Making a 2.4cc Petrol (Gasoline) Engine

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Maker B

Maker B

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This is my Website:
I hope you enjoy this as much as I do!
Thank you for watching :)
Episode 1 : Piston and Connecting Rod - • Making a 4 Stroke...
Episode 2 : Gear & Valve - • Making a 4 Stroke...
Episode 3 : Crankshaft and Camshaft - • Making a 4 Stroke...
Episode 4 : Engine Block and Cylinder Head - • Making a 4 Stroke...
Episode 5 : Carburetor, Flywheel - • Making a 4 Stroke...
Episode 6 : Final Assembly and First Run - • Making a 4 Stroke...
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ibrahim mahrir
ibrahim mahrir Рік тому
now that's a 1 cylinder, 6.6 microliters, 120 mousepower engine that goes from 0 to 60 feet/h in under 3.5 seconds
The Free Monk
The Free Monk 3 дні тому
mousepower lmao
shashank gawade
shashank gawade 24 дні тому
Rabin Chandra Haloi
Rabin Chandra Haloi 25 днів тому
What about an ant power engine
jebaćkapusiniechtekurwydusipyta Місяць тому
Car interior - Mousory
Umang Chaurasia
Umang Chaurasia Місяць тому
Does it goes like supra ratatatata
Mario Chivleatto
Mario Chivleatto Рік тому
If I may ask, how great did it feel after 1000 hours of design and building to hear that engine start successfully? This was beautifully done and well executed. Nice work sir!
noah jarvis
noah jarvis 5 місяців тому
We’ll it’s amazing job but he should of greased it and the piston when putting it in u should lubricate the cylinder cause it will scratch it up but it’s a cool desk decor and it only a toy so it not that bad
Deipatrous 9 місяців тому
@Cy Bowden well, if hobby machining were scaled up to an industrial scale, it would be incredibly wasteful of metal. Al is not all that rare, although surface mineable bauxite is running low.
Cy Bowden
Cy Bowden 10 місяців тому
@Devin B Was it your time and resources Devin?
ben gundry
ben gundry 10 місяців тому
@Devin B Yet here you are wasting your time with your negative comments. I think its you that needs a hobby!
Lancer Creep
Lancer Creep 11 місяців тому
Oh devin devin devin… Did you Ever do something you are proud of?
Terrance Williams
Terrance Williams Рік тому
This was insanely cool! I've been a machinist for many years and this takes it to a whole new level! You could sell this as a DIY kit and I would buy one. Very cool and Good Job!
Ma Pi wszyscy jestesmy DiP
Ma Pi wszyscy jestesmy DiP 10 місяців тому
@Maker B your flywheel isn't balancing. Important in all engine is balancingo of flywheel, gear and ofc crankshaft.
Rock Avan
Rock Avan 11 місяців тому
I would buy one
Ricky Johnson
Ricky Johnson 11 місяців тому
@Dismas • You probably shouldn't mass produce something that has a market of approximately 5 people.
Mister Durden
Mister Durden 11 місяців тому
$100k diy kit
Ricky Johnson
Ricky Johnson 11 місяців тому
@TheSkjoldborg How much do you think 1000 hours of this skilled labor costs?
Rikus Volschenk
Rikus Volschenk 11 місяців тому
This is like watching an artist work sir! The perfect machining, to the exact tolerances required, to create such a small scale working engine. Mind blown...
Maker B
Maker B 11 місяців тому
That's quite a compliment! Glad you enjoyed it.
Ogden Nash
Ogden Nash Рік тому
Fantastic planning, design and manufacturing skills - well done. I started my apprenticeship in 1978 and you brought memories flooding back when you used the Engineers Blue for marking out - I had forgotten that stuff ! Great job !
George L
George L 11 місяців тому
If you had started building that when you did your apprenticeship you might have finished it by now lol
Sourabh Sahu
Sourabh Sahu Рік тому
You must be very. Senior now sir
keith johnson
keith johnson Рік тому
still remember the smell of eng blue... the bigger challenge was manually scraping a flat-pate. We just a sharpie now
Sment1024 4 місяці тому
I've watched this and now I'm trying lift my jaw from ground. So much precision, so much skills, so elegance, so perfection, so magnificence. Great job bro.
