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20th Century Studios

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The trailer for Disney+’s all-new adventure comedy “Home Sweet Home Alone” is here! The reimagining of the beloved holiday film franchise will debut November 12, 2021 exclusively on Disney+.

“Home Sweet Home Alone” stars Ellie Kemper, Rob Delaney, Archie Yates, Aisling Bea, Kenan Thompson, Tim Simons, Pete Holmes, Devin Ratray, Ally Maki, and Chris Parnell. The film is directed by Dan Mazer from a screenplay by Mikey Day & Streeter Seidell, story by Mikey Day & Streeter Seidell and John Hughes based on a screenplay by John Hughes. Hutch Parker, p.g.a. and Dan Wilson, p.g.a. produce, with Jeremiah Samuels serving as executive producer.

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Olga nazih Geagea
Olga nazih Geagea 2 години тому
I prefer home alone... it is an ugly version
mrbin2004 gt
mrbin2004 gt 3 години тому
Bullshit not film srsly a fart is joke like im maybe dumb but this movie is bullshit
Cat Dog
Cat Dog 5 годин тому
Dude, Disney you really ruined my whole career. This new Home Alone is just even worse than the original, I’m very disappointed.
Russel 7 годин тому
There's one and two and that's it, the rest are stretching it.
Willow 7 годин тому
This should not exist.
English 7 годин тому
Every masterpiece has it's cheap copy
Orangematz 7 годин тому
31k likes with no dislikes, must be a great movie
Rgdf Hehtc
Rgdf Hehtc 8 годин тому
This is just depressing
djunderbeat 8 годин тому
Really?........Is the fat boy of Jurassic Park?
Ernest Jackson
Ernest Jackson 10 годин тому
4 million 👎 Dislikes
Vulcan Wolfopus
Vulcan Wolfopus 11 годин тому
You know what i want to see? a modern sequel where Harry and Marv reconnect over the internet years after getting out of prison and make a pact to exact revenge on the kid who put them there - who is now a 40 year old substance abusing degenerate gambler. I'd pay to watch two pensioners attempting to outwit a middle-aged junkie and getting torn-up whilst navigating his crack-house of doom
J Movies & Media
J Movies & Media 12 годин тому
"You're what the French call, 'Les Incompètent!"
Manti Core
Manti Core 13 годин тому
The real sequel to Home Alone is Law Abiding Citizen.
David Schwarz
David Schwarz 15 годин тому
Soulless, just soulless
Herman Herman
Herman Herman 17 годин тому
I just heard there was another direct to video Home Alone. I just had to see how bad it was. It's like they just keep getting get worse after every direct to video sequel.
Sound Speeds
Sound Speeds 17 годин тому
Marcelo Ibarra
Marcelo Ibarra 18 годин тому
Good for you we don't have the dislike button anymore
Maria 18 годин тому
Okay, UKposts hides the dislikes, but we still can say our “NOOOOOOO! “Who also thinks that movie is the worst remake ever, put your like here!
Deepa Parakkal
Deepa Parakkal 5 годин тому
31k likes, 105k dislikes. That's proof for you. That is why UKposts is hiding dislikes. For these companies.
TheMrSugar Productions
TheMrSugar Productions 19 годин тому
Look what you Did, you little JERKS!!
Pablo Nowak
Pablo Nowak 19 годин тому
fck youtube and no thumb down :P
rapujące_pierogi 19 годин тому
Ale to będzie gówno
Reuben is so stupid
Reuben is so stupid 20 годин тому
There is a short home alone movie on youtube ukposts.info/have/v-deo/hmOdoKpvoq1_0Z8.html
sergio fernandes
sergio fernandes 21 годину тому
Arunas Kalnikas
Arunas Kalnikas 21 годину тому
Everyone: this is rubbish Me: *likes* *both* *original* *home* *alone* *and* *this*
ealing456 22 години тому
Rob Delaney, Aisling Bea and Kenan Thompson makes watching this VERY tempting, but I know better to leave it alone. What's with the Macalister part? I'm assuming Culkin did not return
MovieGuy 2005
MovieGuy 2005 22 години тому
Why? JUST WHY DISNEY or 20th Century Studios or whatever you think you are, even in a million years would you do a reboot of home alone? Was it not already bad enough there were 3 previous sequels that followed after home alone 2? Apparently Not for you Disney+! For Goodness sake leave poor home alone well, ALONE!
