My Favorite Eurovision Moments

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EmilySC Eurovision

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villehvo 9 годин тому
Rip Örs, the hungarian singer died of leukemia
Emma День тому
This is just too beautiful
Luxoria1 2 дні тому
This editing is on another Level!
Gabija Matutyte
Gabija Matutyte 2 дні тому
I love that eurovision is just a big party.. and exhange of songs.. I think that's the reason our party songs are in different languages
Abbey Robinson
Abbey Robinson 3 дні тому
I cant believe we sent jedwad and yet im not surprised
Just Music
Just Music 4 дні тому
I feel like the man at 1:48 was like "oh darn we haven't found one yet uhm go yell on the streets if someone wants to perform at Eurovision"
Randomnautica 4 дні тому
Montenegro just gave up and decided to suprise EUROPE 🤣
I scream fitness Dont tjek out muh Channel son
I scream fitness Dont tjek out muh Channel son 5 днів тому
The polish malkning women
Sucuk 5 днів тому
can bonomo yaktın bizi be abi
rikwatson200 5 днів тому
Cloud 5 днів тому
Hmm, no Lordi. I was very young in 2006, but I instantly knew that they would win.
virtahepo29 6 днів тому
where is hard rock hallelujah
Lea Lopez
Lea Lopez 6 днів тому
Key to enjoy Eurovision... Weed, edibles, PCP, acid, and shit ton of bag of chips
Ju Les
Ju Les 6 днів тому
I had to laugh so bad about some performances, thank you for the video!! Great reminder of certain performances ;)
Talat Akromov
Talat Akromov 7 днів тому
5:50 Russians I am sure
Drawingangel 666
Drawingangel 666 7 днів тому
6:37 As a person from spain, that moment is iconic. After this, they prohibited doing that on eurovision haha
Anna Lobova
Anna Lobova 7 днів тому
0:17 The singer is a man. did you know?
Stefan Dimitrijevic
Stefan Dimitrijevic 8 днів тому
His name is Rambo Amadeus, It's english with a broken accent, and he trolled the whole fuckin' Europe
Ayşegül 11 днів тому
Ah be Bono abim ne yapıyorsun buralarda! Evde yine gemi olurdun sen.
Dimitrije Radmanovic
Dimitrije Radmanovic 11 днів тому
1:35 my country i am prođu
tony gleeson
tony gleeson 11 днів тому
On behalf of Ireland we apologize for jedward 😂😂😂🤣🤣
S. Svi
S. Svi 15 днів тому
Where are Ruslana's Wild Dances? After I tried to repeat her moves, my sweat went down my body like someone spilled a bucket of water.
Kara Klaussen
Kara Klaussen 15 днів тому
You forgot the sexy polish milkmaids when Donatan and Cleo performed lmao
Der SSS 15 днів тому
that moment when stefan raab trolled the esc
Xxflicks 16 днів тому
dustin the turkey 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Murokulho 17 днів тому
1:34 euro, euron, go bisketti hemmetti paketti kana patetti
TheCarlScharnberg 18 днів тому
Fucking LOVE Wadde hadde du de da! HAHAHAH!
Brigid Farelly
Brigid Farelly 18 днів тому
I had two reactions to this video. 1: oh yeah, the yodelling with the awkward kiss. oh yeah, the weird bondage year. oh yeah, the helicopter guy. oh yeah, the russian babushkas. 2: what the shit montenegro? what is this alcohol song and why do I need it? What is this?
Almighty Kellus
Almighty Kellus 17 днів тому
If you're talking about Alcohol is Free, that was Greece's entry in 2013
Bee-Bo 18 днів тому
I am now going to watch every Eurovision from now on.
KiLbKa 18 днів тому
А Сердючка чуть деда не шлёпнул
Adam koziara
Adam koziara 19 днів тому
2:29 what is that song called
Almighty Kellus
Almighty Kellus 17 днів тому
Euphoria by Loreen
Aidan Silber
Aidan Silber 19 днів тому
Alright the Hebrew rap solo at 4:20 is iconic
Martinix 21 день тому
i laughed my ass off when they couldn't figure out what language Rambo Amadeus was speaking
Bruh Nikol
Bruh Nikol 22 дні тому
5:54 wtf we just send again...
