Pocket self defense stick

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@alexjpeg1 22 дні тому
Its all fun and games until it goes off in your pocket 💀
@JaevinOwO 22 дні тому
Fr 💀
@MiVert 22 дні тому
Did that happen to you or someone you know?
@davion5393 22 дні тому
And if your a guy it’s even worse I’m imagining the pain right now and ooh it does not seem good
@alexjpeg1 22 дні тому
@@MiVert nah just came to mind LOL
@BagasPrasetiaID 22 дні тому
ayo never thought of that 💀💀
@MalBeats 5 днів тому
This new season of Velma looks wild
@meagandaniels5290 4 дні тому
He's actually dressed as Vector from the movie Despicable Me
@jokerrr0312 4 дні тому
@@meagandaniels5290its just a joke
@GoldenCoola91 4 дні тому
Yeah they realized their mistakes when they black washed and their horrible jokes. They fix the races of the characters and weaponized them so no one could harm them, pretty sad.
@refundreplay 4 дні тому
I want to like this, but the count is perfect.
@KiLewi 4 дні тому
Your mere existence is wightwashing thats some nerve! ​@GoldenCoola91
@whosrem6810 4 дні тому
The Nami cosplays gonna go crazy with this
@alexbutcher1720 9 годин тому
@mariateresamoranvillegas8662 7 годин тому
@Cheemsdeptrainhatvn 4 години тому
@characterdevelopment8504 3 години тому
I dream
@timothy2321 7 днів тому
Finally someone who addressed the durability of the piece of junk
@eyalm867 5 днів тому
Markiplier used the first one in his self-defense products video
@gafitas05 5 днів тому
@benfletcher8100 5 днів тому
But didn’t you see the clips of the dude bending a metal baseball bat?! It HAS to be real!
@Eatcrackers399 5 днів тому
@@benfletcher8100the thing he’s using in that clip is not the tool they were advertising
@Dumb-Comment 5 днів тому
Actually it is ​@@Eatcrackers399
@Daddysharkdududu 4 дні тому
Finally the catnoir’s stick 😂
@jd77_ 4 дні тому
*Its all fun and games until your sibling sets it on your chair* 💀💀
@fbisbrother5863 18 днів тому
"Im a matured adult" "Im a matured adult"
@a.koenig 17 днів тому
Shut up and take my money
@blackheavyblans 17 днів тому
@JVPROVR 17 днів тому
Bro I got one of these and it sliced my finger I had to get stitches 😭😭😭
@TheBushBoss 17 днів тому
I’ll say it for you. That’s pretty average
@danielalejandropanizarodri8296 17 днів тому
@jatinderryait5602 4 дні тому
Where did you buy the second one and for how much?
@zeqqko4358 День тому
same question
@lauramanley3071 6 годин тому
@3mcreative 6 годин тому
waiting the answer here
@benjones9227 4 години тому
Mystery solved Scooby
@edwardcalhoun4570 44 хвилини тому
I wanna kno too
@allen8959 4 дні тому
Its weird they advertise the compact baton as a self defense weapon when they were advertised as performance props before.
@refundreplay 4 дні тому
Maximizing potential sales.
@Sypaka 15 днів тому
He literally said: "if you want self-defense, don't buy this womp womp, buy this instead."
@rabbidguarddog 12 днів тому
What's the name of that second product? Will I find it if I just search self defense pocket stick?
@Sypaka 12 днів тому
@@rabbidguarddog I have no idea, how that thing is called.
@victoroleirocalcagno719 12 днів тому
​@@rabbidguarddogcollapsible baton
@J0z3man3 12 днів тому
@@rabbidguarddogi heard they are called “black jacks” and also retractable baton
@J0z3man3 12 днів тому
Ohh is actually “collapsible baton” but you can either search retractable or expandable baton
@santi.m2503 4 дні тому
For the ones who don't know, the first procuct is knos as a magician stick. It's used for magic tricks as the name says
@ryanrj7500 День тому
I'm honestly shocked that the things extended that much at all
@OddDuck64 5 днів тому
So fun fact… In the state of California, it is illegal to have a self-defense stick or baton or leaded cane. Don’t worry though, as long as its not concealed, you can legally walk around with a real sword/katana. 🗡️ So… Blunt stick? ❌ Pointy stick? ✅
@Excalibur01 5 днів тому
It's California. Nothing makes sense there
@jontukagam3888 5 днів тому
U forgot bazooka n tanks hahaha 😂
@indiecore-2022 5 днів тому
You also can only have 1.5 inch otf knives. They basically only make them specifically for Californians
@mahzarmahzar1387 5 днів тому
@abinadabderisse7342 4 дні тому
Vives en un país de locos. Lol
@itsme_906 3 дні тому
I also bought one of those. It was around $18 and it broke almost immediately. They're literally made of like shiny paper
@user-us6kl9fe2f 2 дні тому
Your videos are like a ray of sunshine on my feed.