Michael Tucker
Michael Tucker 8 годин тому
I wish they would leave the franchise alone But its disneys fault They ruined my favoite Film company rip fox
Arrydzn 23 години тому
Is this a first of april joke? Because you are a bit early, Please tell me that disney is not planning to release this crap...
Jarrod G
Jarrod G 23 години тому
Dunno, for some reason I get woke vibes from this...
Marc Provost
Marc Provost День тому
I saw em record it at the plaza pointe claire
Zaltic День тому
If you could see the dislikes there would be a lot
Reddylion День тому
There is only one original...rest follows.
ghostyfrosty День тому
This is the most saddest remake I have ever seen..
Miguel Iñiguez
Miguel Iñiguez День тому
macaulay culkin relapsed into drugs because of this
vince vans
vince vans День тому
I can't see how many thumbs down this crap has, but I'm pretty sure it's several millions. I'd rather watch the original.
Morgan’s random things!
Morgan’s random things! День тому
I am pissed that these wannabe people tried to copy the all time classic Christmas movie. And, the old one makes more sense because they have cellphones now, and the kid could have just called the police instead of going through all of that trouble. I have a very strong connection with the original movie, because it just makes a total Christmas vibe. However, this new home alone everyone thinks of as that weird copy of this amazing movie. After all, nobody did ask for a home alone six. I’m not trying to be rude or anything, but i just think this movie is trashy and junky. Please like the comment if you agree with all of the things i said.
Anon521 День тому
What is this rubbish
Anonymous День тому
Come this to Europe??
Денис Воробьёв
Денис Воробьёв День тому
your brain subscription expired? remove the remake for your life
Claire marie
Claire marie День тому
What is this omg where did they find the actors from terrible
YRZm День тому
How many dislike the last time you see this?? I missed it.
kazeshini День тому
Why are they British tho??
Igor Kolesnik
Igor Kolesnik День тому
Русские здесь есть? Скажите как кино, смотреть хоть можно?
Katie Johnson
Katie Johnson День тому
But why was this made? What's the point?
Ahlam Boham
Ahlam Boham День тому
Does NOBODY realize that 0:45 is from the original Home Alone movie? Buzz? The name tag? McCallister?
Next Level
Next Level День тому
Obviously nothing beats the originals but I actually really enjoyed this movie the first 20-30 mins I was sceptical but after that it picked up and had it of funny moments. I say give it a go if you love Christmas movies.
Tara G
Tara G День тому
Baaaad time for UKposts to get rid of our ability to see dislikes. 👎🏾
Keviouk 2 дні тому
Same, but worse. No originality. I don't even know why they do such movies. Does it even sell well ?
itsmdm 2 дні тому
they should NOT make a home alone ever again. 1 and 2 were good enough.
Smile4CommunityCam 2 дні тому
This one is definitely going straight to the DVD bin.
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith 2 дні тому
Why did you have to make this absolutely horrible
SethHinkle 2 дні тому
wow going on 5 home alone remakes, let the classics be classics and leave them ALONE!! stg if they remake christmas story im turning amish
Passjun kw
Passjun kw 2 дні тому
tidak terlalu buruk
Stanislav Marunchak
Stanislav Marunchak 2 дні тому
That't disgusting!
招架玛丽亚姆 2 дні тому
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Oxygen 2 дні тому
Nah i think the original still better
阿米莉亚·吉罕 2 дні тому
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~天堂女神 2 дні тому
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Ngexo Interactive
Ngexo Interactive 2 дні тому
Home Sweet Roam
Home Sweet Roam 2 дні тому
Trash don't even bring it out plz just cancel this
Perfeqt 2 дні тому
No sticky bandits? No money
Joilsha 2 дні тому
2021 I'm here still....lol
InSaNe Crash Fox
InSaNe Crash Fox 2 дні тому
Axel Foley
Axel Foley 2 дні тому
...Why? Hollywood loves to create memories...and a few decades later, loves to destroy them , lol.
johnmarston32200 2 дні тому
use me as a dislike button
Aman Parthiv Krishnan
Aman Parthiv Krishnan 2 дні тому
Th- They were just trying to get something belonging to THEM, DISNEY.
uldis Strods
uldis Strods 2 дні тому
Macaulay Culkin forever!!!!!!!!
uldis Strods
uldis Strods 2 дні тому
Worst movie of the year. Better I will watch again home alone original movie.