Bruh Nikol
Bruh Nikol 22 дні тому
Doom The One
Doom The One 22 дні тому
In here, Europe, we have a thing like Lordi. Yep. We're proud.
Alex Sky
Alex Sky 22 дні тому
Where is Lordy?
sdhndhkyjf 23 дні тому
and they say white people have no culture
Yaman 23 дні тому
3:35 as bayraklari
K politis
K politis 23 дні тому
you mised 2 of the best songs
HOLDUP BEATS 23 дні тому
1:35 thank me later
Степан Захаров
Степан Захаров 23 дні тому
Holy shit! Is that Stefan Raab!?
DeltaSilver88 25 днів тому
I'm a little surprised about the lack of the countertenor vampire.
Franz Friedrich
Franz Friedrich 25 днів тому
The song of Stefan Raab was something only Germans could understand XD
dalfvideos 26 днів тому
The author of JoJo called, he said these outfits are too over the top!
kittykat94100 26 днів тому
Jedward twins for life 😍
Daniel Walker
Daniel Walker 26 днів тому
5:28 dude has more pyrotechnics than Great White.
Tostakis90 27 днів тому
2:52 i think this guy is dead
Justin Böcker
Justin Böcker 27 днів тому
Wadde hadde dudde da is so awesome if you able to understand german this dialect😅🙈
Emerald 28 днів тому
As a German i can assure you Wadde hadde du de da is indeed German but with a dialect. That means in conclusion: I also have near to no fucking Idea what he is singing about
EvitaHeikk 28 днів тому
kittiesmiau 29 днів тому
Forgot fairytale
lana _pog
lana _pog 29 днів тому
1:45 if u are blinde or dumb that is Montenegro and that song is amazing
TheAutistic Tomboy
TheAutistic Tomboy Місяць тому
3:07 so we'll just ignore this guy just casually fucking a hammer around the entire perfomance- (one banger of a song though)
Abbi Місяць тому
The first one is an absolute tune
Mikkebak The Gamer
Mikkebak The Gamer Місяць тому
5:34 Olivia Tira and the Sunstroke Project’s Run Away, paired with that incredible Saxophone performance by Sergey Stepanov will always be my favorite Eurovision song.
N1TE Geeza
N1TE Geeza Місяць тому
4:10 for israel this is so much better then toy
paranormal legorythmus
paranormal legorythmus Місяць тому
I have the feeling that you must be able to not take yourself seriously.
Senni L
Senni L Місяць тому
Somebody: Europeans are so
[ Melody ]
[ Melody ] Місяць тому
At 1:35, The guy is speaking romanian, lol. Greetings from Romania! 🇷🇴
jared grant
jared grant Місяць тому
I’m sorry what the fuck was Israel 😭✋🏻
Jani Määttä
Jani Määttä Місяць тому
Oh god more pop😣
xX17warstarXx Місяць тому
The guy from Austria at 3:40 looks a little bit like Kaya Yanar
Legend Gaming
Legend Gaming Місяць тому
Hungary's singer that year died last year due to leukemia...
Diána Szakmáry
Diána Szakmáry Місяць тому
21# Rest in peace Örs Siklós🕊 he has an amazing voice
Princess Marshella Horman
Princess Marshella Horman Місяць тому
why are the legendary songs always unplaced tho
non sequitur editor
non sequitur editor Місяць тому
I sing IRELAND DOUZEY POINT to myself all the time and nobody understands what the fuck I’m saying
almudena aguilera
almudena aguilera Місяць тому
FRom the momento os Spain, all that was prepared was a joke that went so far... epic ajaja
sodbrenner Місяць тому
0:59 these remind me of Thing 1 and 2 from Cat in the Hat
dorka Місяць тому
johnlaurens in the place to be
johnlaurens in the place to be Місяць тому
That's honestly a very impressive pirouette
The Brothers
The Brothers Місяць тому
Der Raab hat sich sehr viel Mühe gegeben mit seinem einem Satz. Was hast du denn da?😓
AVR l Derrick
AVR l Derrick Місяць тому
somebody will rick roll us at some point in the future
Marika Clazzer
Marika Clazzer Місяць тому
The first one is an historical music for rhytmic gymnastic and I died when I found out the singer lmaooooo
Bharat Sharma
Bharat Sharma Місяць тому
Can someone explain to me houw eurovision works, I'm south african and have never heard of it ever being talked about but i always find memes about it and find some classics about it on youtube. Does every country like choose a group to send and then people vote on who should win?
