Roger Waters (Pink Floyd) "The Wall" Live in Berlin 1990 ⚒⚒ (Full Concert)

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A must-see show for all Pink Floyd fans - celebrating the fall of the Berlin wall.
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"The Wall" (SUB português) Live in Berlin 1990

The Wall - Live in Berlin was a live concert by Roger Waters and numerous guest artists of the Pink Floyd studio album The Wall, largely written by Waters during his time with the band.
The show was held in Berlin on 21 July 1990, to commemorate the fall of the Berlin Wall eight months earlier.

0:43 "In the Flesh?" by Scorpions
4:16 "The Thin Ice" by Ute Lemper & Roger Waters and the Rundfunk Orchestra & Choir
7:15 "Another Brick in the Wall (Part 1)" by Roger Waters; sax solo by Garth Hudson
10:59 "The Happiest Days of Our Lives" by R. Waters
12:15 "Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2)" by Cyndi Lauper; guitar solos by Rick Di Fonzo and Snowy White, organ solo by Peter Wood, synthesizer solo by Thomas Dolby
18:59 "Mother" by Sinéad O'Connor and the Band; accordion by Garth Hudson, vocals by Rick Danko and Levon Helm; acoustic instruments by the Hooters
25:47 "Goodbye Blue Sky" by Joni Mitchell and the Rundfunk Orchestra & Choir; flute by James Galway
29:32 "Empty Spaces/What Shall We Do Now?" by Bryan Adams, R. Waters and the Rundfunk Orchestra & Choir
33:25 "Young Lust" by Bryan Adams, guitar solos by Rick Di Fonzo and Snowy White
39:05 "Oh My God - What a Fabulous Room" by Jerry Hall (intro "One of My Turns")
39:57 "One of My Turns" by R. Waters
42:43 "Don't Leave Me Now" by R. Waters
47:50 "Another Brick in the Wall (Part 3)" by R. Waters and the Rundfunk Orchestra & Choir
49:05 "The Last Few Bricks"
51:15 "Goodbye Cruel World" by R. Waters
52:50 "Hey You" by Paul Carrack
57:40 "Is There Anybody Out There?" by the Rundfunk Orchestra & Choir; classical guitars by Rick Di Fonzo and Snowy White
1:00:44 "Nobody Home" by R. Waters and the Rundfunk Orchestra & Choir, guitar solo by Snowy White
1:05:35 "Vera" by R. Waters and the Rundfunk Orchestra & Choir
1:06:47 "Bring the Boys Back Home" by the Rundfunk Orchestra & Choir, Band of the Combined Soviet Forces in Germany and Red Army Chorus
1:09:37 "Comfortably Numb" by Van Morrison, R. Waters, the Band, and the Rundfunk Orchestra & Choir, guitar solos by Rick Di Fonzo and Snowy White
1:17:37 "In the Flesh" by R. Waters, Scorpions, and the Rundfunk Orchestra & Choir
1:22:50 "Run Like Hell" by R. Waters and Scorpions
1:27:50 "Waiting for the Worms" by R. Waters, Scorpions and the Rundfunk Orchestra & Choir
1:31:53 "Stop" by Roger Waters
1:32:22 "The Trial" by the Rundfunk Orchestra & Choir, featuring Tim Curry as the Prosecutor, Thomas Dolby as the Schoolmaster, Ute Lemper as the Wife, Marianne Faithfull as the Mother and Albert Finney as the Judge
1:39:43 "The Tide Is Turning (After Live Aid)" by the Company (lead vocals by R. Waters, Joni Mitchell, Cyndi Lauper, Bryan Adams, Van Morrison and Paul Carrack) and the Rundfunk Orchestra & Choir.
