Landing (And Taking Off) A Plane On Top Of A Building

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Red Bull

Red Bull

2 місяці тому

Pilot Luke Czepiela lands an aeroplane on the world famous helipad on top of the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, the iconic seven-star hotel in Dubai

Raghvender Singh
Raghvender Singh 2 місяці тому
Bro created that hardest mission in GTA Vice City.
Nipun 2 місяці тому
Distributing the flyers vala?😂
Raghvender Singh
Raghvender Singh 2 місяці тому
@Nipun exactly....sala 3 din mein complete ✅ hua tha 😂
Nipun 2 місяці тому
@Raghvender Singh haan bhai, vo vala hardest tha jo 2 buildings k beech me hota h😂
IamFromBeyond 2 місяці тому
I was thinking of the annoying flying missions in San Andreas while watching this lmao
OrangeCobra EU
OrangeCobra EU 2 місяці тому
Be happy to have planes in vice city cause in gta 3 there are no planes
Craig Paulson
Craig Paulson 2 місяці тому
Oh the memories of throwing a paper airplane in the living room and having it land on top of the coffee table just came flooding back.
SavimusProductions {} RexyPlayzYT
SavimusProductions {} RexyPlayzYT 2 місяці тому
No arrest cable? This man got some skills.
Adam F
Adam F 2 місяці тому
Don’t need one for a bush plane they’re made for all terrain extremely short landings and don’t need much thrust to get lift
Jeff B
Jeff B Місяць тому
That looked like a cub and those have damn near vertical takeoff and landing also if you overshoot you have plenty room to gain airspeed and climbing out
Dustys pressure wash and softwash
Dustys pressure wash and softwash Місяць тому
Carbon cub
Michael Marable
Michael Marable Місяць тому
U noticed!
Jason Brown
Jason Brown 14 днів тому
​@Adam Fthis is a special "bush plane"... it has extremely high lift wings, flaps and slats, good breaks and wheels, plus the props are reversible, and to top it all off I believe this is the same guy that has been competing in short take iff and landing competitions almost as long as he's had a pilots license...
Nik Akmal
Nik Akmal 2 місяці тому
“When your friend tries to land on Microsoft Flight Simulator”
Nando Garcia
Nando Garcia 2 місяці тому
The plane is real. It's used often in the Alaska bush and the plane should take most of the credit for it's short landing distance.
HashMaster 2 місяці тому
I did this on MCFS 🤧🤣🤣🤣🤣
Emmanuel Castro
Emmanuel Castro 2 місяці тому
Another smart comment
Ahmed Sidki
Ahmed Sidki 2 місяці тому
Landed on Burj Al Arab - Dubai
상훈 김
상훈 김 2 місяці тому
대단하다 😊
Mohamed Anfas
Mohamed Anfas 2 місяці тому
This man has got steel balls , he was sure that those 2 were not gonna be crushed even if the plane get crashed
Pratik Das
Pratik Das 2 місяці тому
Moral of the story: Anything is possible if you are crazy enough.
Fred Nimmo
Fred Nimmo 2 місяці тому
If you're with Red Bull😂 !!!
gorilla geeks
gorilla geeks 2 місяці тому
And skilled enough
Garand Testicle
Garand Testicle 2 місяці тому
Nope not true
Waken 2020
Waken 2020 2 місяці тому
If your airplane had a big enough motor
Maniek 2 місяці тому
Only if you Polish
Preyous 2 місяці тому
Moral of the story: Anything is possible if it's for RedBull.
Tom Havendon
Tom Havendon 2 місяці тому
Being a red bull stunt pilot might just be the best job in the world in my opinion
Dropped Boez
Dropped Boez 2 місяці тому
Definition of badassness!
Randy Rathbun
Randy Rathbun 2 місяці тому
Okay, now that is the kind of talent I would feel secure flying with!
