Making a 1/5 AWD V8 RC Car w/ MANUAL Gearbox! - Engine & Transmission Installation

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4 місяці тому

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I finally managed to get the v8 fitted to an AWD chassis with the manual transmission. The centrifugal clutch will be upgraded as this one cannot withstand the weight of the vehicle, it will just slip.
Also the universal joint on the engine's side must be improved as this one is quite flimsy.
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reed1285 4 місяці тому
Your level of craftsmanship is incredible
Денис Литвиненков
Денис Литвиненков 15 годин тому
Brian A
Brian A Місяць тому
I only see someone bolting store bought parts onto store bought chassis.
Brian A
Brian A Місяць тому
@Greatest Evar no one designs in mm here...only backyard people that think thats the way to go. Any real machine shop only works in inches.
Jack Місяць тому
@HitLuca Exactly
Check my BIO if YOU Like🤍Gia derza
Check my BIO if YOU Like🤍Gia derza 3 місяці тому
Thank you so much, this means a lot to me! I really love that I can share the feeling of the special place with you through my bio ❤Jill
Captain Gary
Captain Gary 3 місяці тому
This is more than just a build. This is an artpiece. Brillant work Johnny, Bravo!
Stallnig 3 місяці тому
I'd call it jewlery
Dragon Offski
Dragon Offski 4 місяці тому
As always - top notch engineering, well filmed and nicely presented. Cheers! :)
Check my BIO if YOU Like🤍Gia derza
Check my BIO if YOU Like🤍Gia derza 3 місяці тому
just warms my heart 🥹❤ and I’m happy *_go to my bio_* that it actually came out looking pretty _-+_
Richard Shook
Richard Shook 3 місяці тому
I’m amazed at the quality of your work. I am into racing RC boats and some of our guys put thousands of dollars into them in their works of art. This compares with them. It is beautiful. Can’t wait to see it run.
ScarabChris 4 місяці тому
The RC industry is making massive leaps and bounds. In the last 5-8 years alone the new products are amazing. And those Toyan engines are getting better by the day. I remember being pressed by their early one and two cylinder engines. Now they have a V8. The industry has really given the advanced RC DIY guys a lot of cool options.
Frankie Rzucek
Frankie Rzucek 20 днів тому
This is amazing. I've been waiting for this and can't wait to see it on the road. I wonder what the gear box will do when you have pressure on the tires. Freakin awesome
Matt Deluca
Matt Deluca 4 місяці тому
Beautiful work, Johnny! This thing looks like it'll be a blast once finished. Can't get over how good the engine sounds too.
BlitZ 4 місяці тому
I really enjoy your videos and even more the passion involved in every single project. No words nor invasive music in the background... Just you and your magnificent piece of art. Just an awesome channel, keep it UP!
Mark Spain
Mark Spain 3 місяці тому
So excited to see one of these motors actually put to use instead of sitting on a stand. Craftsmanship is incredible, watching the gearbox in action is mesmerizing!! :)
Check my BIO if YOU Like🤍Gia derza
Check my BIO if YOU Like🤍Gia derza 3 місяці тому
just warms my heart 🥹❤ and I’m happy *_go to my bio_* that it actually came out looking pretty _-+_
Chris Singletary
Chris Singletary 3 місяці тому
Awesome engineering and fabrication. Job well done. Can't wait to see it run on a track.
M Chivers
M Chivers 3 місяці тому
I agree with everyone else’s remarks. Very cool and interesting/ entertaining to watch. I know there were many hard thinking hours put into it that us viewers got the luxury of not having, we just got to relax and view the coolness of it. Thank you for sharing with us.
Check my BIO if YOU Like🤍Gia derza
Check my BIO if YOU Like🤍Gia derza 3 місяці тому
Thank you so much, this means a lot to me! I really love that I can share the feeling of the special place with you through my bio ❤Jill
Joseph Greer
Joseph Greer Місяць тому
Finally someone installed this thing on a chassis, getting kind of old watching people run them on a stand, this guy is an amazing machinist, thumbs up! 5 stars over and over, thanks for the video.
matt mcdowell
matt mcdowell 4 місяці тому
Your builds are the absolute best when it comes to these nitro rc's, always next level, incredible!
