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Thank you for being a part of my family.
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N Blackwell
N Blackwell 5 годин тому
I overthink all lot of things and I’m 14
Reilly St. Croix
Reilly St. Croix 5 годин тому
Very random video and topic but I guess good vid
Youry K
Youry K 5 годин тому
I do miss your vlog
Baker Family
Baker Family 5 годин тому
Thank you Roman, for sharing. I have found peace that passes understanding in Jesus. John 14:27 Know Jesus, know peace. No Jesus, no peace.
darragh jenkins
darragh jenkins 5 годин тому
Keep smiling roman keep your head up high we can wait till you are back and ready for UKposts
Bonnie Jennings
Bonnie Jennings 5 годин тому
Happy Thanksgiving! 🍃♥️Love from Texas♥️🍃
Hitkiller YT
Hitkiller YT 5 годин тому
Please watch me video 🙏🙏
Hitkiller YT
Hitkiller YT 5 годин тому
Please watch me video 🙏🙏
Hitkiller YT
Hitkiller YT 5 годин тому
Please watch me video 🙏🙏
Hitkiller YT
Hitkiller YT 5 годин тому
Please watch me video 🙏🙏
Hitkiller YT
Hitkiller YT 5 годин тому
Please watch me video 🙏🙏
Hitkiller YT
Hitkiller YT 5 годин тому
Please watch me video 🙏🙏
T-Virus Terrance
T-Virus Terrance 5 годин тому
Hello, Humans. "A great memory is never made synonymous with wisdom, any more than a dictionary would be called a treatise." -John Henry Newman TERRANCE OUT
TorriderMoon 5 годин тому
This is what 2020 needed
Jonathan Knight
Jonathan Knight 5 годин тому
Your amazing brother!!!!
qlixy 5 годин тому
N Blackwell
N Blackwell 5 годин тому
Crazy how much we’ve all grown sense since he was daily uploading I was 12 now I’m 14
Hokage Haka
Hokage Haka 5 годин тому
Where you been still pranking lol
Chris wise
Chris wise 5 годин тому
I miss your amazing videos they were a bunch of fun stuff around the house just enjoying life
Dianzon Carlito
Dianzon Carlito 5 годин тому
still hoping for probly the biggest comeback 👆🏼
MaraQueen Xoxo
MaraQueen Xoxo 5 годин тому
Literally 99% won't care but god bless you and be safe during these times I'm struggling to get to 2k 😔
KShed 5 годин тому
The sad thing is, you refuse to say "we are having legal issues" You haven'tsaid "Smile More" is being sued. You have said nothing. your name is your name. they couldn't legally stop you from telling your fans that you have legal issues. No, instead you go silent. Not a single real world post from your real named accounts. I think we all would understand you can't talk about smile more but damn dude, you say nothing. You have multiple avenues in which you could have communicated with the fan base but instead it feels like You guys could care less. I can't wait until you come right out in another yeear and be like, ya we got sued blah blah end of story.
Drawman76 6 годин тому
Peace and Love Friendo
Vasco Soares
Vasco Soares 6 годин тому
Lets go man!!🇵🇹 i love you. We love you, you are not just a youtuber. You are way more to us, like a second family, so we will be here for everything, heads up!! Big hug
Michael Rocha
Michael Rocha 6 годин тому
You didn't even tell me Happy Birthday! Hahahqhqhqhqh just kidding my man! Fk that is crazy it has been so many years since we first met...in Santa Monica. We are always here for you my man..hope to see you around like I use to. Stay Positive love you! Rocha Family
Darklinkx8 6 годин тому
Thought this dude was dead
Martijn 6 годин тому
Me happends exactly the same. For like 2 years now. It controls my hole life.
Chelsea Atkinson
Chelsea Atkinson 6 годин тому
I can relate to you Roman!
DUCKDUDEREEE 6 годин тому
Finally your back 😀🎉
Maxbrownn1 6 годин тому
greatest youtuber ever
Jessica Grabowski
Jessica Grabowski 6 годин тому
I’m a fricken physic and my connection to the dead is very weak. So I’m always worried about my surroundings!
Rogelio leiva
Rogelio leiva 6 годин тому
You so real that’s why you uplift people
Morgan Archuleta
Morgan Archuleta 6 годин тому
Wtf i remember u
Bearded Bungalow
Bearded Bungalow 6 годин тому
Hey Roman, shout-out from Utah. Your a good man, father, husband. We appreciate all you do and all you’ve done. Coming from a father of 7, keep your head up, keep inspiring others, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving today! God bless
Nick 6 годин тому
Where fish tank tod
Loading Ü
Loading Ü 6 годин тому
The only man who can save 2020
xcamper 6 годин тому
Yeetman123 6 годин тому
holy shit i forgot about this man
Ali ak
Ali ak 6 годин тому
I also had panic attacks and thankfully i can overcome it now .
