of nonsense
jimmyraythomason1 27 днів тому
It's okay to be a sceptic or even a non-believer but a scoffer isn't interested in the truth. They just want to prove that they are right and are much smarter than those who believe.
Rosscoeginncoe Lake Havasu & Orange County
Rosscoeginncoe Lake Havasu & Orange County 28 днів тому
I’m over the Bigfoot spoof ,,,,,,, so silly
Charlotte Nasise
Charlotte Nasise 28 днів тому
When Mt. St Helens blew that used many helocopters taking out hundreds of dead big Foots. That are real they do exists, best to leave them alone.
Eric Davidson
Eric Davidson 29 днів тому
You know why you can't find them because there more intelligent than you. And all you so-called professionals definitely can't handle that You so called professionals are nothing but a joke.
stainshield 29 днів тому
That is true that you won't be able to find them, because they know the forest real well and when you know the land real well you have the edge. Look at The Civil War, the reason why it lasted long was because the North invaded The South and The Southerners knew the land better than The Northerners.
Metaphysics with Ariyana
Metaphysics with Ariyana 29 днів тому
Hey, what happened to the sound 37 minutes into it?
Vermont Jeff
Vermont Jeff 29 днів тому
Can't there be one photo of on by now . The only photo was in 1967 ? No one found a 3 foot turd in the woods ?
dogs aren't dangerous
dogs aren't dangerous 29 днів тому
BLUFF creek
california sunshine
california sunshine Місяць тому
This just sounds like a misinformation show.
Praamsaga Місяць тому
We don't care why you started investigating Bug Foot. Show us proof!
Die Gnade des Herrn
Die Gnade des Herrn Місяць тому
I came not from a ape, not from a stone, or whatever
Ronnie P
Ronnie P Місяць тому
Sorry, a program ( yes they call it TELL LIE VISION “programming for a reason . Like many topics, subjects, phenomena and whatever the use of hiding truth in plain sight is applied.Any program which gets to the word believe regarding Sasquatch/ Sabe beings within the 1st couple minutes has me tuning out. To each their own, however THESE BEINGS 100 percent are sharing this planet with us. PERIOD.IF YOURE 1 of those ppl. Who requires confirmation from a government that constantly lies, misleads and although being “ELECTED” lol by us to serve us ALLEGEDLY have blatantly done the complete opposite. IF U REQUIRE ACKNOWLEDGMENT FROM THEM? To recognize reality from fiction, I actually feel bad for you. THERE ARE OBVIOUSLY MANY ASPECTS/ TRAITS/ CHARACTERISTICS / BEHAVIORS THAT DO NOT UNDERSTAND OR COMPREHEND, PERHAPS SOME OF THIS IS DUE TO THINGS WE DO NOT UNDERSTAND, THE LIMITS OF OUR OWN SENSES AND….INFORMATION BEING DELIBERATELY KEPT FROM US…. SO NOW ITS WHY? WHY? and WHY? In order to learn the ability to set aside what we’ve had orchestrated and basically to a point forced onto our minds, recognize this 1st, consider that although intelligent or successful or both and then some, EXTREMELY BEYOND FILTHY RICH WEALTHY PPL.AND GROUPS OF PPL.FULLY UNDERSTAND HOW THE PSYCHOLOGY OF HUMANS FUNCTIONS GENERALLY, OBVIOUSLY THERE ARE ALWAYS GONNA BE A SMALL PERCENTAGE OF EXCEPTIONS. THIS IS USED TO MANIPULATE US BY the 1/10th of 1 percent who refer to us as sheep and useless eaters. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE, PLEASE RESEARCH FOR YOURSELF, USE A CENSORSHIP FREE PLATFORM LIKE BITCHUTE, USE FAKEAPEDIA ONLY FOR MATHMATICAL STATISTICS LIKE THE SCORE OF A SUPER BOWL… LISTEN TO OTHER PEOPLE
Dona Leigh
Dona Leigh Місяць тому
Many people have found the 8 ft tall 700 pound primate
BeSmart VoteBlue
BeSmart VoteBlue Місяць тому
People have submitted hair five times and it comes back as UNKNOWN every time.
