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Drew Builds Stuff

Drew Builds Stuff

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In this video I updated my virtual tv window to anywhere to be run by a gaming computer and Nvidia GeForce Surround. The three 75" screens then act as monitors for an immersive, life-sized gaming setup. I then show you how to setup Govee Dreamview led lighting that syncs with the screen. How to make a DIY racing simulator seat with plywood and some bass shakers and the logitech g29. Make an epoxy backlit neon sign with your gamer tag or logo as well. Ph and it's a home theatre with surround sound and a live virtual window to outside with a 4k camera.
First Video - "Building a TV Window": • Building a WINDOW...
Plans (Will be out in a couple days):
Instagram: drewbuildss...
Setup bass shakers: • How To Add Motion...
Logitech G29 Racing Wheel/Pedals (PC/PS4):
Logitech G920 Racing Wheel/Pedals (PC/Xbox):
Govee T2 TV Backlight System:
Govee 16ft RGBIC Strip Lights:
Dayton Bass Shaker (Seat):
Dayton Puck Shaker (Wheel and Pedals):
Nobsound USB Amplifier:
Govee 32ft RGBIC Strip Lights:
Govee Floor Lamp:
Govee Pot Lights:
LED Light Diffusers:
Rubio Monocoat Pure:
My Main Camera (super easy to use, use it for 90% of my shooting):
My Cinema Camera (use it for stuff that needs to look really really good):
All other links and products will be posted in the next couple days (I'm on vacation for a week now so getting to it when I can).
Tags: 130 inch gaming computer, live tv window, huge gaming computer, gaming computer build, diy racing simulator, diy wood working, diy epoxy project, diy plywood projects, led lights gaming setup, gaming lights, immersive gaming experience.

Drew Builds Stuff
Drew Builds Stuff 4 місяці тому
Thanks for watching! I'd appreciate it if you hit the like button or leave a comment as that tends to make the video perform a little better and expose it to more people. Also let me know something else that you think this TV Wall should be able to do that I didn't mention! Plans will be out on Monday or Tuesday as I'm now on vacation for a week so getting to it when I can 🙂 Also follow my instagram @drewbuildsstuff for a more personal glimpse of my life
Somerandom 4 місяці тому
Goddamit Drew, I was just thinking about buying a wheel and pedals! Now I'm going to have to build this. I don't even have anywhere to put it!
JakeBoi16 4 місяці тому
you should make a video on how the heck you organized all these cables 😂😂
Skoopyy 4 місяці тому
hey i'd like to let you know, the fans in your pc is arranged wrong there are a bunch of tutorials on the fans arrangement but you should change it or a bunch of dust is gonna come in and kill your components
Kp Kessler
Kp Kessler 4 місяці тому
just wanted to say that the 3070 graphics card that you are currently using goes for like 700 USD rn on the market. its not that bad of a card but I can see how running 3 4k TVs off of it can cause some resulation problems. you could try using a rtx 3090 but kiss your wallet goodbye if you do that. XD
Dan Hunter
Dan Hunter 4 місяці тому
Slapped that like button like I slap my own ass during sekc
Salvation73 4 місяці тому
A lot of channels would have broken up this project into at least 4 builds to release over a period of a month so I give you extra props for showing us everything you did for this stage all in one go.
Drew Builds Stuff
Drew Builds Stuff 4 місяці тому
Thought about it but wasn’t sure the mini builds would be interesting enough on their own
Bradley 4 місяці тому
@Drew Builds Stuff A lot of people find it easier to find the time and or focus to sit down for 5-10 minutes at a time. I'm one of those people. I see 45 minutes and I click "Add to watch later" - which is really just a graveyard of really interesting stuff that's just too long for me to sit down and watch. Food for thought. Only reason I'm watching this is because I wanted to see if you figured out the Nvidia Surround - mission accomplished :D
Pi Tech
Pi Tech 4 місяці тому
His video are so damn good and unique with the sound/music, I watched the whole 45 mins of it. But I do agreed break it into parts as you will get more views. People will want to tune in next time to see the next part...