John Dowding
John Dowding 3 місяці тому
Your craftsmanship is absolutely amazing and honestly I'm a little jealous. I've built many engines in my life some for racing and some for very large mining machines. I can tell you I'm impressed beyond words and have only a few questions. How many cubic inches is this engine Has it been or can it be ran on a dyno If so what was the hp rating it produced. Thanks for posting the video excited to see the final product
NEO RC 2 місяці тому
Amazing man! Truly inspiring to see the level you are working at! Definitely a beautiful car
Leroy 4 місяці тому
The detail you put into your builds is amazing
Erich Fischer
Erich Fischer 3 місяці тому
This was already a Roy Hobbs "The Natural" home run of a build. However, when you showed the inner workings of the gear box I was smitten. Fabulous work and keep em coming.
Travis Meno
Travis Meno 3 місяці тому
To me this is just an amazing piece. I just stumbled across this and said "Interesting how did he do that?" Would love to see this finished piece. May I ask what kind of CNC machine are you using?
Supreme Camels
Supreme Camels 4 місяці тому
This is what I used to dream of when I was messing around with single cylinder, centrifugal clutch nitro's back in my teens. It's insane that this is now a reality - Every time Jonny makes something and it slots perfectly into place is like ASMR for me 😅
Trendyrapslut 4 місяці тому
those are still around.
jbirdmax 4 місяці тому
There is absolutely something mesmerizing about watching a master at their craft.
Axar PL
Axar PL 4 місяці тому
your work is incredible man, fuel-powered rc car was my dream since i was 8 and now you made my dream come true
That one car kid.
That one car kid. 4 місяці тому
This RC car is really freaking awesome, I can't wait to see how it turns out once it's finished. thank you for your dedication to this Insane project.
paulobeckerrb26dett 2 місяці тому
Man, this thing sounds incredible. Isn't it gonna be too front heavy though? I imagine the fuel tank will add some weight to the back, but even so that looks like a lot of weight in the front.
kurtis tharp
kurtis tharp 4 місяці тому
That's looking like functional art as much as it is a fun toy. Hopefully you'll be building an outer casing for that transmission to keep the gears lubricated so that they don't seize from heat or chew themselves apart. Other than that, I'm looking forward to seeing this thing Drive
Minimal Me#83
Minimal Me#83 4 місяці тому
Your craftmanship is fantastic, and you show a great know how of your tools and machines. You are a new age Takumi… Carry on the excelent work.
Tiny Star
Tiny Star 4 місяці тому
I didn't know there were legitimate scale engines in the RC world like this. This immediately has me imagining a true scale Corolla Trueno with a DOHC 4 cyl if one exists, rwd, a true scale represented drift car. I've seen the RC drift cars for years but electric doesn't excite me and nitro always sounded to annoying and loud. This actually sounded like a real engine but smaller. Wasn't annoying at all. I'm subbing!
Aaro Koskinen
Aaro Koskinen 4 місяці тому
I know this feeling so well, I have the same feeling for motorcycles too that all 2strokes make the same annoying sound and 4stroke 2cylinders sound like worlds longest wet farts but 4cyl+ 4stroke bikes sound like heaven :)
Aaro Koskinen
Aaro Koskinen 4 місяці тому
@yuryv. no it isn't. the other cam pulley is just idler wheel on these toyan engines and there's 1 camshaft under the valvecover :)
yuryv. 4 місяці тому
@MiGujack3 this v8 is already dohc
MiGujack3 4 місяці тому
Not sure about DOHC but there are small 4 cylinders out there for a while now.
Rob Backert 2
Rob Backert 2 4 місяці тому
That is incredible.. hats off to you my friend. Amazing work. You are a great machinist... I love R/C myself and you are an amazing person. Thanks for the video bud. Keep up the good work.
Conny Nordqvist
Conny Nordqvist 4 місяці тому
This is just incredible! I just love the sound of the engine, you can really hear its a v8. And then combined with a dogbox gearbox. Im just waiting for the next episode!
Jason Moody
Jason Moody Місяць тому
Man I absolutely loved watching you build this rig. That is awesome!