Aman Offaith
Aman Offaith Місяць тому
He is an animal perhaps. I was created by the hand of God. Evolution is a fairy tale for adults.
Azz Azz
Azz Azz Місяць тому
If they can find Osama Binladen, They can find Bigfoot
september quest
september quest 25 днів тому
Also,if they can film the surface of the moon or Mars with clear results, we should have come across at least one valid picture or film of the legendary beast 🙊🙉🙈
William Wallace
William Wallace Місяць тому
Really? We can find 4000 year old mummies,2 million year old misquote traped in prehistoric tree sap dead dinosaurs Neanderthal humans animals of all shapes and sizes millions of different species. But not one Bigfoot, Yeti, what ever you want to call it. Not even a dead one that died of natural causes. Sitting under a tree. Where's the dead Bigfoot? Not one. What they don't die? Really how come no one has ever been hiking and stumbled across a dead one?
Dr. Mike Johnson
Dr. Mike Johnson Місяць тому
Bugs the hell outa me when "Bigfoot" is referenced as if there's just ONE running around all over North America
Dr. Mike Johnson
Dr. Mike Johnson 21 день тому
@Tampa User still need to get rid of the "he/him" inappropriate pronouns 😊 MY punctuation is deployed as it is due to ease if operating my phone's easily accessible ones. If I were kn a keyboard there would b no errors. Caps is a tool I use to trigger leftists - works every time...."stop SCREAMING....stop YELLING" 🙄🙄
Tampa User
Tampa User 25 днів тому
@Dr. Mike Johnson Indeed. Overall - if you ask me (and no one did) - language skills are deteriorating everywhere since the advent of mass media/internet. When I was a kid, I learned spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc., from reading works by professional, published writers. "Published" being the key. Their work was edited by someone who knew about those things. Now anybody can publish anything, misspellings and all. Even no caps or punctuation. (wink wink) FISH!! i was trying to think of a word like "fish". We don't say "fishes", do we? So "bigfoot" should be OK.
Dr. Mike Johnson
Dr. Mike Johnson 25 днів тому
@Tampa User proper pronouns r important these days 🤣🤣🤣
Tampa User
Tampa User 26 днів тому
@Dr. Mike Johnson You have a point. Might just be idiosyncratic speech. I once read that soldiers in Vietnam referred to Viet Cong enemy - "Charlie" - as "he/him"
Dr. Mike Johnson
Dr. Mike Johnson 26 днів тому
@Tampa User correct. But the references r "I saw HIM...IT" as if there's only one,, vs "I saw one...". Better term is sasquatch/sasquatches
dorothy jack
dorothy jack Місяць тому
I totally believe there is a Bigfoot My Father seen one up north in Michigan...
Jam City
Jam City Місяць тому
My mother-in-law is a Bigfoot 💩 She can not walk A flight of step! But, she can climb the f💩ck out of Trees!!
Ken Saber
Ken Saber Місяць тому
The question was raised here on why there are little to no signs of Bigfoot habitation as opposed to say bears. Sceptics ask that. Well, the reason is that Bigfoot is the only animal that doesn't want to be found. And for the most part deliberately tries to stay hidden. Do bears do that? No.
Andrew Coxon
Andrew Coxon Місяць тому
Why does this biologist with the short dark hair absolutely refuse to co sasquatch the possibility of sasquatch all ways thought .the principles of the sciences were fluid and theorys changing .the celeocanth was proved to be extinct then found not to be .and am sure theirs areas we have not been
blues in g music
blues in g music 26 днів тому
So they finally found some living Tasman Tigers? (That's what I've always called them. Btw the only place I've ever been to in Australia was Hobart, Tasmania. Loved it!)
rebelray84 Місяць тому
And then next "expert" with his "they would have be very large animals......leave behind a lot of activity.......can't get them on game cameras....etc etc...". Well let's see just how much of those thousands and thousands of square miles have you covered with those game cameras? Pretty small percentage right? If these creatures are as intelligent as they seem, actively avoid a game camera wouldn't be hard. In closing, the mountain gorilla is a large animal and was called a myth up until a hundred years ago.
rebelray84 Місяць тому
"There's people all over those woods...... thousands of logging roads". This person has never really been out in woods of the northwest. At least not very far from one of those logging roads or hiking trails . There are hundreds and hundreds of miles out there that have never been visited by man.