Gold 4 місяці тому
I like the long video duration since I’m watching them sitting on my sofa. So it feels like a tv show since I don’t have to browse for the next part (youtube sometimes sucks playing the next part automatically)
Dillon Gauthier
Dillon Gauthier 4 місяці тому
@Drew Builds Stuff I get lost in the mini builds and forget about the larger project, only to be surprised we have so much left in the video. And then I get lost again in the mini builds and it happens over and over.
Glennwulf 23 дні тому
amazing stuff, I just wouldn't be able to pretend those bezels aren't there. But man that is some amazing work you put in there.
Arctic 2 місяці тому
Love the build! Consider looking into a "bezel free kit" to eliminate the harshness of the 2 black bezels, you could combine a kit or two to extend them as I've seen.
Glenda 2 місяці тому
Huge difference with the diffused lighting. Looks great too. I noticed that you go out of the way to take care of the little things that really make a huge difference to the end product. And I think that that's extremely important to whatever it is your creating. I'd say it actually helps you to be more creative and come up with more ideas on your projects as well. I enjoy watching your content as I would do the exact same things, but people also say I'm obsessive lol. You make it look so easy though! And the products you use, I didn't know that half of them existed lol you should be their spokesperson seriously. :)
CG-RTist 2 місяці тому
Not only was this a fantastic build, but very enjoyable to watch as well! Superb work!
idesk design
idesk design Місяць тому
This was such a good watch, your office has always been such an incredible blend of good tech and inspiring design but this version is my favourite so far! Also, smashed it on the visuals - going to binge watch the rest of your videos now 👀
SDU-Tango 3 місяці тому
That bezel really killing the joy. I would go for a good quality projector
Diego Wendt
Diego Wendt 3 місяці тому
I have a projector and though exactly the same
K. Baller
K. Baller 3 місяці тому
Yeah, projector would be so much better and cheaper... Those borders are yuck
Jan-Paul 3 місяці тому
exactly my thought, LS12000 and your done :)
Diego Wendt
Diego Wendt 3 місяці тому
I have a lg pf1500 and it is great for cases like this.
The Rt. Hon. The Lord Nicholson of Arnage
The Rt. Hon. The Lord Nicholson of Arnage 3 місяці тому
Could've saved all of this effort and just gone VR mate....
Stephan Reyes
Stephan Reyes 2 місяці тому
This is incredible. If I ever have a large enough home office I'm definitely doing the virtual window. This should have been like 5 videos haha! The gaming PC, the shelf, the lights, and the cloud piece, and the gaming chair.
GREG ANDREW 2 місяці тому
Congratulations on your indoor world. You clearly work hard to build your life. It’s incredible to see someone use their natural born gift productively. You’ve also given me a few ideas of the window thing :) take care man.
Shane Hager
Shane Hager 13 днів тому
Dude you rock! I just set up my gaming room and stumbled across this video. A+ your a great teacher! Ty for the time sharing this with us. 😊
J Will
J Will Місяць тому
The whole thing is an absolute vibe!!! Beautifully done 🤗 My engineer brain was trying to figure out the bezel thing the entire video. I bet if you put the middle TV forward and inch and the two on the sides back an inch, and move them closer to one another, I think you could probably lessen the thickness of the bezel and no one would notice. But that would also depend on the televisions used. Just a thought... Nicely done 👌
wls3118 Місяць тому
Awesome job Drew! When using the table saw, run the larger piece of wood along the fence, Its much easier and safer. I enjoy your projects.
Nikoli's Kitchen
Nikoli's Kitchen 4 місяці тому
"I wanted a f%$&ing TV window" is exactly the energy I'm here for. Everyone has something that they spend money on that they don't need, let the man have his TV window insanely cool man cave. Can't believe people give you crap over it. Love the video. Specifically the shelf, I am actually going to try my hand at it because I'm building a new desk and needed a shelf to stick my gaming PC on as well. Thanks for inspiring! Great work as always Drew.
