Nietzsche and the Nazis by Stephen R. C. Hicks (Full Audiobook)

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This audiobook edition of Nietzsche and the Nazis is read by the author, Dr. Stephen Hicks.

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00:00 Part 1. Introduction: Philosophy and History/1. Fascinated by history
03:36 2. What is philosophy of history?
04:46 Part 2. Explaining Nazism Philosophically/3. How could Nazism happen?
06:17 4. Five weak explanations for National Socialism
14:31 5. Explaining Nazism philosophically
21:40 Part 3. National Socialist Philosophy/6. The Nazi Party Program
22:44 7. Collectivism, not individualism
24:01 8. Economic socialism, not capitalism
27:40 9. Nationalism, not internationalism or cosmopolitanism
32:25 10. Authoritarianism, not liberal democracy
35:21 11. Idealism, not politics as usual
38:42 12. Nazi democratic success
41:05 Part 4. The Nazis in Power/13. Political controls
43:27 14. Education
51:28 15. Censorship
55:32 16. Eugenics
1:05:16 17. Economic controls
1:11:37 18. Militarization
1:15:55 19. The Holocaust
1:20:31 20. The question of Nazism’s philosophical roots
1:24:58 Part 5. Nietzsche’s Life and Influence/21. Who was Friedrich Nietzsche?
1:27:56 22. God is dead
1:30:27 23. Nihilism’s symptoms
1:34:20 24. Masters and slaves
1:46:05 25. The origin of slave morality
2:01:53 26. The Overman
2:10:44 Part 6. Nietzsche against the Nazis/27. Five differences
2:12:08 28. On the “blond beast” and racism
2:15:19 29. On contemporary Germans
2:16:53 30. On anti-Semitism
2:18:36 31. On the Jews
2:21:10 32. On Judaism and Christianity
2:24:27 33. Summary of the five differences
2:26:06 Part 7. Nietzsche as a Proto-Nazi/34. Anti-individualism and collectivism
2:36:38 35. Conflict of groups
2:39:31 36. Instinct, passion, and anti-reason
2:43:42 37. Conquest and war
2:48:36 38. Authoritarianism
2:52:00 39. Summary of the five similarities
2:53:18 Part 8. Conclusion: Nazi and Anti-Nazi Philosophies/40. Hindsight and future resolve
2:57:34 41. Principled anti-Nazism

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Joe Nugent
Joe Nugent Годину тому
Sounds like all of you need to research flat earth and actually read your bibles
Abdalla SA
Abdalla SA 2 години тому
Read the comments and lose brain cells.
JITSNM Photography
JITSNM Photography 2 години тому
Looks like youtube is showing you love and recommending this video I woke up and this was playing
JITSNM Photography
JITSNM Photography 2 години тому
Its kind of crazy the left takes a lot of stuff out of the nazis play book like collectivism or medicine being part of the government.
Nick Carter
Nick Carter 3 години тому
Damn, starting a new band called Nietzsche and the Nazis
Ryan Rauber
Ryan Rauber 4 години тому
I totally agree with the - knowing if your enemy only has peashooters or if they have machine guns - argument, but the idea of philosophers being intellectual heavy weights by definition is just ridiculous. 99% of philosophers are borderline retarded, and way way way too simplistic to describe even the most mundane human interaction. They don't quantify anything real, they just play to their audiences baser instincts and feelings by saying things that feel like they could have merit. Most of their ideas are complete shit, and I'm talking about all philosophers. Now that isn't to say there aren't certain ideas which are valuable, just that those ideas are hella few and hella far between. I'd say over 60% of philosophy is just psychotic ranting. I can make infinite valid arguments, that doesn't mean even one of them is sound.