1:47:48 "Outside the Wall" by R. Waters (not on CD or vinyl)
The Company
Roger Waters-vocals, bass guitar, acoustic guitar on "Mother", rhythm guitar on "Hey You"
Klaus Meine-lead vocals
Rudolf Schenker-rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Matthias Jabs-lead guitar, backing vocals
Francis Buchholz-bass guitar, backing vocals
Herman Rarebell-drums, backing vocals
Ute Lemper-vocals
Cyndi Lauper-percussion, vocals
Thomas Dolby-synthesizer, vocals
Sinéad O'Connor-vocals
The Band:
Rick Danko-vocals
Levon Helm-vocals
Garth Hudson-accordion, soprano saxophone
The Hooters:
Eric Bazilian-guitar, vocals
Rob Hyman-keyboards, vocals
John Lilley-guitar, vocals
Fran Smith Jr.-bass guitar, vocals
David Uosikkinen-drums
Joni Mitchell-vocals
James Galway-flute
Bryan Adams-guitar, vocals
Jerry Hall-vocals
Paul Carrack-vocals
Van Morrison-vocals
Tim Curry-vocals
Marianne Faithfull-vocals
Albert Finney-vocals
The Bleeding Hearts Band
Rick Di Fonzo-guitars
Snowy White-guitars
Andy Fairweather-Low-bass, guitar, backing vocals
Peter Wood-keyboards, organ, synth
Nick Glennie-Smith-keyboards, organ, synth
Graham Broad-drums, electronic percussion
Stan Farber-backing vocals, percussion
Joe Chemay-backing vocals
Jim Haas-backing vocals, percussion
John Joyce-backing vocals

OhNoNotFrank 8 місяців тому
*Fun facts 1.* *The Wall - Storyline:* Pink is a rock star, one of the many reasons which have left him depressed. Pink imagines a crowd of fans entering one of his concerts, and we begin a flashback on his life, and it is revealed that his father was killed defending the Anzio bridgehead during World War II, in Pink's infancy ("In the Flesh?"). Pink's mother raises him alone ("The Thin Ice"), and with the death of his father, Pink starts to build a metaphorical wall around himself ("Another Brick in the Wall, Part 1"). Growing older, Pink is tormented at school by tyrannical, abusive teachers ("The Happiest Days of Our Lives"), and memories of these traumas become metaphorical "bricks in the wall" ("Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2"). As an adult now, Pink remembers his oppressive and overprotective mother ("Mother") and his upbringing during the Blitz ("Goodbye Blue Sky"). Pink soon marries, and is about to complete his "wall" ("Empty Spaces"). While touring in America, he turns to a willing groupie ("Young Lust"). After learning of his wife's infidelity, he brings the groupie back to his hotel room, only to trash it in a violent fit of rage, terrifying the groupie out of the room ("One of My Turns"). Pink, depressed, thinks about his wife, and feels trapped in his room ("Don't Leave Me Now"), and dismisses every traumatic experience he has ever had as a "brick" in the metaphorical wall ("Another Brick in the Wall, Part 3"), Pink's wall is now finished, completing his total isolation from human contact ("Goodbye Cruel World"). Immediately after the wall's completion, Pink questions his decisions, ("Hey You"), and locks himself in his hotel room ("Is There Anybody Out There?"). Beginning to feel depressed, Pink turns to his possessions for comfort ("Nobody Home"), and yearns for the idea of reconnecting with his personal roots ("Vera"), Pink's mind flashes back to World War II, with the people demanding that the soldiers return home ("Bring the Boys Back Home"). Returning to the present, Pink's manager and roadies have busted into his hotel room, where they find him drugged and unresponsive. A paramedic injects him with drugs to enable him to perform ("Comfortably Numb"). This results in a hallucinatory on-stage performance ("The Show Must Go On") where he believes that he is a fascist dictator, and that his concert is a Neo-Nazi rally, at which he sets brownshirt-like men on fans he considers unworthy ("In the Flesh"). He proceeds to attack ethnic minorities ("Run Like Hell"), and then holds a rally in suburban London, symbolizing his descent into insanity ("Waiting for the Worms"). Pink's hallucination then ceases, and he begs for everything to stop ("Stop"). Showing human emotion, he is tormented with guilt and places himself on trial ("The Trial"), his inner judge ordering him to "tear down the wall", opening Pink to the outside world ("Outside the Wall"). The album turns full circle with its closing words "Isn't this where ...", the first words of the phrase that begins the album, "... we came in?", with a continuation of the melody of the last song hinting at the cyclical nature of Waters' theme. *The Wall - Concept* The Wall is a rock opera that explores abandonment and isolation, symbolized by a wall. The songs create an approximate storyline of events in the life of the protagonist, Pink, a character based on Syd Barrett as well as Roger Waters, whose father was killed during World War II, which is where Pink starts to build a metaphorical wall around himself. The album includes several references to former band member Syd Barrett, including "Nobody Home", which hints at his condition during Pink Floyd's abortive US tour of 1967, with lyrics such as "wild, staring eyes", "the obligatory Hendrix perm" and "elastic bands keeping my shoes on". "Comfortably Numb" was inspired by Waters' injection with a muscle relaxant to combat the effects of hepatitis during the In the Flesh Tour, while in Philadelphia. (Wikipedia)
Matt Corregan
Matt Corregan День тому
@Andrey Lucas How so?
