Man Digs a Hole in a Mountain and Turns it Into an Amazing Apartment

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Big cities have many amenities and attractions, but it doesn't compare to the calm of the countryside. This man grew tired of living in the big city and returned to his hometown, where he now uses all his knowledge and resourcefulness to dig a house in the mountains. Could you build something like this? Leave your answer in the comments

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moha1900 2 години тому
The design is look bad...we Arabs built better stuff in mountains than him.He should visit Afghanistan and Jordan and learn from the pros.
Paul Graham
Paul Graham 2 години тому
Very nice. Check out Cappadocia Turkey. It's like another planet. A wonderful place to visit too.
moha1900 2 години тому
Sorry but he did all that to built this shit 😂 🤣 Afghans, Indians, Arabs in Jordan 🇯🇴 built a huge palace in the rocky mountains perfectly symmetrical in all corners with a roman design of a roman style decoration from inside and outside 1000 years ago!!!
Thế Hạnh Lê
Thế Hạnh Lê 3 години тому
Quá lành nghề
Victor Manoel
Victor Manoel 3 години тому
me playing Minecraft in 2010:
mickeygoesferal 3 години тому
The ultimate man cave...
Grimo Rea playing WAKFU MMORPG-Turn based PC
Grimo Rea playing WAKFU MMORPG-Turn based PC 3 години тому
do you pay rent to the landlord on peak of mount?
Synclocholy 3 години тому
And I'm not going to tell you guys that without tension support, this structure gonna break down every time soon
Rosalina G's Cooking Vlog
Rosalina G's Cooking Vlog 3 години тому
Wow super nice
Mariana Lazarevic
Mariana Lazarevic 4 години тому
I love it !
Александр Голиков
Александр Голиков 4 години тому
Ну прямо хоббит!
Theo Savage
Theo Savage 4 години тому
Men are amazing 👏🏾
Mad Man
Mad Man 4 години тому
Ну хз, че то как то ненадёжно, ночью там будешь шарахаться от любого шороха... наверняка же там водятся дикие животные, змеи или экзотические насекомые, которые, скажем, запросто смогут залезть в кровать D:
Poopa Fifa
Poopa Fifa 4 години тому
The Fish
The Fish 4 години тому
Fred Flinstone The 5000th senior returns to his roots. (2021)
Sqwabo 4 години тому
Minecraft ain’t got shit on mr tiger
Squatch84 4 години тому
This guy really to the idea of a man cave to the next level.
DJRaveP 5 годин тому
He must be deaf after that 😂
DJRaveP 5 годин тому
He must be deaf after that 😂
CraftRideR 5 годин тому
Amazing so much intelligence
清明 5 годин тому
Just imagine it crumbles all of a sudden
Artistx4u 5 годин тому
It was then bought by we bare bears company and the bears moved in to do their acting here.
$abertooth™ 5 годин тому
Alternate title - Minecraft in real life
Thuk Thang Sang
Thuk Thang Sang 5 годин тому
Wow I wonder how long will it take him to make all this happen
Little Dose
Little Dose 5 годин тому
Real legend are those who disliked. Don't play with nature.
Momo 5 годин тому
always wanna live under a rock.. never get to say that everyday
RG Barrios
RG Barrios 5 годин тому
"This hole is made for me..."
Blake Arendell
Blake Arendell 5 годин тому
Minecraft niggas in the first night
jozsi 6 годин тому
Alternate title: Man wears no PPE.
Space Mechanic
Space Mechanic 6 годин тому
These are type of men who built our world..
NUR ALOM 6 годин тому
The remarkable organ startlingly prepare because parade recently remove worth a breakable bail. rustic, youthful close
yueshijoorya 6 годин тому's an apartment, yes. But this seems to be a liiiiiittle clickbaity.
