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The programming iceberg is complete roadmap to the loved, hated, historical, and weird programming languages that you should now about. It starts with easy-to-learn coding tools, then descends into the most difficult low-level and esoteric languages.
Featuring C, C++, C#, F#, HolyC, C--, Java, JavaScript, Python, Rust, Fortran, Lisp, V, Nim, Zig, APL, Ada, COBOL, Haskell, Scala, Clojure, Kotlin, Swift, Lua, PHP, Elixir, Erlang, Chef, Malbolge, lolcode, emojicode, ASM and many more!
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- What are programming languages used for?
- Most popular programming languages
- Which language is best to learn to code?
- How many programming languages are there?

Background noise listener
Background noise listener 3 місяці тому
You’ve inspired me to finally quit programming and take up farming. Thank you
Mr. Ahack
Mr. Ahack День тому
Better job anyways. Trust me.
Bubblegum Blue
Bubblegum Blue День тому
That's just tip of the iceberg
TheForge47 День тому
Ah wrong decision, you should use your programming skills for automating farming 😜
jcosk8 День тому
Starting taking both more seriously about a year and a half, two years ago and they're both equally challenging haha
RC64 2 дні тому
Tom Clark
Tom Clark Місяць тому
I'm a Senior Principal Software Engineer, programming for 25 years and a fan of many different languages. This is the most accurate overview of languages I've seen without going overboard. There are some notable exceptions like Perl (and pseudo-languages like Regular Expressions) but it also had a few I wasn't aware of, like V and C--. Well done.
Wen Hui Wong
Wen Hui Wong Годину тому
What if u are both a programming God AND also a Math God/genius, what can u do with both these skills?
TheForge47 День тому
I didnnot See any eso langugage
Pete Venuti
Pete Venuti 11 днів тому
When he started talking about HTML as language I thought he was going to bring up SIMPL...
M F Hasler
M F Hasler 12 днів тому
​@Legend_24hrsッ similar here. wrote programs in binary in my teens. Allows you to use instructions the 6502 and 680xx aren't aware of themselves.
Legend_24hrsッ 15 днів тому
Agree (186 years of experience)
Matthew Fountain
Matthew Fountain Місяць тому
I started my career as a nuclear engineer in 2009 working with reactor physics and fuel performance codes written in FORTRAN. I didn't have an IDE either, just notepad and the compiler. My colleague remembered a time when he had to walk to the computer building with his deck of cards and return the next day for the results - good times!
Sasha Green
Sasha Green 26 днів тому
Sometimes you really need a system to be air gapped
Benin Badyal
Benin Badyal Місяць тому
This video restored my hope in UKposts. Not only was this absurdly informative to this guy who just installed Git, a serious amount of effort and knowledge was required to pack into such a short time. Live long and prosper. 🖖
NSusN Mugs
NSusN Mugs 7 днів тому
@KlaxonCow A fine addition to my collection
KlaxonCow 20 днів тому
Peace and long life.🖖
Ben Sheppard
Ben Sheppard Місяць тому
That went from interesting to funny to really deep in a shockingly short amount of time. 10/10 would question my existence again.
Zack Ryder
Zack Ryder 3 місяці тому
Definitely recommending this to my junior colleague so instead of learning programming languages they will question their existence and purpose in life. Thanks 👍
Sam Sebin
Sam Sebin 26 днів тому
@generally unimportant person.Damn I thought I was the only one
catz Місяць тому
That's why I brought a child into this world and mastered various life skills. When you realize that there is no end in marstering life, but only mastering it's pieces: nature, science, art, life between humans, that the math is a mother of everything... Then you realize that programming is just a digital mirror of it. And then programming is a piece of cake.
Louis Gaming
Louis Gaming Місяць тому
Bro ur the junior dev
Vially Mboma
Vially Mboma Місяць тому
​@generally unimportant person. hormonal imbalance is lurking at you, for messing up your sleeping schedule dude
Light Sab
Light Sab Місяць тому
Jokes on you, I already question it every night
David Mora
David Mora Місяць тому
I've been programming proffessionally in Silicon Valley for the last 5 years, & I can say this checks out. Most everything I do has been in Python and Javascript (+HTML/CSS), and sometimes Java. After running into the limitations of OOP/dynamic types, I started exploring functional languages & approaches and other statically typed languages. One note is that my undergraduate studies actually had us explore this iceberg in a u-shape: top, lower, then back to top again.