OhNoNotFrank 5 днів тому
@Joseph Sollender 😄👍
OhNoNotFrank 5 днів тому
@Joseph Sollender 😉👍
OhNoNotFrank 5 днів тому
@Felipe Cañete haagen dazs? Did you fall asleep on the keyboard again? 😉
Felipe Cañete
Felipe Cañete 5 днів тому
Леонид Чернопрудов
Леонид Чернопрудов Годину тому
Мы тоже в России следили за творчеством Pink Floyd, браво исполнение, творчество, нет равных!
Núria Abella Huete
Núria Abella Huete 6 годин тому
Es el millor concert que he vist mai. Fantàstic.
Дмитрий Ильюнин
Дмитрий Ильюнин 7 годин тому
Emilia Canet
Emilia Canet 10 годин тому
Why are you running away?
Emilia Canet
Emilia Canet 11 годин тому
Love you Sinead
Emilia Canet
Emilia Canet 11 годин тому
I'm just glad it's not Debbie Harry Cyndee lauper or Madonna singing . Thank you Amen
Emilia Canet
Emilia Canet 11 годин тому
Out of this realm of earth human reality
Алексей Зуев
Алексей Зуев 12 годин тому
Господи, мы опять строим эту стену. Останови Путина! Я не хочу возвращаться
Gerben Blokker
Gerben Blokker 21 годину тому
I was there, the only concert where people shouted louder
Sergey Bogdanovich
Sergey Bogdanovich 23 години тому
Super 🙏❤️👌🎸🎶🎼🎵🇮🇱
unknown 666
unknown 666 День тому
Paul Carrack... what a voice omg
andrea canigia
andrea canigia День тому
Credo che sia stato uno dei concerti più belli del secolo w roger Walter, visto solo 2 volte con mia moglie a Verona e Milano (forum) indimenticabile
Jean Pierre
Jean Pierre День тому
This might be Roger Waters but it is not Pink Floyd ! a bunch of shit playing at being a heavy metal bunch of idiots !
Mike Bullock
Mike Bullock День тому
I needed this today. Who knew 30 years later how therapeutic it would be. (well It's my go to so I did) I love watching Waters vibe to Snowy's solo in Nobody's home. It was amazing.
Christian Schleifer
Christian Schleifer 2 дні тому
Roger Waters ist ein himmlisches Geschenk der Musikindustrie an Pink Floyd kommt keiner ran musikalisch von das Mädchen Netzwerk und dem Lausbuben Netzwerk
rob napz
rob napz 3 дні тому
David Gilmour once commented that "it's a little wingy, innit"? He's right, but sometimes you gotta have art that winges, and this is some of the best.
vincent corrito
vincent corrito 3 дні тому
Al Knapp
Al Knapp 3 дні тому
I wonder what the budget for this performance was? God damn the production value is insane for a stage of that size!!!
Scott Read
Scott Read 3 дні тому
Fantastic concert! It's gotta be said though - anyone who had the task of covering Dave Gilmour was always gonna be on a hiding to nothing. It's about more than just playing the notes and singing the lyrics (to Comfortably Numb...lookin at you VM). Nevertheless, this is definitely Roger Waters at his best.
ricardo diaz
ricardo diaz 3 дні тому
This is the greatest event in rock history, who can deny it?...second to none...only Roger Waters and his superb sense of what music really is can achieve this...I can't find an adjective to describe this master piece...this is another level, out of this galaxy!!!!!
