[ Full Video ] Building Jungle Villa and Swimming Pool With Décor Private Living Room

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Primitive Survival Tool

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About Primitive Survival Tool : We Have 3 People In the wild , Mr Pen Sann : ( Actor ) Mr Sophal : ( Actor ) Mr Kimhout (Camera Man). In this video we going to show you about our Mix video Building Jungle Villa and Swimming Pool With Décor Private Living Room With Simple Tool as full video with very simple tools and skill !
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How long did we build?
we been working very hard with 15 days to completely build, This Project
How large is it?
How large is it?
- House : width 5 x 7 m
- bed : width 2 x 1.2 m
- Dining-Table : 1 x 0.50 m
-Sofa : 1.2 x 0.40 m
we hard to build it because we work by hand 100% and made with tools in video .
Q. Do you live in the wild everyday?
A. Yes ! But I don't live in the wild everyday but just go into the bush to make these projects when finish one project we back house. Thank you.
Q: Why do you have camera?
A: I have a camera because I live in the 21st century, I am not the primitive man
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Primitive Survival Tool
Primitive Survival Tool Місяць тому
Build Two story Villa ukposts.info/have/v-deo/sJpzZJyjgHqjlX0.html
Oscar Castillo me la mandes
Oscar Castillo me la mandes День тому
@VANKATESH KUMAR nnnnnnnnnnnnnjnnnnnnmhnbb
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@Gustaf Ramar u888⁸8
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Missy Ianna Millado
Missy Ianna Millado Годину тому
Impossible using only primitive tools...
JR 6 годин тому
Ghazala Naseem
Ghazala Naseem 8 годин тому
Thérèse Ahuka Longombe
Thérèse Ahuka Longombe 11 годин тому
C'est extraordinaire !!!
Elvin Nisa öç
Elvin Nisa öç 13 годин тому
god house jkdhdwha hahaha no hate
Suraj Giri
Suraj Giri 19 годин тому
Insane architects.... and don't tell me they did all these in one day
narshima Sharma 123
narshima Sharma 123 19 годин тому
Nida Francisco
Nida Francisco 21 годину тому
Wow Amazing
Riyas Eh
Riyas Eh День тому
Wonderful 😊😊 exllent two people
Massawina Beloved
Massawina Beloved День тому
UNESCO should protect those creative buildings.
kawasaki z800
kawasaki z800 День тому
Наталья Фурманец
Наталья Фурманец День тому
как они делают
Лариса Умба
Лариса Умба День тому
Никаких тебе лобзиков, болгарок, шуруповертов. Молодчаги! Зато у нас - кусок земли купи, за проэкт заплати, БТИ заплати, про строй матерьялы молчу
Баба Геня
Баба Геня День тому
вот кого надо нанимать на строительства дачи.......и быстро и экологически чисто.
Yoko kobayashi Woman’s
Yoko kobayashi Woman’s День тому
Very big surprise to only one tool To almost only bamboo s such good design s house making two guy together s. Amazing have skill S and strong energetic so much Interesting to enjoy watching Excellent ability two guy s 。
Paranormal orbit
Paranormal orbit День тому
Somewhere In the woods of New Jersey………..
Paranormal orbit
Paranormal orbit День тому
This looks strangely animated. 🧐😂
Ram Chandra Yadav
Ram Chandra Yadav День тому
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quá đẹp tuyệt vời của thế hệ tương lai MAI sau nhé
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Pattie Smith
Pattie Smith 2 дні тому
How do you keep the pool clean
Johanna Tuominen
Johanna Tuominen 2 дні тому
Monica Vargas
Monica Vargas 2 дні тому
Wow maravilloso , súper creativos 👏👏👏👏👏
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I live it...God is good
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Top top
maritza caicedo rodriguez
maritza caicedo rodriguez 2 дні тому
Quiero un trabajador de estos para mi casa
Happi Asanga
Happi Asanga 2 дні тому
The most satisfying part is when they finish up, and then begin swimming.
Pearl Last
Pearl Last 2 дні тому
way too much energy., its like almost humanly impossible task., who are these people anyway., should send them to china to help the people rebuild their homes!!
Gaby Fernandez Vasquez
Gaby Fernandez Vasquez 2 дні тому
Make more houses and donate to older people that needs a place to live
Rebecca Caraska
Rebecca Caraska 2 дні тому
I'm pretty sure there's no older people who have to worry about having a place to live. They already take care of many generations in one home.
YUUMETAL 2 дні тому
Dragon Quest Builder
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Silke Pennekamp 3 дні тому
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หนองหอย แคมป์ 3 дні тому
นอนดูดาว อาบน้ำใต้แสงจันทร์ ท่ามกลางทุ่งดอกหญ้าน้ำพุ "หนองหอยแคมป์" web.facebook.com/NongHoiCamp6
Dora Ernestina Moreno Alvarez
Dora Ernestina Moreno Alvarez 3 дні тому
Admirables hombres que pueden sobrevivir en cualquier espacio y hacerlo tan acogedor como cualquier hogar.
