NHL Game Highlights | Bruins vs. Capitals - May 11, 2021

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Michael Raffl scored in the final seconds of the game as the Washington Capitals came away with the 2-1 win over the Boston Bruins.

V1adimir Royce
V1adimir Royce Місяць тому
Что там по поводу Кузи?
Владимир Первушин
Владимир Первушин Місяць тому
Подленько😈 но эффективненько🤗😉👍👍👍
Александр Герасимов
Александр Герасимов Місяць тому
Кузи и Самсона не хватает.С ними игра пошла бы лучше.
Cris Місяць тому
caps in 6 or 7
Jon Smith
Jon Smith Місяць тому
Ill never understand a 10 foot slapper on a breakaway.
Негоро Негоро
Негоро Негоро Місяць тому
Last goal was amazing
Mount Gilead Ohio Transparency
Mount Gilead Ohio Transparency Місяць тому
Goaltender was afraid to get hit by the puck.
javier book shadows contributor du
javier book shadows contributor du Місяць тому
123rd comment
Alec O'Dea
Alec O'Dea Місяць тому
"we are in the chicken McNugget minute."
Ken Arthur
Ken Arthur Місяць тому
Glad Ovechkin got in some time in this game. Capitals have no chance of advancing without The Captain. Gonna be a great series
j b
j b Місяць тому
was what the rangers did to the bruins.. team of "heres what I got" playing desperate hockey vs a team, just trying not to be shown up. was fun to watch, heavy game, and frustrating not knowing all the players by sight..hah. what was funny was when teh "small" guy was pressuring Chara... the size difference is astounding
Bacon Місяць тому
I want to hear more about this Chicken McNugget minute.
Jack Lewis
Jack Lewis Місяць тому
If they score in the last minute of a period, you get a free 6 piece McNugget with a minimum purchase $1. This is only for participating locations in the DC area
Diger Bonn
Diger Bonn Місяць тому
Georgii Khaltarov
Georgii Khaltarov Місяць тому
Рафл Молодчик ✊
Mike Watson
Mike Watson Місяць тому
B’s fan here...I doubt this game will have little bearing on the playoffs...it lacked intensity and I expect the Caps to come out much harder on Saturday. I noticed Wilson still couldn’t resist a little blindside cross check after Lazar scored...
Jack Lapin
Jack Lapin Місяць тому
Афигеть, Раффл попал с "минусового" угла!
Jack Lapin
Jack Lapin Місяць тому
@Александр Сычевский Спасибо, Александр за поправку!
Александр Сычевский
Александр Сычевский Місяць тому
@Дмитрий Ванин Я думал, ты забыл слово и подобрал синоним, в существовании которого в словаре не уверен, поэтому взял его в кавычки.
Дмитрий Ванин
Дмитрий Ванин Місяць тому
@Александр Сычевский А отрицательный это не минусовой?
Александр Сычевский
Александр Сычевский Місяць тому
Владимир Щупак
Владимир Щупак Місяць тому
От Овечкина в этом матче были видны только жёлтые шнурки...
С.В.В. Місяць тому
У тебя глаза на жопе? Несколько опасных бросков в первой игре после травмы и месячного перерыва.
PowerPlay Studios
PowerPlay Studios Місяць тому
When you barely beat an Ahl team! Bruins in 4
Semper Fi
Semper Fi Місяць тому
Lmao. Ovi came back to warm up. We were missing several players ourselves. The caps could make an all star roster for the players that were injured.
Alex Pavloff
Alex Pavloff Місяць тому
Вот на жопе не сидел бы, как сейчас принято у вратарей, года бы не было.
Mikulitsi Місяць тому
Lets gooooo what a winner hahaha
Zahven Місяць тому
Vanacek saved himself there from being on dang-its. Also, insane shot by Raffl
Joaquin Spandex
Joaquin Spandex Місяць тому
That was a ridiculous, silly goal. Wow.
Адил Марат
Адил Марат Місяць тому
Алға Вашингтон Капиталз Алға Овечкин.
