My Tiny House "DAY IN THE LIFE" During Coronavirus Lockdown

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Tiny House Giant Journey

Рік тому


I have been bouncing back and forth between my Tiny House and my small house in Seattle (which I share with my husband), during the coronavirus lockdown. It's nice to have a cozy place in the woods, on Whidbey Island, to quarantine in.






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Tiny House Giant Journey
Tiny House Giant Journey Рік тому
Hey guys! Lots of great comments, but also several comments worrying that I don’t feed my dog. Of course I feed her! She has two full bowls of food a day, plus treats. She’s obviously very plump if you didn’t notice. We’re working on that. Thanks for your concern! It just didn’t occur to me to film myself filling my dog’s food bowl.
Sandra Brady
Sandra Brady 21 день тому
Some ridiculous comments on here about your pupper. You obviously love and adore her/him and they you. ❤❤❤🐶🐕🇮🇪
Rhonda Buce
Rhonda Buce 2 місяці тому
I have a dog that stays by my side like your dog. She is my best friend and constant companion. Love her like you do yours.
Tara Monroe
Tara Monroe 2 місяці тому
Focus on the positive commenters. Ignore the fools
Rashida Khan
Rashida Khan 2 місяці тому
GeziHane 2 місяці тому
So cute 😌
Tracy ann Purch
Tracy ann Purch 5 годин тому
Crazy woman get a man and sleep with. And throw the dog outside 🤔
Ramakrishna Kamath
Ramakrishna Kamath День тому
You don't speak about your dog? Astonishing
chris Truc
chris Truc День тому
Superbe 😍🥰😉👍
Immortal Firefly06
Immortal Firefly06 2 дні тому
idk but she has a cute life, she need to plant veggies too
Starr R. Stoddard
Starr R. Stoddard 3 дні тому
I want such a similar life. My gosh. How do you afford it?
minniedas 4 дні тому
I hope you feed the dog as well , would been lovely if you filmed that as well
Ne o
Ne o 5 днів тому
My dreams
Katrina Cade
Katrina Cade 5 днів тому
So let me get this straight... She wears masks and sanitizes her food items because of the lockdown but yet, rents her house out to total strangers that she has go idea if they even follow the same steps she does? Yep makes perfect sense. Not.
sam 6 днів тому
The dog... I'm in love with it 😍
cris roker
cris roker 7 днів тому
How nice to live like this 👍🇨🇷
Peggy Lasswell
Peggy Lasswell 7 днів тому
Check out operation lockstep, The great reset, agenda 21, Bilderbergers, new world order, Haarp. UK lockdown will be permanent
Gokul .V
Gokul .V 7 днів тому
This is what i want to live like this!!!!!
Anamul khan
Anamul khan 8 днів тому
Damn! U looked so lonely 🙁!
Яся Яся
Яся Яся 11 днів тому
Это хорошо,когда живешь один,а когда появятся дети,тут будет не до сарайчика,извините,на перспективу нужно думать!
Cilla Crane
Cilla Crane 12 днів тому
I love this and I have just seen you wake up with the doggie!!
Cilla Crane
Cilla Crane 12 днів тому
Oh my word, we didn't see you fill the birds foods as well, but I sure can see they are being fed too. Of course ya feed your dog.... my goodness people....
Sachini With Dance
Sachini With Dance 14 днів тому
I love your life 💕🤗🤗
Almera Samad
Almera Samad 15 днів тому
What a peaceful life🍃♥️
Sri Vishnuvardan.A.S.
Sri Vishnuvardan.A.S. 22 дні тому
I think its somewhat hard to live in a tiny house bcoz to tend to do more works
Alteraz 24 дні тому
You really dont need to assure us youre practicing safe covid rules... it doesnt make you lesser of a human.