Wen Hui Wong
Wen Hui Wong Годину тому
@GIVdB What if u are both a programming God AND also a Math God/genius, what can u do with both these skills?
The J3
The J3 День тому
Um. 🤔 I'd just lik3 to thank god, and of course my parents 🙏
Charles M.
Charles M. Місяць тому
@GIVdB Alright when someone pretends to know everything about computer programming and say "C isn't low level" in the same comment it's not even worth entertaining. Low level doesn't mean you code in 1s and 0s, it means there is no memory management and garbage collection so you need to handle memory allocation and dispose of unused objects. I tried to help and anyone reading my replies would see it was a friendly advice. Only you and you immense ego saw an attack in it.
GIVdB Місяць тому
@Charles M. why bother? You literally don't know what you're taking. I spent my whole life studying computer science and no it's not only programming, I have 1.2k in Stackoverflow contributed and it's not for nothing. The mistakes I made (was to read advanced stuff first) and jump the basics, guess learning stack, algorithms it's not that difficult. And in jut one month I'm capable of learning most. Manuals are not easy-readable to learn, I don't consider universities a good-to-go place to learn since they will not teach you all, but instead to make a tour in your head. Besides I spent most of my life being admin of OS of more than 20 OS and studying security breaches. Like if these aren't important for programming Thanks for saying but what I discovered is that C ISN'T that much of low level, FORTRAN and PASCAL are much more. And the reason I was afraid of C was because those and IN THAT TIME THE 1990S you didn't have the amount of libraries, internet, manuals, yt videos and opportunities that you have today, no so it wasn't a waste of time!!
GIVdB Місяць тому
@Max Warner When I watch you guys talking about programming I also don't believe you either It looks more like you're making questions tha giving answers all the time
Ricky Ray Rosenberg
Ricky Ray Rosenberg 22 дні тому
This is like that meme where the mind just keeps getting more and more electrified and in the end it's just noise and fuzz and darkness. This was beautiful
S W Місяць тому
I love the descent into esoteric self-exploration. Will now switch my major to philosophy.
Mr Marcelle
Mr Marcelle Місяць тому
The end piece about "reality" made me subscribe. This was some highly informative and excellent content. Always wanted to try a deep level langauge and Nim became my option, all thanks to the hard work you put in for the development of this here gem.
I recommend 👉COREPOINT  via telegram
I recommend 👉COREPOINT via telegram Місяць тому
Hey! You should try this incredible guy above me😅 he’s a prof at this , promised I’d recommend him ..
OrangeC7 3 місяці тому
Man, imagine how this guy will react when he finds out that reality is actually programmed in JavaScript
Rudxain 13 днів тому
@CallousCoder lmao
Arek 16 днів тому
@Rudxain Looks legit xD
CallousCoder 16 днів тому
@Rudxain oh, but segfaults are avoidable, wrap everything in a try and catch (universe safe - back room sex is in 😆)
Rudxain 16 днів тому
@CallousCoder If we make the universe in C++, segmentation faults would be caused by people no-clipping into the backrooms, lol
Rudxain 16 днів тому
@Arek I would expect something like: ``` class Universe(...args) {...} const PHYSICAL_CONSTS = {...}, PHYSICAL_LAWS = {...} let universe0 = new Universe(PHYSICAL_CONSTS, PHYSICAL_LAWS) while (true) { try { // create a pseudo-random universe universe0.big_bang() // execute the matrix universe0.run_simulation() } catch (wtf) { console.warn("this shouldn't happen") } } ```
Ghostek Місяць тому
so when i started software engineering at my university , i had absolutely 0 knowledge or understanding of coding. we started with java and i personally found it to be really solid for grasping what programming is and how it works. It's a good ground where it's not extremely overly complex, but detailed enough to engage you in the more critical thinking part of software development at a beginner level
longde Місяць тому
The ironic thing in all your iceberg is that rather old languages like Common Lisp (1984), Haskell (1991/, Erlang(1986), and in some ways Smalltalk (1972) and Ocaml (1989?), are still the most advanced production-ready programming languages today.
