PALAYE ROYALE - Tonight Is The Night I Die (Official Music Video)

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Story adaptation from the Palaye Royale Graphic Novel Series.
Written by Remington Leith, Sebastian Danzig and Emerson Barrett
Director…………..Padraig Reynold
Director Of Photography……..Michael Bolten
Producer…………Michael P Blevins
Producer............Steven Contreras
Prod. Manager……Abi Pearl
1st AD………….Micheal Alvarado
2st AC…………..Mitch Boyce
3st AC…………Logan Kunde
Steadi-Cam………Luke Rihl
Technocrane……..Brian Williams
Technocrane………Myles Erfurth
Gaffer…….Matt Richmond
Best Boy……….Oliver Lukacs
Electric Dept……Tyler Rousseau
Key Grip………Jason Rowlen
Grip……….Suki Nojima
Sound Dept…….Maximus
Prod. Designer…….Jena Serbu
Art Director……Heather Blum
Prop Master……Bastian Mcbride
Wardrobe Designer…Desmond
Wardrobe Asst……..Angela Alvarez
Wardrobe Asst…….Sabrina Super
Key Make-Up…….Roxanne Mcdanel
Special Fx……Josh Russell
Hair Stylist………Katrina Valenti of Larisa Love
Choreographer…….Marrisa Heart
Key PA…..Kaysee Shamborah
Label……Steven Contreras
Medic………Jeremy Chu
Covid Compliance……..Craig Marvin
Aldous Blackwell……..Remington Leith
Fredrick Blackwell……..Sebastian Danzig
Alan Blackwell…………Emerson Barrett
Lilith Visigoth………Nadezhda Tolokonnikova
Lead………Amanda Steele
Gustav Underhill….…..De’Wayne
Dancer……..Larrisa Love
Dancer……..Ashley Beloat
Cellist……Michelle Campbell
Violinist……..Sayda Word
Visigoth Member………Andy Leo
Visigoth Member………Santiago Pagnotta (Korpo)
Visigoth Member……..Jack Daniel Gerrard
Visigoth Member……..Keanu Mayo
Visigoth Member…….Giovanni Medici
Visigoth Member…….Niccolo Machiavelli
Visigoth Member……..Marcus Aurelius
Tonight is the night I die
Lonely, another day
Drowning, please save me
I am struggling in my own daydream
I know I can’t live much longer
Hear the angels sing
Tonight is the night I die
Surrender to my pain locked inside my cage
Could I be a prisoner to the voices in my brain
My mind is gone to waste
Can’t stand to look at my face
All these thoughts inside my head
Will be silenced by the bang
I know I can’t live much longer
Hear the angels sing
Tonight is the night I die
Believe me believe me when I say
Tonight is the night I die
Die another day
What they want me to say
Die another day
Tonight is the night I die
As I walk through the valley of
The shadow of death
I look at you as I take my last breath
As I die and fall to the floor
My pain and suffering is no more
#PalayeRoyale #TonightIsTheNightIDie #SumerianRecords #TheBastards

Bhavuk Tyagi
Bhavuk Tyagi День тому
Is he Marilyn Manson's son? By chance? May be?
That1Dude 2 дні тому
Legit Zenitsu in every single episode he is in
Venom Ghoul
Venom Ghoul 2 дні тому
Watch it at 0.25 speed and it sounds w a c k
OVADOSE 3 дні тому
The video is quality but it’s ruined by the overproduced electronic instrumental, it would have sounded better with organic live drums and organic instruments all together
Angel Rodriguez
Angel Rodriguez 3 дні тому
Any similar bands to palaye royale you could recomend?
Midnight Vamp
Midnight Vamp 4 дні тому
Yeah well see, that's how they solved problems in the olden days. They just fucking murdered people.
Sid 4 дні тому
rodrick heffley needs to be the fourth band member
Arianna Buffinet
Arianna Buffinet 4 дні тому
I don’t even know what the hell my sexuality is anymore bc rn I am simping for every person in this music video
Caracal XIX
Caracal XIX 4 дні тому
Make a contract with BLACK TIDE #SumerianRecordsBlackTide
Katelin Patterson
Katelin Patterson 5 днів тому
this summer im going to not only my first concert but its gonna be palaye royale and im WAY EXIDED BROOOO
Claudia Getgen
Claudia Getgen 6 днів тому
We know Emerson loved filming with the horses 😌 I will go to sleep in peace knowing this Also I rlly love the plot and just overall quality of this, good job! What a work of art 👏👏👏
Pacia Pleiades
Pacia Pleiades 7 днів тому
Can i have a part 2
J8ion 1
J8ion 1 7 днів тому
here before 1m views lol
Palmski_91 7 днів тому
How the hell is Remi's voice different in every song, talk about diversity !
