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Author Neil Gaiman takes to Twitter to answer the internet's burning questions about mythology. What links Viking and Greek myths? Why does Anubis have a dog head? Why do so many cultures have a 'Great Flood' myth? What do Biblical angels look like? Neil answers all these questions and much, much more!
The Sandman is available to stream exclusively on Netflix beginning August 5th.
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Sammuel Cruz
Sammuel Cruz 2 місяці тому
If Gaiman decides to start a UKposts channel to talk about myths and history I would definitely watch that.
Dazai 3 дні тому
I read, watch, and listen to everything Gaiman...
Peter Bishop's wife
Peter Bishop's wife 8 днів тому
Let's petition for that!!!
green dragon
green dragon 10 днів тому
Totally because I love all his movies and series I'd watch him
CptObvious 19 днів тому
needs to happen
Bobba8590 Місяць тому
Hellz ye boiii
Martin 2 місяці тому
I know this isn't entirely uncommon with authors, but I've always loved how much Neil Gaiman feels like a Neil Gaiman character.
Agin Місяць тому
Write what you know…
a lleiN
a lleiN Місяць тому
Lol, so true
Peter Mitchell
Peter Mitchell Місяць тому
He's basically now an older version of the sandman lol
Azanyah Yisrael
Azanyah Yisrael Місяць тому
@Eelshock pretty meta when you think about it huh? That's the kind of feeling I get when I'm playing d&d it's like am I making the characters or are the characters making me?
Eelshock Місяць тому
Aren't we all continuously creating ourselves as characters in our own lives?
Ager O'Eggers
Ager O'Eggers 2 місяці тому
It's nice to see mr. Gaiman talk about Death as being kind. His friend (and occasional co-author) Terry Pratchett wrote about death in the same way.
Lady K
Lady K 20 днів тому
@Daniel Mintz I have happily read that book a few times and thought in the early chapters of the book I can tell who wrote what, but as the book continues I lose the thread of who wrote what, but I like that as it shows how well they blend together :)
TheTalantonX Місяць тому
@Stefan Dingenouts I'm so thankful I was able to meet him before he shuffled off to the next adventure. TP, I mean.
Stefan Dingenouts
Stefan Dingenouts Місяць тому
TP's Death is one of my favorite characters ever.
Vero Lawson
Vero Lawson Місяць тому
@yippykiay13 Good Omens...
SDOtunes 2 місяці тому
He seems like the younger, nerdier, slightly crazy brother of Alan Rickman 😂
A guy that plays card games
A guy that plays card games 5 годин тому
What a specific yet accurate description
Gazmus 28 днів тому
I always think of him as the nerdier, slightly less crazy version of Tim Burton :D
tickety boo
tickety boo Місяць тому
@Andrew Sawdon Snape IS good Snape...
tickety boo
tickety boo Місяць тому
@GD_ _VK That's just being British sweetums...
zartok1998 Місяць тому
"the frost Giants come out" good for them. It's always a tough thing to do and can be scary, but I'm proud of them and accept them for who they are
Maarten Schilder
Maarten Schilder 8 днів тому
J Місяць тому
We can sure make a Frost Giant pride flag for them!
kloggmonkey Місяць тому
it's the end of the world, might as well come out.
You Bute
You Bute Місяць тому
I want Neil Gaiman, Rick Riordan and Stephen Fry all in one room discussing myths and mythology. That would be a colab of a century for me.
Claresta Octavia
Claresta Octavia 20 днів тому
Mythology roundtable with them when
Marmarino20 27 днів тому
Omg 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯😭😭😭😭😭 I wish !
Damla Mecit
Damla Mecit Місяць тому
i would sell my soul for it
Ianimetz Місяць тому
Elaine Wilson
Elaine Wilson Місяць тому
Oh my goodness... I think my brain just exploded thinking about this possibility!
Plum Blossom
Plum Blossom Місяць тому
Just want to add that there is a cat-headed goddess in Egyptian mythology: Bastet. Also, Anubis is the god of embalming and cemeteries, and jackals were associated with death, hence Anubis being the patron deity of jackals and depicted with a jackal head.
Thomas Kole
Thomas Kole 22 дні тому
According to a common explanation, jackals would often be found hanging around near burial sites/graves/tombs (because, you know, they're scavenging animals... ew); almost like guard dogs. So the Egyptians began to associate jackals with the role of guardians of the recently deceased, protecting their bodies which needed to remain intact in order to pass into the hereafter. Over time this sort of folk belief culminated in the god Anubis, who watches over the souls of the dead and guides them on their journey through the underworld.
noemie cansier
noemie cansier Місяць тому
I love how Gaiman shamelessly checks his cheat sheet throughout the labours 😂. Can’t blame him even if you know all of them it’s really hard to list twelve things that have stories attached and not get them muddled.
Alex Meseck
Alex Meseck Місяць тому
I love Greek mythology and could definitely go into all of the labors with interesting facts and details, but I would 100% have a cheat sheet to guide me if I was going to talk about them all professionally.