D1vid3By0 4 місяці тому
Thank you for the time you put into this. Easily one of my favorite channels here, always pumped when I see you've uploaded!
Riley Patterson
Riley Patterson Місяць тому
So good to watch, would you ever make the gearbox linear drive? What power is lost through the uni joints is my only question/thought
Rasmus 4 місяці тому
6:36, you need to secure the pneumatic fitting holding the bowden tube better. It can help with stringing and less retraction.
The Jester 81
The Jester 81 3 місяці тому
Amazing build, crazy to think the amount of time and money this would cost
F8Tributo 3 місяці тому
EXCELLENT work! Beautiful creation! As much as I admire 3D printing, in most cases machining is far quicker. Especially for one-off projects that won't be repeated much. Yes, I know there are things that can be 3D printed that can't be machined!
J Місяць тому
Such an amazing and beautiful build. True skill, talent and engineering. That is in my opinion a work of art. Thank you for sharing. Would love to see the finished product and run. 👍
RoachKilla 4 місяці тому
We’ve been waiting for this can’t wait for the final results it looks like it will run great with that transmission 👌
Fieldie 4 місяці тому
This is just friggin AWESOME!! Dude you have gotta be super proud of all that time and effort that's gone into this build! Knowing you though this is just the start! To come is still.... brakes, suspension, hubs, just anything really that you can make stronger and better! 😁👍👍👍
Jordan 4 місяці тому
Every time I think this guy couldn't impress me more with his machining and engineering skills he does it again.
F_1sliddy 3 місяці тому
@drone man show the proof
drone man
drone man 4 місяці тому
@Jordan Who are you to tell me what hes messaging directly. Need I show You Proof
Benjamin Kriebel
Benjamin Kriebel 4 місяці тому
@Jordan that’s what i’m saying lol
Jordan 4 місяці тому
@drone man lol, nobody said anything about inventing anything.
Peter Casper
Peter Casper 4 місяці тому
This is going to be a crazy build! Fantastic vid! Really enjoy your content.
Leon Johnson
Leon Johnson Місяць тому
Would like to know how you can do all this work yourself it had to have taken years to learn and get all the tools Would like to see more and the finished car run thanks so much for letting us know about what your doing hope to see more 😀 thanks Leon
jason birch
jason birch 3 місяці тому
Nice. I would mount the rads mid ship for weight and protection. The fans should do fine if they have good airflow. Unless it's just a build it for the shelf model you will smash it into something.
Jess Raeside
Jess Raeside Місяць тому
I would love to know the Torque and Power figures this little beast makes!Where are you going to mount the battery and fuel tank, are you going to make a body for it?? and if so it’s only right it’s based on an iconic muscle car😎 I’ve got so many questions 😂this is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen on UKposts. Can’t wait 😮to see it finished! Absolutely incredible craftsmanship and fabrication work. Would be insane to see you fabricate any kind of forced induction for the engine, a miniature Blown V8 would be so sick 😉 Love the build man, top tier content!
Frankie Rzucek
Frankie Rzucek 4 місяці тому
This has got to be one of the coolest things I've ever seen, and so very exciting. I cant wait to see how it does, how it drives, all of the above. Lol I'd definitely put a louder exhaust on it if possible. You make some of the coolest things on here, not to mention all of your tools are amazing too lol. This has come a long way from my little Tiger 21 motor I had for my Schumacher hahaha. There's so many things you could do with this. Good luck with the build buddy and I can't wait to see what all you do with this one.
Jeremy Wingate
Jeremy Wingate 4 місяці тому
Never built one of these but have built plenty of off-road vehicles but I can totally respect the amount of time and craftsmanship that is involved to build these little guys. Really not any different than the full size version other than bigger. You have my respect there sir.
Severin Cufer
Severin Cufer 4 місяці тому
I enjoy your videos so much and I don't even own any RC cars.. Maybe it's about time I get one 😄 The manufacture and assembly of the parts is just amazing! You rock dude! Keep up the good work, can't wait for the next video of this awesome car.. the engine sounds so good! I'd love to see you make a proper exhaust system for it also!