Lealea 3 дні тому
Just what the doctor ordered.... That took a lifetime to understand. I guess you would to have lived through it to really know. Amazing production. Loads of talent and a deep passion to share. Thanks to all
Kitaro Sarasvati
Kitaro Sarasvati 4 дні тому
Horrible, Terrible, Vergonzoso de Pena
Лесные Тропки
Лесные Тропки 4 дні тому
Где посмотреть стену на русском?
Chris 5 днів тому
Call me old, nostalgic, hopeful, but damn, remembering the wall coming down, the way the world is now, we need Pink Floyd
Edgar Méndez
Edgar Méndez 5 днів тому
Dios mío, todo esto es tan bello!
Зелимхан Гаджикурбанов
Зелимхан Гаджикурбанов 6 днів тому
Сколько радости было когда разрушили СССР ушлепки ванючие
Tommy Peters
Tommy Peters 7 днів тому
This is bar none the best show I've ever watch..
OhNoNotFrank 6 днів тому
Luan Moraes
Luan Moraes 7 днів тому
Euofeioclsrsgrdd9 ger
Luan Moraes
Luan Moraes 7 днів тому
earthbase records
earthbase records 7 днів тому
As we mourn charlie watts.
earthbase records
earthbase records 7 днів тому
Now I'm into Luxembourg stuff.
earthbase records
earthbase records 7 днів тому
I've come a long way from my days as hitla rapstar.
Manu Vikin
Manu Vikin 7 днів тому
Pink Floyd = Roger Water..... for ever 👍🏻
Zel 7 днів тому
Van Morrison's staccato and monotone delivery on Comfortably Numb absolutely and without question ruin the song. The worst rendition of Comfortably Numb I have ever heard! Roger Waters should be ashamed for letting this happen and Van Morrison should be ashamed of his pathetic performance.
Carla Philippi de Souza Machado
Carla Philippi de Souza Machado 7 днів тому
52:53 perfeito
Renato Porcu
Renato Porcu 8 днів тому
Impegnativa perfetta dai medici di base
J VanNatten
J VanNatten 8 днів тому
Slowly, we all are building the wall.
Jamie Sonnenberg
Jamie Sonnenberg 9 днів тому
Thanks!!! Thrilled to have found this!! Excellant!!!! Been over 20yrs since viewed. Had on VHS..lost in a move. What great times!!!! Rock on!! Coke,suede and waterbeds!!
Stephen Brown
Stephen Brown 9 днів тому
As I remember this roger wanted sinead to do this she didn’t want to cause of snl
Marc Dion
Marc Dion 9 днів тому
As much as these guitarists did an amazing job on the Comfortably Numb Outro solo, just wasn’t the same as having the emotions of Gilmour’s playing..
Sally Dorsey
Sally Dorsey 10 днів тому
Van Morrison what a voice
Felipe Jose Leiva Osorio
Felipe Jose Leiva Osorio 10 днів тому
Aún no nacía cuando era la época de oro de Pink Floyd, pero nadie puede negar que seguirá siendo una de las mejores bandas de la historia 🎸🎸
Derek Knight
Derek Knight 10 днів тому
I was mute at this time, the victim of a pathetic and vicious attack by a Demented Spirit-Entity named Rape and Torture. I was 13 years old, that was late December 1989. Could've been an NHL goalie, Junior A starter I was on path to be for sure. How God thinks this is cool, to allow all this suffer?? SHAME SHAME (The Judgement of God by a 13 year old amnesiac-mute who was supernaturally protected, yet the trauma not prevented though I know dimensions split and in 1 dimension I died, yet in this dimension I live now, Divine Promise ushered me into an extended dimension. So God/Divine Maintenance current embodiment in charge is addicted to Death and the extending of the Universe/Creation by Divine Promise preventing death and the universe expands this way is my METAPHYSICAL ANALYSIS and Theory based on physical evidence and my own experience(s) in life and surviving through bullshit forced HELL. The fake god is sometimes called THE DEMUIRGE, what a jabroni who pretends he is okay/not maimed, as he cheats time and disrupts natural trust. The tyranny is pathetic, tyranny and fear are not The Creator or Divine Promise of the Creator, TYRANNY AND FEAR are bullshit in charge or pretending to have control.
paola pellegrino
paola pellegrino 10 днів тому
Grazie per avere pubblicato questo Capolavoro. Viva i Pink Floyd! Viva Roger Waters!
wois net
wois net 10 днів тому
Ein wirklich großartiges Konzert!