La Verdad En El Tiempo
La Verdad En El Tiempo 26 днів тому
Do you include God in your life? I don’t see you pray at all.
save animals
save animals 26 днів тому
Feed your dog sometimes.. you greedy lady.. now you're really pissing me off.. that poor dog shouldn't be there with you.. that's definitely a curse for him..
save animals
save animals 26 днів тому
Your dog.. it breaks my heart to see him hungry.. and how does he manage to climb those stairs..
save animals
save animals 26 днів тому
Do you not feed your dog.. ?? Oo poor dog!!
save animals
save animals 26 днів тому
You don't have to keep your faucet on when you're rubbing your hands..that can save a lot of water.. I don't live in a tiny house ..but this really freaks me out.. my father always did that.. he would leave the water running while he's running his hands .. that really pissed me off
Lu Ann Exner
Lu Ann Exner 27 днів тому
Your tinyhouse is soooo beautiful! It's sad that I live in germany and have no option to visit your air bnb :( But maybe - someday :)
ellen rawls
ellen rawls 28 днів тому
I dream of a quiet life. I want things simple and I want nature. All the things I thought I had to have mean nothing. I speak my dream of that life everyday, it will happen for me.
Carla Goodson
Carla Goodson 28 днів тому
See you only feeding yourself not your dog
Dora Valencia
Dora Valencia 29 днів тому
Beautiful place!!! Where is it located? Did you buy part of the lot, or do you have to pay mothly for having your tiny house built there?
Jerum Calixtro
Jerum Calixtro 29 днів тому
We also plan to build a tiny house too.... Together with my wife... Greetings from Philippines.
Kim McKillop
Kim McKillop 29 днів тому
Tiny houses are amazing, its the land thats so expensive to live on ,more than yhe house!
Resul Bagirli
Resul Bagirli Місяць тому
Çox gözəl di belə vidyolari çox baxdım amma ən gözəli mənce budu ..Gələcək de məndə belə bir ev inşa edəcəm çox gözəl və sene də həyat da başarı lar arzu edirəm 😘😘😘😘
Olga Zaytseva
Olga Zaytseva Місяць тому
Восхитительный домик, прекрасная девушка и собачка❤
Sandra Moreno
Sandra Moreno Місяць тому
For me that place with cats are heaven
Rejina R
Rejina R Місяць тому
Your house so nice so beautiful really such a beautiful house
Carole Roseburgh
Carole Roseburgh Місяць тому
I totally love this house. I want one of MY own the layout.😃
paola velasco
paola velasco Місяць тому
I have a great time watching your video. You are very brave!!!
D P Місяць тому
Nice house ppl are goin overboard with the corona i mean by now who really believes its real like that i mean Cmon enough already
Shirley Ellis
Shirley Ellis Місяць тому
Rocio Berna Prado Diaz Gonzalez
Rocio Berna Prado Diaz Gonzalez Місяць тому
No me gusto como laba la ropa y como baña al perro yo no podría vivir en tan poco espacio
A Wilson
A Wilson Місяць тому
I have biult my tiny home but struggle with depression/suicide ideation due to a chronic illness, I long to be able to move in and commit, do a channel like you do and be open about my mental health issues for other sufferers- I am not there yet still living in my partners modern flat, but watching this video today makes me feel like, yes I can, soon. It was built and ready in spring but I just suffered too much from anxiety to be outdoors and to be alone there. It was so depressing to not be able to move in but to see all the work I had done, the antique stoves I found and restored, installed but going unused. I will try to go to where the house is today and do some gardening and maybe light a fire. Baby steps (I watch you but have never commented as I don't think anyone anywhere should ever read the comments section) but if you do read this I hope you know you inspire, encourage, and help me just by being yourself (I don't know how you deal with the silly comments or being on youtube in general I have a lot of respect for that) xxx A
n n
n n Місяць тому
What and when do you feed your adorable dog?
Norman Gabbard
Norman Gabbard Місяць тому
This was very inspiring.. I love it.. Especially the Rock Art..
Soni Sudhakar
Soni Sudhakar Місяць тому
Beautiful 👍👍👍👍
Viacheslav Chernysh
Viacheslav Chernysh Місяць тому
Веточки на розжиг в бумажный пакет собирает, а кофе из полупластикового стакана хрен перерабатываемого пьёт одноразового .)
McDizzle Fletch
McDizzle Fletch Місяць тому
I stopped watching when I saw her wiping of stuff with sanitizer. The lies people believe. The world is being separated into the haves and have nots. This world it going to be insane in ten years if you aren’t in the haves category. Workers still are useful idiots like Democrat voters. Workers won’t be necessary in ten years. The unelite will be seen as a burden. Do people really think those who drop bombs for the greater good will hesitate to kill you?