Jason Ridings
Jason Ridings 6 годин тому
Just beautiful aunty jeanne
Yari 6 годин тому
Ok, i had enough minecraft for today
Leegonn 6 годин тому
this house is not very safe
Noir Rain
Noir Rain 6 годин тому
The opposite. Not even earthquakes will shake it.
Miraj Vyas
Miraj Vyas 6 годин тому
How the F is this eco friendly??...he cut a ton of make this
James 6 годин тому
We're all playing Sim city and he's playing minecraft.
Maggie Edwards
Maggie Edwards 6 годин тому
Bruce Lee of building this is brilliant love it , but where is the electric source coming from ? 👀
Nora Fox
Nora Fox 7 годин тому
I wish I had this guy to work on my place!!wow,how beautiful!!
Comic Quirks with Jimmy
Comic Quirks with Jimmy 7 годин тому
Crazy to think he did that in 15 minutes
Joey Toribio
Joey Toribio 7 годин тому
Mr Tiger: "Not only am I going to make an apartment in a mountain with only an electric chisel... I'm going to do it in sandals."
Milan Baláž
Milan Baláž 7 годин тому
Minecraft starter base be like:
GGG beat Canelo
GGG beat Canelo 7 годин тому
It’s so so. I’ve built better before in creative mode. Joke aside amazing job. Crazy amount of work to put into a project and it came out stunning
DHG Zebraa
DHG Zebraa 8 годин тому
The idea of that water heater is cool but I can only imagine how long it takes to heat up a shower or even doing dishes
Naty Marín
Naty Marín 8 годин тому
It's the perfect minecraft dirt house👌
Jan Jones
Jan Jones 8 годин тому
Amazing,great, hard work! Your fantastic.! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😃♥️♥️
Greenlight X
Greenlight X 8 годин тому
"not enough space to fit this" *digs another storage hole thingy whatever* better
Jan Jones
Jan Jones 8 годин тому
Amazing! I still be scared in might cave in, but made of rock should be pretty strong. It’s beautiful.😊😊
Bobby Long
Bobby Long 8 годин тому
Very focused person he was spot on ...on what he wanted
Bobby Long
Bobby Long 8 годин тому
Wow awesome
agustin caceres
agustin caceres 8 годин тому
naaaaaaaaaa este chabon esta enfermoooo en el buen sentidooo obvio no
The Broke Dude
The Broke Dude 9 годин тому
Its free real estate
Noir Rain
Noir Rain 6 годин тому
Wait until the government charges him mountain taxes. Believe it.
Luc Thomas
Luc Thomas 9 годин тому
This is way too much work 😫.
NO TIMO NO PARTY 9 годин тому
This is Minecraft in real life
SuperJeremy1982 10 годин тому
This dude is near deaf, I guarantee it
Ethan Ille
Ethan Ille 10 годин тому
Tax avoidance at its best
Nikhil Bishnoi
Nikhil Bishnoi 10 годин тому
Exploiting nature...
Ruben Morillos
Ruben Morillos 10 годин тому
So Excited too Watch
Albian Gustav
Albian Gustav 10 годин тому
i bet he watch indian primitive builder
Rachel Tang
Rachel Tang 10 годин тому
How’s the WiFi?
CloudyCatGod 10 годин тому
How much you wanna bet he has minecraft on that pc?
