Huawei Mate X2 Impressions: I Was Right!

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Marques Brownlee

6 місяців тому

The wedge-shaped folding phone 👀 Better than the Z Fold 2?

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Thomas Kraincuk
Thomas Kraincuk 2 години тому
Still praising this criminal, brutal and corrupt company in the pockets of the CCP?
boo boo cha cha
boo boo cha cha 17 годин тому
Another chinese ripped off product... Neat...
ino g
ino g День тому
Trash !!
j maake
j maake 2 дні тому
Cmon @Google how can you not see Huawei making such cutting edge technology like this, and not want to be a part of it!???
Gio Kazephyn
Gio Kazephyn 3 дні тому
This technology is getting so cool. Definitely getting the first folding phone to be supported by a degoogled ROM like Lineage or Calyx
toni rvd
toni rvd 3 дні тому
no cam on the big screen means you can not use video conference and multitask like taking notes or any other task
Annique 3 дні тому
can we use Huawei Mate X2 in the U.S.?
Hakem Jones
Hakem Jones 4 дні тому
Can I buy this phone from you 🥺 it's my dream phone
Ancient 5 днів тому
This phone is amazing.
Howard Davidson
Howard Davidson 6 днів тому
This what I hoped the fold 3 would be ..I hated the fold 2 because of the thin front screen..and the poor camera’s ..Samsung your close but not close enough.The Samsung fold is a strange shape and is a poor tablet .This I will buy..Shame about the Google problem..I’m sure the same problem applies in Europe.
KerushiiKELSEY 9 днів тому
me a foldable/dual screen fanatic ready to move to china just so i can buy this easier lmao
04dram04 9 днів тому
Too bad the CCP will be spying on you with this phone though.....
MANLEY85 9 днів тому
Derek Brailsford
Derek Brailsford 12 днів тому
Does it run Android or it’s own software?
Eyasluna 12 днів тому
this would be the perfect phone if only the low key US gov didn't force Google to block the Huawei hardware
Olivier Pinto
Olivier Pinto 13 днів тому
Just not in my list because of the Google apps unfortunately
हेAvi Gamer
हेAvi Gamer 13 днів тому
jjekku  • 69 years ago
jjekku • 69 years ago 13 днів тому
no google? no google play no google at all?
The Beyonder
The Beyonder 13 днів тому
Next level design
Ruby Mouse
Ruby Mouse 13 днів тому
It's beautiful
Tay_NewNerd / Yato_MorininStar
Tay_NewNerd / Yato_MorininStar 14 днів тому
Listen to the sound of the phone closing
James E Curtis
James E Curtis 14 днів тому
So you can’t download any of the google apps to this phone?
Drewg351 14 днів тому
One thing the Samsung has that I definitely like better, is the Folds ability to use "flex mode". Flex Mode is AWESOME!!!! Being able to use the hinge to take pictures and use the Folds other screen as a view finder is brilliant. Great for making videos and such. But I do wish Samsung made the Fold 3 outer "candy bar screen" another 1/2 inch wider. It's too small and typing is prone to a lot of mistakes. That's one thing I hate. Samsung needs to widen it slightly. Hopefully they listen and the Fold 4 is slightly wider.
Dom Torres
Dom Torres 14 днів тому
I am in the minority but I have come to love the 'candy bar' screen on the fold 2. I swapped to a regular phone for a few days and I found myself annoyed at not being able to do quick tasks easily with one hand like I had gotten used to on the fold. Traded back in for a fold 3. If I want a bigger screen I *open* the phone. In the meantime the candy bar screen is so so nice for on the go quick needs.
Ludley Neto
Ludley Neto 15 днів тому
I kinda disagree about the front screen. Maybe is just me, but i find kinda cool the front screen of the fold 3 being small, is not that much used and have a really nice shape when making calls.
The Grumpy Englishman
The Grumpy Englishman 15 днів тому
Huawei said fuck the left handers like me 😂🤣😅
Basuki Sugito
Basuki Sugito 16 днів тому
Wonder how far China come in technology compare to Europe and USA in 20 years
medovk 16 днів тому
tbh if i could combine the fold 3 with this phone it would be perfect. fold3 120hz screen and design but no selfie camera on the internal one with the larger outside screen…perfect. i just don’t like that wedge shaped being left handed it would just have a counter effect on the purpose it has. also, having the internal screen with little or no spacing could cause scratches if dust gets between the screen sides.
godfather 17 днів тому
I dont think that folding phones will be much useful the screen of a normal phone are not so big that it cant be fit into pocket ...... but i think folding tablets can be much more usedful
Chui Throwaway8
Chui Throwaway8 17 днів тому
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Thanks But no thanks
Thanks But no thanks 17 днів тому
I really dig this phone if it was available here and the price was about lower I'd get one immediately.