مطبخ ليك مرحبا
مطبخ ليك مرحبا Місяць тому
Hello, very nice house
Hans Laurentius
Hans Laurentius Місяць тому
BEAUTIFUL, that's the type of ladies I personally love and respect! The know how to work, love Animals, know how to dress if going out for fun, or a nice meal and if you have the luck to marry one of them , possibly you won in lottery! Compared with the over painted garbage cans, with vampire fingernails, implants you don't know anymore where it's natural, and many times stupidity written all over their faces, I can only say: LADY I admire you ,good luck for your future !!!!!...
lola ss
lola ss Місяць тому
Que rápido tendiste tu cama ¡¡¡una genia!!!
Emey Lia
Emey Lia Місяць тому
This is so relaxing....ohh i like it!
Nathalie Legoff
Nathalie Legoff Місяць тому
J'aime beaucoup,
shivaniumesh Chourasiya
shivaniumesh Chourasiya Місяць тому
الطبخ و الطبيعة
الطبخ و الطبيعة Місяць тому
سلام عليكم ماشاء الله تبارك تحياتي
MTC姿諮 Місяць тому
una vida sencilla pero hermosa
Nisha S Thrikkannapuram
Nisha S Thrikkannapuram Місяць тому
what about dog? what does he eat?
Furfural Місяць тому
Ví que en todo día ,el perro comió una probadita de la comida de ella, ojalá si le haya dado de comer 😔
Umi SaSa
Umi SaSa Місяць тому
Berani ya tinggal sendirian ditempat yang sepi
silvia maciel
silvia maciel Місяць тому
Me encanto!!!
Marty Ningsih
Marty Ningsih Місяць тому
Hiii..., I'm your new subscriber😁 I Love your tiny house..😍
Angie Місяць тому
Dentro de muy pocos días viviré así ❤️🇨🇴☕
Ariana Місяць тому
Ojalaa yo tambien 🥺
penting Tambahan
penting Tambahan Місяць тому
that's so cool
Paola Місяць тому
Sandra Slate
Sandra Slate Місяць тому
Your poor dog looks so malnourished...LOL I honestly think some people spend their days looking for anything to complain about!
Chic In The Woods TV
Chic In The Woods TV Місяць тому
Sad living off the land yet falling prey to the worlds view on wearing a mask & social distancing in your own back yard...very sad!
Marlene Ribeiro De Almeida
Marlene Ribeiro De Almeida Місяць тому
Que fofa essa casinha
Maria Belen Larraggione
Maria Belen Larraggione Місяць тому
Que le das de comer a tu mascota????? Buena Vida!!!!
Gre Jara
Gre Jara 2 місяці тому
I love your Tinny house 💕👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Manto Rai Reang
Manto Rai Reang 2 місяці тому
Hii iam from northeast India
Natasha Castro
Natasha Castro 2 місяці тому
No coffee 👎
김지용 2 місяці тому
carbon monoxide
Vanessa Zinger
Vanessa Zinger 2 місяці тому
How do we book at your tiny house B&B?
Hardiyah Rieni
Hardiyah Rieni 2 місяці тому
Where do you park your car? 😭
Sandra R.
Sandra R. 2 місяці тому
Congrats!!! The best ever! What's the country?
Kshema Joseph
Kshema Joseph 2 місяці тому
I loved your day 🥰 and ur tiny house...❤️❤️❤️ But I think few minutes are needed for you to pray ... Its just my suggestion because God gave us 24hrs and giving him some time will be a treasure in heaven😊❤️ God bless you🥰 All thanks to Jesus for keeping you safe becos the whole world is in suffer... But God keep us healthy and cover us with his hands becos his love for us is a love which the world cannot give🥺💗 I wish you a good and healthy life and bless u in Jesus name❤️🥰
S Madhu
S Madhu 2 місяці тому
This is life in peace ✌️🥰🤗 I would lyk to go der vid my futr hubby atleast one tym
Tannu Dahiya
Tannu Dahiya 2 місяці тому
who will feed the dog🙄🙄🙄
Natalina Cunha de Oliveira
Natalina Cunha de Oliveira 2 місяці тому
É um sonho meu morar eu e meu esposo em uma casinha pequena e em um lugar lindo assim ter fé, saúde , paz e amor não presiza de mais nada a e esperança também né
Gehej Hshhej
Gehej Hshhej 2 місяці тому
Litterally me wishing that if I built my own tiny house myself that would mean I don’t have to pay 💰 rent
Bang Den98
Bang Den98 2 місяці тому
nice place I like greetings from Indonesia
crush 2 місяці тому
This is not a house,this is heaven ❤️😘😘
Cande Ramirez
Cande Ramirez 2 місяці тому
pablo reyes
pablo reyes 2 місяці тому
Nice video. Getting new ideas to create my own tiny house.