сын анархии
сын анархии Місяць тому
Скоро плей оф 😇😈😆🏆💪
сын анархии
сын анархии Місяць тому
😎👋 в этом весь кепс 🔥😉💪👍👏👏👏✌✊
Sheila Walker
Sheila Walker Місяць тому
Let’s GO CAPS❤️
Gavin Brown
Gavin Brown Місяць тому
unreal shot
Ivan Kvasov
Ivan Kvasov Місяць тому
Ian Mudd
Ian Mudd Місяць тому
Had the intensity of an all-star game
Валерий Волков
Валерий Волков Місяць тому
во козел в голову вратаря бросал ну бзди и тебе прилетит
KEVIN BLACK Місяць тому
The winning goal was awesome! That's from a Leaf's fan!
a sharp b flat
a sharp b flat Місяць тому
@chip guy true
chip guy
chip guy Місяць тому
@a sharp b flat Should be a good, close series but you never know. Chara and Wilson may be "psychopaths" but at least Chara is respected.
a sharp b flat
a sharp b flat Місяць тому
@chip guy I'm from across the big pond, Boston is the closest american city to europe, but it doesn't help, after what your team did to the Leafs in '14 '18 and '19 I can't smell the Bruins. In the WSH-BOS series I can't root for either side since Chara and Wilson are both psychopaths lol. I actually tend towards the Bruins here.
chip guy
chip guy Місяць тому
I am relaxed, I'm a Bruins fan
a sharp b flat
a sharp b flat Місяць тому
@chip guy LOL, If it makes you feel less uncomfortable: I'm not a torontonian Leafs fan, not even canadian, not even north american, so relax! 😵➡️😌
Andrei Sergeyev
Andrei Sergeyev Місяць тому
Go Caps, Go!!! Good Luck!
Go BobbyOrr
Go BobbyOrr Місяць тому
Gonna need it against the best team in East since trades.
tom cuddy
tom cuddy Місяць тому
that pass at 6:57 lol
Will McCabe
Will McCabe Місяць тому
Anyone who thinks this game is indicative of how the series will go is a moron
Mike M
Mike M Місяць тому
Much easier to score up high when the goalie ducks.
Montucky Man
Montucky Man Місяць тому
He was trying to duck so it didn't bank in off his head! He didn't duck fast enough apparently. If he got his head out of the way it misses the net. But he didn't.
Тарас Тарасов
Тарас Тарасов Місяць тому
Ого, с нулевого!!!
Russell Jr.
Russell Jr. Місяць тому
Playoffs are going to be awesome can’t wait for the start!
Ризван Ахмедов
Ризван Ахмедов Місяць тому
Бостон в плей офф грохнет этих мертвых вшей
John Browne
John Browne Місяць тому
I've seen the future and it's Jeremy Swayman.
Dr. Zaius
Dr. Zaius Місяць тому
@John Browne Keep living in deep-fried fantasy land, dumb boomer. I hope your kid is adopted, for his sake. LOL.
John Browne
John Browne Місяць тому
@Dr. Zaius Actually, I played hockey, fast-pitch softball, track and field and soccer in my younger days. I seemed to have touched a nerve. In the meantime, you were never an athlete and you've remained immature your entire life. LOL.
Dr. Zaius
Dr. Zaius Місяць тому
@John Browne Judging by your gut I'd say your idea of sport is somewhere between hot dog eating and golf.
John Browne
John Browne Місяць тому
@Dr. Zaius I'm guessing you were always the guy who was picked last for teams as a kid. You need to chill.
Go BobbyOrr
Go BobbyOrr Місяць тому
@Dr. Zaius Yawn...another tough guy behind the keyboard and in Mom's basement. BTW, she just called out that your lunch is ready. tool.
Денис Петров
Денис Петров Місяць тому
Ай да Раффл!
Guy Am I
Guy Am I Місяць тому
Wtf is a chicken mcnugget minute???