EggEgg Місяць тому
For the beginners I would like to recommend "Trying any easy language first". Just find if you like doing it and think if you want to find yourself doing the same thing in the long run. I know software developer is a very very popular job nowadays. It also mean the competition is going to be huge. You will need to work harder to earn a place as a software developer. For me , I quitted and change my career after forcing myself to love the web development.
Ingmar Büchner
Ingmar Büchner Місяць тому
I started studying java as part of one of my first undergraduate CS courses. I have a tiny bit of experience in Python, but I must say... I really like java so far.
Davi Furtado
Davi Furtado 2 місяці тому
"How do you see yourself in 5 years?" Junior Developer: imagines himself in a landscape full glass smart apartment window view surrounded by tech with a huge desk full of monitors, working with multiple languages and solving complex algorithms Senior: imagines himself in a farm with literally no electronic device in a 5 mile radius
Curious578 21 день тому
@Dmitri Zaslavski In profanity? Pfft, you sound religious.
Curious578 21 день тому
@Myroslav Sidorov I like what it renders, but I am lowkey selfdelete as well. Life is a suffering.
Jayshree 27 днів тому
me before and after getting a job
Flabby Tabby
Flabby Tabby Місяць тому
The delusional intermediate dev, who is experienced and knows how to do things: "I can still fix everything! I just need fully open source hardware and software to achieve perfection! Then everything will work fine!"
Dmitri Zaslavski
Dmitri Zaslavski Місяць тому
@Myroslav Sidorov what future? One where majority of people gets so lazy that they don't need to do anything and they die in profanity?
Ghostek Місяць тому
im currently learning C right now, it's definitely really interesting and the concept of pointers is cool
HyKris 28 днів тому
same, I'm currently learning C at A-level, and I'm working on programming files. I also agree that pointers was a pretty interesting concept, especially when you understood its relation with arrays.
Zachary Drake
Zachary Drake Місяць тому
So as a Julia lover... It allows you to be either static or dynamic typed. Proper Julia code declares types for everything and if a type is declared the compiler enforces it strictly. It's the big advantage Julia has over Python/R
New Mateo
New Mateo 26 днів тому
You should check out Plutus- It's like an evolved form of Haskell. Also used in Smart Contracts.
Eisen 29 днів тому
started programming 2 years ago with c++. it was kinda rough at start “Spoiler alert: If you thought it is only hard at start then oh boi. Trust me it gets way worse when u dwell deeper” but it will certainly help you a ton in the long run.
Mattia 3 місяці тому
I love how I procrastinate programming by watching unrelated programming content
sdfsdf sdfsdfds
sdfsdf sdfsdfds 2 місяці тому
@DreamskyDance is the pay worth it
Zaharia Calin
Zaharia Calin 2 місяці тому
@JA the Best I am one of the introverts who find it more enjoyable than going to a club😅
JA the Best
JA the Best 2 місяці тому
Welcome aboard, my introvert mates..who watch this kind of videos instead of going out like clubbing or partying..😯
Juanjo Guirao
Juanjo Guirao 2 місяці тому
Adam Haley
Adam Haley 2 місяці тому
Stephen's Game Channel
Stephen's Game Channel Місяць тому
The thing about C# is that it started as an O-O language but is quickly evolving into a functional language. It's a thing of beauty.
M F Hasler
M F Hasler 12 днів тому
I never touched C#. Well, maybe I had to to program some quantum stuff. But...why?
E S Місяць тому
Java is also moving strongly in that direction, along with others. Unfortunately I still know those who would rather spend their day worrying about array indexes than touch even elementary set arithmetic 😓
Jafrin Ara Urmee
Jafrin Ara Urmee Місяць тому
Java is pretty much my no 1 favourite language because it has a crap ton of tools and stuff to work with and feels complete with many features. I learned OOP with Java.
fakhri oficial
fakhri oficial Місяць тому
This tutorial is amazing and you are really good at teaching !! great job sir !
Fireship +𝟏 𝟕𝟏𝟒 𝟒𝟖𝟓 𝟓𝟗𝟒𝟕
Fireship +𝟏 𝟕𝟏𝟒 𝟒𝟖𝟓 𝟓𝟗𝟒𝟕 Місяць тому
👆send a direct message for support and guidance .
Invest Місяць тому
From 2005-2013 I worked in a big bank as a COBOL programmer. It was not so hard to understand as it was not object oriented. The newest version of COBOL we used was from 1986. Our biggest program was about 13'000 lines of code but it was mostly (and this is how I would describe COBOL) just a lot of MOVE A TO B's.