Alex Meseck
Alex Meseck Місяць тому
I think the hardest thing is making certain you get all the states right and in the right order. When your being recorded, you'll get dragged through the mud if you accidentally say the wrong Greek State or list them slightly out of order, haha.
白九方 Місяць тому
The first one took me completely by surprise! Odin/Woden, the Journeyman; Mercury/Hermes, the patron of travelers-makes total sense. Thanks for the tidbits, Neil. It’s always a joy to experience stories with you.
Theophrastus Bombastus
Theophrastus Bombastus 18 днів тому
@Dawn Chesbro All of the French days of the week are named after the 7 heavenly spheres, and are each ruled by its corresponding metal and planet. It's all alchemy and hermeticism
Phillip Skaggs
Phillip Skaggs 21 день тому
Take a look at Overly Sarcastic Productions if that kind of overlap is interesting to you. They have a lot of videos about individual deities and talk often about the influences of syncretism on our current perceptions of them.
Dawn Chesbro
Dawn Chesbro Місяць тому
I was very surprised by that fact as well! It never occurred to me that Mecredi is a reference to Mercury nee. Hermes.
John Ioannou
John Ioannou Місяць тому
@Farrel Rafi it's an ancient Greek word (ψυχοπομπός) which actually means "the one who escorts the souls"....because Hermes was in charge of escorting the souls of the dead to Hades.
Farrel Rafi
Farrel Rafi Місяць тому
@SwordTune psychopomp nc word
chris bellard
chris bellard 2 місяці тому
Neil Gaiman could read me my groceries list and I would still feel like he's reading us a story for the ages
Zeen516 Місяць тому
he voices the audio book for his book Norse mythology in case you want to here him talk some more
Move of Ten
Move of Ten Місяць тому
I listen to a ton of audiobooks and Neil Gaiman (who reads a lot of his own books) is absolutely one of my favorite narrators.
HQ Місяць тому
@Ecko Albino no idea, so far we only got a few
Ecko Albino
Ecko Albino Місяць тому
@HQ 9 days ago? Whoa. Is it also like a novel?
HQ Місяць тому
@Ecko Albino 9 days ago
Viola Kovács-Varga
Viola Kovács-Varga Місяць тому
To the question about Zeus: In "The Golden Fleece" by Robert Graves, he explains in the prologue that the Greek mythology used to consist of many small religions, because each separate island and region had their own gods. When Greece got united under the same language, these smaller religions had to be united as well. The mythology became a kind of melting pot, where the main pantheon - with Zeus at the head - had to be above everyone else. The easiest way of doing that was that Zeus became the literal father of many of the smaller gods - which was explained by him sleeping with as many gods, nymphs and humans (etc.) as possible.
O. G.
O. G. 12 днів тому
@Archer Tarot because he overthrew his father, titan Kronos, who overthrew his father - Uranus (personification of the sky), who was created by Gaia (personification of the Earth). According to the Iliad, after the battle with the Titans, Zeus shares the world with his brothers, Poseidon and Hades, by drawing lots. Sky gods have more powers - thunderbolt and lightning - very, very frightening.
Lizabeth Daniel
Lizabeth Daniel 18 днів тому
He was head, because he was the one who saved his brothers and sisters after they were eaten by their father, Uranus. And, he was the one who lead them in the Gods vs Titans war.
predator H2O
predator H2O Місяць тому
@Archer Tarot Ig they were all afraid of lightning.
Kostas Biker
Kostas Biker Місяць тому
@Anka_is_out_there Pretty sure Cronus and Chronos(time) are different figures.
Farrel Rafi
Farrel Rafi Місяць тому
@Archer Tarot LMAO
innocent Місяць тому
Conversations with Gaiman would start off very interesting and end with him giving me an existential crisis, such good story telling
Xanthippus 12 днів тому
Although The Sandman can be crude st times, I really like the underline optimism of its general message.
Leiii 15 днів тому
His book Trigger Warning definitely gave me a vibe that straps me in and then blasts me with existential dread I love it
Slim McCoy
Slim McCoy Місяць тому
Have not read "Sandman", but Terry Pratchett's Death seems like a pretty decent... anthropomorphic personification. "What can the harvest hope for if not for the care of the Reaper Man?"
Dmal Місяць тому
I clicked on the video thinking "huh, that looks interesting" and now I'm fully scared that in the end moments of my life death will not be kind to me.
coconutcore Місяць тому
First answer isn’t quite right. The Norse pantheon is much older than the vikings and the similarities lead back to ancient Indo-Europeans, where the pantheons had a common ancestor. Not that the religions didn’t influence each other, but the similarities they’re talking about run far deeper and are far older.
Alexa Faie
Alexa Faie Місяць тому
He wasn't saying that they influenced one another, but that the link between them is people talking about them to one another. So later peoples created the links between much older separate mythologies. For example Thor is a god of thunder, Zeus is a god of thunder, so a later person could easily link the two and say "same god, different name in different places" even though that's not technically true.