Geraldine ross
Geraldine ross 2 місяці тому
Cute tiny house love the retro look!
Pamela Velásquez A.
Pamela Velásquez A. 2 місяці тому
Where does She take a shower?
Sandy Freyman
Sandy Freyman 2 місяці тому
You learn to grow your own food by just starting.for example I'm a tomatoe lover so I grow white ones yellows ,Cherokee purples for taste and San marzanos and rutgers. I grow lettuce called black seeded Simpson. And pumpkins and zucchini. Also I started growing spaghetti squash last year.
lonlywolf 2 місяці тому
I love this video different to all tiny house videos I saw this video is very calm, nice music, pretty girl, nice house, I would love to know how much she pay to live there? Here in FL we pay $800 plus electric to live in RV,, is time to comeback to rent an apartment lol. Is good to shower at night when you shower in the morning also, you sweat a lot more at night. well that's people choice anyways.
Maricarmen Molina
Maricarmen Molina 2 місяці тому
Me encantó tu pequeña cada, se ve acojedora y espaciosa para una o dos personas, quiero que en mi país inicien sus construcciones, así me mudó para una 🤗🇵🇦
Ratna Kari
Ratna Kari 2 місяці тому
Hey hiii I am from India and ur house and ur routine it's so much good I love ur house the way u decorate and adjust thing it's too good hope so I also decorate home house same as u
abc 2 місяці тому
. Amazing place in the nature ,its definitely healthy for the body and soul
Steven Tierce
Steven Tierce 2 місяці тому
I'd love to know your story. You just seem to have a very interesting aspect about you. Nonetheless nice channel Good work 💪🏼🥇
Waldy Walden
Waldy Walden 2 місяці тому
you made my day and night during this covid 19 second wave lockdown here in India
Rakib Hussain
Rakib Hussain 2 місяці тому
Wow like deam tiny❤️ house
Robin Cercone
Robin Cercone 2 місяці тому
did you have your baby yet
Marina Berwick
Marina Berwick 2 місяці тому
Absolutely love it. My dream. Nature & Peace
PxndaPlayz 2 місяці тому
Hi I love this video a lot and like your other videos
Socorro sandoval
Socorro sandoval 2 місяці тому
Si, esta muy bien para ella y su perro u otra persona. No más cabe otra más.
Cactus Corner
Cactus Corner 2 місяці тому
This is the lovely and happy home.
Madeline Lugo
Madeline Lugo 2 місяці тому
She eats all day. How about the dog. Where is his food ?
Liz Steeds
Liz Steeds 2 місяці тому
" of my editors ...". Holy shit establishing a YT channel must be making you a tidy income ... once you are in the hundreds of thousands of views/subs. You actually delegate and pay people (or barter or whatever system of redeeming your labour you use) to keep your clips and the gravy train rolling. All contextualised and rationalised to your audience in the most user friendly and "inclusive" ideological framework no doubt. The gauche money-generating aspect and how much income you have actually made on the back of all your subs ( like most YTuber channels) is just not mentioned ... So ... in the spirit of sharing ... as you do with so much of your life ... just how much revenue are your viewing customers earning for you so you can live your best life while others foolishly settle for a vicarious and synthetic social media 'experience' watching you do so ? Patreon and other donating platforms are just tacky opportunities to hawk your product/lifestyle and is essentially no different to rattling the ubiquitous tin cup and begging ... just heavily rebranded - disingenuously holding your hand out for money in a more palatable, millenial-friendly guise ... (Oooh ... we feel so-ooo included in your process ... ) I find it incredible how the concept works ... just hook those views, get to a critical heft and the monetising can begin ...
No name
No name 2 місяці тому
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