Drew Builds Stuff
Drew Builds Stuff 4 місяці тому
Thanks for watching!
MikeGZ83 4 місяці тому
Hear, hear! definitely my mindset and energy as well lol
Choyya Pilisi
Choyya Pilisi 3 місяці тому
They’re just jealous and bitter, because they lack the skill, creativity, finances and commitment or a mix of all of these, to even dream of attempting a project like this. GGs 🙌💯
Gurra Tell
Gurra Tell 3 місяці тому
Well spending that much time, effort and money on something and still fail in the end because of those big fat and ugly bezels is of course something people will react to. Sure they do work good as a virtual window, but for gaming and movies this is unusable in my opinion, and that's even if the bezels would have been just a centimeter thick.
Fabian Jarrett
Fabian Jarrett Місяць тому
I wanna give you huge props. I had the idea to build a racing rig using the same concepts, and many people told my that it couldn't be done, so thanks for the inspo and proving those aholes wrong! Hope to see you on the track :)
Houston 16 днів тому
awesome vid. Liked and sub. Have you thought about trying out the panels made for monitors that blend the two together to get right of the gaps between them? could make it look like one big open window and would look neat on the mountain scenes/cameras !
David Lumpkins
David Lumpkins 2 місяці тому
AMAZING! The only thing that bothers me, like others have said, are the bezels in the middle. Looks sick for a virtual window but it seems like it would get annoying when watching a movie or playing games. I know you get used to it after awhile but I can't help but think there's a solution to this. Maybe somehow have the bezels removable for certain applications. Future video idea?
Abdirahman Mohamed
Abdirahman Mohamed Місяць тому
This is amazing! It gives me ideas for my own personal projects. Thank you for sharing!
Garrett Cureton
Garrett Cureton Місяць тому
You know, while watching this video (and the previous one) all I've been thinking is I want a frkn TV window too! 😄. Awesome build Drew and thank you for sharing!! This is awesome and inspiring. Definately something I'll be coming back to once I have my dedicated "build-it-yo-self" room in my future home.
Banana_460 3 місяці тому
Lets just take some time to appreciate how much time, money, and hard work this man put into this build
i keep gettin banned
i keep gettin banned 3 місяці тому
well he cheaped out with that logitech :D
i keep gettin banned
i keep gettin banned 3 місяці тому
@Durward Begay i care. it negates your comment. this is a fact
Brent.2017 3 місяці тому
You mean the fortune he makes from UKposts alone. It doesn't take that much work for this.
Adrian Bennett
Adrian Bennett 2 місяці тому
This was amazing, new to your channel but wow you had me hooked all the way through it listening to you and watching you create such an amazing project, well done, I have subscribed so look forward to more of your videos.
Trinity Carroll
Trinity Carroll 2 місяці тому
Awesome video, one of the best I've ever seen. NO corny jokes, no fluff and sped up at the perfect times. Right to the point no long talking and explanations. You are talented!!! I was entertained the entire video. Make sure you do all your videos just like this one! You were able to get a lot in one video. This video could have easily been three videos but because you don't do any useless talking points and cringy jokes you crammed a lot in one video. I'm watching this video thinking "This guy would make a really cool friend to have"...AWESOME JUST AWESOME!!!
Dhawan G. Gayash
Dhawan G. Gayash 2 місяці тому
I'm sure you'll find great things to do next in this room and rig, but great work in all. Honestly your video quality was almost like a long essay read by a very good friend. Thank you!
TheMantisimo 2 місяці тому
This was fantastic. Well worth watching throughout. Learn't a lot of tips for my own projects! Keep up the awesome content! Subscribed!!!