@TheRealVodun13 17 днів тому
My man went from stealing pyramids to chopping bricks in half, what an upgrade
@CONQUISTADOR79 17 днів тому
Nice now maybe he should take you on vacation !!!!!
@user-dq4nz1uv4d 16 днів тому
@Yana-OwO 15 днів тому
@@CONQUISTADOR79 what the f-
@mr.0inker398 15 днів тому
@@user-dq4nz1uv4d **confused**
@AnkitKumar-kr9eo 15 днів тому
@dkira617 2 дні тому
finally i understand the fking meaning of an old lady with stick meme
@_-_swagaviation_-_ 4 дні тому
Definitely getting the sword.
@navielchicopanda2725 18 днів тому
For those who don't know, the first is just a thing that is used for magic and clearly is not used for self-defense, the second is a flexible stick with a lot of style.
@kevinsears7300 18 днів тому
The second is a police baton... theyre really thick and effective...not nearly as compact, mine is 12" collapsed and extends 16" out... the propstick extends well beyond its capabilities. The only reason police batons work is because the third is solid, the other 2 are 1/4 inch thick pipes, and each section is 30% inside the previous one. Even so, 6 extensions is the maximum for steel not to begin to buckle. Its similar to how hydraulic pistons work on construction equipment: your not gonna bend one of those either😅
@SpecterNeverSpectator 18 днів тому
​@kevinsears7300 well technically just a baton, because the police would not use a sword shaped one, but I get it, semantics.
@derv8710 18 днів тому
if you only had the first i think it would be best to attack with the extension itself and if that doesnt work just break it and use the sharp edges and if there arent any ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@kevinsears7300 18 днів тому
@@SpecterNeverSpectator its a modified police baton the way the AR15 is a modified M14 DMR. Putting a guard on a police batan doesnt make it a sword, just like replacing the wood stock and adding picatini rails doesnt make a DMR an assault rifle Politicians know this, they just cling to the Armalite companies AR, and expect the ignorant masses to support them in disarming the people and killing all the jews... (FROM TTHE RIVER TO THE SEA...refers to the Jordan river, Israels eastern border, and the medetranean, the western border... so they want to whipe out all of israel, including Jeruselam, the capitol of the jews... democrats ARE nazis, they just have a different name and live in a different country)
@pogz1 18 днів тому
by simply using this thing called critical thinking. we should be able to analyze the situation.... basing it on your claim....you tend to memorize stuff.. wwhich led me to believe that you lack the aptitude..
@xboxworstgamer4 5 днів тому
I soon as I seen how the thing works, I knew what the comments would be💀
@moahiselomo5580 21 хвилина тому
The goal is to protect myself not chop someone in half 💀
@queentitaniaofthefae4846 14 днів тому
2nd one is actually good Its a self def sword baton
@dl3472 10 днів тому
@Sena121 10 днів тому
Could you tell where to buy this?
@Alex_The_Barbearian 10 днів тому
​@@Sena121probably Amazon, but if you live in a state like California those might be illegal.
@Sena121 10 днів тому
@@Alex_The_Barbearian That is not a problem, i live in germany where we cut our steaks with spoons cause knifes are illegal like everything else that could be used to hurt someone. Would recommend to just let yourself be robbed and stabbed and NOT punch the stabber, since you will go to jail longer than him if you hurt him. I would just put it on my wall to look at it cause its cool.
@luna_ix 9 днів тому
Well damn that's something😂😂​@@Sena121
@Squishi- Хвилина тому
I have a pocket self defense stick what do you have? Thief: a gun🗿
@King_Zhoniin 5 годин тому
bro learned how to speak 💀
@SirBhoger 22 дні тому
“Prank em, John!” “You already know!”
@MrZeikinTV 22 дні тому
Translate!翻訳してね!❤ ကျွန်ုပ်ကို စာရင်းသွင်းပြီး ဤမှတ်ချက်ကို ကြိုက်နှစ်သက်သူတိုင်းကို ကျွန်ုပ် စာရင်း သွင်းပါမည်။....