Karl Stemmler
Karl Stemmler День тому
Who made those HIKING trails? Perhaps Big Foot himselfe.
rebelray84 Місяць тому
There have been many hair samples that were tested that had results saying the hair was from an unknown primate. I would call that scientific evidence.
Paul Powers
Paul Powers Місяць тому
I'm not trying to ruin the tourism there, but similar Bigfoot creatures have been reported throughout the United States, the people leaving states like Pennsylvania and Ohio etc. have many accounts of Bigfoot sightings close to their area. But remember; what you wanted and went out to find. Because your reality and perspective will change the way you see the woods and your life. I also would like to nominate Keith Benson to be dropped off somewhere desolate in the area, fully equipped with survival gear.
Ang dlwil
Ang dlwil Місяць тому
The gov knows they r real and in fact there r two different families. One 7ft or so and one 12ft or so. It's not just a tall tale.
Jfrtbikg Kdhjbeep
Jfrtbikg Kdhjbeep 10 днів тому
awesome, can you share more ?
Schallb Місяць тому
Loggers weren't told to sign a piece of paper telling them to not talk about what they see in the woods while they cut down trees , for nothing. They saw them , and still not one has made money off those sittings.
Schallb Місяць тому
why would people of all ages from adults to small children say they saw a bigfoot ? Because they did... not one of them has made money off those facts. But who are we to question them, we weren't there.
Woof Dog
Woof Dog Місяць тому
Klemtu BC is the crazy spot for BF
Richard Osborn
Richard Osborn Місяць тому
This keith benson is all about disinformation.
Maddy Sharma
Maddy Sharma Місяць тому
How funny.. Scientist : oh I haven't seen bigfoot once with my own eyes that's means it doesn't exist.. Bigfoot: Have u ever seen ur brain once with ur own eyes... Oh that's means ur brain dosen't exist either 😂😂
Adam Benson
Adam Benson Місяць тому
That one so called expert who mentioned gigantopithicus totally got his information wrong gigantopithicus was not found in Africa it was found in southeast Asia
Gerry Jones
Gerry Jones Місяць тому
That is b******* I can't believe you're saying that we come from animals that's b******* the Lord God in heaven made us and one day you'll find out when you're in hell but You're theory that we come from animals have been proven wrong over and over so you better get right with the Lord buddy before you end up in hell that where you're headed to now
Gerry Jones
Gerry Jones Місяць тому
I believe what the Indians say that they are spirit and I also believe that if you see a lot of these things which people have been seeing them all over the world at this time people are sending more and more thousands and thousands of people have seen them and I do believe it is the end times because these things are demonic
Dave Martin
Dave Martin Місяць тому
That film was from1958 journalist Andrew Genzoli of the Humbolt Times and the film is in black and white, who added the technicolor.
Dave Martin
Dave Martin Місяць тому
Sounds like the gimmick used to draw tourist to Willow Creek, I don't care if there were a million stories from a million witnesses, no scientific proof, no legitimate video or tangible evidence, I don't believe, not yet.
WW Outdoors
WW Outdoors Місяць тому
You can if you know what your doing.
WW Outdoors
WW Outdoors Місяць тому
There has been many bodies. The government immediately steps in and take it. Then it never happen.
WW Outdoors
WW Outdoors Місяць тому
It’s real. But it has been here from the beginning.
WW Outdoors
WW Outdoors Місяць тому
If we came from apes. There should be half ape half human and everything in between running around. Evolution doesn’t just stop. They should be everywhere. Everyone should see them. If was evolution there should be millions.