OhNoNotFrank 10 днів тому
Aleks Manako
Aleks Manako 11 днів тому
Спасибо Роджер! Ты Праздник!!!
Gio Nonsense
Gio Nonsense 11 днів тому
Um ano depois do MURO real cair o cara vai lá e faz isso.... E no Brasil de 2021 querem reconstrui-lo....
Ce Ce
Ce Ce 11 днів тому
is that cyndy lauper prancing around? shes kinda gross
Norberto Afonso Fernandes
Norberto Afonso Fernandes 11 днів тому
NPDT Process - The Way To Natural Sound
NPDT Process - The Way To Natural Sound 12 днів тому
Pink Floyd - Another Brick In The Wall Part 2 (High-Quality Audio) processed using NPDT Process #pinkfloyd #anotherbrickinthewall #highquality #npdtprocess
Jennifer Lieu
Jennifer Lieu 12 днів тому
as much of a headcase sinead o'connor was, probably still is, she nailed mother here. she had IT
J VanNatten
J VanNatten 8 днів тому
always was. awful though. Wish Roger sang it here.
Joseph Sollender
Joseph Sollender 12 днів тому
It would have been pretty bad ass if the scorpions just did the wall all the way through but it's Rogers baby.
Carl Neoh
Carl Neoh 12 днів тому
I feel like the Scorpions lead singer was perfect for In The Flesh
Joseph Sollender
Joseph Sollender 12 днів тому
Here is the question that the album presents to me" when there is no more hiding and the wall inevitably comes down will we like what we see"m ?
OhNoNotFrank 11 днів тому
I think the answer to this is found in the last 31 years - and the years to come. Many that used to live in the "east" would say yes, yet due to how some of these countries have developed politically, many miss the old times when even though they were poor, they at least knew what they had coming. So I guess there are as many answers to this as there are people. To me, history shows mankind always seek to better itself - but almost always manage to F#Ͽʞ it up due to utter stupidity and greed. 🙄
Joseph Sollender
Joseph Sollender 12 днів тому
Reality is back after this slight reprieve.
Joseph Sollender
Joseph Sollender 12 днів тому
Most of us will just find more questions, the tide has turned and it seems for the worse.
Joseph Sollender
Joseph Sollender 12 днів тому
Not all of us will have a bad ass moment of clarity with an epic song to highlight it.
Joseph Sollender
Joseph Sollender 12 днів тому
The technical prowess of pink Floyd can only be matched by tool in my opinion if you know of any other bands on this level please shate.
Joseph Sollender
Joseph Sollender 12 днів тому
The rock band playing the rock band was the scorpions a great rock band...haha run run run run
Joseph Sollender
Joseph Sollender 12 днів тому
We all have a wall.
YEG-Mayhem 12 днів тому
Imgaine if he was there the day the wall came down and every was chanting tear down the war
BARBARA WISEMAN 12 днів тому
I thank you for doing an outstanding performance! Perfect!
BARBARA WISEMAN 11 днів тому
Wish I knew who you are
Carmen Alarcón
Carmen Alarcón 12 днів тому
Magnífico concierto,me encanta pink Floyd...ojalá algún día los vea en vivo
Christoph Riederer
Christoph Riederer 13 днів тому
Who is the female Singer in goodbye blue sky?
OhNoNotFrank 11 днів тому
@Carl Neoh 👍😉
Carl Neoh
Carl Neoh 12 днів тому
Joni Mitchell I think, all the artists involved are listed in the description of the video
Justin 13 днів тому
Thanks for sharing this. I really enjoyed listening to this this evening
OhNoNotFrank 11 днів тому
Алекс Белый
Алекс Белый 14 днів тому
Пинк Флоид - это шедевр! КОСМОС......👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️😍
Ruben Ibacache
Ruben Ibacache 14 днів тому
Mucha intermitencia gracias, me Gustaría escucharlos. Gracias maestro Roger Watters
Emj7 15 днів тому
Best concert I’ve ever seen I wish I was there
Ybg Gorot
Ybg Gorot 15 днів тому
More Cow Bell ............. what would nineties be with out sax and Cow bell ????????
