I Told you There Were Bigfoot Here! - My Bigfoot Sighting Episode 21

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My Bigfoot Sighting

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Brook grew up on a 13-acre game farm, in Lumpkin County, Georgia. Her father raised chickens there. For years, she lived a normal life there, playing hide and seek with friends, in the woods and having a good time. One night, though, when she was 7 or 8, she found out that she didn’t know the woods around the farm as well as she thought she did. Those woods held a secret and she was about to get an education. That was far from the only Bigfoot encounter Brook has had. Many more were to follow. We hope you’ll tune in and listen to her talk about them.

If you’ve had a Bigfoot sighting and would like to be a guest, on the show, please go to MyBigfootSighting.com and let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

If you’d like to report your sighting or sightings to the U.S. Bigfoot Patrol, please visit linktr.ee/usbigfootpatrol and fill out a report.

Show's theme song, "Banjo Music," courtesy Nathan Brumley

Dawsonadrift 72
Dawsonadrift 72 23 дні тому
What happened! No new videos in the last month? I hope it's not over. I really enjoy this show!
Robert Cox
Robert Cox 24 дні тому
Northern Georgia has alot of Bigfoot or as we say in the south Booger's. Great episode Brooke.
B. Scott Farthingsworth
B. Scott Farthingsworth 28 днів тому
great vid, and long. We want longer vids, and also it's been four weeks - starting to get the D.T.'s
Kerry Hickling
Kerry Hickling 28 днів тому
Still waiting for Episode no 22?
Master Dom Howie
Master Dom Howie Місяць тому
i haven't seen a new video for about 3 weeks now. did the channel move or something?
Michael Місяць тому
Love this story.
angela acuna
angela acuna Місяць тому
Oh please more!! Thank you!!!
kylew1980 Місяць тому
Is that vic singing?? Lol shut it down
Briar Rose
Briar Rose Місяць тому
Hi Vic.This is my first visit to this channel. You’ve got a new subscriber!
Gene Fox Green Mountain Droning
Gene Fox Green Mountain Droning Місяць тому
Leave them alone tell them you know they are there and you respect them and you wont hurt them or bother them and you want them to leave you and your property and family and anamiles alone .and they are welcom to stay as long as they treat you like overeat them. Remember they were there or here longervthanvwechave been .we are invading there home not the other way around .god bless stay safe
truewrldseeker Місяць тому
A show just as good as dogman encounters. Thanks for the shows Vic your always a gentlemen and a pleasure to speak with. Thanks for that
Gary patterson
Gary patterson Місяць тому
Love Georgia girls. Want to Marry me a Georgia Peach
Chris Lester
Chris Lester Місяць тому
If people haven't lived in the cabin for years any flag would be in peaces after 3 years out side ?
Keli Stratton
Keli Stratton Місяць тому
Where is that gorgeous waterfall?
randy beard
randy beard Місяць тому
The Native Indians called Bigfoot-the Watchers as they Know more about You than You Know about them-they spend Many Hours just Watching Human Behavior thus if you have them on your property, they know everyone in your family and their Habits...
Donna Johnson
Donna Johnson 4 дні тому
Keli, see my reply to Randy,(above) to answer your question.
Donna Johnson
Donna Johnson 4 дні тому
That's the truth, Randy. Just like criminals in the city watch and know your goods and your movements. They seek to "live long and prosper"... and at other's expense, if need be.
Keli Stratton
Keli Stratton Місяць тому
Does anyone know why?
daniel2216 Місяць тому
Great guest - thanks!
New Hampshire
New Hampshire Місяць тому
Who takes the great drone video?
Antidote for life
Antidote for life Місяць тому
Ramona Nelson
Ramona Nelson Місяць тому
Wow that was great, new the channel and I'm here to stay! 👍🏼👍🏼
Jody Bateman
Jody Bateman Місяць тому
Those Game Roosters on Tie cords, could fight and most had long spurs,and they knew how to use them ,i know they flogged the bigfoots that killed them. The spurs they had if they hit you and it caused you to bleed it could set up sepsis. If untreated. Its illegal to keep them on tie cords now in some state.but game Roosters were beautiful. They did fear much.i saw one called a butcher,hit my ROTTWEILER in face and his head swelled 2x its normal size,took him to the vet. He would have died if he hadnt got treatment. So the Bigfoot that go those Roosters got hit.i know they hurt.
randy beard
randy beard Місяць тому
After thousands of years living in the woods, Bigfoot are Master of their Domain, they can Kill any animal or bird with a Thump of their hand--they have been seen twisting 5-7 in. trees into and throwing a 400 lb. Boulder over 50 ft..
RuinedTemple Місяць тому