John Lee
John Lee 18 днів тому
Huawei loves Samsung jeez 🤣🤣🤣
Evil Beast
Evil Beast 18 днів тому
Better then even fold 3
Marlon mcgregor
Marlon mcgregor 18 днів тому
R these still banned in america
The LockOutMen Podcast Show
The LockOutMen Podcast Show 19 днів тому
Is it coming to the states?
Allan Lee
Allan Lee 19 днів тому
Lovely phone l like to have one how much?💖❤️💪👍
Cameron Porter
Cameron Porter 19 днів тому
Definitely have to disagree on the size being a good thing. That phone is waaaaay too big. Totally impractical.
John H
John H 19 днів тому
I'll keep my fold 3
Dmitriy Chernavin
Dmitriy Chernavin 20 днів тому
This thing is awesome. Literally the best fold smartphone right now.
Michael Gabriel Raphael
Michael Gabriel Raphael 20 днів тому
Its nice but its way to expensive, and you cant use google. anything google including store. With the z fold 3 out now this phone is not worth it whatsoever..
Chye Ann Sor
Chye Ann Sor 20 днів тому
Fold for the left and right handed . That why the weight maintain balanced. Plus the smaller 6.2 cover screen make it easy for the one handed typing . Why make the cover screen bigger while you got bigger when unfold it
Chye Ann Sor
Chye Ann Sor 20 днів тому
No free stop angle? Hahaha
ChessFlix 20 днів тому
If it was 120hz, I'd switch from my Samsung fold 2.
Rezlem 21 день тому
Does this phone have a stylus or is it stylus compatible?
1:400 21 день тому
better than before but still expensive
Ex Tra
Ex Tra 22 дні тому
Samsung please copy the wedge to reduce gap and how huawei reduced the crease
Stephan Flach
Stephan Flach 22 дні тому
And what keeps us from enjoying the full experience? Trumps HUAWEI ban.
Mohamed Riyas KP
Mohamed Riyas KP 22 дні тому
Whatever We can’t use Google services In that.
Jimmy stevenson
Jimmy stevenson 22 дні тому
advocating for Chinese spyware are we?
Rhusnick. 23 дні тому
i am an alien, i was laughing so hard in this gadget🤣🤣🤣 old school HAHAHA, just kidding
HEE HEE BOI 23 дні тому
Anyone using Huawei phone can please tell me the impact of not having 5G? I wanna switch but unsure since I won't be able to get onto the 5G networks in Canada.
MAR786786 23 дні тому
When samsung makes the cover display like the mate x2 then i will consider buying one
Matt's Workout Place
Matt's Workout Place 23 дні тому
Would you pick the fold 3 or X2 if you had the money?
my mother !
my mother ! 23 дні тому
why the software always feel cheap if its from China
Kevin Schumaker
Kevin Schumaker 23 дні тому
we need a comparison with the new Samsung 3
Arked Refined
Arked Refined 23 дні тому
isny that phone banned
陈安国 23 дні тому
I have one right on my table now. Yeah!
Cotoi 23 дні тому
the fact that is that big even when closed, is a huge negative. The entire point of folding is to reduce the footprint of huge devices, while having a big screen for when we need it.
Cat Juice
Cat Juice 23 дні тому
Can we get this in America
Paul 24 дні тому
the only thing missing from this to be perfect is an "s pen" inside the phone. You could totally use this as a complete tablet replacement then, e.g. for collage lessons etc... I totally would buy this!
Mike White
Mike White 24 дні тому
Now the question is how do I get this in US.
Gondamar 24 дні тому
the form factor of this is a million times better than the fold 3 IMO. that outside screen looks way more usable, the fold 3's one is too skinny.
҉K҉N҉I҉G҉H҉T҉F҉I҉R҉E҉6҉6҉ 24 дні тому
I still think Xs is waaay better. and i would chose xs before x2
҉K҉N҉I҉G҉H҉T҉F҉I҉R҉E҉6҉6҉ 24 дні тому
looool thats a huge step backwards. mate Xs was waaaaaaaaaaay better. outside folding was revolutionary.
Stexen 24 дні тому
Reviewing huawei devices is anti patriotic. Knock this shit off. 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲
Vineeth Mohanmc
Vineeth Mohanmc 24 дні тому
I wonder how much money he got from Huawei.
Barry 24 дні тому
Huawei products are nice but the company sucks. Wouldn't buy another one.
James-bond Katambo
James-bond Katambo 25 днів тому
Please sent me a folding phone 📱
Hend Farid
Hend Farid 25 днів тому
Can you make an updated video of this X2 vs the Fold 3 now that we have that one out?