Veszimar Dalath
Veszimar Dalath Місяць тому
Personally I thought he was going to bring up the Phoenicians that traded with the ancient northern germanic tribes and gave them the runic alphabets, and say stories were exchanged then. Perhaps not a theory that goes as far back as yours (though I agree with it), but quite older than Gaiman's answer
Pad929 Місяць тому
If Neil ever goes into acting, he'd make a great Doctor on Doctor Who (btw, one of my favorite episodes was written by Neil).
Bryan 2 місяці тому
You know it’s gonna be great when he says “unless it’s a furry Minotaur” and then specified that this is going to be great
Anonymous Fellow
Anonymous Fellow 5 днів тому
@Conto That’s not as much of a turnoff as you’d think. Actually that’s probably a turnON for most monster-fuckers (and well. Vore’s a common enough kink just in general) 😂
Samke Dladla
Samke Dladla 13 днів тому
@Thomas Vanhala This is exactly what I think happened.
Conto Місяць тому
@Anonymous Fellow He could mention that there was exactly one minotaur in greek mythology, and if you tried to ride it, it'd eat you.
N Manning
N Manning Місяць тому
I was not ready for that. My soul left my body as I died laughing. I love Neil Gaiman.
Mark Hutton
Mark Hutton Місяць тому
the person asking the question so mixed up minotaur and centaur and for ever more... while the internet exists... we have a minotaur in a furry costume in our heads!
Adam Starnes
Adam Starnes Місяць тому
Amazing video. I have ALWAYS pondered that Pandora's box ending, and whether it was a final cruel joke to have meaningless hope or if it was a good thing like a final defense against the dark. I'm so happy my favorite author came to the same conclusion.
Google made me do it
Google made me do it 20 днів тому
Maybe it shows humanity's versatility, turning a cruel joke into a tool? I mean, if hope were such a cruel thing, why did we prosper with hope on our side?
Abelhawk Місяць тому
I love Gaiman’s book about Norse Mythology and I would kill for him to do other mythology books like Egypt and Greek.
Gazmus 28 днів тому
Stephen Fry did 3 books that are very good on the Greeks - Heroes, Mythos and..something else. I dont see Neil Gaiman doing them after Fry did, they would be far too similar. Egypt might be cool though.
Marcus Місяць тому
For someone who writes books about Norse mythology he is extremely uneducated. Except that it's complete bullcrap. The Romans brought their gods to the Germanics and Norse? First of all, the Romans never went to Scandinavia. Second of all, anyone who has studied a little bit if history knows that the link between them is that they're both Indo-European. The link goes back further to the old Indo-Europeans. All Indo-European cultures and myths share that link. And it's not like the Romans were the first to trade with Germanics. During the Scandinavian bronze age Scandinavia was the richest area in Europe and frequently traded with the Greeks.
Karvi Studios
Karvi Studios Місяць тому
I feel like he could have some fun with Slavic mythology too
hamoIQ Місяць тому
YES one on every mythology would be the best
Francesca Kyanda
Francesca Kyanda Місяць тому
YES this would be amazing
Normie death squad
Normie death squad Місяць тому
The link between the Greek and Viking pantheon and mythologies has its roots in the proto Indo European settlers of the post ice age world. The most common myths that link alot of mythologies are the death or heroes journey in the afterlife and the link between dogs and the afterlife.
ılılıᴘᴀʟᴇʙʟᴜᴇᴅᴏᴛɢᴜʏılılı Місяць тому
@Vanilla Jester things there in Hindu myths too, they've got Indra who's also a weather and rain god with a lightning strike and rules over the other gods in his court in the sky
sminkycorp Місяць тому
Early Life
Perfectly_Cromulent Місяць тому
It’s amazing how many people get this wrong, even those who should know better like Neil.
Vanilla Jester
Vanilla Jester Місяць тому
And there's always a dude in the sky who hands out lightning bolts. Sometimes also associated with the sun and wheels.
Mikkel Sakse
Mikkel Sakse Місяць тому
Odin actually kind of tricked mímir when trading for wisdom. He plucked out his eye and threw it into the well of wisdom in exchange for a sip of the water. Little did mímir know that Odin would be able to look into the waters for guidance with the eye he traded.
Shadow Heart
Shadow Heart Місяць тому
Do you mean Odin's severed eye is in the well and so Odin can keep seeing the wisdom in the water? If so, that is very cunning indeed. I thought Odin just simply exchanged an eye for a one time wisdom shot.
J Місяць тому
It's also a story of sacrifice, and in my (not very extensive) reading of Norse myth, that does seem to be a common theme.
Alice Nightray
Alice Nightray 2 місяці тому
I love Neil Gaiman. The way he speaks gives me Alan Rickman vibes and I'm here for it. Also funny guy
Iggy the Kidd
Iggy the Kidd Місяць тому
Neil has such a slow and measured way of speaking when speaking about history, but a much quicker and more excited manner when speaking about mythological characters/creatures
Linda F
Linda F Місяць тому
I love how Neil is doing all the promo interviews lmao most of the time the actors have to but this is so much better bc he has the inside scoop about the world he created not just character set stories
Kainos Teleos
Kainos Teleos Місяць тому
Not joking. I need this on regular basis. Neil Gaiman explaining things about Mythology is just perfection.