PolyDragon Місяць тому
I've programmed in HTML, Java and Python. I had to learn HTML and Java for classes (in college and high school respectively), but Python I have only learned as a hobby. I also used a markup language called Harlowe, which is only used in a obscure software called Twine that is made for making branching interactive stories that are playable in a web browser, but I've always ended up calling HTML when using Harlowe so what I wrote in Twine was kind of a hybrid between the two. This is an interesting watch, it's interesting to see how programming languages develop.
mcfa hr
mcfa hr Місяць тому
Thanks for the tutorial, it's much faster than any other method I came across.
fabricio ramirez
fabricio ramirez Місяць тому
As for me, everything is simple and clear. Thank you very much
吴其乐turrnut 27 днів тому
I chose Java as my first programming language and believe me, if you start with Java you will find other language easier.
JaeSen 3 місяці тому
Almost 17 minutes of condensed programming language slander and entertainment. I love it.
Jason Reed
Jason Reed 2 місяці тому
The 2 most important things about a language are what it can do and what it can't do. (Technically the same thing but easier answered separately) After that difficulty to use matters. All of these answers feel like slander so i fully on board with slandering all of the languages. (Although personally i like C++ and Java and really dislike Python due to a bad first experience with it. But my brain also just seems wired for object oriented coding so not having classes and inheritance hurts, and being forced to think at a hardware level is not fun. Fortunately i am an EE not a CompE or Software major so i get to learn the interesting concepts and not do the painful stuff like actually using Assembly)
Raumance Місяць тому
Wow. I've done programming courses but there's a lot of stuff that went over my head like no other video I've ever watched.
Sarah Cruz
Sarah Cruz Місяць тому
I loved the entire video. However the ending was pure gold! XD
The Instant News
The Instant News Місяць тому
You’ve inspired me to finally quit programming and take up farming. Thank you
Amaze Місяць тому
15:20 Thank you very much now I know which programming language to learn!~ I'll manually manipulate each transistor in my computer in order to make it do what I want :)
¡!sded 2 місяці тому
Personally i like to move individual electrons to perform mathematical equations
Stephane Nouafo
Stephane Nouafo Місяць тому
@Oldice if you can manipulate electrons, you can do anything
SkyeBreach Місяць тому
We talking 2d topological systems? BC if so I'm down
Oldice Місяць тому
@Akshy It's quite difficult to affect space time with electrons, their mass is too small to have any noticeable effects, but if you could, that would be god like :P
Akshy Місяць тому
Good, once you 10+ of experience and become an expert in electron manipulation, you can be space time bending project manager like me.
David Konevky
David Konevky Місяць тому
From the moment I saw the title, I KNEW that holy C had to be somewhere in this list. I'm glad you didn't forget about it
P4iruz Kanal
P4iruz Kanal Місяць тому
this program works great! exactly as I wanted
Job Sunday
Job Sunday Місяць тому
Thanks! I've been searching how to get it and this is brilliant :D
Seefinish & Insights
Seefinish & Insights Місяць тому
Very insightful, I love it. Thanks 🤘
Ayush Vyas
Ayush Vyas 3 місяці тому
After watching this video, I think I will need an extra life to learn skills that will help me lend a junior software developer job. Edit: it's a joke to follow up Jeff's joke guys
Roddy Dykes
Roddy Dykes Місяць тому
It depends mostly on your IQ whether you’ll be useful or not
Various Videos
Various Videos 2 місяці тому
PatalJunior 2 місяці тому
Don't forget that to land a Junior Position you will need tons of experience 😂.
greatestone4eva 3 місяці тому
@Brayan its the easiest way to get your app or platform hacked. html says whats on the page css says how it looks, js is only needed sparingly to add interactivity... if you're using js to design a page you're doing front end wrong. html css and js is web design... yes it requires logic stop shitting on creatives and artists. html css and js aka HTML5 is not programming language it's a document formatting language like rtf or markdown. I know JS which is exactly why I despise it.
Brayan 3 місяці тому
@Rikam Palkar Is JavaScript the easiest (least time/least to learn) to land a job?
ItsAryxn Місяць тому
As always, everything is super. Waiting for new soft from your team
The Brenn
The Brenn Місяць тому
Wow. This was so comprehensive. And the end was unexpected. Good job man.
