I Built a Gas Station That's 100% Pure Insanity - Gas Station Simulator

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I Built a Gas Station That's 100% Pure Insanity - Gas Station Simulator - Let's Game It Out


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More about Gas Station Simulator (from Steam):

Buy an abandoned gas station and restore it to its full glory. Renovate, upgrade and expand upon the offered services to keep up with your clients demands.

Let's Game It Out
Let's Game It Out День тому
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Zack Gioia
Zack Gioia 2 години тому
joshua parliment
joshua parliment 2 години тому
@danivanbinsbergen Yeah I use it stupid fast
joshua parliment
joshua parliment 2 години тому
I have normal Opera and it’s stupid fast
Kristen Tonne
Kristen Tonne 3 години тому
@Random Person eewweeeeeee
Lego Boy
Lego Boy 3 години тому
shady Годину тому
Thanks for the web browser ive been looking for a good one
Caide Washburn
Caide Washburn Годину тому
Uncle pov I see you have a excellent gas station toatally not trash
Tom C.
Tom C. Годину тому
Truly a work of art
Marvin Kühne
Marvin Kühne Годину тому
Yoo Josh just made 100k subs in about a week... crazy 🔥
Nathaniel Hinchley
Nathaniel Hinchley Годину тому
lol cry’s in England after reading the title
Hosvile Toku
Hosvile Toku Годину тому
Noone talking about his "why"? 4:20
Tygon 24_53
Tygon 24_53 Годину тому
come back
Harry Годину тому
Opera is absolutely awful and filled with bloatware. Do not download it. I don’t respect anyone who willingly advertises this crap to people too. It’s as bad as malware
saltyninja5534 2 години тому
i like how youtube thought gas station simulator was gta
Xmanv2010 2 години тому
It says you are playing Grand Theft Auto V at the bottom lol
Bennett Linster
Bennett Linster 2 години тому
do more zoo simulator!!!!!!!!
Iaroslav Vasiletc
Iaroslav Vasiletc 2 години тому
I just LOVE Opera GX. And it's a real pain that there is still no Linux version...
Iced Mocha
Iced Mocha 2 години тому
😂 streamed this with 1 viewer the moment it came out. I’m still happy with it.
Minty MC
Minty MC 2 години тому
I think this is his best video yet
Midnight_Ultra7 2 години тому
Man didn’t talk about force dark mode lol
AMAZING 2 години тому
this guy is the best
Drama Products Reviews
Drama Products Reviews 2 години тому
Waoo looks Soo fun and this game .......
Shakyshooter1944 2 години тому
Josh, you should try Eco you can destroy the world and the environment If you end up using the environment When your using materials too much If you do then thank you i don't need any special refrence
LaLaLand 2 години тому
This was awsome! You re created every single experience I had at stations over the years. Please come back to this, sweeping and picking are great!
Chicken Channel
Chicken Channel 2 години тому
Castle crashers is cool
Logan Hodgson
Logan Hodgson 2 години тому
Yes do this again!
Jake Daccord
Jake Daccord 2 години тому
What the hell kind of phone do you have?
Derrick Barrows
Derrick Barrows 2 години тому
Please do another!!
Luke Hoffmann
Luke Hoffmann 2 години тому
This might be the first time i actually download the thing in the ad
karlssonSE 2 години тому
Best youtuber no cap.
Mc Fly
Mc Fly 2 години тому
tarumlüg Programmierer der Master K. I.
MrTimmyLord 2 години тому
Ah yes, GTA V
Zirar WZ
Zirar WZ 2 години тому
rare footage of josh playing gta
TALLPUP 2 години тому
I was really hoping for you to push the UFO button!
Max Carter
Max Carter 2 години тому
Please play this game again!
Mystin Flare
Mystin Flare 2 години тому
Opera is literally known as malware.
Sebastian Melchior Lind
Sebastian Melchior Lind 2 години тому
Jem Macs
Jem Macs 2 години тому
Mhm n.
Isaac Becker
Isaac Becker 2 години тому
I'd like to see more for sure
Neko kun
Neko kun 3 години тому
As soon as I found this game I was hoping you'd play it xD
Lance Alonzo
Lance Alonzo 3 години тому
I am triggered beyond my trigger point beyond my beyond trigger point
Ppl in da streets
Ppl in da streets 3 години тому
This is so relatable I started a gas station and I ruined reality too
Nawrot 3 години тому
Mauxi Gaming
Mauxi Gaming 3 години тому
When will we see the Sims again because I hope we get another video
Jango The Peanut
Jango The Peanut 3 години тому
#5 on trending!
imanoobz9 3 години тому
12:32 :a zombie when I name it dinner bone
SweGee 3 години тому
Its a good Day when Josh uploads a video
*The Lost*
*The Lost* 3 години тому
Opera GX is sooo good, i've used it for years and it's just perfect!
Eternal  Summer
Eternal Summer 3 години тому
so you basically created a more employee friendly Amazon
Owen kilburn
Owen kilburn 3 години тому
Play Barn finders
Some Q-Teb dude idk
Some Q-Teb dude idk 3 години тому
Only GradeAUnderA has advertised anything so well that I've actually wanted to get it
TheNetherKing Of everything
TheNetherKing Of everything 3 години тому
Video: sponsored by opera GX Me: watching on opera GX well that's kinda counterintuitive
TheNetherKing Of everything
TheNetherKing Of everything 3 години тому
I actually have no idea what counterintuitive means