Lou A
Lou A 2 місяці тому
I enjoyed watching this in one sitting, without skipping. Awesome content! Worth watching throughout the end of the video. You deserve 1M+ subs!
Will Venable
Will Venable 4 місяці тому
Everything Drew does is just ridiculously impressive. So glad I found this channel!
The Metal Jedi
The Metal Jedi 3 місяці тому
you mean expensive
Aquarius 3 місяці тому
​@Nick your just jealous
Ast3rix Music
Ast3rix Music 23 дні тому
Very cool projects!! I think the tv's with the bars in the middle would drive me crazy. There's tons of large led tv options available now that are on the budget side that would resolve that problem. The other thing is the wires to the camera outside I would enclose them in pvc to protect them from the elements. Other than that this was an amazing set of projects!!!
Matt Burke
Matt Burke 2 місяці тому
I am actually in the process of building a space sim desk/ cockpit and you gave me some great ideas. Thanks.
Mika Tarkela
Mika Tarkela Місяць тому
Damn. That's a dream rig if I've ever seen one. Thanks for sharing the process of building it. Seems like you can do anything!
Jason Mills
Jason Mills 2 місяці тому
You can find very narrow bezels now as well - I still prefer screens to projectors - I’ve had both… he has a lot more pixels than if he did a projector- so he’s got a much better image especially up close - on a projector each pixel up close will be several MM wide. Also, you can’t sit close up to a projector without blocking it. He’s done well! I’m just shocked he didn’t know about multiple monitor support before he did three sticks first!
Benjamin France Music
Benjamin France Music 27 днів тому
I just stumbled across your channel as a recommended video, and I LOVE it man! This build has me inspired to do something similar in our basement!
BEdmonson85 4 місяці тому
Congrats on getting the new table saw. The little wedge of metal sticking up behind the blade is called a riving knife, it helps prevent kick back. Yours appears to be loose, which would make it ineffective. There's a little lever down inside the saw that you can use to tighten it up.
SPD FRK 3 місяці тому
This is why I came to the comments. Remove the throat plate and tighten that up. It keeps your cut from squeezing the back of your blade and launching the material a thousand miles per second at your face. Turns out it's quite a helpful bit of kit.
IDMooseMan 3 місяці тому
I'm glad to see other viewers saw this potential hazard before I viewed this video.
Andy 3 місяці тому
Exactly why I scrolled through the comments. When I saw that I was scared for you on your behalf. That riving knife is dangerous as it is. Definitely get that tightened up.
Macsen Marketing
Macsen Marketing 2 місяці тому
This is one of those rare projects where it's so elegant and and all DIY, feels like anyone could achieve the same or similar reults. Great job!
Bugra Oguzulgen
Bugra Oguzulgen 2 місяці тому
Amazing build, I can't imagine the effort you put in through this project, very well done. My only con is the huge bezels in the middle, and the outside camera you could have posted it higher so it is out of reach for other people, plus the view would be better higher up imo.
Shari Jones
Shari Jones Місяць тому
Sir you have an amazing business on your hands. Your work is immaculate. I loved every minute of this video. New sub here and awesome work across the board.
rashan0121 22 дні тому
Such a clean setup. great work!
MrRamen211 24 дні тому
Nice work!! Those big black lines created by the bezels would be a deal breaker for me though. That would drive me insane
RikuSpirit 3 місяці тому
Your editing looks so professional and I like your narration. It's informative and right to the point.
Magdalena Smolinska
Magdalena Smolinska 2 місяці тому
How do you do these you are so cool😂
Sci_ent_ifiC Sui_neG
Sci_ent_ifiC Sui_neG Місяць тому
What he built is phenomenal, bit for ME the vertical bars would ruin the gaming experience, maybe I'd get used to it but I doubt it. Taking nothing away from the guy ... He has vision and I commend him.
Headus70 2 місяці тому
By far one of the best videos I have ever seen on YT. No stupid nonsense, a lot of details and ideas and the racing seat is really one of a kind...congrats to that.