Tony Padilla-yeti zone your not alone
Tony Padilla-yeti zone your not alone Місяць тому
From the Hoodlums in the Hood to the Bigfoots in the Woods, Obsessed and Possessed by Manitou Champ of the Yetis, through his eye's I can see that he has left his Mark on me, Hooked like no other, it's like Manitous my Brother, Yeti Zone your not alone, like a camera I use negatives for my Quest of Bigfoot, all you Bigfoot Whisper Wannabes ain't got nothing on me, I have no doubt, I can call the Russian Killer out, Qualified Certified Yetified, 100,Percent, Challenge anyone and Yeti, I'm a Bigfoot Rebel because they took me to the next level, the Best not like the Rest, I can find any Bigfoots nest, Tested and Accepted when others run I stay for fun, not out for the Kill in it for the Thrill, can't be Frightened because I've been Enlightened, Absorbed, Tagged, Checked, Read till the day I'm Dead
irishgrl Місяць тому
The gentleman who says there’s thousands of people living & working in these forested areas discounts the fact that it’s those same loggers & hunters & civilians making these reports! Not to mention Native Americans whose oral traditions are FULL of stories of Bigfoot! I understand the need for skepticism but to act like decent honest ppl with nothing to gain & everything to lose would risk ridicule by making these reports is just offensive to me. They deserve to be believed same as anyone!
j cough
j cough 2 дні тому
I spoke to an elder on the Yakama Reservation just north of Mt Adams in WA State and he said there is a family of bigfoot that move thru the fields in march-june just outside of Ft Simcoe Park. He said he knows a tribal forrest employee that has watched a family of them even watched the small one grow into full grown
irishgrl Місяць тому
Jerry Crew is Uncle to Jim Crew, my daughter’s father-in-law. These things are real.
Les Jones
Les Jones 18 днів тому
It's jim crow.lmao.
Ace Місяць тому
How insane is that? that Dr.Johnson's testimony on seeing bigfoot was a seal of creditability? by a park ranger? Why? it's bad enough he thinks Bigfoot never knew he was you for real? oh yeah,, the rest of the awareness of bigfoot comes from only stories from the Native American's,.stories they say? guess they're not counted as real folks.
「ufoscrīptorium」 Місяць тому
🐵 🙏
Gregorio Місяць тому
Out of the thousands of encounters, if one person is telling the truth, it’s real and does exist. And I have a hard time believing all these thousands of people are lying.
Guinea Nord
Guinea Nord Місяць тому
@Gregorio I never believed in Satan, the Tooth Fairy, or God, and like I said everyone lies, damn you're stupid...
Gregorio Місяць тому
@Guinea Nord but you believed in Santa claus and the tooth fairy. Lol. Or a god that doesn’t exist. Must feel good knowing you have never lied. But most humans do and everyone else does.
Guinea Nord
Guinea Nord Місяць тому
They're all lying, most humans are very dishonest. If Bigfoot was real there would be proof.
Crabby Gramma
Crabby Gramma Місяць тому
Our government is scared shitless knowing they can’t fight something science can’t explain!
Cree Nation
Cree Nation Місяць тому
Have they found a body or D.N.A. of the man Almighty yet??.. Do they have pictures of him?.. 🤔 Just curios.. We believe & print on Government paper; "In God We Trust"
JayBlueAfterglow Місяць тому
There's a scene in the movie Bigfoot: The Conspiracy with the sasquatch crossing the tracks and it's damn near identical to the P-G film.
Don Selbe
Don Selbe Місяць тому
What really tics me off is the opinion that none of these so called experts could conceivably be WRONG!!!!
Mr. Aloha
Mr. Aloha Місяць тому
That were u people r going wrong !!!! Sasquatch or Sabe as I call them… is not a primate, they r another human race, stronger then u and I able to live and Survive in the forest were we can not… they know wat humans r capable of doing, so they stay away, the natives had relationships with them before the white man came and stoled the land, change ur thinking not an ape, but a man… then u will find him !!!!
Maximus BEASTEUS Місяць тому
Omg how naive ! Bodies have been recovered! Cars and trucks hit these animals on highways and roads all the time. The authorities collect the bodies and take them to secret bases and study facilities. Cops threaten the witness s not to talk about it to anyone.
Kathy Harrington
Kathy Harrington 24 дні тому
I believe it Cover up 🤯
Dee Powers
Dee Powers Місяць тому
We did not evolve from primates
TheOtherMike Місяць тому
Are there now commercials on EVERY video on UKposts?
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INSTASAMKA - LIPSI HA (prod. realmoneychlen)
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Мой кот точно пытается меня убить
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BIKINI LIFE HACK!! 😱 - #Shorts
Julius Dein
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3 тиждень - Танці з зірками. 8 сезон
Танці з зірками
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