I Spent 100 Days in a SCP Minecraft and Here's What Happened

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I Spent 100 Days in a SCP Minecraft and Here's What Happened



Modpack Used:


Edited by Wisefish:

Inspired By Luke TheNotable:

Kittyrules, Angelchan, Badkiera2000, Catsomniac, Covert, & Shinigami for building the maps main structures.

UnsortedGuy for the SCP Foundation:

Leonex for building the map in World Painter!

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I TRIED to Survive VR Hardcore Minecraft For 100 Days And This Is What Happened

Video Includes:
Hardcore Minecraft 100 Days
Hardcore Minecraft 100 Days Gameplay
Hardcore Minecraft VR Episode 1
Hardcore Minecraft VR Lets Play
Hardcore Minecraft VR
Hardcore Minecraft VR 100 Days

Forge Labs

Edited By WiseFish:

dragonl0l 5 хвилин тому
So when do the scps come in?
Dogo 36 хвилин тому
I love your vids my man
Tristan Urquhart
Tristan Urquhart 36 хвилин тому
As a Canadian this is exactly what happens when I hike in the Rockies
Mr.DirtyDan 40 хвилин тому
Sadly his voice reminds me of xqc
Macho's Assistant Macho
Macho's Assistant Macho 48 хвилин тому
You looked at it stupid!
Karen Clark
Karen Clark 48 хвилин тому
Im a girl so dont always say my mans
rufus -
rufus - Годину тому
RPH 89
RPH 89 Годину тому
Mans stole his pc from nasa
Zeke the gaming potato
Zeke the gaming potato Годину тому
I lost my respect for him when he Quit minecraft at 20099990 ac
Ryan Bradley
Ryan Bradley Годину тому
Ok that thing that killed you, that is the creepiest mob I have ever seen
Masami-Chan 2 години тому
28:57 that is scp 096 scp 096 is known for its speed strength and durability it cannot be destroyed and it wont stop until whpever looks at it 096 will kill the person who looks at him he is a Shy guy. Where ever you hide doesnt matter nothing will save you. To not die to 096 do not make eye contact to it to not die. Only night vision goggles allows you to look at 096 without getting brutally ripped apart limb by limb
Escavablast kavalier
Escavablast kavalier 2 години тому
Passed out around day 27. What did I miss?
Ian DYCK 2 години тому
its like minecraft
Daniel Johnson
Daniel Johnson 2 години тому
My mans needed the men in black mind wipe stick for this one.
Ian DYCK 2 години тому
dude, try survivalcraft its way harder
The pug lord
The pug lord 2 години тому
HonayBaun 3 години тому
Wow my brain feels really num around day 27 and can't seem to remember what happened
Nisaa Swai
Nisaa Swai 3 години тому
i love how he says that he did not want to build the house on day 50 and on day 46 he builds his house
Geneva 3 години тому
The bat at 1:13:34 scared the SHIT out of me too wtf
Ian DYCK 3 години тому
do it you idiot1
Ian DYCK 3 години тому
shut up
Axolotl Gaming
Axolotl Gaming 3 години тому
Cryplex 3 години тому
SCP's are unkillable
Kelly boyle
Kelly boyle 3 години тому
And I am not telling you all of them because there are millions of scp creatures
Kelly boyle
Kelly boyle 3 години тому
You don’t know a scp Well I know a lot. Look it up kid
s7ic1de_YT 4 години тому
Where’s the description
Zander Aalmo
Zander Aalmo 4 години тому
day 32 scp-173 the sculpture you look away from it you die
Zander Aalmo
Zander Aalmo 4 години тому
Forge just to let you know on day 27 his number is scp-096 shy guy class euclid if you look at his face he will cry and kill whoever looks at it.
LòôP 4 години тому
I like how the way he talks remember Mr Hippo
Nightgun 4 години тому
that bridge remind you guys of the one in gravity falls?
T0PBossSheep 5 годин тому
Charles Marshall
Charles Marshall 5 годин тому
That was scp 096 aka the shy guy one thing you need to know about him never and I mean never look at his face or any pictures of his face.
KatzPL 5 годин тому
Those chests are like mimics in Terraria
Zephtntgamer 5 годин тому
The dream catcher is supossed to be good it catches bad dreams/nightmares
Nolan Watson-Plate
Nolan Watson-Plate 6 годин тому
scp 096 cant be killed
Bennie Van der Merwe
Bennie Van der Merwe 6 годин тому
30:40 killed my relaxation
Jomet Vicente Monegro
Jomet Vicente Monegro 6 годин тому