Mike McCallion
Mike McCallion 4 години тому
Hell has no fear for a scorning CYA wicked -itch from the west.__ Yet the tens of thousands of homeless people created by the indiffernce in the destruction of their lives and probably deaths from the fentanyl influx placed into North America as the first stage of chemical warfare. __ Then the follow through process of the China water torture process of Drip -Drip - Drip - steps by step invasive process of the sinister use of biological warfare of an un-human biological weaponized Pandemic. __ Will the hordes of damaged Persons living near the walled Mansion(s) of San Francisco decide they are better than the excrement created by their dripping derived planned life by a Foreign and Culpable cadre of 'Drip' self- serving North American Elected & Appointed - Oath Makeers - climb the walls of the Mansion Enclaves to enjoy the 'Ice Cream'? __ What we do know is if there is any censorship of this or similar efforts to use Social Media by their minions, whom have never bothered to spend a moments effort or time to read " WilFul Blindness " or indeed to even review the American Thought Leaders - presentation for June 28, 2021 - by Author Sam Cooper - are more than 'fellow travelers' of the China Communist Party Government Leader - they are complicit and deserve to be found guilty of "Crimes Against Humanity. Mike Sr.
Lou Albano
Lou Albano 5 годин тому
Psalm:14.1 "The fool has said in his heart there is no God".
Stacy Large
Stacy Large 5 годин тому
I was watching Victor Davis Hanson must've fell asleep woke up to this holy smokes hard to know what else I may have been soaking up lol
Herbinator_88 5 годин тому
Very relevant book in 2021. Lots of these concepts and principles are being enacted and practiced
Willem-Eric de Wit
Willem-Eric de Wit 5 годин тому
Undertaker here. Work is quiet so lots of time to listen to interesting things. Latest are After shool Jordan Peterson Bruce Lipton and Lilou mace for positivity. Love ♥️ and light 🌞 of wisdom to us all 🌎
Wouter de ruiter
Wouter de ruiter 6 годин тому
Nietsche made some good points
Camarade Arthur
Camarade Arthur 6 годин тому
what a trash historical analysis. Nazism has never been about socialism, it was only the lie they used to get the proletarian help
Universalis Solis
Universalis Solis 7 годин тому
We should have a book called, “Nazis, economic miracles, and the West’s obsession with destroying and vilifying trade competitors”
dholt21771 7 годин тому
Remove the eugenics part and you have today's Progressive Party.
Ozzy Victoria
Ozzy Victoria 7 годин тому
And now we see this happening again sadly today
Green Samurai
Green Samurai 8 годин тому
2:27:46 "Do individuals shape their identities?" No. The fact is that the majority if not all acctions committed. Come from one's genes, memes and or brain chemistry. Personal contemplation comes afterwards. This is not opinion but scientific fact. There is a consensus on this one in nural biology. Free will is an illusion. What we should do about this is up to us all to discuss. But just agreeing with a fact doesn't make one a Nazi. This is one reason I like UKposts videos over books. Books can't be challenged in a comment section anybody can contribute to. When you are wrong. I can tell everyone that listens to this that you are wrong. They just have to have a desire to look down and read.
ashzole 9 годин тому
How do you get a T sound in nazis. when there’s no T, should it not be pronounced: Naah Ziz. long A long i sound
NorMonsta 9 годин тому
"You will own nothing and be happy"......those pulling the stings behind politics
Crippling Angst
Crippling Angst 10 годин тому
Nietzsches roasts are rated E for everyone
Christopher Robbins
Christopher Robbins 10 годин тому
This.Is. Good. Big fan of Stephen Hicks. I've listened to half of "Thus Spake Zarathrustra"....Fred is big on power, strength, warrior class. Hard on the weak...the meek. He makes many great ....even heroic points. Striving to create a whole new higher morality ....beyond Good and Evil. Love the line "Live with the heart of Caesar and the soul of Christ." Ubermensch.
Todd Kimbrell
Todd Kimbrell 10 годин тому
Some of my favorite people are in this comment thread. Hard working no excuses people from all walks of life. I am retired IT engineer turned floorman and part time janitorial contractor. I'll be scrubbing latrines and taking out trash and vacuuming in about 30 minutes. I could not be happier that I get to do it.