Guinness Місяць тому
Yeah I bet he can’t do that Ten times in a row. Got lucky
Kugelblitz Місяць тому
​@Guinness and you could?
wayne miller
wayne miller Місяць тому
Short field landing has a whole new meaning
Patrick Swayze
Patrick Swayze Місяць тому
Bush planes are so much fun to fly and are quite common over here in Aus. What you can do in a bush plane compared to any other places aeroplanes in terms of landing and take off is amazing, but this dude is next level yo! I’m talking water landings to slow your landings and thick bush, not building tops haha Huge respect from a guy who flys for necessity in rural Australia 👊🏽
James Flake
James Flake 2 місяці тому
Would not be possible without Mike Patey, the man who built the plane to make this achievement possible.
Andrew 2 місяці тому
That's awesome. Stopping up there is deff the hardest part. And for sure you need someone to help push the plane backwards
Ansar M
Ansar M 2 місяці тому
Everything was executed to perfection. Wind direction and speed accounted for, the flaps, the touchdown spot, the brakes and then the final butthole clench brought the plane to a complete stop just on the edge of the abyss
Richard Stewart
Richard Stewart 2 місяці тому
Bush planes aren't fast, but light weight and manuverable. They can fly slower than any plan and almost hover like a helicopter flying in head wind. They are designed to land on rough and very short landing strips. This guy has skill!
Andrew Cooke
Andrew Cooke 2 місяці тому
The amount of skill, understanding, talent, planning and pure nerve to pull off a landing like that is just incredible! 👏👏
Nilton Nunes Gonzaga
Nilton Nunes Gonzaga 2 місяці тому
Redbull looks like me playing gta😅
Windsor Armada
Windsor Armada 2 місяці тому
yeah thought it was only doable in gta san andreas hahaha
私は基本的にオタクです 2 місяці тому
It's actually ezz, I always land my lazer jet at top of the maze bank when I fly across. In GTA online ofc 🗿
Brandon Brown
Brandon Brown 2 місяці тому
Well that was more intense than I expected!
Priyanshu 2 місяці тому
My man achieved every feat in life
Backyardmech1 2 місяці тому
That must’ve been pretty awesome to power up and dive off of the helipad.
Cowboy Hoyt
Cowboy Hoyt 2 місяці тому
That’s got to be Dubai! Awesome!
Ian Bos
Ian Bos 2 місяці тому
Yeah it's on the helipad of the burj al Arab.
catman 2 місяці тому
This guy is too cool. I envy him. Of all of the things I wanted to accomplish in my life when I graduated from high school I've exceeded all of my wildest dreams with the exception of just one... The only flying that I've ever done has been on the ground.
Mr.Deko86 2 місяці тому
When you're leveled up to the max. Amazing skills. I did not expect an issue, but I still puckered up. Lol!!!!
robvlob 2 місяці тому
Camera technology has advanced so much, it can make reality look as good as a game.
Michael Berry bpnteensixsix
Michael Berry bpnteensixsix 2 місяці тому
That's the coolest thing I've seen this year.
Finkleberg 2 місяці тому
Coolest thing you've seen this year, so far.
Elite Tiling Uk
Elite Tiling Uk 2 місяці тому
@Finkleberg 🤦🏻‍♂️
fighterinm🐇,KIWI, science 🔭
fighterinm🐇,KIWI, science 🔭 2 місяці тому
Go outside lil kiddo 😡
Shomy4u 2 місяці тому
Bush pilots do this every day , but that not make this less great... For this one must be a very very good pilot
York Oxmaul
York Oxmaul 2 місяці тому
This dude was a former wwi fighter pilot
Sur-Real 2 місяці тому
I think that qualifies for the world's craziest job. And that is truly insane.
Gadugadu 2 місяці тому
No he’s an ancestor of squadron 303
NOOT NOOT Місяць тому
​​@GadugaduPoles were in the 303 Squadron and as you can see, the art of piloting lasted generations.
Gadugadu Місяць тому
@NOOT NOOT yes I know they also Had a hand in the enigma code breaking
Courtney Kastl
Courtney Kastl 2 місяці тому
Holy crap! That's amazing! Carrier Qualifications are hard enough.
Mao Sheng Y
Mao Sheng Y 2 місяці тому
Movie Nerd
Movie Nerd 2 місяці тому
sharkface 2 місяці тому
How do you play with the camera like that. And that pilot is not a normal person. He’s a genius.