Elizena :3
Elizena :3 3 дні тому
Que casinha mais linda amei.
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123 123 3 дні тому
ماشاء الله تبارك الله احسن الخالقين
Mavluddin Aliev
Mavluddin Aliev 3 дні тому
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Nice 😀👍 broo2
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os caras são muito bom
Любовь Черепнова
Любовь Черепнова 4 дні тому
Блин, что за напиток они такой волшебный пьют, раз такое творят🤣
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My Life 4 дні тому
same house apex legends game?
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hermosa creacion son unos genios
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คุณสองคนนี้ฝีมือขั้นเทพ รังสรรค์งานฝีมือได้ยอดเยี่ยม ขอคารวะค่ะ
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Very nice
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“Your Bluetooth device is ready to pair” 😂
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Where do you hear or see a bluetooth speaker ?
Yun Zhao
Yun Zhao 20 годин тому
Mini speaker with Bluetooth 😂
scarlet begonias
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Charlie Richardson
Charlie Richardson 5 днів тому
No tape measure and yet they have some of the cleanest cuts I’ve ever seen, hmmm 🤔
Galaxy pop
Galaxy pop 4 дні тому
And yet when I use a tape measure it’s almost always WRONG😂
Jaroslav Bobrovskij
Jaroslav Bobrovskij 5 днів тому
I need those guys in my yard!!
20170225 ALCAZAR XANAIA MAYTON 5 днів тому
Haha Haha
Haha Haha 5 днів тому
Keren 😎
Jacob King
Jacob King 5 днів тому
I'm curious what they do with the structures after they've had their fun with them. I'd love it if they give these homes to families around them. If their structural integrity lasts long enough to be a home.
scarlet begonias
scarlet begonias День тому
@Brad Torville your absolute right
scarlet begonias
scarlet begonias День тому
@Brad Torville wow good point
Brad Torville
Brad Torville 5 днів тому
People have been asking this for a while on several of these types of videos and no one ever responds. If they're not put to practical use, I see them all as being an enormous waste of resources. I'm actually getting less and less impressed as these "builds" become more and more elaborate. Clearly, they're orchestrated for the views but without any real details about where they are being built and for what purpose other than UKposts views and Patreon donations, I'm really losing interest in all of them. I hate feeling manipulated and used.
Crabby Gramma
Crabby Gramma 6 днів тому
KÖY & AZİZ KORKUT 6 днів тому
Lakshmi lakshmi D
Lakshmi lakshmi D 6 днів тому
Great 2 Persons
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Rabin Mondal 6 днів тому
Jara dislike dei tara ki suyorer bacha 👍
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😲😲😲😲😲 that really amazing 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏😸😸😸
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Will Moore 7 днів тому
Ladies, rebuttal please... Where my sjw's at!?
Emily Martinez
Emily Martinez 7 днів тому
Simone Sheffield
Simone Sheffield 7 днів тому
ain't this a bitch?!?!?!?! I feel lazy as hell!!!!! this was amazing to watch... can we buy such a home handmade by the guys? I'm simply in shock!!!!!! WONDERFUL SKILLS!!!!!! some solar panels, some sort of stove, refrigerator, and toilet - I'm there 1000% PEACE AND QUIET!
Denika Wilson
Denika Wilson 7 днів тому
WOW!! incredible! these are the real men. So clever. Thank you for sharing.😊
Albanisa Sousa
Albanisa Sousa 7 днів тому
Nota 💯💯💯💯💯
Albanisa Sousa
Albanisa Sousa 7 днів тому
Coisa mais linda!👍👏👏👏❤
David Tatti
David Tatti 7 днів тому
So when are you renting these creations out on Airbnb ? It's kinda the same concept as Ice Hotels we got in Sweden/Finland.
Kimi Hime 🅥
Kimi Hime 🅥 7 днів тому
*THE GIRLS:18+ ARE* VISITME.UNO UKposts: This is fine Someone: Says "heck" UKposts: BE GONE #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков #垃圾
babi 6 днів тому
Kimi Hime 🅥
Kimi Hime 🅥 7 днів тому
*THE GIRLS:18+ ARE* SPORNJOSS.UNO UKposts: This is fine Someone: Says "heck" UKposts: BE GONE #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков #垃圾
〆Ray 8 днів тому
والله كفو تجيبو النوم💖
Yazmin Aguilar
Yazmin Aguilar 8 днів тому
No entiendo xq hay tanta gente q le da "no me gusta"😕 si esto es una obra de arte, mis respetos a estos hombres, mi admiración 🙏🙌
mont-vital m
mont-vital m День тому
Pura envidia.