Stuff Made Here
Stuff Made Here Рік тому
Excellent work. It looks like the piston gained an o-ring by the time you assembled it ;) What type of o-ring is that? Does it hold up?
AnimeVision Місяць тому
oh nive! I Know U And I am biggest Fan Of Yous!
Tây Sơn Cây Xăng
Tây Sơn Cây Xăng Рік тому
Josh Рік тому
Michelle Sanders So, in your world people aren't allowed to have hobbies? Sad world your in I bet you have never volunteered any hours in your miserable life 🙂
Doug Demuro
Doug Demuro Рік тому
@Maker B Are you mechanical engineer or a physicist?
Irfan m
Irfan m Рік тому
This really blew my mind away. Amazing application of engineering, design & craftmanship. Making stuff at this scaly requires some scary pinpoint accuracy. Super cool !!
Matt Deluca
Matt Deluca Рік тому
Fantastic work! One of the best DIY engines I've ever seen. My only disappointment was that you didn't open the throttle a bit when it was running. I'd love to se it rev!!
2funtofly 11 місяців тому
The precision at this scale, insane!
Keri Szafir
Keri Szafir Рік тому
Absolutely brilliant! I love watching people do precision mechanics, and wish I had a lathe myself.
omnisyah 10 місяців тому
I'm no machinist, but it's easy to tell you know exactly what you're doing right down to the spec. That was a beautiful build, bravo sir.
T Richardson
T Richardson Рік тому
Very impressed. No matter what, you'll always have that little engine as a reminder of your skill. Great job man!
YD Mr. Burns
YD Mr. Burns 11 місяців тому
I would NOT have the patience… I would blow up within 10 minutes lol, and it sucks cause I’m great at engine work I’m just so damn angry
SaNtOsH Misal
SaNtOsH Misal 11 місяців тому
@ValorHeart we'll end up having it as a 3D rendering on our desk - in Metaverse 🍻
Blue Рік тому
@ValorHeart make your own video game. You and hundreds of thousands of people will enjoy it and it will probably be on the servers forever
Top Shelf 10's
Top Shelf 10's Рік тому
Hold my non alcoholic martini...
MarketJunkiE Рік тому
Gotta be a good feeling to make your own motor, extremely impressive.
Leslie Cral
Leslie Cral 2 місяці тому
Unlike every other video I've seen, this is literally the most productive video and time was used very wisely on this engine. I've seen videos of people doing dumb stuff and TRYING to "invent" things we will never do or use a single day in our lives. This video just taught me that there really are talented people out there that are actually productive! Very rare to find people like you! I'll give you a 100 out of 10. Over all, this engine was fine crafted with precision, and a very clean engine, clean cuts on every component. You must be the most talented person I've seen a video on.
Patrick Putman
Patrick Putman 2 місяці тому
After watching this short video I instantly subscribed! Aside from being fortunate enough to have all this amazing equipment at your disposal, you are extremely gifted and talented! This is absolutely brilliant work! I wish I was half as gifted as you man!
Patrick Putman
Patrick Putman 2 місяці тому
@Maker B I only have two questions. First, did you design/engineer the engine yourself? Second, why do you not have more videos like this for me to watch man?! Lol...
Maker B
Maker B 2 місяці тому
Thank you!!
RS4Kusi Рік тому
absolutely mind-blowing! could watch it over and over again. Congrats to this amazing project
Maker B
Maker B Рік тому
Glad you like it!
dat calculation tho
dat calculation tho 11 місяців тому
I can't imagine how ecstatic it must've felt to get that running.
Ketan Vaghela
Ketan Vaghela Рік тому
if only youtube had Oscars, the award for content creation would go to this guy. I'm a Civil Engineer, but this video made me respect the mechanical engineers, even more. salute to you sir.
e harman
e harman Рік тому
I am also engineer and i approve this video
DP Z Рік тому
@Crimson miner You can add government inspectors to that list.
