How does Bluetooth Work?

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A ton of your devices use Bluetooth to communicate wirelessly. But how does Bluetooth work? In this video, we'll dive into the details of how your smartphone sends audio to your wireless headphones. Bluetooth is rather complicated and thus we're going to use a number of analogies and tools to explain it fully.

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This video is part of a series that explores how wireless headphones work.
1) Audio Codecs
2) Noise Cancellation

Script, Modelling, Animation, Editing- Teddy Tablante
Twitter: @teddytablante
Voice Over- Phil Lee

Table of Contents:
00:00 - How does Bluetooth Work?
00:37 - Traffic Lights
01:26 - 2.4GHz Spectrum
02:44 - Issues with the Bluetooth Visualization
05:56 - Details behind Bluetooth
07:30 - Bluetooth Packets
08:27 - Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum
10:58 - Noise in the 2.4GHz Spectrum
13:05 - Bluetooth Signal Integrity
14:21 - Sponsored Segment
15:33 - Frequency Shift Keying & Phase Shift Keying
18:16 - More Details on Scheduling & Packets
20:43 - Outro

Key Branches from this video are: Wireless Headphones & Audio Codecs, Noise Cancellation


Animation built using Blender 2.90.1
Post with Adobe Premiere Pro

Additional Patreon / UKposts Member Credits Not Shown in the Video:
Adit Kaul

Wikipedia contributors. "Bluetooth", "Frequency-Shift Keying" , "Phase-Shift Keying" , "Wireless" Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, Visited May, 2021

Music Credits
Sunburst, Tobu & Itro is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution License

