Minecraft, But Item Drops Are Random And Multiplied

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Minecraft, But Item Drops Are Random and Multiplied Every Time you break a block or kill a mob... Not x2, not x5, but up to times A MILLION.
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I just released my new merch store! You can check it out here: georgenotfound.shop/ Also thanks for 500k subs :)
Ron You Tube Tv
Ron You Tube Tv 4 дні тому
Girls can Game
Girls can Game 4 дні тому
R u and dream dating?😏
pixelated react
pixelated react Місяць тому
@laken medico how are u doing now:)
Claire Farrell
Claire Farrell 2 місяці тому
I got the merch it's so cool
daniel skull
daniel skull 3 місяці тому
@Jream is nothing veggie
Celena Faris
Celena Faris 27 хвилин тому
when is clay going to do a face reveal
Beto Pineda
Beto Pineda Годину тому
Oh gogy
Eve Hoang
Eve Hoang Годину тому
You guys should have tried to get the arrows with potions
-Aiza Nabil-
-Aiza Nabil- 3 години тому
This was posted on my birthday!!
gözde çolak
gözde çolak 5 годин тому
Dreams name is clay
skulltattoo664 8 годин тому
i think even Rageelixir made a similar vid
Lune 8 годин тому
Why Im here? Im from Poland btw👉👈
Chatchanan Nanudorn
Chatchanan Nanudorn 10 годин тому
eee 😂😂😂😂
Samantha Gorman
Samantha Gorman 12 годин тому
jiet 14 годин тому
18:18 sapnap, dream looked like a bunch of bees disturbing the dragon
Dayang Aziz
Dayang Aziz 15 годин тому
Get elytra with no kill dragon
Voidz Panda
Voidz Panda 16 годин тому
so no one's gonna talk about how george was eating golden apples when he was half a hunger bar down
Grootloops 16 годин тому
George when his game lags: AH LAG! Me when I lag: There's a whole lot more where that came from.
Idk _
Idk _ 16 годин тому
17:31 no because it was so cool when Dream just swooped in and destroyed the crystal
Katelyn Bohan
Katelyn Bohan 17 годин тому
Solyana Negash
Solyana Negash 23 години тому
Let the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all amen. Revelations 22 21
Fish-ion День тому
Its like, "Minecraft, but unlimited golden apples"
Itz0nlyMeisPink День тому
George: I'm flying YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY Me: Perfect song for you, I BEILIVE I CAN FLyyyyYyyyyyyyY I BELIEVE I CAN TOUCH THE SKYYyyyy
Chef Seven (Daw)
Chef Seven (Daw) День тому
3:06 he said terrocotta not terracotta he just skipped it
karthik Nagarajan123
karthik Nagarajan123 День тому
This many more bloxs is more things
iam Nour
iam Nour День тому
Oh woooow😍😍😃
Nuha Mahfuzah
Nuha Mahfuzah День тому
They could have builded a barrier and spawn the eggs in so they can have a lot of chicken nuggets ;D
Cole Hartley
Cole Hartley День тому
Imagine using this mod during a speed run
-blackie blood-
-blackie blood- День тому
I had subtitles on and when ever George said dream it said jim’s
Tobby extra
Tobby extra День тому
Skylar Gardiner
Skylar Gardiner День тому
*casually uses diamond blocks to bridge*
Lara День тому
12:22 - That was so cute! ♥
Nuah Lozare
Nuah Lozare 2 дні тому
This looks like painful creative mode with no flying
JM AM 2 дні тому
17:54 The bow has no arrow bug
PotterRings TV
PotterRings TV 2 дні тому
Yo this is awesome
WaRLZ 2 дні тому
how did george survive that many times after destroying the end crystals while being beside it how lucky is he
Hoseyn Merati63
Hoseyn Merati63 2 дні тому
I also like dreams laughs
Hoseyn Merati63
Hoseyn Merati63 2 дні тому
Why people ship u and dream
Momok Fncker
Momok Fncker 2 дні тому
I like Minecraft 😘
bloblo 2 дні тому
13:54 he said the n word
MA Lomboy
MA Lomboy 2 дні тому
Hahahaha🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣when ur killing the dragon with a elytra its like attack on titan
Jamie Moroney
Jamie Moroney 2 дні тому
Once my brother was playing with his friend and he dig straight down and found the place to get the ender dragon 😂
Thuta Htut
Thuta Htut 2 дні тому
When sapnap said watch this watch this watch this i thought he was gonna say ITS THE GUY FROM FORTNITE
Oli Oli
Oli Oli 2 дні тому
Did he say the n word or?
