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"The young fellow might have been between 11-18 years old and about seven feet tall and might weight about 300 lbs. His chest would be 50-55 inches, his waist about 36-38 inches. He had wide jaws, narrow forehead, that slanted upward round at the back about four or five inches higher than the forehead. The hair on their heads was about six inches long. The hair on the rest of their body was short and thick in places..."

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This channel is dedicated to encounters with the elusive creature, Bigfoot. Some people that have had experiences, encounters and sightings with these creatures have a hard time talking about it, they get ridiculed, laughed at, occasionally even by family. Lynn Smyth, our professional narrator, will tell your story, just the way it happened, you can use your name, or not, the location it happened, or not, anything you want - it is your story.

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Visit Sasquatch Canada, this website contains current and authoritative information on sasquatch and other homins. Our main objective is to get more scientific involvement in our research and hopefully resolve the many questions we have on these intriguing beings:

Ljw Reynolds
Ljw Reynolds 7 днів тому
There you again right off the bat, woman you keep calling us indians ! We're Native Americans ! We don't come from india ! Thumbs down btw.
519 Forestmonk
519 Forestmonk Місяць тому
I wish you wouldn’t put advertisements in the middle of the stories. Beginning and end is fine. They are so loud and jarring
DJJAW11 Місяць тому
Foghorn Leghorn
Foghorn Leghorn Місяць тому
Did he mention if they had an odor. About them?
Derin Franks
Derin Franks Місяць тому
I had an encounter with a sasquatch in Bankhead national Forest in Alabama
Ann Bryant
Ann Bryant Місяць тому
@Derin Franks Out with it! Send it in & don't leave us hanging like this!! LOL
jay coutcher
jay coutcher Місяць тому
Every single bigfoot channel does this story, c'mon you're better than this at this point, this should be 1st through 3rd video when you start a channel if and that's if you're going to cover at all because everybody already has to death
M.J. Cain
M.J. Cain Місяць тому
My 1st time hearing this story & very appreciated!!!
bigmurr725 Місяць тому
Wow . what an Amazing story ! Thank You .
RatdogDRB Місяць тому
Very interesting tale, always enjoy hearing it again. Thanks Lynn.
Mitchell Albrecht
Mitchell Albrecht Місяць тому
You're a great Storyteller but if you use real stories it would probably be cool
FREE BIRD Місяць тому
@Zen 😂
Mitchell Albrecht
Mitchell Albrecht Місяць тому
@Zen Look at my UKposts Bigfoot print in my camp last November when the day before out on a hike I found a giant hole in the ground and asked, "what the hell lives down there"?! That night I got my answer. It's entitled 'the giants will pick them up by their ears and shake them'. Hopi profecy Something woke me up about 3am that night and the noise came right from where the Bigfoot track was
Zen Місяць тому
This is a "real story" Albert Ostman, google his name, there's a photo of the newspaper at the end, Lynn reads these stories, she doesn't write them.
Linda Paolino
Linda Paolino Місяць тому
Love this encounter, I can listen to it over and over..TY Lynn👋
mitch Місяць тому
My theory is that they planned to keep him there till he died of "natural causes" then devour him. Good old boy was a survivor.
Ann Bryant
Ann Bryant Місяць тому
@mitch LOL, you're funny! I know they kill & eat various large & small game animals, but this old guy it seems had gotten tired of making that long round trip journey with a little of his stuff at a time & took about everything he had left, including him, on the last trip. I was just wondering if there was something specific in any of the number of 2nd hand versions of this story that I had missed or hadn't heard about that lead to your theory. I had almost wondered in hearing some other abduction stories, if it was in some way for the children to see - like 'I told you they were real!' or perhaps bcuz the parents were old, he somehow thought the human would help take care of them/teach them things like about fire, etc. when they died, since they didn't seem to be aware of what a gun was & could do! That's just my CRAZY brain! LOL!