Xuan Bach Lai
Xuan Bach Lai Місяць тому
well, you could say that human are powerful processors, so...
Erlis Kameri
Erlis Kameri Місяць тому
So informative, thanks a lot!
Muhamad Hakim Abu Hasan
Muhamad Hakim Abu Hasan Місяць тому
Thanks! I've been searching how to get it and this is brilliant :D
Michel Fugers
Michel Fugers 3 місяці тому
I have a philosophy degree and this video is my programming journey in reverse order. I started studying epistemology a over a decade ago and recently discovered Scratch ✌️
Jay Eisenhardt
Jay Eisenhardt Місяць тому
@Nanashi You think we only suffer once. Who is the optimist here?
Strelok ©
Strelok © 2 місяці тому
just go for python
Antonio de Odilon Brito
Antonio de Odilon Brito 3 місяці тому
Same here, Michel! I have a master’s in Philosophhy, but learned (and I am learning) programming by myself so I can get a job as a developer 😄
Nanashi 3 місяці тому
@Adam Mobile The next life? That's optimistic of you
Adam Mobile
Adam Mobile 3 місяці тому
@Func the Fucc I'm just simple homeless guy who believe that next life will be better than this one. All good for you as well.
Pedro barboza
Pedro barboza Місяць тому
What a good tutorial thanks!!
Richard Ikin
Richard Ikin Місяць тому
For 40 years I've spent most of my time coding on 6502/6809/Z80 assembly language, COBOL, Pascal, Java, C and C++. I've recently picked up Scala, Nim, and C#. V and F# interest me, as do Rust and Zig.
Nicholas Cunningham
Nicholas Cunningham 28 днів тому
I love that I'm still in college and only truly know like two programming languages, but one of them is C++ because that's what my college chooses to teach. Had to wait nearly seven minutes for you to mention it. So I got that going for me at least... just don't ask me about java, js, html, css, actually just don't ask me about anything other than C++
ala aoidhi
ala aoidhi 17 днів тому
Thank you, I chose mainframe programming (was forced to actually, and basically bound by a contract) can someone please tell me what other programming languages should I learn alongside the mainframe languages (Cobol, jcl... etc), should I go for Java? python? Thanks
Benjamin Ho
Benjamin Ho 3 місяці тому
Time to add 5 years of experience as a god-tier dev to my resume
Plague Music
Plague Music 2 місяці тому
tiggermaul Місяць тому
Thank you, it works perfect!
robdas1 16 днів тому
Nice video. A bit slow to begin with but I like the ending. As you reach the end, you realize it's going off the deep end. But it's too late to stop so you just go with it.
Romuald Kuciara
Romuald Kuciara Місяць тому
Love how you just go to a whole new level towards the end.
Anthony Rodriguez
Anthony Rodriguez Місяць тому
My man said Java and I immediately felt what was coming next. Much love from this engineer.
Kristofer Krus
Kristofer Krus Місяць тому
Nice list, but I missed microcode (the programming language used for telling the CPU how to execute the machine code)
Gökhan Akgün
Gökhan Akgün Місяць тому
It worked perfectly!!! Thank you so much
rhiqo rae
rhiqo rae Місяць тому
Great video and very useful. Hope you could monetize it!
Cry2Deep Місяць тому
This is perfect for procrastination. I should be learning about C# and Unity at the moment, but you all know why I am not.
Umar Farooq
Umar Farooq 4 дні тому
Using C# with unity is a bit different then how it's used conventionally.
Dean Kelly
Dean Kelly 2 місяці тому
One of the best classes I ever took in college was "C in the Unix Environment" because it helped me understand compilers better and memory and memory management and sort algorithm efficiencies and whatnot. It made me unafraid to really dig in to using the command line to build and run C and made all the higher level languages easier to use, easier to debug and understand complex errors, and really an overall appreciation for the craft.
Jacob Kline's Fancy Noises
Jacob Kline's Fancy Noises 2 місяці тому
@Michal Gawenda did you mean to say, not once knowing? Or now once knowing?