Bill Dolar
Bill Dolar 10 годин тому
nazism didn't just happen. it was induced, provoked and it was reaction. the last one to the parasite of the nation who think its superior and chosen by the god therefore justified to bite, abuse and slander the nation/s who feed them centuries long, gave them shelter and religious freedoms. all they got was reaction to it in exact reverse to their plans and deeds for them to know how it feels from the other side. but they are back again just progressing with exactly that same delusion now doing this same to yet more of others repeating history just arrogantly negating historical justice of the next swing of the pendulum of destiny. it shoul make sure that time that swing will be the last one and no single body carrying that disease will be left over this time to perpetuate that suffering once again and indefinitely.
Valkondar Valakev
Valkondar Valakev 11 годин тому
This author is dumb as fuck, how many repressed homosexuals become nazis? Ben Shaprio, steven crowder, dave rubin lmao do I need to go on? Also as a bulgaria yeah Turkey has always been a blood thirsty nation, 500 years of Turkish slavery do confirm that.
wowwowwow 11 годин тому
think the Chinese ,, are on this path now very worrying
wowwowwow 11 годин тому
what a complete nutcase he was ,no wonder he went mad ,how long did they think superman would last we all get old and sick even them ,it's hard to to believe such Pychos exist
Tom Turner
Tom Turner 11 годин тому
The Nazis weren’t socialists.
John athan
John athan 12 годин тому
Wow! That sure was a full Audiobook about Nietzsche and the Nazis by Stephen R. C. Hicks!
Dogbeach Digest
Dogbeach Digest 15 годин тому
The American Revolution went so well..... for a petit bourgeois kook
What Willis Was Talking About
What Willis Was Talking About 16 годин тому
This is fantastic. I’ve returned to listen to it many times. Nietzsche has become, in my opinion, extremely relevant in the last year or two. Thank you.
Stacy Large
Stacy Large 5 годин тому
Mr Halos
Mr Halos 6 годин тому
You are so correct. It’s F’ing scary.
Donald Collins
Donald Collins 17 годин тому
Nietzsche attributes to Christians and Jews the “Slave Morality”, he doesn’t give credit to the Stoics of Greece.
Vini SThrill
Vini SThrill 18 годин тому
Just another white wash of Nazism and white supremacy for socialism bad!
Leonard Shevlin
Leonard Shevlin 18 годин тому
The French Revolution and the path to independence for England's thirteen colonies in North America aren't the same sort of thing at all. Using the word "Revolution" for both creates a false idea. In a revolution there's a political turnover. Those in power are forced to hand power over to the revolutionaries. The Americans didn't want to depose the monarch and assume control of the British Empire, they simply wanted what Jefferson explained in the Declaration of Independence: to be free, independent, and self-governing. It was secession, not revolution, and no violence was necessary. King George elected to use violence even though he was in no danger of losing the throne to George Washington or any other American.
el scientifico
el scientifico 18 годин тому
Fantastic... I would never have bothered to physically read this but listening while I work... wow. I now have a glimpse why nazism and the American idea are so much in lockstep. Nietzsche's "master/slave" analogy is the very the embodiment of the American dream. It could very well have been lifted from a self help book for how to make a million dollars. Imagine yourself a master and the "world is yours" while all those who follow the judeo-christian morality are destined to slavery. Says a lot about the man but it also explains why Nietzsche is lauded in America and other despicable types.
Tom Ato
Tom Ato 19 годин тому
All conflict is the result of ignorance as people who can't grow without it are still at the bestial stage if life. A real Shaman or Yogi ate at bliss & peace & don't need conflict to grow but are enlightened & at One within Ones Self. Adolescence really needs conflict because of humanity's immaturity!
A K 21 годину тому
36:00 1:10:00
sief Qasrawi
sief Qasrawi День тому
How cunningly did he slip in the “expansionist Arabs” lmao stfu 🤫 they were extremely different then the rest of that list , also the strong didn’t prey on the weak from the Muslims. What the fuck are you smoking. Lmao and “the great Roman Empire” after mentioning the “Arabs”….. those Arabs wiped the floor with Rome and Persian empire simultaneously. This is lazy writing (just that part), the rest seems well thought out and presented well. I disagree with much of it but it’s nothing to belittle or dismiss. Lol but that part made me laugh. Time: 1:33:46 minutes in.
