Over Wyoming

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Wyoming PBS

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WyomingPBS takes cameras aloft to explore the sweeping beauty of the Cowboy State and finds etched on the land, history as vast as its horizons and human stories as intricate as its streams. Narrated by Pete Simpson.

Mark Stine
Mark Stine 2 дні тому
That's a petrified tree stump! I don't care what any scientist says!
Marilyn De Jesus
Marilyn De Jesus 3 дні тому
I hope the that colossal tree sprout a seed woww
Mary Hickel
Mary Hickel 4 дні тому
Lovely,beautiful country ,Wyoming ,what a great State ,and really beautifully illustrated.God Bless all who visit there. Very nice story told.And many more beautiful ones to be attributed to a beautiful,place to be and livi in.
Claudie Duran
Claudie Duran 4 дні тому
Is Macedonia in between span and France. Ore France and Germany.?
Jason's Garage
Jason's Garage 5 днів тому
@21:58 "Devils Tower" was a Tree at one point in time, People can think that's BS all they want but it is true it is a Petrified Tree That Reached the "Heavens" This stuff is not "Legend" anymore or a "Myth" Facts are there are Giant Humanoid Remains in UTAH as well!
newstart49 6 днів тому
Remember Wyoming mostly in the 60's. Beautiful place- no one there.
FJ80Coop 7 днів тому
CJ Box one of my favorite authors..
FJ80Coop 7 днів тому
Always raise a drank to Chris Ledoux whenever passing by or through Cheyenne and say the cowboys prayer...
Wes Henderson
Wes Henderson 7 днів тому
The tree of good and evil! Now it's just a stump!
Cecilia Wagner
Cecilia Wagner 7 днів тому
Excellent view of Wyoming. I truly enjoyed it.
Scott Goodman
Scott Goodman 8 днів тому
Elk Mountain, Hannah, Medicine Bow and Dubois always will have a spot in my heart. I hope it never changes......
Cajun W33dh3ad
Cajun W33dh3ad 8 днів тому
Devils tower is a tree stomp not a mountain
Bush Crafter
Bush Crafter 8 днів тому
Wonderful job showcasing this gem of a state!!!! Loved it Thank you so much, Never been there, Got a nice view though!
Bushy Haired Stranger
Bushy Haired Stranger 9 днів тому
In 2004 my wife, myself & our year old daughter drove from Madison, Connecticut home to Eugene, Oregon over 10 days. We skipped seeing Mount Rushmore to see & stay at the DEVILS TOWER. We stayed in the parking lot in our 1997 Ford Taurus wagon and woke up the next morning to walk around the Tower to watch the sunrise on the eastern side. Absolutely Magnificent!
Racebook 3173
Racebook 3173 9 днів тому
It's a GIANT TREE, more to come!
Mark Stine
Mark Stine 9 днів тому
That's a tree stump!
Ks Lolo Hoku
Ks Lolo Hoku 9 днів тому
Thanks for sharing videos of the white buffalo!! Very special to see that indeed.
Seacoast Heat & AC
Seacoast Heat & AC 10 днів тому
That's an old tree stump.
Meet Dogg Black
Meet Dogg Black 12 днів тому
@22:30 WITCHCRAFT…beware!
Tomasz Palowski
Tomasz Palowski 10 днів тому
what do you mean?
Frans Venrooy
Frans Venrooy 13 днів тому
I just love Mt Rushmore,or "devvilstower", and it's just a amazing country.
Jk Grunge
Jk Grunge 13 днів тому
Notice he said "on the big plane" not planeT Because they knew Earth isn't a planet
Chris Smith
Chris Smith 14 днів тому
Native Indians Land stolen from history ur homework civil war of lie's
susan brown
susan brown 14 днів тому
So many trees look dead....such a vast place.
Andrew Armijo
Andrew Armijo 14 днів тому
This rock formation looks like a tree trunk
Elaine Moreland
Elaine Moreland 14 днів тому
Thank you all for such a wonderful tour of Wyoming. I will never have a chance to visit, but I feel lucky to have seen this video.
Mark Lowe
Mark Lowe 15 днів тому
As an Aussie that's traveled the entire USA places like Utah and Wyoming were unpretentious diamonds. Trust me, once you land at LA just keep going. These are the best parts of the USA and it's not only the landscape it's the people.
Danny Palmer
Danny Palmer 17 днів тому
Very Silent Here and spiritual!