Matthew Kress
Matthew Kress Місяць тому
If the Caps score in the last minute of a period you get free nuggets with any $1 purchase at a local McDonald’s
Zissou42 Місяць тому
Boston sending out the goon squad ahead of playoff match-up, dirty.
Go BobbyOrr
Go BobbyOrr Місяць тому
@Zissou42 Will be glad when you can return to watching Ice Dancing and leave hockey to us men.
Zissou42 Місяць тому
@David Dolan I dont have a problem with resting your top lines, but having players who won't show up in the playoffs finishing every check with intent to wear out your future opponent is slimy in my books. This is on the Bruins coaching staff and not the players imo.
Brotherhood Місяць тому
Those were mostly kids lol. That are trying to show the NHL they are ready for the physical game.
JingleOctopus Місяць тому
Why would they put their best players out just to get hurt?
David Dolan
David Dolan Місяць тому
Like they'd actually risk losing the star players, dumbass.
Jason Meixell
Jason Meixell Місяць тому
As a flyers fan, I’m happy for raffl
Mizraim Місяць тому
I think it's time for goalies to start playing those situations differently. Pucks keep getting in from below the goal line or from really tight angles pretty often deflecting from their helmets.
jdrangers4 Місяць тому
@Michael Barske Yep, Lundqvist has a unique playing style and it was definitely effective. Especially in plays like this. Although he also likes throwing nets, maybe not the best habit to have.
Michael Barske
Michael Barske Місяць тому
Lundquist (got i know I'm butchering his name-i'm sorry) has purposely head butted the puck before. I feel like after this goal Swayman will start too, it fits his aggressive style. I like it, He's definitely the future after Rask, Vladar doesn't look bad either but Swayman has better numbers than quite a few big name goalies atm (albeit with less games played)
Derps []
Derps [] Місяць тому
malcolm subban is black
Gazeta 09
Gazeta 09 Місяць тому
Нормулькин гол, за три секунды. Где Кузя?
Gazeta 09
Gazeta 09 Місяць тому
@Денис Петров серьёзно? Прям с концами?
Денис Петров
Денис Петров Місяць тому
В Сиэтле:)
Cai Francisco
Cai Francisco Місяць тому
Ovi is dozing? didn't catch the pass from his teammate...
"chicken mcnugget minute"
wonder how the providence bruins would fare against the sabres
McMold Місяць тому
That’s a 7 game series I need to see
McMold Місяць тому
Josh Lucas
Josh Lucas Місяць тому
Really pumped for a not Toronto Boston round 1 matchup that ends with Toronto clutching game 5 and or 6 only to choke game 7
Чарлик НХЛ
Чарлик НХЛ Місяць тому
Классный гол с отрицательного угла 17🦅🤘
Rat Snackerson
Rat Snackerson Місяць тому
This game must have been a massive confidence boost for the bruins going into this series
Rat Snackerson
Rat Snackerson 29 днів тому
@TwiztinUpBlunts that kinda seems like a lot to go
TwiztinUpBlunts 29 днів тому
lol. They already caught 1 of 4 Ls.
Closet Hockey Fan
Closet Hockey Fan Місяць тому
@Cubertral Right, which prompts the thought that the NHL squad will almost definitely fare better than the AHL roster Boston played in this one. That's not to say Washington necessarily went all-out either, but it has to raise at least a little alarm.
Cubertral Місяць тому
@V T You don't understand my point I am just saying that the Bruins played players that mostly wont be played in the playoffs.