Phillipe Ricardo Aguiar
Phillipe Ricardo Aguiar Місяць тому
1:58 Beto Carreiro
Elijah Martinez
Elijah Martinez Місяць тому
I am agreeing with the subtitles
Sadra Niknejad
Sadra Niknejad Місяць тому
finally someone who appreciates Russia 2012
RenieMoon97 Місяць тому
I was literally searching for a Greek song in those.
Elijah Gougon
Elijah Gougon Місяць тому
Germans love their heavy metal
Joe Місяць тому
Dont you forget "Guildo hat euch lieb" ? That was a true Eurovision moment !
Erik Damerow
Erik Damerow Місяць тому
At the second minute that was Stefan Raab, one of the most popular moderator in Germany. He was singing/rapping on german with many imaginative words.
Nina Baekelmans
Nina Baekelmans Місяць тому
I guess everyone really liked Loïc Nottet 😅 - A Belgian
Extra Virgin
Extra Virgin Місяць тому
5:14 Amogus
Bay Yolal
Bay Yolal Місяць тому
02:46 RIP :'(
dorka Місяць тому
Im so sorry if im wrong but turkey and israel is not in eu?
dorka Місяць тому
@Almighty Kellus oh get it
Almighty Kellus
Almighty Kellus Місяць тому
They are both members of the European Broadcasting Union, so they are allowed to join in with Eurovision. The EBU is the producer of Eurovision, not the EU. Australia is an associated member, which means that they needed to be invited before they could participate. Same with Kazakhstan in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.
Mellmystery Місяць тому
you made hilarious moments even more hilarious with your commentary, THANK YOU
Royce Carl Cantimbuhan
Royce Carl Cantimbuhan Місяць тому
Wasn't prepared for the last video
Eleah Місяць тому
That greece guy lowkey looked like Nick Cage lmao
Eleah Місяць тому
Girl why the ??? when the Legend Stefan Raab was performing it was PERFECTION
Mmck :D
Mmck :D Місяць тому
Excuse me. How dare you disrespect our national treasure Dustin the Turkey that terrified probably half of the young population including myself with his fabulous Dublin accent as he represents the best of Ireland in the Eurovision 😌✋
Branislav Hodolič
Branislav Hodolič Місяць тому
5:51 don't hate the culture man xD
PaulSwen Місяць тому
Why Lithuanian crazy bold dancing man is not here? :D
Satan Місяць тому
noo canbonomo is so fine
MEDAJIbKA Місяць тому
3:30 это самолёт. Туруруруркруру ЭТО ВЕРТОЛЁТ
Adrian Gussolovski
Adrian Gussolovski Місяць тому
yes , this is how we party in Europe
all round music
all round music Місяць тому
As an Irish person, I am deeply disappointed in everything we've put into this competition after the nineties
Aremethene, maybe a chicken
Aremethene, maybe a chicken Місяць тому
I still have no idea what Stefan Raab sang and I'm german...
asterixxer Місяць тому
Its german Dialekt. Wadde hadde dude da? Was hast du denn da? (Irgendjemand hat das auch mal "uebersetzt") usw.
Dora Devčić
Dora Devčić Місяць тому
Albina(Croatia eurovision 2021) had a GREAT performance. I'm just kinda surprised and disappointed that she didn't sing in Croatian but in English.
bonnie Місяць тому
Omfg I thought 1:09 were the DAVINKY twins
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