RavelloBikes 15 днів тому
Do people like this.? This has got to be the ugliest music ever made.
OhNoNotFrank 11 днів тому
Absolutely 😉 Thanks for your feedback though! 👍
Hubert Paiva
Hubert Paiva 15 днів тому
Muito bom.
Adèl Icosium
Adèl Icosium 15 днів тому
Magnificent 🤩🤩🤩
Tender Petals
Tender Petals 15 днів тому
Ive never been able to just listen to just one part… to me this is rock Opera!
René Andrensen Nirod
René Andrensen Nirod 30 хвилин тому
Agree!! Just ONE song! 💫✨❤️
OhNoNotFrank 11 днів тому
For sure! 👍🙂
Zedilete Griffo
Zedilete Griffo 15 днів тому
Isso faz bem pra alma.Parabens.
Zedilete Griffo
Zedilete Griffo 15 днів тому
Quem está ouvindo esta música agora.Poxa que lembrança boa .
George Mavros
George Mavros 16 днів тому
Είσαι τεράστιος!!!!
О. А.Г
О. А.Г 16 днів тому
Шедевр. Последний альбом купленный перед армией. Видео доступно стало позже. Музыка на которой я вырос.
Vinita Neves
Vinita Neves 16 днів тому
Pink Floyd perfeito magnífico som 🎸👏♥️
marco pedranghelu
marco pedranghelu 16 днів тому
I Pink Floyd sono stati Eccezionali
Denis Silva
Denis Silva 16 днів тому
Som da melhor qualidade Pink Floyd perfeito. 💀☠️🤘🎸
OhNoNotFrank 11 днів тому
@Michael Acquavella You are amazing! Keep fighting!
Michael Acquavella
Michael Acquavella 13 днів тому
Sorry When I Payed My Respects 4 Adrian, After His Mom Died At 61 Of Cancer, 4 Which I As Well Have Stage 4 Lung Cancer , My Woman Oncologist Told Me On March 2 She Wanted To Put Me. In Hospice , The Cancer Was So. Agreessive, I Asked Her If I Would Make It Till June, and She Said I Won't Make It Till The End Of March, Let Alone June22 When I WOU.LD Turn 66, lWell It's. Now September, and After 40 Raidiation Treatments and 15 Chemotherapy , Treatments, I'.m Happy To Say I'm Stage2 Now Plus I Had 2 Operations To Have. 7 Nodules, and A Black Mass That Covered .My Entire Left Lung , and My 3 Doctors Had No Clue What The Mass Was Mold, Insulation, .Mesothelioma , Or .Mildew . God Bless Adrian ! .,
Phil Hewitt
Phil Hewitt 17 днів тому
Missing- David Gilmour and you can really tell Still a good concert musically and for what it stood for ✌. No Dave=no Pink Floyd
Arthur Mann
Arthur Mann 17 днів тому
Awesome, la mejor música de todos los tiempos.
IDEA GIFT / Idée de cadeaux :
Alexandre Carney
Alexandre Carney 17 днів тому
O título do vídeo está errado. Roger Waters NÃO é Pink Floyd.
OhNoNotFrank 11 днів тому
The title refers to a concert by Roger Waters, who was a founding member of Pink Floyd, and wrote The Wall for the band - a storyline that basically is a biography of his life. The Wall and Waters will forever be linked to Pink Floyd. Much like you will find titles like "Freddie Mercury (Queen)" and others, even when they only represent themself. The intent is to identify the artists as not everybody know their names, not to mislead the viewers. Stay cool! 👍😉🤘 Frank
Antonia Ablat
Antonia Ablat 18 днів тому
ganda ng musika ng PINK FLOYD lalo na kung nauunawaan mo ang mensahe ng AWIT nila
OhNoNotFrank 18 днів тому
A-Ω Ω 18 днів тому
Super production amazing
К. Алла
К. Алла 18 днів тому
Mama so love babe - GOLDEN words.