NinJak 2 дні тому
I Rather watch the Original! Remakes Never out Top Originals!
Amit Beria
Amit Beria 2 дні тому
This sux
Curtis Gordon
Curtis Gordon 2 дні тому
My family doesn’t know I’m here? Me: well it’s less creepier than I made my family disipear.
Pubg Mobile
Pubg Mobile 2 дні тому
Ou nou movie is bad bas bad bad 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
Aaryan Patel
Aaryan Patel 2 дні тому
This is so bad
Oliver Mercer
Oliver Mercer 2 дні тому
I really love the first 2 and I really like the 3rd. It actually brings something interesting and fresh. The only one after that that I feel is kinda ok. In some small ways would be the Holiday Highest. Yehhh it's silly low-budget money grab. But it has enough of something in it for being alight compared to number 4. Along with this new 6 Home Sweet Home Alone film. It's cool to see the original actor who played Buzz in it, mind you but that's it. 🚨♨️🚚🏡🏠🏘♨️🚛🚨
Muwop innocent
Muwop innocent 2 дні тому
Ian watching dis 😂 for anyone dat see dis comment let yo kids watch da first 2 original ones cause nah dis shii ain’t it
Katia Osornio
Katia Osornio 2 дні тому
Why r they British
Shimarisu 2 дні тому
Disney Execs: "We need a new Christmas movie, any ideas?" Disney Writers: .....silence.... Disney Execs: "Okay, what popular classic do we own that we haven't done a reboot of?" One Writer: "Uh, Home Alone?..." Disney Execs: "Green light that project ! Let's crap it out now people !!"
Kwadwo Tuffour
Kwadwo Tuffour 2 дні тому
Wait, and it's not even American, on top of it.
SodaGumX 2 дні тому
oh joy another horrible disney reboot without the old cast.
sportowi przyjaciele
sportowi przyjaciele 3 дні тому
Rajesh Kumar
Rajesh Kumar 3 дні тому
Can anyone pray tell me what is the name of the music/BGM which starts at 1:02..please!!!
Sidewinder Sid
Sidewinder Sid 3 дні тому
My god, this looks like a load of bollocks.
Ravil' Bayram 16
Ravil' Bayram 16 3 дні тому
it's a bullshit .
F F 3 дні тому
Disney trying to not make a crappy reboot! (INSANE) (ALMOST DIED)
Ranuja Weeraratne
Ranuja Weeraratne 3 дні тому
that's just a copy. home alone 1 and 2 are the best
Sharp Life
Sharp Life 3 дні тому
My kid looks like Macaulay culkin. When trick or treating every person if he was him. He wasn’t dressed as him though
noop™ 3 дні тому
Every masterpiece: *Home Alone* Has its cheep copy: *home sweet home alone*
Anthony 4evertul
Anthony 4evertul 3 дні тому
This was absolute trash gonna watch home alone 1&2 again hopping to forget this ridiculous garbage
Cloud Editor
Cloud Editor 3 дні тому
hey Disney what the Fox said? ring ding ding ding ding ding ding
David M
David M 3 дні тому
I love how the new movie was so bad, they actually pre-empted the complaints with the line about "Why do they always do these remakes!?" Real meta.
To Rock
To Rock 3 дні тому
This is an abomination.
Twilight 3 дні тому
Nothing will ever replace the first two original home alone movies
TordPlayzGamez 3 дні тому
I will ask my mom to download the movie
no 3 дні тому
Nιɠԋƚ'ʂ Eԃɠҽ
Nιɠԋƚ'ʂ Eԃɠҽ 3 дні тому
Worst movie of 2021. Change my mind.
Demetrius Goldston
Demetrius Goldston 3 дні тому
I hate the remakes. 1 and 2 is a classic stop making more movies
xXlightvsdeathXx 3 дні тому
This is definitely much better than the other 2 Home Alone movies trying to recreate the first two. I don’t think it’s a bad idea at all… unless we get a new jigsaw in the future with an accent
Sparty 3 дні тому
The worst movie this year.
Michael Tucker
Michael Tucker 3 дні тому
This Makes The Master of Disguise(2002) look Like a Masterpiece and that was the worst film ever made
Norway. Rich and extremely beautiful. Big Episode.
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