Michal Gawenda
Michal Gawenda 2 місяці тому
in general, for me, the experience that made it easier to write for the system (without going into details, it had an intel 8051 microprocessor, an rtc chip and a seven-segment display) in the assembler of the watch that could be set the date time and measured the time. Such experience gives a lot of knowledge about the construction and principles of operation. As I am a c++ programmer, not once knowing the assembler facilitates the work and debug process because you can always review the assembler versions and catch some strange behavior
Dakotah Rivers
Dakotah Rivers 2 місяці тому
I honestly love C/C++
Jamal Wills
Jamal Wills 2 місяці тому
@Sam Watkins 50 years. I keep forgetting that I’m around the same age as C, UNIX, and the earliest internet protocols, until something reminds me of how old they are and it makes me think about how old I am.
Will Mungas
Will Mungas 2 місяці тому
@pyropulse the experience is either this or total frustration because the course moves too fast for you to keep up lmao It depends on the person, thankfully I had self-taught c++ before I got to uni and started taking Java courses, otherwise that would have been way more difficult lol
Nishant Raj
Nishant Raj Місяць тому
Thank you saved me a lot of time trying to browse videos for an actual working one
IceyUFoom 4 дні тому
i love how our college course starts as off in java on the freshman year, sql on the sophomore, and assembly on the junior year. im in junior year rn and no wonder i hate programming so much.
smart tv
smart tv Місяць тому
For once, the software is actually really useful
Christopher Brannan
Christopher Brannan 21 день тому
Great video!! Love how you ended it!!
Jaime 2 місяці тому
My experience learning many languages and frameworks has taught me that the specific thing you learned will probably have minimal significance for you, but the process of understanding that tech and the effort you put into it will yield massive benefits.
I recommend 👉COREPOINT  via telegram
I recommend 👉COREPOINT via telegram Місяць тому
Hey! You should try this incredible guy above me😅 he’s a prof at this , promised I’d recommend him ..
M Ξ P i K
M Ξ P i K Місяць тому
@HQQX yeah starting with c++ is a suicide. I tried to learn another one but then work got most of my time and the rest is for my gf ;^; maybe some day i will start again :p (It was fun haha)
HQQX Місяць тому
As a beginner I must say this should be the top comment. Started learning C++, gave up, switched to Python, thanks to my bellow amateur level knowledge of C++ got hang of Python pretty fast, still on finishing some things in OOP but randomly decided to open Js source code and sure it's much harder to read, but I got the gist pretty fast, same with SQL. So anyone reading this, if you are starting out, just keep going, it doesn't matter if you switch to some other language or whatever it will still help you (if you'd ever played incremental games it's like prestige, sure with switching you start over but progress much faster)
Timo Vandrey
Timo Vandrey Місяць тому
Acho que não Vou Deletar Esse Canal
Acho que não Vou Deletar Esse Canal 2 місяці тому
Basically, it's not about the end, but the friends we made along the way.
Realistic 4K Videos
Realistic 4K Videos Місяць тому
It really worked for me after I look and try some tutorials, yours is the one that worked. Owe you a lot.
xEgea11 Місяць тому
Just came here to say how Haskell marked my life in just 3 months of University course. I don´t know if i will hate something more than this
Sven 3 дні тому
so happy to see terry getting recognition - man was a genius
xgozulx Місяць тому
I think my uni might have the crazyest of plans, because in firts year you learn Python, then never touch it again, and then they teach you computational methods in Fortran. I did my final thesis last year in Fortran. It is very much still in use xD I use python at work know but I miss the matrices so much, they are so much better for math code.
Ryan K
Ryan K 3 місяці тому
This man just curated all those languages and their functionalities just for us. Big up bro!!
Ryan K
Ryan K 3 місяці тому
@James Evans Oh I see😂
James Evans
James Evans 3 місяці тому
@Ryan K No I don't, we call people boyo in the PSL community
Ryan K
Ryan K 3 місяці тому
@James Evans yeah understand money is involved but still...this God tier content
Ryan K
Ryan K 3 місяці тому
@James Evans Boyo?? I've feeling you watch anime😂😂
James Evans
James Evans 3 місяці тому
You know youtubers make a lot of money when they make popular videos, right? He did it for money, not "just for us" boyo.
Hari Sagoo
Hari Sagoo Місяць тому
It really worked for me after I look and try some tutorials, yours is the one that worked. Owe you a lot.
