Inside the mind of a master procrastinator | Tim Urban

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Tim Urban knows that procrastination doesn't make sense, but he's never been able to shake his habit of waiting until the last minute to get things done. In this hilarious and insightful talk, Urban takes us on a journey through UKposts binges, Wikipedia rabbit holes and bouts of staring out the window -- and encourages us to think harder about what we're really procrastinating on, before we run out of time.

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SaynosleepXXX 6 хвилин тому
everyone be talking about procrastination meanwhile I'm wondering how I can get my hands on that life calendar he has 👀
grxpe_ram 11 хвилин тому
i have a project due tomorrow but
Ryan Dispecki
Ryan Dispecki 59 хвилин тому
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haiwei yu
haiwei yu Годину тому
So Funny, I laughed my pants off!
Skills In Action
Skills In Action 4 години тому
but man you dint explain how to stop that monkey, how to start working, please work on that last part and tell the actual ways that can keep us away from that fucking monkey thing
Achal Awasthi
Achal Awasthi 4 години тому
i procrastinated for years to watch this one
tavia S
tavia S 4 години тому
This is so accurate I literally sit around and wait until the last minute to do everything. 😩
KingWorld GSF
KingWorld GSF 4 години тому
Wait how are y’all in my mind!?!
Abby M.
Abby M. 4 години тому
I can do it on the bus the day of
Dimitri malatches
Dimitri malatches 6 годин тому
I never do this, that's why I have three degrees!!
abdallah elmogy
abdallah elmogy 7 годин тому
This video appeared randomly to me. Its topic is good but as a procrastinator, I saved it to watch later.
Eloc 7 годин тому
I procrastinated watching this video for weeks after a friend told me to
Noah Broerman
Noah Broerman 9 годин тому
I'm literally on my school computer and I should be doing history work right now.
Natalie Beadasie
Natalie Beadasie 9 годин тому
I watched this while procrastinating on my global homework
shaun douglas
shaun douglas 9 годин тому
Life is short and I am only here once as this person, so I'll take the monkey anyday.
Ivy Moss
Ivy Moss 10 годин тому
soooooo who else's procrastination monkey brought them here?
Emily Wang
Emily Wang 11 годин тому
haha im procrastinating by watching this video
GÖKSU 12 годин тому
Now I'm watching this videos after procrastinating it for a few years
Nat Timcena
Nat Timcena 13 годин тому
You talking about me?
adil hussain
adil hussain 13 годин тому
The sad thing is "this is painfully true"
beginner 14 годин тому
Best video on procrastination
KAYLEB MICHEL 14 годин тому
im watching this at school for an assignment lol
asunraychan 16 годин тому
The amount of stress that I got from being guilty of procrastination is higher than the stress from my actual work.
Nad Vls
Nad Vls 16 годин тому
I am watching this video because I was procrastinating from doing my work and I got lost in the UKposts black hole. No regret though, this guy is great.
ChubbyBear 17 годин тому
non-procrastinators's exist? i learnt something new
Fixx Foxx
Fixx Foxx 18 годин тому
Anyone ever procrastinate or dread a task or a responsibility so deeply, you go around the house looking for ANYTHING else to do besides the priority task that you can still excuse as "being productive" Like you need to study or, do a project, or make a phone call. But suddenly you realize "oh I should clean the house, and my shower really needs a scrub down, and my dishes need to be cleaned" When those things are NOT in any way the priority if you wont have a house to live in if you don't do the important thing?
Brandon Walker
Brandon Walker 20 годин тому story. For my final project to graduate highschool(in the caribbean), I put it off for a year and the deadline ended up being in half an hour. I said I'll do it, went to the library but instead of doing it, I decided to read percy jackson and the Olympians. At some random interval I looked at the time and saw five minutes left so ran to my class, stole someone's flashdrive, took their project, skimmed and changed it up a bit and handed it in. Simply put I did a year of work in five minutes
Brandon Walker
Brandon Walker 20 годин тому
As a procrastinator, I can wholeheartedly agree with this
Just A Cat!?! ไอ้แมวบ้า
Just A Cat!?! ไอ้แมวบ้า 21 годину тому
I was going watch this last night, but damn binge-watching Netflix is better.
NawidNotFound 23 години тому
watching this while i'm supposed to be studying
Andrés Villalobos
Andrés Villalobos 23 години тому
should be doing my hw :I
ProjectPhysX День тому
Pro tip: enslave the monkey!