That sounds like a world of hurt. One summer when I was around 10 yrs old, my family & I were walking down our driveway towards our farmhouse around sunset. As we passed by the barnyard, our big ol' rooster came out of nowhere & attacked my 5 yr old nephew, spurring him down the entire length of his shirtless back. The poor little guy was a screaming bloody mess. Oddly enough, our peacock came bookin' it up out of the barn once he heard or saw the commotion & went after the other bird! A battle royale ensued. I can still remember how epic he looked jumping into the air with his wings & talons outstretched, silhouetted by the setting sun as he beat the tar out of that rooster. And unfortunately for the rooster, my nephew's father dispatched him later that night because he wasn't having any of that. Anyway, I know I've heard a story that said at least some Sasq'ets (Sasquatch) know how to use or prepare a particular plant & apply it to wounds to help stave off infection... I wonder if there's anything to that...
Brook Craft
Brook Craft Місяць тому
Thank you Vic for letting me come on the show!!! And thank y’all for your comments!!
Donna Johnson
Donna Johnson 4 дні тому
Missourian here. The home of the M0 M0. I appreciate your encounters, they ring true to me. I know without any doubt these things exhist and I appreciate that they haven't harmed your dogs...well, that one didn't come home. Stay safe and all your kinfolk as well. Thanks.
Kevin Lents
Kevin Lents 17 днів тому
Ya did real good, Miss Brook! I felt like I was right there with you. 😋 Great job!
Mick Smith
Mick Smith 22 дні тому
That was an awesome interview. I love all the detail you give. Thank you for sharing. How are you gunna shoot something if your asleep 🤣🤣🤣
Robert Cox
Robert Cox 24 дні тому
Thanks for sharing your story. I know people in Northern Georgia who have these on their property. Thanks for coming on the show.
Eleanor McHenry
Eleanor McHenry Місяць тому
Thanks for sharing Brook. I really enjoyed your stories 😊
WhatThe? Місяць тому
Great shares this is my fav types of shows just let the experiencers talk and share till they feel they got all there knowledge out to us! Thank you for taking the time to inform us and stay blessed friends!
A Martin
A Martin Місяць тому
What song plays during the intro of your episodes? I cant find it anywhere😳 Please help 🙏
Android Tekashi
Android Tekashi Місяць тому
Banjo music I think. Look in intro
Bonnie Lucas
Bonnie Lucas Місяць тому
It says on Jack's episode, in the comments.
Jeremy Harrison
Jeremy Harrison Місяць тому
Great guest.. I've got Gamefowl too. She seems like a goodn. 🙂👍🏻
MrDuffy81 Місяць тому
I want a country girl 💚🍀😘
RuinedTemple Місяць тому
A country girl, or a Southern (country) girl? Just makin' sure the two aren't getting confused, 'cause there is a difference.
4113N 5
4113N 5 Місяць тому
I’m a South Carolina boy, but I’m a sucker for them Georgia girls. I could listen to them for hours. “ You sleep through everything. How’ya gonna shoot somebody when you’re asleep “ Hahaha XD
Kes *
Kes * 26 днів тому
Howdy Neighbor, from above ya in NC but your statement is so true👌
Antidote for life
Antidote for life Місяць тому
I hear ya, VA here but moved to Atlanta and Athens Ga, I never was the same, those are some fine women there, I could go on and on, but you know
Kim R.
Kim R. Місяць тому
shar martin
shar martin Місяць тому
Oddly, I actually like the intro music...im usually a gangsta rap kinda gal 😆
Whispers TV
Whispers TV Місяць тому
❤️ this episode 👌 ☺️wow, That was awesome!
Damon McGuire
Damon McGuire Місяць тому
Loving this channel, I DONT RUN FROM BANJO MUSIC!!! Sing it Vic!!
Claire Snepp
Claire Snepp 26 днів тому
The songs of the south are soothing :)
Patti Brown
Patti Brown Місяць тому
I don't run from banjo music; I run to it baby!!
Steel Місяць тому
I know that area VERY well...Sasquatch are there for sure!
chateaumojo Місяць тому
This wAS a real good story.
Joey Sweet
Joey Sweet Місяць тому
BIGFOOT don't need to be mess'n round wit dem southern gal's, he might find a new kinda way of getting hurt up she's just acting like she's skeerd to death! Lol
CARLA LAPPIN Місяць тому
B. Scott Farthingsworth
B. Scott Farthingsworth Місяць тому
Great stuff Brooke, longest vid here yet
MrDuffy81 Місяць тому
Yeah, this girl can talk! LOL! 👄
Jody Nunley
Jody Nunley Місяць тому
You've got to love those southern girls!
Romeo Livingston
Romeo Livingston Місяць тому
Vic dropping some more heat 🔥 can’t wait to listen!
Anyone You Want me to Be
Anyone You Want me to Be Місяць тому
Oh thank Goodness. I’ve been waiting on another Vic masterpiece. Thank you Sir.
Prepper POV
Prepper POV Місяць тому
Thanks for another episode! I’m downloading/saving as many of these (& dogman interviews) as I can because of a 10 day camping trip coming up! I can’t wait to listen while in the woods. I’ll still listen to this addicting intro music right now, though!
Carrie Moore
Carrie Moore Місяць тому
Yes I'm ready🖤 My absolute favorite..Every single episode is fire❤
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