Mi Band 6 - Full Review - vs. Mi band 4 & 5 [Xiaomify]

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Woah! It's the Mi band 6, already? Well yes, it is!
This time around I surely didn't expect to already see Xiaomi launch the Mi Band 6, but since it's here... let's have a look!

This time around the Mi band (once again) does not have any major upgrades. It does have one significant upgrade which is a 60% percent in screen size, which doesn't look like much at first sight, but it's quite a big change. Other changes include the addition of an SPO2 sensor to measure blood-oxygen levels.

It now also has a total of 30 fitness trackers, which is a significant difference from previous generations. What also seems to be new is the ability to see previous workouts, something I did not see on the Mi band 4 or Mi band 5.

It comes with bigger storage and ram sizes compared to the Mi band 5 as well, as it now has 2 MB of RAM (4x) and 32MB ROM (2x).

And last but not least, it also has a sleep-breathing analysis, something that previous generations also did not have.

Overall it does have a few improvements, with the display being the most significant visual change, but this time around it's not a MAJOR upgrade...

00:00 Intro
00:17 Unboxing the Mi band 6
00:36 Mi band 6 tech specs
02:12 What's new on the 6?
03:23 Mi band in use
05:00 Fitness tracking (swimming)
05:32 Mi band 4 - vs Mi band 5 - vs Mi band 6
06:09 Mi band 5 straps and charger on 6?
06:25 Mi band 6 pricing (Europe)
06:38 Conclusion