Marisol Alvarado
Marisol Alvarado 18 днів тому
Me too! It was fascinating. I want more now.
Grayson E
Grayson E Місяць тому
So to be honest no hate I’m either they are some my favorites, Riordan and Gaiman both have excellent story telling abilities and and strengths, Riordan is very good at retelling a story in a unique way that is both new and different and also captures the original essence of a tale. Gaiman on the other hand excels at reading between the lines, creating new intricacies to mythology figuring out the little minute details and bringing it, almost horrifyingly so, to life. I realized his genius when reading his book on Norse mythology, it had a more depth and understanding to it, truly as if they were real and he could do a psychoanalysis on the life of the gods and tell you how they lived and thought
Golan Місяць тому
Neil just gave me another perspective and a point to ponder on what 'hope' may have really meant on that myth. Pandora's box (or jar) was made to contain all of the evils and bad things in the world after all.
David Wallace, Jr.
David Wallace, Jr. Місяць тому
"You'd probably have to find a minotaur who was a furry; like, not a furry minotaur, but a minotaur who was actually a furry...." Best and funniest explanation ever!
psgamer0199 Місяць тому
As a Greek mythology fan I loved this video. Specially when he answers the 12 labors of Heracles. I would love to ask this man why is it that Heracles (a mostly famous in GREEK mythology) is talked about by people with his Roman equivalent name Hercules?
Minty Busby
Minty Busby Місяць тому
I've been creating a fictional world for ages, trying to make it as believable and realistic as possible, but mythology is still very weak in structure. This video inspired me to choose one of two options: to hire him to flesh out my mythology, or to do it myself. The latter will give me the satisfaction and pride of having accomplished something of my own doing, so that shall be my choice, especially since I can't afford to hire anybody to do anything. 😅
Minty Busby
Minty Busby Місяць тому
@JLT1998 Short answer: Ginli. Long answer: I've changed it a few times over the years, but the most current name for the past few years has been Ginli, which refers to the name of the system, Ginli Prime being the only inhabited planet in the system (although I may change that name in the future), and Kaipa being the name of a very large, highly populated space station orbiting the Ginli star.
JLT1998 Місяць тому
What’s the name of your world?
Candied Blue
Candied Blue Місяць тому
Ooh good luck!!
VMV Engsub
VMV Engsub Місяць тому
Neil Gaiman sounds sleepy yet passionate at the same time. Feels like he's Morphius himself.
Paul H
Paul H Місяць тому
When I heard him talk about how our stories make our reality, I assumed it was metaphorical speaking or a kind of hyperbole. Over time, I've come to realize that our reality is indeed our stories. For example, "While I was driving, a car moved more closely to my car than I liked, so I slowed down a tiny bit to increase the space between our cars." That's what actually happened. The story is, "That @$#*&$ CUT ME OFF!" And that's my reality. This is a weak example really, but the "what is and what happened" is lifeless and meaningless without some story about it - it isn't anything. Our stories are what give life and meaning to the universe. Since we are just parts of the universe, parts that it turned into us, it stands to reason that the universe needs stories as well, to become fully real. So it turned bits of itself into us, the storytellers. And when I say storytellers I mean ALL of us. Some of us don't tell our stories to others much if at all, but we're all creating and telling them to ourselves.
Saffron Sugar
Saffron Sugar Місяць тому
Angels like the Seraphim in the Ophanim are definitely described as being brainbreaking to behold. However, many Angels, it is sad in myth and scripture, appeared in the Image of something much closer to human. Apparently they can look how they need to look for whatever occasion. So if that’s like a bloke in a white suit or an Eros like winged baby, that wouldn’t be too difficult for them
Ian Taakalla
Ian Taakalla 26 днів тому
As far as I know, angels and archangels are basically humans with wings, but since they are (the most likely to be) messengers it makes sense why they are humans.
Tom Franco
Tom Franco Місяць тому
It's the different levels of angel, like the higher up they go the less human-like they are.
AnimecrazySakura7 2 місяці тому
I love hearing Neil speak and explain things. He’s such a character 😂
Tiago Silva
Tiago Silva Місяць тому
Is soo nice watch his masterclass. The way he speakand explained things is amazing
Melissa Long
Melissa Long 2 місяці тому
I felt the exact same way when he did his guest spot on "The Big Bang Theory". To me, his little speech was awesome, how he delivered the scripted words.
Allagí Місяць тому
The reason why the great flood story exists in so many versions of mythology (including Christianity, which is mythology if you weren't aware) is because the earliest forms of civilization grew next to rivers. The Nile, the Euphrates and Tigris, The Indus, The Yangtze and Yellow rivers spawned the very first human civilizations. These civilizations depended on their rivers to survive. When the rivers dried up they starved, when the rivers rose high they drowned. Very easy to understand parables. Simple as that.