Floyd Drain
Floyd Drain День тому
Stating as a given that Goebbels was "brilliant" -- no no no no. I read, that is, I tried to read Goebbels' youthful novel. No brilliance whatsoever, not even a shred. Typical me me me coming of age stuff, and enervating.
The Maverick Mind
The Maverick Mind День тому
If AH could see Germany today .... lol.
Fun Cisco
Fun Cisco День тому
The liberal democracies would not have prevailed against Germany without Russia's KO punch on the the Germans in the East
bryan nuñez
bryan nuñez День тому
I’m listening to this while picking up trash 😌 Never stop educating yourself. One of the benefits of my “robot” job is that I have time to listen to tons of educational content. People are impressed when a little worker bee like me can form a well articulated opinion on critical issues
bryan nuñez
bryan nuñez Годину тому
@Tim Collier I work facilities management for a hospital in central indiana. Comprehensive benefits with great retirement plan. We have a staff shortage and there’s not a of people lining up for interviews to pick up trash in this economy. Especially since healthcare workers in the skilled-trade division, such as electricians, hvac technicians, painters welders, heavy equipment operators, and welders are against the new mandates. As a result I get assigned to do jobs that would normally be done by a our grounds division. Due to shortages all of facilities management duties are subcontracted to other companies in indiana and out-of-state. The remaining staff are forced to cross-train. And of course I got a raise and bonus for going above the duties of my job description. I love my job because we provide exceptional service to the poor. The beautiful nurses walking around are a huge plus lol
Tim Collier
Tim Collier Годину тому
While it must be self gratifying to be the smartest person in the room, setting goals and advancement of career should not be overlooked.
bryan nuñez
bryan nuñez 6 годин тому
@Te Matrixx my personal favorite study is the book of Daniel from the Old Testament. There are prophecies of four successive kingdoms -Babylon, Persia, Greece, and Rome. It accurately predicts historical events up until 1796, when Napoleon Bonaparte captured Pope Pius VI, fulfilling the prophecy of the Papal State’s rule for 1,260 years. The Current events occurring right now directly pertain to Ezekiel 38. The nations are identified by their ancient names: Iran (Persia), Magog (communist Russia), Ethiopia, Babylon (Iraq). These kingdoms surround Israel after its people migrate to holy lands after WW2. I’m learning about Nietzsche and the Nazis because I’m following up on what happened to the Germanic tribes that over threw Rome. The Germans were also the ones who translated the Latin Bible into a language that the common people spoke, which sparked the reformation. The Germans are intriguing yes indeed. They were a terror to the Romans and the Roman Catholic Church. Biblical studies give me clearer insight about how the world got to be the way it is now. If you’re not into religion it’s still very intriguing from a historical perspective. Whether you believe in God or not, the historical events took place and can be confirmed by secular historians and archeologists.
cynical_boddhisattva 6 годин тому
In your mind, you are free, and now you have the tools.
Andrei C
Andrei C 6 годин тому
Knowledge is power bro keep at it!
Kelsey Williams
Kelsey Williams День тому
Yeah I'd rather that the disabled and poor get theirs on Earth rather than waiting for Heaven. A disabled revolution within my lifetime. Nice idea though.