UntamedWarrior6 6 годин тому
We all love and miss you guys!!🥺
Lexi Raffo
Lexi Raffo 6 годин тому
I miss the vlogs so much!!!!
Andreas Haugen
Andreas Haugen 6 годин тому
i love you and your family soo sooo mutch
TTV LEV99 6 годин тому
Roman is there going to be a Christmas vlog??
Alondra Sierra
Alondra Sierra 6 годин тому
I started having that fear that something is wrong with me when I was 15 I’m 16 it’s been a year I hope it doesn’t go for long. I hate it so much and I literally knew what Roman was talking about about the panic attacks and anxiety that comes with it it’s the worst.
rhod teasdale
rhod teasdale 6 годин тому
From all of us to all of you love and thanks we miss you and hope to see you in 2021 🌈 when the light returns and Smile more returns, stay safe and we will be waiting, just believe 😀
Gabriel Howe
Gabriel Howe 6 годин тому
Only people that remember Zeus and flash play fighting can like this comment.
INTHEMIX74 6 годин тому
romans getting sued over using the smile more phrase????
csb gameing
csb gameing 6 годин тому
You said you could talk you should do a livestream sometime if you feel like it
Crazy Katie
Crazy Katie 6 годин тому
I lost one of my chinchillas last night. This is what I needed to wake up to💔
SAM 17
SAM 17 6 годин тому
I thank u for all that you do for me
l mayhew
l mayhew 6 годин тому
Not sure what’s going on, but love you and your family and can’t wait to see you back to normal videos when possible! Sending prayers and healing thoughts for all that needs fixing! You guys are the greatest!
Thacker _
Thacker _ 6 годин тому
ZeroCovidfucKs 6 годин тому
Hell to the yiggy yiggy yeah
Mo Ramadan
Mo Ramadan 6 годин тому
I really missed u so much u helped me alot in my childhood. I even wrote u way too many letters u r such an amazing person. I hope things get better soon. Also u should come to Egypt soon
MeetHealthy_Lori 6 годин тому
Love you Roman!!!!!!!!
ZeroCovidfucKs 6 годин тому
When I was deathly ill I cleaned up blew out snot went out MINGLED CLOSE QUARTERS SUPER SPREADER IMMUNITY BUILDER THANK ME LATER🐾
Flavio Haro
Flavio Haro 6 годин тому
Holy shit man, Im 20 years and i am also going through the same thing Roman. It just started this year, Its very hard to deal with all these things. I always thought I was the only one that felt these things. Luckily now I know I am not alone. Stay positive Roman i know it ain’t easy brother
Anastasis Man
Anastasis Man 6 годин тому
Thanks for sharing that ❤️
Daniel Pizzoni
Daniel Pizzoni 6 годин тому
Hey Roman we’re with you in this stay positive as one and not a part
NJ 6 годин тому
Do meditation.
26 mat
26 mat 6 годин тому
Thank you
_dre_z 6 годин тому
It’s been 4 years since I came back to visit this channel and it’s crazy how much I missed
Justin Nathaniel Medrano
Justin Nathaniel Medrano 6 годин тому
We miss you Roman.
Angel Garcia
Angel Garcia 6 годин тому
Miss you guys hope you guys doing good
xXFlower Xx
xXFlower Xx 6 годин тому
God loves you repent!!
Carson C
Carson C 6 годин тому
Roman we love you and hope you can get back to filming regularly again I hope we get a Christmas vlog so we can see all of y’all happy
Quentin GUYET
Quentin GUYET 6 годин тому
Dude i’m battling Anxiety and the same thing that tou have for montsh now , it’s ok , we’re strong 💪🏼
Minnie V
Minnie V 6 годин тому
Roman plz check out @ Cooking with bird Martinez channel. Amazing family that reminds me of your values💕💕 Smile more😊
Dribbling squids DS
Dribbling squids DS 6 годин тому
Still the same great intro when I left
givememore4free 6 годин тому
Boring vlog. Could only watch for about 5 minutes.
Brax’s OLD CHANNEL 6 годин тому
Be kind this man is dealing with some serious issues.. idk what’s wrong with you people coming to someone’s channel and throw hate.. appreciate what he’s doing or leave.
Lucy Yokwe
Lucy Yokwe 6 годин тому
wow longtime no see.
Caine Martin
Caine Martin 6 годин тому
Miss you bro
Abbie 6 годин тому
Although he doesn’t pull as many views as he use to. I’m glad to say I’m one of the ones who are still watching
Noah Garcia
Noah Garcia 6 годин тому
TYFT GAMING 6 годин тому
Always gonna be here roman! Imma Roman soldier! You helped with lots thoughtful my life and I’m always gonna have your back. Hope all is well with you and the fam❤️
Lamyaa Khaled
Lamyaa Khaled 6 годин тому
Take your time roman! We will always be here for u❤️
Frazik 6 годин тому
Who else stayed to the end also this man has a family millions still coming back to watch greatest UKposts ever take your time man don’t rush back into yt we will all be here still Smile More
Randome things cats too
Randome things cats too 6 годин тому
Arash Hey
Arash Hey 6 годин тому
Roman you just need time you lost ur big supporter its ur mom need time to pass these days dont worry!