Rhyz M.
Rhyz M. День тому
People really need to know about a reward system... Work first, reward later, procrastination doesn't exist at that point since u got things done u somehow learned along the way then reward yourself while on rest however u want
吸うVito День тому
Xander День тому
Unfortunately my monkey stopped fearing the panic monster
SamIsPog День тому
Me: I could be studying for the test 5 days away Instant Gratification Monkey: You totally could but you know what's better?- *Makes a painting in google spread sheets*
Dr. D4nk memes
Dr. D4nk memes День тому
I'm procrastination right now by watching this
nope. День тому
you know he was on a flight to this TED talk and on the plane he was like MICROSOFT PAINT TIME
nope. День тому
Thank you for making this TED talk, because I have procrastinated selecting a TED talk for a rhetorical analysis for my English class until late the night before.
Hello World
Hello World День тому
People are saying they used this to procrastinate, i procrastinated watching this
Lucas Gonzalez
Lucas Gonzalez День тому
I’m totally not watching Ted talks when I have a history project due in 18 hours 😅
Ananda Fox
Ananda Fox День тому
I almost feel empowered enough to do something. almost
Sindy Richelle
Sindy Richelle День тому
The graceful sweets gradually suit because twine supply gather towards a unwieldy drake. salty, sudden porcupine
emely m
emely m День тому
A procrastinator not watching this because it's almost 15 minutes long LMAO
Layla Martinez
Layla Martinez День тому
watched this video in high school and related a lot to it. years later I'm now in my last year of college and I came back to comment that I simply had ~undiagnosed ADHD and executive function issues~
Ayah Moustafa
Ayah Moustafa День тому
The funny thing is, I watched this video to avoid reading an article I need to read for a school paper! What a great watch! Wish I had seen this earlier!
dark fighters
dark fighters День тому
I procrastinated and there was no deadline. 1 year went by.(this quarantine) I took a picture of myself for Wattpad status. Got shocked by what I saw. I know mirror is there and all but the photo of you and the you when you were a year younger side by side,yeah huge difference. It was not only about my body. My phone usage,my singing,my dancing and many many more declined. Thankfully that was enough for my panic monster. And I'm trying to catch up now.
Diya V
Diya V День тому
I saved this for later😭
celestiuhh День тому
bruh this video has been in my recommended for so long
Samuel Grasia
Samuel Grasia День тому
Rational thinking : lets do it now Monke : watch this video about me Video ends Rational thinking : lets get started Monke : no, lets read the comment section first
Asse Robyyasmin
Asse Robyyasmin 19 годин тому
Haha u are me🤣🤣🤣
princess dianne hernandez
princess dianne hernandez День тому
What I do to lessen procrastination or chasing the deadline is I change the deadline. I make it early so that I would do it early too. I keep in mind the "fake" deadline that I made so that I would be done with my work in a swift.
wyatt masuskapoe
wyatt masuskapoe День тому
how ironic i saved this video for later a year ago
Aprajita День тому
The picture also seems like he had made them one hour before the talk.
zombie mask super gamer
zombie mask super gamer 2 дні тому
Im a procrastinator and can confirm this is completely true
Theresa Chickles
Theresa Chickles 2 дні тому
Lol Y
Lol Y 2 дні тому
I’ve hit the point where the panic monster has just given up, he no longer panics and now it’s nothing but procrastination, and I end up not completing anything
Alexa Duarte
Alexa Duarte 2 дні тому
I am watching this video to procrastinate 😐
Ryan 2 дні тому
Im a half procastinator lmao. So last week we were given an assignment and due was 7 days. I finished half the work in the first day and then stuff happens days goes by and i start the second half on the 7th day
IdkWhatToPutHere 2 дні тому
Im a huge procrastinator and a lazy person. Terrible combo XD
Five Oilers
Five Oilers 2 дні тому
homework cries
Angel Care
Angel Care 2 дні тому
I've heard... Procrastination is a symptom of ADD
Lucy Parrill
Lucy Parrill 2 дні тому
I’m totally not procrastinating right now 👩‍🦯
Oswaldo Kandace
Oswaldo Kandace 2 дні тому
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Jess Wang
Jess Wang 2 дні тому
God why is this so relatable,,
Aryan Bangad
Aryan Bangad 2 дні тому
imagine procrastinating while watching the video about procrastination
Maiiee 2 дні тому
I know someone who doesn't procastinate to end things they do not enjoy, but having trouble to start things that will bring them joys 😂 They often remove unwanted problems immediately without thinking about how to solve. Then, they cannot stop themselves from procasting in non-deadline situations which are their plans from the beginning. I do not understand those people 🥲
Anna DM
Anna DM 2 дні тому
I've had this video in my Watch Later for 5 years.... lmao
Khushnaseeb Khan
Khushnaseeb Khan 2 дні тому
riley jones
riley jones 2 дні тому
me watching this while procrastinating on my project
Jett Jettson
Jett Jettson 2 дні тому
My Monkey told Me to watch this video intstead of studying
darkprince56 2 дні тому
I became unmotivated and a procrastinator because... it's not that I didn't chase my dream, I did everything I needed to get a biology degree yet no one will give me a chance in hiring me for a relevant position. Then that makes me think "then what's the point in even trying?"