V T Місяць тому
@Cubertral If you don't have depth in the roster, you won't go deep in the playoffs. Just sayin
TB12 G.O.A.T
TB12 G.O.A.T Місяць тому
Caps really only won 2-1 with their full lineup yeeesh Bruins in 4
TB12 G.O.A.T
TB12 G.O.A.T 21 день тому
@wyatt Jarvis guess it took 5
Go BobbyOrr
Go BobbyOrr Місяць тому
@wyatt Jarvis "We'll see" said the fox to the chickens.
wyatt Jarvis
wyatt Jarvis Місяць тому
@Go BobbyOrr it’ll go 6 or 7, but the caps aren’t losing this series
Go BobbyOrr
Go BobbyOrr Місяць тому
@wyatt Jarvis Nah, maybe 6. But for sure B's are moving on!
wyatt Jarvis
wyatt Jarvis Місяць тому
Yikes, really hope you don’t believe the bruins win in 4. This game meant nothing for either team and a win against NHL players is a win no matter what
Kane Garvey
Kane Garvey Місяць тому
See you Saturday Big Z. Go Bruins!
vedicardi Місяць тому
goes to show AHL players are also very good at hockey
TwiztinUpBlunts 29 днів тому
Of course. Hell, even unsigned players who play beer league could be good. Just because these are Pro players doesn't mean they're perfect (except for stars like Ovechkin, Crosby etc.) But there are a good bit of pros who are lucky they're on an NHL contract tbh
Макс Місяць тому
Чара молоток.хоть и старый
BiG MiG Місяць тому
Пора бы этому молотку уже начать забивать,а то болтается как дерьмо в проруби,изображая бурную деятельность.
Anthony Місяць тому
Bruins in 6
Brennan McKinney
Brennan McKinney Місяць тому
Jeffrey Hudson Becker
Jeffrey Hudson Becker Місяць тому
Get them nuggies!
Ben Page
Ben Page Місяць тому
Haha I laugh every damn time they advertise the chiggy nuggy minute 🤣
ckendall67 Місяць тому
Regular season now completed, these teams now getting ready for their 1st round series beginning this weekend.
brett bacon
brett bacon Місяць тому
Capitals. Won
Go BobbyOrr
Go BobbyOrr Місяць тому
Something to really hang onto, Skippy. Watch B's wax your boys starting Sat.
Bella The Beagle
Bella The Beagle Місяць тому
“Providence Bruins” vs Capitals
Go BobbyOrr
Go BobbyOrr Місяць тому
@George Kitchen Won't save them from 1st round exit. "Fore!"
Go BobbyOrr
Go BobbyOrr Місяць тому
@George Kitchen Loser, better start compiling the excuses for exit from Round 1 courtesy of Bruins.
Go BobbyOrr
Go BobbyOrr Місяць тому
@Austin Knops Aw, save the garbage excuses for when B's advance. Good riddance to Caps and their mealy-mouthed fan base!
Go BobbyOrr
Go BobbyOrr Місяць тому
@YoYo YoYoYo Yup, you are a total idiot.
Martim Cabral
Martim Cabral Місяць тому
@Kane Garvey no Carlson, no oshie, no kuznetsov, and ovi playing his first game after missing the last six games but yeah full lineup
Ян Катцуба
Ян Катцуба Місяць тому
Jai Kohaal
Jai Kohaal Місяць тому
As a Bruins fan, I’m not comfortable playing against Z. Just not emotionally ready for this 😭😭
Jai Kohaal
Jai Kohaal Місяць тому
@Rich N Only started watching hockey in 06. Needless to say Bergy, Phil, and Z have a special place in my heart. No matter what they’re on every team I make.
Rich N
Rich N Місяць тому
Always love Z when he was on the Sens, Bruins, and Caps. Don’t know him on the Islanders
Holger Awakens
Holger Awakens Місяць тому
Good game considering Tom Wilson didn't pull some woman out of the stands and beat her to a pulp at mid ice
Go BobbyOrr
Go BobbyOrr Місяць тому
Nah, he wanted her 5'8" boyfriend who weighed 165 #'s. At least Panarin was bigger than that.
Magic _Taxes
Magic _Taxes Місяць тому
@Jonny Quest fax
Jonny Quest
Jonny Quest Місяць тому
alright calm down
blehhleb Місяць тому
The chicken Mcnugget minute betrayed the B's.