mitch Місяць тому
@Ann Bryant plenty of reports of Bigfoot killing deer so they most likely do eat meat. Just opportunistically. What other reason would they keep him from leaving? To show him a good time?
Ann Bryant
Ann Bryant Місяць тому
@Mitch he said he NEVER saw them eat meat - so I'm curious about the reasoning behind your theory! LOL - 'inquiring minds want to know'!
Southern Sasquatch
Southern Sasquatch Місяць тому
Hi Lynn, I really love this particular encounter! I heard about this encounter when I was a kid many moons ago! Such an awesome encounter narrated by you Lynn! Thank you! Totally enjoyed as always! 👍😎👣
Donavon Bain
Donavon Bain Місяць тому
Didnt he leave his pack on the pole and his pick in the tree? Squatch brought almost all his stuff too??? I understand the knapsack, shoes and rifle.... maybe i missed something 🤔
Ruby Green
Ruby Green Місяць тому
Bout all I can say is this .. That poor guy went thru heck and must have been scared outta his mind . Thankfully he is ok and lived to tell about it . I lived in the Pacific NW yrs ago and have had experinces with my parents when I was a kid
10ft5x Місяць тому
Very good 👍 Thankyou Lynn.🌲
Sicko Twist
Sicko Twist Місяць тому
I always wondered what the old man wanted with him. Gluttony kills!
Tocks Redman
Tocks Redman Місяць тому
Ron R
Ron R Місяць тому
While I am very familiar with the Ostman story this is my first time hearing/reading the first person account. Very interesting.
most underated ninja
most underated ninja Місяць тому
I heard this story several times
David Nickels
David Nickels Місяць тому
I always enjoy the Ostman story. My first reaction is usually - oh not this again. But 2 seconds into it I am hooked... again. This is a good, more full, version.
LLC Місяць тому
SierrAlphaTango: Backpacking and Hiking
SierrAlphaTango: Backpacking and Hiking Місяць тому
I remember reading this story once as a young kid and getting terrified that I'd be abducted Ostmann-style on my first backpacking trip as a Tenderfoot Scout.
Yeltsin 68
Yeltsin 68 Місяць тому
Same here. My dad was all into this stuff and remember seeing a documentary about it. I never ventured far when we went camping.
the daily dan blog
the daily dan blog Місяць тому
Another great story
Kayne Fryday
Kayne Fryday Місяць тому
This ol chest nut again ?
Daniel Middleton
Daniel Middleton Місяць тому
He was their emergency food supply 😱🤨😠
vikingskuld Місяць тому
I love this story
Chance Bearden
Chance Bearden Місяць тому
Heard this like a thousand times already!
Charles Jenkins
Charles Jenkins Місяць тому
Good stuff Lynn thanks
KY greenskeeper
KY greenskeeper Місяць тому
Waking up to a new video .... awesome 👍.. thank you Lynn...
Kevin Long
Kevin Long Місяць тому
thanks Lynn! 🐵🦍🙂🦍🐵
Christopher Luman
Christopher Luman Місяць тому
Most folks first snuff experience ends in the same way.
Figgie Figueroa
Figgie Figueroa Місяць тому
I heard this story before. Amazing events.
Ernest Maas
Ernest Maas Місяць тому
🌲👣🌲🇺🇸Video was 👍👍🌲👣🌲
mark1138 Місяць тому
This was in valemount..no were near the coast
Evanos G_
Evanos G_ Місяць тому
He was taken right at toba inlet. Valemount is 300 miles approx away. How do you figure exactly? I think your stories are confused
Robin M. Orosz
Robin M. Orosz Місяць тому
Quite a story,but glad you showed them something,and shared gifts with them. You are a wise person. 🙂
Zen Місяць тому
This story is from 1924....
David Cornejo
David Cornejo Місяць тому
He forgot to mention the little detail about the part he was scared shitless.
TrekcrossCA Місяць тому
Thank you for your research
mugwugthemagnificful Місяць тому
4:42 Generally , not a good idea to drink the water under a yellow spot.
Sasquatch Місяць тому
I swear it wasnt me =)
Bender Bender
Bender Bender Місяць тому
thanx lynn. u rule! ✌😘
Layne Goldsmith
Layne Goldsmith Місяць тому
Where's the voice??
Layne Goldsmith
Layne Goldsmith Місяць тому
@M. P.W. I did - but I will again....
M. P.W.
M. P.W. Місяць тому
Check your connections and your volume.
M. P.W.
M. P.W. Місяць тому
👍👣🌎 💕👣💼🗄 Thank you Lynn.
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