Plant Based Gaming
Plant Based Gaming День тому
This was a really interesting thing to listen to while playing cod zombies
Rob Kitchen
Rob Kitchen День тому
Nazis were anti capitalist?.....yet they got so much funding from the AMERICAN 1% who, at the time, refused to help put the American worker back to work....and some plotted to overthrow the US government after FDR taxed those 1% wealth to fund the NEW DEAL that was paramount to avoid a revolt by the impoverished unemployed workers that suffered harshly from the great depression...many living in hobo camps along with their wives and children, made of cardboard boxes as home and literally rags for clothes. the New Deal providing a social safety net and jobs programs. The 1% hated the tax burden that save many American families. ..yet still funded Nazi rise to power as well as the re-arming of German Military...much if not all on credit alone ...even continued while at war against America... traitorous acts that went unpunished so was their power over much of politicians and political system itself.. Nazism or rather FASCISM is a intermingling of corporations and government as a single system
Jesus él McNuggetCunt
Jesus él McNuggetCunt 4 години тому
"FASCISM is a intermingling of corporations and government as a single system", and just like that, you contradicted your first claim of the Nazis being pro-capitalist.
BulmaAtTheMecca День тому
Dems doing a lot of this...
Alan Torres
Alan Torres День тому
Nietzsche literally disliked Germans yet they quoted him in almost everything
Yogadragon Tarot800
Yogadragon Tarot800 День тому
It is clear that his physical body has been taken from a human life allowing lower 4th density demonically to rule is nazziism and terrorism- I’m open to other opinions- go for it. I don’t have tolerance for misogy and the desecration of the of all things Sacred- So glad his death and reign of terror is 0ver- I recommend you watch the entire video it talks about vaccinations etc. YOU WILL BE TRIGGERED ( esp women) but perhaps we can treat one another with brotherly love and the devils will continue to lose power. Google “” Audiobook Edition Read by the author- FULL AUDIOBOOK. If you’re aware of multiple incarcerations you may have a clue about your life. As you already know about the millions of BOOKs , torture. And burning of books ( and human beings) you will be kinder to the common people and stop worshiping celebrities- the documant says it AlL
Ricky Everett
Ricky Everett День тому
Very interesting. But I can't see how the genocide and slavery in the USA wasn't mentioned. ,100m Israelites and natives and Hispanics. All who are Israelites.
Nick Cohen
Nick Cohen День тому
BS ! First of all NAZI's is not a legal synonym of criminals , is just a political label and it means National Labour Socialists ..What a long nonsense analyze of nonsense ..Nothing about real politics and real manipulators
Jose Briceno
Jose Briceno День тому
This theory doesn't take in to account human nature toward corruption.
Jeffrey Beauregard
Jeffrey Beauregard День тому
Just politics, all politics divisions of the population, it's evil.
Shawn Dyer
Shawn Dyer День тому
I remember a friend of my father then a old man would straight en up and puff out his chest eyes get a glow when he would say he was a truck driver under gen Patton
Albani Dujaka
Albani Dujaka День тому
Quadruple Ban
Quadruple Ban День тому
So we are f**ked? Great, thanks. More good news. Also, you need to define the criteria for “intelligent”. Professors aren’t intelligent, they are good at memorizing, and being cogs in a wheel. They love institutions, and systems. They cannot think for themselves because they don’t have to. They choose to never leave school - who does that? Anyway, I was a professor, and was night and day from the rest of them, and knew I would be. They are idiots.
Patrick Leone
Patrick Leone День тому
Chindiana Jones
Chindiana Jones День тому
this is truly a terribly honest assessment of Nietzsche's philosophy (both the beautiful and the ugly parts of it) and its similarities and differences to Nazism. I was somewhat hesitant to listen to it before -- mainly because I have always been a huge simp for Nietzsche (he helped me through the most nihilistic and suicidal period of my life) -- but I can't say that I disagree with anything you have said in your book. Excellent job!