E S Місяць тому
Clojure ❤ Lisp is where I found Zen, nothing else can bring my brain faster to flow state… yet I still have my whole JVM ecosystem if I ever need a specific tool
DE LUGAR Carl Daniel
DE LUGAR Carl Daniel Місяць тому
This was so helpful!! Thank you
Design & Draft Engineering Institute
Design & Draft Engineering Institute Місяць тому
This was so helpful!! Thank you
Maheswar Somavarapu
Maheswar Somavarapu Місяць тому
This was so helpful!! Thank you
Travis Gore - Study Hmong
Travis Gore - Study Hmong Місяць тому
I absolutely love how this ended.
Jasper Burchfield
Jasper Burchfield Місяць тому
This was amazing! I have a lot to learn still. 😂
Pablo Місяць тому
this video is amazing. Wish they taught this in school.
Alice Villardière
Alice Villardière 3 місяці тому
I was expecting VHDL to be mentioned when talking about the gate/transistor level
Diego Palacios
Diego Palacios 3 місяці тому
Same. Also Verilog.
Wilfred V
Wilfred V 3 місяці тому
Alejandro Sainz
Alejandro Sainz 3 місяці тому
@J. R. R. Tolkien HDLs are coding languages. Its not a programing language but it is coding.
Jyothish Kumar
Jyothish Kumar 3 місяці тому
@A Dissenting Opinion I wonder how HLS fits into all this (SystemC, C/C++)
Geep Fish
Geep Fish 3 місяці тому
Was hoping for minecraft redstone lol, but hardware languages are different to software development/scripting so a line has to be drawn somewhere...
Harry Rolph
Harry Rolph Місяць тому
Really nice and helpful... Thanks!
Kohlefinger Місяць тому
13:49 I think emoji code is actually a cool idea. Emojis can convey their meaning faster than text, so if we could translate code into an emoji representation, it could improve productivity and readability/orientation.
Fraser Hogg
Fraser Hogg Місяць тому
@Jaxson Brown Yeah I don't know about this alphabet. Empirically if you want to build big you're better off with hieroglyphics.
Kohlefinger Місяць тому
@Dan K I think you're right, generic emojis are probably not very useful for programming. I was thinking more about brackets and the code structure than the actual text. It's often tedious to remember the idea and structure behind a code when you start working on a script or resume working on it, so emojis could make this easier. You know what I mean? .. Please excuse my tone.
Dan K
Dan K Місяць тому
@Kohlefinger Really? Advising someone else to "think before they type" after saying that? Emoji may convey emotions while taking up less space than text but it's impossible to measure whether they convey non-surface-level feelings, let alone meaning in general, let far alone technical descriptions faster than text. How often do programmers use the word "toilet" or "happy" in code? How do you propose definitions are assigned to emojis, and people learn them? Clearly, you didn't think about what you were saying -- it seems you thought "sometimes I can send an emoji instead of saying 'lol'" and somehow concluded that emojis, which were never supposed to substitute even slightly complex descriptions, will improve productivity. Incredible
VoidByte Місяць тому
😀🤣😅😁😃😃😆 yoy
Kohlefinger Місяць тому
@Jaxson Brown Yes, I noticed you are joking, but I still think you are wrong. Adding emojis to coding might be a sensible decision.
kirby urner
kirby urner День тому
Great work! ❤ Also: Hoon compiles to Nock (in theory) and runs on an Urbit ship (for real).
Jean-Philippe Paradis (Hexstream)
Jean-Philippe Paradis (Hexstream) Місяць тому
You missed Common Lisp, the best programming language in the world! It's still DECADES ahead of almost all other programming languages, and still in active use!
محمد آل عطية
محمد آل عطية 3 місяці тому
A few categories to add: 1- formal proofs languages 2- hardware description languages 3- Compiler Intermediates, most notably LLVM IR
astroid 5698
astroid 5698 3 місяці тому
@The Vast Indifference of Space And also OpenCL and Cuda for GPGPU, Both are extensions on top of the C and C++ programming languages.
american 3 місяці тому
Did a lot of PERL and some more specialized ones like IDL and MATLAB
The Vast Indifference of Space
The Vast Indifference of Space 3 місяці тому
@Atharva Shukla And shader languages. If you do any low-level graphics code, or even General Purpose GPU programming, it's likely you'll use GLSL, HLSL or something similar. These are to your graphics hardware what C is to the CPU.