@boomer9341 22 дні тому
Here before this blows up
@Biggie_737 22 дні тому
“Clap clap clap clap” 😳
@ThomasTankEngine452 22 дні тому
Like this comment! 👇
@ThomasTankEngine452 22 дні тому
Like this comment right here! 👇
@user-xm6xb7bh2y День тому
How to brake bones in every mortal kombat:
@josest645 4 години тому
Lmfao it didn't even lasted a second after the first hit 😂
@coemsdad 17 днів тому
Robber - "GIVE ME YOUR MONEY" Me - "ah sh1t lemme unpack my self defense stick" Robber - "alr take ur time bro"
@thunderwolf7446 17 днів тому
@ihatesand222 17 днів тому
it's really not that hard lmao
@CONQUISTADOR79 17 днів тому
@bonkboink4899 17 днів тому
Bro im done😂
@ceferovnail566 16 днів тому
fg yt? dij
@user-gy7er2ic5f День тому
This video is pure gold.
@Berrychxrryxo 4 дні тому
It’s all gangsta until we open it the other way 💀
@FJ18Yt 17 днів тому
That's called magic appearing cane
@taylorbrown3222 15 днів тому
Pocket straw bro
@FJ18Yt 15 днів тому
@@taylorbrown3222 What I mean is the first tool he reviewed. It's actually a magic tool and for some reason the Chinese call that tool a monkey stick 🤣
@FJ18Yt 15 днів тому
​​@@taylorbrown3222 I mean the first tool he reviewed. And actually it's a magic tool. For some reason, recently Chinese people have gone viral calling the stick a monkey stick 😂😂
@tatohayanami9156 15 днів тому
@nizamettintopgul6931 14 днів тому
😂😂😂 🤐🤐🤬🤬🤬🐷🐷🐷🐷​@@taylorbrown3222
@raynadark118 5 годин тому
Imagine you’re getting robbed and you hit’em with the first stick. Their reaction: 😐
@anakin2489 2 дні тому
Meanwhile in my head: “What are you doing here this ain’t your town”
@seblackff9971 19 днів тому
*Imagine this product opened in the packaging while shopping 💀*
@grammeland1 19 днів тому
It would just get stuck
@zudouchiha2841 19 днів тому
While shopping? Interesting never thought
@brenda6206 19 днів тому
Never thought someone could miss spell shipping that bad
@ionutfelicitari9328 19 днів тому
​@@brenda6206wdym i and o are right next to each other
@unworthyOfLove 19 днів тому
Would bend all up in the box looked like aluminum lmao
@shazuplayz9302 День тому
Gru got more stuff to steal 💀
@mrbobthesavage1957 День тому
It’s all good till they snatch it from you 💀
@annies2143 10 днів тому
Once I got drunk and bought this at 4am thinking I’d use it on the nyc subway.
@xaanderthomas2270 9 днів тому
How’d that go ?
@dripdafoe1142 6 днів тому
Is that a amazing Spider-Man reference
@sullysuvann1380 6 днів тому
drunk buy is a decease
@jakesnoz 6 днів тому
They should have a return option “bought while drunk”
@flyushkifly 6 днів тому
Gawd, yes! Or delirious at 4am. 😅 ​@@jakesnoz
@jj102mac5 Годину тому
The womp womp was too funny
@BrandonZombieII 4 дні тому
The first one has low slashing and bludgeoning damage, but i bet it's piercing damage is pretty good
@mikeeferrer 16 днів тому
That self-defense stick always comes in handy. Women might poke the men out of frustration.
@user-dq9ql8yy9g 15 днів тому
@Hannah_juggernaut 13 днів тому
No sirve no empuja por que se dobla antes de golpear
@noobsekaie 12 днів тому
저거 마술도구입니다.
@nurmanur1786 12 днів тому
@jackthewinter5066 12 днів тому
Unless you hit it with a surprise move straight to the face I don't see how that extensive pole can be useful
@Miana_mae 23 години тому
Can you imagine you use the first one to fend off an attacker just for that to happen. Now he looking at you and you looking at him 😭
@L3TANK 3 дні тому
Bro did the Minecraft anvil sound affect while hitting that bat 💀
@Arabias610 11 днів тому
"Son, your friend's mom said to me that the thing you have gave your friend hemorrhoids"
@amberloomis7472 9 днів тому
i speak from experience those are a real pain in the *ss
@sonb0t 9 днів тому
I can’t tell if I’m dyslexic or if you’re dyslexic
@Arabias610 8 днів тому
@@sonb0t Why's that?