Marley Zerr
Marley Zerr 9 днів тому
THIS IS A MASTERPIECE I want to waltz with them so bad, that is my only goal in life
Fire 666
Fire 666 11 днів тому
zkaaay Vic
zkaaay Vic 11 днів тому
Remington:* dies Emerson & Sebastian: Run BItch!! Run!!!
Che Marie
Che Marie 11 днів тому
better being silent
better being silent 12 днів тому
Just Perfect 👌🔥
Gabrielle Wills
Gabrielle Wills 12 днів тому
Me: this is amazing Me at 1:54 : god damnit Sebastian!
YEO LO 13 днів тому
a masterpiece
Lucinda _ Lucy
Lucinda _ Lucy 14 днів тому
Yeah S3x is nice, but you know whats better? 1:08 When the angels start to sing 🥴🥴🥴
Fang V V
Fang V V 14 днів тому
mbeach736 14 днів тому
Goth needs to make a comeback
Saggy Nostrils
Saggy Nostrils 15 днів тому
i can hear the clicking of wattpad keyboards as we speak
Aaron William
Aaron William 15 днів тому
So this is the first song I ever heard from Palaye Royale and I of course got really obsessed with this band really fast but I would like to say that I found this song through an Unus Annus animation so thank Unus Annus for making me discover this band Memento Mori
Caraline McElhaney
Caraline McElhaney 16 днів тому
“Do you like TVD or Twilight?” Me: Palaye royale
finn 16 днів тому
the fact that there are 420 dislikes
Î ł
Î ł 17 днів тому
Leo are you there
Haubentaucher 22
Haubentaucher 22 18 днів тому
Still better than Twilight.
Luxified 18 днів тому
Just excuse me over here, *just having a bi panic*
koopy Doopy
koopy Doopy 18 днів тому
This might be my favorite song this year
Aleksandra Gudim
Aleksandra Gudim 18 днів тому
Боже, вы прекрасны...
Glunny Shizuka
Glunny Shizuka 18 днів тому
I love this song so much❤
Kriszta 20 днів тому
This is a literal movie wow
Kaydence Marie
Kaydence Marie 21 день тому
This takes place before the black parade, prove me wrong
Fanni Bodócs
Fanni Bodócs 22 дні тому
Love the video
THAT_GRUNGE_GIRL 22 дні тому
This is actually amazing 😱😱😱😱😱
Laura Bytyqi
Laura Bytyqi 23 дні тому
This is seriously to good!!!!
EmoQuartetHydra 26 днів тому
What episode of Supernatural is this
Emily 27 днів тому
Can we PLEASE get like a full feature length film of this?? I’m obsessed.
127 127
127 127 27 днів тому
Vampires will never hurt you.But you did.
Shauna Harper
Shauna Harper 27 днів тому
Every single one of their videos i feel like I'm at the movie theater and watch a movie, but at home and free cause I'm a broke bitch.
Bla Gon
Bla Gon 27 днів тому
I love this vid!
Depresso_esspresso 25
Depresso_esspresso 25 28 днів тому
Free mercy is probably gone but like imagine already being freezing cold running in the rain and someone comes and literally pops ur neck out of nowhere 😂
emily stamper
emily stamper 28 днів тому
i wish i lived then like fr
zqueez__ 28 днів тому
I love it sm 🥺🖤
Damaris Broos
Damaris Broos 28 днів тому
dark disney
Rain Nguyen
Rain Nguyen 28 днів тому
Remington looks and sounds like Daniel Johns from Silverchair in early 2000s.
Akshita Emani
Akshita Emani 29 днів тому
This is so goddamn good that I’m going to go watch WAP again cause I need to remember what terrible looks like it. Any longer here and my mortal senses can’t take it.
Akshita Emani
Akshita Emani 29 днів тому
Why watch Vampire Diaries when you can watch this?
Isa Haleem
Isa Haleem 29 днів тому
i was imagining this vampire character when the first time i heard this song, and surprisingly this song is actually about vampires, holy shit. i fucking love this song
Svyatoslava 29 днів тому
Nikayla Jackson
Nikayla Jackson Місяць тому
So so happy to have discovered these beautiful people. Their music has really helped me through a rough patch still struggling every day but grateful to be here
rusvenlan Місяць тому
Всё что я могу сказать... Я в ахуе, это слишком ахуенно
Excuse me?
Excuse me? Місяць тому
Emerson and Sebastian really said "bye-" after rem died
Boss Baby
Boss Baby Місяць тому
This is beautiful...
Ismael Calzada
Ismael Calzada Місяць тому
The More I Listen 2 this song The More I crave The taste of Blood & The More The Vampire In Me Wants To Come Out Because I've Always Been Fascinated With Vampires & I've recently found out that I'm a Vampire So I'd rather be a Vampire instead of a werewolf #vampiresunited Thank U Palaye Royale for this wonderful song.