Danny Palmer
Danny Palmer 17 днів тому
Im live in Riverton Wy.we love Casper!
manamedia 18 днів тому
One of the most beautiful states in the USA. I have driven from Yellowstone to Cody, then onto Devils Tower. Breath taking and a must see before you die!
Dylan Mcalpine
Dylan Mcalpine 19 днів тому
Born and raised in Wyoming
Gary Frey
Gary Frey 19 днів тому
The devil’s tower is a prehistoric tree stump.
OddBALL 20 днів тому
Oh give me a home where the buffalo roam.
A Vapor
A Vapor 20 днів тому
It's OK Satan I'm still going through with my lawsuit. UKposts hates the truth.
null98Jeff 21 день тому
Loved Wyoming, from the Black Hills to everything in between. The Bighorns were especially exciting to me as I had the best trout fishing trip of my life there after a tough hike, and only went through the Bighorns to begin with to get to Bighorn Canyon. Yellowtone, Grand Teton and the national forests around them definitely lived up to their billing.
shawn kiesel
shawn kiesel 22 дні тому
Devils Tower is the stump of an ancient giant tree.. If anyone or any group tells you otherwise they're lying...
Pieter Oudshoorn
Pieter Oudshoorn 22 дні тому
I am from Holland. It's even hard to comprehend the vastness and beauty of this place in earth! Wow! 😍
E Chew
E Chew 23 дні тому
I just stumbled onto this video, and I have been to many parts of Wyoming and an honestly tell you it sucks. And the wintertime really sucks.
Linda Greene
Linda Greene 24 дні тому
Great story's. Cam.❤❤❤
Raymond Trinidad
Raymond Trinidad 25 днів тому
Consider this, the mountains around the world look the way they look is because of the great flood during biblical times pushing tons of water at them then pulling the water back with such speed that even granite rock was carved like a knife slicing them. Just look at flat the tops of these mountains are, that is caused by the force of high speed water.
Happier Abroad - Expat Living and Dating Overseas
Happier Abroad - Expat Living and Dating Overseas 26 днів тому
Wow. Anyone who thinks the world is overpopulated should drive through Wyoming. lol
A Dog In a Cowboy Hat
A Dog In a Cowboy Hat 27 днів тому
I was raised in the wilderness, my grandpa was a bull rider, and he taught me some damn good life lessons. Now everything is just so built up, and everyone is from a city and act the same. Wyoming seems like the place for me, lack of people, and wide open country.
Keyboard Dancers
Keyboard Dancers 27 днів тому
0:18 Just a quick reminder that there was something there long before Wyoming ever existed. The land didn't suddenly pop up out from under the earth's surface. There were people there as well. Utterly dishonest document full of incredibly short memories!
lordcrosssupreme 28 днів тому
I enjoyed my stay in Cheyenne, years ago attending Cheyenne Aerotech, And Laramie Community College...The Open Plains Whisper The Tales Of The Ancestars...
ThompPL1 28 днів тому
45:30 . . . Upper Green "sums up what it is to be Wyoming".
Frank 28 днів тому
What a great documentary I’ve absolutely fallen in love with this place
Doktor NFC
Doktor NFC 29 днів тому
wyoming isnt real, there is nothing you can show me that will make me think otherwise
Mortanos 29 днів тому
I love the voice of the Narrator. A true storyteller voice. This video is just the medicine to get rid of stress. Very uplifting :)
Charles Farley
Charles Farley 25 днів тому
That was grait
HenryManson 29 днів тому
Nice little gem of a Documentary! Beautiful Nature! Greetings from Germany!
Jamie soden
Jamie soden 29 днів тому
My hometown of Sidney Nebraska was home of Cabela's the outdoor retail store is not that far from Wyoming. Growing up in Sidney Nebraska we would always go to Cheyenne Wyoming I enjoyed going to the mall there back in the early 1990's the mall had a really good car audio store that I would get all my Alpine car stereo equipment and the decals and Alpine jackets and t shirts and hats from and I would stock up on stuff from Radio Shack too. Most people in Nebraska would go and see the University of Nebraska football games in Lincoln but my family would always go and see the Wyoming Cowboys play football in Laramie. I always liked it when the cannon would go off and the horses and wagon would go around the field back in the day Cheyenne had a really nice restaurant named Shari's Restaurant back in the day they had two locations in Cheyenne Wyoming and skiing at Jackson Hole every winter along with Aspen Colorado good times back then.
Steven Dyer
Steven Dyer Місяць тому
Not good looking? What was the thought behind including that line? Just seems random a.f..