Drew Builds Stuff
Drew Builds Stuff 2 місяці тому
Thanks Michael! Appreciate it
starrboii1994 Місяць тому
Man, your work is incredible!
mark dixon
mark dixon 2 місяці тому
Awesome set up, great ideas. I appreciate your craftsmanship and attention to detail. Bravo, BRAVO!!!!
Jordan Couch
Jordan Couch 2 місяці тому
This is amazing work all around. I love messing around with led lighting myself
Michael Juarez
Michael Juarez 21 день тому
Love the video. If It makes you happy to have a TV window then build it. More power to you for taking initiative and expanding your creativity. Never stop learning.
paran0ia7 4 місяці тому
While the bezel gaps are something I'm sure you get used to, I do wonder how much smaller you might be able to get them by removing the outer shells of the TVs. Maybe even then put some diffusion strips between the panels to blend them together a bit. A pair of blurry lines might actually look worse than hard divisions, but it could be fun to experiment with.
keyoflife24 3 місяці тому
Or just remove the frames, and build 1 large frame to house them.
kher33 3 місяці тому
@keyoflife24 Or just use a high quality 4k projector
Turd Fergusen
Turd Fergusen 3 місяці тому
or just put that baddie right up to your face or get a VR
never take a day off
never take a day off 3 місяці тому
im surprised he put all that work into this and didn't address the gaping gaps. he's obviously ok with it tho : )
killerv135 3 місяці тому
He will do it in another vid
lolwutdavid 2 місяці тому
Talk about a jack of all trades! So glad to be alive during a time where people like you are creating such amazing things like this!
2cool2beperfect 16 днів тому
wow, that looks great. very motivating. Keep up the good work👍
Iguana93 Місяць тому
A really great build and great video. Because of the bezels, for me it wouldn't be acceptable for shooter/story games, where I prefer to just sit very close to a 40 inch monitor to fill up my field of view, or movies, where I prefer a totally dark room and projector. But as a "window to anywhere" it is amazing and for racing games, fligth simulators etc. I'm sure it's great too. And for group games/entertainment of course.
DrewNZ 9 днів тому
Prefer my projector for the visual but each to their own, awesome job man. Very cool.
michil75 2 місяці тому
Awesome build, awesome video. Love it ! Thanks and keep it up ! 😊
Shillslayer McHammer
Shillslayer McHammer 4 місяці тому
My dude, just blown away, there are no adjectives to describe how stupidly high quality your builds end up, coupled with the high quality content of the process. Easily the most underrated YT'er in this genre!
Ana Ferguson
Ana Ferguson Місяць тому
I enjoyed this so much! Excellent job as usual! Again TYFS!
Funky.Ass.Breakz 2 місяці тому
Incredible build! I personally couldn't stand the massive bezel separating each screen, but still very, very cool idea!
Steven J Foster
Steven J Foster 2 місяці тому
wonder if you could take the plastic covers off the tv and have it seamless?
Jason Mills
Jason Mills 2 місяці тому
One thought I had was on the seat adjustment holes. Due to the shifting weight of the player, should you put steel hole liners for the bolt to go through so that the wood doesn’t get damaged? Like I would worry the ply wood would start to make the wood holes bigger and bigger? I love the fact that you re used the steel holes in the chair you used! Exactly what I would have done so you’re solid into the chair! awesome project overall I love it!
Kyle Bogacki
Kyle Bogacki 22 дні тому
you should do an inverted pedal mod. made a world of difference on my setup
TMYK 25 днів тому
Amazing video and skills, kudos! One potential solution to solve the bezel problem if you want to is bezel-less kits, though I don't know what is required to use them and there might not be ones that can help your particular case.
Anil Shinde
Anil Shinde 24 дні тому
What a video.. Awesome bro.. The creativity and hardworks show the Final output.. It just incredible.. Liked and subscribe to your channel.. I would love to do this kind of setup in my house.. but I stay way far from you..keep u the good work
BEE VIRAL 22 дні тому
I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that you're a master craftsman. Great work amazing job..