Ann Sun
Ann Sun 11 годин тому
Shuvra Bhattacharya
Shuvra Bhattacharya 11 годин тому
zeeha story
zeeha story 11 годин тому
무허가로 산을 막 뚫네..안전 의식 따위는 없는
cookii 11 годин тому
Me on the first night in my minecraft world:
Samuel Mei
Samuel Mei 11 годин тому
This man is a legend 👏😩
Paulo Paulo
Paulo Paulo 12 годин тому
Show. 👏
Weed Jesus
Weed Jesus 12 годин тому
Hey it looks like my first mountain side Minecraft base back in 2013
Yarney Martinez
Yarney Martinez 12 годин тому
● Bonita mentira pa ganar likes ● ◇La madera se pudre y el cemento pesa. ◇La Roca se degrada y te entra a los ojos dentro de la cueva. ◇Internet en la selva, no hay, las torres de internet solo llegan a ciudades y pueblos grandes x oferta y demanda y por costes de mantenimiento. ◇Agua, 2 días sin lluvia y a carrear agua, ducharse ni pensar, ve al río mejor, a 2 km. ◇Electricidad, los paneles, la batería para esa computadora y 2 focos, se requiere bastantes paneles y baterías, mucho dinero, dudo que un poste de luz este por ahí en medio del monte a pocos km. ◇Desagüe, el excremento a 200 metros huele por el viento, debe haber un nuevo poso de oxidación cada cierto tiempo. Con todo el tiempo y dinero que te habrás gastado, MEJOR COMPRATE UNA CAMIÓN CASA. ◇Yo vivo en Junín - Perú 🇵🇪 y en la selva se gasta en todo, ami no me engañas.
Tinynoodles 12 годин тому
That thumbnail with holes in the wall reminds me of that one manga.
Minnienhle 12 годин тому
It's a man cave! Excuse the pun, I just had to :)
Edwin Olguin
Edwin Olguin 12 годин тому
Y si llueve y se le inunda al güey?, esos takatakas, a pesar de su falta de visión son intrépidos
Nino Laureles
Nino Laureles 12 годин тому
it is amazing, but erosion my dude.
Steve d
Steve d 13 годин тому
What happens when it rains heavily and the water seeps through ?
Travels in Thailand
Travels in Thailand 13 годин тому
If Thailand. No way.
VoidedKN0X 13 годин тому
Every minecrafters starter base
Adam Reddust
Adam Reddust 14 годин тому
I could, maybe, only see ear plugs once or twice, maybe. looks great. couldn't hear anything at the end of it however....
Ackos 14 годин тому
The Baggins approve.
Ely Chavez
Ely Chavez 14 годин тому
What a beast! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
raha1277 14 годин тому
Amazing work, its a shame he didn't do it on UKposts he could have made a lot. Also no ear protection in that cave with those machines hope he doesn't regret that.
Dog Nose
Dog Nose 14 годин тому
Im just worried if all of this is structurally sound and safe
Erika Payne
Erika Payne 14 годин тому
Not going to lie I would be scared, it would collapse on top of me.
Peace. Love. Tranquility. Be one with each other.
Peace. Love. Tranquility. Be one with each other. 14 годин тому
That must have been really boring.
lolograde 15 годин тому
This dude out here playing Minecraft IRL.
Bruno Igarashi
Bruno Igarashi 15 годин тому
Lol 👏👏 Does anyone know the duration to build? Please.
Kris Griffin
Kris Griffin 15 годин тому
Cool as crap, but now he is deaf.
Mark Baptista
Mark Baptista 15 годин тому
Exceptional talent, dedication, creativity and construction one negative observation is that at no point in the entire process did he wear eye protection when using a multitude of power tools......rather foolhardy, especially since he’s a construction professional.
Fintan 15 годин тому
This is amazing!
Alex Santos
Alex Santos 15 годин тому
É muito trabalho tá loko surreal kkkkk
Nancy Trumpelosi
Nancy Trumpelosi 15 годин тому
Way way awesome, but I have one question. How does he know how much material he can remove before the roof will come down on him? Edit towards end of video: DUDE! Your house is so effing cool!
Beli Monah
Beli Monah 16 годин тому
Wow, this guy is crazy! 🤙
Derly Bernardo Bigay Martinez
Derly Bernardo Bigay Martinez 16 годин тому
Blondie 16 годин тому
man just decided to play minecraft in real life
secret squirrel
secret squirrel 16 годин тому
Amazing and it only took him 15 minutes to do all that.
abdoulll abdoulll
abdoulll abdoulll 16 годин тому
هههه ماشاء الله قوة الالة وذكاء الشباب كقوة قوم عاد وثمود.
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