Aryel D.
Aryel D. Місяць тому
some of this questions could be answered by reading the works of an anthropologist called Claude Levi-Strauss. He has a theory about myths sharing lots of aspects in common, even when the societies that created it are completely different for one another
Isopod Isopodson
Isopod Isopodson Місяць тому
I think the Norse and Greek mythology one is answered by them both being related to the same PIE group, this also connect the Hindu gods to them too.
Slim McCoy
Slim McCoy Місяць тому
Would make sense since people, even widely separated geographically, will have similar problems... and create mythologies to explain them.
keremcantarhan Місяць тому
My favorite book series The Masks of God by Joseph Campbell, which if I remember correctly quotes Strauss numerous times, is also a very good source see the connections between the different mythologies and the peoples who have created them.
Timothy Mallon
Timothy Mallon Місяць тому
Neil absolutely needs his own UKposts channel! This is the best QNA ever on Wired!
Jordan Sullivan
Jordan Sullivan 24 дні тому
I can listen to this man talk about anything, but he somehow manages to be always talking about something quite fascinating in a nuanced and entertaining way.
Undead Rising
Undead Rising Місяць тому
Funny thing is, I have that Norse Mythology book that he wrote, but it never occurred to me at all that Mr Gaiman is complete expert on not only that mythology, but all classic mythologies. This was incredibly informative - I am going to watch this many times in order to memorise all the wonderful information that he gives us.
Brooke 🥂T[A]P Me!! to Have [𝐒]𝐄𝐗 With 𝐌𝐞
Brooke 🥂T[A]P Me!! to Have [𝐒]𝐄𝐗 With 𝐌𝐞 2 місяці тому
I love hearing Neil speak and explain things. He’s such a character
Bald Perspective
Bald Perspective Місяць тому
1:31 On the Minotaur ordeal, last year I read a book on Greek mythology released back in the '60s or '70s that actually described a Minotaur more like a centaur, including Bull horns on a human head. So, according to that book, you could ride a Minotaur like a horse. That imagery of a conventional Minotaur who is also a furry & dresses up as a horse is exactly the kind of scrumptious nightmare fuel I crave, btw.
Johnny Rivas
Johnny Rivas Місяць тому
I've always thought the great flood stories were so prevalent in our early history because as the glaciers melted at the end of the last Ice Age, it resulted in a LOT of flooding throughout the world.
The Moon's Evil Sister
The Moon's Evil Sister 2 місяці тому
for some reason Neil Gaiman knowing what a furry is makes me smile
J Місяць тому
@Harley Jones tumblr only got weirder somehow
Marina Vianna
Marina Vianna Місяць тому
Why do i feel like he’s really kinky?
dysmissme Місяць тому
Neil Gaimen knows all 🙏
stokerbramwell Місяць тому
He wrote the introduction for the first published collection of Omaha the Cat Dancer comics. The man has known about furries longer than most of y'all have been alive lmao
Btari k. maulana
Btari k. maulana Місяць тому
hey the man's been on tumblr for years
Liam White
Liam White Місяць тому
Some random person: if you're such a big mythology fan, name the 12 trials of hercules. Absolute Chad Neil Gaiman: proceeds to explain every single trial in order with context for how they all went down.
Nathan Rasmussen
Nathan Rasmussen Місяць тому
"Why was all German folklore and mythology absolutely terrifying?" "I think it's something to do with the food, frankly. Could be the cold." Well, Mr. Gaiman, if you're talking about the cold that makes rye a better crop than wheat for those high northern climes ... could be both. And I am not just referring to rye's sometimes cruelly high content of dietary fiber.
Grim JiEN Vester
Grim JiEN Vester Місяць тому
Neil's vast knowledge of everything mythology has my mythology loving brain explode. I wanna be like Neil when I'm old.
Nicollas Val
Nicollas Val Місяць тому
I just loved that halfway through his rant, a few seconds after he dropped "you can ride a minotaur like a man" you can see the second of realization before he adds "in his shoulders"
Mark Randle
Mark Randle 3 дні тому
I love reading Rick Riordan, Stephen Fry, can see myself enjoying Neil Gaiman. Learn so much mythology and feel smarter. I wish they would write a financial advice book that was entertaining like mythology. If the gods were investing on ASX
Christian Comes
Christian Comes Місяць тому
Just to clarify, about Greek and Viking gods, currently historians link the similarities mostly to their earlier Indo-European origin, not to contemporary (back then) influence.
emma 21 день тому
He's such an engaging speaker as well as an engaging writer, and he's clearly so knowledgeable about mythology. I love listening to people talk about things that they're passionate about.
candy max20
candy max20 Місяць тому
I never understood the Pandora myth either. If all evils are trapped and they say when they are trapped they cannot affect anyone and by being released they sort of become active, then doesn't that mean that hope remaining trapped in the box means it is inactive and it cannot affect anyone? But good point, why was hope there with all the other evils of the world?