Taiwo Babatunde
Taiwo Babatunde 14 годин тому
Got mine today, great so far.
Badman No.1
Badman No.1 2 дні тому
Just when I was about to buy the 5th generation
raine co
raine co 3 дні тому
I had a miband 3 that died unexpectedly (it will no longer charge). I just really like the form factor of the miband series. i hope if i choose to buy this it will last longer.
Ram Ranch
Ram Ranch 3 дні тому
Does it have a gps?
Kai Zastrutzki
Kai Zastrutzki 3 дні тому
Hᴀssʜᴇʀᴏ 4 дні тому
I have MI SMART BAND 4 MI SMART BAND 5 MI SMART BAND 6 so i am lucky 🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓
ALXR 4 дні тому
Typo detected >.
Sahil Gaikwad
Sahil Gaikwad 5 днів тому
I still have mi band 5 and I think it's the the same
kaka jee486
kaka jee486 8 днів тому
does it show compleate notifications?
Gabriel Juganaru
Gabriel Juganaru 8 днів тому
I have a mi band 3 so I would say it's probably a good jump in upgrade. I'm worried though about the no button thing. Is there a go home gesture to immediately go back or do you have to swipe through menus back?
Lucian Mărieș
Lucian Mărieș 9 днів тому
rocking the 4; about the upgrade to the 6
Formy Zee
Formy Zee 10 днів тому
I don't even own an activity band, so I guess this one should be a huge upgrade for me ^^ Been looking at reviews all day trying to decide, but it leans towards this one. Thx for the review o/
Matt Helm
Matt Helm 11 днів тому
I like the home button on the 4, how does that work on the 6?
Waffelo 12 днів тому
I am switching from mi band 4 to mi band 6
sunny pandey
sunny pandey 12 днів тому
Make up your mind man
Pantelas 12 днів тому
Does anyone know if mi band 6 has fitness trackers for tennis? I can see it can track badminton and table tennis, but I haven't seen tennis on the 30 activities supported.
Darciukas 12 днів тому
Lost my mi band 4 in a lake. Might need to get this
sk chauhan
sk chauhan 12 днів тому
Is video call is available in this.
N Hartog
N Hartog 15 днів тому
I upgrade from 5 tot the 6 now. I gave the 5 to my little brother and yeah the screen is bigger and i like it! Im happy with it
Glen Kim
Glen Kim 15 днів тому
MiBand5 is still good enough for me
Ylendeth 16 днів тому
Theres one big problem in these Xiaomi Fitness Trackers. If your band is on workout mode, you're stuck at this mode and you cannot go back to the main menu anymore unless you end the workout. Eg: if i'm on a workout, i cannot use the band to control the music on my phone. I wonder why no reviewers ever mention this flaw before.
Amir Behrad Masoumi
Amir Behrad Masoumi 17 днів тому
Thanks 😊👍
Boy 18 днів тому
that dutch accent : >
Malachi 18 днів тому
I am using Mi Band 3 and works fine 🙂
Nicolas Salazar
Nicolas Salazar 20 днів тому
I'm still rocking the mi band 4...still getting 20 days of battery life after about 1.5 years of owning it....not sure if worth the upgrade tbh.
RTW Channel
RTW Channel 21 день тому
Just buy today. Excited n
TheRelax5000 22 дні тому
If I received a message from my iPhone I can see it on the mi band 6 ?
Matchapurplemoon 22 дні тому
Can anyone tell me how I can turn off the mi band 6?
Gloria Pleiman
Gloria Pleiman 22 дні тому
I have the mi band 4 and love it! Although, I would love if it had a sound if u somehow lost it or for the alarm function. Pointless to have a function to find it if it vibrates! Sticking with the 4 until that happens.
Madis 22 дні тому
Miband sucks monkeyballs. Step counting is baaaaad, wristband comes loose and phone app is tracking your location and sending it to china
Crusoe 23 дні тому
ok, bigger display so I can finally watch movies on it. But my question is can you pay with in europe? Nope! so not worth the upgrade from miband 4
Juanchi 23 дні тому
Will work with Apple phones?
Wycliffe Ndiba
Wycliffe Ndiba 25 днів тому
Still got the Mi band 3 so that the upgrade is definitely called for
Ronak 28 днів тому
Including the price, mi band 5 or mi band 6?
Ronak 28 днів тому
I have a broken mi band 2 and want to know to buy whichone
smithy2365 28 днів тому
How is it at tracking gym training? Lifting weights etc? Does it tell you anything interesting or just heart rate?
Rayan 2
Rayan 2 29 днів тому
Eva Zo
Eva Zo Місяць тому
Can you Turn Off the Bluetooth?😁
Zac zeloof
Zac zeloof Місяць тому
Can u play music whilst running?
narsing rao
narsing rao Місяць тому
I have mi smart band 5 i like my band
Ahmed mohamed
Ahmed mohamed Місяць тому
I have the mi band 4 going for the mi band 7 or 10
alibeasst Місяць тому
yessssss jump ropeeeeeeeefor meee
Kyoko Yukimura
Kyoko Yukimura Місяць тому
Where do I buy the mi band 6 global version? I keep ordering the Chinese version even tho it says global version
Ali Walil
Ali Walil Місяць тому
I think this thing is useless.
rj hinde
rj hinde Місяць тому
Mi band 3 user here, can't see any upgrades in my future, this thing seems bulletproof. Great review tho, thanks!
rj hinde
rj hinde Місяць тому
@Melvin George great, so there's hope yet :-)
Melvin George
Melvin George Місяць тому
I have to switch due to my watch screen cracking
Devashish Thakur
Devashish Thakur Місяць тому
No information about incoming calls,text msgs,reply calls from band etc...
Lam Lucas
Lam Lucas Місяць тому
no reason for 5 upgrade to 6.
Just Omar
Just Omar Місяць тому
I still have the mi band 2 and I finally decided to upgrade to the 5 then waiting to the 8 maybe lol Edit: plus it's half the price of the 6 lol
Jess Місяць тому
I just found my mi band 2 lol so I guess I could upgrade to this. But would like a comparison to honor band. The swimming feature is the seller for me!
Janko Bajagic
Janko Bajagic Місяць тому
Still on miband2, showing its age however and needs an update. This might be it
Lolo Ledo
Lolo Ledo Місяць тому
Total crap.more and more expensive..I still have the 3 and it’s more than enough.exactly spot on review
Kuro Sparda
Kuro Sparda Місяць тому