Tyler Baha
Tyler Baha День тому
Do yourselves a favor listen to "Anatomy of the state" free audio on spotify
THE Wicked Witch Of SE
THE Wicked Witch Of SE День тому
Western PROPAGANDA. No evidence AT ALL about let's start with Stalin, just more PROPAGANDA. 27 million soviets died saving the world from the Nazis and this person has the AUDACITY to talk about HISTORY???? What history? Founding America and European empires killed hundreds of millions as both WWI and WWII were wars between IMPERIALISTS in addition to the colonization of the rest of the globe killing millions, creating famines, etc...This popped up in my feed. Hard PASS on this ignorant lying bullshit. North and South American natives murdered, millions died in Bengal and the "Belgian Congo" and even the Irish were starved by Britain. SMFH
THE Wicked Witch Of SE
THE Wicked Witch Of SE 3 години тому
@Jesus él McNuggetCunt Today isn't 300 years ago, moron. Math might help. Illegal invasion of foreign nations like Afghanistan and Iraq for starters, CIA sponsored coups, slightly further back.....VIETNAM, Korea.....Chile, seriously dim, aren't you? While trying to pretend I am the one who is an idiot. Always hilarious. Try reading book, or even the current propagandized news and you might know a fraction of what you blibber about. LMFAO The last refuge of a person with no facts is not only to pretend they know what they are talking about while presenting nothing, but using ad hominem logical fallacies while doing it. HAAAAA!!!!!
Jesus él McNuggetCunt
Jesus él McNuggetCunt 4 години тому
"Stalin good because poopoo kaakaa westerners kill people 300 years ago". Eastern European historical discourse, ladies and gentleman.
Wild Boar
Wild Boar День тому
bla bla bla they also spent huge ressources on studies, of previous history.
Zen Conservative
Zen Conservative 2 дні тому
I love Stephen Hicks voice. Very pleased he read his own book.
Stephen Binion
Stephen Binion 2 дні тому
Outstanding book. You had me captivated till the last sentence.
Kevin Morrissey
Kevin Morrissey 2 дні тому
Kevin Morrissey
Kevin Morrissey 2 дні тому
Kingdom of s Speech
VDAN VARD 2 дні тому
You clearly are not aware of the Armenian genocide executed by the Turks in 1915. You need to research a bit more before making your assertions.
Valkondar Valakev
Valkondar Valakev 11 годин тому
Or 500 years of Slavery in bulgaria but hey don't let facts get in the way of a liberal talking about stuff
Kiamichi Ozarks
Kiamichi Ozarks 2 дні тому
All this ________ under the guise of trying to solve the human condition. Jesus spoke into the face of greed saying; “The poor ye shall have with you always.”
Ivory Mantis
Ivory Mantis 2 дні тому
Is it...strange that I feel like I'm hearing a lot of USA parallels right now? It's kind of in a bizarre or odd way. We have teachers openly teaching certain political dogma that is very rigid. They also invite kids to tattle on parents and also tell kids not to tell parents what they've been learning. We have a society that is further and further trying to reach into state control. We have an administration that is trying to kill off bodily autonomy, agreeing that the state should control the body and that the body is part of a whole. We have an odd political disposition about a new strain of cold, where individuals mark themselves with a mask if they are for or against the ideology. There is a growing callousness towards asocial males and the rise of casual hypergamy, almost like a bizarre turncoat of eugenics where certain younger males are being outright cut out of sociosexual hierarchy. An increased worship of censorship, as more and more individuals flock towards either specific news sites or outright initiating the "new age" book burning of online social media censorship. Innate segregation of class, religion, sex, and essentially anything else under the sun.
Studio Verrou
Studio Verrou День тому
Correction: COVID-19 is caused by a specific coronavirus referenced in documentation as SARS-CoV-2. While conditions self-diagnosed as the common cold may be caused by coronaviruses (the moniker “cold” is almost purely semantic, based on symptoms rather than causes), most “colds” are caused by rhinoviruses. Most people talking about a “cold virus” are discussing these rhinoviruses, rather than a singular variant of a coronavirus. Therefore, classifying COVID-19 as a cold isn’t correct in a semantic sense - it is a coronavirus, not a rhinovirus.
Taco101 2 дні тому
Yo wtf this played while I was sleeping
Seaside Strangler
Seaside Strangler 2 дні тому
I can think of an American party that wants to go down a socialist path and wants to belittle a certain race of people for being bad from birth, they are in the White house right now.