Karen Low
Karen Low Місяць тому
Thanks for this awesome documentary! Wyoming is indeed a beautiful State. I want to go there as soon as the tourist industry opens up.
Larry Roth
Larry Roth Місяць тому
that tree stump really has the scientists confused its so old they think its just rock formations
Scott Breseke
Scott Breseke 23 дні тому
I've seen rock walls that look like that tree stump before. At a location close to (or inside of) Yellowstone Park.
antichicken Місяць тому
Mrs Ned Kelly
Mrs Ned Kelly 12 днів тому
What do you mean?
Tama Tomlinson
Tama Tomlinson Місяць тому
I really like all the people in this comments section ❤️
Scott Breseke
Scott Breseke 23 дні тому
Ok, group hug everybody!
john bender
john bender Місяць тому
I miss Casper such a great place to live
Kelly Heath
Kelly Heath Місяць тому
Devils Tower is a tree stump with 4 miles of roots... his-story channels never tell the truth... but of course he made a joke of it... because they have to tell you... SOON THE TRUTH WILL BE KNOWN.
Scott Breseke
Scott Breseke 23 дні тому
I'll bet it provided a lot of shade when it was a growing tree.
TJ Tampa
TJ Tampa Місяць тому
Steven Mays
Steven Mays Місяць тому
Giant tendon strap you look at a human's tendon it's identical to what you're looking at
tealnexttime Bond
tealnexttime Bond Місяць тому
Good story
Marjorie Garner
Marjorie Garner Місяць тому
thank you from a great grandmother, 80 years old, in the beautiful state of Montana. Been here over 50 years and love it. Glad you love Wyoming. Montana is similar, and you would love it here too.
MsZeus49 Місяць тому
Wyoming is awesome!
MeemO Leem
MeemO Leem Місяць тому
That cover shot is definately a petrified tree stump.
Bobby g.
Bobby g. Місяць тому
I am going to change devils mountain to, THUTI MOUNTAIN! I’m coming!
Yesica1993 Місяць тому
I wonder if there are any cities in WY with good public transportation? I don't drive, so I'd need that. I just want to see MOUNTAINS & live a quiet life. I don't mind hard winters, I'm used to it. I also need a strong Christian church.
LISA CPA Місяць тому
It took me less than a second to see that the "Lincoln head" was not a part of this original structure. Someone added the head much later in our current history. They are trying to conceal the real history - that an ancient race of people built that statue and it goes back way further than present day Lincoln. This world is messed up. Why do they continue to lie about HISTORY...????
Hulk Amania
Hulk Amania Місяць тому
"pretty dreadful places in Wyoming"
Hulk Amania
Hulk Amania Місяць тому
why am i watching this
Geraldine Mcguirk
Geraldine Mcguirk Місяць тому
Good luck people of Wyoming stay safe from ireland x
David Sparks
David Sparks Місяць тому
Tom Goodwin
Tom Goodwin Місяць тому
That used to be a giant tree
Wayne Plaza
Wayne Plaza Місяць тому
Another freemason
Monte Sanborn
Monte Sanborn Місяць тому
Why is PBS anti American.
Angela Berni
Angela Berni Місяць тому
Well I must say that I thoughly enjoyed this beautiful documentary. Excellent photography. Well done everyone envolved in this. From an Italian in Spain 👏👏👏
Juan Castillon
Juan Castillon Місяць тому
if it was a volcano...Where is the crater?
Scott Breseke
Scott Breseke 23 дні тому
Maybe Yellowstone volcano spit it out and it flew through the air and landed where it is now.
leg press
leg press Місяць тому
Not imagination. There was nothing there. Thats not imagination. Thats settling. A huge difference.
laquitacreel Місяць тому
Beautiful video. Well done. I've got to tell you though, hundreds of thousands of people not only believe Devil's Tower is a tree stump, they know it is. If you'll look at a cut-out cross-cut section of a tree, you will find out, all trees have fibers and each one has a sheath around it, to absorb water and reduce disease. Where you see basalt rocks, that's where a tree once lived. 200 trees were petrified and preserved by God. Plus, how does lava, that looks like cow manure make exact columns, throughout the diameter of the tree? We've been lied to by history. When the thin sheath decays, it separates the columns and that's why they fall and taper off.