@sonb0t 8 днів тому
@@Arabias610 your comment made zero sense before you edited it
@regularperson9297 8 днів тому
Guess im almost dyslexic too
@bellelexous6142 4 дні тому
The first one should be tightened, you can’t use it straight up after opening or taking of the lock.
@refundreplay 4 дні тому
Bro! A hollow metal tube is capable of pushing a can AND breaking glass?!?! I need one!
@Jimz1088 17 днів тому
Metal bat has been really quiet since this has dropped💀 Edit: so many likes🥰🤑
@pumpkingolem9122 15 днів тому
Probably shopping with his sister
@makotoren7266 15 днів тому
Metal Bat's metal bat is indestructible
@makotoren7266 15 днів тому
Metal Bat's metal bat is indestructible
@AnnachiaraAWeb 15 днів тому
​@@makotoren7266the video says otherwise
@NWR_GreenEngine3 15 днів тому
"omg metal bat from strong ballsground!!" ☝️🤓
@ycb955 4 дні тому
Blud really looking like a worse Howard Wolowitz for a joke🤣🤣
@CIosett 5 днів тому
It’s all fun until it directs to your submarine spot
@urielhernandez5803 21 день тому
The first one is only useful for magic tricks since that is what it was designed for. The second is a real defense staff.
@FamiliaMotoca 21 день тому
Onde compra o segundo?
@urielhernandez5803 21 день тому
@@FamiliaMotoca É uma questão de conferir sites como Alibaba, AliExpress, Amazon.
@TomBradshaw-ot9zb 20 днів тому
​@@FamiliaMotocathey can only be found in the emergency cabinet at little caesers
@TheBypasser 20 днів тому
If anything, the staves can be used with both slash and stab moves, so you can try relying on stabs only (which this thing will likely survive), and by my own experience those can be a neat thing for a street combat against an inexperienced opponent. The problem is, stabbing, although it has a really nice reach, is more of an unexpected additional attack should you use a staff, as the biggest advantage - should you want that ambulance to have much fun that is - is using the very fast slash moves to actually render the opponent defenseless (sometimes involving some bone fracture). No idea if this thing can be used for those too, as the fact it can't break a brick means nothing, - neither your hand, or a leg or a rib, can ;)
@urielhernandez5803 19 днів тому
@@FamiliaMotoca Tentei colocar o link mas não deixa, excluem meus comentários, mas você pode procurar no Google
@user-ld7kz1mk6v 10 годин тому
This is extraordinary!
@brayden4610 День тому
You can just tell the genuine look of fun on his face when he destroys it all
@grimgaming2633 12 днів тому
I love how Vector is still teaching us lessons from the moon. Very inspiring❤❤❤
@ammarafaisal1493 11 днів тому
@andrewglen3564 11 днів тому
Womp womp
@thepolarianempire 9 днів тому
I think he’s on mars now
@coinz2 9 днів тому
@JuggerMott 9 днів тому
Most underrated comment
@Semper_fi067 5 днів тому
The womp womp was personal 😂😂
@Official_united_States 4 дні тому
The dude in the vid fr used a sword to beat the bat
@Cresent_Banana 19 днів тому
Its all fun until you eject it the wrong way 💀 (Pin so everyone can see)
@Anakin-Skywalker2 19 днів тому
It’s literally a sword you have to swing to open, you can’t open it the wrong way,
@Cresent_Banana 19 днів тому
@@Anakin-Skywalker2 the first one bro not the sword💀
@symix. 19 днів тому
​@@Cresent_Bananadid you not hear the "woop woop" with the first one? The first one is flimsy as fuck and useless.
@Cresent_Banana 19 днів тому
@@symix.ok but it would probably still hurt considering the speed from the first veiw
@symix. 19 днів тому
@@Cresent_Banana well defineatly not me but I have pretty normal pain tolerance so ofc there are people who feel more pain from even tiny things, and that is okay ofc.