Magic _Taxes
Magic _Taxes Місяць тому
They rly wanted them nugs
justin Beutelspacher
justin Beutelspacher Місяць тому
Imagine the noise after Raffl's goal if the stadium had the normal fans in attendance
RockTheRed92 Місяць тому
@Jackson Graney I heard about that I hope to God they find the way through
Jackson Graney
Jackson Graney Місяць тому
If they’re still in it in June, 100% capacity will be allowed (but caps will be eliminated before then)
RockTheRed92 Місяць тому
@Jack Bertrand think he means if they were back to full capacity buddy.
Jack Bertrand
Jack Bertrand Місяць тому
It does dumbass
Beantown Місяць тому
I don’t care about the loss. Give it up for the AHL call ups for making this game fast paced. See you Saturday.
Go BobbyOrr
Go BobbyOrr Місяць тому
@nunu Hey dunce. 2 takeaways from last night: 1) Baby Bruins played even with Caps for 59:57. 2) Can't wait for Sat. night where Caps are in deep doo-doo! Go Bruins.
Beantown Місяць тому
The game meant nothing Washington would’ve had the tiebreaker if we would’ve won anyways.
Beantown Місяць тому
You guys just don’t get it. We rested 80% of our complete lineup until Saturday.
Muneeb Vohra
Muneeb Vohra Місяць тому
@Beantown salty bruins fan
Beantown Місяць тому
This game was meaningless.! Saturday onward is the real deal.
Ben Page
Ben Page Місяць тому
If Raffl's goal isn't a hat pick, I'd be VERY surprised. Couldnt have cut it closer 🤣
untitled Місяць тому
This game is a dang it
caterpillermiller Місяць тому
Or a dang it…
mythbhavd Місяць тому
You know it will be :)
Nicky Molitoris
Nicky Molitoris Місяць тому
Considering this was like 3 or 4 regular Bruins and almost the entire regular caps team, the bruins should be really impressed and the caps should lowkey be worried, even if they weren't trying their hardest.
Go BobbyOrr
Go BobbyOrr Місяць тому
@Patrik Plus you have no more than 3 wins for the season. Bye Caps.
Patrik Місяць тому
The game was meaningless, why worry? It makes no sense for the caps to go all out at that moment.
Magic _Taxes
Magic _Taxes Місяць тому
I mean the caps held their own for like 3 games when they didn’t have any of their all stars so it’s hard to tell. It was also Ovis first game back so that also had a part to play I think.
Garrett Hoyle
Garrett Hoyle Місяць тому
It also must be noted that most of the top caps were out for multiple games leading up to this. They were probably in more for the reps then anything else
Anna Roberts
Anna Roberts Місяць тому
Was a good game played by the Baby Bruins..Capitals had there entire top roster but the Baby Bruins held their own. Saturday will be a good game. Bruins players will be rested.
Go BobbyOrr
Go BobbyOrr Місяць тому
@Roman Borris Way to stay on topic, tool!
Roman Borris
Roman Borris Місяць тому
@Go BobbyOrr Boston never got over Joel Ward XD and the racism that followed.... efff Boston buddy 😂
Go BobbyOrr
Go BobbyOrr Місяць тому
@Roman Borris Brilliant, Einstein! Different sport, different teams. Not surprised you are a fan in DC.
Roman Borris
Roman Borris Місяць тому
@Go BobbyOrr yknow, some clown said the same thing to me about the nationals playing the dodgers back in 2019... no chance? Lol we will see.
Go BobbyOrr
Go BobbyOrr Місяць тому
@Roman Borris No chance to advance past this Bruins team. Bank on it.
George Blair
George Blair Місяць тому
Watched this game. Boston, fielding an AHL team, loses to a team with Cup aspirations. Washington skated like they were on Xanax. Boston skated like they just escaped from Arkham Asylum. Golf clap for the Caps. ( Pens fan here #ENDTHEDROUGHT )
Tage Corpuz
Tage Corpuz Місяць тому
Another sweep by the islanders 😆
KaleFGB Місяць тому
No one cares
Luke Maynard
Luke Maynard Місяць тому
What drought your team just won 2 cups
Banana Banana
Banana Banana Місяць тому
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