I make horrors dumbchannel
I make horrors dumbchannel 2 дні тому
George: we are gonna finish this in like 10 seconds 20 minutes of finding ended pearls
Cristobal Ortiz
Cristobal Ortiz 2 дні тому
mario neto
mario neto 2 дні тому
oh dream oh dream oh dream oh dream oh george oh george oh george
badoor12 (‫بدر القارء‬‎)
badoor12 (‫بدر القارء‬‎) 2 дні тому
Minecraft turned into bee simulator
Jacob Equihua
Jacob Equihua 2 дні тому
Sebastian Young
Sebastian Young 3 дні тому
Bro my phone was lagging just waching
Moss Kuckens
Moss Kuckens 3 дні тому
The quack message disappointedly nod because force curiously buzz apropos a mushy pastor. deafening, furry furtive crime
GamingWithDC382 3 дні тому
At 17:53, his bow glitched out. lol
Hawks 🌺
Hawks 🌺 3 дні тому
5:48 did he just say: "Come here, Clay" >_
Master Lu
Master Lu 3 дні тому
George, Dream and Sapnap: *flying around on elytras killing the ender dragon* Mojang: 😐
otilia ochoa
otilia ochoa 3 дні тому
Manha Virk
Manha Virk 3 дні тому
They didn’t make a shield, not that they needed one 😂 Also who’s rewatching this in 2021 😂
Tony Salim
Tony Salim 3 дні тому
Junita Politon
Junita Politon 3 дні тому
Congrats at 9M george
Stupid chariot
Stupid chariot 3 дні тому
George: why'd you kill the wolf? Dream: for science
Kideto Hellfire Mibu
Kideto Hellfire Mibu 3 дні тому
Plugins seem so fun...but being someone with only PlayStation Minecraft...
Gina Christante
Gina Christante 3 дні тому
I hate your channel so much! Cause you just killed dream before in Minecraft manhunt! And now I hate your channel!!!!!!!!
LoggieXtreme 2 дні тому
BakedPotato 3 дні тому
Then why did you click on this video….?
Amir Golesorkhi
Amir Golesorkhi 3 дні тому
The dapper custard perceptually confess because creature consistently grin forenenst a first planet. groovy, true tip
Turtle Cheeto
Turtle Cheeto 4 дні тому
Hoàng Huỳnh Nguyễn
Hoàng Huỳnh Nguyễn 4 дні тому
Dream not like you
MiniNinja Bricks
MiniNinja Bricks 4 дні тому
From dream is droping Golden apples😦
I_like_GeorgeNotFound_x_dream GeorgeNotFoundxdream
I_like_GeorgeNotFound_x_dream GeorgeNotFoundxdream 4 дні тому
That's so cute 😭👊 12:35
★† Vv_Rasazy_vV †★
★† Vv_Rasazy_vV †★ 4 дні тому
1:47 omggggg sapnap got rare egg 1 egg = 5 chiken
Natalie Stowe
Natalie Stowe 4 дні тому
"theres a woof" killed me for some reason
ANGRY DREAM 4 дні тому
Did u know that dreams real name is clay
Black 5 днів тому
When I’m watching This Video George Had 9 million Subs
Ashidbat Anarzul
Ashidbat Anarzul 5 днів тому
did no one notice that sapnap got 4 chikens from 1 egg in the start of the game
Wolfy amazement
Wolfy amazement 5 днів тому
at the start every dnf fan was like omg omg then he said merch XD
Oliver Maxwell
Oliver Maxwell 5 днів тому
Zach V.