Rouxls Kaard
Rouxls Kaard 2 дні тому
sadly my monkey doesn't run away when the panic monster comes, instead the monkey comes up with an exuse to skip the whole project
Shaf_M013 2 дні тому
I'm watching this while planning on setting my alarm to 3:30am so I can finish the 5 homeworks that are due tomorrow which were set a week ago before I go to school and being so quite my parents shall not wake up to me studying. Life's (Not so) Good.
ALT_Mysty 2 дні тому
Need to finish more than one project but I have too many things to do. Like procrastinating.
Kdego Fojler
Kdego Fojler 2 дні тому
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Kdego Fojler
Kdego Fojler 2 дні тому
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KΔM͓̽łĆĆO̥ͦŁO̥ͦ 2 дні тому
I procrastinated on watching this video 😔
Alytella 2 дні тому
that calendar just gave me lifelong anxiety
rxdiantfaith 2 дні тому
This video's part of my Dual Enrollment course and I've been procrastinating on watching it for a week. The assignment that goes with it is due in less than 10 hours.
ChubbyBear 16 годин тому
i wanna know too
Zakaizu День тому
It's been 10 hours. Give me your status report, soldier
Penguin Lord
Penguin Lord 2 дні тому
Once when I was supposed to work on a school project, I ended up on the Wikipedia site for the English wood industry in the middle ages. I don't remember how I ended up there...
Sarthak Bhoi
Sarthak Bhoi 2 дні тому
Help!!!!! My panic monster doesn't wakes up 😬😬🤧🥶
Jessica Rodriguez
Jessica Rodriguez 2 дні тому
I should be studying but instead decided to clean my closet to clear my mind while doing it so I can “study better” and now taking a little brake watching Ted Talks cuz well.. I deserve a brake 🤦🏻‍♀️
Eugene Smiley
Eugene Smiley 2 дні тому
Three years later, still one of my favorite Ted talks!
Tammera Power
Tammera Power 2 дні тому
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FLANGER 2 дні тому
Those 16k dislikes got exposed and are scared to change....i am too, but it's a must
Deep-Fried Web
Deep-Fried Web 3 дні тому
영 원히
영 원히 3 дні тому
this is fun hahahahah
Cosmic Knight
Cosmic Knight 3 дні тому
I am supposed to be writing a make up essay right now
Mohammed Qutub
Mohammed Qutub 3 дні тому
Best Ted talk
a loser
a loser 3 дні тому
cant relate, I don't procrastinate I just merely set aside school work for another day, then another day, then another day.
reena soni
reena soni 3 дні тому
Not me finding this video when I should be working...
Arin Legarde
Arin Legarde 3 дні тому
watching this instead of doing my homework due tomorrow 😩
Likami Willson
Likami Willson 3 дні тому
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Mr Line
Mr Line 3 дні тому
Guess what I’m doing rn
JustAudrey #roadto400
JustAudrey #roadto400 3 дні тому
Me watching this with a essay due tommorow:
deez nuts
deez nuts 3 дні тому
Tim please do your homework tim youll have to go to summer school tim please just do it its just an art assignment tim its not that hard tim just do it tim please bro
bold of you too asume I have a good username
bold of you too asume I have a good username 3 дні тому
I am suposed to do my homework but I'll just do it after I watch this video
Nicolette Rachel Kharigus
Nicolette Rachel Kharigus 3 дні тому
I am the audience and he is giving a whole lesson about my brain 😩😩😩😩😩 This is so accurate
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