Doug Demuro
Doug Demuro Рік тому
@Maker B are you a mechanical engineer?
Johnny B
Johnny B Рік тому
@PepePipiCaballo just like machinists don’t like engineers.
deformed666 22 дні тому
This is a phenomenal video. Thank you for posting! I wish that everyone had a fraction of your work integrity.
Maker B
Maker B 22 дні тому
Glad you enjoyed it!
CiderHat 7 місяців тому
What a fantastic work of art! What kind of lathe & mill do you run? I'd love to see a video on the two of them
Arpen Boyer
Arpen Boyer Рік тому
I admire both your skills and imagination. As you were showing the various components you were about to machine I was thinking that I would have absolutely no idea were to even start. Well done!
Maker B
Maker B Рік тому
Thank you very much!
truthsmiles Місяць тому
Super cool! I was surprised to see you decided to add an idler gear - I'm sure you must have had a good reason :)
Eliud Gamboa Lopez
Eliud Gamboa Lopez Рік тому
impresionante el trabajo realizado en este proyecto, mis respetos para usted. Me gustaría que compartieras los planos para reproducir tus trabajos ya que son impresionantes. Muchas felicidades y buen trabajo.
pjsalchemy Рік тому
I've seen quite a lot of miniature engines including some radials up close and personal. Made by guys/gals that have an arsenal of machines to fabricate them, But I have to say the precision and accuracy, let a lone the design, that you've done with a Sherline is the most impressive build I've seen in my old age. I enjoyed the build videos but this compilations is an inspiration in machining and videography! Thanks very Much for the ride and hope you continue to test yourself with projects like these!! Hat Tip ~PJ
Maker B
Maker B Рік тому
That's quite a compliment! Glad you enjoyed it.
Mitch Рік тому
Now that takes some understanding of tolerances. Awesome work and next level precision!
A Das
A Das Рік тому
This might be the most amazing thing I've seen on UKposts. Did you design the engine on your own? As in, all the parts that you finally put together? How many errors did it take (apart from the timing error that you mentioned on the video)?
Joe Stiff
Joe Stiff Місяць тому
I have just found your channel and after watching couple videos I subscribed but now have noticed that your last video was over a year ago I hope u are still going to be posting videos because Man U make some unbelievably beautiful stuff mate
d Рік тому
Fantastic! A thing of beauty. I could feel the thrill when you assembled it!!!
Delanor Rosey
Delanor Rosey 6 місяців тому
Very impressive! Are you able to rev up the engine via the throttle? How are you lubricating the components? Does the engine produce heat? Will there be a coolant system added? Is a transmission or power train in development?
Hahyun So
Hahyun So Рік тому
The sheer accuracy of the design and the making of each component is very entertaining to watch. Final product was awesome. Reminds me of how scared I am about making something cuz of low accuracy haha. Really great stuff tho never disappoint 👍
Ryknfjor Рік тому
If your designing something like this, id go with the smallest screw you be comfortable with tapping and available at home depot.... for me that be either 10-32 or 10-24 making this engine be a bit bigger, thus increasing clearance sizes a bit
George Taylor
George Taylor Рік тому
This guy is not just a pro engineer he is a super pro engineer. Great talent and video.
Lord J.
Lord J. Рік тому
Love your work, you’re extremely talented.
Tim Stocks
Tim Stocks Рік тому
That is so impressive, great to see what some one can do when they know what there doing . Hats of well done.
Godfrey De Silva
Godfrey De Silva Рік тому
Excellent workmanship. I m so happy to see you at work. Great project.
Chuck Jackson
Chuck Jackson 10 місяців тому
Besides brass and aluminum, what other metals did you use? Awesome work!