A1waysWright 3 години тому
But what happened to Johnny Hot Body? Did you finish that series?
Jubas Jujubas
Jubas Jujubas 3 години тому
i even downloaded opera sounds good
mrcldrkwsk 3 години тому
Opera must have paid you very well for two this two minute ad.
SebzeYT 3 години тому
your sound effects are at its finest😂😂😂
Goca Gonyalı
Goca Gonyalı 3 години тому
doesnt matter what u play just play something
Nathan Taylor
Nathan Taylor 3 години тому
Its been a long time since I laughed that hard. THANK YOU FOR AWESOME VIDEO.
Cheez Balzz
Cheez Balzz 3 години тому
Gravity walk engaged 12:30
TheSilverSp0oN 3 години тому
Ok.. I use Opera GX, and I watched that entire sponser.. And now I want to download Opera GX a second time! That was amazing and I learned so much just from that! Thank you Josh and Opera GX!
Alans Sardars Taha
Alans Sardars Taha 3 години тому
Car is a car
Ethan Rodriguez
Ethan Rodriguez 3 години тому
Please come and this was to funny
Sharpened Cheddar
Sharpened Cheddar 3 години тому
This was great make another
SirSandman 3 години тому
breaking news: man causes 100+ car pileup by standing in the sale placce for over 4 years
Indominasaurus 3 години тому
Why do people dislike this, his content is hilarious so it must be discord mods and trolls
random person
random person 3 години тому
this game is scuffed
Matthew 3 години тому
Loved that game
Mr.unkown Guy
Mr.unkown Guy 3 години тому
i love how it takes him a month to make 1 video but then it makes me laugh so hard
Ronaldjuh92 3 години тому
So much fun
Jaco Booyzen
Jaco Booyzen 3 години тому
Do another haha so funny
uberfuzzy 3 години тому
The only thing I would love to watch more than a let’s game it out video would be a developer blind reacts to a let’s game it out video of their own game
SkAsHi 3 години тому
Glad to see videos again :)
Richard DiBella
Richard DiBella 3 години тому
Let's Game It Out should play on 2b2t
Monkey 3 години тому
i miss Anthony
LexiMayExist 3 години тому
this gta?
AUUR 3 години тому
Opera GX has Roblox and Google classroom too?
Cat 1100
Cat 1100 3 години тому
this man is the doot man doot
M Something
M Something 3 години тому
".. thumbs down your way out of here" is something i'm gonna use, when customer pisses me off ^.^
Fizzyjoe CSGO
Fizzyjoe CSGO 3 години тому
With the UK gas stations packed full with miles of cars trying to get a drop of gold this game really do hit different
Maiden Minnesota
Maiden Minnesota 3 години тому
There is more to unlock, so would be fun to see what else you can -break- do.
Emi 3 години тому
I have never cried so hard from laughter in my life 😂😂😂 Throwing the trash bags at people had me howling ahaha!
bradley morgan
bradley morgan 3 години тому
I'm sad that opera GX doesn't seem to work on linux... it looks great
ot0m0t0 3 години тому
Duud that opera browser looks amazing.
illioptopede 3 години тому
2:24 sooo are we not gonna talk about how Josh's phone has a physical keyboard? Havent seen a phone like that in a while!
TheRedSpyMan 3 години тому
Please do a collab with graystillplays you’d be great for eachother
Drogi Przyjaciel
Drogi Przyjaciel 3 години тому
WoW you started to make videos very often
Calvin Smith
Calvin Smith 3 години тому
your my most fav you tuber out of life im not gonna bother looking for other ppl to watch
Russia BLOLIUM 3 години тому
2:24 what phone is this
Bao Lam
Bao Lam 3 години тому
5:12 I think the real sponsor is Lock & Lock
Anthony Aguirre
Anthony Aguirre 3 години тому
One of my favorite LGIO videos to date! Maybe Grace will make an appearance in the potential follow up vid??
Kaplooey Games
Kaplooey Games 3 години тому
Seeing "4 seconds later" instead of the usual absurdly long amount of time caused me to feel an indescribable emotion
MacaronMunch 3 години тому
Josh: My sponsor, Opera GX Me: Watching on Opera GX
minecraft speedruner YAA
minecraft speedruner YAA 3 години тому
LET DO THIS operana!!!!!!
Matej Vojak
Matej Vojak 3 години тому
Teď Timberborn i think that you would enjoy destroying the game
Toad Licker
Toad Licker 3 години тому
Your phone 😳😳😳
Mobambo Mububu
Mobambo Mububu 3 години тому
What the hell is that phone during the Opera sponsor segment at the beginning?!?! I've been DYING to get another phone with a physical keyboard after all these years. Seriously, any help or information would be GREATLY appreciated. 🙏
masku 3 години тому
First time I wanna get something from a video sponsor!
Arthur Carroll
Arthur Carroll 3 години тому
those people waited 4.19726 years of their life to head home
KillaByte 4 години тому
I switched from normal opera to opera GX today
Cameron 4 години тому
Please come back. I want more gas station chaos.
Grayson Parks
Grayson Parks 4 години тому
I'm sorry but there is no way that is Josh's actual phone
osmacar 4 години тому
Sprocket, i want to see you do sprocket
Emu 4 години тому
Congratulations on the trending my guy Jesus! Was so excited to find this out today!!
Heymaxter 4 години тому
Man, Josh has a way to find *every single bug* in games. It's amazing
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