West Time
West Time 2 місяці тому
Hi! You had to remove the TV matrices from the case and then combine them into one huge screen so that the screen was frameless.
Seungchul Lee
Seungchul Lee 2 місяці тому
Great Video. Thanks for posting, and your efforts to setting this up. This is very informative. There are lots of things to learn.
JaRyCu 2 місяці тому
This might be the most amazing thing I've ever seen built on UKposts... my lord man. This is now a life goal for me, but in an RV instead of a house.
William Ng
William Ng 3 місяці тому
I feel so satisfiying seeing how you build all these fancy personal dream space. You are super awesome man.
Life's Abeach
Life's Abeach Місяць тому
You're incredible, Drew ... Looks amazing!📺📺📺
Stavvy 2 місяці тому
I've always wondered about multi-monitor setups for gaming. I feel the bezel would drive me NUTS.
Solo6R 25 днів тому
That's so relaxing. I wish I had a game/party room like that.
Truthteller 2 місяці тому
it's just amazing, the only drawback is the large frames between the TVs, but otherwise it's very cool
Sky High
Sky High 2 місяці тому
❤❤❤ wow. You are so talented, sir. I can only dream to have that kind of gaming room! I enjoyed watching until the end. I subscribed. 😊
Cargo Bay
Cargo Bay 4 місяці тому
Doing these projects are tedious on their own, but adding the layer of filming the process in a creative way, by yourself, is very well done!
DeSpace Man
DeSpace Man 3 місяці тому
Not to mention when you don't have to worry when your next income is coming from you to will have plenty of time to fool around & waste money or what ever makes you happy.
Cargo Bay
Cargo Bay 3 місяці тому
@DeSpace Man you good?
Shadow Smith
Shadow Smith 10 днів тому
@Cargo Bay that what I said he good
jonneymendoza 23 дні тому
I would seriously consider getting a direct drive wheelbase for that setup you have
David Singleton
David Singleton Місяць тому
They make wall jack's for all of those connections if you want a cleaner look. Your grommet works great too!
Sean H
Sean H 2 місяці тому
I’ve been running this Govee system for 1+ years now. That said, that’s the ONLY similarity between my setup and yours. This was awesome to watch! Thanks for sharing.
Mike Bas
Mike Bas Місяць тому
I am not a gamer but if I had a set up like this I would become one really quick. This is a bad ass set up.
moejoe1238 2 місяці тому
Work ethic. Craftsmanship. Amazing!! What a great video. You definitely have your shit wired tight my friend. Keep up the good work!!
CountingVFX 4 місяці тому
Drew is so talented man also has the coolest ideas
John Boy
John Boy 15 днів тому
I actually like the bezel, gives it that window feel
G Metz
G Metz 2 місяці тому
That was pretty impressive and to be made out of wood. It was just a cool video to watch.
mistertee Місяць тому
Just badass. I'd be playing those city walking tour videos all the time pretending i'm on vacation.
Daniel Douglas Clemens
Daniel Douglas Clemens 2 місяці тому
This is truly a piece of art! Great job! I just don't know, if I would "spend" so much room on video gaming. That being said, I am glad, that VR nowadays lets me immerse myself into a game without having to transform my entire room. And best of all with VR: you don't see the mess in my gaming room when playing! :-P
dfaovred Місяць тому
Amazing content! Loved every minute of it. Looks like you need an RTX 4090 now though :D Keep up the great work mate!
Dr. Matthew Hudson
Dr. Matthew Hudson Місяць тому
Why is that? (Serious question)
Deybis 7 днів тому
​@Dr. Matthew Hudson because some of the games weren't running on 60fps
Faceless-x-Abberation 4 місяці тому
Such a cool idea! Even if you're not playing games on it you could still use the screen to show you a beautiful view or a cool art piece or something. The possibilities are endless really.