Junior Gaitho
Junior Gaitho Рік тому
On behalf of all engine heads, thank you for this awesome video and thank you for your creativity. God bless 🙌
Dop4miN Рік тому
@Isaacs Random Videos engine heads
Loki Viking
Loki Viking Рік тому
@Maker B where are you from
Trippy_g00n Рік тому
For real man I'm blown away with this
Isaacs Random Videos
Isaacs Random Videos Рік тому
Literal engine heads or engine heads? 😂
Maker B
Maker B Рік тому
Thank you very much!
Emniel Tessema
Emniel Tessema Рік тому
Just absolutely amazing. Great job man. It's a lot to get right. God bless you.
Mitchell Morris
Mitchell Morris 11 місяців тому
Love it. Amazing engineering skills 👍🏻
Prapanch Kokkalemada
Prapanch Kokkalemada 11 місяців тому
I got goosebumps when I heard the first cycle complete🤯 It is an absolute pleasure to know that there are thousands of students out there learning from your videos. DIY kits for apprenticeships would be an idea if it were economically viable to you or pairing up with melscience, kiwico etc. But thank you, even if you just carry on doing it for fun. Cheers!
Maker B
Maker B 11 місяців тому
That's quite a compliment! Glad you enjoyed it.
Gideon Lyons
Gideon Lyons Рік тому
the work, the craftmanship. speechless. amazing
MC96 Рік тому
Amazing machining, but how do you adjust the valve timing on this one?
Zachariah Richard
Zachariah Richard Рік тому
I love how he didn't explain anything verbally and that there wasn't any background music. Just the sound of the machines sublime!
Google User
Google User Рік тому
Absolutely beautiful. I wonder how much power it has
Akshat Chana
Akshat Chana Рік тому
this guy deserves way more support and acknowledgement
Aisha Lotter
Aisha Lotter 3 дні тому
When it pops out at 1-45 , that was purrfect m8, I’m a qualified mech. Engineer but haven’t worked on a machine in 30 yrs I really miss it sometimes, that is brilliantly crafted also brilliantly shot video , well done you !!!
Datrebor Рік тому
That was so cool watching you make that engine. I loved every minute of it and I subscribed to your channel.
Nicky 9
Nicky 9 11 місяців тому
Simply MAGNIFICENT. You sir, had me glued to the screen the whole time. Subbed, thumbs up, and thanks for making this excellent vid.
Maker B
Maker B 11 місяців тому
Glad you enjoyed it!
Stephen Bridges
Stephen Bridges Рік тому
All a person can say is, "Wow!". You are a very talented machinist.
Ângelo Moroni
Ângelo Moroni Рік тому
Lindo trabalho, parabéns.
Matheus Рік тому
Muito bom, excelente!!! Parabéns, abraços do 🇧🇷
Dheeraj Parihar
Dheeraj Parihar 5 днів тому
So much work. Hats off to you sir. Inspired and motivated.
Maker B
Maker B 5 днів тому
Thank you!
stuart hutchings
stuart hutchings Рік тому
Fantastic construction and an excellent video. You also have some beautiful machinery. I enjoyed it soooooooo much!
Chris Behr
Chris Behr 3 місяці тому
No talking, no music. Just awesome stuff being done.
Rafael Larios
Rafael Larios Рік тому
Is design time included in the 1000 hours? That's almost half a year at 40 hours/week! Thank you so much for such a great video!
kronikphase 10 місяців тому
Sonix711 Рік тому
Awesome !!! :) Now please 'fix' 2-stroke motorbike engines so I don't have to buy a crappy 4-stroke 125 cc , cos 'Climate Change BS'...!!! :) Cheers !!! :)
carmichael moritz
carmichael moritz Рік тому
@j p you reply to my comment , tell that to starving people to get food for them damn self . 😂🤣😂🤣
j p
j p Рік тому
@carmichael moritz you spend your time on UKposts, and then more time in the comment sections. Clearly you have more than you need. Go whine to people literally starving to death and see how much sympathy they have for you . No one is required to make your life easier. Do it your damn self
Per Westermark
Per Westermark Рік тому
@carmichael moritz Nope. It's your mentality. Your view is "they have plenty but don't care". Quite a lot of engineers works a lot of unpayed overtime to make sure their companies manages the deadlines someone in management failed to properly plan. That *is* caring. And ends up as the actual products that can help people missing limbs etc. But expecting people to not have hobbies because they should instead donate their spare time is a view that will always place you at the bottom of anyones "to help" list. Some people don't expect things and ends up very, very happy when they get help. That's the kind of gratitude that motivates people to keep helping. "I should have" never motivates anyone.