Rodoshi 2 місяці тому
I love how he sings his words. "Ragnarok essennntially beginnnnnnns with everything going wrong"
Agin Місяць тому
To me I heard the first lines of a book. One called ‘Ragnarok, Essentially’. “Ragnarok essentially begins…. Ragnarok essentially is… And Then It Gets Worse. But yes so lovely to hear he sings words on to a page.
Daniel Percival
Daniel Percival Місяць тому
Have a listen to his audiobooks. Brilliant storyteller
BOM LIFE Місяць тому
@Zavitor modern day events that are happening
chibichibi51 Місяць тому
@Zavitor It was such a flawless transition, too. Like buttah ☺️
Zavitor Місяць тому
And then begins to describe Ragnarok in a way that alludes to certain current events.
The Destroya System
The Destroya System Місяць тому
I love how they decided he’s the utmost authority on this subject, as if his whole job isn’t making stuff up
ygunayer Місяць тому
I think I can listen to him talk all day long, such an incredible personality!
Erika 15 днів тому
I could watch this guy talk about mythology for hours, please make another one
queeravens Місяць тому
oh my godd please do a part two with Neil Gaiman! I adore him and his craft and would love to hear him talk about less known mithologies! Like Slavic, Hindi, Scottish, etc. They are greatly underappreciated! Thank you for making this video, it was an absolute joy to listen to.
Melissa Long
Melissa Long 2 місяці тому
I have been in love with Mr. Gaiman for decades and I couldn't click on this video fast enough. Major thanks to WIRED for this video and major thanks to Mr. Gaiman for doing this for all us fans who can't get enough of him.
Pheelyp Місяць тому
I heartily echo this sentiment. 💖
glowen Місяць тому
Psttttt he has a tumblr and answers whatever random questions people ask him *all the time.* it's pretty cool!
Melissa Long
Melissa Long Місяць тому
@Espeon Mistress Norse Mythology, Starlight (made into a movie with Michelle Pfeiffer), Sandman (coming out on Netflix soon?). I still have my first edition Sandman. I'm wondering how it will translate to film though.
Allen Jolley
Allen Jolley Місяць тому
@Espeon Mistress American Gods, Stardust, Coraline, and a whole bunch of other stuff. Super prolific British author.
Brian Місяць тому
My theory is that a great deal of these ancient gods were in fact real people who were cult leaders that merely convinced people they were gods with their charisma. This makes a lot of sense for the Greeks and Zues in particular.
Eilish 🔥𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 [𝐋!𝐯𝐞]
Eilish 🔥𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 [𝐋!𝐯𝐞] 2 місяці тому
I love hearing Neil speak and explain things. He’s such a character
lol Місяць тому
I loved the sandman! Glad that it was made by Netflix. Please guys hype it to everyone so it gets more views and we can get more seasons
Michael Terrell
Michael Terrell Місяць тому
Angels actually vary in appearance. The angles(archangels) mentioned most in the bible(Michael, Gabriel, Samael) are all angels that look like the angels seen in the pictures(the same is true for guardian angels), seraphim are snake like, others are bird like, others are lion like, and others are just giant floating eye balls. It’s really interesting.
Andrea Padilla
Andrea Padilla 2 місяці тому
We can all tell exactly how much time Neil spends on the internet just by the fact that a furry or bdsm Minotaur seemed like a perfectly natural thing to think of 🤣🤣
Trisha Surangana
Trisha Surangana 21 день тому
He is literally on tumblr sharing memes, reblogging fandom stuff and having casual conversations with his followers. Every day almost. He KNOWS the depths of the web.
teafiend Місяць тому
He is on Tumblr. He is one of us.
IDon'tNeedAName Місяць тому
He's just like me frfr (sarcasm)
glowen Місяць тому
We're all a tumblr teen at heart lol
Ola Rozkrut
Ola Rozkrut Місяць тому
Right? 😂
Pia Urbahn-Bernard
Pia Urbahn-Bernard Місяць тому
Loved his (audio) book "Norse mythology" You could tell he did his research, modernised the storytelling juuuust a tiny bit but definitely kept the tone.
Eyeseathem Місяць тому
As soon as the pandora one came up I was like, “IT’S A JAR!” Thank you Neil Gaiman for knowing things and telling people!
Alicorn cookie Royale high cookie run 🍓🦄
Alicorn cookie Royale high cookie run 🍓🦄 Місяць тому
Love this man. I could listen to him forever.
Tyler Peacock
Tyler Peacock Місяць тому
I knew almost everything he answered... and what I couldn't call to mind, I was being reminded more than I was learning. I've apparently been absolutely _steeped_ in mythology.
Nate the Bass-Man
Nate the Bass-Man 2 місяці тому
I did not expect a conversation about Minotaur Furries today, but it sure happened
disconsolate Місяць тому
@Catherine the man is chronically on tumblr and shows up in the strangest places. At this point I'd be surprised if he didn't know what a furry is
Lennin Montiel
Lennin Montiel Місяць тому
@Cameron Bradley ikr
Steven A
Steven A Місяць тому
Do you think the person who asked that mixed up minotaur and centaur?