RAHUL KUMAR DMRC 19 годин тому
Great explaination please make more 👍👍
austin 20 годин тому
It doesn't work, hence why anything serious has to be on a wire. Remember to like, subscribe and hit that bell icon for more wasteful videos.
viral_maths День тому
Such a high quality informative video!
Thiago Romero
Thiago Romero День тому
Phoenix Linx
Phoenix Linx День тому
Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge in such an effective way. Do you accept donations or something?
JC FANG 2 дні тому
It's really informative! Thanks a lot!
bobo laska
bobo laska 2 дні тому
I wonder how someone dislikes such a video. indeed human beings cannot be pleased and will never be pleased
Atlas 2 дні тому
This is fantastic. Enjoying every minute of every video
Sparky 3 дні тому
Thanks,Branch Education,This vidio is very nice. Great job
Max K
Max K 4 дні тому
so light doesn't send header and acces code to my eyes?
[Dev] vayRezzon
[Dev] vayRezzon 5 днів тому
12:15 hahaha
WalterTheSnack 5 днів тому
Jesus, trying to understand this video as a foreign english speaker, at 6am sure is difficult, tho it's explained in good detail
Cameron Fink
Cameron Fink 5 днів тому
Well this is complicated
ssj5kalel 5 днів тому
This is amazing. I am not following with the little bell
jai raja
jai raja 5 днів тому
superb ..... good language,better graphics,best analogy
Mohanraj Rasu
Mohanraj Rasu 5 днів тому
Awesome 👍
Citural 5 днів тому
the g man explains bluetooth asmr
sean jenkins
sean jenkins 6 днів тому
I love how old this animation looks, reminds of those old 00s animations
Guillermo E. Sanchez Guaida
Guillermo E. Sanchez Guaida 6 днів тому
I love the fact you get sponsors, you deserve that and even more
Guillermo E. Sanchez Guaida
Guillermo E. Sanchez Guaida 6 днів тому
Emiliano Diaz
Emiliano Diaz 6 днів тому
I recognized in the video my old smartphone, that LG was beautiful like no other...
CowFroggers 6 днів тому
it works by sniffing out your pp size then sends out millimeter waves compensate for girth and length
Hello There
Hello There 6 днів тому
Blue tooth doesn’t always seem to work the same between devices though My Xbox controller will lose connection to my phone and/or Xbox if my leg is testing in front of it for enough time But my headphones, or speaker will hold the connection for extremely long distances with multiple obstructions
Derps 6 днів тому
It is really mind blowing that this is all REALLY happening. Though, I do think it's important to remember that many of the discoveries and science done that makes this technology possible was built over generations and not all in a few years. Standing on the shoulders of giants as they say.
The Berb
The Berb 6 днів тому
It doesn't.
Warodom Werapun
Warodom Werapun 7 днів тому
Very beautiful and attractive graphics in the bluetooth presentation!!
J'ohm Bon
J'ohm Bon 7 днів тому
4am me listening. learning. putting a like on the video
AZZAMNO1 7 днів тому
wake me up when we can use phone without battery
Zsolt Hornyák
Zsolt Hornyák 7 днів тому
Sub earned.
Ismael Rodrigues
Ismael Rodrigues 7 днів тому
Shweta Khutvad
Shweta Khutvad 7 днів тому
Modern technology is literally the greatest magic out there and most people still try to find it in all the wrong places.
Ricco Stewart
Ricco Stewart 7 днів тому
As a software developer in college I thank you so much you don't realize what you did
beemorrow13 7 днів тому
Amazing explanation. Detailed and simplified. Thank you.
Kaiden Greenfield
Kaiden Greenfield 7 днів тому
i thought yellow was get ready but ok
WEIRDIE MINIE 7 днів тому
i even thought when i was young that Bluetooth are alien technology
K W 7 днів тому
Very interesting video.
XTEmmanuel XIX
XTEmmanuel XIX 8 днів тому
Angel Graz
Angel Graz 8 днів тому
This Chanel is going to be history. Thanks for the information.
Victor Pisarev
Victor Pisarev 8 днів тому
thanks for the video! It's of superb quality
ravikiran shekhar
ravikiran shekhar 8 днів тому
there's nothing for me in dis' vid that i already don't know as an electronic music producer & a tech enthusiast,i clicked the thumbnail as it was uploaded just 3months back & i would be able to find a solution for my next level problems regarding bluetooth like a lot of specific places in my lane when the bluetooth fails to catch up (intrusions of some sort)but will be paired wit each other,& finally i'll have to say this that the video disappointed me(the anology of traffic lights too were not in line).
Konrad 9 днів тому
I really have no idea why I only recently discovered this channel ... my quiet dream has always been to lock myself in one room with people from different fields of science for a year or more ...... and and make them regret their lives with basic questions like "what is it and why it exists" Thank you so much for this stuff, my brain feels it will have something to do for years
Juan Rincon
Juan Rincon 9 днів тому
Vert cook
Vossie 9 днів тому
Theres like, rocks and dirt on this planet and somehow we turned it into Bluetooth wtf lol
Rait Rehemets
Rait Rehemets 9 днів тому
Saw this in my recommendations at 4AM (being drunk), and I tested the microwave oven part, it actually does hold up and it blew my god damn mind. At real close range it will send a photo. But around 2,5 metres it already felt real slow and placing the phone behind a wall at 3 metres killed the connection (image failed to send). Standing at 2,5+ metres while trying to send a photo, it always failed to make the connection. Phone out of the microwave oven had no issues sending a photo from another room through a wall (around 9 metres distance). The phones I used were Samsung Galaxy A50 as host and LG F70 as the receiver. Awesome video!!!
Branch Education
Branch Education 8 днів тому
That's great to hear. I tested it with my microwave, but it's good to see it applies to others as well
Brady 9 днів тому