Yaroslav Bukhta
Yaroslav Bukhta 8 днів тому
I audibly said "yes!" when you popped the piston out of the cylinder! Great stuff
Jumbalaya Рік тому
This is an excellent way to teach someone the basics of how an engine works.
Juan Icaza
Juan Icaza 11 місяців тому
That is a work of art. I hope you have it as a display somewhere in your house or office. Also I wonder whats the Horsepower output of that?
Fred in Alaska
Fred in Alaska Рік тому
That was strangely satisfying, well done very well done.
Shiamolizz 5 місяців тому
I don't why, but when It runs, feels pretty strong. Very cool build.
Dhruvil Thakkar DT99
Dhruvil Thakkar DT99 Рік тому
The precision of everything from design to the end product of the engine (along with the editing and video shooting as well) was so nice 💯💯. This is going into the record books, and I hope that upcoming generations of engineers watch this and get inspired. Thanks a lot 💯😇
Maker B
Maker B Рік тому
That's quite a compliment! Glad you enjoyed it.
Rich.Dollazzz Рік тому
that is the coolest thing i’ve ever seen. would you consider making larger models in the future?
Derek Sim
Derek Sim Рік тому
Totally worth watching buddy great work great talent 👏
__ Рік тому
Awesome, it took like 10 seconds of watching a jet needle being made to work out how accelleration works on a practical level - that's mega! Thanks!
TONERO Tonero Рік тому
Hats off. Respect. THAT is a project. Lots of patience and craftsmanship involved for sure.
Wodinn Місяць тому
thanks for the upload. didn't even know this was possible. absolutely amazing
Maker B
Maker B Місяць тому
Glad you enjoyed it!
Chad Brantley
Chad Brantley Рік тому
Who in the freaking world dislikes this? This is incredible.
Chad Brantley
Chad Brantley Рік тому
@Fyn Kozari This comment was posted before it went away.
Fyn Kozari
Fyn Kozari Рік тому
Theres no dislike counter anymore. How can you know?
Y X Рік тому
Elon Musk
Gargoyled Рік тому
@Daniel Kůra and now we dont have to care, cause for all we know, no one disliked it
mind waves
mind waves Рік тому
Peeple who rides horses?
Joe N
Joe N Рік тому
Came for the engineering, been binge watching ever since. Awesome content. Subscribed!
therealilxaiden Рік тому
not only did he make a tiny engine he made a tiny four stroke engine, incredible.
TanK 11 місяців тому
Awesome channel. Love your work. Easier said than done, but a really cool idea would be to build a desk clock with a pendulum and wind the spring every 12/24 hours with your boxer engine. Some electronic components, lithium batteries, balance charger and an Arduino will be needed to handle the charging and timing of the boxer engine. But will be a cool electro mechanic clock.
Maker B
Maker B 11 місяців тому
I like that idea. Will add it to the queue.
rollingthunder277 Рік тому
Infinitely satisfying to watch. Very professional videography and editing. Thanks for your efforts.
Maker B
Maker B Рік тому
Much appreciated!
AD_banen 5 днів тому
I have never seen something so miniature yet so beautiful
unusual fabrication
unusual fabrication Рік тому
Absolutely stunning! I love seeing such a complex final product being made from scratch!
Bryan Рік тому
Genius. Your design, fit and finish are perfect….and so cool! Do you ever sell these pocket safes?
Oscar Villegas
Oscar Villegas Рік тому
Love it, that engine sound at it end just gives a great felling of satisfaction.
Igor Tokovenko
Igor Tokovenko Місяць тому
Great work on this engine! Can I ask how did you achieve the surface finish on the cylinder liner and piston? Did you lap the cylinder? On the video it looks like there are no piston rings
Scott Рік тому
You sir are a true craftsman. That lathe work is superb.