Daix 707
Daix 707 Місяць тому
The main singer looks like a emo Adam driver🖤🖤
Dalton Cross
Dalton Cross Місяць тому
2:16 dream on aerosmith
Kaitlin Lennox
Kaitlin Lennox Місяць тому
Love this song
di. guznova
di. guznova Місяць тому
I'm so close to the theme of vampires. this song, this mv are much bigger than just a picture. I feel the tragedy and its greatness. it touched me too much. thank you for that
Luana Guimarães
Luana Guimarães Місяць тому
Amo muito esses vampirinhos
Osiel Leon
Osiel Leon Місяць тому
jason priest
jason priest Місяць тому
Love you guys..🖤🖤🖤
Victoria Louise
Victoria Louise Місяць тому
Well shit I just realised I’ve had this mv on repeat for a month...
Holy Die
Holy Die Місяць тому
Okay, poor ma replay button
Danna Valeria
Danna Valeria Місяць тому
Tiene mejor trama que la rosa de Guadalupe :o
Via Blackheart
Via Blackheart Місяць тому
wattpad finna be all over this
A.J. Jackson
A.J. Jackson Місяць тому
Not going to lie the video itself is so amazing and portrays the story perfectly. This has more plot and character development than all of the Twilight series. I also really love the song. They all also look really good with their hair like that too.
Tennessee Beck
Tennessee Beck Місяць тому
as soon i saw vampires, i knew i was in
Camera & bunny
Camera & bunny Місяць тому
this video looks like it would be an epic plot for American Horror Story No just me? okay ill shut it-
taco con sal
taco con sal Місяць тому
I'm still trying to figure out what the video was based on hahaha
Dana Paola RS
Dana Paola RS Місяць тому
The best song of 2020
Izzo Arteche
Izzo Arteche Місяць тому
if I were to ever turn the book im writing into a movie... I WILL 100% NEED TO USE THIS SONG...
Jade Hower
Jade Hower Місяць тому
I lowkey would love a movie version of this
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spike91919100 Місяць тому
Better then twilight ever was as a vampire masterpiece
Wig Iero
Wig Iero Місяць тому
sorry, holy water wont work here
Wig Iero
Wig Iero Місяць тому
even more reason to become a vampire is this video
ashumii77 Місяць тому
ofc they drop a music video while i'm grounded. of course.
Viktöria Eve
Viktöria Eve Місяць тому
He’s so beautiful 🥺
Erza Місяць тому
Rem is so handsome.... ♥
Angel Dane Calulang
Angel Dane Calulang Місяць тому
this gave me some dracula themed prom feels!
A k i r a
A k i r a Місяць тому
This is what I call perfection❤️
Zoey Waterhouse
Zoey Waterhouse Місяць тому
Bro the blonde hair boy is soooo PRETTY!! What the HELL.....
Zoey Waterhouse
Zoey Waterhouse 29 днів тому
I don’t know their names, this was my first song I’ve heard from them.
Amber Shaw
Amber Shaw 29 днів тому
Do you mean Remington.
Thaums Місяць тому
You guys could make it as a TV series or a movie... With Remi, Emerson and Sebastian as a lead I would totaly watch that
Yukon Striker
Yukon Striker Місяць тому
What a confused Soul..
Shortoroki Місяць тому
Is it weird that I want to get "As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I look at you as I take my last breath As I die I fall to the floor Where pain & suffering is no more Tonight is the night I die" tattooed on my ribcage
鸂ཻ⃟࿔Ꮐᥲᨢꪧꪱᥱᥣ Gꫝྀ᥆᥉t
鸂ཻ⃟࿔Ꮐᥲᨢꪧꪱᥱᥣ Gꫝྀ᥆᥉t Місяць тому
March 2021,Paradise City. YEAAAAHH
Kailee's Space
Kailee's Space Місяць тому
Thank you tashiro for yelling at me to listen to them
Iris CJ
Iris CJ Місяць тому
And I am going to die with this new wonder
; Blue
; Blue Місяць тому
Such a masterpiece !! Wow
Yusana96 Місяць тому
Idk if anyone will see this but my sister loves this band, I bought her tickets to see the concert next year and missed out on the vip do still think she has a chance to meet them in person? 😅(I’m thinking probably not but then again I’ve never been to a concert before)
Everyday Country Living
Everyday Country Living Місяць тому
I had the privilege of seeing these guys live. They killed it. This song is cool, I like the video. Very well done.
Missy Army Veteran Forever!
Missy Army Veteran Forever! Місяць тому
Being an old school Victorian/Vampire Goth I definitely love this song and video.💕🧛‍♀️💕
Alicja Madejska
Alicja Madejska Місяць тому
The song is great ofc but the aesthetics of the video win everything
Ty Місяць тому
Some parties can go wrong... Now this... Well
Дима Лох
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