Joshua Tres
Joshua Tres 27 днів тому
Great work! It's amazing to see your work. I'm exited waiting to view the first run on the street. Go on man!!
Phill Seabrook
Phill Seabrook 4 місяці тому
Amazing as always but I nearly cried when I saw the clutch shoes you use. I raced 1/8 nitro on road for nearly 20 and the clutches used in them I feel for the amount of power you are running would work well for you. 1/8 nitro on road clutches are adjustable and have more contact area than than 2 bits of alluvium and a spring. Keep up the amazing work. Cheers, Phill.
Hate ForAll
Hate ForAll 4 місяці тому
Once again impressive order of operations! Love the work you do man!
Builds with Jordan
Builds with Jordan 4 місяці тому
You are my favourite RC build channel, the level of skill and knowledge is amazing 🇦🇺
SV fpv
SV fpv 4 місяці тому
Great project! That radiator shroud though!incredible flow!I am not sure about the dog engagment rings health after a few runs.they used to fail on race car even when they are hard steel-chrom.i believe they will need to be adressed as a steel parts soon.specially when the throttle-torque reductiom religns on manual controll(hand) Cheers! Keep the great projects coming!
Joseph Citizen419
Joseph Citizen419 4 місяці тому
@Tanya V This titanium revision is officially approved by me. Shit, let's get this out of the way now. All proposed revisions to replace any existing part material to titanium is hereby approved.
Tanya V
Tanya V 4 місяці тому
Ryan Huckins
Ryan Huckins 3 місяці тому
Damn dude absolutely amazing.... your builds are next level... always top quality builds.... love watching your videos... if only now I could convince you to sell me some or talk you into doing a few small parts for one of mine.... I'm sure your way to busy tho... anyway amazing job
Steve Zimmerman
Steve Zimmerman 4 місяці тому
Very cool Johnny Q. Can't wait to see you complete this one & take it for a rip.
Cozy RC
Cozy RC 4 місяці тому
I love your DIY builds. Your tools are next level and you know how to use them. Keep the DIY builds coming! Cheers, DJ
Timdejong22 4 місяці тому
especially the lidel drill . nah iam joking his tools are amazing.
Matt p
Matt p 4 місяці тому
That is awesome sounded amazing couldn’t really tell what was being used as an exhaust but may have over looked that gear box is awesome man if you got those things into production I would buy one amazing work
rockymontana1 4 місяці тому
I love that little engine and drivetrain you put together it's friggin' awesome. I have seen mechanical engines in the form of a 4cyl. and 6 cyl. and an 8 cyl. all metal model kits on Pinterest and ordered 1 of each and a multi terminal battery clamp for a 12-volt system. I got the battery terminals and NO engines. I wrote to them, and they said I already got my order, so I called my bank to help me with this problem and with all we did that company got away with all the money and were actually quite nasty about it. So, I lost $150 + and only got battery terminals. I won't buy anything off Pinterest again and only in person if I found anyone selling these models
rockymontana1 3 місяці тому
@Mantra Chhaya I 'm not hurt by what you posted, but I have done business with others on Pinterest and had great experiences. I guess I just got screwed over by a scumbag and they are everywhere today. How would anyone know if you don't try? I appreciate your input
Mantra Chhaya
Mantra Chhaya 3 місяці тому
Buying things from. Pinterest.... This is the weirdest think I ever heard, sorry, but I don't intend to hurt your feelings but this would be no brainer that people selling stuff on Pinterest maybe a bit sketchy already.....
Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson 4 місяці тому
Glad you chose the RC car to put that in. You do amazing work, and I like watching your stuff. Can't wait to see the first run with that thing. Keep up the great work. Thanks
menom7 4 місяці тому
Man,that V8 sounds MEAN when your revving it!!! That's AWESOME Man!!! Can't WAIT to see this thing DONE an FINISHED!!! You've done an INCREDIBLE JOB on everything You've made for this!!! Great Job!!! : >)
Michael Jauregui
Michael Jauregui 3 місяці тому
Brilliant editting. Easy to follow without a word needing to be said. And without taking 48hours to get through. Elegant excecution.
TheWarcraftIII 4 місяці тому
I've always wanted to build something like this but never had the experience, time nor money. Thanks for sharing!