Let's Do Something
Let's Do Something 3 місяці тому
It's been a year since your last video. Are you good? If you're stuck on a project or something make a video or community post asking for help. I would suggest trying to make a mini supercharger if you need ideas. Everyone seems to be making mini turbos or centrifugal superchargers, but no one is building roots or twin screw. I think that might be a fun addition to your mini engine. Anyway, hope you are ok and hope to see a video from you soon.
Joshua Mishie
Joshua Mishie Рік тому
The amount of precision, and how beautifully it runs is amazing.
Collin Herrmann
Collin Herrmann 11 місяців тому
sounds 10x better then I thought it would
Rob Barber 🇨🇦
Rob Barber 🇨🇦 11 місяців тому
That is extremely impressive. Surprisingly loud too.
J B Рік тому
Wahnsinn! Ich habe weder mit Metallbau noch mit Motoren was am Hut, aber das ist total Meditativ da zuzusehen wie so etwas entsteht. Echt Hammer gemacht
pluem92f Рік тому
Your turning skill is very impressive.
Erik Somnäs
Erik Somnäs 3 дні тому
Great work, thanks for sharing! Made me smile when it fired up :) What mill and lathe are you using? I'm soon to move to a house where I'd like to set up a small shop.
qxANGELxp Рік тому
This is now one of my all-time favorite videos. 😭❤️👍🏼 It's so comfy to watch. The craftsmanship is amazing.
Maker B
Maker B Рік тому
Wow, thank you!
Doc Rhino
Doc Rhino Рік тому
The way that everything fits so flush is satisfying af!!
Proton Neutron
Proton Neutron 11 місяців тому
wow, really awesome work. You have talent. 2 stroke would be much simpler to make :)
J Connor
J Connor Місяць тому
A true master Craftsman! Well done sir🤘
constantinos schinas
constantinos schinas Рік тому
magnifiscent on so many levels. and that sound is rad!!!
Mauro Careca
Mauro Careca 10 місяців тому
This a piece of art… great work dude … greetings from Brazil 🇧🇷
Maker B
Maker B 10 місяців тому
Thank you!!
baoabab Рік тому
No words, no music, just work. Excellent! Without this “when I was child, I saw an ice engine and..”
Ken Phillips
Ken Phillips Рік тому
@Joachim Fritscher but then you miss all the machining sounds.
yard farmer
yard farmer Рік тому
what do you mean no music! The sound of machinery running and cutting is music to my ears.
wesdex04 Рік тому
@Joachim Fritscher "just work" you missed the most important part of the comment
RJai48 Рік тому
^^^^^He’s got a point
Joachim Fritscher
Joachim Fritscher Рік тому
If you neither want music nor words just turn off the sound, I do not see the problem 😅
John Pauga
John Pauga Рік тому
I was hoping to see you open the throttle, that would of been great. I’m curious what kind of power it makes?
Alex A
Alex A Рік тому
Absolutely fantastic. Excellent work. Congratulations!
Maker B
Maker B Рік тому
Glad you like it!
Tracy Lloyd
Tracy Lloyd 2 місяці тому
Amazing! Unbelievable craftsmanship and engineering!
101IQ Рік тому
This is one of the most impressive things I've ever seen in my entire life. Well done.
Maker B
Maker B 11 місяців тому
That's quite a compliment! Glad you enjoyed it.
Mark Freeman
Mark Freeman 3 місяці тому
Hi, nice work, it would be interesting to see material specs used, min wall thickness and also where you get those spark plugs?
Katherine Spencer-Howard
Katherine Spencer-Howard Рік тому
Impressive! In scale, accuracy and probably in lots of ways I'm too ignorant to appreciate, this is impressive!
Hyper 11 місяців тому
Impressive, you should be very proud of this project.
MrToni99 Рік тому
I call this work a real ART !!! Wonderful.
David Russell
David Russell 3 місяці тому
A master mechanic at work ! Brilliant
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