Its SCP 096 the name is SHY GUY DONT LOOK AT IT hello its a scp thats shy dont look at it ez win and the scp is a god in scp world
SS-Hauptsturmführer Michael Wittmann
SS-Hauptsturmführer Michael Wittmann 6 годин тому
Cc BB 7 годин тому
Lloyd Padiernos
Lloyd Padiernos 7 годин тому
Day 100 was a suicide mission 💀💔
Aaronplays 7 годин тому
the white scp is 096 (shy guy)
Morvin 8 годин тому
Wow my brain feels numb
chertov 8 годин тому
The echo is real in this video
Harry H4H
Harry H4H 8 годин тому
In future probably don't want to build a house in the cold rocky mountains
UwU 9 годин тому
Where is Scp 999 😀😭😱
Natalie Rettig
Natalie Rettig 10 годин тому
this was a whole documentary
Daniel Torralbo Lopez
Daniel Torralbo Lopez 10 годин тому
I hearing Forge labs saying to grab a Ak-47 to deal with 096: Oh you foolish one, you are alerady dead by traing to achive the unachivavle and kill the unkillable
Grizzly Bear
Grizzly Bear 11 годин тому
. ⬅the mod that killed him
THENICBOI999 11 годин тому
The sep that killed you is cold sep 096
romeo pagano
romeo pagano 12 годин тому
My minecraft crash when i start it whit all the mod :(
Jacobi Wan Kenobi
Jacobi Wan Kenobi 12 годин тому
34:19 I was practically screaming at him to not look away.
Nick Gabel
Nick Gabel 13 годин тому
FORGELABS! I love your videos! My only critiques would be 1)don’t hint at what happens later in the video {the suspense is the best part!} 2) make more videos like the zombie one. We love the worlds that get increasingly more difficult! Keep up the good work MY MAN!
Joel Lombard
Joel Lombard 13 годин тому
Brain so numb.
Kyanite 14 годин тому
10:48, i once ask a pig at nether for which direction i need to go to find a nether fortress, and he headed towards one way then i follow it, surprisingly i really found a nether fortress lolll
ya da boys ladz
ya da boys ladz 14 годин тому
Real Dream catcher facts: A dream Catcher, should be hang above ur head while sleeping and it catches ur dreams then flies them inside ur head. The reason they are called Dream catchers is bc they want u to buy it bc they want u to have good dreams. Instead, of bad nightmares!
Aiden john
Aiden john 15 годин тому
Please stop saying I'm a man a man like that man this man that its actually so annoying when you watch so meny of your videos
Alexander Haupt
Alexander Haupt 15 годин тому
Skills to survive in canadian mountains: Good at playing minecraft
fart lord
fart lord 15 годин тому
Wow! My brain felt numb around day 27!
The Robloxer
The Robloxer 17 годин тому
wow, my my brain feel numb again.
The Robloxer
The Robloxer 17 годин тому
wow, my brain feels numb.
Rangga Setya
Rangga Setya 17 годин тому
does anyone know what's that bgm name on 8:57 ? i've search long and far but didn't have any answer
Nate Andrei Dyguaso
Nate Andrei Dyguaso 17 годин тому
AYE! i love all your 100 days minecraft bc you are so good at this bro
SizzledToast 17 годин тому
Forge Labs thinks if you get to close to the SCP 096 it attacks but it actually attacks if u look at its face so ye
SizzledToast 17 годин тому
yoriichi the sun god
yoriichi the sun god 17 годин тому
31:28 scp-096 backstory: A father after his family was killed by SCP-096 from "Fading". SCP-096, also known as the Shy Guy, is a Euclid-class object contained by the SCP Foundation. It is mainly known for its psychoanalytical appliance and screams. It is one of the most iconic and recognizable SCPs. weaknesses of scp 096: Vulnerable to Fragmentation Grenades, the Micro H.I.D., and High RPM Weapons. Slow when docile. Cool down makes it vulnerable. Low base HP. scp 096 Strengths: Abilities make it difficult for targets to escape. Incredibly fast and strong when enraged. Hume shield protects HP and can regenerate here are u facts enjoy them :) p.s dont look it in the face it will kill u
SizzledToast 17 годин тому
Forge labs: that thing is creepy *looks
Gideon Burkett
Gideon Burkett 17 годин тому
That is scp 096
Gangsta Shade
Gangsta Shade 18 годин тому
Forge labs: literally says anything. Also forge labs: "ok?"
kat 19 годин тому
K all of the viewers bout to die by scps caus ewe saw a bunch of themes faces