Kapital Piercings Tattoos & Family Inc.
Kapital Piercings Tattoos & Family Inc. 2 місяці тому
I honestly loved the video and no one can really judge what you invest your money in because your money enjoy living up put yourself to live in a position that you want to live. I love it keep going. Thank you for the inspiration.
Ryan Spates
Ryan Spates 2 місяці тому
Pretty cool build. Well done sir!
Damian Gaibor
Damian Gaibor 2 місяці тому
I'm guessing the neon rope light for the desk is not available yet? By the way, great review as always amazing job. Thanks for all the little details, and be upfront. Keep it up the great content.
Eric Garcia
Eric Garcia 2 місяці тому
I totally loved it, man. Great and excellent work
M3Console-Gamer PS Network
M3Console-Gamer PS Network 2 місяці тому
You have put your heart and soul into your gaming room. Quite admirable mate!🙇‍♂ Every corner of your gaming room expresses joy and happiness. God bless your dwelling...🙏Happy Gaming!🎮
retro | reborn
retro | reborn 4 місяці тому
So sick! What a fun build to follow along to. Lots of tips and tricks along the way.
RogerRoger2000 Місяць тому
The movable window is truly awesome dude ❤
Shane Driscol
Shane Driscol 2 місяці тому
This is pretty badass. Dont the thick bevels of the 3 screens bother you? Or do you just end up not seeing them anything?
jaffer mirza
jaffer mirza Місяць тому
Amazing build. I think you should remove the tv plastic housing so you can join them together and the seam between the tv's is minimum.
conanf 2 місяці тому
brilliant. You inspired me to do this one day when I , hopefully!, get my own home
cato12 23 дні тому
This is badass. The gaps would bug me tho. I would have went with a bad ass short throw projector.
jaquestrap 4 місяці тому
Forget how badass this whole setup is, your attention to detail, the work ethic, the overall aesthetic and vision involved--all of which are fantastic. What I want to emphasize is that the way you edit your videos and give us the whole project all at once is a breath of fresh air compared to other youtubers out there. You have earned a like, a subscribe, and even me sharing this with friends. Keep up the great work, can't wait to see what you have to show us in the future!
Amanda's Randomness
Amanda's Randomness Місяць тому
This is amazing! I love this so much! 😍
Steve Plakhin
Steve Plakhin Місяць тому
Dude.. this is next level stuff! Good stuff!!
Utube account
Utube account 8 днів тому
I have had a racing rig for over four years and there are some things that I recommend. The first is that because you have a clutch on your pedals I recommend that buy a shifter and even a handbrake if you are into drifting a little bit. The next thing is when I am using my rig, I often can’t find a place to put my phone something that would solve that problem is having a little table with a wireless phone charger on it. When you start to use your wheel/pedals more and you want to upgrade, I upgraded to a fanatec setup which I love. This is in no way to accuse you/ your setup as being bad, I just want to help make your setup the best that it can be.
OhItsThat 2 місяці тому
I can’t believe he didn’t include a gaming pc in the planning of this project You’d never be able to achieve the full capabilities of something like this without one. Looks awesome!
Martin Doubek
Martin Doubek 2 місяці тому
Awesome build :), I wouldn't like the bars for watching movies but for the rest it looks great and as window it has amazing plus, you do not have to wash it :D
James Aman
James Aman 4 місяці тому
You're an inspiration man. Thank you for sharing these builds.
Carl Narber
Carl Narber 2 місяці тому
Awesome video and build dude, truly one of a kind.
iamkaden 2 місяці тому
This was a FANTASTIC VIDEO! One thing I noticed: Your displays are most likely set to 30hz, try changing them in the NVIDIA control panel to 60hz!
Paul C
Paul C 2 місяці тому
Relaxing to watch and great motivation I’m going to build me something similar now Ty !
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