Lee 21
Lee 21 Місяць тому
Will this be a sequence in the next mission: impossible movie?
chicleroman1 2 місяці тому
Balls of steel....yup...that's all I'm gonna say about this. Good job.
Meera Gray
Meera Gray 2 місяці тому
Those planes are wicked. Ol cleeter just picked one up on his channel. Carbon for the win
To The Point
To The Point 2 місяці тому
Did not realize that Cleet was a pilot. Now I have to check it out just to see this amazing plane.
H Khan
H Khan 2 місяці тому
When we think we've seen it all after watching a few Tom Cruise movies
David Schmidt
David Schmidt 2 місяці тому
Amazing skills. And I'm SO glad drone filming is so popular. Can never get enough vertigo!
Lovesic 2 місяці тому
Definitely not a bullseye but I still give him mad props for doing that absolutely insane stunt.
Ralph P
Ralph P 2 місяці тому
Goddamit. The hours I spent trying to do that in MS Flight Sim and he just makes it look easy.
Matthew W.
Matthew W. 2 місяці тому
I just love these guys red bull team .. they are really amazing..
Robert Stovall
Robert Stovall 2 місяці тому
What amazes me is he is not wearing a parachute. One shot deal!
Bailey Rushing
Bailey Rushing 2 місяці тому
That is just simply badass
SaltStorm007 2 місяці тому
Bush Pilots in Alaska: Hold my 🍺
Martin 2 місяці тому
We truly have good pilots in Poland👍well done Panie Lukaszu
suheel mohammed
suheel mohammed 2 місяці тому
Without an arrestor! That was unbelievable. Hats off to the pilot
MisoVFB 2 місяці тому
And the plane
Saint Darwin
Saint Darwin 2 місяці тому
This is a STOL plane, Short Take Off and Landing. It's designed for this.
Lovesic 2 місяці тому
​@Saint Darwin that's exactly why they chose that plan instead of a 747
AnarexicSumo 19 днів тому
@Saint Darwin It’s a Carbon Cub with a minimum takeoff distance of 27m and minimum landing distance of 47m. The helipad was 27m so yes it’s barely designed to take off in that distance but it’s not designed to land within that distance.
9RICHY6 BRAM 2 місяці тому
I felt that last BULLSEYE he said That plane going down when taking off must feel crazy af fr
William Cameron
William Cameron 2 місяці тому
Absolutely insane. Now that’s how to live life on the edge ffs
Arredondo26 2 місяці тому
I’d love to see that building. Looks like it’s got to be Dubai Amazing pilot and scenery 👏🏽👏🏽😳
Пора валить..
Пора валить.. Місяць тому
Burj Al Arab
yamspaine 2 місяці тому
Mike makes a good plane better.
Lazy Tive
Lazy Tive Місяць тому
Luckily he was already wearing his imaginary parachute for if things went south..
Biz 2 місяці тому
I’d be incredibly impressed if someone did that with a low swept wing acft. That would be nuts and impossible.
G-Man 2 місяці тому
Even the plane was like "Wtf are we doing??" Then it was like "Oh yeah I'm a RedBull plane I got you bro let's do this s**t"
Cosmic Flash
Cosmic Flash 2 місяці тому
When RedBull literally gives you wings 😂
sivajiths menon
sivajiths menon 2 місяці тому
AndToTheRepublicForWhichItStands(notademocrazy) 2 місяці тому
The piper cub is a legendary aircraft that will always be used world wide.
XPNDBLhero Місяць тому
He landed RIGHT on the edge.... I really thought he was coming up short when I first seen it but that was intense. 😬😪😂
alan connelly
alan connelly 2 місяці тому
Mike Patey's incredibly well engineered modified plane with a great pilot.
Tom M
Tom M 2 місяці тому
Is that the guy who had the awesome Draco?? I wonder if he rebuilt it after the crash.
Alex DArcyDeStSimon
Alex DArcyDeStSimon 2 місяці тому
@Tom M it seems he bought another Wilga...
Garrett Chapman
Garrett Chapman 2 місяці тому
Thats really not modified.. Not a whole lot
ростик маценко
ростик маценко 2 місяці тому
​@Tom M 😮
James Dukes
James Dukes 2 місяці тому
@Garrett Chapman how do you know that
Ck 2 місяці тому
When you put all your skill points into braking.