One leaf a day
One leaf a day Місяць тому
@reinout koenen my thoughts exactly
Mikyle Meyer
Mikyle Meyer Місяць тому
It would appear Neil had the same feeling.
Pantera Equis
Pantera Equis 2 місяці тому
I feel a kindred spirit in how matter-of-factly pedantic he is!
Ben McCann
Ben McCann Місяць тому
Redditors everywhere wish they had the charisma.
Kari 𝔽**СК МЕ - СНЕℂ𝕂 𝕄𝕐 Рℝ𝟘𝔽𝕀𝕃Е💛 2 місяці тому
I have been in love with Mr. Gaiman for decades and I couldn't click on this video fast enough. Major thanks to WIRED for this video and major thanks to Mr. Gaiman for doing this for all us fans who can't get enough of him.
Aryanderson Sawyer
Aryanderson Sawyer Місяць тому
Gênio! 💙
Elayna Terrell
Elayna Terrell Місяць тому
I love him so much. I own that book and it's a very good read!
takeoff eh
takeoff eh День тому
I love old norse mythology, the use of symbolism and metaphors gives a very poetic way to explain a concept. For instance odin sacrificing an eye for wisdom can be interpreted as " what you can see is not always what is".
Zach Mcginnis
Zach Mcginnis Місяць тому
I like how he IMMEDIATELY explained why he says minotaur that way cuz he knows so many Americans have no clue and we just assume everyone says it the same lol
M i Α vℓσg gσ тσ му ¢haηηєℓ!
M i Α vℓσg gσ тσ му ¢haηηєℓ! 2 місяці тому
Neil Gaiman could read me my groceries list and I would still feel like he's reading us a story for the ages
Janet's World
Janet's World Місяць тому
I need way more videos like this ❤️
Max Farley
Max Farley Місяць тому
1:00 I would respectfully add that Norse Mythology and Greco-Roman Mythology are vaguely similar similar because they share a distant common ancestor, Proto-Indo-European Mythology.
Michelle Kirishima
Michelle Kirishima 2 місяці тому
ah what a treat, listening to neil gaiman talk about myth for 15 minutes. thank you for this, wired
Shelley Horner
Shelley Horner Місяць тому
If Neil Gaiman decides to write books about other mythologies like Celtic, Germanic, Japanese, etc I would buy them all. Love his writing style!
moscardo Місяць тому
i love this man so much 😭 i could listen to him all day long
akasquirrel87 Місяць тому
I could listen to Neil Gaiman talk about anything. He is my all time favorite person
Elan' Місяць тому
3:45 The theory I heard was that before Greece became a unified culture, each area's archetypal god-king or lightning god had their own wife or consort. And overtime, because of their similar stories, merged into one character. But you had to retcon this or that relationship or child with this new character in this unified Greek culture.
Tom H
Tom H Місяць тому
Kind of strange that this guy was brought up as a Scientologist. Both his father and sister are high ranking members of Scientology. Any other celebrity even meets a Scientologist and its all anyone talks about but with Neil Gaiman its just a non thing. He has also actively avoided denouncing Scientology in interviews
Black Wolf
Black Wolf Місяць тому
Technically the reason Anubis has the head of a jackal is because in Egypt, jackals would eat the dead bodies of people and thus the Egyptians associated jackals with the dead and made the god of the dead have the head of a jackal
Myra Groenewegen
Myra Groenewegen 2 місяці тому
So interesting to hear his mental process as he lists the labours of Hercules. Myths are made to be remembered, and he understands how that memory logic works and uses it to talk through the full list of labours.
Ar-r maiaditou
Ar-r maiaditou Місяць тому
@Sindri it's actually true. Originally there were 9 heads, 8 of them can be cut off but 2 heads takes the place of the one head that was cut off. So if you cut one head out of eight and allowed to regenerate, there would be 9 heads plus one. The 9th head was immortal so Hercules buried it under a rock. Also he had help with the hydra. Hercules cut of the heads while his nephew cauterize the necks with fire arrows.
Sindri Місяць тому
If I remember right then he got the hydra part wrong. I don't remember it growing 2 heads instead of the one it lost in the Greek Mythos. I do remember the cauterizing part but seem to remember the multiplication of heads to be real absent. If I'm wrong then that's that. It has honestly been a while.
UltimateKyuubiFox Місяць тому
@Gothic_Llama Actually, they used a clown face as a sign that they’re mocking people who’d ask that question in order to gatekeep people who like Greek Mythology.