jgucci Jacgucci
jgucci Jacgucci Місяць тому
I lived in Cheyenne for 20 years raised my children if you meet my family you'd be impressed Sorry about the spelling that happens in Wyoming
Kenneth Brandon
Kenneth Brandon Місяць тому
Watched Prong horn be hit by Tractor and Trailer ( Where is Devil’s Tower)
Wise Guys Outdoors
Wise Guys Outdoors Місяць тому
I've been to Wyoming 4 times to hunt mule deer. We drove from Pennsylvania and tried to use a different route each time. We weren't sorry and my Dad and uncle got to see everything before they couldn't. They enjoyed Devil's Tower, the medicine wheel in the Bighorn Mts, special to the 3 of us, because my great grandmother, their grandmother was a child survivor of the wounded knee massacre. I knew that the Black Hills and the Medicine Wheel was where Sitting Bull participated in the Sun Dance before the victory against Custer. The Absarokas, Yellowstone, the Wyoming dinosaur center and hot springs in Thermopolis. McCullough peaks, Old Trail Town, Cody and the best eats at Proud Cut Saloon. The Tetons. I'm so proud that I influenced them to go. My Dad is 83 and in a wheelchair. He visits every time he looks at his mule deer buck. My Uncle is in his mid 70's and his oldest son moved to Casper years ago and loves it. Now to get my son there, before I'm too old to make the journey. My second home, and the permanent home of this man's heart.
Tanner William
Tanner William Місяць тому
Need to return this land to the Cheyenne and Arapaho
Chuck Warren
Chuck Warren Місяць тому
Looks like a huge tree stump
Leslie Gibbons
Leslie Gibbons Місяць тому
I actually climbed Devils Tower 18 years ago with 2 other partners! So fun and so scary…it’s 800 feet
SkyBoys Місяць тому
If Devils Tower was a Giant tree, Then you should be able to excavate out the soil around the Root System And You Have Your Answer. And one hell of a tourist attraction with one final question to answer, If That was a Tree, Who The Hell Cut It Down ?
deep purple
deep purple Місяць тому
To anyone seeing this for the first time, they would think that it was the stump of a tree , in rock.
fran rivas rivas
fran rivas rivas Місяць тому
Jackson Hole of course...
fran rivas rivas
fran rivas rivas Місяць тому
I was there four times back in the 90s,drove all over the syate in my Mitsubishi Montero,Loved Cody and its main street,The Irma...Loved to go in winter to Yellostone, full of snow in my snowbike, very friendly people,visited the tomb of Irma Cody.
Some Jerk
Some Jerk Місяць тому
That's one neat old tree stump.
Rush Mull
Rush Mull Місяць тому
Holiday lnn at Gilette
Textboy cowboy
Textboy cowboy Місяць тому
I'd say thats one big petrified looking tree stump there..
Rush Mull
Rush Mull Місяць тому
Lived an worked in reno jct 80 /81
Cardoso Family
Cardoso Family Місяць тому
Poor Sioux !
JTC Місяць тому
R Kaiser
R Kaiser Місяць тому
A beautiful introduction to the State of Wyoming. I have heard much about this State mentioned in history, films, stories, but actually never knew anything about the beautiful nature, and the peoples’ living there now. I live in Queensland, Australia at the moment, and traveling to Wyoming via the Internet is amazing. Thank you. Stay Safe.
Chad Novelli
Chad Novelli Місяць тому
This was a tree
David Smith
David Smith Місяць тому
I loved staying in Laramie for the too short time I was there. I was in the house just above+beyond the blue tarped garage. (top right) 8:55 Fun Fact: The writers inspiration for Moe’s Tavern on The Simpsons is on the next corner up and to the right. Unfortunately passenger trains no longer stop at the beautiful old time Laramie station depot. But the large open building can be rented out for private purposes like wedding receptions.
Tess Elaynes
Tess Elaynes Місяць тому
I bet the natives that the land was occupied by wanted that land back. They probably wanted all the land they were on before they were ran off it.
Zac Billiris
Zac Billiris Місяць тому
So pretty I want to get married here
Lisa Thomas
Lisa Thomas Місяць тому
Devil’s Rock…is an ancient tree…compare it to a tree stump. Look at it from the top and compare it to tree structures. Hence why the natives called it the home of a bear. Bears don’t live on a dry rock. Watch the video ‘there are no forests on earth’, if you’re open minded. If you’re a mainstream zombie…this isn’t for you.
Valeen 78
Valeen 78 Місяць тому
I think Wyoming and a few of those states up there should be combined into one and split bunch of other states like NY, CA, and TX into two. Too much power has been concentrated in these no-nothing states.
jimgall ufos
jimgall ufos Місяць тому
I made that tower out of mashed potatoe......it means something.......
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