Zach V. 5 днів тому
Did my man break ice with a bow
Pauline s toy chanell jaeda paulin
Pauline s toy chanell jaeda paulin 5 днів тому
Ymee Chelsea ESTIANDAN
Ymee Chelsea ESTIANDAN 5 днів тому
the common u break a block the legendary/rare it is but the rare/legenady block u break the common u get
Maria Luningning Erestain
Maria Luningning Erestain 5 днів тому
Did anyone see or was that just Sapnap throwing 3 chicken eggs and hatched 3
Sandra 3
Sandra 3 6 днів тому
Comfort video LMAO
Penelope Chang
Penelope Chang 6 днів тому
me in the end: "I ONLY HAVE HALF A HEART" dream in the end: "I ONLY HAVE 16 HEARTS-"
Aldrain Blaise Sazon
Aldrain Blaise Sazon 6 днів тому
Next you wanna do Minecraft but items drop costume & random
girlane pires
girlane pires 6 днів тому
-------George: "We need food"------------------
Emily Pierce
Emily Pierce 6 днів тому
Hey Gogy can u pls do this video with Karl, u, sapnap, dream, tommyinnit, and tubbo
Brian koz
Brian koz 7 днів тому
The white downtown systemically accept because drawer ontogenetically scream pro a eager floor. pathetic, heavenly heavy hellish sand
Emilia Rose
Emilia Rose 7 днів тому
“Come here CLAY.”
Finest_Figure_GIO 7 днів тому
Why didn't u make a Shield from the first place?
araf 2015
araf 2015 7 днів тому
Toast AJ
Toast AJ 7 днів тому
Anyone have ideas on how I can make my parents trust the merch site so I can buy a hoodie?
rey june bagsic
rey june bagsic 7 днів тому
uhm your minecraft named Dream Team SMP
rey june bagsic
rey june bagsic 7 днів тому
uhm i just found your server
Nguyen viet tam
Nguyen viet tam 7 днів тому
happy happy!
happy happy! 7 днів тому
no one's gonna talk about the four chick egg drop on the first throws 1:46 bottom right
Pokpong subprasert
Pokpong subprasert 7 днів тому
1:49 egg spawn 4 chicks
charlotte.not.found.forever 7 днів тому
Me hearing what this ye aye aye s ye aye ay ez ye say eys ye say say eye ye
Belo 7 днів тому
I'd just like to say that there's technically no reason not to subscribe to my channel, which means you should. Once I actually get a mic that doesn't make me sound like I just got whacked in the head while I'm drunk and high at the same time and I just had a stroke and a brain aneurism simultaneously, I'll start uploading gaming videos of Minecraft and such.
Lee Vincent Asuncion
Lee Vincent Asuncion 7 днів тому
This friendship tho😫❤️
MEE6 Demon
MEE6 Demon 7 днів тому
1:47 sapnap got 4 chickens from 1 egg
Auden Heikkila
Auden Heikkila 7 днів тому
I love George’s and dreams ✨yes✨ lol
Hannah Dennis
Hannah Dennis 7 днів тому
Daniel Rodríguez
Daniel Rodríguez 8 днів тому
Love your videos xd
Pauline Aguirre
Pauline Aguirre 8 днів тому
The adamant difference hopefully blink because leg namely grab amidst a grubby gruesome step-mother. young, outstanding authorization
Emma_NT 9 днів тому
George: *gasp*. Silence....
SagePlayzYT 9 днів тому
Cassian Poppleton
Cassian Poppleton 9 днів тому
best video!
mesonicplayz 9 днів тому
George??? Whis george what dream whis sapnap he wants to nap
ThEmInCrAfT SIMP 9 днів тому
George saying that he’ll be in this in 10 secs Me waiting 10 seconds
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