John Nieckarz
John Nieckarz 2 дні тому
Nationalism in pre Nazi Germany came about because of things like the Treaty of Versailles.
Roxana Vasilakis
Roxana Vasilakis 2 дні тому
Thank you
Jernej Zore
Jernej Zore 2 дні тому
Propaganda of zion...
John Moore
John Moore 2 дні тому
They were all racist that was the bottom line now I hated you fell sold money from Jews that was the basis of the Nazi and Hitler's regime was to exterminate the people to exterminate the race of them God Jesus
Prog Nosis
Prog Nosis 2 дні тому
I can't help but feel that it is rather significant that the very first telling of the story of Jesus didn't mention him coming back from the dead and that it was only added on later...
phillip wash
phillip wash 2 дні тому
PROG NOSIS, you would not have repeated this ghastly lie..that John Mark did not include Jesus' resurrection in the book of Mark--- had you read the epistle yourself, like in chapter 10: verse 34:where the Lord said----in speaking as Himself---as the Son of man "And they shall mock him and shall scourge him,and shall spit upon him: and the third day he shall rise again," This is the devious work of the atheist Jesus-hating apostate Dr, Bart Ehrman.who. if you carefully follow his teaching you will see how he omits so much narrative in order to make so many of his false assertion! Besides ALL four Gospels were actually dictated by the Holy Spirit. HELLO!
Google Elide
Google Elide 2 дні тому
Can’t imagine how significant you’re gonna feel it was that before they called him Jesus, he went by Horace…. For the older folks
nystagmus 2 дні тому
Don’t let AI get a hold of Nietzsche’s writing
Jack Russell
Jack Russell 2 дні тому
the 1,5K dislikes must be nazis
anne thomas
anne thomas 2 дні тому
And these were all clever men !!!
anne thomas
anne thomas 2 дні тому
Different world… unbelievable.
Neal Blanchett
Neal Blanchett 3 дні тому
American Democrats are quite similar to Nazional Socialists. Trump is nearly an opposite. Bush and mainstream Republicans are closer.
Jesus él McNuggetCunt
Jesus él McNuggetCunt 4 години тому
What propaganda does to a man ^^
Ricardo 3 дні тому
Lets not forget that Hitlrr's militatism appealed to the German industrialists. There was a lot of money to be make.
Suzann 3 дні тому
Well, since the slaves beat the snot out of the ubermenschen, i guess Nietzsche was a nitwit.
Woodynic -
Woodynic - 3 дні тому
Rothschild funded both sides
Jesus él McNuggetCunt
Jesus él McNuggetCunt 3 дні тому
Who would've thought that a bank would function like a bank. How horrible.
James Hughes
James Hughes 3 дні тому
How about you combine all these explanation that turned Germany into Nazism and you have your answer it's not one particular thing it's a combination also called a Snowball or domino effect
The Box
The Box 3 дні тому
I fell asleep 😴
Victorino Nunez
Victorino Nunez 3 дні тому
I'm reading and listening to your book,I study ,do as much research as I possibly can and then I dissect all that I have read and studied, I find it to have been , til this point extremely educational. Nazis,
Victorino Nunez
Victorino Nunez 3 дні тому
I just can't get a full grasp or understanding of the Nazi state of mind .. Or how people as a whole can give in to this kind of being, and thinking It can be horrifying because it's not about the German people it's about humanity as a whole.
Clara V
Clara V 3 дні тому
I think the author might have forgotten what he had written at the beginning by then end of the book. He started by saying something like not all authoritarian countries turn to Nazism and ended the book by saying that we should be anti-authoritarian because the Nazis were (implying authoritarian leads to Nazism). I think maybe he was trying to say that the combination of all 5 main Nazi values (authoritarianism, instinct, collectivism, socialism, war/conflict) might lead to Nazism but then seemed to say that we should be against each of those values individually, not that we should be against all of those values as a whole. Either way though, a country could value each, all, or multiple of those values and not lead anywhere close to Nazism. I would even argue that almost all developed countries value some level of those 5 things in order to exist. The real question is to what level do we value them and what additional values are necessary to keep those values in check.