Atharva Shukla
Atharva Shukla 3 місяці тому
Just mentioned some of these in another comment "Some unmentioned, but very notable languages not mentioned: - Hardware description languages like Verilog and VHDL - Prover languages like Coq, F*, Idris - Model checking languages like Promela, TLA+ - Numerical languages like Julia and R"
overlisted 3 місяці тому
if LLVM IR is a language, is java's bytecode one too?
HAYAG, Aaron Humpbrey M.
HAYAG, Aaron Humpbrey M. Місяць тому
Great video, the program works great
MH DigitalWeb
MH DigitalWeb 5 днів тому
This was amazing! Thank you
Juan Chanel OFFICIAL
Juan Chanel OFFICIAL Місяць тому
Thanks dude...It helps alot especially on beginners like
bbuggediffy Місяць тому
Amazingly you have forgotten the programming language RPG by IBM. It was created in 1959. It is still in use today at companies still having mainframes in production.
Tejas Tawde
Tejas Tawde 3 місяці тому
The transition from one language to another was really good. Didn't knew there are so many languages between C++ and asm
MagicMoshroom 2 місяці тому
There are thousands of programming languages.
Rafael Viola
Rafael Viola 2 місяці тому
@Antonio Ruby yeah, I missed elixir and all the hardware description stuff here too.
Antonio Ruby
Antonio Ruby 3 місяці тому
And he forgot FPGAs
Mechatronics Engineer Gabriel Castillo
Mechatronics Engineer Gabriel Castillo Місяць тому
This video is divine, thanks for taking your time on explaining stuff like this... LOL
Fireship +𝟏 𝟕𝟏𝟒 𝟒𝟖𝟓 𝟓𝟗𝟒𝟕
Fireship +𝟏 𝟕𝟏𝟒 𝟒𝟖𝟓 𝟓𝟗𝟒𝟕 Місяць тому
👆send a direct message for support and guidance .
Jarenbiik Місяць тому
Thank you for explaining this thoroughly!
Haami Biddle
Haami Biddle Місяць тому
As always, everything is super. Waiting for new cheats from your side
Pirate Місяць тому
The knowledge, the humors. This is epic . lol
Soumen Pradhan
Soumen Pradhan 3 місяці тому
1:38 Popular Dyn High-level 2:20 Specialised Dyn High-level 3:47 Static High-level 5:24 Functional 6:48 Systems 8:21 Nouveau Modern 9:44 Historically Important 11:50 Esoteric 14:39 Lowest Level
ABHISHEK MUNDA 3 місяці тому
Not all heroes where a cape
TehAssassin 3 місяці тому
Should add "Faint background yelling" to 14:39 timestamp
Anthony Langston
Anthony Langston 3 місяці тому
Historically Impotent?
Alistair Rooney
Alistair Rooney Місяць тому
I started on COBOL yes I’m old. 🤣 Brilliant précis of languages! Thanks.
LowKeyLee Місяць тому
that was both informative and hilarious.
Gloweye Місяць тому
Even if you're not planning on using haskell (and I'm definitely not), conceptualizing pure functions and using them appropriately is still a requirement to be a great software developer. IMO, of course. Because a statement from a random on the internet like me is always the absolute truth.
GregoryTheGr8ster Місяць тому
Also, I had an absolute blast learning assembly language. In fact, if assembly language does not interest you, then you are not a true programmer!
Kuba Ziel
Kuba Ziel 3 місяці тому
This is gold. The ending is fantastic. Thanks for making my evening cold bath that much more enjoyable. Hilarious yet informative.
Ricardo Higino
Ricardo Higino 2 місяці тому
@TheExileFox Isn't Delphi basically Pascal?
TheExileFox 3 місяці тому
He forgot Delphi (used within for example Game Maker, before it got renamed to Game Maker Studio) as well as Pawn and SourcePawn though
Dad 3 місяці тому
Hol up
Yusuf Zunluoğlu
Yusuf Zunluoğlu Місяць тому
thank you for the detailed guide, it helped me install this soft
JamesTheFirst _
JamesTheFirst _ 25 днів тому
as a university student, after learning the basics of C, i have tried to learn OCaml, a functional language. Even with a decent enough level of abstraction most people failed the subject, it was really not beginner friendly and i do not recommend it, especially due to the lack of info there is about the language
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