Shawn W
Shawn W Місяць тому
Red Bull is literally funding every dare devils wildest dreams for decades now😂
Mithun aa
Mithun aa 2 місяці тому
Angels on earth.
LordBLB 2 місяці тому
Literally every good pilot in Battlefield games. Dudes are making games happen for real. 🤣
We 2 місяці тому
Im 10 million % sure that the pilot didn't drink any kind of Red Bull drinks before doing this stunt !!!
rickster1957 2 місяці тому
The pilot knows his plane and his skills.😊
thrillhouse 2 місяці тому
What was that original game from the super Nintendo where you had to do stuff like this?
Manjoe Malinao
Manjoe Malinao 2 місяці тому
I can't believe that plane was able to lift that pilot up in the first place. He's got balls bigger than anybody else. 😂😂😂😂
Noah Harding
Noah Harding 2 місяці тому
you know these guys have so much fun in they're very short life!
Daniel Pichardo
Daniel Pichardo 2 місяці тому
Seeing a car do donuts up there be more intense 🫣
Topek 2 місяці тому
His name is Lukasz Czepiela if anyone wants to know more about his stunt.
kola alax
kola alax 2 місяці тому
Saw the take off first, so I was always wandering how it got there.
Skeleton Smoking a cigar
Skeleton Smoking a cigar 2 місяці тому
Leave it to Red Bull to do the most idiotic and insane things, absolute max lads.
Kaleeswaran AV
Kaleeswaran AV 2 місяці тому
He didn't land but ditched it, I would say.
Og 5
Og 5 2 місяці тому
I actually landed a Piper Cub in a full-motion simulator at the Medallion Foundation in Anchorage Alaska. I landed on an aircraft carrier like a helicopter would land. Straight down hover. I had to keep power on a little to not roll backwards off the carrier deck. I performed a 0 landing. Zero feet. I literally just floated right down on the deck. Carrier was moving into the wind, obviously. With wind, any landing is possible. Taking off is easy. Full flaps and full throttle lifts a Cub right off the ground into the wind. The simulator was fun. Some, including myself, at times got a little air sick in it. Where's the fun if you don't. I didn't puke. Those who did cleaned up their own mess. Seasoned pilots with hours of experience still get air sickness at times in the right conditions. It's not a sign of weakness. It's just normal. That's flight.
Thomas gore
Thomas gore 2 місяці тому
stop trying to be this.
Oscar Prendergast
Oscar Prendergast 2 місяці тому
He’s actually what’s known as a BUSH pilot- it’s what they do EVERY DAY
Andrea Buzzolan
Andrea Buzzolan 2 місяці тому
Mike Patey has done another great work💪🏼
Gena 2 місяці тому
We all know that this was really a majestic way to door dash a burger and fries.
Nick Lago
Nick Lago 2 місяці тому
fake look at horizon. that building wld. be15k feet. no way!
DannyStorm_Official 2 місяці тому
Same building that jetpack landed at in the other Microsoft Flight Simulator. Wonder what lands there next.
𝓳𝓾𝓵𝓮𝓼🍓 2 місяці тому
my anxiety levels rn 📈📈📈📈📈
David 2 місяці тому
That's amazing what a landing you nailed it.even helecopters struggle to land pin point.Your in a plane.
Unsent 2 місяці тому
His balls have their own gravitational pull
NaniDaBoss 2 місяці тому
Bros playing GTA in real life
Waldemar Bogusz
Waldemar Bogusz 2 місяці тому
This skills remaind me of great Polish pilots in battle of Britain 👏💪🇵🇱
Alexander Theissl
Alexander Theissl 2 місяці тому
303 ❤️👍🇵🇱
Frosty Frost
Frosty Frost 2 місяці тому
They will always be remembered
Alex DArcyDeStSimon
Alex DArcyDeStSimon 2 місяці тому
The skills are Mike Patey's.too. He built the plane.