Mr. Dorian Blackwell
Mr. Dorian Blackwell Місяць тому
Yes, sure. That's why his eyes look down at the cue cards for a second or two. 😉
Gothic_Llama Місяць тому
I actually thought the clown face was added because the comment was about Greek mythology but the name Hercules was used, instead of Heracles (thanks Disney for confusing people and using Roman name in Greek mythology 🙃)
Den Місяць тому
the answer about death in sandman is the most wholesome thing ever. also this whole video is amazing
Dymaxion Chronofile
Dymaxion Chronofile Місяць тому
Neil is one of my favorite people in the entire universe
kuro Місяць тому
Thank you Mr. Gaiman i actually learnt a lot!
HQ Місяць тому
A day after this video, The Sandman came out and we can succesfully say that Neil Gaiman is a treasure
Zwen Wang
Zwen Wang 2 місяці тому
I just feel so grateful to be living in the universe where Neil Gaiman exists.
amber huber
amber huber Місяць тому
Same! He's absolutely amazing!
HQ Місяць тому
@Jere Niemi you ain't neil gaiman
Jere Niemi
Jere Niemi Місяць тому
I also live here
Misa Nikolic
Misa Nikolic Місяць тому
Why does Neil Gaiman sound suspiciously like a friendly Severus Snape
Tinkle Me 4 [S]E.X
Tinkle Me 4 [S]E.X 2 місяці тому
Neil Gaiman could read me my groceries list and I would still feel like he's reading us a story for the ages
Oba936 Місяць тому
Ah Neil, always a bliss. Thanks a lot!
BS 29 днів тому
Flood myths: I've read or heard that there may have been an asteroid impact in the Indian ocean which created floods and inspired flood myths in the various cultures around that ocean
Vesperitis 2 місяці тому
That entire video is a reminder that Neil Gaiman is and always has been King of all Geeks.
cha5 Місяць тому
@Al As 57 If I was in Northampton and I saw him, I'd offer to buy him a meal and a drink just for saying "Hello."
dysmissme Місяць тому
Reminds me of when he and Amanda were king and queen at the mermaid parade a couple years back- it suited them so ridiculously well
Josh War Rey
Josh War Rey Місяць тому
Gaiman is a Geek God
Al As 57
Al As 57 Місяць тому
@Nahadoth He's the mountain king of geeks. We respect him but nobody wants to spend time with that stinky brute lol.
Nahadoth Місяць тому
@Octagon Seventynine Alan Moore is too much of an reclusive edgelord to be anyone's king.
Gabrielle Adams
Gabrielle Adams Місяць тому
god I love this man. So very jealous for his children and neices and nephews who get to hear his wonderful stories. petition for me to be reincarnated as his cat so I can read all the stories over his shoulder and also be a nuisance bc thats one of my passions in life.
Sahar Fallahi
Sahar Fallahi Місяць тому
I have already read books by him, and I'm currently reading The Graveyard Book. It was a nice surprise to see this video as a recommendation. Loved it 😍
valar Місяць тому
He talks with precise enunciation and I like that. It is also exactly how I would imagine Neil Gaiman talking.
Astrid Espinoza
Astrid Espinoza 2 місяці тому
This is absolutely great! I love every chance we get to see Neil talking (honestly about anything), he's so awesome!
McMac Shalfilya
McMac Shalfilya Місяць тому
@Astrid Espinoza You are absolutely DIVINELY BEAUTIFUL💟 When I saw your picture and comment, I thought "What can I say to her?" And well, you saw the result.
Astrid Espinoza
Astrid Espinoza Місяць тому
@McMac Shalfilya it's an scandinavian name that's supposed to mean "divinely beautiful" ^^
McMac Shalfilya
McMac Shalfilya Місяць тому
ASTRID is a goddess-like sounding name
marcinswidzinski 2 місяці тому
I love Neil Gaiman's books and stories, love how he tells them - but I have never actually hear him speak and tell things - I have never really looked for it to be honest. I saw this episode of support and this man is just pure gold. Everything I have imagined him to be and then a lot more to it. Thanks for existing, Mr.Gaiman!
Dee Snoek
Dee Snoek Місяць тому
I highly recommend going to one of his readings if he does one anywhere near you... He's absolutely brilliant.
soulwarrior Місяць тому
@Shantanu David This! This! This! I have recommended his speech at the Philadelphia university of arts a million times and no one's ever gotten back to me and said they did NOT like it. 🙂
Dhruvika Singh
Dhruvika Singh Місяць тому
Watch his interviews with craig ferguson on the late late show. Pure gold. They're both funny af
Shantanu David
Shantanu David Місяць тому
Watch his university address. It should be mandated watching for anyone in the creative arts.
Stefana 2 місяці тому
I highly recommend his audiobooks narrated by himself, they are absolutely amazing
gamalier andres
gamalier andres Місяць тому
Ik he’s a busy guy but it would be amazing if he started a youtube channel talking about gods and myths
Hannah Bryant
Hannah Bryant Місяць тому
Love this! Neil is such a gem. :)
Imagine a World Like That
Imagine a World Like That Місяць тому
Neil Gaiman is such a treasure to the world. He inspires me endlessly, gives us great art, & is just a wonderful person.
Neil Gaiman: Norse Mythology and American Gods
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