@user-cm7lv8uv4l 4 дні тому
It’s all fun and games until I goes off in your back pocket
@Rohan-yf9qt День тому
Imagine it's opens at wrong side 💀
@MrMacGyverClipZ 7 днів тому
When she thinks your excited and it’s just she sat on your pocket wrong
@keonyang3332 6 днів тому
@azizfarqi5454 5 днів тому
علا 😮😂أأأأ ​@@keonyang3332
@theoldladykicker 5 днів тому
@EN0M1-S4N 5 днів тому
@alexandreoz011 5 днів тому
@matthewmorgan3913 4 дні тому
Never show this to your gf, guys💀💀
@jangnom2715 2 дні тому
Gotta be careful while popping it when in back pocket 😉
@yogirammu395 22 дні тому
This man will buy every Single product available on Amazon One Day 😂
@isardonic8601 20 днів тому
Let him cook, he's making me money 😅.
@bigboi9856 19 днів тому
Every single one except for the legendary Welcome Sign for Front Door, Interchangeable Welcome Sign with 4 Seasonal Wreaths & 20 Customizable Icons, Rustic Wooden Welcome Home Sign - Christmas Door Decorations Farmhouse Decor and Housewarming
@pokememe4750 19 днів тому
I wonder where he keeps em😂😂 he should show oneday
@xninja2369 19 днів тому
@TGN-Channel. 17 днів тому
Once's he's done with Amazon, he's gonna come for CostCo.
@ImNotAtom 3 дні тому
How to be strong with that stick: Step one be strong💀
@cabahugedelynbaise 3 дні тому
If you can swing it, its a weapon.
@allaboutarte 17 днів тому
"Hey, you're sitting on my-" "ahh~" *dies*
@halothewhitewolf 17 днів тому
@mervinace1180 16 днів тому
@Thor_26 16 днів тому
@diegorodriguez5093 16 днів тому
@DXMIXN 16 днів тому
Nahhh that's crazy 💀
@addi-w- 2 дні тому
Imagine using this stick and then accidentally breaking your neighbors window that is going to be crazy
@zyourzgrandzmaz День тому
Love the last clip is a completely different metal rod with a handle.
@ambergayle 22 дні тому
Imagine openning that in the wrong direction💀💀💀
@mausambhagabati356 21 день тому
@utsm_skibidi_toilet 21 день тому
ahh~😫 that hurts~
@Isaac_ParedesG.M 20 днів тому
@@utsm_skibidi_toilet AYO
@TheObsceneBitch 19 днів тому
Thats not possible. First one got the button that you have to push with your thumb, so you always have it in hand in correct direction. With second one you have to swing it to open and it's just not working if you are holding it wrong way.
@skyilon3955 19 днів тому
it only opens in a certain direction
@Pikacat-gi6nl 4 дні тому
The “womp womp” was personal.
@drifterking8553 День тому
It’s all fun in games when you accidentally open the stick the wrong way😂
@garyhayes4867 19 днів тому
Imagine walking into a club and one of these goes off
@shubhooDon 18 днів тому
and imagine it hit someone through your pocket and you reply by saying sorry i had a boner ☠
@elseby 18 днів тому
Mine goes off every once in a while in the club, they just rub into it.
@choppergamer 18 днів тому
Man thats already a bad start, walking into a club is gonna hurt already and then this shit happens? Im just gonna let the caveman fuck my ass at that point
@jesuscollazo4303 18 днів тому
Thousands ways to die lol 😂
@aarontoh391 18 днів тому
somone would probably thought you have an insane er*ction 😂
@m1yavv_81 7 годин тому
It’s all fun and games until… it goes the other way💀💀💀💀
@dog_gaming 4 дні тому
Imagine leaving it on a bench and having someone sit on it
@garoaroush1313 17 днів тому
Bro casually pulls up two bricks under his desk💀💀💀
@christopherreynolds4506 17 днів тому
What, you don't keep bricks under your desk?
@dustenekoes28 17 днів тому
Excuse me those are CINDERBLOCKS 🤓🤓🤓
@christopherreynolds4506 17 днів тому
@@dustenekoes28 brick, cinderblock, they box hurt the same.
@evanbuckley6766 17 днів тому
Two cinderblocks, and one brick
@nativeite315 17 днів тому
safekeeping 😊
@shun1678 День тому
Everybody gangster until u put it on the wrong way 🗿
@A_depressed_guy20133 4 дні тому
@lordpyromon 5 днів тому
One’s a glorified magic trick, the other’s just an oversized security baton.
@soulswordobrigadosegostar 4 дні тому
hey,you put some LED into it,it becomes a light saber...