Tv Action Jazz
Tv Action Jazz 19 днів тому
showing other peoples material for your own material gain you should be taken to court you un creative POS
OhNoNotFrank 18 днів тому
@Tv Action Jazz 😉👍
Tv Action Jazz
Tv Action Jazz 18 днів тому
@OhNoNotFrank my apology i obviously dont know the difference but still i dont understand why you would take the time to make money for youtube and the other majors involved in said copywrites but im thinking you like to share the mad gigs so well done and youre doing because you believe in open sharing so thanks for setting on the track, Peace
OhNoNotFrank 19 днів тому
Does my channel seem monetized to you? I never made a cent and never will. The video have been considered for copyright infringement and passed. Any revenue from the movie goes to UKposts and the copyright owner. Not me. Enjoy the show! 😉👍
Jordi Galcerán Roca
Jordi Galcerán Roca 19 днів тому
George Tebbens
George Tebbens 19 днів тому
About 8 years ago, or so, Roger Waters brought The Wall tour to Wrigley Field here in Chicago. (I live at Waveland and Central Park, a few miles west, and a 20 minute bicycle ride from Wrigley Field.) I've been a rabid Pink Floyd fan since I was 15 years old in 1979 when The Wall hit the record stores. But I had never seen The Wall performed live. I had seen Roger Waters perform The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking live (with Eric Clapton on lead guitar) in the mid-1980s, as well as seeing sans-Waters "Pink Floyd" in Munich in the early-1990s. I couldn't afford a ticket for the Wrigley Field show. It broke my heart. About 20 minutes before the show I hopped on my bike and raced to Wrigley Field to at least "feel the warm thrill of confusion, the space cadet glow" from outside the stadium. That's when I saw an opportunity to just slip through a side gate like I owned the joint. I simply walked on in. I sat in a curiously empty section and watched the show. Turns out that section was empty because that's where the inflatable pig was to land. I saw it descending towards me closer and closer until I reached up and grabbed it. What a thrill. What an absolute thrill! I raced my bike home after the show like I was racing across the night sky. Sorry for sneaking into your show without paying, Roger. Perhaps you will forgive a middle-aged man who spent every dime he had on Pink Floyd records as a teenager. Although, to be perfectly honest, I bought all my records from used record shops. So, I guess you never made a nickle off me. Have a splendid day.
George Tebbens
George Tebbens 19 днів тому
Garth Hudson (from The Band) on alto sax!
George Tebbens
George Tebbens 19 днів тому
I heard Roger Waters say in an interview that he intended the iconic In The Flesh riff to be a sardonic condemnation of a heavy riff, but eventually greatly looked forward to playing it live in front of tens of thousands of enthusiastic fans -- who didn't understand the irony. It's a KILLER riff!
Celso Fanti
Celso Fanti 19 днів тому
Assistindo pela milésima vez o maior show de Rock de todos os tempos. Bertioga - SP - Brasil
Mike Tiger
Mike Tiger 20 днів тому
1989 wall came down
Chuau Zikpuia
Chuau Zikpuia 20 днів тому
Do those kind of headphones still exist or are they strictly pre 2010 antiques now?
Myriam Eroess
Myriam Eroess 20 днів тому
Questo sì che è stato un concerto memorabile!!!
Raylee Zimmerman
Raylee Zimmerman 20 днів тому
Ok, but why does the wife look like a who instead of a scorpion snake lady during The Trail.
George Cosmin Bodislav
George Cosmin Bodislav 20 днів тому
Ce le pasă unora de timpurile care vor veni se simt bine mersi la ora actuală.george
Igor Simsim
Igor Simsim 20 днів тому
Очень жаль, что распались.
Leno Oliveira
Leno Oliveira 20 днів тому
Maravilhoso! Sensacional! Espetacular!
Ezequiel Bortoli
Ezequiel Bortoli 20 днів тому
WalterNeyTisSão: e Deus? - Tá com soluço 🖕🖕🖕
Judy Meyer
Judy Meyer 20 днів тому
I love them all, but this one is #1
Виктор Рутов
Виктор Рутов 20 днів тому
последний кирпич в стене , хайль- тиче мои любимые, да и тема The Wall - это актуально с 1979 года!!
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Я стала призраком в реальности! Что произошло?
Nepeta Страшилки
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Яхты, взятки и любовница. Что скрывает министр Лавров
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