How to use a Breadboard

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Learn how to use a solderless breadboard.

For in-depth description and details visit this Instructables :

Never used a breadboard before? Just getting started into electronics? You are in the right place.
Learn the basic principles of using a breadboard by making a simple circuit.

Buy the parts :
Breadboard :
Jumper Wires :
Breadboard Power Supply :
LED's :
Resistors :

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Siby Joseph
Siby Joseph Рік тому
Thanks...This video helped a lot
TomPlayz420 Рік тому
that vid helped me alot i am trying to set up coding club and i kept hering that tearm thanks
manabendra sarkar
manabendra sarkar Рік тому
Abhishek Dwivedi9020
Abhishek Dwivedi9020 Рік тому
what's ues of a gap in those terminal lines?
LiveSparks Рік тому
That gap is used to fit ICs so that none of the pins are shorted.
Joji Ravi
Joji Ravi Рік тому
For some reason, It didn't work. My letters and numbers do go in the opposite way as yours (e.g. 5-60 face vertically while a-j face horizontally) so I'm not sure if this is the reason it didn't turn on the LED.
Jimmy Hodum
Jimmy Hodum Рік тому
Very helpful and concise. Thanks!
SVTake2 Рік тому
Excellent video! Quick and to the point. Thank you x100.
Appogee 2 роки тому
A helpful video, many thanks for sharing it.
Heidi Estrada
Heidi Estrada 2 роки тому
Excellent - one of the best breadboard videos I've seen. Thanks!
Teslāfæn 2 роки тому
This is one of the best breadboard introduction video
Manomoy Maity
Manomoy Maity 3 роки тому
thanks I understood how to use it.
SJD 3 роки тому
You should hav explained the horizontal and vertical connections. It will not make any sense to beginners
Bilal Tech
Bilal Tech 3 роки тому
You did good job . just have to mark + one end and - other end of board with marker . easy to understand . it's ok . Do you know Arduino it's usage to explain . ? if so do it .
Aviral Tripathi
Aviral Tripathi 4 роки тому
bhai apni English improve kr lo
Sahithi Keerthi
Sahithi Keerthi 2 роки тому
say it in english.
Tacosauce710 4 роки тому
This helped a lot, thank you so much!!
Vaibhav 5 років тому
Thank you! That helped a lot!
ShishakliAus 5 років тому
Dude... this video is perfect... THANK YOU!
LiveSparks 5 років тому
+ShishakliAus Thanks!
Sahil Bamal
Sahil Bamal 6 років тому
Very good. Thanks for sharing the video with us.
LiveSparks 6 років тому
@Sahil Bamal more coming soon
LiveSparks 6 років тому
my first video
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