Larry Perera
Larry Perera Місяць тому
Specter 2
Specter 2 4 місяці тому
Crazy work, really good thought through. Maybe you can add an automatic fan speed controller which is controlled by the coolant temperature. 😅
Phreak 4 місяці тому
My thoughts are I'm blown away by your engineering prowless, yet again. I noticed you used the radio to control the fan, why not a thermistor or other temp sensitive simple circuit?
Spubaru 4 місяці тому
Wow Johnny! You have some amazing projects! Can’t wait to see the end results!
Thomas Mann
Thomas Mann 2 місяці тому
Dude, that manual trans is amazing. Work of art
IceManV93 4 місяці тому
Have you tested the Toyan supercharger for this engine yet? I've heard it works well, but there's virtually no videos of it here on youtube. Fantastic work on this btw.
Pinno 3 місяці тому
Lovely build BTW. Just out of curiosity, why did you use a Nylon sleeve inside the drive shaft mount instead of a needle or roller bearing given it's proximity to the engine? Also, do you intend to mount a coolant reservoir (expansions tank - will it be a pressurised cooling system?) and fuel tank on the remaining base plate? (low c of g and all that). Looking forward to the next episode and sealing the shafts in and out of the gearbox to make a casing for lubrication - 80w90 ha ha!. That will be fun! Good luck.
Rich Rinehart
Rich Rinehart Місяць тому
This video makes me want to buy a benchtop lathe/mill along with a bunch of tooling..... pretty incredible Johnny. I am sending a link of this to my brother who is a madman in the shop. He is running the CMM now and he ok's all the dies and first pieces. He is essentially responsible each day for over 250k worth of time, material. Rework is not an option. He actually is finishing up a contract with Amazon. They built all the components for the new Amazon electric delivery vehicles..... watch for them in the near future. We have always wanted to build our own cars so maybe this engine and the scale build will be enough to interest him. I am a very strong cnc operator and I can hold a tight tolerance on the manual machines. My dad was a master tool and die man at a company that made shopping cart wheels. We actually made parts at night in his shop for where he worked because they went through well over a 100 a day of about 12 different parts on a giant circular press table that was loaded with different dies and forming tools that we made in his shop on all manual equipment. I cannot tell you how many of these damn bearing race forming tools I made. We heat treated them and then ground them in.... had a pretty nice little shop in his basement. I miss those days, my dad was smooth as silk on the 76" mazak lathe that we slid down the basement stairs with the help of a wrecker. He bought a 3pc Bridgeport (Brand) mill that came apart and each of the 3 pieces were still crazy heavy. along with the surface grinder and the od grinder. We went through some serious bar stock that had to be cut it into individual pieces because the lathe was up against a wall so we couldn't run bar stock through the chuck. Good times, good times!! Peace
Loi Blanche
Loi Blanche 4 місяці тому
I occasionally build stuff myself but your level is just incredible
Rye Guy44
Rye Guy44 4 місяці тому
On of the best fabricators, designers, and builder’s on here. You do incredible work! Always excited to see what you do next.
Benjamin Kriebel
Benjamin Kriebel 4 місяці тому
Jason to be fair he did say "one of the best"
Aderin 4 місяці тому
Jason that man literally made a custom v10 engine, what a legend
Ramsay 4 місяці тому
I can't wait to see more on this, awesome job as always
Just_J 4 місяці тому
This is so awesome! The only thing it's missing is a tiny turbo with a tiny super high pitch blow off valve haha! Great build, very impressive! 👏
Benjamin Wong
Benjamin Wong Місяць тому
Cant wait for the final product bro. Great workmanship and 3D printing. Plus those aluminium blocks. :O 😱
Deesara Ekanayake
Deesara Ekanayake 2 місяці тому
Awesome 👌 Did you make universal joints as well ? If so how ? Please share a video.
Dave Eagling
Dave Eagling 4 місяці тому
Wow, I’ve watched a number of your videos now. Your engineering and fabricating skills know no bounds. Just incredible.