Commenting for the algorithm
Francis Sornillo
Francis Sornillo 9 днів тому
Thank you. Very Informational
Prime Gaming
Prime Gaming 9 днів тому
Anyone else started feeling dumber than we thought we were before ?
JustEuthormyYT 9 днів тому
Your voice is awsome
Kalle Klæp
Kalle Klæp 9 днів тому
Thanks to this video I understand how my JBL Bluetooth headphones can bring me the audio to this video... :)
Chris Morris
Chris Morris 9 днів тому
This is still black magic fuckery to me
ChairForce Gaming
ChairForce Gaming 9 днів тому
I’m an Avionics/ RF technician and I wish I would’ve seen this video when I first started lol. You did such a great job at explaining the theory and what not 😂
Ross Galvez
Ross Galvez 10 днів тому
Very nice. Thank you
One8six7 10 днів тому
thanks for the knowledge! :) i subbed liked. and soon about to share this video with my brother. keep up the amazing work.
curser 10 днів тому
Thank you, 1.5
official gru
official gru 10 днів тому
yeah right humans made this seeems legit nothing to question here
Dzejar Duff
Dzejar Duff 10 днів тому
Very nice visualization!
Ismail Zaidi
Ismail Zaidi 10 днів тому
Isn't that also how WiFi and 4g works?
Craig Gorum
Craig Gorum 11 днів тому
but does it generate pulses a million times a second? the video wasnt clear on that
Lalo Medina
Lalo Medina 11 днів тому
Howd we get from dirt and rocks to wifi and Bluetooth 😐
Deadly Skill15
Deadly Skill15 11 днів тому
Wait so when the receiving device doesn’t get a packet and asks for another one is that the “tst-“ sound that you get when listening to something through Bluetooth?
Arnat Pagle
Arnat Pagle 11 днів тому
Bluetooth lore! *Gotye starts playing*
Fick Dich
Fick Dich 11 днів тому
I paused the video at 12:10 to write this comment, wondering how many fucking dumb people out there actually microwaved their phones because of this. It made me smile :D
Antonio Zurita
Antonio Zurita 11 днів тому
for the algorithm
Water Under The Bridge
Water Under The Bridge 11 днів тому
I wonder how fast the receiving antenna has to vibrate so that it can no longer distinguish the exact sequence of the waves it is receiving
Eric Ortolan
Eric Ortolan 11 днів тому
Peter Chabanowich
Peter Chabanowich 11 днів тому
SallT 12 днів тому
i can sorta picture the gman explaining this
Moulaye Med
Moulaye Med 12 днів тому
Excellente explanation.
Andres .Guzman
Andres .Guzman 12 днів тому
I am incredibly impressed with the presentation of information. Starting with the simplest analogies and using them as blocks to build into more complex ideas is invaluable. You guys have earned my subscription
Aiman Harith ᢶ
Aiman Harith ᢶ 10 днів тому
yesse 😄
Micheals Guns
Micheals Guns 12 днів тому
lg v10
cfergyman 12 днів тому
It doesn’t
D4rkRises 11 днів тому
蔡明轩 12 днів тому
Really hardcore video
Idky 12 днів тому
I’ve now learned about USB, and Bluetooth… Now I just need to learn everything else about computer accessories…
PHOTOMAN416 416 12 днів тому
electrical engineer’s rubbing palms like birdman xD
Shiny Forehead
Shiny Forehead 12 днів тому
vids like this remind me that learning can actually be exciting instead of the usual slog
guirus ._.
guirus ._. 12 днів тому
Good video :)
Steven Taylor
Steven Taylor 12 днів тому
Incredible video so far. Also, I know I have a pause button on the video, but the narration could do with some gaps. Got to 14:03 and needed a break... Plus it's been a long day.
flow master
flow master 12 днів тому
great stuff
Denis 13 днів тому
Ngl. I was talking about yesterday and today this video pops up 🤕🥴
Faycel Uchiha
Faycel Uchiha 13 днів тому
Mat Roz'
Mat Roz' 13 днів тому
Yo we started on Earth with just rocks, mud and trees and now we have things like bluetooth thank to some people
Santiago Vizcaino
Santiago Vizcaino 13 днів тому
Amazing vid u explained it so well
Dark 13 днів тому
Each peace of airpods also need information/bits, to get stereo audio and not only mono
unlucky zues
unlucky zues 13 днів тому
Rocks and wood witta bit of special rocks
F8. 13 днів тому
Easy answer: "MaaaaaGiC"
Houser House
Houser House 13 днів тому
You have zero excuses to ever think something is impossible. Bluetooth would appear as literal wizardry to 99.9% of humans who have ever lived
Oscar G
Oscar G 13 днів тому
Tom Günter
Tom Günter 13 днів тому
Good video
Michael Teeuw
Michael Teeuw 14 днів тому
There is one thing I don’t fully understand. What’s the relation between the wave length of 121mm (is that really 12cm per wave?) and the frequency? Does that mean that because the waves all travel at the same speed, the frequency of the waves at higher wavelengths (like these 121mm waves) is lower than the frequency of the waves at lower wavelengths (like the light we see)?
Aiden Bateman
Aiden Bateman 14 днів тому
watching this on airpods pro
oQoCraft 14 днів тому
it's a tooth but blue.
Emmeres 14 днів тому
Very interesting video! and nice to procrastinate to, thanks for recommending it to me youtube!
Yuukio 14 днів тому
i don't understand, but i sure do enjoy this!
Micah 14 днів тому
I put my phone in the microwave. The connection was not lost… why not?
Micah 11 днів тому
@D4rkRises i like being blasted with microwaves it’s quite the sensation
D4rkRises 11 днів тому
Your microwave is broken do not use danger ⚠️💀
John E. Carr
John E. Carr 15 днів тому
A great video.
dudonz 15 днів тому
kartopia 15 днів тому
Trattt 15 днів тому
My airpod listening to this: *interesting*
Anthony Turner
Anthony Turner 15 днів тому
Very, very informative!
Roy louie Paghubasan
Roy louie Paghubasan 15 днів тому
Im always wondered if the humanity can make wireless charger
D4rkRises 10 днів тому
@Roy louie Paghubasan well it’s basically the same thing
Roy louie Paghubasan
Roy louie Paghubasan 11 днів тому
@D4rkRises ma bad. I mean Bluetooth charger
D4rkRises 11 днів тому
It exists already
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