kat 18 годин тому
scp-4000 keyter
kat 18 годин тому
scp-500 ,
kat 18 годин тому
scp-718 infestation
kat 18 годин тому
Scp-524 ?????
kat 18 годин тому
scp-173 the sculpture
XOBLACKRAPTOR 19 годин тому
petition to make "My Mans" Merch!
Liam Sawyer
Liam Sawyer 19 годин тому
54:24 that thing in the parking lot killed him here, scp 173
cutie_bear55 20 годин тому
Scp 494= scp 096 ok
anuglysheep 20 годин тому
Why does this video have like 3X the views despite being the most boring
Ink Fan
Ink Fan 20 годин тому
Called a Mimic. Basic fantasy.
Kayla Louis
Kayla Louis 20 годин тому
I love your video's
Beetless 22 години тому
nice modpack might try it on my server
Pilot_aka_Drew 22 години тому
I think those walking animals may be a cryptid called Skinwalkers.
Sewer rat
Sewer rat 22 години тому
Watching him play with peanut is one of the most interesting things I’ve seen in forever I’m gonna cry laughing
Sewer rat
Sewer rat 22 години тому
Forge: *sees 096* Forge: I need a gun 096: *laughs in immortal*
Sewer rat
Sewer rat 22 години тому
What happened during day 27
Sewer rat
Sewer rat 22 години тому
My neighbor Robert is calling the police on me I don’t udnerstand
Solar45gacha Aspada
Solar45gacha Aspada 22 години тому
That's scp 096
🐉 |sʜɪɴɪᴄʜɪʀᴏ sᴀɴᴏ
🐉 |sʜɪɴɪᴄʜɪʀᴏ sᴀɴᴏ 22 години тому
Wow i think your pc is a high quality for gaming bcs u can take all these mods :0
heather dawg
heather dawg 22 години тому
the SCP you ran into is SCP - 096 or SHY GUY by the way
Potato_jems 22 години тому
34:34 that is scp 173 you NEED to look at it can't move in detect line of sight
TirusR Jr
TirusR Jr 22 години тому
SCP-096, kills anyone who sees its face, even if they have no memory of it
Potato_jems 22 години тому
That white thing is scp 096 you look at you die
Jason Carter
Jason Carter 23 години тому
And even with speed 2 he'll catch up
RoBoxL 23 години тому
Pls make an infinite water source pls hehe (jk).
Jason Carter
Jason Carter 23 години тому
The white guy is a scp but the real name is shy guy kinda like a ender man but you look at his face he will not stop until your dead and almost nothing can kill it
Typical things
Typical things День тому
This is awesome!
Randy Un
Randy Un День тому
I watched 3 videos so far. Loved it. But im trying to understand his value of building his house and how it looks. Around 41:00 he exclaims he ran out of a specifix log as a huge problem. I mean not getting one shot seems like a bugger priority than wood since the landscape still had a ton of trees.
Zuhaib Ahmed
Zuhaib Ahmed День тому
Bro stop with the "ok?" Ok?
Jure Klarica
Jure Klarica День тому
That was scp 096 if u Look at its fase you Are dead it can’t die
Mammoth Station
Mammoth Station День тому
Anyone else look up scp-492
Dave Downs Jr.
Dave Downs Jr. День тому
Here's a quick guide on the SCP's shown: SCP-049: "The Shy Guy" is initially peaceful until someone views it's face. It then rips through anything to reach the person who saw it and murders them. It is indestructible, so an AK-47 would be like spitting at it. SCP-173: "The Statue/Sculpture" can only move when you do not have direct eye-contact with it. If it reaches you, it snaps your neck. Usually much more menacing since SCP games involve a blink meter. SCP-3199 (I may be off here): A mixture of a chicken's DNA and a human's. Is extremely hostile and incapable of reason. Considerably less of a threat than the other 2.
Dave Downs Jr.
Dave Downs Jr. День тому
Me, being a SCP fanatic, upon seeing 049 I cannot tell you how much I was saying "RUN STOP LOOKING AT IT RUN"
จักรี อบมา
จักรี อบมา День тому
The SCP is called scp-096 classified as dangerous do not look at it even you can look at a video about 096 but you cannot look at a picture of 096 096 has to be in a square containment no cameras no anything 096 is 10 ft tall man white skin that's the information I can do
SteelLicense День тому
this is why i wish i was on pc I'm on ps4 so i cant use mod packs like this
gamingWings День тому
Is it only me but why does he sound like Kermit?
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