Ehsan Awan
Ehsan Awan 8 днів тому
Michelle Cabarios
Michelle Cabarios 8 днів тому
Nuon i well see him my papa how to build him my home. Just like that .alam guwa ng mga ganyan nawalang gamit pako .tali at kahoy din ore kawayan bambo .yn the best in home so cute matibay simple buhay tahimik madipag pa mga tao .sila alam hirap mga magulang ..butihing mga anak
Becky Walk
Becky Walk 8 днів тому
Awesome. You guys are amazing.
Nattha Chavitranurak
Nattha Chavitranurak 8 днів тому
Kiley West
Kiley West 8 днів тому
How In the he’ll do they charge there phone/camera and computer to upload 😭😭
Turzzie Media
Turzzie Media 9 днів тому
How can I get their contacts🙏❓❓❓
Aidan Waite
Aidan Waite 9 днів тому
Do they offer an apprenticeship?
Isabela Macavei
Isabela Macavei 9 днів тому
Housing problem, solved. They should make a business in teaching others how to do it around the world. No PPE required.
Green Card
Green Card 9 днів тому
Why is the title primitive survival? it is natural intelligent survival, without poisening the nature.
Mrepha TEX  TV
Mrepha TEX TV 9 днів тому
This two are hilarious
Onet Animal
Onet Animal 9 днів тому
All of the channels like this need to get together and make a village.
CALIE NELSON 5 днів тому
@The Deamon Meteor they literally show the entire process of making it and the cuts they have never change a thing. Its not fake they actually build it
Seraphim Ziska
Seraphim Ziska 6 днів тому
@The Deamon Meteor do you have the link?
The Deamon Meteor
The Deamon Meteor 8 днів тому
This is actually fake, there was a video exposing it
Nope TF*out
Nope TF*out 8 днів тому
That, but most importantly, it would help create homes for people who don't have a ton of money. I bet besides labour, this is the cheapest way to build a home. These are beautiful ♥️❣️
Amar Nath
Amar Nath 8 днів тому
Totally agree with u It will attract lot of tourist also ...
Павел Николаевич
Павел Николаевич 9 днів тому
Молодцы ребята!!! Уважение к таким рукастым.
александр шаталов
александр шаталов 9 днів тому
ясно стало как это делается
александр шаталов
александр шаталов 9 днів тому
интересно как они бамбук расщепляли ?
hxrry ridgers
hxrry ridgers 10 днів тому
im gay
Hector Prøpiiedad De Yoselin Rap Romántico
Hector Prøpiiedad De Yoselin Rap Romántico 10 днів тому
nluvwtmuzic 10 днів тому
So after all that rain the next day they come out side and the ground is dry?
Glaxy Good
Glaxy Good 10 днів тому
To t it CT xxx cc go tv
xorkatoss 10 днів тому
how did they find water so easily? lol was the built very close to a sea??
Davud Yusifli
Davud Yusifli 10 днів тому
Shawn Lanphere
Shawn Lanphere 10 днів тому
The building skills are great and all, but do you actually live in them? Or do you just let them rot?
Sheetal Sheetal
Sheetal Sheetal 11 днів тому
Alan Britez
Alan Britez 11 днів тому
Fotoso mesora fike ey troen feno y coun ellus curtun nou eysta feno
Joao Carlos Huguenim
Joao Carlos Huguenim 11 днів тому
hello friends you are very professional at what you do, congratulations.
Margaret Alexander
Margaret Alexander 11 днів тому
How innovative, this beauty, the art of survival, unbelievable! My! oh my! What a human "artistic exhibit*)! What is the life span, of this, and how well, it with stands, nature?
Latino Empire
Latino Empire 11 днів тому
Wow is is great 👍
New Al-Shadeed Printers & Pena Flex
New Al-Shadeed Printers & Pena Flex 11 днів тому
You are a very courageous and talented artist... May ALLAH (God) Bless you ... !!!!!! God gifted PERFECT TALENT of measurement and Degrees without any tool ... It`s So Amazing and Wonderful ... !!!
Grant Gullikson
Grant Gullikson 11 днів тому
You could rent these houses out to the tourist and make alot of money . These two guys are very creative and hard working . It's nice to watch them build a life for themselves in a short time too . Fantastic. .
tammy slade
tammy slade 12 днів тому
Why do none of these amazing people talk to one another ever! Never mind maybe thats why they are so talented,they work hard! 🤔
Lalengmawii Sailo
Lalengmawii Sailo 12 днів тому
I want it too. Great Builder of Bamboo hut of the year Salute.
Destiny Biosah
Destiny Biosah 12 днів тому
These guys could become billionaires building n maintaining resorts in Africa.
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