My smaller device back in 1990 could play many songs while I worked out, u kidding this ugly crap cant play songs, who buys this is dumb, thanks for the review tho, bye bye
iammagicmatt Місяць тому
I'm still wearing the Mi Band 3 that I bought last 2018. Planning on switching but then again, there's not much difference aside from the colored and bigger screen.
Christian souaid
Christian souaid Місяць тому
I prefer staying on mi band 4
Amber CY TSAI Місяць тому
I lost my 4 surfing and 5 surfing again today... will the band for 4 fit 6 as well? I didn’t like the round kind of strap of 5 😂 And I’m going to get the strap that’s not a clip on only... when will 7 come out?
xiaomify Місяць тому
The band of the 4 does't fit well on the 5 and 6. I think there's some third-party straps to be found online though. At this pace, the 7 should come out in 12 months from now 😂
Frank King
Frank King Місяць тому
Still in mi band 3...
Dwight Paulo Loteyro
Dwight Paulo Loteyro Місяць тому
I still got my MiBand 4. I have been using it to track my cycling activities and its still good! I think ill replace it when the MB7 comes out. Not much of upgrades from 5 to 6. So ill wait for the 7! 🤗
jinsi Місяць тому
Hey please compare spo2 function with medical equipment..for accuracy
rajya laxmi dhantha
rajya laxmi dhantha Місяць тому
How to buy mi band 6 and cost of mi band 6 in india
AL LE NA Місяць тому
Is it compatible to realme phone?
Rifat Місяць тому
If i am now getting mi 5 band 5 cheap. Should i buy it?
Smilli Місяць тому
I'm still on Mi Band 2 and I promised myself to get 5 when it came out and dropped a bit in price though that didn't happen. Maybe I'll get 6 this time.
Lou R
Lou R Місяць тому
Still rocking miband 2
Nesboy85 Місяць тому
Ι ve had every mi band starting from 2. What I never liked is that in order to track your exercise you must have both the app from the phone and the exercise on the watch, turned on. If not doing so, your exercise wont be fully tracked and synced. I d expect, since connected with BT, to work automatically by just choosing the exercise from the watch (witch happens to every smart watch on the market). Just bought 6, and still they haven't changed it. :(
Andrew Susunaga
Andrew Susunaga Місяць тому
I have 4, maybe is a good leap to the 6 :d Do you know if it can read emojis?
Asen Stavrev
Asen Stavrev Місяць тому
this is a perfect update since I have problems with my vision so a bigger display is pretty neat.
Çağrı Pamuk
Çağrı Pamuk Місяць тому
l still use mi band 2. Not going to buy nes band until this one breaks
Lean Rambles
Lean Rambles Місяць тому
Hi can you make NFC payments with Gobal or China version?
NoobDoggo Місяць тому
I still Prefer Huawei Band 6 because it has a better design and a larger screen but it still your choice which one you will buy⌚
MamMadZz Місяць тому
Passing through with my mi band 2 😂
shaik sajid pasha
shaik sajid pasha Місяць тому
How to buy this in India ?
Jaymz2 Місяць тому
I'm still rocking the Mi Band 2 lol
TikiorTaka Місяць тому
sp02 reading is very vital now
Youssef Khalil
Youssef Khalil Місяць тому
It doesn't have a water mode to ignore accidental water drops falling on screen which is quite annoying when taking a shower.
Murali Krishnan
Murali Krishnan Місяць тому
Does the mi band 6 also support blood pressure monitoring?
林杏子 Місяць тому
dovis93 Місяць тому
Can it connect to Strava?
Sempastian Місяць тому
Will mi bands 6 strap fit on a mi band 4 watch?
George Giannouris
George Giannouris Місяць тому
is supporting sea swimming?
katkootable Місяць тому
Can you control music playback while working out?
Ardit M
Ardit M Місяць тому
If it had always on display I'd get it...
Just call me Hep
Just call me Hep Місяць тому
How about notifications from apps? Did its show this video?
Kev Місяць тому
My Mi Band 3 broke
Roel Almodiel
Roel Almodiel Місяць тому
bought mine just now, and im disappointed its not pairing on the zepp app, unlike the mi band 5.
Ashmuryode Місяць тому
upgrade Mi Band 4 to Mi Band 6 it’s Leap Of Faith
Boris Romac
Boris Romac Місяць тому
I used to have a Galaxy watch, but it was too heavy on my hand and uncomfortable while sleeping with it. Now I have a Mi Band 6, and I'm thrilled with it, the truth is I miss some smart control options with other xiaomi smart devices but all in all a great device at a good price.
ernest bailey
ernest bailey Місяць тому
No blood pressure it sucks
TAROT CAFE Місяць тому
Bravo. Greetings from Serbia Europe ❤️🙏🇷🇸
C. Hauser
C. Hauser Місяць тому
Sold at 30 eur in China. I guess the pricier international NFC version hasn’t been released yet?
Chelsea Chaplin
Chelsea Chaplin Місяць тому
I have a mi band 3 that just broke. but I'll go for the mi band 5 because of the price drop
Sammer Games 31
Sammer Games 31 Місяць тому
Bahaar Abdullah
Bahaar Abdullah Місяць тому
Naahh Mi Band 5 is all okay and Mi band 6 was not really needed to be released
amrut terdal
amrut terdal Місяць тому
I have never used a Fitness band before. Thought of buying mi band 5 untill I watch this video but thinking to wait but don't know when mi band 6 will launch in India.
Lone Dragon
Lone Dragon Місяць тому
What about batteries? My mi band 5 can't stand longer like 4
Robin de Groot
Robin de Groot Місяць тому
Nice video bruh, with which program do you edit your videos?
Lasiah Saad
Lasiah Saad Місяць тому
Im using mi band 5
John G.T.
John G.T. Місяць тому
Me waiting to upgrade from my mi band 2
عدنان |ADNAN
عدنان |ADNAN Місяць тому
the comments below: i have mi band 4 and i will wait to the mi band 207 the replyS : same bro, me to, i think i will wait for 208, i am gonna to switch to 207 when it be available in the stores
عدنان |ADNAN
عدنان |ADNAN Місяць тому
who have mi band 4 ? 🙂💔
Otto the Knight
Otto the Knight Місяць тому
I'll just wait for 7 as my haylou ls05 is still doing well
Dahniel Poon
Dahniel Poon Місяць тому
Waiting for Mi band to come up with a blood pressure feature...
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