PaulMcnamara16 4 місяці тому
That looks and more over sounds incredible the amount of engineering skill put into this beast is mind blowing can't wait to see and hear it running! 🙂👌
Kalle Klæp
Kalle Klæp 4 місяці тому
Just a beautiful little nifty thing. :) always amaze med with your mechanical skills.
RSCOZZY 4 місяці тому
Looking forward to seeing more of this! Amazing.
TheWhiteLoaf 4 місяці тому
I like how nobody's mentioned how crazy your f****** g-coding skills are. You're making the exact parts you want. I understand there might be some Hollywood movie magic here as far as the editing goes. But it seems like you have it down to a fine art
chuck Anderson
chuck Anderson 4 місяці тому
From your first to this video I can tell you've learned all kinds of new techniques you've really gotten great keep it up
Maple Rounds
Maple Rounds 4 місяці тому
Personally I woulda use a bearing for the driveshaft support! But all in all your level of detail and dedication is fantastic!
Corporal Clegg
Corporal Clegg 3 місяці тому
this is another amazing creation & build. I look forward to seeing its use in the future.
Κωνσταντίνος Οικονόμου
Κωνσταντίνος Οικονόμου 4 місяці тому
Μπράβο ρε Γιάννη, τρομερή η δουλειά σου. Περιμένουμε με αγωνία τη συνέχεια
Chris Graf
Chris Graf 4 місяці тому
Amazing machine mate. I'd be super keen to see the finished running project!
Gregory Smith
Gregory Smith 3 місяці тому
I would love to see a final product for distribution. I'd buy 3 kits for my sons and I!
ScareCrow 18 днів тому
Heres a suggestion: you could use a noctua PC fan instead to make the fan alot quieter! they make really tiny ones aswell and you could easily just solder together some wires.
Glen Danielsen
Glen Danielsen 4 місяці тому
The videography, amazing parts fabrication, and creativity is astounding to me! 👀💛
AndyW Місяць тому
This is at another level. How does the gears work with regards driving and changing, and would these require constant lubrication? If I had this, I would only run either indoors or on a nice clean flat surface.
Jon Hightower
Jon Hightower 2 місяці тому
Well done sir, can't wait to see the next installment.
Jason Zackey
Jason Zackey 4 місяці тому
The 3d printed brace is good for temporary purposes. I suppose this Rc won’t get driven hard like normal rc’s perhaps? In that case carry on. Nice job btw
Frederick Rosario
Frederick Rosario 4 місяці тому
I wish to see the final result, it really will be AMAZING! I got that feeling.
Z C 2 місяці тому
I've always wondered what it would take to make exactly this it appears the answer is a crap ton lol. Great work.
Pierre Norlen
Pierre Norlen 4 місяці тому
I would love this to be evolving into a multilink rearend, macpherson strut frontend, with ur own designed knuckles, suspension arms, and steering linkage. Also, making it an RWD with a gyro would be damn cool to see.
Ghost 4 місяці тому
This is going to be epic, keep this going no matter what, you're doing great 💪🏻
Phill Malloch
Phill Malloch День тому
very nice work. can't wait to see it with wheels and driving.
joffrey Gia
joffrey Gia 4 місяці тому
Magnifique j'adore 😍😍tu fais du super boulot 👌🔥🔥🔥 je suis admiratif!! Continue comme ça tes vidéos sont géniales!!!💪💪💪
Kun Lee
Kun Lee 3 місяці тому
So basically, you’re building a real car for people that get shrunk. Simply amazing.
thegarynator 4 місяці тому
This is incredible! Cant wait to see you shred some tires with this thing!
RobWhittlestone 4 місяці тому
I love to see the craftsmanship. Awesome. And the model even works! 🙂
Brock Mason
Brock Mason 4 місяці тому
I'm extremely impressed with how well the transmission works I'm really curious how you designed and built it
Jordan Scheurer
Jordan Scheurer 2 місяці тому
Dude this is amazing. My dream rc build for sure.
some irish fella
some irish fella Місяць тому
The fact it actually has a V8 roar to the engine tone is amazing 😅
sam ben da silva
sam ben da silva 4 місяці тому
You are a brilliant craftsman, such attention to details in a class of it's own,this is top notch workmanship, keep the great work going brother 😎👌👍
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