Waldemar Bogusz
Waldemar Bogusz 2 місяці тому
@Alex DArcyDeStSimon are you trying to say plane can land there itself? 😅
Alex DArcyDeStSimon
Alex DArcyDeStSimon 2 місяці тому
@Waldemar Bogusz i'm saying - no regular cub can land there. - Also i know a bunch of bush pilots who can land this plane there. I could honestly land it myself. My point is : the achievement is not only the pilot (he is good Indeed) but also and mainly the very special build by a very special builder. And nothing is said about him. People keep talking only about the pilot. Remember : mechanics are pilots true Heroes. Mike Patey is - a mechanic, - an engineer - and a pilot. He could have landed the plane himself. He is the true hero of this story.
Chaos_Sam 2 місяці тому
This the real life equivalent of GTA’s maze bank
Michael Medeiros
Michael Medeiros 2 місяці тому
How was he able to stop so quickly?
MrCejw 2 місяці тому
There is another video of the training he did and the touch and go landings he did before he nailed it. It shows the perseverance he has.
Tyler Young
Tyler Young Місяць тому
Phillip Hampton
Phillip Hampton 2 місяці тому
Shoulda just paid an Alaskan bush pilot to do it. Woulda done it drunk
Eric Levkovich
Eric Levkovich 2 місяці тому
Yup. Or Mr patey that modded the plane..
Alex DArcyDeStSimon
Alex DArcyDeStSimon 2 місяці тому
@Eric Levkovich Exactly.
No Name
No Name 2 місяці тому
While smoking a blunt
Jack Richards
Jack Richards 2 місяці тому
I thought it was a Canadian bush pilot lost in Dubai
John Langendoen
John Langendoen 2 місяці тому
Snow dogs .😁😁
Mark Lee
Mark Lee 2 місяці тому
Those people are stuck on the roof and we have no helicopters to save them..... I gotcha fam, hold my beer.
Jeff Teague
Jeff Teague 2 місяці тому
Jeremy Piper
Jeremy Piper Місяць тому
Red Bull is on another level with their sponsorships
СветАксессуар163 Місяць тому
высшее мастерство!
Cosmic Flash
Cosmic Flash 2 місяці тому
That moment when RedBull literally gives you wings.
rap audience from2012
rap audience from2012 2 місяці тому
GigaChad India
GigaChad India 2 місяці тому
GourangPSYCO 2 місяці тому
Wind gives you 🪽
Robert G
Robert G 2 місяці тому
They got sued for that statement
ABHIJEET CHAVAN 2 місяці тому
brad gray
brad gray 2 місяці тому
That pilot had to be a bush pilot
Chuck Stratton
Chuck Stratton Місяць тому
That gives a whole new meaning to STOL pilot skills!
Nat le Roux
Nat le Roux 2 місяці тому
Legend! That is quality.
Tammy Forbes
Tammy Forbes 2 місяці тому
I guess the Hellcat Durango doesn’t count cause it has what 707hp? 😮
BinsoyTV 2 місяці тому
bruh, when the tire "Boink" was very satisfying. 😂
pillargauss 2 місяці тому
that's really badass landing and taking off.
Terry Ireland
Terry Ireland 2 місяці тому
I agree
Unsent 2 місяці тому
That lever was actually a trap door releasing his giant balls like an anchor.
Jeremy Stern
Jeremy Stern Місяць тому
Nice wing flex when he pulled up hard at the end
I’ve stayed at the burn Al Arab and it is absolutely stunning
Alex DArcyDeStSimon
Alex DArcyDeStSimon 2 місяці тому
Er Da
Er Da 2 місяці тому
Lets go to the roof, we can fly from there. Oh you have a Heli!?! No, a Plane...
nomader999 2 місяці тому
He is Polish. Safe to say he flies in the tradition of Kosciuszko Squadron 303 in the Battle of Britain.
Ivan K
Ivan K 2 місяці тому
Can’t help but wonder if he was later arrested for stunting, or was permission granted for this amazing feat!!!
Kyle Bachman
Kyle Bachman 2 місяці тому
Considering Red Bull is a multi billion dollar CO.. I'm gonna take a huge risk and say I'm sure they got clearance🙄
Abubaker Balla
Abubaker Balla 2 місяці тому
They should take this stunt and put it in the next mission impossible movie
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