Gameplay Nation
Gameplay Nation 6 годин тому
What happened to Roman? What is the personal story he was referring to?
cheekyoziechick 6 годин тому
I started when my gran suddenly passed.. It triggered my panic attacks. I was a mess..my kids needed me..and I had to pull myself together. They controlled me..and started in my 30s. When I learned my mind is scared and my body reacts to that fear..then I felt more in control. I started going to the gym and worked off all the adrenaline I was making..and reassured myself..I was not going to die suddenly. It’s taken 23 years..but I’m now in control of my thinking. Keep up the fight Roman..and just know you are ok! x💐
Amy Budge
Amy Budge 6 годин тому
Few of us watching! What??? WE LOVE YOU ROMAN i could literally listen to you for hours
Elaine Schell
Elaine Schell 6 годин тому
Roman, something that helps me with the fear issue is to remind myself that all fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. Anxiety, worry and being a nervous wreak are all future based emotions that we have no control over. The best that you can do is to take things one day at a time for tomorrow has enough worries of it's own. Just breathe, be still and know that you are loved. God bless.
Riley Thomson
Riley Thomson 6 годин тому
Only a few watching at the end umm excuse me roman we all at the end of it you made 5 videos this year and we still come back and try support you and your family as much as you would for us we all love you we all go through things together I hope you fell better soon roman smile more
kaylynn drews
kaylynn drews 6 годин тому
Ive battled anxiety for a very large part of my life and i had it under control until recently. I was placed on adhd meds and only took them for 3 days due to panic attacks it gave me about simple things like eating and showering since ive stopped taking my anxiety is 10 times worse again im terrified to leave my house. But hearing you say this makes me feel like i can get better again and that i will get better again. So thank you Roman. You've been a light in my life for many years and you've made a great impact on my life. Thanks to your words i graduated high school on time and i lived to see 20. Im 22 now and i cant wait to keep living now so thank you
BIG DREAMS 6 годин тому
Those 2.9k people who disliked this video meant to press like and missed
ninobird7 6 годин тому
Come back when you need what’s happening in your life is more important than UKposts right now
HTk Řico
HTk Řico 6 годин тому
Imagine getting this as a recommended😂🔥🔥🔥
5k810 64m3
5k810 64m3 6 годин тому
So many years of illness not much feels to change
Brad Harding
Brad Harding 6 годин тому
Always good to see you Roman!
Sparking ggs
Sparking ggs 6 годин тому
We love you Roman🥺🥺❤️
Dekki Boi
Dekki Boi 6 годин тому
Missed u bigtime big bro. Hope u bounce back stronger and imma support u all da way
Aidan Fenech
Aidan Fenech 6 годин тому
This is the most relatable words that I could ever hear, words of wisdom my guy ❤️❤️
Parmis N
Parmis N 6 годин тому
I love you, God bless
Jack Reynolds
Jack Reynolds 6 годин тому
we gonna come back and another kid will be there
Eva La ChiNa
Eva La ChiNa 6 годин тому
We miss you so much😔⚘miss seen your dad and your kids ⚘⚘❤❤❤❤❤❤a
Jojo MoreChrist
Jojo MoreChrist 6 годин тому
The world is about to end JESUS CHRIST is coming repent be ready for the Rapture JESUS CHRIST is the only way to HEAVEN and to escape from going going to HELL 6 Jesus said unto him, I am [a]that Way, and that Truth, and that Life. No man cometh unto the Father, but by me. John 14:6 1599 Geneva Bible (GNV) 16 [a]For God so loveth the world, that he hath given his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth [b]in him, should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16 1599 Geneva Bible (GNV) 18 And am alive, but I was dead: and behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen: and I have the keys of hell and of death. Revelation 1:18 1599 Geneva Bible (GNV) JESUS CHRIST IS coming soon repent follow JESUS CHRIST become a baptized Holy Spirit converted filled born again Christian ready for the Rapture...Pray read the Holy Bible in Revelation shows we are living in end of the world times...Seek JESUS instructions to be ready for the Rapture JESUS return... Also share JESUS CHRIST IS the only way to HEAVEN and to escape from going to HELL...Share JESUS death and resurrection to save our souls from going to Hell with all and share the Holy Gospel of JESUS with all 🙏
bailey taylor
bailey taylor 6 годин тому
you need to make more videos everyone misses them so much
EZenergyGG 16
EZenergyGG 16 6 годин тому
Thanks Roman that helped me so much going through lockdown that happened to me I would always be worried this has helped so much and made me happy thank u 🙏😊😊
Luke Williams
Luke Williams 6 годин тому
Omg 37 no way
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