Clara V
Clara V 3 дні тому
@andreas schaetze I continue to agree with you that it is definitely about balance. All cultures limit speech in some way. Traditionally, most draw the line between society's limitation and the government's limitation PLUS they pair that with a strong value of human life. There are always certain ideas and views that are deemed out of bounds and people who are shunned from that society for holding those views. Someone may not want to associate with an ideogical enemy, but they don't want them dead or in jail. That being said, the emergence of corporations that are potentially more powerful than governments has definitely raised the question if we need to expand business regulations to protect free speech like we do for the government. To pair with the point in my 1st post, I would just continue to argue that the curtailing of free speech alone by a society does not lead to Nazism, there are other lack of values or overemphasis on other values that have to be present to create such a vicious ideology.
andreas schaetze
andreas schaetze 3 дні тому
It’s always a bad thing when something is out of balance. The only aspects wich are utterly unnecessary are pure selfishness, coercion, violence, war and everything between. The so called liberal today are distorted and only accept free speech and views if they are in line with their agenda. I’m afraid that it will lead to another extreme that history will judge in the future and ask how this could happen. One individual is intelligent but the herd is dumb and will follow the „shepherd“ to the slaughterhouse.
Simona Atkinson
Simona Atkinson 4 дні тому
The same could be said of Socialists.
chago river
chago river 4 дні тому
people read this crap and dont know they are being propgandized by right wingers. no wonder the whole book is published without take down notice. please google who the author is before swallowing this crap.
X-Tanuki-X 4 дні тому
Absolute dribble
Chadwick 4 дні тому
I guess I missed how mien Kampf being a best seller in a country had anything to do with them having tendencies towards or away from genocide. I have purchased that book like many other, to learn lessons from it, and I might as well be the founder of the anti-socialist social club.
Rahul Chaudhary
Rahul Chaudhary 4 дні тому
This guy looks delusional. One the one hand he says you should live like my right to live is 1000x more than your life to live. He says slave mentality is necessary to survive. He agrees with social hierarchies. Then why is he saying that jews should be ashamed of being slaves? All things considered, his philosophy means humans can only achieve greatness when there are small groups of people fighting together. Which makes sense. But than what is greatness? If you are a nihilist and god is dead and we should fullfil our desires than why don't you agree with a democratic world? Of course we will slow down and we will not get to point A to B that fast. But does if matter? My desire is that society should not suffer so much. If nothing matters than why do you even care about achieving greatness. And who even decides the definition of greatness. Maybe creating democracy is great. Just because people were fighting 99.9% of the time in history to says it's the way to live? But the book is nice. I'll have to listen to it again to fully digest it. Fredrick was great philosopher. But it is just to abstract to me.
Jonas Paulino
Jonas Paulino 4 дні тому
The eye that see everything is a computer and they put you indside to fuck you programing People to what ever the new World order wants
Robert Jay
Robert Jay 4 дні тому
Seems like the democrats and the far left embraced everything the nazis did! The whole time I listened to this I couldn’t stop thinking is he talking about the left of today and my answer to myself was yes to a T. It’s unbelievable that 1984, animal farm, and the whole nazi doctrine were written long before today. I now believe in time machines LOL
Jesus él McNuggetCunt
Jesus él McNuggetCunt 3 дні тому
Nice propaganda ^
laylow597 4 дні тому
Democratic Socialism is in place today in the countries with the best living standards and strong economies and no nazi's.
Lashandadebe 4 дні тому
1:18:43 bro I literally just woke up and this was playing. I've never heard of this book in my life.
William Kim
William Kim 13 годин тому
Wtf same what even is this book about
Donald Collins
Donald Collins 17 годин тому
I have that very same experience, woke up half way through the book. 😳🤔
BIGMIKE День тому
someone else
someone else День тому
I fell asleeplistening to Sam Harris on morality audiobook and woke up to this!
someone else
someone else День тому
Wow me fucking too
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