@lordpyromon 4 дні тому
@@soulswordobrigadosegostar fair point
@Mr._Monkethe1st 27 хвилин тому
Did he just say womp womp 😂
@deeznutsmemes7784 4 дні тому
It's all fun until it goes of the wrong side💀
@elee0ongm 14 днів тому
its all fun and games until the grab it and pull the uno reverse card on you 💀💀
@EeARKky7435 9 днів тому
which is quite easy if the attacker is stronger than you use a taser
@chtn._. 4 дні тому
The amazing fact that magic stick becomes weapon 🤭
@raidenjack_tr8789 4 дні тому
I never thought they would make Percy Jackson's pen into sword weapon become real 🤯
@Daredemonai2063 17 днів тому
Only Nami can use it perfectly.
@M1DN1GHT_HAZ3 17 днів тому
It’s like a demon slayer sword
@BenjaminCastillo-hz6jw 15 днів тому
@eazye1196 15 днів тому
Bro he’s talking bout the staff
@angryliz 15 днів тому
No way really ​@@eazye1196?
@M1DN1GHT_HAZ3 15 днів тому
@@eazye1196 that’s not what I meant you know how if you don’t use the demon slayer sword right it could break that’s what I meant
@endiethething2324 4 дні тому
Why did I just think he just pulled out a crucifix 💀
@PerrololYT День тому
Imagine that it opens at your pocket 💀
@Psycho_444 20 днів тому
"Big things come in small packages"😂
@gustavogamesr7944 19 днів тому
Gente cortei minha mão toda usando isso
@daanbos5918 19 днів тому
-every femboy :3
@Idkbroidont 19 днів тому
I love my corolla
@wiebelvr8008 19 днів тому
@cryz_syd 4 дні тому
The Nami Weapon💀💀
@rebekasultana1690 4 дні тому
Oh hey! *hugs* "Aah~"
@enmaquratixspamgodlolol 9 годин тому
Augh ambatukam~~~~
@Ria_Zander1 18 днів тому
It really said I’m a grower not a shower 😂😂😂
@krishnaChanderiya 17 днів тому
@sencercaglar470aslicaglar 17 днів тому
😊ujdhd Hd
@yourlocaljetstream 17 днів тому
​@@sencercaglar470aslicaglar This man is on Shakespeare levels of writing. 10/10 This story had me in tears.
@DoobieDoby 17 днів тому
I hope it's not a shower it should be a show'er English is fucked how is shower and shower suppose to sound different to those who don't speak English when it looks the same. 😂
@Devinanim 5 годин тому
Bro imagine the poor mailman
@maidoinheaven7765 15 годин тому
The last two clips were swords dude
@Reaver-Altar 19 днів тому
I'm glad to see Vector has moved on and is now a content creator.
@dishsoap6996 18 днів тому
Yeah, he's always streaming on the moon
@freedomtheepicwolf6346 День тому
Bro switched the products and thought Vector wouldn't notice. 💀
@Vhenshun_Ethereal_Workshop День тому
"Oops wrong way" Last words for me if i bought that😂
@MessingerDAD 9 днів тому
I like the graphics you did on your walls, pretty sick imo
@rBox. 5 днів тому
youtube premire
@user-lq2vh4yh1t 5 днів тому
Jico3u. O14 901 8. W0t8 😂❤
@Elementening 5 днів тому
​@rBox. Literally the youtube premiere 😭
@christopherjones8149 4 дні тому
Gun owners: You got soft hands boy🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
@KhaiAhmad-po5dv 2 дні тому
Imagine you did this in the middle of your pants💀
@silverwolfzs7601 18 днів тому
If it goes of in your pocket, that’ll be a sword match for the ages 💀
@vanluoma7467 18 днів тому
@graybeard7605 18 днів тому
my 2 inch Excalibur will win!
@seanli6072 18 днів тому
@@graybeard7605 💀
@user-ip9ew6xk5q 18 днів тому
you mean so small not even atomic samurai would cut it
@Angelo__ 18 днів тому
@user-or7tr3wg2z 5 днів тому
"Made in China"
@thepellingdude2562 День тому
That thing is a literal game changer
@izzyhotwings 18 днів тому
Bro just pulled 3 bricks out from under the desk. 💀
@katsuragipapi3191 17 днів тому
He, uh, put them there before the video started..
@drakevoidwalker 17 днів тому
Where else would he keep them?
@Historynerd1900 17 днів тому
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