Lasse P X Mikkelsen
Lasse P X Mikkelsen 25 днів тому
yeah its much better. But personally i would not waste 3500$ on this phone for just a small fraction of improvement :)
Darren B
Darren B 25 днів тому
But you can't video call with the big screen cos there's no internal camera
•Vinn• 25 днів тому
really wish samsung and Huawei would just merge, imagine the phone that would come out....
oe4 25 днів тому
How can I get this 🤔
oe4 21 день тому
@Ariel Nassimiha I did, no luck. so that’s why I’m here sir lol
Ariel Nassimiha
Ariel Nassimiha 21 день тому
@oe4 dammm ok, go look up where you can buy it then...
oe4 21 день тому
@Ariel Nassimiha I do actually. Don't know how to buy in the states though.
Ariel Nassimiha
Ariel Nassimiha 21 день тому
You got 3000 bucks?
TheLordstrider 26 днів тому
Samsung after watching this video: guys take notes we can beat that!. Samsung a few months before the galaxy Z fold 3 release. just update the fold 2 a little and release. people will buy this crap anyway.
Ifran Alam
Ifran Alam 26 днів тому
What about Xiaomi pab 5 pro?
Crate Animations
Crate Animations 26 днів тому
Now is wanna see the phone cover to this
the marijuana
the marijuana 26 днів тому
plz, let's compare it with z fold 3 🇳🇵
Nerd Unleashed
Nerd Unleashed 26 днів тому
The wedge shape is cool but if you are lefthanded to will become a major draw back as the weight distribution will be terrible.
Yin Yang
Yin Yang 26 днів тому
X1 still the best for me
Darragh 26 днів тому
I come here for all the tech, but stay for those incredible wallpapers, where do you find them?
Music Man
Music Man 26 днів тому
Don't these phones have chinese spyware in them?
drkchoclatpasion 26 днів тому
Can this be used in the USA on Verizon?! I'm blown away I've never heard of this phone before today! 🙋🏿‍♂️
Anonymous 9000
Anonymous 9000 26 днів тому
I Just heard about this phone ,I thought it came out at the same time as Samsung fold 3
Liflow. [Life+Law, Life+Flow]
Liflow. [Life+Law, Life+Flow] 26 днів тому
5 months on, a durability comparison vs. Samsung would be nice. At the end of the day they benchmarked Samsung. Give the leader some credit
Navjot Singh
Navjot Singh 27 днів тому
May be its their last fold
Thabo Seane
Thabo Seane 27 днів тому
What if your left handed🤔
Kan Sein
Kan Sein 27 днів тому
It's look better stronger than Fold 3 I wish fold 3 hardware copy from huawei.
Valcor 27 днів тому
I hope samsung adopts the wider screen on the front honestly.
Valcor 27 днів тому
I actually like this more than the fold 3 wtf. How have I never heard of this?
望月憐 26 днів тому
You can't use Google service on HUAWEI,still like it?
drkchoclatpasion 26 днів тому
I know! What in all of the world?!
Ron McLeod
Ron McLeod 27 днів тому
And the price is twice that of a Samsung fold.
Internet Police
Internet Police 27 днів тому
I wish the US could use half the damn cool phones from all these innovative companies. A lot of these phones are running differents bands than all our major providers. It's like when I decided to go outside of AT&T's store and purchased the first Razer Gaming Phone. It worked, but it only worked in 3G (this was before AT&T actually added it to their lineup), so it was pretty useless especially where I live where sometimes LTE is even tricky to get street by street. Has there been a solution since the last time I looked into all this? Seems like all these influencers can just pop there sim chips into any new, crazy phone and use whatever for a week or two. Maybe that's just major cities like NYC that has all sorts of bands running in the areas? I've read forums about people interested in using cool phones with all the new pop up this and that features and it seems like the consensus at least in the US is that your S.O.L and have fun with your Apple or Samsung essentially.
Pon Goni
Pon Goni 28 днів тому
huawei is definitely smarter than samsung. it is fixing every samsungm mistake!
Любослав Станков
Любослав Станков 28 днів тому
So if you’re left hanged you’re basically fcked up and it still feels heavy 🤡
Любослав Станков
Любослав Станков 28 днів тому
I saw the thumbnail and thought he photoshopped in the iOS UI…
Adam Baker
Adam Baker 28 днів тому
How do u not mention the price...
Eternal_Wither 28 днів тому
"with thin bezels" the bezels: ⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️
sdq sdq
sdq sdq 29 днів тому
how's that huawei got smuggled into the states
Jesse023 29 днів тому
Which would do you like better. This or the fold3
Blue Angel HDTV
Blue Angel HDTV 29 днів тому
The only bad thing is that this device won't sell alot here in the US. They don't sell their phones with the major carriers Tmobile, ATT. Metro, Cricket Wireless. How is a person looking to buy a new phone going to see this device? How are people going to see this? If I want to go buy a phone , how will I know about this device? Does ATT sell this? I saw a Gold the other day and bought it at the store. This is the main thing this company needs to work on. Marketing, ads, tv.
Matt Prince
Matt Prince Місяць тому
Nice design but no Google services and to me it’s utterly useless. Ordered a Z Fold 3 instead.
유승연 28 днів тому
U made a very wise decision
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